Onyx Equinox trailer from Crunchyrollstill no high Guardian Spice

Onyx Equinox trailer from Crunchyrollstill no high Guardian Spice youtu.be/vVBAOJIi6Tg

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so HGS was cancelled even before it was released?

Looks like the best of the CR originals

>>115892398There's a bunch of originals, if you haven't seen this trailer, presumably there's not so much overlap on who's working for them that it effects release.youtube.com/watch?v=QlFRoUMkUDw

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>>115892501They look so generic

>>115892501> male protagonist in 2020Like seeing a fucking unicorn.

>>115892374Anybody else getting some Korra vibes? And Im not even talking about how the protag looks just like a shota Korra.


Animation looks rough and I'm kinda tired of "fantasy kids fighting monsters" shit without a solid hook. A shame cuz the characters look hot

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Looks not bad, far better than any modern amerimutt shit, but a bit too normal tb h. too serious about being an authentic fantasy maybe?

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delicious brown girls

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He's a brown kid with a ponytail, I guess that is also what Korra is.

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>>115892374Looks neat. I’ll keep an eye on it.

He cute. I await the fanart and the inevitable crossdressing.

He's trap material, the fanart is gonna be crossdressing and fujobait, though, I really don't have any problems with it.

>>115894200Finally, a cartoon for me.

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>>115892374Time to shitpost and whine.

>>115892546He looks like a thin Korra. Could be a reverse trap.

mesoamerican lore is pretty underrated desu, looking forward to the gods not just being window dressing in a mexican settingtlatchibol is nice too>>115894284based fujoomer

>>115894332Maybe they'll make him canon gay for woke points. Yurifags get enough in western cartoons, give me gay boys.

>>115894200He? Seriously? I thought it was some korra rip off.This changes many things.

>>115894481In the trailer it shows hims topless

He looks like the protag of Shaman king. Zoomers wouldnt know it tho.

>>115894544You know they're making another anime for it, right?

>>115892855>cuz the characters look hotShit, user, they are kids.

Pretty cute desu

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>>115894638They are cartoons

>>115894469Aztecs hated gays with every fiber of their beings. Any gay/leabian got impaled.

>>115894641Why is he so girly? Real question, he is too pretty.

>>115892855>"fantasy kids fighting monsters"This holy shit, but at least no middle earth bs.

>>115894703True but this is #woke #representation era. While I don't give a fuck about it, I want to profit off of it.

>>115894730Eh, it's kind of a typical shounen anime look. Lots of teen boys are pretty and voiced by girls.

>>115894952Yeah, but they still looked like boys.

>>115892374Release day?

>>115894952Also, this example. Inosuke looks like a girl yet he is ripped as hell.

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>>115895262Looks very like Shaman King.

>>115894616Not him, Really?

>>115893124this is all that matters. it is all i need.

What a cute brown boy with a cute voice it would be a shame if someone lewded him

>>115894638>yes, and?.png

>>115892374Everyone is comparing this to LoK but I kind of get more Zelda vibes.

I love the sleeveless turtleneck with detached sleeves


>>115895267I have the feeling there will be many rape jokes and shotabait.

>High Guardian Spice thumbnail>No High Guardian SpiceHow the hell do I get clickbaited on 4chan?

>>115892544HGS unironically looks like the best thing in that trailer. The rest is just western shonenshit.

>>115895351Yes, and it will based on a new edition of the old manga with extra chapters. To be honest I was never a fan, but it could be intereting.

>>115895449Post the pics.>>115895960The animation for HGS looks kinda choopy. Like they actually tried, but as amateurs the final product ended looking choopy.

>>115892424I already forgot what are the names of the rest?

>>115892544>>115892501>They look so genericI agree, they sort of all look the same. I couldn't really distinguish many of these main characters from another when watching the trailer for the first time. The top four in the poster are our main characters, I'm guessing?They're all just kind of same-bodied same-faced anime teens/young adults with the same shade of brown skin and long dark hair, with some having boobs and some not. Perhaps when I hear their voices more and learn their names it'll be clearer, but my first impression is that they're not very distinct design-wise. Maybe I'm just dumb though. And are the top two supposed to be twins?

>>115896097>Top two are literally twins>Muscular girl>Twinky ponytail boy>They're all brown with dark hair Sounds a little wacist user

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>>115892374Did Castlevania S3 reference this? That one part when Germain was on his trip through dimensions there was a group of people running through an Aztec/Mayan city.

>>115896097>learn their names it'll be clearerGood luck trying to remember their names. Nahualt names are a tongue twister.

>>115896231Is this fanart? Pretty good, saved.

>>115895942Read nigga read!

>>115896297>>115896265>>115896231They're from the creators twitter

>>115896231>wacistWhat?In another note if they could use wind instruments for the ost it would be pretty lit. But I doubt it.Exampleyoutu.be/9fgX8rQbM9M

>>115892374Looks budget but a show about Central American myth and culture (can't tell if this is Aztec or Mayan) sounds really cool.

>>115896231>Sounds a little wacist anonHey, I said I might just be dumb, didn't I?It just makes me think that that's why actual anime characters often have a multitude of sometimes-unrealistic hair colors and styles, to make them easy to tell apart at a glance. I don't know, that's just my first impression from watching the trailer once.

>>115892546>male protagonist in 2020>Like seeing a fucking unicorn.>The Midnight Gospel>Duncanville>Central park>Solar opposites >thunder cats roar (yeah we all know it fucking sucks but it counts)And that just shows that came out this year.

>>115896268Isn't Castelvania Netflix shit?

>>115896488Well I like it but that's not what my comment was about.

>>115896502>I like itNo, I meant Castlevania being Netflix couldn't reference a show from another studio.

>>115892374>we remade humanity four times beforeSo they are going to stop the gods from killing everyone again over sun shinanigans youtube.com/watch?v=dfupAlon_8k

>>115892374I want crunchroll to sotp funding Western cartoons with weeb money.That said it looks fine.

>>115892374Looks fine, I guess, I'm not into maya/aztec mythology, so I can't really say.

>>115896717That was a reference to how the gods created humans in the Popol vuh, a mayan book.

This is Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl, right?

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>>115896967>TezcatlipocaIf that were him, shouldn't he have a shield?

>>115896967Not my cup of tea, I would prefer if they had used designs like pic related.

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>>115897034Looks like there's a thing floating behind him, and he's got the face stripes.

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>>115897067What do you mean by this?>>115896967Definitely Quetzalcoatl

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>>115896967>Prepare for trouble! And make it double!

>>115897195I mean more stylized. They look kind of funny.

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>>115895267i will now watch your show

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>>115895267Look, another shota getting molested by the gods.

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>>115894641Aztecs Shinji, calling it

Like the other user said, the animation looks rough. I wondering what the plot is though, it has kids fighting mosnters but the scale doesn't seem to hint at anything big like avatar or your standards kids shonen saving the world.

>>115892374That's a cute aztec sacrifice!

>>115897378>your standards kids shonen saving the worldMaybe the humans get tired of being replaced by the gods after each cycle and they are fighting the evil ones, and I remember there was going to be a futball match or some shit.>>115897313Fuck no, user, Anything but a beta boy.

>>115894703>Children were regularly sacrificed to Chalchiuhtlicue at the height of the dry season just before the rains were due; during the festivals dedicated to Chalchiuhtlicue and Tlaloc, a young boy would be sacrificed to Tlaloc on a mountaintop outside of Tenochtitlan, and a young girl would be drowned in Lake Texcoco at Pantitlan, where whirlpools were known to occur.

>that bulgeWhy spats? It just doesn't look cool. They are already taking liberties with the clothing design and not wearing a simple rag to cover their junk, they should had gone full fantasy. I am assuming this is show is part of crunchyroll's strategy to expand into the latin america market so they should had just done a full saint seiya knock off with aztec gods or something

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>>115897439He's a young boy who haves to fight ancient beings from restarting the world

>>115897511>full saint seiya knock off with aztec gods or somethingSo Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas: Kardia Gaiden?

>>115894703>Any gay/leabian got impaled.Lmao, that fact that you breathed was the only excuse Aztecs needed to impale anyone

>>115897511Because it pleases muh dick

>>115897313Can't wait for Conquistador Asuka

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>>115897578>the only excuse Aztecs needed to impale anyoneNo, actually the culprits of any pervertion were the ones getting impaled. Homos, siblings commithing incest, unfaithful people, etc.

Context: creator Sofia Alexander served as a storyboard artist on Into the Florpus and Infinity Train

>>115897650>Not mentioning that time Aztecs impaled 30000 people in less than a weekLets not beat around the bush user. Aztecs though blood sacrifice was the only thing that keep the sun from going out.They did not care what the sexual preferences of the sacrifice was, as long as the blood followed.

They're all Cute

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>>115897725Well, user, the difference was actual blood sacrifices were treated as heroes, the others not so much. But yeah, let's stop this topic and post cute Quetzals.

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>>115897776>All the boysI don't care if this series ends up shitty these designs are worth it.

>>115897776The guys's designs are pure fujo bait

>>115897851They actually learned from anime then.

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>>115897851I never understood why lesbian like gay male porn so much.

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>>115897851They're wearing more than they have to desu

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>>115897956you go to leave something to the imagination


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Worked on the show. Its kino

>>115897919If they like the Japanese variety it's because they're written by women and appeal to women and yuri is boring. If non-japanese I have no idea.

>>115898038Proof? Is the music good? Generic shit?

>>115898038I don't bieve you but I will ask anyway. Is there any kissing between the MC and another character?

>>115897919>Girly woman and boyish woman.You tell me.

>>115898060I can't say much but its really good shit. Everyone worked their heart and soul into it.

>>115898060and the music is fantastic.twitter.com/FariasMusic

>>115897919uh huh

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>>115898102You can't give spoiler, right? So is it better, narrative speaking, than The Book of Life? [/spoiler]that shit was a mess[/spoiler]

>>115898060The music is great, can confirm>>115897851why isn't anyone appreciating my daughterfu?>>115898038Also can confirm

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>>115898178Who's that?>>115898220Sorry, user. But your daugheru isn't as cute and pretty as MC. Just look >>115894641

>>115895449The boy's voice is cute. CUTE.

>>115898220Anon, I beg you give me a spoiler. In the soundtrack what kind of instruments are used?

>>115898038Is there going to be a spanish dub? I don't want to hear english voices trying to pronounce nahult.

>>115898376Somebody who you would only be following if you knew me and knew about the show lolAlso Izel is good too. Just sad my daughterfu didn't get attention.>>115898398No spoiler, the composer already posted on Twitter. It's Gustavo Farías. He composed a bunch of music for the Mexican bicentennial:youtu.be/vk5fHXLGq6gYou can expect similar sounds, probably.>>115898428Understandable. There will be a Spanish dub. Covid complicated the recording process. Many of the English voice cast is bilingual.***Disclaimer: I may be bullshitting, 4chan is all fiction and falsehood, etc.

>>115894469>>115897578>>115897650>>115894703You know there are other mesoamerican cultures besides Aztecs, like the people the Aztecs conquered. They wouldn't need to make laws against homosexuality if the people they were conquering weren't practicing it. And even then it wasn't like they had the means to enforce it as tightly as you're all suggesting. You could get away with an Aztec character who is gay given that they're not in close contact with high ranking members of the military and state where such behavior would be easily exposed and would be harder to go unpunished.

>>115898586I remember those commercials, the photography was beautiful.

>>115892374It looked generic at first but it clicked when I realized there was no obligatory *beat* [wacky joke character one liner]. There’s no “hook” because the hook is that they made an epic Aztec fantasy straight up, with no network concessions to make it a goofy fantasy or add wacky animal sidekicks or romance subplots or any of that bullshit Holla Forums is so used to it barely recognizes the absence of. Its a straight up epic fantasy adventure with real stakes.Fucking incredible.

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>>115898586>Many of the English voice cast is bilingualDon't get offended, user, but chicanos' spanish is painful to listen to.

>>115898738>You could get away with an Aztec character who is gay given that they're not in close contact with high ranking members of the military and state where such behavior would be easily exposed and would be harder to go unpunishedYou mean a close homo? Yeah, it could work, two boys/men who in the eyes of their people are just really close, but I don't think Crunchyroll's audience would be okay with that.

>>115898787This is also being taken into account

>>115899272Is there a page where I can see who works in the cast?

>>115898930>but I don't think Crunchyroll's audience would be okay with that.Why not? That's exactly the premise of at least half of BL is based on.

>>115899316Try Imdb

>>115899316Not out yet.

>>1158993711.- Western audience is crazy. 2.- There will be always people whinning because they want more. 3.- Writing a close homo triggers people, a small group, but I would say save yourself from that very vocal group. The gay couple in the new It movie is a good example. I

>>115899316Not yet, CR wants to keep it secret til later. Probably having to do with how bad they fucked up marketing for HGS.

>>115898781It's gonna be nowhere near as good as you think it is.

>>115899272Why are you releasing so little official information about the show. Is it Crunchyroll's petition or what?

>>115899674>Probably having to do with how bad they fucked up marketing for HGSThey actually learned from that, good for them. But how they can fuck up releasing the cast voices? Just tell the VA to don't make any statement that looks like a political opinion.

Alright, Mesoameriboo who you may know for dumping huge series of posts on Mesoamerican (Aztec, Maya, etc) history, on Holla Forums, /a/, /his/, /tg/, /k/, etc.I don't have time to give a super detailed breakdown, but I watched the trailer and jotted down everything that stuck out to me. Broadly, I'll say that it's even better then I thought it'd be in terms of Mesoamerican artistic influences: The early promo art we got didn'tr look too much like actual Mesoamerican aeshetics, but this trailer absolutely nailed it and I'm even more excited then I already was.Now, onto specifics:I'm very happy that the archtecture we see in shots like 0:00 and 0:08 are painted and aren't just bare stone ruins. Actual Mesoamerican architecture and buildings was, in their heyday, richly painted and adorned with fine sculptural facades, reliefs, and friezes (see pic); something which is ignored in 99% of media sadly. The accents near the roofs of the buidligns at 0:08 look Zapotec to me, but it really could just be a random geometric pattern. On the whole, though, this town we see early on is primarily Maya influenced: At both 0:08 and the second prior in the background, you can see an arched tunnel which I would assume is based on those found at a few Maya sites, but top me it looks most like the ones at Uxmal (I think). At 0:05 you can also see a Sculptural facade of what I assume is Chaac (the Maya rain god, analagous to the Aztec Tlaloc; both being an example of the googled/fanged rain god archtype) in the Puuc Maya style. The clothintg and hairstyles we see from 0:08 to 0:11 seems to be a mix of both actual Mesoamerican stuff (one of the women in the foreground from 0:10 to 0:11 has what I believe is an Aztec Axtlacuilli braid) and more generic things, but I think it all does still seem "mesoamerican" rather then generic tribal stuff. 1/?

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>>115898102>its really good shit>>115899678>It's gonna be nowhere near as goodI am getting mixed messages.

>>115894730Latin Americans, sometimes we can look a little to female or macho af

>>115897627Can't for F Suka

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>>115897776>boys in slutty revealing clothes >girls fully clothed , dressed conservativly

>>115892374Why is the lineart so thick are :38?

>>115898781I don't know, that sword seemed pretty wacky when it's eyes started getting watery, I'm expecting some Avatar tier humor once more comes out about it.

>>115899738I am so happy we have you to appreciate these things ;_;

>>115892501>Noblesse>originalDid I miss something, Noblesse has been out for like 3 years now, how can it be a crunchyroll original? Still, whether people consider it generic or not I do appreciate that companies are trying to branch out some and adapt more webcomics into television shows in places other than japan.

>>115900345As original as Netflix's shows.

>>115892374I'm intrigued, I've never seen a show made by a mexican, however I fear she got too influenced by US studios to have any sort of originality

>>115899738cont:Using a Conch as a Trumpet as the guy does at 0:11-12 or so is also accurate; and the guy we see dead on the ground at 0:16 and from 0:19 to 22 seems to be wearing a Teotihuacano mask and headdress; I'll have to look into it later. Humorously the guy at 0:38 is wearing an Aztec Quechquemitl garment (see pic), which is, AFAIK, a thing only women wore, though you do see a woman wearing one while running way at 018. The "we made humanity 4 times before" line at 0:42 is a very clear allusion to the fact that in a lot of Mesoamerican mythologies, the world and it's inhabitants have been cylically created and destroyed, usually with the current age being the 5th. In the next shot at 0:44, we get another nice view of some Puuc maya stuff/a Chaac sculptural facade, etc. Izel at 0:44-47 seems to be wearing a pretty basic breechcloth, which men of pretty much all Mesoamerican civilizations wore as a base garment; and I wonder if his ponyail is meant to be an abstraction of the tufts of hair Aztec men/boys had, though I think maybe some Maya men had ponyails, I'd need to double check.2/?>>115900254Actually, not just me, but somebody I collaborate with on Mesoamerican stuff plans on trying to work with some channels (he's done stuff with history YouTube channels before) or people to cover the show and news about it.He actually already has Sofia and banannerbread following him on twitter already from him tweeting about the show I guess: Do you think if he DM'd them asking about being added to a press list for stuff like getting press packs with promo art and stuff sent to him for his coverage of the show, they could do that? He said he can't find any pres packs on the CR website at least. (If he does reach out, frankly I think you guys should try to get him to do an article on Crunchyyroll (like outside writers sometimes do on features there) on the trailers influenced like I did here, he's as informed as I am; and if asked he'd probably say yes)

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>>115900820>I fear she got too influenced by US studiosYou are doubting it.


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>>115900937i didn't read her biography, I have no clue where she studied/learned her job, I just saw she lives in the US on her twitter

cont:At 0:52, there's a mural which shows two Maya ballplayers facing off against the giant demon or spirit from earlier in the trailer. I suspect that this is a represnetation of the Maya hero twins, two legendary figures from Maya mythology who feature in a number of myths (notably in the Popol Vuh) and are heavily associated with the ball game. At a few points later in the trailer, including the next shot; we see two characters who look like twins who have a ball so I'd guess they are meant to be a reincarnation of them or something.A few seconds later at 0:52, the aformentioned twins and Izel are walking past a structure which is clearly based on Palenque's palace compound, see pic; you can even see the top of the tower peeking out just in frame in the trailer.I'm pretty interested to see who or what the character we see at 1:02 - 1:03 is; as I don't really have a guess at this point. We see them earlier in the trailer voicing the line about the cyclical creation of humanity so presumbly they are a diety, but nothing really comes to mind here. They seem to have avian traits, but we the skin on their jaw erode away at 1:09, so there's skeletal elements too. The skin coming off reminds me of Xipe totec but I don't think that's it. Tzitzimitl, maybe? Could just be a shapeshifter, though, as there are sorcerers who shapeshifted into animals in both Aztec, Maya, Mixtec, etc legend. At 1:04 to 1:15 (interupted by a shot of what's obviously the Aztec god Teczatlipoca with his disitncively yellow and black face paint and mystic smoke; and the aformentioned skin peeling shot of the other divinity) Izel seems to be diving into a Cenote off another Puuc maya structure. Cenotes are basically columnar pits filled with water found in the Yucatan Penisula where the Maya were located, and were seen as entraces to the underworld. If you've seen the Road to El Dorado, you get the idea, thiough there the cenote was this massive whirlpool rather then a still pool. 3/?

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The mesoameriboo is still going strong. I’m happy they finally have a cartoon to flex on

>>115901173>>115900828Based. I know who that guy is, I'll try and see what CR wants to do, they've been pretty tight about it so far. Also I love reading this, thanks man.

>>115894332>mesoamerican lore is pretty underrated desuProbably because mesoamerican mythology is very convoluted. Too many tribes with different gods or different interpretations of those gods.

Whoopt, forgot to quote >>115900828 in >>115901173>>115901173cont:The shot at 1:21-22 is, IMO, really one of the best indication that >>115900254 and the other people working on the show really know what they are doing: There's not much in the shot, but it says a lot that the outfits the two characters in the backdrop are wearing are somewhat fantastical, particularly the girl; but still feel authentically mesoamerican. Obviously, plenty of other media have characters in similar outfits with big headdresses and such, but they almost always don't actually look like anythinng actually Mesoamerican and just a generic blend of a bunch of sterotypes of tribal and vaugely mesoamerican and andean stuff blended together to the point of losing any distinct cultural influence, wheras this is clearly and overtly actually influenced by Mesoamerican aeshetics I could pin down and talk more about (but I can't rn due to being busy)1:30-1:32 is both my and the aformentioned person I collabortate with's favorite shot in the trailer. We both absolutely fucking love that those goofy ass Aztec knives with the googley eye designs (see pic; though I think the specific design used in the show is from a depiction of a specific knife glyph i've seen before from a specific codex) got used for what I assume is the magical creature guide/helper character. It's fucking perfectAnother user >>115896967 caught this; but at 1:36-1:37 there's a shot of Quetzalcoatl in a human form, with the wind-conch shell cross section pendant and other distinctive iconographic elements there. It's hard to say if the other one is Tezcatlipoca, as noted by others the face paint stripe is there, but he lacks the hoop earings the shot of Tezcatlipoca had earlier in the trailer, so eh.Very next shot, there's the Aztec Sun Stone in the background along with the sorcereress we saw in earlier promo stuff. Not sure what her deal is, but witches are def a thing in Mesoamerican myth and legend. 4/?

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>>115901749new husbando, which aztec god is this???

>>115901882Maybe the god of darkness. The one this user was talking about>>115896967>Tezcatlipoca

>>115901632Anon, how do you feel when the trailer is giving the impression MC is going to fight against some [evil] gods to save humanity?

>>115901982Face paint matches

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>>115901632cont:And I think that's everything that I can think of from the trailer off the top of my head I could comment on now without needing to double check stuff. There;s absolutely more cool references and stuff to Mesoamerican culture in the trailer, but I'm pretty busy righjt now so I can't be here infodumping for another 3-4 hours.In sumaery, though, this really went above and beyond my expectations. I don't really have, like, any criticism for the Mesoamerican influences: Izel and the other main characters could have a bit less of a fantasy and more Mesoamerican outfits (like the proganist of Shi-Gu's Codex Black comic), but I get that for marketing reasons they need to be broadly appealing; and overall I think they did a stellar job balancing that with trying to do the culture and history justice.>>115901254Alrighty; I know even if not doing a piece for CR; he'd appreciate getting access to whatever press packs get sent out to other anime news sites to use for his coverage.And just in case you got the wrong guy, he's @Majora__Z >>115894743>>115892855>>115892999Using a super underused historical/cultural setting isn't enough of a hook for you?>>115894703>>115894805It's hard to say if that's really true or not; keep in mind our more detailed documentation on Aztec culture comes from in the early decaces of the Spanish colional period by Aztec nobles, scribes, etc working with Spanish friars, not totally pre-contact texts (which barely any exist due to Spanish book burnings); so it's possible that Aztec society vehemently hating homosexualty as written in those manuscripts could be the result of Aztec writers trying to make theirsociety look better to the Spanish, there's somr research suggesting that's the case; though even if so Homosexuality and breaking societial gender norms in general still probably wasn't something looked too fondly of, even if not punishable by death.5/?

the aztecs were fucking dicks

>>115902273Thanks user! It's great to have you around. And yeah, he's awesome. I'm forwarding some info to one of our execs.

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>>115902303Ancient time are quite cruel all around, but yes. The Aztecs stuck with their level of cruelty a lot longer than most other civilizations.

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>>115902303They just were better than the rest and they wanted everyone to know.

>>115902273>>115894703>>115894805cont:Also, keep in mind that most documentation we have on Aztec (Nahua) culture is largerly speffically on the Mexica (the Nahua subgrou in Tenochtitlan and sometimes people use the term Aztec to refer to speffically_ and to a lesser extent the Acolhua (the Nahua subgroup along the Eastern side of the Valley of Mexico (which was the "core" of the empire, see pic (though "otomi" is a seperatre civilization, not a nahua subgroup like the rest)), notably the second most powerful of the 3 ruling cities of the "Aztec Empire", Texcoco; which was below Tenochtitlan in power but above the third of Tlacopan): Other Nahua groups may have had different views on Homosexuality and especially different Mesoamerican civilizations as a whole like the Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, Purepecha, etc; as >>115898738 notesFurthermore, the ruling 3 cities in the Aztec empire didn't directly govern or adminstrate their conquered subjects, even if all the Nahuas were feverently anti-homosexuality, it's not like a Huastec city that was an Aztec Empire tributary or vassal would need to execute their gays; as lone as the ruling Triple Alliance got their taxes of economic goods and basic services like military support they didn't give a fuck what their subjects did, generally.>>115897578The Mexica were pretty fond of the death penalty, but nah, you couldn't just get executed for no reason or sacrificed for no reason: They had a formal legal system with a multi-tier series of courts and appeliate courts; and sacrifices had pretty specific requirments for eligability depending on which ceremoney it was; and most sacrifice were captured enemy soldier (though not all, some required civillians, such as Tlaloc', see >>115897506)>>115898038You the same person as >>115898178 or are there two people who worked on it in this thread?>>115898428>>115898586>>115898787>>115899272>not wanting a Nahuatl or Mixteca or a Maya dub instead6/?

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>>115892398No, it still looks like shit but they've been very silent about it

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>>115902578>not wanting a Nahuatl or Mixteca or a Maya dub insteadI doubt Crunchyroll is interested in that or have the resources to look for peopke speaking the tongue and being capable of dubbing. I count on fandubs for that.

>>115902273>Using a super underused historical/cultural setting isn't enough of a hook for you?A plot hook. I look at the trailer and I see kids fighting monsters. The shots of them in the forest especially looks like dozens of generic anime. Oh there's some blood sacrifice stuff? Maybe some gods? Boring. Would've been interesting if they were fighting conquistadors instead, or if there was no magic or Pokemon at all, but that would make the show less market friendly.If they have to go the action route, I want something like Mutsu Enmei Ryuu Gaiden, not an Aztec Shaman King. What makes unused settings interesting is their society and their technology, not their fuckin pantheon. All the goddamn pantheons and folklore are the same.

>>115902610I like the backgrounds, but the animation looks stiff. Like they are skipping a lot of frames.

>read the comments>"WOW THIS REMINDS ME OF AVATAR"Why is any recent western animated action show automatically compared to Avatar? fuck

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>>115902578I know there are a few of us, a lot of the crew are first timers and are really excited about it. I know at least two of the actors come here :^)

>>115902814Because Avatar is the first and only cartoon to be inspired by anime

>>115902814Because the simp reaction to new cartoons is to compare it to something familiar. Probably the only thing they've seen to completion in a long time.

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>>115902578Hey mesoameriboo user did you catch any of the lyrics in the song?

>>115902840I’m a friend of the show, I lurk on all Onyx and HGS threads

>>115902731>the goddamn pantheons and folklore are the sameNo? Mayan pantheon is interesting. The gods are actually flawed. They aren't goid good or evil for the saje of being evil. Even the heroes are tricksters.>Would've been interesting if they were fighting conquistadors insteadDo you want a show were the mcs end losing because their culture was a cunt to the cultures and they got kicked in the ass by a bigger cunt? Or do you want to anger the pro-indigenist (or whatever they are called)? Remember the reactions from Lopez Obrador's statement about spanish people needing to ask for forgiveness for the conquista?

>>115902731>Conquistador season>the girls in the group betray the boys and ride BSC

>>115902874Sounds painful

>>115902906>The gods are actually flawed. They aren't goid good or evil for the saje of being evil. Even the heroes are tricksters.Wow that sounds just like uhh the Greek pantheon. Do the gods rape a lot too? I'm saying the religion angle is boring because folklore stories are too similar no matter where you go. What you're left with is a slightly different looking pokemon monster for our shonen protag to beat using his power of friendship.

>>115902840Voices actors?>>115902856>Avatar is the first and only cartoon to be inspired by animeHave you watch french cartoons? Total spies?

>>115903007No unlike your horny Greek gods, South American gods just want blood/life juiceAnd Egyptians are into gay shit

>>115902814To be fair, I was looking through tweets from the creator/creator's friends and they're also on bored with the "If you like Avatar/Korra you should definitely give this a try".

>>115902874>HGS threadsWhy?

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>>115903007>I'm saying the religion angle is boring because folklore stories are too similar no matter where you goThere's enough different folklore stories to make cartoons for decades upon end.

>>115903109We're embracing it. Avatar is good, so maybe people who liked avatar will watch it. Inside info: Izel's design has been the same since about 2007, pre-Korra.>>115903114HGS is actually good, it's a shame CR is too cowardly to release it.

>>115903007>is a slightly different looking pokemon monster for our shonen protag to beat using his power of friendshipIf the seeting is taking seriosly the MC don't have to beat any gods for being evil. In the Popol Vult the heroes just did what they did to gain something from the gods. Don't be unculture and read some books.

>>115903187Honestly, outside of the initial snafu, I can't imagine HGS being that bad. Maybe a little below She-ra at worst.

>>115899738you're literally my favourite user of all time

>>115903187>CR is too cowardly to release it.Oh really?

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How many times can they remake Avatar?

>>115903109I know the creator doesn’t mind the comparison but she’s not been actively voicing the comparison herself. In an interview she explained the history of the character’s creation. Apparently something for uni back in 2007? Didn’t Korra come much later?

>>115903187So they aren't releasing it or just waiting an ass long time?

>>115903345I get the feeling they're waiting to see what the reception for their other originals is. It's a shame they didn't foresee their terrible marketing decision. I don't know what the actual plan is though.The show is good. It's edgier than She-ra too.

>SUPPORT THE ANIME INDUSTRY>Doesn't actually support the anime industryWhat did CR mean by this?

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>>115903623>What did CR mean by this?Buy the blu-rays, user.

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So, this will be an actual focus on a single civilization, be Aztec or Maya, or will be just another Mayincatec bullshit?

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>>115904247>MayincatecIs it bad I'm down for some of that too though.

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>>115903311They got scared of the online bullies, it’s pathetic. HGS is really cute and fun

>>115904462I would had payed to see their faces after the trailer was released.

I bet $ 5 there will be an arc where the enemies will be European colonizers

>>115904673So we get Conquistador Asuka?

>>115904673I don't think this series is going to be a long one, maybe 12 or 13 episodes. Also I hope the creators aren't that dumb.

>>115904673Alright. You got the money?

>>115904332So, it will be Mayincatec bullshit again.

>>115897661I first heard about her when she was promoting her work on Stretch Armstrong. Cool that she got her own show.

>>115904752Several civilizations existed in precolombian Mexico at the same time, user

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>>115904698>AsukaWhy do you like that cunt?

Kuni Tomita is the supervising director for Onyx. She’s well known for doing animation on Akira.

>>115905405Cause I have a feeling the MC going to be like Shinji and a foreign girl coming from boat sounds about right to me sounds in charcter.

>>115905449For the animation?

>>115905404Akso don't the aztecs and mayans share some gods?

>>115892374most of the animation is slightly below average, but the moment the outlines of the characters get thick, sakuga. Hopefully when everything is all set and done that won't be so odd looking. The South American native setting is underused in animation, so I can't wait to see what comes out of it. Also a few characters look a lot like Korra. What's up with that?

>>115906360They just ended looking like that >>115903343

>>115902814>made a faux-anime show>"WHY DO THEY COMPARE OUR SHOWS TO AVATAR WHY?"

>>115902610It looks slightly, SLIGHTLY better than what they show before the trailer. I know it's not too much, but at least is something.

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>>115906294>>115905404The Mayans were a shadow of their former glory by the time of the Aztec Empire

>>115906506>than what they show before the trailerThey just showed images, not actual animation.

>>115902578cont:>>115902303>>115902449The Mexica were big on military expansionism and warmongering, had a pretty classist and strict society, and a draconian legal system, but I wouldn't call them exceptionally cruel.Sacrifices occurred at scales lesser then many Medivial European religious purges and conflicts if you look at the numbers archeology supports rather then the hyperbolized numbers you see in many accounts; and most sacrifices were enemy soldiers; and victims of religious persecutions or purges or wars of expansion and enemy combants often had pretty grisly deaths like in Mesoamerican sacrifices tooI think it's an issue that with Medivial European socities or the Romans, most people understand the cultural and political context those actions were done under, and the postive elements of their society that existed in spite of the bad elements/ That's informatio most people lack for Mesoamericans: Very few people know of any Aztec poetry or their love of gardening and advanced bontanical science or how good their public hygine was or their impressive water mangement systems or the gorgous featherwork art they had (pic related was made by Aztec artists during the early colional period) or how sacrifices played into their moral philsophy or theology in the way religious wars did for Europeans, etc. Going to bed soon so IDK how much I can clarify on any of those things but if people have questions or want clarrification i can at least give links for further reading>>115902866I didn't, though now I'll try toi listen, not sure how much I'll catch though since I don't read/speak Nahuatl or anything though. I WAS just gonna reply to >>115902695 and say that while I was joking, it would have been cool if the chanting in the trailer was a Mesoamerican language instead of the Latin it sounded likeGuess I wasn't listening hard enough!. 7/?

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>>115907073cont:>>115902731I mean, i'd absolutely love a show about actual Mesoamerican society and history in fine detail, but I think this is cool too.>All...are the same.Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Mesopotamian etc has a lot of common threads, yes, because they come from a shared indo-european cultural foundation. Mesoamerican mythology is fairly different in themes and cosmology and motifs, though obviously there's still common threads (Coatlicue for example are pretty reminiscent of Tiamat as primordial monsters/gods that either give birth to the gods and/or are killed by them and their bodies used to make the world, for example).>>115904247It's going for a pan-mesoamerican blend as far as I can tell; but in a good, informed way; not throwing in Andean and Central American and random tribal stuff in; and actually using specific aesthetically influences rather then just some completely genericized blend of Mesoamerican stuff and sterotypes to the point of not having any actual direct visual influences from those cultures.Like, your image just has the Jaguar in random gold ornamentation and breechcloths and jewlerly and shit that's just vaugely tribal or mesoamerican, wheras in the trailer we see characters with specifically Quetzallalpiloni; Tlaloc/Chaac face sculptures, Axtlacuilli braids, etc>>115906294Some of them are analagous, like Tlaloc to Chaac or Kukulkan/Gucumatz/etc to Quetzalcoatl, but not all are; and the Maya are also sort of in another quadrant of Mesoamerica: Comparing the Aztec to Huastec, Totonac, Mixtec, Zapotec, etc pantheons is a more direct comparsion since they are all in the central horizontal third of Mesoamerica and share more cultural elements (their shared art style in writing/painting is called the Mixteca-puebla style) then any one of those does with the Maya who are in the Eastern third. West Mexico meanwhile is even more different then any of those and have some complete cultural isolates in terms of pantheons. 8/?

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>>115907073>it would have been cool if the chanting in the trailer was a Mesoamerican language instead of the Latin it sounded likeLyrics are in Maya

>>115892374This looks good.

>>115907295cont:>>115906546Eh, not really: Declined compared to the Classical Period (200-800AD), maybe, but "shadow" is overstating it. For those who aren't aware of the so called Classical Maya Collapse; In the 7th and 8th century AD, the two largest/most powerful Maya dynasties centered in the cities of Tikal and Calakmul and their allies/dependencies got involved in a series of massive wars. Eventually, Tikal and it's allies were able to defeat or turn all of Calakmul's allies and permantly crippled Calakmul.So the theory goes, this all caused a great deal of political instability, with many people being displaced and relocating to other cities, which swelled their population up, causing them to be overpopulated. There was also a drought during this period, and Maya agriculture and political systems were highly rainfall dependent (In some cases, Maya royalty rested their authority on the ability to provide rain, a la china's divine mandate, so no rain could mean a civil uprising). So you had the political pressure, overpopulation, droughts/strained agriculture, which then resulted switching to less sustainable farming methods, etc, all exacerbating each other, and as each city collapsed you further had more people being displaced and stressing other cities, etc.See pic (note it's only showing the most notable Maya cities, the area is way more densely populated then this suggests)However, you will also note how much of the large cities in the northern Yucatan survived this collapse, some growing in power (the largest Maya state, the League of Mayapan, existed from the 1100s to 1400's). By the time the Spanish showed up, while IIRC these had declined somewhat, the Northern Yucatan Penisula still had many city-states and kingdoms, as did the Western part of the Penisula, and thwere were thousands of smaller towns and hamlets all over including in the Center/South which also still had at least a few larger cities too9/10

Attached: Maya cities timelapse verify accuracy.gif (758x877, 1.61M)

>>115907073That looks beatiful, user.

>>115908131Cool. Maybe I will watch this show. Can you translate?

>>115908294I am always curious about this topic: why did the mayans survived the spanish invasion?

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>>115908294>>115906546contIt took the Spanish (and the local mesoamerican armies they relied on as allies) decades to centuries in some cases to conquer the remaining Maya kingdoms, City-STates, and towns, as unlike in Central Mexico where there was more political centralization due to Aztec expansion; they couldn't just take out a few captials and have most of the rest fall in line, and had to indivually target each town and city for the most partThe last Maya city, Tayasal, only fell in 1697, and both before, and well after that there have been a variety of Maya revolutionary movements, at some points very nearly having widespread success. There's still some around today, even; and there's millions of Maya around today too>>115908131As I said, guess I wasn't listening hard enough! Which Maya language? Chontal, Yucatec, Kiche, etc?>>115908318If you want more, I have a larger pastebin of a bunch of prior infodumps I've done here: pastebin.com/p42q14Ff ; and that includes at the bottom an art and book drive plus other resources, and in that art drive: I have a folder for feather artKeep in mind that there's a lot I have not yet on both and some stuff may never be uploaded (IDK if I'll ever upload my photo collection or art that's from artists with active online presences vs the drive now exclusively having stuff from older out of print stuff)Also the art is unlabeled so contacting me privately is a good way to ask me for stuff not on the drives or for info.about each image/any potential accuracy issues they have (though most are at least decently accurate) Namely, via [email protected], but be aware I am VERY bad at replying quickly>>115908393See above, decentralization. West Mexico lasted longer for the same reason. That being said therre's still millions of Nahuas around today just like the Maya, there's hundreds of thousands of Zapotecs, Mixtecs, Purepecha, etc too. Like 1/5th of Mexico's population is indigenous 10/10 for now

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>>115894805>>115898220she's gonna be the annoying stick in th mud isnt she?

>>115898781That's a nice way to put it.

I'm excited for these shows because they're not confined to children's tv programming standards or whatever that restricts the kind of stories that can be told. Kind of like Frederator back when they could profit from uploading their cartoons to youtube.I'm not saying I expect them to be super edgy or totally mind-blowing, it's just a refreshing feeling.

I want big strong dudes back. Or board shouldered young men. I'm tired of these unisex fluttery eye-lashed femboys. I'm tired of lesbian women that look like men. I just want young heros and cute tomboys...

>>115910797Just in the trailor you got people being stabbed and eaten, with blood gushing so, that's already progress.

>>115895407What about Tomboys user?

>>115899738not even mad, im impressed user. Your the autist we need and deserve.

>>115911551I linked a pastebin with prior dumps i';ve done herer >>115908990 ; if yoiu are interested

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>>115913071He looks hot.


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>>115892501I am ready for that sword to talk, and to have the WORST LINES

>>115892501Wait, wait, shouldn't the sword be different?

>>115892374Just stop trying to make anime god damn.

>>115914922They are just copying the style, yet it is still different than many anime series. Crunchyroll is the one calling it anime.

>>115915765Crunchyroll has literally never called OE or HGS anime

When I saw this I thought "heh, will they even acknowledge how fucking METAL were the aztecs? And then they fucking obliterated me.Good shit lol

>>115916665Crunchyroll is an anime streaming platform, user. They stream nothing but anime and anime peripheral media. They may not use the word "anime" in regard to their original programming, but what the fuck do you think they're trying to pass it off as? Spanish soap opera?

>>115892374I'm not into this Mayan aesthetic at all, but that's just personal preference. Might take a look when the whole thing is out.

>>115917122What cultures do you like?

>>115911460Only if they are dine correctly. Tomboy =/= dyke

>>115892374The creator of HGS said this year it wil be on air.

>>115918291I will never understand this distinction.

>>115919632Tomboy a girl that doesn't dress/act like a girly girl. Dyke an agressive boy with tits

>>115919690At the end of the day, tomboy is a personality trait right? Seems arbitrary to limit it solely to straight women.

>be Mexican >always wanted to see Meso-American depicted in animation like Europa >finally get this>tfw it's run by sjws that bow to negros God damn it! Why can't Mexico make shit that isn't those egg cartoons!? I can guarantee you there will be fags, trannys and blacks on this show.

Attached: 1590577490342.gif (404x347, 1003.32K)

>>115919769>blacks on this showWhy would be any african in this series? They only arrived when the spanish brought them as slaves.>fagsMaybe I am getting paranoid but maybe there will be hints.>Why can't Mexico make shit that isn't those egg cartoons!?Because anima studios is too busy shitting on their good projects like Leyendas (or whatever it is called). We need a good writer in charge.

>>115919750>noun, Derogitory term used to refer to a lesbian; commonly towards a lesbian with more masculine physical characteristics/mannerisms.For example Videl in Dragon Ball is a tomboy, yet she doesn't behave like a man with tits. A dyke would be a woman with Vegeta's body type and personality.

>>115920237>Derogitory term used to refer to a lesbianwhat the fuck when did society start to see tomboy as an insult to lesbians and a derogatory term?

>>115913071this is the only character I've seen get fanart

>>115919769Man why are you so bothered by any of that? They all exist in real life don't they? I get there's a lot of pandery sjw cartoons out right now but I didn't get that feeling here.

>>115922203yeah, we need more fanart of the shota

>>115922203Why do you think? Hot guy. Also post them, user.

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>>115922203Because he's hot as fuck?

>>115925315Where do you find the fanart?

Too bad Sofia already purged her twitter. She talks a lot to a girl I know and she used to complain a lot about how gringos think all hispanics are brown and shortThe fact that she suddenly turned “native” is a joke. Whitexicans really want to downplay their whiteness when they cross the border.The definition of “indigenous” in Mexico is very similar to the US one, a cultural one, I highly doubt an “Alexander” with green eyes has any indigenous connections

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>>115925453On twitter: I just search "Onyx Equinox" and "filter:images"On instagram, just tagged with "OnyxEquinox".On Deviantart, this is literally the only art from 2011, and it's gift art, she's had this idea for quite a long time, wow.

Attached: happy_birthday_to_elenath__by_inma_d3i091v.jpg (550x781, 120.85K)

>>115925603Anon, don't act like mexicans don't get annoyed when any foreign thinks all mexicans are brown. Even the black mexicans get annoyed when non-black mexicans think they aren't mexicans just because they aren't brown. >Whitexicans really want to downplay their whiteness when they cross the borderThey get more #representation points when they talk about their indigenous blood. >I highly doubt an “Alexander” with green eyes has any indigenous connectionsI don't know her family and I could be very wrong, but don't think just because they are white they don't have any indigenous ancestors. Like my family for example I have a blonde cousin and two other cousins with very dark skin. Or historic figures like Frida Kahlo who has indigenous and german ancestry, or Vicente Guerrero he had filipino and african ancestry. Mexicans are very diversed.

>>115925606That looks like the cover of a doujinshi.

>>115925895Of course every white mexican gets annoyed that people think everyone is short and brown, but the majority of us aren’t doing a sjw show about short and brown peopleYou don’t get the point, she is the mexican equivalent of Elizabeth Warren. No mexican indigenous organization would accept her as indigenous since being indigenous is not a blood thingI’m really pissed I didn’t screenshot her old tweets. I knew she was doing a “mexican show” but not something as cancellable worthy as a white mexican appropriating indigenous cultures

>>115925918And there better be some along the way.

>>115925994> but not something as cancellable worthy as a white mexican appropriating indigenous culturesMan, this such a foreign concept in the US except for the ultra of ultra sjw latinx people. guillermo has blue eyes but we all embrace him as mexican as much as short brown man.

Attached: Guillermo_del_Toro.jpg (1000x941, 236.59K)

>>115925994Women are so petty. Somebody has success and you're wishing you'd screencapped her old tweets just to bring her down. Nobody cancelled Bryan and Mike for being 100% white guys making a show about Asian cultures. cringe

>>115920237>>115919750>>115919690This is why I hate tomboys. They come off as a straight dude fantasy for male virgins who are too scared to talk to actual women.This is coming from someone who likes masculine girls. I’m tried of all this big titty tomboy gf meme shit lol.

>>115911412>tomboys>lesbiansThey’re the same thing.

>>115919769Bruh chill.

>>115925994>every white mexican gets annoyed that people think everyone is short and brownI was talking about the average non-white rich mexican, user. We get annoyed when foreigns say mexicans are all brownies. The SJW in Murika are at another level. >cancellable worthy as a white mexican appropriating indigenous culturesAnon, when you think about Mexico the first thing that comes to mind are pyramics, aztecs, mayans. The Mesoamrican user was very happy with the final trailer for the show, let's just wait to see the final product to make a statement about it. As for dear Alexander I don't a shit about her nor I will kiss her ass if the show is good. To be honest I don't remember the last time I ever watch a western show, I only watch japanse/korean series, but the mesoamerican user is convicing me to watch the show.

>>115925994Haha god, SJWs can never be happy. It's a Mexican/lesbian/woman making an adult cartoon about brown people and people start looking for reasons to cancel. Meanwhile nobody blinks an eye at any of the exploitative shit Gutierrez does. It's like a snake eating it's own tail.


>>115896559Maybe theres some crossover in writers or animators?

>>115926978Gutierrez shit is bad, only morons would get mad.

>>115925994Are you baiting or are you just jealous because no one knows who the fuck you are? She’s Mexican, who gives a shit her skin color? Fuck you

Shes hot



>>115928522skull woman

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>>115928587Are you saying you would ____ her?

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>>115928587Who's she? One of the gods from the underworld?

>>115928724That's what the shota is for user.

>>115902610I like how TWO fucking moe cute girl medieval fantasy anime came out while this was in development.

>>115929111Lol, guess they got to it late

>>115896469>Central park>male protagonisti'm loving it but the runtime it split pretty heavily among all the cast, owen is not more protagonist than molly