Heathcliff surrounds himself with yes men

Heathcliff surrounds himself with yes men.

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How come we get sneed instead of Heathposting?

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>>115906596>yes men>cats

>>115906667>Trump BTFOd eight years too earlyHoly based

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Heathcliff will save us.

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>>115906596>A Heathcliff comic that makes sense and has an actual jokeThe final confirmation that 2020 is the end of the world.

>>115907075No, it just means that 2020 unlocked your understanding of Heathcliff comics

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>>115906734I don't get it


>>115907461F U C K

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>>115907461>The final showdown.

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>>115906596Gee, thanks for pointing out the exceedingly obvious.

I just love this fucking cat.

>>115908333Same desu.

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>>115907484"The Cat in the Cat"

>>115908282^He points out the obvious.

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>>115906634Heathcliff posts are bait

>>115907461Marvel vs DC

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>>115907129I will never understand these comics i figured the text was gonna say something like “he is going apeshit”

>>115908466See this is actually cute and funny.

>>115907461One of the greatest manga showdowns of all time

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I must bump this fun stuffs.

Does Gallagher have dementia or does he just not give a shit?

>>115908827who's saying the "whoops?" looks like the man is speaking, or at least he has that same speaking face at least one character at random has to have in these comics. but the woman seems like she should be saying it since shes the artist, and he face conveys "oops" much more than his does

>>115910295He gives so much of a shit that your simple, mortal mind couldn’t possibly comprehend how much effort he puts into every single meticulous detail.

>>115907438Why is this a gif?

Why did nobody tell me this shit is actually funny? Jim Davis BTFO

>>115910352He has his jaw open in disbelief, while she is merely thinking "Whoops" because she knows that if the Heath finds out her mistake it just might be the time he finally fucking ends them.

>>115908606that wouldve been better

>>115911594People who claim they get Heathcliff are either lying or the most terrifying minds in the universe

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I'm wearing my coronavirus helmet


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>>115914962wow I guessed the caption before I even clicked on it


>>115914962this is dangerously based

>>115912781It's really not hard to get.


>>115912781I suppose brilliance can be terrifying to some.

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>>115907461DEEPEST LORE

>>115907461>STANDING HERE

As i heath through the cliff of the shadow of cat

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>>115917603The disconnect from reality needed to find Heathcliff funny can be found in your nearest bottle of ether.

>>115917629It's just basic absurdist humor. That so many people here don't get it says a lot about the autismo-meter readings of this place.

>>115917733But it's a bad joke. Cats don't chew bubble gum. Don't you see?

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>>115917807So? Why does Heathcliff need to reflect reality? It's just a comic.

>>115906596For all you zoomers, "yes men" used to be a term for an employee that was just there to agree with their boss and do what they're told, kind of like the word "minion" before it meant those little yellow creatures.

>>115918150It's Kafkaesque.

>>115918391Fuck you.

>>115906596Gonna post this on /asp/

>>115914891This and the Impossible Burger strip are the best

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>>115918397Please, no meat touching, ma'am!

>>115918633What's the Impossible Burger one?


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>>115917807That's not the joke. The joke is that it's treated as mundane in universe.It's not the most hilarious thing ever but seeing people react literally aggressively towards such harmless "weird uncle Joe" jokes is weird.

>>115918869heathcliff turns himself into a lamp?

>>115919065its so weird seeing a speech bubble in heathcliff

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I love Heathcliff

>>115919203I like this one a lot.

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>>115906596>Heathcliff thread with +50 repliesIs it starting to work ?

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>>115906596>Heathcliff thread>No arguing about politics >No bait>No coompostingAre these the most based threads on Holla Forums?

>>115920272When this thread reaches 500 replies, Heathcliff will be real.

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>>115920348That's so Kafkaesque

>>115922362Very little to no meat touching, you're right.

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>>115912781The jokes are usually pretty simple. Every Heathcliff comic is just 'Cow Tools'. Stop thinking so hard and you'll probably get it.


>>115912781Heathcliff is a cat that sometimes mimics human behavior but with feline goals and motivationsIt ain't i8 lattice super symmetry theory of everything

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>>115922355What exactly does the normal person think when they see something like this in a newspaper? Do they try to understand it, or do they just automatically accept that it's complete nonsense and move on? And I am saying this as someone who looks at Heathcliff threads regularly, and understands that most of the running jokes still don't make any sense.


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>>115919439Yeah Hulk should just wearing a SMASH helmet

>>115922302I like it

>>115922320>2017>funny pink hatsAre they mocking women's march?

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>>115922867That's because you don't have an imagination.

>>115923154I hope so!

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>>115923154It's just because the ham helmet is usually pink

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>>115923215Real noir vibe. This is a sincerely good art

>>115923246Me(26) on a discord sever

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>>115919064>Impossible burgerDid he predict what Burger King had?

>>115908349But... we know exactly how to stop that version of the garbage ape! Luke showed us! Run a rope around him and he'll trip! Is Heathcliff being ironic?

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>>115914974See, this one I get. They were in a cartoon together in the 80's.


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my favourite

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>>115906596I am now mad because that would've been a good and comprehensible joke... but he had to fucking explain it.

>>115925600Cause he is a jew?


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Today's comic: Heathcliff stole a fish.

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Why wasn't the Heathcliff cartoon like this?

>>115927680Came out long before the Grandson took over.

>>115927437Topical covid humour

>>115925808OH YEAH

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>>115907461Needs a DIO vs Jotaro edit

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>>115925596I did actually laugh out loud at this. Or chuckled out loud I suppose.

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>>115907754>first day on the job>cant wait to go home and tell the kids how much I love them>escorting some smarmy British>wall explodes>4 dudes with anime masks and mini guns pop out and blend my body into dust while blaring techno and spinning rapidly.

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>>115919439They're pretty much only used in the Sunday strips

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>>115926275How KafkaEsque

>>115927688Can someone post some of the original creator's comics? it seems like they're inferior

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>>115928790Where's the joke, Gallagher?

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>>115927808>That video is nearly 20 years oldHoly shit, the years have just gone by.

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>>115928868There is no joke, only understanding.

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This thread must live!

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Did someone say Yesman?

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>>115928576I appreciate you

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