Doom Patrol season 2

First 3 episodes released todayE1 - Fun Sized PatrolE2 - Tyme PatrolE3 - Pain Patrol2 minutes in and it's already pretty freaky and gay

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kek Larry making tiny pancakes like those videos making food for hamsters

>IMMEDIATELY show larry being an asshole to kidsOH NO NO NO WE GOT TOO COCKY LARRYBROS

Kinda hope Dorothy isn't the new narrator. They should've just recast Nobody with a VA and just never have him on screen

when release?

>>115890098it's out

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>>115890087That's probably Larry's arc this season. Last time it was him making peace with his butt buddy, and now it's his kids since his wife is probably dead


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Cliff's wife had that trailer park beauty before shit all turned south for them all

>>115889969fuckin loving it so far. Episode 3's Cliff subplot was a bit eh but every else has been great. Dorothy and Chief is amazing, Timothy Dalton just radiates this warm energy despite being the biggest bastard in the show. Looking forward to ep 4.

>>115890172how the fuck have you watched it all already

>Cliff wearing rat skin

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Shit, I still have to finish season 1. Anyone have the mega handy?

Brendan Fraser has gotten fatter

>>115890232he's fucking massive

I'm only wrapping up Episode 1, but as someone who has never read the Doom Patrol comics, they're really portraying the Candlemaker as intimidating. Looking forward to what they'll do with him

Candlemaker looks pretty good

Feels a lot more plot driven than S1, little less funny too. But the villains seem really interesting

>Vic can't do therapy without powering himself downSee this is already 100% better than Heroes in Crisis and it's bullshit

>>115890675Herschel was pretty funny but yeah, it feels a lot sadder because of the Dorothy plot

>>115890686A lot of things are better than Heroes in Crisis

Whatever happened to roller discos? Did they just all die out?

Jesus, this "ummmm, don't call the cops on criminals, sweaty" preaching is terrible.

>>115890834Roller discos kind of went kaput when half of its namesake died obviously.

How often do you think Cliff wishes he still fuck a watermelon

Danny no!

Why is Cliff the most sympathetic character?

Wait the standard Jane doesn't have any powers?


>>115890939Larry knew what he was doing would destroy his family, Cliff didn’t have a say.

>>115889969Mega wen?

>Cyborg has a functional dickWell that's convenient

>>115890920He's essentially the lead character in the run that had the most influence on this show.

>>115890924I don’t think any of the primaries do, that’s why the secondaries all have powers, to defend when needed

>>115890924Several Jane's don't have a power. Like that British girl persona, Penny?

>>115891005Weren’t there only two primaries? Jane and Miranda? Penny takes over only to run away she even says that in the underground episode

Jesus are the snake charmer Christian camps even still a thing

>I'm not a shitty dad like the Chief>Is hilariously awkward and scares his daughter to the point she calls the cops on himDude needs to think with his brain.

>>115890853Cyborg was actually making good points. Would've expected the writers to not give him good arguments to make the girls side look more valid

>>115891080How would you handle being murdered and told your daughter and wife died then finding out she lived

Damn Cyborg is on some Katawa Shoujo shit>>115890984Can't he just make one even if he didn't?

>>115891238Also the kid tried to mug a crippled woman kek he probably deserves jail for a 3rd time

>>115891262Sure but that would feel more like a steel dildo or strap-on not a real flesh dick.

>>115891298I dunno man, dildo technology is probably pretty advanced in DC. Hell, dildo technology is pretty advanced now, complete with ones that can heat up

>It's radiation-proof bandageHuh, I thought it was just regular ones because Larry is burnt to a crisp

Cliff you fucking idiot

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Driller Bill is a funny concept for a personality. I don't know why, but it's just amusing to me

>>115890984If you had to rebuild your son would you NOT do everything possible to make sure he had a working dick?

>>115891410Someone has to earn the money and she can’t even work with all the drug use and may is her busiest month.

>>115889969reminder that the chief is an irredeemable monster

>>115890232like a true hillybilly

holy shit, the butterflying is brutal

>>115891566But my daughter

Are there any signs of the new character Roni Evers, Cyborg's girlfriend and possibly another cyborg?

>>115891686Shows up in episode 2 and 3

Everyone needs to be nicer to Dorothy. She’s just a little girl.

>>115891728She's been a little girl for what, 50 years

>It's a FUCK YOU DAD seasonSomeone was watching Kamen Rider when they were writing the season.

>>115891760Aren’t the only ones Chief really screwed were Larry and Cliff? Rita was an accident, Jane was abused as a child and Cyborg did it to himself.

>>115891825 #Rita’s accident was staged, Jane was injected with shit that gave her powers and Caulder convinced Silas to save Vic and not his wife.

>>115891825Rita doesn't have any parental issues it'sJane who was abused by her dadCliff fucked up and got his wife killed and his daughter got adopted then the reunion went wrongVic's dad chose to save his son and lied about itChief locked his dangerous daughter with a living streetLarry was having an affair with some guy and taken in for experimentation and not once think about contacting his kids. 3 and a half shitty dads so far

Shows up in episode 2 and 3So what's her story? Is she going to be a cyborg? Has she been physically damaged from her time in the military?

>>115891906She's burnt from neck down

>>115891891Cliff didn’t get his wife killed, Chief did.

>Larry is a gay asshole arc>Larry is an asshole to his kids arcbased wonder what the next Larry asshole arc will be

>>115891995Larry is an asshole to Rita arc

>>115891995Larry is an asshole to his wife who was still alive the whole time arc

>>115891995third season’s arc is how he never picked up after himself while on base

Niles sure doesn't mind getting his hand dirty

I found spoilers for Cyborg. It looks like this new character may very well be a version of Variant from Cyborg's solo series written by John Semper jr. since it looks like she's kinda manipulating by changing the group meetings.Doom Patrol season 2, episode 3, "Pain Patrol," saw Victor and Roni taking their relationship to the next level, after Roni rescheduled the next trauma group meeting but didn't tell Victor the new time. This left them with a day free to go to Roni's apartment, where one thing quickly led to another. At first Victor was reluctant to remove his jacket and reveal his robotic Cyborg body. His tune changed when Roni removed her shirt, revealing her chest and back to be covered with scars from an unspecified injury. Victor followed suit and the two began testing how the other responded to being

>>115892046You mean the teams hands dirty while he cries about his daughter

>>115892055dude, if you found spoilers, then use spoiler-text.

>>115892064Well he did just fuck up Red Jack


Holy shit Roni


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Who’s the big bad this season or are they playing it where each episode has its own villain now?

>>115892120Now he has a career again, hopefully he’ll find motivation to get healthy.

'dude, if you found spoilers, then use spoiler-text.'I clicked the box but for some reason it didn't show.

Why was Dr Tyme so much more entertaining than Red Jack? They really fucked him.>>115892123Candlemaker

>>115892250Dr Tyme just wanted to party while Red Jack is some edgelord faggot with butterflies

>>115892179the box is for a spoiler image. To do spoiler text type [ spoiler ] text [ /spoiler ] without the spaces.

>cliff being a cunt to dorothybruh she'd be a way nicer surrogate daughter than fucking jane

>>115892250Is Red Jack even dead? I assumed he’d be back in another episode along with Dr Tyme to fight the team for harassing them.

>>115892280Cry some more

>Yes, I’m dying. We’re ALL dying!There is no ‘we,’ asshole! You forced immortality on Jane, Cliff, Rita and Larry!

>>115892293He was only surviving off the pain of his collection, he’s dead. He didn’t even mention he was God in this iteration.

Who’s the worst character and why is it Larry?

Was Niles necklace covered in season 1? They are bringing it up like it's important

Anymore tits in these episodes? I'm always glad to see a little fan service every now and then?

>>115892476no, it’s a new plot device. His elongated life was unexplained last season.

>>115892463Larry's a great character

>Cliff has a rat kill countBased.


>>115892510Larry was such a shit father his kid committed suicide

>>115892541what’s the point of suicide when you’re eighty? like, just wait a week or two.

>>115892541Yeah he is, and that's why he's a great character

Why is Jane so mean to Dorothy behind her back

>>115892598Is she?

>>115892598Cliff is worse, and he knows better.

>>115892463Spelled Vic wrong.

Continumium! Space material that controls time! i love comic books so much.

Please Holla Forums, help me live just one more day then my daughter, that’s all I ask of you.


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>>115892719i mean, we could kill your kid. that would work.

>>115892625I thought Jane would be more sympathetic to her given the whole Kay thing

>>115892877And I thought Cliff would be, cause Dorothy’s just a little older than Clara was when he lost her.

>>115892719Just find a Lazarus pit you old fart it's not even that hard. Ask Batman for help.

>>115892897Yeah I'm not saying Cliff wasn't a total ass as well

>>115891995Larry is silent the whole time and negative man tries to talk the whole time



Do you think Larry read this?

>>115892719Chief there's a place called Freeland just pay some guy named Tobias Whale millions of dollars for the formula he uses to keep himself young. Both of your shows film in Georgia a crossover can work. Or steal the Starheart from Alan Scott and use it to keep yourself young

what the fuck is even the point of cyborghe just feels tacked on and pointless

>>115893130Forgot image

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>>115893130yeah probably, he probably browses 4chan like every gay person i know

>Torrents already out>No MEGAI'm disappointed in you Holla Forums

>>115893262bro just use another persons account

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>>115893300You said it was a helmet, not his actual head

I really can’t stand Cyborgs love interest, she’s a complete and utter cunt

>>115893397It’s because she’s also an unloving cyborg

>>115893397Well it's not like she committed a war crime or something

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>>115893397It was her that really killed vics mother and caused the explosion


>>115890139tfw no rita farr mommy gf

>>115893524tfw no Jane bitchy punk gf

>>115892055We already knew this. Him and Roni are childhood friends. That's how they knew each other before the ptsd meeting

I love what an utter cunt Cliff is to Caulder. He deserves all of it and way more.

>>115893140This. They should really avoid giving him his own character arcs if it doesn't involve dp

>>115890094Alan Tudyk is a voice actor.

Is there a mega for the downloads up?

Wait, its not on the DCU app?

>>115894234It is, that’s where i’m watching it right now. The three episodes went up at six am.

>>115894248this app is so fucking bugging jesus christ

Jesus. I don’t remember Red Jack being this horrific in the comics.

April bowlby so sexy

>>115894473Damn straight she is

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>>115894608I would wife her sexy ass

>>115894608Damn, she really hit the wall.

>>115894608Imagine the blobby sex

I wonder if they're going to introduce Diz this season

>>115894068>>115890094Nobody is Dorothy

>>115894839Yes. I imagine it among other possibilities.

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I kinda wish Cyborg would just leave the show. He even seems like a better fit for Titans

Where the MEGA?

>>115889969All I remember is Dalton fucked a bearded lady, that happened right?

>>115896385yup, and now has a muttonchopped daughter

>>115894883diz dick

Just watched episode 1 and Jesus Christ I can't fucking wait for this shit.

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>>115896897It's going too slow and too fast imo. We burned through 2 great villains already and there's only 6 episodes left in the season for Candlemaker. I hope they don't have him emerge and be defeated in the final episode

>>115893293... What does that have to do with anything?

>>115897249Was Dr Tyme even a villain? He didn’t do anything but party with what I assume to be consenting adults

>>115890232>>115890251>>115892120Dude's almost 50. At that point, only gastric bypass will cut down the weight.

I just started, is this some time skip? They keep referencing stuff I don't remember happening.

>buy a 2 month sub to HBO Now thinking I would get HBO Max>lol nope, enjoy all the HBO stuff without the MaxxDammit, HBO.

>>115897492He froze that one guy who was just roller blading but other than that it seemed to be acting in self defense

>>115897426ur mom

>>115889969Watching episode 1 now, Larry was really shitty to his wife and son

Did Danny really die? That was a really lame way to go out. Niles didn't even seen too bothered when he saw it

>>115897804He's a brick now.

>>115897804no way. Chief would’ve been way more upset if she did accidentally kill him.

>>115897804Danny will definitely be fine.>>115897881Something happens to him as a brick, which is what user is worried about.

>>115897752Larry was a shitty person in generalIn fact, they were all terrible people minus maybe Kay.

I'm really enjoying it so far, first episode is one of the best episodes of the show so far, but honestly I could not give less of a fuck about Cyborg's arc this season.

Any links to watch the new episodes?

>>115898958This new generation don't even know how to torrent, what's happening in our communities?

>>115899046I don't want to go to jail.

>>115899074Buy a subscription then retard.

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Was Cliff even a shitty father? It seems like he did care for his daughter, he just cheated on his wife but it seems like he still earned the money and did care for them where as Larry was just shitty in general to his family and Chief did horrible things

>>115899074Do people actually go to jail for torrenting in AmeriKKKa? In my country it's nominally against the law, but it costs too much money for the rights holders to enforce so nothing ever happens.

>>1158990464 years of torrenting and I've got 3000 half finish files and nearly 6 terabytes filled. Feels like I got meme'd I can understand why zoomers prefer illegal streams

>>115899438Police don't do much enforcing but they'll investigate tips given to them or if your IP reports you. IPs often contact you first though with a warning

>>115899438Not usually but you can get in trouble with your Internet Provider which is a pain in the ass

>>115899545Just use a VPN it's literally not that hard and I'd like to believe everyone regressed in terms of using the internet to get stuff

>>115899227He was a bad dad, but not for lack of love and effort. More like he loved his family the best way he knew how >>115899596Trying to torrent through a VPN is fucking slow though

>>115899620or you could just pay seven bucks a month and make sure there’s a third season.

>>115891995If they keep using morrison's run as an inspiration, Larry becomes an asshole hermaphodite.

>>115899647I do subscribe though, I'm just pointing out that people prefer streams to torrents for a reason

>>115899647Or just buy the BDs once to stop the internet from turning into Cable 2.0..

>Larry could be fucking Rita by the end of third episode but he won't because he's a faggot

>>115899856there’s that too. best way to tell DC and WB that you like that show.

>>115899906>Larry "the glowing one" Trainor could be turning Rita into a puddle of glowing goo by the end of the third episode but he won't because he literally is a faggotFYI

>>115889969Can I just say the Dorothy actress is absolutely fantastic? Wonderful new addition.

>>115900003>puddle of glowing gooThat's kinda hot

>>115900073Put your dick away pal, this is a blue board.

rita farr best girl

>>115900216“I was an actress 80+ years ago”

>>115900216I hope they do an episode where she meets her Pixar universe self and resolved to tone her ass.

>>115889969>On the first episode>Larry's right back into "Muh family muh gay muh spirit showing me flashes"NOT AGAIIIIINNNNNN

>>115900487How else were you supposed to know he was a piece of shit not only to his wife but his sons also.

>>115900003She slightly melted when she went into that torture chamber but she didn't seem to have any lasting radiation poisoning. I'd say she could survive the negative dicking.

Well Holla Forums, how has Chief messed up your life?

>>115900557He denied me more episodes of Doom Patrol

>it's different Abigail Shapirowhat a letdown

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>>1159005579 episode season 2. Fucking Niles.

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>>115900505I thought we were free damn itAt least the Jane storyline is better.

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>>115900603Just find me a way to live one more day then my daughter and you’ll have more episodes for season 3

>>115900705I could kill your daughter.

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>>115900705Come on man a Lazarus pit is only a 20 some hour flight even less if you ask Batman or Ra's al Ghul

>>1159007355 episode season 3 coming right up

>>115900759I wonder if Doctor Fate exists in this universe.

>>115900759Listen Mr.Nobody, whatever that is doesn’t exist on our earth otherwise I would’ve went to one!

>>115900826We only know the Justice League exists and Cyborg wants to be in it.

>>115900874Justice League is a broad term at this point, it could consist of any hero

>>115900854>Crisis confirmed this is one of the Earths in the DCEU multiverse>There is a Lazarus pit in the CWverseCome on man, all you have to do is find a Flash. It's not hard.


>>115900988Apparently Cyborg knows Flash, or at least knows of him

>>115901021Time for a change Chief

>>115901061Please let janeposting become a thing

>>115901056Exactly man, you literally can't not find a Flash in DC. Just god damn vibrate into CWverse and hit up the Lazarus pit.

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>>115900939>Doom Patrol's league is JLI

>>115901099Where does it say every earth has to have a flash?

>>115901122Every earth doesn’t, but the Doom Patrol world does

It’s time to make a wish Holla Forums, what are you wishing for?


>>115901137Says who?

>>115901122>Where does it say every Earth has a FlashJohns' throbbing erect cock for the Flash says so.

>>115901176Literally Cyborg, he references him

>>115901215You misheard him, he said the fash

>>115901245I mean the fash isn't all that fast either

>>115901119If anything, that would be fitting for this specific universe.

>>115901210You mean Green Lantern too

>>115901210Does Johns even have anything to do with this season?

>>115901509Executive producer

Hey I lost my necklace, can anyone help me find it and get it back? I kind of need it for something important.

Why doesn't the Chief just go back in time when Vandal Savage became immortal and bathe in the same meteorite radiation?

>>115901694Go back in time how? Who says Vandel lives on this earth? How do I find him to try this out?

>>115890139Take my virginity Rita

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>>115901763>this played the hot but retarded second wife on Two and a Half Man>she married the dumbass brother>The same guy that's playing Lex Luthor nowRita Farr Lex Luthor wedding when

So about that photo of Cyborg's girlfriendIs that considered a war crime? Or does that just show she is/was a terrible person?


uk brosis there a place to stream this legally or do i just pirate

>>115890225>>115890968>>115893262>>115894210>>115896311just use

>>115901926Not UK here, but I believe neither HBO Max or DC Universe are available in the UK, and as far as I'm aware, there weren't any announcements of it getting rebroadcasted on any channels. Closest way to do it legally would be to see if you can subscribe/watch through a VPN, otherwise just pirate it.

>>115902284Every other country has to wait for Netflix to release it so after the shows finish airing.

>>115901956>putlockertv.tonice, danke

>>115890087>Gay father is shitty dadColor me astonished

>>115901873It's a war crime, but one of the ones that gets overlooked since it was an american soldier.

>>115902409>>115901926Starz apparently

>Cyborg has a dickBiggest surprise of the show so far

>>115892055That's not Variant. It's a gender bent version of Ron Evers, who was an evil Cyborg for a bit in the comics. He was also in YJ.

>>115904343>Ron>RoniI can see it now

You want to ____ Dr. Tyme!

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>>115897492He just wanted to party in what he perceived as the peak of human civilisation, but he was surrounded by tons of people who were after his powers, only joining in on the disco to wait for their opportunity to strike.

>>115905019boogie with

>>115889969>Fun Sized

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I don't really buy them still wanting to be around Niles. They just took the twist in the Grant Morrison run but wouldn't commit because they didn't want to lose Dalton. Would Cliff really be cool hanging around the guy that murdered his wife?

Time doesn't make any sense in this show. Didn't Niles just say he was 130 years old, but he's already a teenager in 1888? Also the weird girl from Hereditary is playing him.

>>115906233I don't think he's 'cool' with it.

>>115892476>>115892492There actually is a deleted scene on the DVD where Kipling tells Niles about the amulet in the first place.

>>115907067Yeah he's ticked off, insulting Niles to his face, that what you do to your roommate for eating your leftovers. If a guy kills your wife, mutilates you and leaves your daughter an orphan you should be in a murderous rage.

>>115900216I'm waiting for when that whole thing with the baby that she got rid off that caused that one actress' suicide comes back to bite her. She seemed to get over it pretty quickly and the others don't know about it.Also when is Rita going to be a giantess? I gues she's at least stretching now.

>>115890686That's a very low bar

Promo for the next Jane Persona, might be either Sex Bomb or Scarlet Harlot.Latter seems more likely, given Baby Harlot exists as a synthesis between the two.

>>115907376>between the two.Between her and Baby Doll, I mean.

>>115907376Gonna explain why the SeX-Men show up.


>>115901622Sorry, man, I traded it for some chocolate.

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>>115900557He burned our crops, poisoned our water supply, and delivered a plague onto our houses!

>>115901245Anon he clearly said the Flesh

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>>115900874We also know a Flash exists although not which.

>>115901176Says the second episode of the fucking show lmao

Is Dr. Tyme Vandal Savage?

>>115906525That's only off by 10 years. Maybe he was frozen or found a way to skip ahead

>>115908957No.He's just a cool guy.

>>115909013Yeah, I posted too soon. Just heard guy found a meteor and appeared through history since 6000 BC and jumped to Savage.

>Cliff has immense guilt and regret over not being a father to his daughter>Larry doesn't visit his living children for years and they're viewed as an afterthoughtHoly shit, Larry is awful. I mean these were implied in season 1 but jfc. Being gay doesn't excuse you from being a terrible absentee father

>>115909063Please don't bully Larry. His son just died.

Character ranking:Flex Mentallo> Rita > Cyborg > Larry > Tin Man > Chief > Chief's ultra ugly daughter > Rat mom > Rat children > Rat kid that got eaten > shit >>>> Jane.

>>115893300Yeah, I thought that was a helmet too.

Did they get a budget increase? They really sloped up the cg.

>roni in an abu ghraib style photo, with a bunch of victim at the bottomdidn't see that coming

Timothy Dalton is a treasure

>>115901873>So about that photo of Cyborg's girlfriendDid I zone out during a scene? What photo?

>>115905019That's such a cartoonish but cool design.

>>115909718The one that shows her with a bunch of dead arabs.

Doctor Tyme looked pretty good compared to his comic version.

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>>115890199Country's been shut down, what else am I meant to do? Something productive? Nah.

every fucking larry scene this season shit

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>>115901835It would still be an upgrade from Mento

FUCkI juast realised Rita reminds me of Bree from Desperate Houswives and that's why I wanna fuck her so bad

>>115910021I just want to fuck her period

'That's not Variant. It's a gender bent version of Ron Evers, who was an evil Cyborg for a bit in the comics. He was also in YJ.'I have read about Ron Evers in the comics so I know who he is. It's obvious that she's a version of Ron Evers from the name but I'm trying to figure out if she is also inspired by the villain Variant from the Cyborg solo comic. In that series Cyborg had sex with Variant and they went to Iraq afterwards to fight Terrance Fisher and his private army. When creators sign a contract with DC Comics it states that DC can make an iterations of any character that they created without compensation. So by not having this new character Roni Evers not actually be Ron Evers or Variant DC/Warner Bros AT&T probably will not have to pay royalties to Marv Wolfman the creator of Ron Evers or John Semper jr., the creator of Variant.

>>115910155Are we really getting an evil female POC? One that protects the little guy (thief) from the cops?

>Larrys son is a bro to his long thought dead dad straight away>Cliffs daughter is a bitch to her long though dead dad straight awayREALLY MAKES YOU THINK

>>115910428They made it sound like Larry's kids knew he was imprisoned for years then in hiding. Cliff just showed up out of nowhere for his daughter after 'dying' in an accident with her mom.

Why didn't larry just use the thing inside him to get out of the chains?

Finished the first 3 episodes. Even better than the first season so far holy shit>Nick Cavediamonds

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>>115893131Pretty sure they're in different timelines. I vaguely remember the Crisis crossover having a montage of "these shows are these universes"

>>115910801Crisis was dogshit and had no goddamn right to drag any good shows into its steam pile of shit cwverse

Next week is episode 4 right?They aren't pulling a special showing of 2 and 3 and then next week is episode 2 right? I have had this shit pulled on me before.

>>115900603wait we aren't getting 15??? fuck

>>115901873were they civillians they executed or something?

>>115906233wasn't that twist before morrison

>>115911062they had to stop filming because of da rona

>>115911099a-are they due to resume?

>>115911062at the rate they are going i dont think theyll have enough content to make 15 episodesonly 1 episode for red jack was upsetting

>>115911113I'm just worried it will be canned with a cliffhanger or no ending that shit happens too much

>want to support Doom Patrol>can't because HBOmax is only USwhen are they going to stop with this bullshit, wasn't that why it was moved off the DC app?

Lets list of things that Chief can use to stay young and live one more day.Tobias's serum

>>115911396Candlemanker's wish

>>115910428Cliff did just kind showed up without giving her any time to process all that information


Do you all live in Canada, since you are complaining about not seeing this show? HBO Max? What about ? It's in all of the EU and it has this show.

Goddamn it Holla Forums, just help me find a way to live one day longer then my daughter, name any price or wish and it’s yours, just get me that extra goddamn day!

>>115912385Have you tried gathering the 7 dragon balls and wishing for eternal youth or asking Johnny Thunderbolt to use his genie to wish that you died one day after your daughter.

>>115909645yummy yummy HBO money

>>115912385One More Day you say?

>>115909909I just want him to be happy.

im surprised that some of you guys are actually paying to watch this series

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>>115912708I want to pay for it so we get season 3 but I can't

>>115913039I'm subscribed to HBO's stream app because I can't use torrents on my phone.

>>115906233I was never a fan of the twist in Morrison's run that Niles was secretly an evil asshole the entire time, at least the twist that he was responsible for a bunch of shitty things but for an actual reason is far more preferable.

>>115910428Cliff just barreled into her life expecting her to treat him like nothing happened and got irrationally angry when she didn't immediately feed his insecurity.

>>115912655How the fuck is HBO so rich and able to just throw money at people

>>115913703AT&T money

>>115913750This is a thing HBO is known for long before AT&T came around.

>>115907160>I'm waiting for when that whole thing with the baby that she got rid off that caused that one actress' suicide comes back to bite her.She became Madame Rouge



This show went to crap when HBO took overFuck you HBONow even to watch crap you have to wait months instead of having all the episodesGo bankrupt HBSHIT

I never got around to watching the first season, did the series do Mr. Nobody justice?


>>115897946Maybe he becomes the Ambulance?

>>115910977I thought I saw somewhere that next week they released 4-6 and the week after we will get 7-9 but I'm not sureBut we will definitely get 4 next week

I don't get it why didn't Niles just ask Kipling to tie his lifespan with his daughter or vice versa?

>>115916972Space Case in season 3, please.

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>>115909364>Cyborg that high

>>115910771I, too, was diamonds when Nick Cave started to play. Unfortunately, it took me out of the scene, because I love Nick so much.

>>1158899693 eps at once. Damn. Guess my weekend is set. Bit late to the party looks like. Hope to catch y'all in subsequent threads and discuss.

How do you make Danny the street shelter you?

>>115916763He is different from his comic version, being an outright villain, but he was still just as fun.

>>115917015why the fuck would you trust not-constantine with your and your daughter's literal life

>>115918971Why the fuck would you trust Constanine to do that either?

>>115918792You have to be very gay.

>>115919095i called him not constantine because he's literally constantine when you cant use constantine

>>115919415My bad then, I read it as "you should get Constantine to do this".But to answer the original question, desperate times call for desperate measures?

>>115916721>This show went to crap when HBO took overThe season was already mostly done by the Warner/AT&T merger>Now even to watch crap you have to wait months instead of having all the episodesIt was like that on the DC app too. If anything they've been more generous by releasing the first three episodes when the first season was all weekly.

>>115918792Ask nicely and not be an asshole I would think.

>>115919379Does it count if a ginger telepath makes you gay?

>>115911220Well worry not because that's what's going to happen since the had to shut down production because of the virus before they filmed the finale

>>115912149HBO Go is going away soon. It's going to be HBO and HBO Max

>>115889969Why did she put so much effort into the title card then use stick men for the rest

>>115921135She got frustrated because my tiny penis could't satisfy her.

>>115921135It's harder to draw than it is to decorate

>>115920691No, the gay must be genuine and come from the heart.

So this Roni storyline seems fucked up, there better be some massive extenuating circumstances if I'm expected to feel bad for a war criminal who killed a load of people then didn't even see jail.

>>115922912We do see her on an operating table in one of the promos, so we probably will get some explanation

>>115922912That's how I'm feeling, too. Like, I get that most of the cast (Vic was just acting like a teenager, which he was, when his accident happened) were a bunch of irredeemable assholes, but none of them were WAR CRIMINALS. Please don't expect me to feel bad for someone that legit should have a life sentence in jail.


>>115919415I want Mat Ryan to cameo in this an Lucifer

>>115921001yeah but I'm worried we won't get the rest in season 3

>>115916721the 1st 3 eps were fucking kino what are you on about

wheres the MEGA?


Cyborg feels so tacked-on. Just not a fan of him in this show