License thread

Post various licenses from characters to see hidden details about them

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>>115897927Spongebob has hair?

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>>115898412The eyebrows obviously


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>>115898485>Sex MHold up

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Another duck with ID.

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Not very illuminating.

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Ice bear is only 6'2 that's pretty short for a polar bear

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>>115899129>6'2oh fuck

>>115899129>>115899244>6'2>180lbOH FUCK

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>>115899149Wonder woman is tall. But Homer simpson is very tall too. BUT........ who would win in a fight between Wonder Woman from this show>>115899129 and Homer Simpson?

>>115899244>>115899282Should i make a character that is much taller and stronger than Wonder Woman?

>>115897927>>115898813>>115898977MFW>Frankie is 36>Spongebob is 34>Launchpad is 33who knew?

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>>115898524>>115898813The only two who are organ donors. >>115899132>eyes: dotHe

>>115899304Homer is quite strong for his age, if I remember correctly, he once lifted a huge boulder with ease and is also very resistant to damage, I on't think he could take on Diana but I think he could take on the Kingpin

>>115898813Isn’t this guy in the original ducktales?He’s too young.

>>115899075>tfw people born in the 40s were still young not so long ago Wtf


>>115898813>Born the same day as LaunchpadJesus

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>>115900382The ages in DT17 are all sorts of fucked. Della and Donald are apparently nearly 30.


>>115898813>that signaturecute

>>115900497The wiki says they're both 36

>>115898524>Age: 2I know he's a weasel but this is so funny for some reason

>>115897927>Spongebob is 12 days older than me

>>115899132>Hair: whitePolar bears have transparent fur actually

I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet.

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>>115899129bigger if anyone wants it

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>>115898047Ha. I remember in college seeing that as a rerun or off Kazaa. My friends and I would mention it after pulling out IDs for bars.

>>115902527>Restrictions: Class C

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>>115898524>38DDWeasel is fucking stacked

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>>115902715His surname is canonically Shortman.

What a coincidence I just got my license today though a few years later than I would have liked

>>115899149>>115899388Homer is 64

>>115902755I didn't get my driver's license until I was 24. I didn't feel like I needed it since I walked everywhere, then finding out I needed glasses to operate a vehicle set me back a bit.

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>>115902215Hi, guy.

>>115902715>born: yes

>>115897927Wait, would this mean that by 2003 Spongebob would be 17 years old?

>>115902215>62 years old

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>>115902672>1961>Carl is a literal, fucking Boomer

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>>115905292I can still rock!

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>>115905292I thought that was Gen X. Isn't '61 too late for the post-war Baby Boom?

>>115905432Baby Boomers are 1946-1964Gen X is 1965-1979

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>>115900010Fucking Homer fights against people sometimes


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>>115902527>his first name is actually LieAll this time I thought it was just doing that Japanese thing where surname is listed first, knowing everyone’s just been calling him by his last name is fucked up.

>>115899149>33 in 1989>64 today

>>115898412Spongebob doesn't have hair......or DOES he?

>>115897927It's pretty unnerving how small the spongebob characters are.

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>>115905432Not a real generation, anyone who calls themselves Gen X are just proud cucks of the Boomers.

>>115897927>people born in 1986 were 17 in 2003what the fuck bros


>>115898813Damn, I'm as old as launchpad

>>115902477>180lbsWhat a fat ass

>>115900467Why haven't you won the greatest videogame sidekick award yet, user?

user, are you aware that this license has expired?

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>>115898977>green eyesHuh, is there any art of her where her eyes aren’t just black dots, I wonder

>>115898813Launchpad is a millenial?

>>115909152>Age:45>Trying to fuck a 16 year old!

>>115899129>6’2”That’s all? I expected 6’7” at the very least.

>>115902672It be funny if they wrote Smith instead of his actual last name on his driver’s license.

>>115900467>off by just one day

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>>115902215>some anons were born the same year as some of the characters on these licenses>I was born a few days after this one was issuedi hate this thread

>>115905288>1921>This guy’s almost 100 yrs old.

>>115898771The Fifth Element is trans. It's the future.

>>115898813The birthdate is technically accurate.

>>115898412pubic hair

>>115897927>>115898813Spongebob is OLDER than Launchpad???


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>>115899388Frankie's 22.

>>115898485God, look at this bulky thingSo much for futuristic ideas

Anyone has Brock's license to kill?

>>115909150Sizes are mostly accurate for the creatures they are - and Spongebob is meant to be the size of a kitchen sponge. Really only thing is that Sandy is a small squirrel, and obviously Pearl is not to scale.

>>115902672>carl is a manletIT CANT BE TRUE, maybe the 5-11 is meatwad? and they changed it to fool the clerk?

Posting this reminded me how ugly my driver's license photo is right now

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>>115899149Standard US liscenses are class D, A through C tend to be more for larger trucks and tend to have some federal testing as opposed to state level. Good for Homer! A lot more trouble if pulled over drunk though, which I remember happening to him.

>>115899149>wt: 240remember when homer was supposed to be comically fat

>>115898485>viral state lowUh thanks for letting your potential partners know you're pozzed. I supposed that's better than the alternative

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>>115908510>7 inchesPerfect voring size.

>>115905288>his name isn't even hans

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>>115902748Fuck that movie. Better than the theatrical one but not by much.

>>115913138How many of these guys have white lotus tiles though?>>115916170Beg pardon?

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>>115905288>Ralph MelishWait what?


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>>115902715>Born: Yes

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>>115915350>implying that the average american isn't a joke.

>>115918074No cares enough about him to call him by his real name

>>115912396Cryogenically freezing himself in the Qwik-E-Mart helped

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>>115902672Oh wow, uhhhhh, we were born the exact same year. This is funny to me.Also kinda scary.

>>115899129>6’2>180 lbs

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>>115899149>eyes: blue

>>115899129>6'2>180lbsCONSIDER THE POSSIBILITIES

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>>115923434That you've been had but not by me


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>>115908510>1942Krabs would be 78

>>115925139>DOB 7/13I know it's just a silly in-joke but I can't help but laugh that this implies Soos is only 7 now.


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>>115926701Man what number is 7 with a tilde?

>>115898485>Sex: MWelp, now i got a reason to draw more on point Futa.


>>115902672>Carl was born exactly 30 years before meWhew

>>115899149>Springfield, NT

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>>115925139>what's your name son?child Jesus quietly mutters his name to Stan.>Soos huh? welcome aboard Soos, get to work and start fixing things

>>115898412>>115898486>>115909132>>115913067He legit has hair, though. It's just the same color as the rest of him.

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>>115913184She was born in 1984, Einstein.