She's the best gem, try and prove me wrong

She's the best gem, try and prove me wrong

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every gem is best gem because someone out there loves them

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>>115887967I like the pink one better

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>>115887973a fair point

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Amethyst could've been the /aco/ kink machine and they wasted it.

>>115887967Why on earth would we waste time trying to disprove an objective fact?

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>>115887967>>115888061anon dear...amy here is literally the sloppy seconds of some ex-chad.

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>>115887967I mean, the moment she told Steven that she wouldn't force her emotional issues onto him because he needed to prioritize his own mental health, there was no other position for her to ascend to but the top of the ladder, honestly.

>>115888158she's the best big sister

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>>115887967>>115888937It can work both ways

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>>115888158This. Amethyst being from Earth really helped Steven and her connect in a way that Pearl and Garnet never really could. Didn't make her perfect of course, but no one is.

>>115888958ew that's a terrible idea for a ship

>>115888972I think it's a good ship.Muscular and short fat needs to be more popular

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>>115889362they hate each other though and spoke to each other like 5 times in whole and most of those were insults also I'm say it Jasper totally straight

>>115889376speaking to each other 5 times is more basis than most ships in SU. Lapis hasn't spoken to any characters in the series besides Steven, Peridot and Jasper...Also they cute and and starred in a dove commercial together

>>115889376>they hate each other though and spoke to each other like 5 times in wholeAnd that's how they're OTP

>>115889376They could have had a great dynamic but jasper got shafted, unfortunately the show got rushed.

>>115889716>>115889520maybe it can end in a loveless orgy



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>>115887967She’s perfect because>U can put your PP between her tiddies AND into her gem at the same time.

Would a Gem-focused show without Steven work? Now we don't have to deal with his PTSD the rest of them should be more fun.

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>>115891951lol, that was easy.


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>>115888021I wanna kiss and rub her cute, pudgy feet.

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>>115893224If it was Amethyst I'd turn around and try to embrace her ass as it came down on me.

>>115893224You joke but I am rock hard right nowpun 100% intended.


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Best Aunt, Best Mom, Best Sis, Best Gem. And best selfinsert for me personal. Overplaying flaws with crazy. Gotta love her. Not like o-so-perfect-pearl or untouchable-garnet.

>>115888937god i just want her to punch me square in the jaw


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>>115892097FUCK YES.God DAMN it would work wonders to actually develop three fourths of the main cast properly.Steven took up way too much of this show's time with his non-sensical presence.

>>115887967She's the best emotionally developed and most human-like.I don't particularly wanna sniff her socks as much as some other gems though.

>>115893623>Perfect PearlLol you mean Relapse Whore>UntouchableVERY Touchable, did you even watch the show slut?

>>115892097yeah it'd work, but it'd be just as effective to just get rid of the Steven pov bullshit, we got plenty of Pearl development, and while we got some development for Amethyst it felt like it fell flat, and the closest thing we got to development for Garnet as a character before she became to lesbian midgets in a trench coat was back in Future Vision in S1Without the Steven pov the show could've been much better and all of the gems even Peridot and Lapis could've gotten proper development

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>>115887967I don't like the way she looks, but I guess the fact that she's the only one who doesn't act like a psycho and who would probably be fun to hang out with means that I have to reluctantly agree with you.

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>>115893581Is there any more stuff like this?

>>115893305imagine if she wasn't wearing pants. you'd feel her soft warn and flabby posterior envelopingly flatten you haha

the pearl thread is better

>>115896027sure thing footfag

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>>115895131i want a cute ruby wife

>>115896577I want a big ruby wife

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>>115896577that sounds nice

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>>115887999>Two opposite eyeball bodyguardsGood job Pink, in the event of an attack your Fusion protector will be blind.

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>>115892097Now that the Crystal Gems are involved with townies on their own, yes.

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>>115896691On one hand, Sapphire lusting for giant Rubies is funny. On the other hand, I want to see Ruby drooling over a giant Sapphire. Who has a grouping of small eyes in the place of a normal Sapphire monoeye.

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God I wish Amethyst was my gf

>>115897178GigaRuby does things to me

>>115897703She’s made of equal parts dumbass and evil though. Its interesting that there is no difference between Era 1 and Era 2 Rubies. That means they were probably already made as cheaply as possible. I wonder what a Ruby with normal Era 1 tier resources would look like.

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>>115892097Yes but only post-Future.

>>115897178You're assuming that she'd prefer one big, clumsy Ruby over many smaller ones. With their multiple hands and tongues.

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>>115887967Yes, purplefat is best my shiny gem

>>115898309nah she just likes one Ruby and that's her Ruby

>you'll never have Ruby ride your face as Sapphire deepthroats your cock with her DSLswhy live?

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>>115898330She's not fat, just smol.

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>>115898309But Ruby is the one with a hand fetish.

>>115895852the last Ame thread was about that

>>115898330>>115898393I love Amefat

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>>115893305>>115895877>you sit on the couch, casually minding your own business with no ulterior motive whatsoever>you watch the TV as you hear footsteps coming in from your left>Amethyst's posterior looms over you as she's about to sit over your current position>'oh no, how could I possibly escape from this dreadful situation', you think to yourself as you brace for impact>...>something stops her>you hear a light chuckle>her head rotates to look back at you, as if she somehow heard your internal monologue>"Really? Crying Breakfast Friends? C'mon, you don't even like that show. I know what you're trying to do.">you see a flash of light before being greeted by the sight of her thong, pressing against her generous rump>"But all you needed to do was ask, y'know.">her ass lands right on top of you, flattening you against her soft and warm posterior>it immediately becomes hard to breathe, as the pressure put onto your chest in addition to her plump flesh obstructing your facial orifices make it more difficult to get oxygen into your lungs>judging from the sound on the speakers, she seems to be changing to a different channel as she grinds you against her bottom>presumably to grab that bag of Pop-Pops, she leans over, briefly granting you the privilege of breathing before she slams her ass down upon your puny form once again>you have become wedged right between her cheeks, which she responds to by giving them a squeeze>your situation becomes rather tight, as your body becomes mostly engulfed by her cheeks, pressing you against their plump and soft warmth>"Ah, these are all just reruns. Welp, might as well see what little Steve-O is up to.">you sense another flash of light right behind you before everything becomes significantly darker>with her shorts reformed, you feel the swift and somewhat frightening motion of her standing back up>after playfully squeezing her rear, she proceeds to walk outside, effectively kneading you between her cheeks

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>>115887967all the quartz gems are the acceptable waifus.all other gems are SHIT


>>115896691>ywn have a wedding with a Big Ruby as you see her rapidly tapping her feet on the ground in an attempt to contain her excitement, concerningly shaking the ground in the process

>>115899390Absolutely based sizebro

>>115898892Got a link?

>>115900208Here: >>115643428I believe that screencap covers all of the greens though.

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>>115897098>Good job Pink, in the event of an attack your Fusion protector will be blind.Gems can see without eyes.Jasper could smell without nose

>>115899390Do a green with her feet please.

>>115887967And this ship cover the bests

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>>115899390>Her just straight up shoving you between her fat ass cheeks. FFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK THAT'S SOOOOOO GOOD. Is it bad I like the idea of her getting a little sweaty? Also go, imagine how it feels when she spanks her own fat ass. Got any more user?

>>115901190Rubbing Ammy’s feet while you’re tiny, muh fuckin’ dick!

>>115899390I would literally live in Amethyst's sofa ass forever

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Post Amefat

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>>115903430Cute feet

>>115902327Honestly sameI think the best, yet most under used idea about giant wives/girl friends is more or less living on their bods. I'd spend all day in my giant GF's tits or cuddling her fat butt. Imagine you two wanna go to the movies so she tucks you into her tits so you can get in with out having to buy a ticket, then you get to sit between her tits the whole movie.

>>115901190>>115901566Oh boy, another poorly disguised size thread!>You sighed as you looked up at Amethyst's smirking face. Though your attention was more drawn toward the giant feet she had set down right in front of you.>"C'mon user! You lost, pay up!">You weren't exactly sure how you could have won in Amethyst's game of "tag" in the first place.>Especially since she just ended up shapeshifting when she couldn't reach you.>Probably should have said something about that before you started.>But a bet is a bet, and you lost. Brushing off whether or not it was fair, you took a step toward Amethyst's expecting feet, and got to work.>You rubbed circles across her warm, soft soles, spreading and rubbing up and down.>At least there wasn't much smell or any sweat. Thank fuck for that.>But a small (heh) part of you was enjoying this.>You slowly worked your way up from her sole, trying to rub as high as you could reach. You felt your cheeks blush as you just reach the base of her toes, a reminder of just how small you were.>You weren't sure if you should thank or curse Peridot for getting you shrunk.>You were never going to let her show you her projects after she fixed this...>Your thoughts were cut short as the purple flesh you had been rubbing quickly fell down onto your tiny body, quickly engulfing you in warmth. Amethyst's slightly muffled voice above you.>"user, why'd you stop? I me-">The foot that was on top of you slowly rubbed over your body, feeling a small poke.>The weight on you quickly increased.>"Dude, are you actually ENJOYING this?" You could practically hear the smirk on her face as you squirmed beneath Amethyst's foot.>A light surrounded you for a moment, and in a flash, Amethyst had shaped her shoes back on. Trapping you beneath the sole of her foot.>The pressure on top of you increased what felt like tenfold as Amethyst stood up.

>>115904015>"Well, if you like my foot so much, I'm more than happy to let you get closer to 'em!">The pressure on you lessened as Amethyst lifted her foot, only to return full force as she slowly walked off. The heat slowly rising around you in your current prison.>Above you, Amethyst walked out of the temple, eager to spend the rest of the day on her feet...

>>115904015Based Amethyst sizebro strikes again

>>115897098Fusion is for weak gems.

>>115887967I swear to fucking Christ, Rebecca Sugar is a fucking genius. Whether you like her writing or not, you can't deny that she's handled her characters spectacularly. Each one of them has their own distinct style and personality that she herself is very familiar with. So much so, that she knows just what to bring out in each character, be it in attitude or physical characteristics and do so with such subtlety, that every single person on the planet will want to fuck at least ONE of her characters and probably not realize it at first.

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>>115898386>>Why live?"user, your pocket pussy VR unit arrived today! You don't need your helium tank anymore, onii-chan." Your phone starts buzzing merrily at the thought of you soon fucking it.ITT legions of people waiting on the inevitable.

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>>115887967>Amethyst is for indulging in fun if not rather crude conversations>Amethyst is for pulling off stupid and irresponsible stunts like TPing houses with>Amethyst is for witnessing her cool tricks and abilities as you further fuel her ego>Amethyst is for playing vidya with>Amethyst is for getting your ass kicked in vidya by>Amethyst is for eating large greasy meals with>Amethyst is for getting burped directly in the face by as she laughs at your expression>Amethyst is for watching obscure sitcoms in a garage with>Amethyst is for comforting her during episodes where she displays her faltering sense of self-worth>Amethyst is for hugging with while telling her that she's easily the coolest person you've ever known and that she shouldn't let anyone tell her otherwise >Amethyst is for sustaining the embrace with despite her attempts to shuffle out of it and tell you that she doesn't need to hear any of that, assuring you that she's perfectly fine while her happier tone starts to waver>Amethyst is for using your shirt to soak up her tears>Amethyst for keeping a warm embrace with for several hours as she finally lets it all out on an outlet she can undoubtedly trust>Amethyst is for comforting when she needs it the most>Amethyst is for falling asleep with as she finally calms down, feeling some semblance of a smile on her face as you both drift off to sleep

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>>115901507>>The Ripple is Undeniable

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>>115904486Fuck yes, thanks for the *conspiracy* image, I've wanted to be Becky Sucrose every moment since I dropped out of college from playing Nuclear Throne and Fallout 4 plus watching Steven Universe every day!

>>115904840Now imagine her twerking with you in there.

>>115904786>"World's Greatest Mom"I didn't need to know that you were Sugar to recognize this as a lie.

>>115905600I don't know she seems like a pretty great mom I don't think my mother would give up her existence to make me

>>115887967>jpg>that image qualityI fucking hate phoneposters so much.

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>>115904792>Amethyst is for pulling off stupid and irresponsible stunts like TPing houses withthis is more important to me than any sexual fantasy

>>115904260Just wait until a Peridot thread shows up...

Hello Steven, it's Friday night and you know what that means you bad boy.

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>>115904792this made me feel more than I've felt in a LONG time, thank you, for both making and sharing this

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>>115906261>phoneposting>implying I'm not just shitcome on now

>>115888937incredibly based

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>>115903848>Imagine you two wanna go to the movies so she tucks you into her tits so you can get in with out having to buy a ticket, then you get to sit between her tits the whole movie.I see someone saw that Wonder Woman and Atom scene too

>>115888132Please tell me there are more Baki edits

>>115909846I got this

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>>115910073I have a pic of Jasper doing the Oliva hand pocket pose too but she has her tits out in that one so you know

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My bed is completely purple right now, I’m gonna pretend I’m sleeping on Amethyst’s belly.

Amethyst is trash.She got away with torturing Greg over Rose's death by shapeshifting into Rose and never once apologized for it

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>>115904015>>115904033>ywn feel Amethyst's feet pressure against your little body when she is walking and you're just living under her footWhy do I even bother to exist?

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>>115910763I thought she did apologize, though?

>>115894573yes yes, i saw garnets breakdown episode and it made her more... eehm, human. but over all, she'S miss strong and pearl is miss perfect. and amy is amy. so

>>115912461It's implied but not outright stated which is something the show does a lot since it's from Steven's POV. They aren't shown hanging out again until like mid season 2 so it took a while to fix.

>>115912427Season 1 was the worst season confirmed

>>115888132I love seeing my edit being posted lmao

>>115909846You want one ? Give me a scene you like or think that's funny or that fits, I'd love to do another one

Someone should add these >>115899390 >>115904015 >>115904033 to this >>115893581

>>115909736I honestly have no idea what you're talking about. Its just something I came up with on my own.

>>115914356This is what he means.

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>>115913699To be fair, it hadn't found its feet then. It was still just using Adventure Time single episodes to tell odd stories. They weren't leaning into any arc at that point.

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Tanooki Amy

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>>115896691>"doesn't this technically count as polyamory" you ask yourself as your giant crimson wife slams her gigantic hips around your member>the questionably large bed shakes as your questionably large wife tries to aggressively drain you of your juices>you can understand that she wants kids, sure, but wouldn't unfusing make this sort of thing easier?>then again, you do like them big...>your hips are definitely going to hurt in the morning though>suddenly, she halts, allowing you to take a breather>"Hmmm... yeah, this isn't working. I think I've got a better idea.">the massive Ruby picks you up and wraps her tongue around your lower half>her tongue is slightly rough, yet still feels rather warm and slick against your body>you shiver at how her wet and messy tongue feels against your body>once she has thoroughly soaked you where it matters, she holds your body with both of her hands>now properly positioned, she>...>oh god>she simply jams your lower half into her like a dildo>you feel the slick warmth of her body as she pulls you in and out of her>you hear her loud moans echo throughout the room as her movement accelerate faster and faster>the faster she gets, the hotter her body feels against yours>you wonder if you're going to suffer from burns in addition to pained hips>you're hard as steel though, even if the rest of your body isn't>the warm juices soaking your body>the sensation of being rubbed against her fleshy slick womanhood>her hands determinedly holding you in place>the sound of her moans indicating her immense pleasure>...>the doctor says that you're going to be the father of a nice healthy pair of twins

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>>115917088Well that took a turn

>>115916825This pic always makes me wonder if gems can get drunk

I heard you guys like AmethystAllow me to show you my!

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>>115912851Lacking is the proper word.Pearl is a relapse hoe tho.

>>115917523Thanks.Now I know what I'll do now.

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>>115918022Let me know which one is your favorite and why!Feedback helps me grow!

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Amethyst and Riff

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>>115917088One of the twins.

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>>115909846better resolution

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>>115887967She'd make a good slampig, but slampigs aren't good for anything else

>>115918800amethyst is total bro material what are you talking about

Amethyst is for being your slampig fuckfriend who you have rough, borderline abusive sex with when you're frustrated with your lack of success with other women.

>>115919171>abusiveOn which end? Ames has overpowered professional wrestlers with ease.

>>115919171>>115918800Nah, she deserves real love and affection.

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>>115919255fuck sex, i want amethyst to throw me against the wall

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>>115917523>'s some good shit. I really like smut where there's an emphasis on the characters simply having fun rather than it purely being hot sweaty sex.

>>115917523Gonna enjoy going through all of these on Sunday, thanks for your hard work user. Next time I see an Amethyst thread I’ll let you know what I liked, how will I identify you?

>>115921439I'm glad you liked it! I tried my best to capture her personality, but as you can see it varies heavily.Anything you found to be your favorite in the fic?

>>115921883I always got a Skeleton on my post, plus I'll redump my works once again

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>>115921229>that ssbbw threadSomeone got the greentextes?


>>115921935Good lad

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>>115921897I think that would be it actually. I avoided the futanari stuff though.

>>115922942That's fair, different strokes for different folks, I try to appeal to many people, I'm glad you liked it user

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>>115923250oh good lordimagine her just flattening you with her gut

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>>115917523> is my favourite story.Not only for the user x Amethyst.But because you actually put effort in listing Amethyst's shortstack fetures and how realistically you would handle her, and the way you describe the kisses is so good I almost felt her saliva full lips in my mouth.And the way you write Amethyst is so show accurate that should be impossible.Greta works

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I don't you but I really love Amethyst's development on SUF.First she was the good sister, the one that was always there for Steven.In SUF she is more like a mother-friend figure, not only for Steven but for all the gems in need.Just think at her getting emotional over Steven insulting her drawings: she was pretending to be offended, she really didn't care if Steven said her art was bad, but she knew there was someone else that would have felt deeply offense if their art got mean criticized like if they expected the artist to be pretentious and mean, Amethyst faked it, it wasn't a real offense but her trying to teach Steven a lesson on how talking bad about people's art can hurt them and make them cry and feel ashamed about themselves.I love Amethyst.

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>>115923643is this OC because i don't recall spotting this in that thread. image search ain't doing it for me either

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>>115923954Uh user she wasn't pretending. That scene was played straight.

>>115923250I just wanna stick my hand in there is that too much to ask

>>115887967I don't like her final outfit, but otherwise yes, far and away best gem

>>115923799I am overjoyed to find that you loved my Fic, Thank you so much, I try, I really do, I just wish I got my groove back to write more.But thank you so much user

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>>115925333What are those skull avatars from? They look familiar to me.

>>115923096>>115923250>>115923643>Tfw you will never hang out with her for a day, chilling at home or at the movies, or even going out to eat, buying her so much food as she stuffs her face, each item of food making her gut swell out>Tfw you will never get back to your place after stuffing her with sweets and food, and watching her huge juicy ass move around, while her large guy flops a bit, as she groans and sits down, letting you snuggle against her>tfw you will never feel up her massive udders, as you feel and rub her soft light purple nipples, and her heaving gut and breasts>tfw you will never playfully play with her fat folds, squeezing em and teasing her, rubbing a hand over her crotch>Tfw you will never grind your hand on her crotch only to roll over you, and flatten you down with her big gushy belly, as she smothers you while stroking your cock teasingly, being the big top the entire time>Tfw you will never be smothered by her as she rides your cock, her entire body jiggly around as she eats food while fucking, stating that riding you just builds up a appetite, only making her gushy gut even bigger>Tfw you will never snuggle against her belly and have a snack with her after the nice hot sex, before going down for a nice nap, all comfy and warm.Gosh darn user

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>>115925382Madball's Skull Face, most of them come from the Cartoon, hes kinda like my avatar

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Bumpa Rumpa

>>115913799Maybe the scene where Oliva has his hands in his pants or when Yujiro has his face pressed against the glass (if that's not too hard).

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We all know Amethyst has bad days and insecurities, and how we'd comfort her...But how would Best Rock Girlfriend try to comfort you on your bad days?

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>>115923186I love her

>>115926918She would offer cuddles, kisses, snacks, Vidya, and I love yous, and maybe some love making if the mood calls for it, even maybe some gentle teasing or some quickies, just for fun

>>115910616Anon if you just wanted me to make another size green, all you had to do was ask.>The past few hours had been exhausting for you.>Had you known Amethyst would take your small size and strengthened durability as an invitation to do rough, fun (for her anyway) games with you, you'd have chosen Pearl to keep an eye on you while the Gems tried to figure out how to fix what that relic had done to you.>But thankfully, she seemed to tire herself out after a while, and scooped you up into her soft hand.>"Heh... I guess we could take, a LITTLE break..." She giggled as she climbed onto the couch, laying on her back as she tried to get comfortable. You rolled your eyes as she set you down onto her stomach, seemingly falling asleep in a heartbeat.>You had lost track of how many size jokes Amethyst had made, and if today was anything to go by, you wouldn't be able to count them all anyway.>You were too tired to complain anyway.>You sighed as you let yourself fall back on Amethyst's soft, warm stomach.>Amethyst may be a careless caretaker, but sleeping on her was better than any mattress you'd experienced.>When she didn't roll over onto you anyway... Feel free to throw me a request, doesn't even have to be Amethyst or size (I do like writing body swapping) related. But I'm busy for the next couple days, so they might be slow.

>>115887967She is nowhere near as good as the slinky gemAll amethyst is good for is being a walking flesh light

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>>115927912but Spinel is annoying

>>115928030If you are referring to the rejuvenated one I'd agree, but she's still more pleasant to be around than amethyst

>>115927864Do you do fats by chance?

>>115926918Honestly just sitting together and silently listening to music would be enough

>>115928151no I just mean she's always annoying and Amethyst isn't

>>115907832>Hello Steven, it's Friday night and you know what that means you bad boy.

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>>115927864let user go through the ol' "i got a popcorn kernel stuck in my teeth" trick, prompting her to play with user as she pokes and prods him with her tongue

>>115928702>Garnet giving Steven a reassuring head scratchvery supportive

>>115928266It seems we have two very different definitions of annoying then

>>115929020>Pearl giving Steven a reassuring blowjob very supportive

>>115927912wrong on several layers

>stuffed amethyst will never burp and belch on your dick during a blowjobI got a fever, and the only prescription is more greentexts

>>115929185>*BRRURRRRP*>the hot breathy burst of air washes over your member, somehow allowing you to smell her strong breath>you can see her drizzling more of that mac 'n cheese powder right on top of the special meal that you provided her>wasn't your idea>she continues to wrap her soft and plump lips around your member as she tries to rid you of that cheesy flavor>you feel releases of air originating from her throat in the form of *burrp*, *brrruuup*, and "*brrrrp*, washing over your member with a particular warmth

>>115926918She'd try to do whatever she knows would make you happy, whether it be your favorite food or playing cool video games. Once sated, she'd gradually try to nudge herself into finding out what's eating at you. Eventually, through one way or another, she figures you out and allows you to spill the beans. She'd then try to offer you advice. Whether said advice is actually effective or not is irrelevant, for it's the thought that counts.

>>115929512She truly is the best Gem friend, I suppose being from and living on Earth makes her more sympathetic to the people.

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>Sh-Shut up! I know why you hang out with me! I know why y-you're so nice to me!>You th-think I'm the easy one! You'll say some nice things and play some v-video games and then I'll g-give you aaaaaaaaaanthing you want! >And then POOF! Yer gone!>Cuz wh-who could actually want a d-deformed RUNT like me, huh!?

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>you will never get high with Amethyst and watch MST3k and fool around


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>>115929667I just want an honest to god friend who can put up with my bullshit

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>>115929073Sorry you lack taste, user

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>>115917088Anon... have you written any more shit like this?

>>115927864I got a request for ya, user. I have been possessed by horny and wouldn't mind something that involves size and tits with user and whatever character you see fit to do it with. Also thanks for being so based and writing shit with clothing entrapment, that shit is underrated.

>>115924153>Uh user she wasn't pretending. That scene was played straight.Imagine missing the point of Amethyst so fucking much...

>>115930635No I'm no joshing you user, there's no dialogue that even implies she was joking. The point of the episode (which was a tired cliche and why Bluebird is the only Future episode I'd rate less than a 7) is that everyone trusted Bluebird and not him

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