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They told her she wasn't pretty enough to be in the finals.But will you tell her she is pretty?Toph 2020

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Starfire is taking it this year and Raven next year

toph's feet

Is this aigga actually blind or is that just a meme?

>>115892346Well where's your csmpaign ad fucker?>>115892444I don't know what an aigga is but yes she is in fact blind.

keep it to one thread, pedos>>115889349

>>115892300>Holla Forums is such a mess.>Threads that cover non-familyfriendly content. Anons that leave a bunch of lewd pictures everywhere. And to make things worse, a Miss Holla Forums that won't do a thing about it.>Vote for a Miss Holla Forums contestant that is programmed to clean this mess up.>Vote Emmy for Miss Holla Forums 2020

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this isn't a racebaiting thread so it's not relevant to the board

>>115894734It is racebaiting.It's for the race for who can win Miss and Mister Holla Forums?

>a adorable little girl>who's Craig's little sister>loves her Small Uncle doll.>cuteVote for Jessica Williams 2020.

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Vote for someone who just wants to be your friend.No matter who you are.Skyla 2020.

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Why settle for a Miss when you can have a Queen?Tyr'ahnee for Queen Holla Forums 2020.

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Looks loik breedin’ stock back on de meyuuu bois

if you vote for her you get your very own Pearl

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>>115895175Pearl can't join this year.Peridot, Pearl, and Spinel made Top 8 last year.Spinel is banned for every other year but Pearl and Peri can join in next year.

What day are the nominations?

>>115895775September for Miss.October for Mr.September for King and Queen Holla Forums

>>115892300Finally a girl worth fighting for

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>>115892769Ya'll think Emmy is FOTM or nah?


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I will make a mini-comic of AnonxToph if Toph wins.TOPH 2020

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>>115895953It's been a long long month if that is the case.

>>115896555>Trips!This is user's Pinky all over again!

>>115892300>Hardworking and creative>Lovely mother to her daughter>Somewhat shy and thoughtful>Beautiful British accentNo contest, vote for Johanna for Miss Holla Forums.

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>>115895603ah I see

>>115896803I might vote for her we need some MILF representation in Miss Holla Forums

>>115895812King Holla Forums was so good last year.

She can take her head off, she's voiced by Wendie Malick, has a cute tooth, lots of hair, and she's a GILF

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>>115896525Not sure the context behind the pic but I guess its a bloody competition.>>115896555Well I hope being blind doesn't hinder her.

I'm voting for this princess>>115896803I still find it hard to believe that she didn't make the cut last year

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Are you saying you DON'T want a cute vampire GF who will beat you up and make you her love slave?

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>>115896996Our 4chan patheon seems to grow.Miss Holla Forums 2018Jenny Wakeman (XJ-9)Mr Holla Forumslympus 2018Johnny BravoMiss Holla Forums 2019SpinelMr Holla Forumslympus 2019KronkQueen Holla Forums 2019SamusKing Holla Forumsalhalla 2019Senator ArmstrongMiss /mlp/ 2019ApplejackMr /mlp/ 2019Dan from Dan VS.And the one who attended most contests: Dr Eggman.All we need is /a/ to participate.

>>115897194>All we need is /a/ to participate10,000 contestants in the first round.

>>115897074Eda's got my vote.

StatAnon’s absence concerns me

>>115897194Someone was throwing around the idea of a /lit/ competition as well. There was also an /aco/ competition but that one was a sham.

>>115897242my man

Clown Jenny for president!

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>>115897194How did Dan enter and win /mlp/'s board?Secondly... how does Eggman enter every competition he's in and always lose?

>>115897524How do they disguise Jenny this time?


i don't understand why most people find this robot (Jenny XJ9) so attractive.for me it's not.

I really like him he is an absorbing buff boy and I'd like to see him be appreciated as much as I appreciate him

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>>115897715>itHecka fucking rude.

>>115897600Because Eggman is a cuck

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I wanted to do a tournament to hold us over until Ms Holla Forums this September but darned if I can't think of a good topic. Villain of the Year? I don't know. I'm open to suggestions. I haven't heard nor seen StatAnon in some time, so I hope he's still up for doing Ms Holla Forums again this year. I'll gladly help out if he's still MIA but only if people want me to.

>>115897074>>115897242>>115897362Guys I'd hate to be a bummer but I don't think Eda can compete this year. Owl House debuted January 2020, she hasn't aged a full year to qualify.

>>115897996It's just a month.


>>115897976We don't really need so many tournaments, so there's no need to force anything. A full month of focused rallying for Ms. and Mr. Holla Forums is probably ideal anyway.

>>115897976Villain of the Year sounds badass.Could go for a hell theme for the pantheon.>>115898192But I do agree with my friend over here.

>>115897996>>115898012Yeah, I don't remember the Spinel Timeout being so long. Is there someplace we can clearly see the rules?

>>115895603Are we able to submit anyone else from SU? Garnet or Jasper would be good picks.

>>115898012>>115898219The "Spinel/Fotm" clause dictates, if I remember correctly, that a character must have aged one full year to qualify for the tournament. Owl House's first episode debuted 1/10/20, meaning she is a months shy of this requirement implemented last year. >>115898237Yes but fandoms have a 3 character limit.

>>115898276damn it Spinel you fucked it

>>115898276I remember it being 4 months.Might check the Desuarchive later.

>>115898276No. The Spinel Clause was just a month.

>>115898360>>115898361Are you sure? Check the archives.

Vote for my wife, Jackie Lynn Thomas. Season 4 is not canon!

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>>115898409no thanks

>>115898425Tell me how I can get your vote, friend.

>>115898445age her up 15-20 years, give her a more interesting personality, make her a milf, and hell while we're at it put her in a show I might enjoy

>>115898403I did. I can't find the doc with the rules, but every mention of the Spinel Clause says that the character had to premier a month before the competition started.

>>115898473Wait wait hold on. I'm skimming through the archive and I'm seeing stuff between 3-4 months to even a year. One month? Hardly seems like it will matter if that's the case

>>115897194>Miss Holla Forums winners were characters with pigtails>Mr Holla Forums were hunky muscleheads Hm hm hm

Vote Wonder Loli. No one has to know. It will be our little secret.

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vote of age wonder woman

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>>115898487I've also seen a few different numbers. 3-4 months makes the most sense to me. A month is meaningless and a year is unnecessary. We'll probably have to vote on this before nominations start.

>>115898499of course baras are best

How about GoGo she a pretty cool biker.

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>>115898546Right. Can we also nail down and implement an Incarnation Clause? This is what I'm talking about>>115898508>>115898543The rule should be that if the character has multiple incarnations, they're umbrella'ed under one nomination. So for example comic, DCAU, and DCSHG Wonder Woman can't be separate entries, they all fall under one "Wonder Woman" entry.

>>115898508>>115898543why bother with other wondies? vote for DCSHG Wondy"there's a reason why Brown and Best starts with B"

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>>115898487I don't make the rules, but I think a month is sufficient.

You WILL vote for Grievous this year.

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>>115897996>>115898012>>115898219>>115898276>>115898360>>115898361>>115898403>>115898473>>115898487>>115898546>>115898546desuarchive.org/co/thread/110302114/https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/110310973/#110310973Might find something here.

>>115898709Anon, a month is fucking worthless. The other user has the right idea, 4 months will suffice. I don't know what newbie you're trying to pull, but we're not doing this Spinel shitshow again

Brer Rabbit 2020Because he needs a new home

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>>115898709>>115898791Yeah the Spinel hype didn't really die down until December/January.

>>115898791I think 4 months is also needlessly long. Did anybody complain when Zim entered the competition? The movie debuted in August and they all lost.

>>115898855...buddy Zim has been around for years

>>115898855>I think 4 months is also needlessly longIt's not. Don't be starting this shit already. That's nothing for a character. >Did anybody complain when Zim entered the competition?No because Zim already had a big following for years. Your point is stupid

>>115898855Assuming you're still talking about Eda here, wouldn't she still qualify?

Tim Drake is the best Robin and DC's best twink, a handsome cute boy made for kissing and cuddling! This marvelous bird boy must be the king of Holla Forums!

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>>115898929>twink cringe

>>115898914Yes, she does.

>>115898619>Can we also nail down and implement an Incarnation Clause?On the one hand different versions of a character can vary so wildly that they might as well be different entries, seeing as how they might even have different fans. Of course only one incarnation should make it, but then it would be kind of a bitch to determine which version of a character will be THE version. I guess if 15 different Wonder Women poll well enough to make the bracket, the bottom 14 would be culled and replaced with the top 14 characters who didn't make the bracket. But this could potentially happen with multiple characters. It's probably the best way, but it's a bitch. Having all versions represented by one entry like you say is probably the simplest way to go.

Can Anne qualify?

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>>115898957It cuts out so much needless drama. Let's face it, comic characters have an uphill battle as it is. I don't want to hear any bullshit infighting of who's better, DCAU Diana or DCSHG Diana. Doesn't matter which one you prefer, everyone who likes Wonder Woman can bond over the character. The same goes for any character like that. Do you really want guys fighting over which Gwen Tennyson should be allowed in? Exactly. Furthermore, Spinel had that "Channel" nonsense going for her, which gave her a boost.


>>115898508She'll get shutdown, also her level of smugness is too high.

>>115899017She was in last year I think too so yeah

my campaign simply ask that no children be allowed to become Miss or Mr co

>>115898855I didn't really agree with the Spinel clause when it was proposed, but if it's to serve it's intended purpose at all, it might as well be around 3-4 months. FOTM shitposting lasts for weeks, months even. At 4 months the hype should at least be trending downward.

>>115899130I don't agree with the 4 month period because it could potentially exclude a lot of characters from upcoming shows. Not everything is going to have the same amount of traction.

Can we just ban all SU faggotry? Please.

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>>115899218well of course not to that level but to even the playing ground we can't really have a character who has hundreds of new fans and that's their favorite character at that current moment therefore they get more attention than people who have been around longer

>>115899259nah we got the best waifus we can't help the shit that happened with Spinel

GET HIM IN MR. Holla Forums

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>>115899259The odd of an SU character winning again are extremely low, plus several can't be entered again because they were in the top 8 last year.

>>115899315I only vote for character 13 ounces and above

Last year's ms Holla Forums was a fucking tirefire.We really trying to do this shit again?

>>115899299It happened because of discord/reddit help rigging and it being a fotm. Spinel wouldn't win if she was in it now.

>>115899378We're all here for the guys version anyway

>>115899259There's no reason to outside of personal distaste for the show or its characters. They're valid entries, excluding the ones on time out.

>>115899218>could potentially exclude a lot of characters from upcoming showsThat's the entire fucking point you dumbass. To cut out the FotM bullshit. It's not about what you want or what's hot right now, its about what's fair, and encouraging people to familiarize themselves with Holla Forums material

Fuck it, vote for Hellboy for 2020.

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>>115899378>>115899397Yeah the guys one was WAY more chill and fun.

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Please vote for three happy chappies

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>>115899414My point is that it's fucking arbitrary. Just because a show aired or a new character was introduced doesn't mean it's going to be the next hot thing. I still believe their should be a longer time limit for new nominees, but not that fucking long.

>>115899477Maybe two months?

>>115899477>but not that fucking long.It's 4 fucking months. It's not that long. Do you have ANY idea how many characters we have to sort through? It's Ms Holla Forums, not Ms "Hey what came out this year?". I'm half inclined to believe you're just trying to start shit now.

>>115899532I was thinking that too actually.>>115899565I know there's going to be a lot of characters to sift through. It's inevitable now. But why should we exclude some because they came out at the wrong 1/3rd of the year? Maybe the people who nominated actually like them for what they are and no because they're fair-weather fans?

>>115899477It's a safeguard against the next hot thing. Spinel is the whole reason the rule exists, and your 1 month proposal would not have made any difference. No other character introduced around the same time as Spinel got nearly as much traction. This rule is for her, and characters like her, which can't be predicted ahead of time. If it's going to be at all effective, it has to be a little long. There will never be more than 16 months between a character's introduction and their eligibility. Let's say a character is introduced when the tournament starts, meaning they have to sit out exactly one year. The difference in popularity for a character between 12 months and 16 months is negligible. The difference in popularity between 0 and 4 months can be HUGE. 4 months is a good time frame for FOTMfags to move on and a character's real fans to settle in.

>>115899777>But why should we exclude some because they came out at the wrong 1/3rd of the year?Because that's what we voted on last year. You don't get to change the rules last minute now. Just fess up and tell us who you had in mind who won't meet the 4 month requirement. We made this rule for a reason, and to cut it short defeats the entire purpose we made it, thus begging for ANOTHER shitshow.


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All three. More metal girls.

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If she can qualify I nominate Luz though she’s prolly gonna lose no pun intended

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>>115899929of course mature ladies reign supreme

>>115898276I'm pretty sure it was just a few months for the Spinel clause. A year is overkill.

She's perfect.

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>>115899943Yeah its 4 months, I was corrected

>>115899825I did say I wanted a time window longer than a month though. It's just that people said a month because the SU movie aired very close to the start of the competition and it was just convenient. >>115899837What rule book are you looking at? Everything I could find still says a month.


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>>115900359>Everything I could find still says a month.You haven't looked hard enough. user, why are you making this a thing? Why are trying to change it to ONE month? That does nothing. >I did say I wanted a time window longer than a month though.Then you got your wish, so shut up


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i just want that nameless mummy lady from Hotel Transylvania to win

>>115900416>why are you making this a thing?I was given wrong information (apparently), said that I still think that a month is sufficient, and then you accused me of trying to pull another Spinel.

>>115900470>said that I still think that a month is sufficient,Now you're flip flopping. Shut the fuck up. It's 4 months.

>>115900507Read the thread asshole. I said that it was suffucient, not that it should be final.

>>115892300maybe if she shares The high quality foot art I'll throw her a vote

>>115892300Oh god is it time for this bullshit again

>>115897600Because not everyone took the male competition seriously and nobody but gays cares much about the stallions so the real heavy hitters were meme characters like >rape from 4cc, Dan and user. Dan won against user because at least he was a character that had cross promotion with pony back in The Hub days and even anons thought self inserting was kind of gay, plus Dan would have been angry at the fact that he won a mlp competition so they thought it would be funny.

>>115900608>nobody but gays cares much about the stallionsBut the entirety of /mlp/ is gay.

>>115900726For stallions no, waifu wars are more serious business

>>115900594Nope you got like 2 and a half months

>>115900553You're arguing for the sake of it at this point. Enough.

>>115900979And you got angry and defensive so we're not all innocent here.

>>115895953She has lasted way longer than a month and has an ongoing comic I think so that's something.

>>115898276Nah the rule was a month not a year.

>>115892300Vote for me and together we can watch everyone fapZone-tan for Ms Holla Forums 2020

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>>115896555Can somebody explain to me how the fuck is she playing videogames

>>115896635Did he ever do it?

>>115901218I actually want someone to prove this. Everyone is saying 4 months, but statsanon's pastebin still says 1 month.

>>115892429Are weapons

>>115892300Chicks are defective to begin with, throwing another defect on them doesn't make them any prettier. Get fucked, Toph, you failure of a human.

>>115901218>>115902058Alright enough of this. Let’s split the difference and make it 6 months

>>115902178Disabled girls are objectively the best. Get fucked faggot.

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>>115902178Damn how will Toph ever recover.

Are you going to vote for me like the good little boys I know you are?

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>>115898880The zim/bugs bunny trap off was hilarious

>>115899450Some of the match ups were really good and produced a lot of oc, like Courage vs Grim or Zim vs Bugs. And like all of griveous match ups

My boy Yugo is no longer a shota maybe he can get in

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>>115897194>Tomboys and Hunks are all around winnersI know we all have something in common

Say hello to the future Mr Holla Forums winner

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>>115898855Someone was trying to claim Bugs Bunny was a FOTM, of course a few complained about Zim

>>115892300Are you DEPRESSED?Can't keep your hands away from UNDERAGED GIRLS?MILFs are still HOT tho?Well DEATHSTROKE is all those things too!If you don't want to fuck him you want to be him.He is YOUR guy!He is OUR guy!VOTE SLADE WILSON 2020

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How about you all vote for a True Legendary Hero for Mr. Holla Forumslympus.>Strong>Honorable>Lawful>Always fighting for the side of Justice.>Handsome to boot.Vote for Sheriff Mao Mao for Mr Holla Forumslympus 2020!

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Any man from Holla Forums can claim to be a family man. But can any man claim they provide for a family of 420 children. Vote for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for Mister Holla Forums 2020. This ad was sponsored by Oswald the Lucky Soda.

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>Long ago in a distant land,>I,>Aku,>the shape-shifting Master of Darkness,>Have competed for Mr Holla Forumslympus!>But a salty World War II Veteran,>wielding a Mighty Shield,>stepped forth to oppose me.>As soon as the final vote was cast, I tore open a portal in time and flung myself into the future,>where my popularity is high!>Now the anons seeks to return to the past,>and bring forth the future that is Aku!>Aku 2020

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Hey guys I know StatAnon isn't here but would you all be open to taking a quick survey regarding rules? This Spinel Clause stuff might be better elaborated on now rather than showtime. I can include it, the incarnation thing, and other proposed rules in the survey if you wish. This can ensure things run easier and more fairly in September. What do you think?

>>115903279If Epic Mickey remaster gets announced I think it'll finally give him the few extra votes to make it in

>>115898543Voting final form neck slayer wondie.

Attached: a distant land awaits.png (956x2445, 3.34M)

>>115903148Deathstroke is a MILF?

At least get him through round 2

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>>115896555>ywn give your blind gf a non connected controller and pretend shes kicking your ass in vidya

C'mon Primalbros, give our dino-MILF a helping hand!

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>>115903396>Hey guys I know StatAnon isn't hereand that's a good thingreminder statsanon never gave us the full results of mr. Holla Forums's preliminaries

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>>115903578No but he married one and boinked many. #relatable

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>>115896803She's got my vote!

>>115904619Don't forget he ended the voting period before Europeans got to vote.

Holla Forums deserves assertiveness.Holla Forums deserves confidence.Holla Forums deserves intelligence.Holla Forums deserves beneficence.Holla Forums deserves excellence.Holla Forums deserves Gwen.Vote Gwen Tennyson 2020.

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>>115903237More like Mr. /trash/man 2020.

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>>115899417He's got better odds than you'd think, if he makes it in.

>>115904619>>115904753I thought you guys liked, and wanted him to do this year again?

So ya man baby, shitpostin, wojackin, onions drinkin, death battle watchin, no comic readin, kid cartoon enjoyin no good lassies better vote for me or a meter of Scottish steel is goin up ya ass

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>>115904828I didn't.

>>115904828I'm pretty sure people liked him more because he was better than the Ms. Holla Forums host. Like that's a challenge.

>>115904927>>115904943Well lets see what happens later. Anyway, can you guys think of any additional rules for the survey to make Ms and Mr Holla Forums more pleasant experiences?

>>115905020Well first up, we need to know the rules already in place.

>>115892300i want to hold toph's hand and then hug_ her!

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>>115892300I'd only vote for her because now she's a GILF

>>115904766I might but I'm conflicted on her even though she popular for reasons.

The hour draws nearer to the tornement, last time old skeleton and grim have fallen behind, now the cauldron born resurrects the dead bones to rise up once more and serve thee. The bone team needs a leader for vengeance and who could do no better than the horned King. Vote for him and the dead will be satisfied

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>>115905050I'm digging through the archive right now trying to find the original rules of last year

>>115905424Here's the rules set by statsanon. Apparently it's outdated, but no one shared the new rules.pastebin.com/5TKWfPDY

>>115905618Thank you. Okay I'm thinking we should knock down 5 to 3 per series, and it looks like the iteration rule is already a thing. Excellent. We should probably bump up 5 votes to 10 for nominees. A few links are dead too.

>>115905785I mean shouldn't we just stick with the current rules and vote post tournament on next year's?

>>115906603What good does that do? We're trying to do better than last year

Miko is cute and deserves to be in

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>>115906704There are things that need to be talked about and revised.

>>115906704But we already decided the new rules after the last tournament. Why discuss it again after we already had a post tournament discussion.

>>115906891She will be in for sure. Probably the biggest new character.

>>115907007Where are those new rules? Nobody posted a link or anything.

Kelsey is a cute warrior girl.i hope she made it this year's miss Holla Forums.

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>>115907007It makes sense to revisit the rules before the new tournament starts. Things we thought were a good idea a year ago may not hold up or need revision, especially in the wake of such a controversial competition. The rules will only be locked in once the nominations begin.

I created an apps script that pulls data from a spreadsheet and inputs it into the qualifier poll, which allows the full automation of entering the contestants names (without pictures). I also created a python program that parses the qualifier poll results to give accurate seeding based on vote count and character limit, which would give a full list of results for each character (>1000) in less than a minute. I would need some time to enter names of the 128 on the bracket picture and on the Round 1 poll, but that shouldn't take relatively as long. This would make 24 hour Nomination feasible.Nomination and Rounds will be 24 hours long, with Qualifier Poll being 24-36 hours long.Nomination support goes from 5 to 8, to lengthen the amount of times for nomination.>tl;dr automated adding poll names and qualifier results with 100% accuracyThe One-Month clause is currently at 1 month.►Ms. Holla Forums is set for 9/11 at 6pm EST.►Mr. Holla Forumslympus is set for 10/23 at 6pm EST.—msco.booru.org/—https://mrco.booru.org/>Updated rules: pastebin.com/rMAJqsbDRegarding possible rule changes for a survey? Off the top of my head, these would be the ones needed to address at the moment. The poll should also stay up for a long timesince it is off-season.>Should eligible characters must have a Holla Forums western origin? (need consensus for Holla Forums characters that have multiple Holla Forums iterations but not a Holla Forums origin)>Should Holla Forums characters be allowed in a Holla Forums tournament? (Those placed in the top 128 of previous tournaments will be allowed back)>Vote again: Should the character limit for nominations be at 3,4, or 5?I also saw someone was making a wiki, which would make the start date more easily accessible.>What would you want in a wikia?►Tournament Judges (Ms. co /2020/):> Yotsuba & Holla Forumsnrad!> Jenny XJ9 (Tournament Mascot/Judge)> Hope Corgi (Honorary Best Boy)> Holla Forumslette (Honorary Waifuhalla Waifu)> J/aco/lyn (Honarary Waifuhalla Waifu)

>>115892300Literally nobody gives half a shit about any of those things and they always stop at about 10% of the boards population in votes.

>>115902006Audio/rhythm games

>>115902055No he never delivered.

Vote Eris 2020You know, if you don't want your precious board to devolve into CHAOS!

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>>115907673>Literally nobody gives half a shit about any of those thingsAnon last year each round was getting over 1000 votes

>>115907659Ayy he made itThis is officially the right trip too>I also saw someone was making a wikiSomeone please link this wiki when it's up

Vote Nicole Williams 2020>a very kind mother to Craig.

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>>115901781>Zone-tan bribing conrad when?

>>115898361Pretty sure it was 3 months cuz month seem short

>>115898626Brown wondy loli is best, especially if soles lighter color

>>115899450Krunk and spinel Johnny snd xj9These are the best


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Miss Holla Forums voting didn't start already did it?

>>115895603>Spinel is banned for every other yeaNo *winners are banned entirely, so no spinelfags your waifu can never actually earn legitimacy


>>115910631They already won legitimately. So no point of fussing over it lol

>>115904289Spear and Fang for Mr and Miss Holla Forums 2020!

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>>115911090>original OP quits during the finals>original OP confirmed there was ballot stuffing>discord trannies openly admit to ballot stuffing and recruiting outside votes on twitter>finals saw an increase voter turnout of nearly 300 all of which went to spinel There wasn't anything legitimate about Miss Holla Forums 2019

>>115911116A challenger approaches!

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Vote for Lucy, the Goth Princess.

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>>115911162Vote for Wendys. Avenge her spirit.

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>>115907659Hey there he is! Glad to know you’re returning. Well I guess everything is taken care of then.

>>115911182>pigtails>cheery>colorfulwe have our miss Holla Forums 2020

>>115911191Jenny doesn't disguise herself well. Does she?

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>>115911161You think she will make it far?

Robot JennyPink JennyClown JennyFast Food JennyLittle Girl JennyAny other Jennys we are forgetting about?

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>>115911323Vampire JennyRedhead human JennyGym Jenny

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fuck Jenny


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Last year's Miss Holla Forums was complete ass and wasted on a FOTM that no other entrant had a chance at all of winning against making the entire competition pointless.Never again.

>>115911319I hope...

>>115907659>>115911442So should we consider bumping the 1 month rule to 3?

>>115911319I hope not that would be creepy


She still has influence on this board, jucika for Miss Holla Forums 2020

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>>115907659Based StatsAnon

>>115907659>Should Holla Forums characters be allowed in a Holla Forums tournament?Hard no, especially since Holla Forums already had their own tournaments. The only exception I would make for this is characters from a licensed video game for a comic/cartoon universe who don't appear outside of their game. I can't think of any examples but I'm sure they exist. (in case that sounds confusing, imagine a spongebob character who only appears in a spongebob video game, that's what i mean)>What would you want in a wikia?Detailed statistics about the characters matches and rankings, I guess.

>>115911153Will you shut the fuck up? The people claiming they were stuffing the ballots was a false flag that everyone mocked. When there did finally appear to be some ballot stuffing the host deleted those votes anyway. There was never any discord people voting for Spinel. Spinel was just very popular at the time.

>>115909808It was a month. Apparently it's 4 now, but nobody provided any proof to that.

>>115913097Not him but you can’t prove there wasn’t cheating. At the very least Spinel won just to piss people off.

>>115912812You mean like sonic Archie

>"You know, Holla Forums, with great power comes great responsibility. William Stryker called it "The Chosen People's Burden." Myself, I just call it as I see it: the responsibility of the master to discipline the servant.">Stark looks directly at the camera.>"The mutants, the telepaths, the Inhumans...It's our responsibility to civilize them. And if we can't? Then they shall dangle from Avengers Tower. The Ultimatum Sequel is near, Holla Forums. We'll have every mutie in this planet dead or in the Negative Zone in 10 years, and may Slott have my origin retconned again in this very night if I'm wrong. God bless the Illuminati Party."One vote for Tony Stark is another vote for a Sentinel massacre

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A Kim Possible in 4th? Let's keep up the tradition. Vote kim.

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>We've never had a goth take either title in Holla Forums's history.>With how much we love goths, this is a crime and injustice.>Vote Lydia to be our first goth Ms. Holla Forums

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>>115898508>Hey! I'm a big fan.

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>>115911323"Robot" Jenny is redundant as she is the original. All other Jennies are corruptions of the original.

>>115914094shut up fake bootleg daphne

>>115908867But I willVote for Toph

>>115913820I agree, but I think we need some new blood. Some brown blood. A girl you know will go ALL THE WAY.Vote Bonnie.

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>>115895087Tyr'ahnee is good and all. But did you consider Bugs?

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>>115914601Did you just draw that? Yotsuba and Toph would be cute.

>>115892300Sari gang rise up

>>115915236>Tall>Powerful>Funny>Honorable>Loves the Second Amendmentif we're introducing darker shades into this competition we should at least do it rightVote Zora Salazar 2020

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>>115914601which drawing? this one? >>115896555It's pretty old but yes. Comissions and real life job has consumed my free time, however, I will gladly make room for a ANONXTOPH comic if TOPH WINS vote for TOPH 2020

>>115916342I fucked up mean to reply >>115915827

Toph 2020

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What's with all these new girls around here?>Too Young>Too Flat>Too BoyishNow this little lady here.>Old>Nice Physique>Has that Sweet Sweet Feminine Charm.Vote for Betty Boop as your Miss Holla Forums.She'll give you a good time.

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Greatest plot twist of all time?

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>>115904766>Gwen TennysonPathetic

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>>115916991why is she so perfect bros?

>>115915782Bugs is my vote for Miss Holla Forums this year

>>115917040Will Bugs get in?

>>115914094>>115898508>tfw Peni won't make it in

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>>115892300>>115892769>>115894789>>115894966>>115895087>>115896803>>115897074>>115897181>>115897104>>115898794>>115898929>>115899417>>115899475>>115901781>>115903148>>115903237>>115903279>>115903309>>115904766>>115904868>>115905423>>115907350>>115909083>>115909148>>115912351>>115913787>>115913904>>115915236>>115916268>>115916966Can someone voice some of these?

>>115916966Where are her pigtails?

Vote Toast or you're gonna be toast.

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>>115898715Grievousposting better be back in full force this year. He is one of the few SW things I still enjoy talking about.

>>115898715>>115918413Why absolutely, team bone will return

>>115917071Crossdressers should be excluded. Actual girls(male)? Up for debate.

>>115918444I say let them. Not like they're going to make it to the ballot.

>>115918302Why do they look so fucking ugly holy shit

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>>115906891>>115907051I look forward to Miko.

>>115917009Look if you're going to post Jess, post the right one. Don't worry, DCSHG Jessica is still going to be represented

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>>115918540I zoomed expecting some Tumblr abomination but all I see is some cute girl eating toast. What are you talking about

>>115906891>>115907051A reason the guys tournament will always be better then the girlsThe guys is mostly based on character and personality when the girls is who people want to fuck the most

I hope my boy makes it in this year.

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>>115919193>The guys is who people want to fuck the most when the girls is who people want to fuck the mostftfy


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>>115892300This whole thread makes me miss those CN city sketches

>>115919785What was there to fix?


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>>115918540You need your eyes checked.

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I say vote for Reggie as Miss/co/

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Imagine still being excited for this shit after 2019's clusterfuck.

>>115923886That was because of the spinal drama for being FOTM, it's assured that won't happen again.

Vote Danny. He deserves a spot in the bracket. If he doesn't get in, he'll haunt you!

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>>115923886Imagine still being this salty.I mean you have a right to be.But don't ruin everyone else's fun.

>>115923886You don't give up on an idea after one bad experience. It's evolving to mitigate the clusterfucks.

Who do you guys think will make it to the top eight?

>>115917967what do you mean?

>>115927075Some Avatar girls are a shoo-in

>>115927428There's just Toph and Ty lee.

This year's queen should be Emma the Nandroid for being the most wholesome character to come along in a LONG time.This year's king should be Killer Moth because the memes have been hilarious as well as unexpected.

How come he didn't make it in last year?

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>>115928122I thought he did

>>115892300The winner of miss Holla Forums is whoever the waifu of the month will be.The winner of mr Holla Forums will be a lovable chad.Like every year.

>>115927886And that negates what I said how?

>>115928122He was in Ms. Holla Forums so he became invalid for Mr. Holla Forums

>>115928254Ah, I forgot about that. Hopefully he makes it into Mr. Holla Forums proper this time.

>>115928310he'll probably be nominated for ms. Holla Forums as a joke


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>>115894966She wouldn't be friends with a furry. She's fake. She's judgemental just like everyone else.

>>115919859Kipo is the most pure and cute and innocent. I think she should win.

The only based choice

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>>115897194> *

>a girl warrior.>who really love playing with her sword.>has a cute bird on her head.Vote for Kelsey Pokoly 2020!

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>>115929606Why should I vote for her?

>>115929606She is a shitty character from a shitty show.

>>115898499Harley Quinn 2020Joker 2020

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Reminder Spinel was riggedstrawpoll.me/18789660/r

>>115930198who cares?

>>115930206Anyone who cares about the integrity of the tournament

>>115929582Furries have a sinister, depraved aura about them, worse than any nazi.

Reminder that my waifu could beat up yours

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