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Inspired by the most recent PreTeena thread, I decided to start a /co Tomboy thread. There's plenty of material, many many excellent tomboys.What makes a tomboy a tomboy?Why are tomboys so great?What's the science behind it?

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>What makes a tomboy a tomboy?>Why are tomboys so great?>What's the science behind it?Men hate women and will only fuck a woman who looks like a man. This means every man is gay, including OP.

Why are the best tomboys usually redheads?

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>>115905687Tomboys are girls that prefer boy stuff to girl stuff and act a bit more like a boy. Usually more aggressive and takes the initiative in a lot of cases.

Carrie Raven from the Monster in My Pocket animated special.

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>>115905687>What makes a tomboy a tomboy?a girl with boyish tropes like football, video games.What's the science behind it?raised by just a dad or has more than one brothers.

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>>115905964I'm not sure if she's a tomboy. She wears a men's jacket and sneakers but maybe that's just early '90s fashion. Anyway looks close enough for me.

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>>115906171Here she is putting the monsters in her pocket, hence the name.

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>>115905687> No AbbyCmon, its like you guys aren't even trying.

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>>115905687Well fuck now the Bots Master theme is stuck in my head

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This one counts?

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>What makes a tomboy a tomboy?A higher dose of androgens in the womb which masculinizes their brain and body but not enough to actually make them become males or trannies. >Why are tomboys so great?They share your interests. They think somewhat more rationally. They love with mushy idealism like men do. They have more empathy for men. They’re much more eager for sex. They tend to want and have more kids than girly girls. They’re less likely to play stupid mindgames and openly challenge you. They’re surprisingly more receptive to the “strong man protecting the fragile girl” dynamic. >What's the science behind it?It’s both epigenetic and genetic. Though mostly the former. There’s a surge of androgens in the womb that turns female fetuses into males. Sometimes when this happens it’s not quite enough to transform them into men or trannies. So you get tomboys & the odd lesbian instead. Back in the late 80’s they did a study on mothers taking this weird medication that increased androgens in the womb and their daughters were born pretty tomboyish compared to the control group. It’s also genetic to a degree. Super macho big strong manly guys like truckers or cops or thugs or athletes or construction workers or marines often have tomboy daughters.

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>>115906576Wait, wait, wait! Back the fuck up, user! Are you saying that we can easily create tomboys with yesterday's studies?!

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>>115905687>Why are tomboys so great?It a girl who likes the same things as you do.

>>115906005Which is weird how Tomboy's are everywhere in media. But you rarely get the guy who was raised by his sister and mother.

Reboot's got a lot to live up to the original.

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>>115906800>Which is weird how Tomboy's are everywhere in media. >But you rarely get the guy who was raised by his sister and mother.That's because they end up becoming incels, soibois, faggots, trannies, cucks, simps, and serial killers

>>115906800I dunno but the "raised by his mother who was actually is grandmother and his sister who was actually his mother" trope has been pretty old

>>115906852>they become both the extreme left and extreme right>t. I don't know what I'm talking about

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>>115906783Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

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>>115905687Is that Botsmaster I see there?

>>115906868>I can't handle the harsh reality so I'm just going to try to deny it allHmmm, something tells me that you belong to one of these groups, user...

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>>115906800>But you rarely get the guy who was raised by his sister and mother.didn't we have a cartoon about a boy and his sisters anyway their more over protective with their sisters.

>>115906917Is that pic suppose to discourage me from getting a tomboy daughter? Because it's having the exact opposite on me, my friend!

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>>115906949>be 32 >raised by a mother>am none of thoseMaybe you're just a simp who's projecting his failures onto others in the hopes of making yourself feel better.

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>>115907020God, I want to punch Charlie in the face so much.


>>115907020>I'm an exception!>Therefore, it's a rule!You realize how stupid you sound right now? Also:>raised by a motherYeah, I can tell: You sound and act like a chick when it comes to responding to others.

>>115906868He’s not wrong. Dudes raised by women usually become either pussyworshipping cucks indoctrinated by their moms/grandmas/aunts, or completely feral goons who discover their masculinity through the most vicious hyper masculine rolemodels around.

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>>115906852And being raised by single fathers are any different?

>*convinces them to transition*heh... nothing personnel kid

>>115907324>And being raised by single fathers are any different?

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>>115907324Single fathers are better parents than single moms by a vast marginA woman is a child all her lifeHeterosexual couples are better parents than gay couples who are better parents than single dads who are better parents than lesbian couples who are better parents than single moms

>>115905687fuck off bitch. do you want the mods to filter tomboy?

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Don't kid yourselves, Tomboys are just transmales, in the past we didnt have the technology to help them transition (hence the term tomboy) but now we do. So we can accept them as the guys they are

So does this thread use coded language???

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>>115908007>in the past we didnt have the technology to help them transitionWe still don't.>but now we doWe do not. One day, maybe. One day we'll able to rewrite genomes, maybe, and then transition will actually mean transition.For now, sadly, we only have cosmetic solutions that vary wildly in results.Don't get me wrong, cosmetics is where we're at and the best we can do, so although they are far from ideal, we should keep the option for those who need it and want it.

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>>115908154I think you're wrong. Lots of transmales pass and are happy, we shouldn't perpetuate and fetishize the stereotype of tomboys when these people need help, the best we can do is give them what they want

>>115905687This GIF is mesmerizing

>>115908204yeah, it feels like if you added a filter you could make a lo-fi video out of it

>>115908201>the best we can do is give them what they wantI agree, but so far the best we can do is cosmetic.Which is why we should do it: it's our best. But our best could be better, and one day I hope it is. Without editing genes, trans people won't really transition.>Lots of transmales pass and are happySure, but a lot don't and aren't.>>115908072No, I'm OP and I didn't know those.This thread is not secretly about trans people, I just enjoy tomboys.

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>>115908007I know this is bait but people who unironically think this deserve to fucking burn.

>>115908261>Secretly about trans peopleNo it's literally about transmales. Tomboys are transmales.

>>115908281>Tomboys are transmalesNo, they aren't. I think you're just a fetishist.

>>115908306>"I want to keep transmales as the gender they're not, and deny them their rights because of my tomboy fetish"Uhuh

I vote we all ignore the one person clearly obsessed with trans people, and who thinks all tomboys are actually trans.Agree?

>>115908314no offence, but you are completely retarded. why can't there exist both?

>>115908330They are though, a tomboy is literally a male brain in a female body. A transmale. They should be helped to come out of the closet and transition! i've helped a few myself>>115908335Well sure, but the "Tomboys" are usually just transmales, whereas actual tomboys are like pokimane and stuff, people who like male things

>>115908330The correct term is lesbian sweety

>>115908335Dude, please, I say we ignore him. I think we should ignore him peacefully. Anything else may derail the thread, and I think the thread could be fun.No hate, no acknowledgment of his retardation. Just take everything he posts as if nothing was posted.My argument is this: you could argue with him, which won't make him change his mind because he's insane and will only frustrate you, or you could be looking at Buttercup here and saying "hey, that's Buttercup! She's fun!"Which one will you choose?

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>>115908413Buttercup would grow up to be the fourth member of the rowdyrough boys

>>115908371>helped a fewdear god why? how many? you're fucking sick.

>>115908442i've helped 5 total, only saw 2 get mastectomies because they were huge, like C or D size

>>115908442Ignore this person, if you do you'll be happier. Arguing with the crazy is nothing but frustrating.

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>>115908455cope, the future is coming fast, and i have a few friends who are helping transmales wake up, there's a few charities for it too

I'd master her bot...

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Why are some many of these cuties redheads?

>>115908648So they can be adapted to be dark skinned in live action

>>115906607heck yea

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>>115908669Gosalyn, among others, were made brown.

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>>115908371fuck off you faggot schizophrenictomboys are not trannies and anyone who says otherwise deserves the death penalty

>>115909822Stay in the past, i'll continue to help transmales

No Jade Chan???We need to fix this right away.

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which kinda tomboy do you guys prefer? the kind that's casual and put together and happens to prefer male fashion? or the kind that doesnt care about feminine or masculine at all and just likes to be childish and messy?

>>115909864>not automatically assuming that if you like sports you're a boy means you're living in the pasthold the fuck up, what?how am i living in the past because i think assuming that if a girl plays sports or has short hair she secretly wants to be a boy is fucking pants on head retarded?outta curiosity? where are you from?probably the garbage fire known as commifornia

>>115906800>raised by mothers and sisters you get a bit of that but usually they're not portrayed as feminine boys or tomgirls that's because being masculine as a girl is still acceptable, while being feminine as a man is deemed wrong and may even raise suspicions of being queer or mentally unwell

>>115907152>you're the exception >but you're not

>Girl wears pants>Is a tomboy

tomboys are life

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Tomboys have been around forever. We're only now just getting smart enough to appreciate them.

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It's too late for me to get a tomboy gf but nothing can stop me from creating tomboy characters that will keep the dream alive.

>>115910807Anime tomboys are the best.They also have giant tits.

>twitter makes tomboy Outback>surge in tomboy threads on Holla Forums and Holla Forums Are people finally accepting Tomboy superiority? I’d like to think my spamming of “tfw no tomboy gf” posts started or at least helped this happen but I’m happy regardless

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>>115908474You mean the future with Crspr, sexbots, and gen z running the show? Lol. Face it, you’re quite behind the times.

>>115909822Ignore the weirdo. Really.


Tomboys are the best.

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>>115912663See? Another redhead. There's something about thrm...

>>115912677Lol why would females want to give up living on easy mode. Stop baiting you retard.


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>>115906366Get wait a minute, what’s that on the right side?

>>115913116>>>Holla Forumscontainment board :)

>>115910129Perfect body. Her face, though...

>>115913146that's their other leg user, gee, you some kind of idiot or something?

>>115913254Idk man, it looks like it’s starting from the middle of her waist, extending from her lowered zipper.

Here thread, have a threefor.

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>>115913323What's this?

>>115913323ok user your gonna have to give some sauce

>>115907152>you sound like a chickWhat does that even mean?

>>115913345>>115913383It's in the title. 2-parter from the ABC weekend Specials

>>115913466>>115913497Secret world of OGalso I forgot when they did those weekend specials

>>115913287what, don't you wear your shorts like that too? boy, you are a weirdo

>>115907396>>115907324>can only respond with memes and unfounded statementsEvery fucking time we try to discuss tomboys, we get Holla Forums shitting on the rug.

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>>115913583Isn't that too bad?

>>115913323>>115913383I found low quality VHS rips. Where the HD at?

>>115905687LASER TIME, BOIS

>>115913583But it said “yes”


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>>115906279This may have been asked in a previous thread, but was she ever in the Arthur books, or did she show up only in the show?

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>>115905687The best tomboys are the ones with a great personality, who do mostly boyish activities, and are also 100% heterosexual.>>115907997>boy crazy reverse trapYes.

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>>115910757Alex is best girl. She should have dated Martin Mystery when she had the chance.

>>115911362>surge in Holla ForumsThere are threads on Holla Forums? I know there were always threads on Holla Forums, /a/, and Holla Forums, but I never heard of them being on Holla Forums.

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A tomboy is a girl who is sensible, doesn't lose her mind over color-coordinating her wardrobe three times a day, and has some of the same interests that boys have. She may not be perfect, but she's better than the ones lost to idiotic Cosmo magazine instructions.

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>>115917046During the few times I've visited Holla Forums it was mostly cunny threads, maybe some of them were also tomboy threads I dunno

Mike Tyson's chinky daughter counts?


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>>115917276You mean that weird little boy that always goes with him?

>>115905687To be a tomboy, do you have to be able to beat a boy in a fight or is that just a bonus?

>>115906297>>115906279>>115906390>>115906833>>115917074Those don't count, they're creatures.

>>115917820Not being able to do so doesn't remove the status of tomboy, but being able to solidifies the status.

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Is Coraline a tomboy?

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>>115917972Yes, the movie version at least.

>>115905687>What makes a tomboy a tomboy?Developing penis envy earlier than normal>Why are tomboys so great?The only thing they're great at is being sluts>What's the science behind itLow-test males are attracted to high-test females

>>115918191>Having tastes this awful

>>115908072People bait ironically all the time here in order to get attention. It's the life blood of this site.

>>115917820The tomboy has to at least beat one boy in a fight and then ask him out on a date if he's handsome and cute.

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>>115907065I bet you wanna HOLD HANDS too you pervert

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>>115918814Yes! YES! Reboot the whole thing with this style, BOYZZ!

Girls who aren't afraid of broken nails, showing interest in others things than fashion and getting dirty doing the stuff that they like, without caring what others thing about her.

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>>115906576>They think somewhat more rationally>They love with mushy idealism like men do>They're less likely to play stupid mind gamesYou have the book smarts but this is naive as fuck

>>115918977Bonus points if she's heterosexual.

>>115918977Damn typo

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>>115918977>>115919005>>115919071Who dat?

>>115917822Hey, don't discriminate against americans

>>115919100juliaann08 or tonguetired

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>>115919292I checked both and neither looked like the person in these photos.

>>115919292>>115919447Nvm. I looked in the wrong places. Sorry!

>>115919292>she got a bfNice.>she lost her tomboyishness and became more girlySad.


>>115919006Note the words “somewhat more” and “less likely”. They’re still women after all.

>>115918488Fuck no. No girl wants to be the guy in a relationship. I’m pretty boyish myself and I’d never go out with a wimp.

>>115919804This is true, they may act like they want to lead but their actions are different and will resent you if you let them do whatever they want.

>>115917975who artist?

>>115920081Looks like Simon.>>115918814Who artist?

>>115905687They are good if they are Hetero


If we're talking Blitzy, I liked her "smelly mask" look.

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>>115919804>I’m pretty boyish myself and I’d never go out with a wimp.Why not? You hate boys weaker than you?


>>115920636Are you SmthngJay?

>>115905687>tfw no laser time gf

Greetings from the Street Boyzz

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>You know the planet is in a jamA diabolical plan of only one manLouis Leon Paradim an international punkand his army of 3As are his piece of junk

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Yeah! Well he can't fade usHe forgot about the Boyzz and the guy who made usZiv Zulander, master of Boyzz bots

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>>115921590We undermine the plot!

Is Jessie Bannon a tomboy? She knows how to dress girly but she's pretty rough and tumble.

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>>115908429PPGZ Buttercup is peak tomboy.

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>>115917276No. She doesn't like boy stuff, she is quite feminine.

>>115922524First season, yes. Second season not so much.It made me mad as a kid that they changed her, and I never knew why until way later when I found out about how they kicked out the old creative team.

>>115913583Not that user but it's a well known fact that single dads are far, far more superior than single moms.

This one

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>>115922595I like the designs, but they're boring and standard anime lolis, and they had much better designs they could have used.

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>>115923327Dude, that's hot!

>>115923327such good art

>>115920717>Why not? Preference. If I wanted to be with a priss I’d just become a lesbian. It feels weird and gross to walk around with a guy who couldn’t protect me from another guy if push came to shove. >You hate boys weaker than you?Duh? I’m a tomboy, not a twink.

>>115905687I miss those times.

>>115922524In the movie she was a karate killing machine.

Come to think of it, Punzy was a tomboy, and half of co went crazy for her.>The other half chose evil swordgirl. Both were tomboys.

>>115923327>>115917975bless this thread for Simon has appeared

>>115923327This makes my laser time the big laser time.



>>115925858You're sweet, talented AF.Do you take commissions? Have you drawn Ojamajo Doremi girls?

>>115905687Why do people hate tomboys so much? People keep treating them as if it's dominant cause they whine and complain of how come girls can like masculine things but boys cant do the same thing with feminine things, but I barely see them.

>>115924034>It feels weird and gross to walk around with a guy who couldn’t protect me from another guy if push came to shove. That’s kinda mean. Why wouldn’t you want to gain some confidence and protect your bf from assholes?>Duh? I’m a tomboy, not a twink.There’s nothing wrong with having a boyfriend who’s weaker than you. Though, it’s your preference so I can’t say much on that.

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>>115926498Thnk you very much~No and no, sorry

>>115905699How about women that behave like men? Because what you described is a tranny not a tomboy.

>>115920364her face is too large here.

>>115917975>>115923327I wish Simon would draw my tomboy waifu, Sam. I wish anyone would draw her.

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>>115928940fantastic work

>>115924034You're marrying me if we ever meat irl.

>>115905687Tomboys come in many different shapes and sizes.

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>>115928940Pretty nice indeed.

>>115929110Janna was the only character to always make me laugh.

>>115928940Me likey!

>>115924034>If I wanted to be with a priss I’d just become a lesbian.>not wanting to have a weak but cute bf to protectCoward.

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>>115926622Source on this pic?

>>115927754Hey, that's COPS. The "Fighting crime in a future time" version. I think it predated the Cops reality tv show by a slim margin....I remember the girl bullying the clown scientist. Yeah, she was the cutest character on the show, and a one-shot character.


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>>115905727Just guessing based on nothing, but it might be the idea of a hard working Scottish woman.

>>115929956>>115905727Because redheads were always seen as wild and rowdy, which naturally fits the tomboy archetype.Plus it's just really hot.


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>>115929734Sorry man, i don’t remember where I got it from.

strong cute energetic and loyal tomboy girl

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>>115930322a good thing made in brazil, too bad the creator is an awful person

>>115930396>too bad the creator is an awful personwait what happen with Juliano Enrico?,can you please tell me.

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>>115908154>>115908007Being less girly is easier for a girl, is not wanting to be trans, is just having different passions and interests. Lots of tomboy start from childhood but don't refuse feminility>>115908201>lots passaaand there's still someone will not pass, and so we have even trans categories, so what's the point then? Why not just wait and inform people about focusing on other good things in life, until we can have the technology? I can't have wings but i can still fly with airplanes, still i don't wanna be a bird\airplane

>>115923327>>115928940many thanks

>>115919540Happened to my ex, started as a tomboy and ended as a basic white girl. am I to blame?

>>115929923Boys and girls, this thing right here sadness me, idk about you lot I don't know where to find that kind of girl, had I did I'd make her mine and wouldn't let go. but I can never find them

>>115930714Sounds like your the kind of person who could need an attraction sign my friend

>>115930448He physically abused his now ex-girlfriend Guta Kratz.

>>115930759Idek what that means, care to explain and maybe guide through?