Close Enough

God I hope the show is uncensored

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>first naked woman in the series is the asain instagram thotThank you JG

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>>115874854probably not.Since it was made for TBS and unrated home media releases aren't as popular anymore, so it wouldn't make sense for them to animate more body parts

I'll gladly await for the porn

>>115874854Why? It’s a drawing. Literally just draw two half circles with brown dots inside them and it’ll be the same thing



>>115874887The man's had a good track record of drawing oriental hotties.

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me too

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>>115876756How come Bob's Burgers can show vibrators but this show can't?

>>115876871Maybe they made theirs too close to a a real dick and TBS standards and practices ended up saying no, while Bob’s being on network TV was probably clear on the guidelines before they designed them

I bet they leave censors in

>>115874854Where can I find the episodes

>>115877008This. She's clearly holding a classic dick shape with vibrating clit tickler offshoot. >>115877066It's not out yet.

>>115876756The Adam and Eve shopping channel is the greatest comedy series on televisionThose poor broads had no idea how their lives would turn out


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>>115876198Which episode is she from?

>>115878517Hello China

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Why do girls with that haircut are so fucking hot?


>>115877194What people are buying sex toys off TV in the middle of the night?

>>115879107>> your face

>>115874854People actually find this sexy?


>>115874854Even if they skimp out on nudity, we can still expect gratuitous fanservice from her

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Only one month to go

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>>115881302Only two weeks plus a day actually


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>>115880568That looks even worse than Simpsons shit.

>>115876871Sometimes its funnier to censor something than to show it.

>>115874854Is this shit still actually coming out?

>>115876871Because Bob's vibrators barely even looked like vibrators.

>>115874854What a weird ass

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>>115881565They were personal massagers according to Louise.

>>115876756Nothing like being a kid and discovering a vibrating thing.

>>115880568She's built like a fridge

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>>115881782The show is apparently reusing footage from the pitch trailer so there's a high chance they won't even touch that up. I just hope she has multiple other shots in that outfit and it isn't some scarce thing so there's better chances of better angles/effort in the drawing. >>115874854Also I hope this isn't as close as we get to the female equivalent of the scene with Alex, Josh, and Randy butt naked in a sauna pinning others of the same sex down.


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This show looks like garbage.

>>115881906What cartoons do you watch then. Go ahead, seriously tell us.

>>115881906After 3 years of stress and unwilling networks so does JG lmao.

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>>115874854I'm more hyped for the inevitable lewds based on this.

>>115876198I miss Apple. I want to teach her how to be egg-skillent.

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>>115876198>Long Live The Royalslmao Close Enough's inevitable fate

>>115879107Used to be one of the paid programs on Oxygen and Comedy Central at like 3am.A&E just sells China shit for a markup though, so only sad Karens buy from there really.

>>115881302would love to see notJ.Gs wife below the neck

>>115883460That's the most fucked up accidental website link I've ever clicked on. I think I'm going to fucking puke. Who would destroy a car for something like this?

>>115882685I do hope her ass shape lives up to her English moniker

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>>115881944Nothing made past 2010 for starters.

what the hell is this show

>>115881492I just read that manga today lol I knew that was going to be a reaction pic

>>115883597>admitting to not having seen Regular Show, Wander Over Yonder, Open Bra, and Bojack Horseman

>>115883652Why would I want to?

>>115883718Because they're good, Open Bra especially. Not that anyone would know because it got metoo'd before HBO Max could officially announce it.

>>115881492what manga

>>115883745>>115883652>Open BraHaven't heard of this, would you mind extrapol8ing?

>>115883884Mashle: Magic and Muscles

>>115874854Being uncensored might actually get me to watch it.

>>115883998#freethenipple based show with animation segments that got metoo'd because the creator was a guy and it came off as predatory and disingenuous, Max put out some stuff for reviewers and it got canned when feminists saw it. Some footage got leaked on Mega and was pretty much instantly taken down because it had personal information of the person who ripped it apparently and no one seemed to make a mirror or I just haven't found it. I was being facetious when I tossed it in as something he hasn't seen.

I hope there's a good reason this looks so bad. Why is he a midget?

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>>115884166You sayin' manlets can't find love?

>>115884166That’s from the age-down episode where he lives out his dream of being Bart Simpson

>>115884799I'd like that. Too bad this isn't a nostalgia show and is the exact opposite of RS.

>>115882221>meth beard>meth stare>meth acneuh oh

>>115884919It's fake for a joke, he looked normal in the call of duty close enough hbo max drlupo twitch digital ask quintel live stream.

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>>115874854They have to. It's fucking HBO.

>>115885163Why would they have to? They can do whatever they want.

>>115885163If only they would have been making it for HBO and not TBS television standards. I hate this stupid production shit.

>>115875125First day on the internet?

>>115879079It's their exotic fashion sense and larger than life attitudes that drives me to women like that who possess that sort of over-the-top flair.

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>>115885936That easily crosses the border to 90% of women with shitty attitudes and quirky means of expressing themselves and terrible dialogue (biiiiiiiitch)

>>115881650Why are the middle fingers blurred? TBS can show middle fingers.

>>115886020Lol in the Emily clipshow video someone said "thank goodness they censored her cuss" the twitter handle has a lot of stupid kids following it despite this being an adult series.

>>115883449Those mid 2000 oxygen dildo shows are a good memory remember laughing hard at that with my brother.


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>>115886015People want to fuck Brigette, not marry her. Sometimes you just want a shallow hot girl, not just to show you can have one but because they can be fun for a while.

Came for the JG stayed for the QT

>>115886513"The Regular Show"?

>>115886580Close enough

>>115882591You and the rest of the anons who frequent this board

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>>115879079They're rare to see in real life, so automatically they have a tendency to attract more attention because of that

>>115887231I thought this was brokenlynx

Do you think Close Enough will be able to be described as "modern animated Friends"?

>>115887440I wouldn't know, I've never seen Friends.




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God I want to fuck her brains out and hold hands afterward


>>115881650> We promise you this much: the nudes in #CloseEnoughMAX will always be tasteful.It will only be tasteful withou the censorship.


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This style is super fucking unappealing.And not in an Adult Swim "ugly on purpose" kind of way.Just in a "I literally can't do any better" kind of way.

>>115881906It is. At least from what I've seen of the first episode. The higher age rating honestly hurts the show since it just resorts to the same vulgar humor as other adult cartoons.

>>115889994There's ALWAYS one of you faggots in every thread about a new adult animation coming out but here's fucking newsflash,ADULT SHOWS USE ADULT CONTENT. Stop acting like "vulgarity" is inherently worse off than any other comedy

>>115890389holy fuck thank you user

>>115889810you guys seriously need to work on your bait

>>115879079Because they're the cutest

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>>115890389>ADULT SHOWS USE ADULT CONTENT.It's just potty humor that's even more juvenile than the shit you see in toddler cartoons.

>>115891012I don't remember potty humor in CE. Next time you go to say something remember the Total Drama Daycare episode that revolved around little kids shitting themselves and a magic Elf who huffs their farts for power and Raven shitting on beastboy in a montage.

>>115877194Adam and Eve as a whole can be seen as a joke. They payed a guy to do a video about fleshlight based combat.

>>115889330are mole tits allowed on blue boards now?


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>>115888297Bridgette isn't the kind you want to have intimate and soulful relationship feelings for dude.

>>115896189Then can I at least choose one over the other?

>>115896226I guess so.

>>115881650So is that pretty much confirming they'll be censored?

>>115896676Does Max contain any uncensored animated nudity? Like American Dad's uncensored versions?

>>115896791No idea, I don't have Max.

>>115885010I doubt he spent months growing a beard for a bit. He just shaved.

>>115897118It looks like a fake.

>>115874854Do you guys just want the show to uncensored for you to jack off to cartoon titties?

>>115897870It'd be fucking nice if every adult show didn't just have uncensored versions of penises. I know I'm speaking into a void of waifufags but it's god damn aggravating that male nudity is fine but the female form is so high up on a pedestal that having it uncensored in a damn adult cartoon is nearly like blasphemy.

>>115897930I'm just relieved to see someone that desires to see an animated series going against the bias of showing a naked female uncensored rather than the motivation of mere sex appeal.

>>115898455It's pointless to even say because it'll either devolve into shitflinging with its political parts or just people assuming you want to jerk off. I don't even think Emily or Bridgette are top tier for JG's artstyle standards.

>>115898780I believe that people aren't necessarily drawn to the these characters per say, but more motivated out of sheer curiosity of seeing an uncensored cartoon woman fully nude due to how seldom they're seen in animation

>>115874854Has there dver been a csrtoon that know we want to see the characters fuck so it just fucking shows it?

>>115899117No western cartoon has ever showed actual fucking.

>>115899147I mean, Archer showed everything but the actual genitals.

>>115899147Does that include EU cartoons?

>>115884919Probably a pedo

>>115900181screw off

>>115900211Definitely a pedo.

>>115881302why can't the art be this good?

>>115900459It's not really much of an improvement

>>115899020I think there's some truth to this. I'm more drawn to the notion of seeing a show uncensor a woman's genitalia rather than seeing the character's breasts

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>>115896791boondocks had uncensored tits and dicks,

>>115874937Shame, if it were Netflix, it would definitely be uncensored

>>115875125>Not liking canon nudityGay

>>115879270Some times fact is funner than fiction

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I'm praying the entire first season isn't just a bunch of half hour episodes put into 11 minutes, I can't take a fucking hit like that after waiting for 3 years. Not just because I was looking forward to it for so long under the impression it'd have breathing room and a full length story, but because it'll butcher everything and it'll be an entire season of what could have been, and Regular Show shows they don't have a good track record of revealing things that got cut in production, they never shared what the full intentions for the space story was.

>>115874854>>115880568>>115881302>>115881650>>115882685>>115901635Ya lyublyu

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Hopefully this somehow leads to more lewd art of the human girls from RS. You know, the ones that have enough design detail to look more than one-off characters like the main chicks in CE.

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>>115892822I like this look for this character far too much. I fear it's because I ilke Eileen from Regular Show too much. I haven't even seen Close Enough yet....

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>>115902949I know exactly the types of chicks you mean

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>>115902949>>115903785I like how they more or less have the same hairstyle. I don't know what it's called but from context of their characterization it feels kinda like an 80s movie thing.

>>115892145Yes but only mole tits

>>115883539>>115902949>>115903785I never realized Regular Show had some relatively attractive human ladies. Guess that's to be expected when you put so much focus on your main non-human female characters

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>>115905195/co/ seemed to know about Sandals girl back around 2010 judging from some bad art that makes it look like she was almost a fotm I found awhile back

>>115905501Sandals girl?

>>115905665The one with the big cleavage in a pink top. She was brought back for the series finale when the dome landed too and didn't lack cleavage.

>>115905702it helps when you post pics.

>>115905735I'm lazy with a media player that's lagging. Also tried to google her but only found a fanart that calls her Casandra. Plus I misremembered it was another girl with big cleavage in the finale.She was the one that got in her bra and panties in Jinxed.

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>>115881302It could be one month until Close Enough... or maybe it's half an hour... OR MAYBE YOU ALREADY MISSED IT.

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>>115905702You mean her?

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>>115892822>go on, tell me I deserved it

>>115874854I watched that movie The Wizard that the video game competition episode was based on for Regular Show recently, it was pretty decent. Nice time capsule as expected, I didn't know diners had arcade screens on the tables of their restaurant at one point. Also it ended with the girl just kissing both of the boys in a really cute wholesome scene and that would never happen now. Also>he touched my breast>what breasts?JG always had good taste.

Emily is just Blu-ray.

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>>115907286My favorite joke was cut from the episode because CN became pussies.

>>115907445Could be worse, they could've cut a whole third of the

>>115907634The UK is so cucked I can't believe how bad Regular Show was brought over, it's just unbelievable. I can understand changing some risque stuff that even we had to dial back on, and sure I guess Hooligans is a bad term or something there, but they even changed characters making whipcrack sound effects to sound less "intense". Remember when Rigby said "whipped with a capital WAPISH"? No you don't if you're a United Cuckian, what you got was "whipped with a capital WAHIZZIT"

>>115879079Bobs? They tend to frame the face well, I think. Makes it easy to look good with them as long as the haircut itself is competent. Lend themselves well to face sculpting with makeup and stuff. The half-shaved fringe / wave / pixie cuts whatever that you see these days are pretty much the opposite, they look really bad unless you've got a specific type of face.Add in a bit of old-timey charm and the fact that they were in style for a long while so all the hot celebrities had them when you were growing up, that probably helps a lot.


>>115881682I know that feeling...but it was a gun in a sock drawer.

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>>115881782Implying you wouldn't slam your dick against that beautiful chrome double door goddess that keeps your beer cold.Fact, You open those double doors more than you open shirts. At least she's thicc enough to grab onto...MEAT ON THOSE BONES!

>>115882221Where's his meth baby and meth boyfriends?


>>115907634What's even the point of airing the episode?

>>115907652The weird thing is that regular show is one of the only instances i remember this happening, like, normally we get small edits (Spaz is a way bigger deal and more akin to a swear over here), but you'd swear they were exporting regular show for a country made out of pillows and marshmellows


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>>115882685I've tried everything, can someone help me with sauce on this pic


>>115899147Drawn Together existed

What the fuck is Drawn Together


>>115899147F is for Family, kinda

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>>115915081No direct genitals but full frontal with bush in view, so I'd say that counts yeah.

>>115907634Some more highlights of the UK's ridiculous censorship policies toward Regular


>>115899020Nah just Anglo animation.

>>115916623you cant fucking say that wtf


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>>115875125W .Y

>>115899147Spawn on HBO.

>>115917298Someone send this to the CE twitter and say something about breasts and see if they respond to it like they have other fanart.

>>115917298I love how fanartists have never actually touched a breast in their lives.

>>115906027EroPharaoh making a hentai video of her on pornhub was the best thing this world ever received

>>115918034keep crying you girl there's nothing wrong with that gif nor is there a reason to bitch


>>115918175It's not even like water tits in anime I don't even see the problem to begin with. But this is what happens when Holla Forums constantly has multiple threads up calling out the female users to "speak up" and "inform us" of their gender specific opinions.

>>115918034Your morbidly obese fat tits don’t count as breasts.


>>115905195she looks like my ex

>>115880568Oy Vey

>>115919902What's attractive in 2D was probably just another typical dyke with short hair in real life. Why would you ever date a short haired girl they only work in 2d.

>>115900459Because animators largely answer to big wgs who want a show for every week and want it on a shoe string budget. Minimalist noodle arm art work is perfect for this

>>115921102This is also largely why the "Calarts" style has become the norm in recent years, it's cheap and there's a lot of successful shows that use it and network execs are shrimp dicked pea-brained retards that copy something a popular show did because they think that will translate to the same success rather than the show itself being good.

>>115892822She shit her pants, LOL

>>115883652>Bojack Horseman>Normal words>But a horse guy

>>115922282fags like you are why i cant be attracted to asses

>>115883652Where can I find Open Bra? googling just gives me r34 links.

>>115922300political propaganda but a horse guy

>>115890513People have different opinions than you, get used to it underage

>>115886395Crossing my fingers you'll live up to your word come July

>>115874854>depicting the human bodyanon that's unacceptable. we have to focus on depicting unnatural sexual relations and taking down anyone once considered heroic.

>>115875125The same logic can be applied to why censor it>>115901635yeah genitals > tits anyday.>>115918034that's our fault?>>115899147ARCHER showed fucking.. but no nipples! because sex is fine, but the nipple is evil.

>>115874854You are hoping cartoon tits(4coloredcircles) are uncensored...?The absolute pathetic.

>>115926320For some reason female breasts are the highest on the pedestal right with vagina. You can have an ass waggling in front of the screen on some kid's movie but titties are dangerous despite not even being something you fuck, they're secondary sexual.

>>115879107There's always one

>>115881302I remember when the Bridgette name leak was the biggest thing CE fans had to this show being real. Man, that feels like forever ago.

>>115897870nah. sometimes things are just funnier when censored. it leaves more to the imagination to go wild.

>>115926440It's really not the breast that's the problem. Sure excessive cleavage will get censored, but the nipple seems to be what people have a problem with. And yet male nipples are all over the place.

>>115926771>And yet male nipples are all over the place.Let's not pretend like it doesn't make sense why female nipples and male nipples are deemed differently. This is the kind of shit that makes the freethenipple campaigns so obnoxious. They have a blatant sexual relation. If a guy's penis is shown in the content, then I agree a woman's nipples shouldn't be offlimits, hell their vaginas shouldn't be but especially the nipples which are a secondary relation to the sexual body functions, but in general media that doesn't include anything worse than maybe a dude's butt, then it comes down to show a woman's butt you double standard fags. But also there's that bart simpson lisa simpson shitposter for that and I don't want to get involved in that autism.


>>115927074I guess it should be excluded online animations.

>>115926906It's really only some cultures that sexualize women's breasts though. There's nothing inherently sexual about them any more than any other part of the body. The free the nipple campaigns make total sense.

>>115928037No, female breasts relate to sex. What makes total sense is that cultures that require you to cover sexual parts also require women to cover their breasts. I will never understand why people don't get this very blatantly basic and simple thing and want to act like victims. The fact that males' breasts are seen differently should give you enough context clues between biological differences to understand it, but no of course not. Muh oppression.

>>115928115>No, female breasts relate to sex.Are you 13 dude? >What makes total sense is that cultures that require you to cover sexual parts also require women to cover their breasts. I will never understand why people don't get this very blatantly basic and simple thing and want to act like victims. The fact that males' breasts are seen differently should give you enough context clues between biological differences to understand it, but noRight, save for all the cultures that have no problem with breasts but still cover genitals. And all the cultures that view men's nipples as different due to years of sociological factors building up. There's literally nothing inherently sexual about breasts, anymore than there is to other secondary sexual characteristics like beards or sexualized parts of the body like feet. It's all just a social construct.

>>115928478You don't grow a beard as a biological function to nurture your child after sex and pregnancy.

>>115928498They don't relate to sex though. They relate to child nurturing. Really the only body part that inherently relates to sex is the vagina.

>>115874854Do you think they'll do an obligatory parent story about lying to your kids? About shit like Santa, the tooth fairy, the cum goblin (they don't have a son though), and birthday wishes? My dad used to tell me things like shooting stars was God throwing planets because he was pissed off about Santa stealing his birthday so if I saw a shooting star, people were talking about Christmas and God heard it. I think that was something maybe only my dad came up with and wasn't mainstream like Santa/cum goblins/soda bears etc.

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>>115928559This guy gets it.>>115928498You could make the argument that facial hair is used as a signal of sexual maturity and vitality, used to attract a mate.

>>115928498>He's never grown a nurturing beard

>yet another thread talking about stupid women problemsThis is a CE thread.

>>115928478Actually in the early 20th century it was obscene for men to be shirtless in public, they wore swim shirts on the beach. What happened then was that in the 30s, Johnny Weismuller started wearing just trunks on the beach so everyone went oh well ok if a Chad Hollywood star can go shirtless then I guess it's ok.

>>115928731No wonder women think being pretentious loudmouths with their shirt off will lead to a revolution.

Will there be a girl as good as Eileen?

Attached: eileen.png (1133x1051, 568.53K)

>>115928741Hopefully there won't be a character that is so fucking terrible with a writer who takes control of the room for her character like a minor instance of Lisa Simpson.

It just proves how social standards can arbitrarily change with time.

>>115928478The State of New York has no prohibitions on topless women in public, but the only ones I've ever seen were feminists with cellulite and donut rolls.

>>115928694>You could make the argument that facial hair is used as a signal of sexual maturity and vitality, used to attract a mate.And you'd be reaching for a reason to complain about men being allowed to be shirtless and women not for blatantly obvious reasons even if you don't agree with them just to cry about oppression.

>>115926906>But also there's that bart simpson lisa simpson shitposter for that and I don't want to get involved in that autism???

>>115928857The one that posts Simpsons Movie material where Bart streaks on a skateboard while Lisa has clothed normal marketing.

he's that guy who always posts about how why did they show Bart's dick in the movie and not Lisa's coin slot. he may be the same guy who spams that crappy MS Paint fanart of Maggie and Selma's kid.

>>115929170Are you retarded and don't know how to respond to people?


>>115929202You're the one simping on a bad character. She was the only female character that was the 2010s quirky retard annoying type. Without her RS would have been perfect.

>>115926440>For some reason female breasts are the highest on the pedestal right with vaginaNot quite. If you look at 1940s-50s pinups and erotica, they showed T&A but never vag, that was considered pornographic and obscene in most of the country. Playboy famously ran a full frontal spread for the first time in the January '71 issue as they were forced to respond to the wave of new, edgier adult magazines like Penthouse.

>>115928810Miami beach has a topless section and it's just all European tourists, never American women. so even where it's allowed it doesn't necessarily mean people are gonna use it.

>>115919367Arrest yourself

>>115899147Closest one is big mouth

>>115899147I think some underground adult cartoon shorts have, I saw a video of one from the 1920s once.

>>115902949>>115903785>>115905195>>115906027>>115906486>>115907286The human girls are extremely underrated

>>115874887Is she voiced by an asian tho?

>>115874937When was that ever a thing besides Drawn Together?All that uncensored nudity...

>>115901747>Masturbates to cartoons while fertile women seek men