Happy Flyday, lads!

That is not dead which can eternal lie!And with strange aeons even death may die!

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>>115907186That's awesome! but really creepy....

>>115907186Oh crap who gave her the Necronomicon!

>>115907234None, she found it!


>>115907234Probably one of the Elder gods


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>>115907289Ahhhhhh fuckLost forever

>>115907303Just like her trademark!

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>>115907308Fucking Disney they won't get my money for their streaming service until they add Maggie and Recess in full HD

>>115907186That's motherfucker Cthulhu?!

>>115907234It was Disney's last paycheck. They thought a fly would be too dumb to use it.


>>115907186Imagine the Eldritch Gods helping Maggie to recover her show

>>115907186No gonna lie that's a very impressive crossover

>>115907397First she needs to have a proper size to take down her rivals

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>>115907429Oh no, she cute.

>>115907186I want to believe they'll make a remake at some point

>>115907264>gods>caring about the Mad Arab's book about themThe closest that's come to mattering to them was Yoggy's kid trying to get another copy from a library because his version was incomplete.


>>115907514I am sure Maggie has a lot of hidden treasures among her trash stash

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>>115907429I like this Maggie

>>115907561Could be, besides she's a fly that makes things easier for her.

>>115907186Cthulhu mythos and Flyfu? Sign me up!

>>115907322I really doubt they remember this series at all


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>>115907203Thanks, that's the idea.

Guys guys, hear me out. I love Maggie


>>115907772Amen, brother.

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>>115907397I think they already work for Disney

>>115907429Cute design

>>115907772Yeah she's nice

>>115907186Absolutely terrifying

>>115907429She is beautiful no matter what

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>>115907186How does someone that tiny controls the most fearsome squid?

>>115907976Fly and fish have a symbiotic relationship

i come bearing a small gift

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>>115908035My OTP

>>115908035They look cute together

>>115908035I bet Maggie is behind this

>>115908035>>115908082She probably got them together as some kind of elaborated plan to get a cameo on their show

>>115908035Don't fall in love with city girls, country boy

>>115908035>FilenameHey may stink but he got a big personally

>>115907186Maggie is too cute to lose her mind to the Eldritch madness

>>115908035Good for him. But once again, obligatory.

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>>115908233You're late!

>>115908035Crossover ships are forbidden and cute

>>115907186Whoo the fuck did this.It's really impressive.

>>115908218Maybe not mad but she'll need to sacrifice something

>>115908259Question, can be anything. Right? I mean... ANYTHING.

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>>115908270He doesn't fill the soul quote

>>115908270That would be almost worthless

>>115908035I'll gladly accept your offering

>>115908270do it

>>115908233>Finally the right versionThank you


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>>115908270Her older brother was way funnier anyway

>>115908496Well, he was a literal Chad

>>115908035Mistakes into miracles

>>115908270Barely acceptable

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>>115907186Who's the Leviathan behind Maggie

Happy Flyday lads.

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acoustic mag

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>>115908995Wonderful stuff user!

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>>115908995Anon that's super smooth! Great job!And happy flyday to all of you people.

Weekly PSA to watch out for frogs. Stay safe anons.

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>>115909750oh you know

how about another round?

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>>115909494When last we left off..

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>>115910421Hmm...>>115909841I don't know user, she seems pretty damn buzzed to me.

>>115910421*gasp!* Now there are two of them!

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>>115910522catbox to not get in troublefiles.catbox.moe/ulk9m0.png

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>>115909494Oh wow what's this?

>>115910522>>115910561Have you tried imgur? That's better than nothing

>>115909841Perhaps some mad scientist Maggie?


>>1159098414th of July Maggie

>>115910561 this technically counts as vore but honestly who cares, it's fucking hot.

>>115909841>She got drunk drinking roof beerSuggesting Maggie getting arrested for flying without license

>>115910561Technically this doesn't count as lewds, no naughty bits are being show but good call

>>115910421Ar first I was worried>>115910522Then I saw the butts and got horny>>115910561But now I am confused....

>>115909841You already did Geisha and Samurai, why not Ninja?

>>115908989Hoppy Flyday to you, fella

>>115908035Crossovers have been banned by Disney since 2010's

>>115908989That's a trash bag, right? Of so, fucking hilarious

>>115908995She's more a B(U}AZZ fan

>>115909494>Implying frogs aren't just trying to get some of those cute flybutts

>>115909841You had enough, Maggie. We know Disney literally forgot about you so hard that they let your trademark but this is not the answer.Do like Kill Bill and get revenge. That's the answer!

>>115908989Comfy Maggie

>>115910561Why do you keep confusing my penis

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>>115908270None wants him, not even his family

>>115908995Play me into the night by Santana!

>>115910561 Based

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>>115908995Did you said acoustic?youtu.be/ynRG6ahkrcc


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>>115907186The implications are uncanny

>>115909841Let her drink, shs has a whole decade to forget


>>115910522Nice crop

>>115908989>filenameTrue true and expensive

>>115908995The pictures are moving! Witchcraft!

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>>115908035I know the guy but who the fuck is that girl?

>>115908989Morning young lad, enjoying your flyday?

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>>115908530Does this mean she now belongs to the elder gods circle?

>>115911431No it just means she gets to survive... Fof now


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>>115907186That's a huge squid behind that tiny fly girl

>>115909841She is already drunk? Weakling

>>115911470Anon she is a goddam fla single drop is enough to get her all dizzy

>>115911470Must be Canadian


>>115911464That's Cthulhu and her new loyal acolyte: Maggie Pesky

>>115908989Same my good man

>>115911138Fuck. I just wanted a nice contrast to the orange bg but didn't want to repeat another blue color so I put in a sort of dark teal instead.Didn't even think about it looking like a trash bag until you pointed it out. Good call!

>>115910561That's my fetish.

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>>115908989No gonna lie I thought she was high on drugs. The thumbnail is misleading.

>>115909841I don't think she'll be able to afford another round much less the previous 23

>>115911544Then she'll pay... With her body,!

>>115911554Doing chores or sexually?

>>115911564Doing embarrassing chores

>>115911564Sexually of course

>>115911523Heh no worries it fits her motif. Always nice to hear The stories behind these kind of pics.

>>115909494>Maggie's reaction

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>>115909494But frog girls having sexual intercourse with fly girls is my deepest desire!

>>115908995Look at her go+


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Time to post rare Maggies

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>>115911692Thanks user. :' )

>>115911706What's your rarest Maggie?


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>>115908989>>115911138Oh fuck that's right>>115911523It was mean to be, don't worry!

>>115911720You're welcome homie boy

>>115911753OH baby so seductive

>>115911753Would bang


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>>115910561This whole board keeps giving me the weirdest fetishes



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>>115911523Honestly I thought it was intended, heh.

>>115909841You already had enough for a whole year young fly

>>115907186Happened to be 6/26 today!

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>>115911108i have come to avenge my father!

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>>115912615Oh sui another unexpected crossover

>>115912615Needs another if you catch my drift

>>115912615Another poor forgotten Disney franchise>>115912763That's her ninja way?

>>115912763 Turns out the local Shogun was her biological father.

>>115912615It was meant to be!

>>115912763Wait a minute she's wearing a band-aid?

>>115912615Lucky Stitch at least he got his own anime>>115912763Heh

>>115912763She has six arms, do you know what it means? Three jutsu at the same time

>>115912615Disney had a weird obsession with guitars and string instruments around their era.

>>115912763You do not want to rouse the dragon.youtu.be/TtG0HmY6qrw

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>>115912615Lilo & Stitch had so many weird crossover/spin-offs that this isn't even that weird

>>115912615>626Oh, how cute.

>>115912763Come on Maggie do some genjutsu

>>115913172I am starting to think they were on drugs. There's no logical explanation for such weird crossovers.

>>115908989That'd be a nice design for a figurine.

>>115911420Pebbledash from Best Bugs Forever.

>>115913317It would be cool to have a Maggie figurine. I guess there wasn't a lot of merch fit the series, wasn't it?

>>115913811I think, don't quote me on this - they had none at all

>>115912763 Believe it

>>115908995The fingers movement looks smooth as hell

>>115910561Delicious interspecies sandwich


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>>115913889What a shame


>>115913889Won't surprise me at all

>>115908989Comfy time

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>>115910561Thanks based frog bro

>>115911753The sexiest fly

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>>115912763I can't wait for Maggie Shippuden

>>115908995that's not how you finger pick a guitar

>>115913889Not even some crappy notebooks? Man, Disney really hates Maggie

>>115908270Please do, I hate her younger brother.

>>115913314Believe it or not that actually happened before


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>>115915107Oh no they came back for her

>>115915107Blue fits her better

>>115915107Which one has the sexiest clothes?

>>115915107Blue brings hope just like Maggie

>>115915107Yellow Corps!

>>115915107The one that doesn't deal with Hal

>>115915107why not both?

>>115915107Go purple

>>115915107Hope for Maggie shall come back at some pointJust believe!

>>115915107Sapphire because they dress sexy

>>115915107Red because she's angry at Disney

>>115915107Surprise me

>>115915107Wow two rings? That's possible?

>>115913889I tried looking up any Maggie merch, and the best I found were a couple of shirts with Maggie on them, and shirts like this

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>>115911083i'd rather she be arrested for flying under the influence

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>>115915870>be gentle this is my first timesuperlative laugh

>>115915870This is just like my Japanese porn

>>115915870Brutally hilarious

>>115915870There's only one way to get out of this. Sucking!

>>115915863God Lord that's hideous>>115915870Prison sex incoming?

>>115915870Bug Lives Matter

>>115916229RIP George Fly'd

>>115915870They need a license to fly?!>>115916288This made me chuckle

>>115915863Ugly Chinese merch>>115915870Based

>>115915107IIRC Hal had multiple rings at onceI guess Maggi too


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>>115915870Influence of what? Too much sugar?

>>115908989Such comfyness brings peace to my hurt heart.

>>115915107Pink matches her hairBut Blue fits with her current status

>>115912763Who killed him? the local Shogun Cockroach?

>>115912615>Flash and Hand drawnOdd mix, I like both characters but sadly they had terrible marketing. Somehow they became more popular in Japan.

>>115910561>those butts>that tongueplay>implied vore

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>>115908995The animation reminds me of that old School Mickey house style

She's too cute!

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>>115912615Jesus I forgot Stitch was a thing at some point.

>>115915870That's actually better than my suggestion, thanks doc.

>>115911706Gotta find a rarest one

>>115911523Actually being a trashbag makes the whole thing more wholesome

>>115907186So that's how she becam a Rockstar

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>>115915870I read that as "pooplece"

>>115911706You call that rare? step your game up, kiddo!

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>>115918553I like this style, the eyes look pretty cool too.


>>115912615Forgotten cuties

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>>115911011Imgur is no longer viable for these purposes because it automatically pings anything NSFW and forces you to create an account and log in to see it. The issue is they won't let you register without giving them your phone number, and that's an automatic no.

So what does she have down there? What are flyginas like? We might just have to assume they're human bits. A fly fuzz bush is a given.

>>115918981I always thought Maggie had a fusion between insectoid and humanoid as you pointed out.

>>115919026Nice, nice.

>>115918981A regular vag with a lot of bush down there

>>115919051That's all I could ask for, really. >you will ever eat Maggie out and hear her wings buzzing erratically as she clings to you with her flythighs

>>115918553>unfinishedthis breaks my heart


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>>115919131Imagine Maggie laughing like Azula, frightening.

Choose wisely, user.

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>>115919199Japanese Maggie!

>>115919199I like Space Maggie but Country Road Maggie is cute too, although Geisha Maggie is a bit sexy ngl

>>115919199Middle of the bottom row, hot damn!

>>115919199Top-right, I like her shades.

>>115919199Space Maggie, but she's naked other than the helmet, gloves, and boots.

>>115919199Top left, the cutest

>>115915107Technically she can use up to 4 rings at once, one on each arm!

>>115915870Good thing he didn't found her flyweed and her flyina

>>115910561This is like fifty fucking different fetishes in one package. Quite the feat, Drawanon.


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>>115919199Hippie Maggie

>>115918981A flytrap! ironic, isn't it?

>>115920023I've actually beaten off to this photo here so I'm absolutely down with that.

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>>115920124Damn that's one sexy plant

>>115920146I know, right?

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>>115912615They had so many good character and then they let them die

>>115908270Her brothers are literal examples of Chad and Nerd. Though, her older brother was cool at times.

>>115915107She should pick both and switch between 'em at will.

>>115915863 She deserves better

while we're on the topic of insects, why did this guy look so creepy?

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>>115920722Oh god why

>>115920722Never post this thing again



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>>115920918The animators tried to summon Satan

>>115920722>>115920918The Grim Reaper of Bugkin

>>115920918>>115920722That's a bug? Terrible design


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>>115921074Not even Shadman is this bad

>>115921074>>115920918>>115920722May God have mercy upon us

>>115921074Bug clown

>>115921074No more please

>>115921074>the day Spiderus took over a Flyday Thread

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>>115921074There's no way this wasn't animated by Brazilians


>>115921421Who animated this? Their hands should be confiscated

>>115921421>>115921074>>115920918>>115920722Why user?Why do you cursed this thread with this hideous being?

>>115919199Top middle

>>115919199Holy fuck, space maggie

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>>115922530Buzz Lightyear!

>>115922530Man, the new Halo looks great!

>>115922530She's ready to fight some xenomorphs

>>115922530Wasn't there a movie with this same plot?

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>>115922530Space Cowboy next?

>>115922530Where is her classic space robot companion?

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>>115922530, That's my favorite outfit. Saved.

>>115922530I wonder if flies would survive space travel

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>>115923305Please cease now

>>115919199another space mag cause i rlly like her

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>>115924302>Space buttNice

>>115924302That ass is our of this world

>>115924302Uer wigs are totally exposed! That's dangerous

>>115924302I told you it was the cutest outfit


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>>115908989Love these comfy Maggies

>>115924302Worlds may change, galaxies disintegrate -- but a woman is always a woman.

>>115913161That's a bit too extreme

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>>115924392She'll be fine they have prothesis

>>115924302I guess Carl was right.. The universe is a pretty big place.

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Attached: 0t85sa4b2v8z.jpg (480x360, 17.78K)

>>115925155Please sir I beg you, stop this nightmare


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>>115925480Stupid sexy Maggie

>>115915107Blue. For God's sake pic blue. The pink bitches are crazy!

>>115925002Is this guy a spider or some kind of mutant?

>>115924302I wanna explore her black hole if you catch my drift


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>>115926638Not that literal, Kronk...

>>115919199Race Queen Maggie!Go baby, go!

>>115924302But what about her ambiguous British robot companion

>>115926638I was picturing this exact outcome

>>115913161Holy shit. That guy must hate bugs a lot.

how would rayna stop her fly friend from addiction?

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>>115928234She can't, is like asking a blind man to open their eyes and read the bible.

>>115928234Do like my grandpa and force her to drink so much to the point where she'll get tired of it

>>115928234We call Pepsiman. He just know the way.

>>115928234Why? She looks very happy. Give her more coffee (

>>115928234Rayna can't stop shit. This needs a professional!

Attached: dr.jpg (250x342, 9.69K)

>>115928234But Maggie that's caffeine not sugar! You heart will implode!

>>115928234We'll use the old method

Attached: images-1.jpg (400x400, 21.96K)

>>115928234First and foremost we must vanish those sugar succubi

>>115928332i wont be outsmarted this time

Attached: hrngh.png (1982x1033, 579.24K)

>>115928398Much better

>>115928398Great now there's two problems!

>>115928398Fuck just like the Hydra the problems keep multiplying!

>>115928398Sugar? Easy, she'll get tired eventually. Caffeine? There's two paths, she'll end developing immunity or heart problems.

>>115928398We were so close! Cursed be user and his logic!

>>115928398Time to call the experts

Attached: oz.jpg (502x611, 36.68K)

>>115928398Jesus those drinks are dummy thicc

>>115928398Technically you already were outsmarted. This is the outcome of such event. But now let's focus on this.

>>115928398I almost pity Rayna, almost.

>>115928234>>115928398At least it wasn't drugs or weed

>>115924302IT'S A TRAP!sorry I had to

>>115928398Japan and their weird marketing trying to lure our flyfu!

>>115916288Fucking kek

>>115919199Original Maggie but from the chart I'll pick Geisha Maggie

>>115918553Who did this?

>>115925155Nightmare fuel

>>115928398None can blame her to be frank. Those two are very demanding.

Sleep tight Maggie

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>>115930275Cute Maggie

>>115928398Hey they look friendly, let her enjoy the goodies


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>>115917182>>115911064Wait if it's vore then which of them gets her?

Attached: sketch1593252100396.png (1080x2160, 334.35K)