Frank is 100% right and did nothing wrong

Frank is 100% right and did nothing wrong.

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>>115905586I don't know, I think what he did to his former boss was pretty shitty.

>>115905586Every pic I see of this show makes him look like he is twisted and fucking mad at all times. Like the show is about a legit psycho seconds away from killing someone. When I finally watched an episode I was surprised that he was not some kind of animated Falling Down crazy guy.

>>115906019It's not that bad he's very human actually, just watch an episode you'll see he loves his family immensely

How was your dad during your childhood, Holla Forums?

>>115907797Vietnam Vet with PTSD. When he was sober, he loved us alot. Taught me how to fish. Bought me ice cream whenever the truck came by. Was a factory worker. Read alot. Loved Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, M.A.S.H, Frazier, Walker Texas Ranger, John Wayne films, Dances With Wolves, I think it's called Kung Fu the Legend? (David Carradine?), Stargate, Married with Children. Guy would have been something great if he wasnt denied the G.I. Bill. Died quietly with his books. Still to this day, I havent met a person as bright as he was.

>>115907797Pretty much Big Bill, minus the psycho home life.Not that I got to see that, haha.

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>>115905586For every threat and screaming match he has with his family, Frank hasn't hit his kids. Considering the time the show takes place in, its odd. Then again for all the shit Frank got in his childhood I'd imagine that's where he drew a line.

this show makes me want a wife and kidsbut love don't exist in the real world man

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>>115907797Always trying to run a scam on someone and a habitual people userFragile ago as well and always wanted to make people dependent on him, the kind of guy that would tell me to do something when I was a kid that I had never done before and then get angry at me for figuring out how to do it on my own because that denied him the chance to make a big deal "teaching" me how to do it, teaching in quotes since he never taught me shit anyway

>>115907983I could swear he's smacked Bill a couple of times

>>115905586He has never put anyone through a wall despite numerous promises otherwise.Is he unwilling, unable or simply a liar?

Hoping Greentext user from the Bridget thread finds this one

I'm back, guys! I'm going to be posting the rest of my greentext story here so please bear with me as I drop off these long posts. Enjoy!

>>115908882>user's Day Off>I was in my car, driving back home after a long and stressful day of trying to keep the animals of society in line and in place>I constantly mutter swears under my breath as I got out of my car and to my house with keys in hand, silently hoping and praying that no further transgressions will get in my way as I plan to get myself something to get from the fridge, take a shower, and head straight into bed>When I've opened the door and closed and locked it behind me, I heard a voice that threw all of those hopes and prayers out the fucking window>It's moments like these that makes me wonder if God despises my existence>Fucking asshole>"Hey, dicklicker! Where have you've been all day? Sucking cocks on the street?", Bridgette asked angrily and tauntingly as I took off my uniform and threw it on my favorite chair>"Don't give me any of that shit, bitch! I had a real, fucking long day keeping this shithole of a city from going straight to hell. The best thing that today can give me is some fucking breathing space so I can get ready to put up with it's bullshit tomorrow!", I yelled at her as I made my way to the fridge to try to find myself something to feast upon>Normally, with any sane girl, the conversation would end at that>Bridgette, unfortunately, is not a sane girl, let me tell you>"Oh, boo, hoo, hoo! I sit on my ass all day watching people! Oh, today was just so hard for me!", Bridgette says in a mocking, imitation of my voice>"You talking about my day or yours?", I retort smugly with venom my voice as I pull out a plate of leftover chicken and took a piece of it off to eat>"Fuck you, you limp dick, piece of shit !", Bridgette shouts back, her eyes narrowed and her whole body shaking with barely controlled fury that threatens to explode like a dynamite>"That's not what you've said last night, you used up, little whore.", I said back with a smug smirk on my face before eating my cold dinner>"Suck my clit, you fucking fag-"

>>115907797Kind of a jerk until I was about 17. I think the stress of the world just put him in a bad mood for a long time and he didn't manage his anger and annoyance very well. He rarely ever yelled, and never hit us. Was just kind of an asshole.Then he mellowed out when I went to college and seemed to not mind being around me as much. It was nice to finally feel like we could connect and hang out with no friction.Then he died 2 years later very suddenly. Was pretty lame. I look back on my childhood and dislike how he treated me, but look back on those last 2 years fondly because he was nice and we had a better relationship.Died 10 years ago tomorrow. Time flies

>>115908893>"Agh! This chicken tastes like shit! Who fucking made this garbage?!", I said as I spit out the piece that I was going to eat, interrupting Bridgette's insults in the process>"I've made it, you fucking asshole!">"Eck! No wonder it tasted like that: You're worse at cooking than you are at fucking!", I yelled at her as I threw the rest of the contents onto the floor, shattering the plate in the process>"Oh, look who's talking! You couldn't last a minute in bed, Mr. Minute Man!">"What did you just said to me, you little, redheaded bitch?", I asked in a low, growling voice that barely contained my boiling rage>"You've heard me, cunt sucker! You're a shit man, a shit boyfriend, and a shit perso-">Bridgette's rant was stopped by my fist as I punched her across her fucking face and she fell hard onto the floor, now finally silenced>I towered over her body as she touched her face to see that she is bleeding a bit from her mouth and she looked at me with a shocked expression on her face as she is surprised at what I've just done to her>"A-a-user? How could you hit your own girlfriend like that?!", Bridgette asked in a timid and confused voice>"You're going to get a lot more than that if you don't clean up this shit that you've just made by the time I finished taking a shower, you bitchmade, Little Orphan Annie looking dyke!", I said to her in a threatening manner, lighting a Caliber cigarette before taking a deep and long puff from it, closing my eyes and ignoring everything else in that moment as the first rush of nicotine hit my skull like the fucking ocean hits against rocks>If smoking a gun was anything like this, I would have already smoked my service issued revolver ages ago>I opened my eyes slowly to see Bridgette before me having tears in her eyes while sniffling, her terrorized and heartbroken eyes looking towards me as if asking for forgiveness and love and comfort>But, of course, I won't provide her any of that for her today or tomorrow

>>115908917>Maybe not even within her whole lifespan>Not that I give a single shit about any of that at the present moment>I sneered at her and spoke my head slowly before looking forward and walking past her, muttering,"Fucking weak and pathetic. Just like her mother. I guess the apple really doesn't fall that far from the tree, after all", as I do so, laughing darkly at my comments about her.>Bridgette stayed in her position for a few more minutes until she heard the showers being turned on, reminding her about user's warning>With a deep, watery breath, she proceeds to do as she was told like the good little bitch that she was>Sitting on her kneels, she started to pick up the pieces of the plate>And her heart>"Why did he have to hurt me like that? And why do I love that cocksucker for it? Why am I so fucked up for loving to be beaten and treated like dogshit?!", Bridgette muttered under her breath between sobs as she finishes up getting all the pieces before dumping it all into the trash can>She then picked up the leftover chicken and cleaned the floor with some paper towels before throwing those two also into the trash can>Done with her task, she then began to contemplate on whether to go back to their bedroom or to sleep on the sofa>Again>After some time of thinking over her two options, she decided to do the former rather than the latter for she figured that his temper has calmed down a bit after that whole incident>Plus, she wanted to make him, and herself in the process, feel better>And so, with a plan in mind and a newfound energy and desire to do it, she began to walk up the stairs towards their bedroom>I was in the shower, trying to wash all the filth of today off of me>Fucking, disrespectful, ungrateful, little pricks!>The shit he gets to try to make sure society won't go down the shitter and these are the things he gets>Fuck them!>Fuck them all!>Not only do I get shit from work but I also get shit from home as well

>>115908935>If there is such a thing as hell, then I'm sure this is as close as I'll get to it>And for what?>Beating the shit out of nigs, micks, and kids for stepping out of their their rightful place in this troublesome society?>Fucking, goddamn animals, the lot of them!>I should just fucking quit, right then and there>Let's see how those fuckheads deal with the troubles of society themselves>Let God himself sort those little shits out>Hahaha!>Now won't that be a laugh and a half?!>But only if I can get a better job, I would have done so a long, long time ago, though>...>Fuck me, man!>FUCK!>With a deep and heavy sigh, I finished up cleaning myself before shutting off the shower and grabbing myself a towel to dry and cover myself up>While doing so, I lit myself another Caliber cigarette and began thinking to myself as the nicotine starts to kick in again>God, I hope that wacky, crying bitch is done cleaning all that mess up>The last thing that I want to do today is kicking someone's shit in AND cleaning all that mess up myself>Jesus Fucking Christ!>I should have never hooked up with that crazy bitch from the very beginning>If I haven't done so, life would be a million times better for me in the short and long run>But that tight, Catholic pussy was just too powerful for me to abstain myself from and now I'm stuck with that broken, emotional baggage>Man, fuck me and fuck her as well!>Done torturing myself with those painful thoughts, I dropped the towel and opened the bathroom's door to put on my pajamas and go to sleep so that I can repeat the same day routine first thing tomorrow morning>Not that I'm looking forward to it>It's just expectation, almost instinct and might as well just very be, at this point now>And what I saw caught me by surprise>Bridgette was sitting on our bed, giving me this look that just shouts "Fuck me!" at me, wearing her Catholic school clothes

Time to get...naughty!

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>>115907797He could be angry and controlling but I don't think he was the worst dad, i didn't ever doubt that he loved and cared about me.

>>115908945>I'm strangely very aroused despite the fact that I just hit and berated her not too long ago but I'm also very cautious because you never know what goes on in this little psychos mind and moods>For all I know, she's about to kill me right then and there at any moment now>I shook my head to get out of my temporarily stupor and got back to the task at hand here>"Why are you giving me that look? You drunk or high or something? And did you clean that mess of yours or am I going to have to do that AND teach you a lesson, too?", I asked her aggressively, my blood pressure slightly rising as I cracked my knuckles to emphasize that last part, my barely "good" mood turning sour very quickly and my patience running out>Bridgette continues to give me that look, not changing one bit despite my threat and aggressive behavior towards her>"Oh, user! I like it when you get angry with me! And yes: I cleaned up ALL the mess! Wanna make another?", she replies, taking on a sultry tone with me>"Oh, you like that, huh?">She gives me a slight nod of her head, spreading her legs to me>"Well, then you're going to love THIS, then!", I said as I began to approach her slowly, like a wolf approaches a sheep>Or a wolf approaching another wolf in sheep's clothing>"Go ahead: Show me, you crusty, old pedophile!", Bridgette said with smirk grin on her face>Her insult stunned me for a couple seconds before my emotions got the better of me and launch me into a ball of pure energy>She has done it now>She has unleashed the beast that has been residing inside of me!>I grabbed her by the throat and push her to the center of the bed, my body towering over her small frame as I stared into her eyes with mine, eyes burning with pure rage and unadulterated lust>"You stupid, ungrateful, little, fucking, CUNT!", I shouted in her face, my grip tightening around her soft, vulnerable, thin throat some more

>>115908956*unzips pants*This is a Maureen appreciation thread now

>>115905586Making your daughter cry at the school play she's been excited for because you punched your elderly dad in the face after you got drunk is wrong no matter how shitty Bill was as a father.

>>115909107You mean the part in the play she only got because her psycho friend poisoned the original girl?

>>115909159How does that make Frank any more in the right?

>>115905586He's a product of his era.

>>115909305Because you're saying that making Maureen cry over something she was excited about is a shitty thing to do. I'm saying that Maureen only got that thing she was excited about out of bad faith and her not being able to enjoy it is merely karma for the way she got the part in the first place.

>>115909321The only message Maureen will get out of that moment is that Frank is a shitty father and not that poisoning someone to get what you want is wrong.

>>115909354>The only message Maureen will get out of that moment is that Frank is a shitty fatherAnd that's why I say, "Frank did nothing wrong".

He did several things wrong, but he's still 100% right. It's almost paradoxical.

>>115907797My dad was an absolute psycho until he had his heart attack. Then my mom took over.

>>115909040Holy shit kinoWay better than any episode of this failed Moral orel-Simpsons-Family guy mess of a show

>>115907797A high school drop out who didn't get his life together till his late 20's before he met my mom. Was a complete stubborn hardass but in hindsight he was only such a dick cause he didn't want me and my brothers struggling and working as hard as he had to when we got older.Reminds me a lot of Fred Flinstone and Tony Soprano.

>>115905636I understand that just because you're friends with someone long ago or just because you were in the military together, doesn't mean you'll be friends forever.But I still don't like how they used to be airforce buddies and now or in the beginning of the series they were not equals and not pals pretty much at all, and I don't think they've ever brought up in the present (the 70s) that they used to be airforce buddies.

Last thread talked about a F is for family VN can we talk about that

>>115907797Kinda not there and didn't really try as hard as he could. We didn't really relate outside of enjoying dumb comedy movies together. I think he's aware of this, that's why he makes a way more active effort to be a part of my younger brother's life.

>>115909107she understood near the end of the season since bill and maureen saw that bill agitated frank and their dad become a shitty father cause if him

>>115907797Dad was a real estate agent who married my mom when he was 20 and his family are all New Yorkers with my grandparents on his side being from Syria, my mom is fully Syrian with the rest of their family and my Dad tried to get along with everyone but it was ugly. As a kid my mom told me not to worry, and never told me a lick of truth whereas my dad was always upfront, he’d take me out to malls, stores, parks, arcades etc just to tell me how it was and I was just happy he took me out places and he was always open with me when possible. I didn’t see him often because of his job and cherished every second, he told me why he couldn’t see me often and I respected him for it but he told me he can’t stand my moms side of the family because they were in businesses as well who tried to scam him and my mom would take their side over him, I learned about this when I was 11 and my heart sank, even my grandad on my dads side knew and was pissed when he lended money for my mom for the house and it ended with my uncle who used it for himself. To this day my mom denies giving my uncle the loan and my dad has been paying for everything, he bought her two BMWs, all her insurance, furniture etc and I didn’t want to ask him for anything when we went out because I felt bad but he would at least buy food for us and that all I needed when we spent time. When he and my mom divorces my mom tried to make my dad look bad as much as possible and I didn’t buy it, she would tell me to convince him to come back and I did try not for her of course, and eventually my dad gave me a good talk about how it’s nothing to be scared of since he came around more frequently and was dealing with less stress, I knew it wasn’t a healthy relationship so I backed out but I never tried to convince my mom otherwise she turned every argument into a shouting match which I had to hear every week. My dad is still good to me, he gave me gym membership, and still helps me whenever possible

>>115911630Sounds like your dad is a piece of shit and you let yourself get manipulated by him

>>115907797A shitty monster but now he's a shitty douche so I guess its whatever

>>115911630Your story honestly sounds like your dad fed you a lot of bullshit and kind of actively turned you against your mother.

>>115907797He never really got me or my brother but he tried and I never doubted his love for us. I'm glad I have him.

>>115907797Giant capeshit/fantasy/scifi nerd with anger issues because my mom was a cunt to him. He's not as angry anymore but he is still just as unfunny. Love him though. Visited last weekend and we watched the Red Son movie.

>>115907797My dad was mostly mom after I was born.

What was his fucking problem?

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>>115907797Absent. How is your father, user?

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>>115912607He's the anti-frank. While Frank is angry on the surface but deep down trying to do right by his family, he was super friendly on the surface but brimming with anger to the point he'd fuck you over without ever letting you know how you pissed him off.

>>115907797Super chill. Worked a lot to support our family but was always around when we needed him. I think he was a little disappointed that I had no interest in sports as a kid since he was a HS basketball star but every time they signed me up for a little league team or whatever I had zero interest. I think he’s finally come around to my interests though and I’ve got a great job and home life and so does my little brother. Yeah I’m thinking my dad was based

>>115908806He knows he'd have to fix the hole himself.

>>115907797My dad was and still is awesome, we talk regularly and have a very strong and positive relationship.>read all these repliesJesus Christ I really should let my dad know how lucky I am to have him

>>115912607>just randomly drop that he died between seasonsBig F.

>>115907797The man gave me panic attacks until I was 10 and then our relationship was decent until his midlife crisis hit when I was 18. Then his alcoholism became worse and he cheated on my mom constantly until he eventually left. Fucked up the whole family and still wants to have some sort of relationship with me. I don’t even know what to do.

Who's hotter? Bridget or Maureen?

>>115914051I don't remember them saying he died

Thanks for making this thread OP! My question is, did anyone notice that the animation in the first half of season four was very poor? The perfect example would be the scene with the Sue in the hospital talking to the doctor right after her car accident. Specifically when the doctor was talking, it looked like they just opened and closed his mouth as animation.

>>115914027Ok Nathan

>>115908284Dont rub it in man.

>>115914886Maureen for me, but they are both excellent. I like smart girls and pig tails too much.

>>115907797My Dad is awesome but he did fuck up big time at one point. I don't want to get into what he did but eventually we forgave him. Sadly our bond was never as strong as it used to be since then.

>>115915096I never noticed honestly, I'll have to go back and rewatch.

>>115915387Did he bad touch you or one of your siblings

>>115915256Imagine pulling on her pig tails

>>115915699That is precisely what i am imagining.

Stop fucking cooming over the little girls in this show, dudes. Like fuck.It's one thing if the thread starts with OP lusting over Maureen or Bridgette, but it's just a pic of Frank. I wanna talk and read the show, I'd go to a different thread for lolis, man. I'd fucking see you guys there I just want to keep the real conversations and the lolis separate.

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>>115914886What about that blonde girl that bullied both Maureen and Bridgette

>>115908284If anything, this show really emphasizes that love is a lot of hard work and pissing each other off.

>>115915093They show a church hosting his funeral service at one point in the season.

>>115907797Lazy bum, compulsive liar and just very sad. He kept trying to pit me against my mom and half-brother, sold one of my PS2 games for some shit and I later find out, like a year ago, that I basically have two brothers that he never told me about (one of which is like 18 years older than me)

>>115914886What about the blonde girl from the honeybee scouts

>>115907797Ex-Marine so he had his issues but overall he was good, always there for me and my sisters. Every school function, concert, conference - he was there. Compared to a lot of divorced kids in the early 90's, I was pretty lucky. My parents were always able to set their differences aside for us. My only grievance would be that when I was initially confused on what to study in school, he encouraged me to go into art. That was ultimately a waste of time but it was still my choice.He was still involved even after I hit adulthood too. He used to watch my son every Thursday and we'd spend Sunday's late afternoons/evenings together. Really the only thing I resent about him is that he killed himself 3 years ago. My son doesn't even remember him and my daughter will never know him. That hurts.

>>115907797Hard to say, when he failed to connect with me through hobbies he grew kinda absent-ish, he was still in the house and paid for things, but he let my mother do most of the parenting. He had a bit of a short temper, but grew mellower we got older, and tried to be more active with us, but sadly he is a bit of a sperg(like me I guess) so it took until my mother left him for us to grow closer.He tries, he regrets things, he has some trauma related to near-death work accidents and drank a lot. He has stopped now though, we will see if it lasts, he was never a mean drunk, tough he became a sad one when my mom left.He is human, I think a lot of people hold parents to unreasonable expectations and fail to remember that they are just humans trying not to kill their offspring. I love him and do not resent him, though I have learned from him how I will not be raising my children.

>>115916434Would be hot

>>115908917>>115908893>>115908935>>115908945>>115909040Glad you continued the story from yesterday. Keep going

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>>115907797My parents went through a nasty divorce when I was around 11 where I still got to see them both, but since I lived with my mom, she controlled the story for a while and led me to believe my father was an abusive, short-tempered asshole who made her feel bad. This was supported by him threatening to beat up my step-dad and doing other rash things the first few years in the divorce.It wasn't until I was like, 21 did my father tell me all the details of what happened: My mother cheated on him with who is currently my step-dad and they did it for months and anytime he got enraged about it, they would financially ruin him with some lawsuit that he couldn't fight back or file a restraining order.Now I have trust issues and I believe nobody when they tell me a story that happened to them.

Owen Benjamin pls go

>>115907947what about when he wasn't sober? was that often?

>>115905586This. Fuck abusive/neglectful fathers.

>>115907797Him and my mom divorced when i was 3.I remember him being a really nice man but i only spoke to him on the phone a couple of times.Last i spoke to him in person he was on his death bed. Died the day after i saw him.I remember him well, but him dying instilled a near crippling fear of the inevitablity of death and what lays beyond it, the idea that im never gonna be able to speak to him nearly brings me to tears.

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>The wife getting upset at Frank when he was in Colorado because he heard voices behind him and she assumed he was having a party She's 100% wrong on that one, right? Or is it excused since she's nine months pregnant and probably extremely lonely since her husband fucked off?

>>115906019It's a weird show because it advertises itself as "WHOA HEY YOUNG PEOPLE UNDER 45 (because this is what 'youth' means now) YOUR GRANDPA WAS AN ASSHOLE IN THE 1970S WHEN YOUR DAD WAS A KID" but then he's actually a really cool dude who does what he can to try and understand his family and it actually has some jokes like him trying really hard to be a sensitive feminist husband who cares about his wife's needs because she said she'd like that and then SHE'S the one that forgets their anniversary. Or how he screams at his teenage son who is always being a dorky bitch but then he tries to actually understand why his kid is always screaming (but then fucks him over in more subtle ways).

>>115917643How can you be sure your father isn't telling you the truth anonMy parents divorced and you know what it taught me? They were both liars

>>115909040keep going.

>>115907797My dad left my mom at 2 while scamming her into debt from a failed company. My stepdad was ok he visited 4 months out of the year because he works and lives in america. He was a little distant and always felt that he didn't love me as father should love a son whoch I can confirm is true now but he neved did anything wrong and when I was a kid I used to idealize him.

>>115917853I thought it was weird that she thought Frank was out partying

>>115916967>>115917145Based and Lolopilled!

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>>115912607>abusive father>looked to escape by military>horrors of war >PTSD I've had friends go to the Marines after high school for 4 years and come out as drunk assholes and all they did was go to Japan or Europe. I can't think what the military in the 70's would do to someone during an actual war.

>>115907797>dad was 25 year old comic-book scifi loving spergatron>met mom who was a HS sophomore>eventually porked her and started going steady, moved in, got married>he was a massive fedora-tipper and anti-natalist but got talked into agreeing to have babies>was an angry bastard sometimes>I was a little pussy and was scared of him>eventually he grew weak and I grew strong>stopped cowering and started confronting him when he's go into some fit and start sperging out, slamming shit and yelling at the top of his voice>he legitimately didn't know how miserable and scared I'd been when he did that>slowly repaired relationship>we like to get drunk together now7/10- pretty good dad considering what I could have ended up with. Little sister hasn't really forgiven him which seems retarded because he only ever punched me, but she holds grudges.

>>115907797My dad was a typical dad. Had to work alot to take care of me and my two half sisters and my mom. He was strict at times but always tried to make time to be a dad. We went on our hunting/fishing trips, working on cars, and playing video games, playing basket ball. Dude was a huge sports fanMy dad is a pretty cool guy. Always showing interest in my nerdy crap even if he didnt understand it. He liked watching toonami with me, His favorite was reboot.His favorite animated movie is rango.

>>115907797Barely there, worked in a richer country while we stayed in the motherland. At age 7 we moved to where he was because my mother couldn't handle being a single mother. He was barely there as well, if he can he will work 12-14 hours a day and still does. His never hit me, but hasn't really taught me anything other than working is good.

>>115918965Sounds really cool, that or even a dad like Frank woulda been awesome

>>115907797Exhausted from work but very caring and doting and spending time with me, awesome dad.

>>115907797Jesus Christ. Am I the only one who had normal parents?

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>>115905636>guy fires you on Christmas Eve after you save the entire company and by extension his jobFuck Pogo, shitting himself for warmth was exactly what he deserved. Besides, they made up after that.

>>115907797Not dissimilar to Frank desu. Maybe that's why I like the show so much. His dad was pretty openly abusive (until he mellowed out when he got old and physically enfeebled) and you can tell Burr's whole "the way the cycle of abuse ends is each subsequent generation just being marginally less shitty and angry than the one before it" thing really applies. We've had some serious verbal arguments and he actually did use the expression "put you through a fuckin wall" once or twice when I was growing up, but he never actually hit me (which is better than what he had to deal with growing up).It's a complicated relationship with its ups and downs. Part of the reason I really loved the John/Jack chapters of RDR 2 as well.

This thread explains a lot about 4chan.

>>115907797A complete doormat who had his life ruined by my cunt welfare queen mother. She just took his pension and bought a new house to live in with the man she cheated on him with. My younger brother chooses to live with them. My dad is also racist and sexist, but he was raised that way, so I look the other way most of the time.

>>115907797Drunk asshole but at least he provided and took care of us. My mother was worse, an unmedicated schizo who beat me whenever I did something she perceived as dangerous like try to cook or go outside for reasons other than school. All dad really do was make fun of the stuff I liked and left me alone.

>>115919094Basically my step dad but my mom could handle beig alone for a lot longer and my dad actually doesn't like to work so much but is kinda scared to improve.

>>115918796>I've had friends go to the Marines after high school for 4 years and come out as drunk assholes and all they did was go to Japan or Europe. I can't think what the military in the 70's would do to someone during an actual war.It's just peer pressure and because marines are tards. The average marine is a high school retard who wants to be a Call of Duty hero, couple that with a hostile environment and being a marine is this vicious cycle of intense hazing and (I don't like saying this.) toxic masculinity. Then again, each branch is large and takes all types; I'm just referring to the grunt stereotype, which basically applies to any branch that has a depository for all the dumbasses.t. Army

>>115920296Marines are for the crayon eaters that couldn't even get a 20 on their asvab and a waiver to enlist as army infantry

>>115920339Well, the average marine sucks ass and is a monster energy drinking douchebag. But on the flipside, their best is way beyond the best of any other branch, never in the Army have I seen a guy and thought "What the fuck, is this dude a Paladin?", but the Marines do legitimately churn them out.

>>115915093Theres a news paper that says his wifes charge got pushed up from attempted murder too murder because he died.

>>115919821I felt bad for Frank in those episodes, Dunbarton was clearly losing his shit over the pen just as an excuse not to sign the agreement.He and Pogo got what they deserved.

>>115907797He always threatened to hit me but never did, that illustrates his personality better than anything else.


>>115907797I had a good dad, overly controlling to the point where I’m missing some life skills, and he still tries to “run the show” even though I’m 26. He never got violent but the threat of it was always there. Incredibly selfless guy though, hardest worker I’ve ever seen. Has narcissism, but manages it well enough aside from believing we live in the matrix and he is neo

>>115908798Yeah he definitely did. I feel like an in-universe explanation that makes sense is that he spanked the kids when they were little but now they're too old to spank without it being weird. I can believe that he hit his kids only as far as spanking and smacks on the back of the head. But there's no fucking way someone with Bill's personality in the 1960s and 70s with kids as rambunctious as his would totally abstain from corporal punishment.

Attached: frank ass cock.jpg (615x538, 152.42K)

>>115921522Now that I think about it. My dad’s dad was your abusive screaming 70s father archetype, and i could see how it fucked my dad up a lot. Even in his mid 50s he will still fly into rages about stuff that happened to him when he was 10. He was basically Bill from this show. In fact when I showed this show to him, he kept being like “oh my god, I did that at his age too!”

>>115907797Manchild who left after losing his job and beating my mom. Now he lives with his mother and spends his time getting high and doing nothing. I don't regret cutting him out of my life.

>>115914027>Jesus Christ I really should let my dad know how lucky I am to have himDo it. You never know how much time you have left.

Holy Shit!: Is this the Holla Forums version of the Breakfast Club or something?

>>115914886I think Bridgett has a slight edge over Maureen but both have their charms

>>115914886I used to be all for Maureen but now I'm all for Bridget!

>>115907797hardly saw him

>>115907797He was kinda just, thereWorked a lot, watched sports a lot I don't particularly remember doing a whole lot with him to be quite frankThen when he had a good paying gig in N. Ireland, he cheated on my mother Since the divorce went through, and even before then he's been kind of an ass about the whole thingNowadays I barely see/talk to him, and the man my mother is dating now is a much better father than my own

>>115914886>>115923770>>115924654fuck off pedos

>>115907797distant due to breaking his back working for me and the other kids, very kind and that he's retiring he isn't taking shit from no body.

>>115924910Go back to fucking Reddit, faggot!

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>>115907797He came from a poor family and became a very successful guy, always tried to raise us aware of how easily is to lose everything, brought us to know his old block and he is still friends with people there. Thanks to him we got a really big crazy library with tons of books from different countries. He Liked to make experiments with us and also read us a lot of mythology. I feel he always enjoyed more being a dad than a husband (he was faithful to my mom anyway).

>Oh, this is your grandpa. He's a hell of a guy.>Did you know he could sell snowballs to Eskimos?

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>>115907797died when i was 10 months old. went through several shitty stepdad until we have the one that generally accepted me after adulthood.

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>>115925079But why would Eskimos buy snowballs?

Maureen is for

>>115907797cool guy

>>115907797>all these people with shitty dadsholy shit imagine being a dadletno wonder the world's so fucked

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>>115924910basedfuck pedosdont listen to people who tell you to go to reddit chances are they're trying to fit in just like people who give you shit for posting a wojak

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>>115926151femdomming Bill

>>115926234Aren’t the dads more to blame since they couldn’t handle being a father?

>>115905586When i try talking about all the shit i went through i have to stop before i can finish. If I tried to list all the trauma I'd been through I'd never stop. Maybe I can give a top 3.>molested by half brother when i was 6>dad spent a combined total of 40 years in prison, just got out this week>4 drunken verbally abusive stepfathersthere is always that temptation to keep going, but all I end up doing is feeling sorry for myself.

>>115921624gently smacking your kid upside the head isn't the same as punching them in the face. its just a little love tap, if it doesn't cause a bruise and it doesn't leave a mark its just rough housing, ask any brother.

>>115912607did you not watch the seen where he told frank his dad drowned his puppy in the sink?

Geez, way to turn a good thread into shit with your depressing, fucking stories, guys!

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>>115926742I mean, its like, yeah it hurts, but are you going to blame your dad your whole life? Half the time I didn't even have a dad.

>>115926847its a show about childhood trauma that happens to be funny, not the other way around.

>>115926852I mean all these people bitching about their lackluster fathers.. you know what its like not having a dad? Fucks you up for life man. Assumming you don't come out queer or wind up in jail, your whole life is just brutal.

>>115926785except rape.that shit'll fuck you up regardless.

>>115907797Molested me, as well as his sisterI have a stepdad now, I consider him my real dad


>>115920296if it wasn't for their 'toxic' masculinity you'd all be working in a chinese sweatshop. nobody said they were nice guys.

>>115926933I had a friend whose dad molested him and his sister. He ended up molesting his sister as well when he was just a little boy, had to live with that shit the rest of his life.His dad got lou garettes disease and died a slow, agonizing death.First person I'd ever met who was worse off than me.

>>115927024and you know what the FUCKED up thing is? He got his shit together while i ended up a complete fuck up. Man, that shit makes me jealous to this very day.He did get kind of lucky though and marry a very nice girl and get adopted into her family, i think she sort of saved him.

>>115927024>>115927060I feel bad, all I remember is that I got molested by daycare women when I was 5, and then I never went back there

>>115927086who knows?your mind blocks that shit out for a reason. they could have an underground layer where they sacrifice children at your local daycare center for all you know. Ignorance is bliss.

>>115907797Really nice during "child"hood, fucking asshole and unsupportive in adolescence and adulthood.My dad worked 2nd shift, Sunday through Thursday.So basically from the age of 6 to 13 I only saw my dad Friday evenings through Sunday mornings (usually not even that because Church on sundays and Dad never went to church).I'm sure my dad compensated for lack of time together by being extra "cool" on the weekend.My dad is 44 years older than me.He was born in '47, I was born in '91.He was raised in rural Chillicothe, Ohio on a big plot of land. I was raised in the suburbs of Grove City, Ohio.My dad was Salutatorian when he graduated.I graduated with a 2.7 GPA.My dad join the airforce national guard in '68 so that he wouldn't get drafted into the marines. My dad served a year in Korea.He was raised by a WWII Marine veteran, and both parents grew up on farms.Many factors played a role in a break down in our relationship.As I said, I pretty much only saw my dad 2 days a week and in the summer in my "child"hood. So the worst I could say then was he was pretty rough with punishment with a child at least. My dad has gorilla like hands and didn't hold back, so spankings fucking hurt.Also for like a year and a half he would use a horse whip he bought in Kentucky.When I finally got more time with my dad, I was in the peak of my teenage years and he was in his over the hill years.My dad retired when I was 14. So when he finally had all the time possible to spend time with me he was fed up and I was a angsty teenager.The same year he retired, he got mad at me and my sister and said>I'm too damn old to be raising kids! These are tenants that I can't evict!It hit me hard when he said that.

>>115927145I mean you really want to be like those vietnam vets who wake up screaming about some traumatic memory they can't do nothing about?Their whole life is just one big cope. Just be grateful your alive and can still put one foot in front of the other.

>>115927158Whenever my grades slipped, I was constantly told I'd be riding on the back of the trash truck.When ever I got in trouble at school, I was told I'd be getting fucked by a black man in prison.Anytime I was a failure, weak or complained, I was told I was lucky there wasn't a draft and that it needed to come back.He would tell my sister she'd be pregnant before graduating.He would fucking scream at my mom a lot, break dishes, and one time threw his wedding ring at her.My dad would break a lot of my shit as punishment too.From 11 onward spankings stopped and my dad would grab me by the shirt and shake me violently into a corner or wall or through me to the ground.When I was 15, my dad did something stupid and I called him a dumbass and my dad punched me like a man right in the face.My dad was also two-faced when it came to my bullying.He would call me a pussy for not fighting back, but when I got in a fight one time in high school and the school called them in, he (not in front of me) told the principle if this shit happens again, he'd grab me and the kid, drive us to a field and have us bare-knuckle brawl and that he'd promise that I'd be the only one able to walk away.My dad wasn't a drunk though. I've only seen him drunk twice and he was in control, just slurred a bit and said rude things.

>>115912607sociopath most likely, considering that he abuses ling ling and that gives him power, it seems more likely he is a control freak and Vietnam didnt help his disorder

>>115927172well, i suppose most of them are really old by now, any trauma has long since passed. Unless their a vegetable, i guess. The only ones left probably have a home, all the homeless ones died out on the street.sometimes the only good thing you can say about life is that it ends.

>>115927182okay, okay bro, enough. we believe you okay? don't get bogged down in that shit.

>>115927210Not that user but you do know that sociopaths are made, not born, right?

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>>115927258yeah, I believe that he became a sociopath when vietnam fucked his head up, I should have specified that more

>>115927210i think netflix drew the line at him hitting her, she never showed up on the show with a shiner. I think they wanted to, but they couldn't.

Hearing all these bad dad stories in this thread makes me wish I appreciated my dad more, the most physically abusive he ever was when me and my brothers were younger he'd give us spankings if we misbehaved. The most emotionally abusive is probably whenever he said I was fat, which he was right.For the most part though he was very supportive of my interests and would help drive me to school early every morning in high school because the buses were slow as shit.I could also depend on him whenever he said he would do something because he would near always follow through with his promises. Miss him everyday.

>>115927182Jesus Christ! Would you just shut the fuck up already, faggot?! We get it! You're a giant pussy now because daddy didn't hug you enough as a kid and now you can't do anything because you're still stuck in the past! Move the fuck on already, loser!

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>>115927286you could definately tell with the sillouete drawing, including a shot of perversion, that they were planning that

You know, what i hate about my life isn't that all this bad shit happened to me, but that it fucked me up to the point where I could never get past it. I've seen guys power through this shit for years, I've seen people pull a total 180, drag themselves out of the gutter, put themselves back on their feet again..but i could never seem to manage. the best i could do was living at home collecting unemployment. I could never hold down a job for more than a month.

>>115907797he and ma separated before i could remember anything. But always stayed close regardless, he lived just down the street, like 5 minutes away at some points. He cared about me still and tried to be there, unfortunately he fell through a lot of the time and i would take it out on my ma. Also the reason why i have trust and abandonment issues now. However, he was a solid guy, funny, extremly smart, hard working, a little awkward in public. People say i grew up to be just like him, and i look incredibly like him, much to my mothers behest. He went to start up another family and seems happy enough. I still visit and text pretty much every day.

>>115927309your the kind of cretin who likes to pick on disabled kids aren't you?

>>115927364>behesti think you mean chagrin

>>115927403Nah, I'm just a stranger who tries to help losers from staying losers is all, dawg!

>>115927158>>115927182i'm just saying bro, don't get caught up in feeling sorry for yourself, you slide down that hole you might have a tough time getting back out again.

>>115927451we had a guy in my mens group forum who would troll people by loudly declaring that he loved being fisted and that he recommended fist therapy.I don't think I was ever as mad at anyone in my life as I was at that guy. But you know, if it hadn't been for him, i might have just stayed in therapy feeling sorry for myself for ever.

at any rate, this has been a lovely stroll down memory lane. Excuse me while i go down a bottle of aspirin with a fifth of vodka.Fucking christ.

>>115927534No one cares, queer!

>>115927549my wit hath failed me.

>>115927251>>115927309>>115927481I'm not bogged down or anything like that. I have self-confidence and get by fine and all that.I just was giving you guys the whole story.Sorry.I get along with my dad in short burst now-a-days. It's more now that if its spending more than a day or two together or talking about certain things like things that require risks or jobs that we're at each other's throats.

>>115907797>He stripped me naked and beat me with his belt for refusing to fight a kid at a community swimming pool.>beat me for not being good at karate and baseball>beat my mother over haircut on thanksgiving>Had affair with my mother and got shitfaced drunk with his friends, the same day he was supposed to pick me up from school and after dozens of phone calls telling me that he was already driving close to the school, but in reality was still at the bar fucking around with other drunkards, my mother had to pick both me and brother up from school and later my father at the bar, only for while driving back home my father tries to beat my mother and i'm trying to fend him off, later getting arrested and sent to the crazy hospital.

>>115927605your dad sounds like a real piece of work, bro. that shit might have been normal 50 years ago, but thats not the way we do things now

F is for Families who abuse each other togetherU is for unresolved childhood traumaN is for

>>115928334Nubian king

>>115926980I stated I'm also in the military, what the hell do you think "t. Army" was for? I'm gonna be working in a Chinese sweatshop if not for... myself? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?Or maybe you just have a hardon for the Marines in particular. So let me tell you a story about Marines. One day, I'm sitting in a recreation center we happen to share with them. I'm sitting there watching TV, when they start making all kinds of racket. I look at them, and there's literally 4 of them huddled around a laptop fucking yelling, while chugging pre-workout and monster energy. I walk over there to see what the fuck they're looking at; it's porn. They're hyping up on monster energy and porn as a pre-gym boost. So yeah, they're fucking retards, not only that, they weren't even infantry, they were motorpool mechanics, which basically means all they do is change oil for a living, so they're protecting nobody. Oh, but I'll be sure to thank those mongoloids I'm not in a sweatshop next time I see them.As I said in a followup post to the other guy who responded to me, they're not all like that. But the marines at their worst are way more fucked up than any other branch, and that's a fact.

>>115919761Nah, the question just selects in favor of people with noteworthy parents, and it is easier to be noteworthy by being shitty than be kind.

>>115927343I'm sorry to hear that user, I know how it can feel for past events fucking with your mind, and I struggle trying to overcome my anger just thinking how people treated me in the past. eats me up sometimes during the day. You are not alone bud just keep going. Maybe things will turn up for us soon, it'll be alright

>>115927534Don't do it man. Keep going suicide is never the answer. We will get through it. Past is the past. we can;t keep dwelling in memories that hurt us. We can find peace and happiness when we look into the present.

>>115907797The best, a former military guy, intelligent man, good man, sometimes a cunt, but my family is nothing without him.He was a combination between the big Lebowski and thunderbolt RossRIP Dad, miss you everyday

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>>115928386Thank you for your service, and for being so goddamn funny. Would sit and drink with you

>>115914087Keep him at arms' length. Sorry to say but shit like this really is a balancing act. He's your dad, so he's always gonna be a part of your life as long as he wants to be, but you're an adult now and he's got no right to dominate it. Sorry your dad's a piece of shit man. Hope things work out

>>115926742Tell us more about your molestation

>>115926301>>115924910>Go>Back>To>RedditYou don't really belong hereBut I really doubt they will take you either, so head up straight to Facebook

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>>115929094>telling people to gtfo because they don't want to diddle little cartoon kids>he saved the same image twiceEVERYONE POINT AT HIM. POINT AT HIM AND LAUGH

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>>115929128First one didn't like it that muchWant more?

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>>115929094>>115929168If you jerk off to Yotsuba you shouldn't be here

I don't care what anyone says I want to fuck Maureen's brains out

>>115909040>"Ooooh, that's it! Show your true colors, you dickless, temper tantrum throwing, piece of shit!", Bridgette said mockingly to me as she put both her hands on my bare chest before slowly clawing them down like a cat on a scratch post>This somehow really got me going for I then began to reach under her clothing to grab her panties and then quickly and roughly with no hesitation whatsoever yanked them out, ripping and breaking them in the process>I took a glance at them to see that they were white and soaking wet>Heh>Only innocent girls wear white panties>And this little psycho is anything but innocent given the fact that she got wet just from me treating her like some worthless piece of dogshit>I grabbed my rod and began to guide it to her tight, litte cunt before finding just the right spot>When I have done so, I looked into Bridgette's eyes with fire in mine before, in one swift and harsh move, I shoved my whole stick into her tight, wet, dark hole that she calls a cunt>Bridgette squealed in either pain or pleasure or both, her eyes going crossed as she feels every inch and texture of my flesh shaped and made baton>I stayed still for only a few seconds before I began to roughly and rapidly thrust into her with no consideration for her comfort whatsoever>The only thing being on my mind is that I want to hurt her as much as possible for my own personal, dark pleasures>In this cold and broken world, the only things that I get a kick out of is sex and violence>Those two things to me are like wine and cheese to those fucking Frenchies>Every thrust that I made, Bridgette would let out a loud moan or a grunt as I fucked her like the tasty, little flesh blowdoll that she was>Her pussy gripped my dick in it's fleshly folds of the hole as I continued to plunge into her like some goddamn meat plunger or jackhammer>The threat of orgasm keeps getting closer and closer the longer I keep at this

>>115907797The dude unironically saved me from a shitty childhood.Mom and dad divorced when I was 3 because my dad couldn't deal with her drug problem, spending habits, and poor attitude. Naturally she got custody because of court favor towards the mother. My mom was a half-assed caretaker. We were often ignored and her habits left us in poverty which led to all sorts of penny pinching problems. When I was 7 or 8, she was arrested for selling drugs, found out by an undercover cop.Dad took me in and the positive change in environment gave me whiplash. Suddenly I was being unconditionally loved and cared for. Proper clothes and meals, investment in my hobbies, made me laugh all the time, treated me like a person and not a burden, all that good parenting stuff. I'm finding it extremely sad that I'm moving out soon. I won't miss his political views but he was great to me.

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Just busted a load to Bridget.

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>>115929534Go to bed Bill or I'm putting you through that fucking wall

>>115929544Fuck you, Dad

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Today I will remind them

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>>115927767narcissistic parents can really fuck ya up. get counseling i'm serious.

>>115927767Anon, that is so......FUCKING FUNNY!

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>>115907797Ex-Navy. Didn't know how to connect with me, the middle child of a second marriage where he already had two kids. I know he loved me, but I can't help but feel I had an underdeveloped relationship with him. We didn't talk much, or I didn't know how to talk to him or I was too scared to. There's so much I don't know about him or stories I've heard about him from other people yet I never heard them from the man himself. He worked a lot and always came home in a pissed off mood because he hated his job so he never wanted to *actually* spend time with us. He was a lot like Frank in that regard.Only time he ever told me he was proud of me was at graduation for Air Force BMT. He died of liver cancer about 2 years after that. He died proud of me. A year afterwards, I couldn't cope and got kicked out of the military. I have done nothing with my life for the past 4 years and I know he'd be ashamed of me if he were still alive.

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>>115929094>>115929534>>115929816pedophiles are here to ruin another good thread

>>115927605Don't apologize to that faggot

>>115930151Shut the fuck up, cuck! No one asked for your fucking opinion, faggot!


>>115914051The state he was in at the end of the third season pretty much implied he was gonna die user.