Summer Camp Island

How is summer camp island ok for kids???They basically fucked with reality many times in this and almost fuck it up on multiple occasions

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>>115874739The same reason why AT is a children show despite getting really dark sometimes: Most of the episodes are relaxed that don't go anywhere and don't elaborate the plot or the lore.

>>115874739>They basically fucked with reality many times in this and almost fuck it up on multiple occasionsso?

>>115874739Summer Camp Island is where you go to learn that you're a special snowflake in a hierarchical system of special snowflakes and what you achieve outside of the island is the only thing that ever mattered.

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Why does every character have an actual name, but Hedgehog is just referred to as a Hedgehog?

>>115875196Her parents were jerks

>>115875290and also hedgehogs


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>>115874739They also show ocultism and witchery to children as something friendly and funny. Plus gay couples and ambigous-sex characters. Thats nothing new actually, call me when they introduce a MAP and moloch worshipper character.

>>115875196Her parents were retards and named her Jim

>>115876961No that's her dad's name

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The way that Hedgehog's mom and Oscar's parents have different views on how to raise a child makes me believe that the witches had a part in their parents meeting and/or becoming friends. Just a guess, though.

>>115877582Her complete name is Jim Jr, but you get the idea.


Anyone notice how unrealistic this is? Jews would only give 18 dollars, not 17. Ruined my immersion.

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Okay, spats under a skirt is one thingbut spats under NIGHTGOWNS? what in the actual fuck? you couldn't even see the crotches, are we THIS worried about seeing a little thigh? really?

>>115875196Think of it like 'Manny'

I like this show, but I'm a little tired of Hedgehog always being perfect and getting everything while Oscar is the Milhouse. I mean, the show set him up as the main POV character. maybe Doug Funnie was kind of a loser, but no other character was constantly perfect... even Chalky was shown to be stressed out and a cheater sometimes.Or just make it the hedgehog show from the beginning, nobody would have had any problem with that.

>>115880594Oscar's friend's name is Jim Junior.

>woman trying to pick a husband picks herself and the two suitors fuck off to bum each otherWow okay, nevermind. I'm fucking done with this show. glad I didn't draw it fanart this time before getting to that point.

>>115881456doesn't hedgehog regularly act like a stressed out spaz though? and didn't even manage to get with Max

>>115880827It's amazing how fast everyone's opinion of the show shifted since this image.I'm in the same camp (yuk yuk) in disliking the pilot but loving the actual series.

>>115881596You know, that's fair. But it never feels like a flaw, more like the message is she needs to learn how perfect and wonderful she is.

>>115881571imagine how confused that is going to make kidsi never thought I'd be like my parents and actually want my kids not to watch certain shows, but criminy. if I ever find a straight woman and manage to reproduce, I'm going to have a LOT of explaining to do about everything they watch.I guess a healthy diet of 20th century stuff will provide a good backing.

>>115876961>>115878774Jim is a nickname for James, and the feminine version of James, to my knowledge, is Jamie (although it's a unisex name)Could her real name possibly be Jamie???

>>115881456>>115881642I think episodes like Glow Worm and the video rental one do enough to keep Oscar relevant. Hedgehog is practical and skilled, but Oscar is competent in his own way and valuable to those around him.

Every thread until you love it!

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lucy makes my peepee the angry peepee

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>>115881746Her name is literally Hedgehog, her parents were both too busy with work to actually think of a name to call her, so they called her what she is, an hedgehog.


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why is susie so cute?

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>>115882379She's a good person who's become jaded after years of thankless work and losing her best friend over a petty dispute that blew way out of proportion. She has basically the ability to do anything, except find her real happiness, and yet she refuses to play the victim since she's too dang responsible. She internalizes her struggles, having to constantly administer positive reinforcement to herself through morning mirror messages and reading self-help books, all because she doesn't want to appear weak. That gives her a real personality and a real struggle: Learning that friendship isn't a weakness.

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>>115882217What was hedgehogs dream?

>>115882485Let's just say the kids called it "Taco Tuesday".

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>>115882190Her name is James, it's stated in the show, but I'm not sure which episode exactly. Hedgehog is a surname because she doesn't like being called as her dad.

>>115882379That's because she's a Julia Self insert, and Julia is the current cutest shit in the animation industry.

>>115882757oh fuck she is

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>>115883103I want to watch Netflix with her so fucking bad. Life is not fair, user.

>>115883757fbm :^(

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>>115881456Yeah if Potts wanted to self insert into Hedgehog she should've just made the whole story about her instead of baiting with Oscar.All Oscar is now is just a sidekick.

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>>115881748You mean the episode where Hedgehog is constantly being patronizing to Oscar?

>>115884444And ends with her realizing that her being overbearing just led to a lot of unnecessary trouble, and Oscar's system works for Oscar, yes.

>>115882217whats the salsa? Google reverse image search isnt working for me

>>115885695>salsaBack to hispa, José.

Anyone got mega links to season 2?

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>>115880827Pull that trigger already boomer

>>115886103You know, keeping in mind she's several centuries years old and with the body and brain of a 15 years of teen I can easily see her using recreational drugs to chill out during breaks.

>>115880827>He doesn't like Julia Pott StyleShit taste, bruh.

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>>115882167And still no porn of her

>>115886564She's 9 you sick fuck

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>>115886643Do it bitch

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>>115886575she's also a cartoon hippo person, god.


>>115886200I don't like that pic related because of the limbs and extra detail on the hands/feet - it's disturbing and tumblr-tier ugly. I do like the newest art style within the actual SCI show. It's more cartoony, hence being more cute & tolerable.

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>>115886564I've drawn a couple of pics personally.

>>115886854post that shit

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>>115886896>it should on pah...>it's not on paheal>somebody tagged an SCI pic as Animal CrossingFuck it. Save it if you want it because it won't be around

>>115886179You would think she has done almost all recreational drugs she could do while on a magical island.

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>>115887024Tried to warn you.

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>>115874739what's it going to do, inspire kids to time-travel and hop dimensions and mess things up? are you fucking stupid?

>>115887138So are you grammtically incompetent or are you an ESL?

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>>115886695Even though I dont like that ship I hope they kiss on the show.

>>115887170>a person on 4chan made me feel stupid>i know, i'll insult their grammar! that'll show them!if you care about grammar on 4chan you're an even bigger faggot than i thought

Susie make my pee pee into the big pee pee

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>>115882217I haven't watched the new season, did hedgehog got NTR'd?

>>115881571I feel like I know why you're upset. But elaborate please

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>>115887314ya by a koala

Why does Susie have to listen to whatshername and train Hedgehog? Didn't they have a falling out? Did I miss something?

>>115887499They’re not mad at each other, they’re just grown apart and it’s tough on both of them.Romona seems more mature, so I guess Romona telling Susie to train Hedgehog is like an adult telling a child to do something they don’t want to, and out of a sense of duty or something.

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So is Oscar some sort of Happiness mage/wellspring? Seeing as he can make flowers bloom from his glowing magic.

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>>115882722Source on this, I just watched both seasons for the first time and don't remember this being said at all

>>115874739Its not OK at all. Its a pure autistic series for pure autistic manchildren.

>>115888114I really love flashback Oscar.

>>115874739>How is summer camp island ok for kids???It's okay if your uncle molested youIt's Uncle Summer Molested Me Camp!

What's his glow worm Stand name?

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>>115888631Purple Haze

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>>115882722>>115888226Is this some sort of false memory?Because I am hundred percent sure it is not in the show.

Pepper is the best!

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I think Hedgehog would be really into hard science fiction.

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>>115890831its backward

>>115882379its the eyebrows

>>115890987thats the hard part

>>115887264Not him but I use 4chan to improve my english, so I'm always happy when anons correct my gramatic errors.

>>115881571What are you talking about?

Can someone give me the cliff's notes of the hedgehog needs to hold her pee in episode? I couldn't get through it.

>>115891460The plot of the worst episode.

Why are you guys all so obsessed with Hedgehog or Susie? They aren't attractive or cute and frankly if you find them cute you're weird. Especially cause it's Alice that's the cutest.

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>>115891758LOOK AT HER GOTo be honest I love her voice and personality, but her having retard strength terrifies me because one mistake means my penis shrinks from a good 7" to only 4" because she wants to make it cuter.


>>115891557Nothing happened. The episode just ended. HH did get to the outhouse, though.


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>>115874739I hate these autistic ass threads asking why/how children’s shows are ok for kids when they just do typical ass shit they do in kid shows. It almost sounds like overbearing mothers, were it not for the fact that they complain about the stupidest shit and think everything is dark for some reason. Just some autistic ass loser trying to apply adult level meaning and logic to cheap children’s cartoons. >>115874839Exactly. Autistic ass thing to say is inappropriate for kids.

Someone have Links to episodes

>>115886778>I don't like that pic related because of the limbs and extra detail on the hands/fee> it's disturbing and uglyThat's the point, you fucking retard. It's a horror short, it's supposed to disturb you.

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>>115883103she looks so hedgehoggy... cute

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>>115891557She pees in the outhouse while oscar watches. Not even joking

Fuck it feels so good having a day off after working more than five days in a row.

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>Sick poodle, my bottom. This is an accurate depiction of your scraggy-looking form, okay? Yeah, I look like a sick poodle because poodle are gross like you.Ummm... based...?

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>>115895069Is-Is she naked?

>>115891557>>115893974Hedgehog wants to be cool around the witches at their sleepover, but she's scared to use the outhouse. She eventually goes and realizes it isn't scary. Oscar shows up when she's done, the scene goes:>o: [enters outhouse]>h: [screams] >o: did i pick a bad time again?>h: yes, i was doing number 1>o: oops, i'm sorry. i'll never use my eyes again>h: it's ok, i'm doneEpisode ends with Oscar pretending to be a screaming owl so the witches won't realize Hedgehog screamed earlier. So it's not like Oscar was watching, since he shows up after she's done. The whole premise was pretty bad and probably my least favorite of all episodes.

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>>115895348Potts clearly has a pee fetish....lucky for us!

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>>115874739>They basically fucked with reality many times in this and almost fuck it up on multiple occasionsThat happens in most educational children programs, for fucks sake the magic school bus does this kind of shit.Show's target audience is 5 year olds, stop trying to make it sound darker or more adult than it really is and just enjoy it.

Towajiro, the little yellow fella who makes the only good SCI artwork out there.

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Werewolves are furries, aren't they?

>>115896698Irrelevant, seeing as how the cast are all animals, the entire show is technically furry.

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>>115874739So, it's Ed, Edd n' Eddy with uglier drawings and more boring adventures.

Yup, you caught us, you can leave the thread now. Don't want to bump us, after all.

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>115897415Except it isn'tHere's your (You)

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>>115882379big eyebrows


>>115895779And a foot fetish also, aparently

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>>115898447Her eyebrows compliment her grasses.

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I just fucking realized I'm the only person keeping this thread alive.Pump-n-dumping the entire half-season is a great way to fucking terminate discussion.

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>>115901849I appreciate the cute susie pics please keep going

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>>115902849>>115897259>>115896622>the summer camp island fandom is being carried by one WesternbooBros...

>>115902868Do you want the show to be carried by its creators?

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>>115903301>Betsy>lesbianfucking GHOSTnigga

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>>115891817nice waifu user

>>115891817Shrinking you say?

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>>115903761Good funpost.

I guess this is the best thread to ask, is this show any good? It always looked kind of interesting

>>115904010Only if you enjoy uncomfortable truths and good advice delivered years too late.

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>>115904010I don't watch any cartoons. I'm only here for waifus and shitposts.


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>>115904010Some episodes can really hit you emotionally, others just have a dumb plot

>>115904333Some have a fetish plot, you mean.

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>>115904440remember the episode where Susie not only farts but sticks her foot in Oscar's mouth as well

>>115904010It was really good for the first half of season 1 but then the characters got more flanderised.Oscar who was fairly smart at the beginning is now just a retard. And Hedgehog has become pretty much perfect in every way.

>>115904625I'd disagree with the thing about Hedgehog. She can still fuck something up, like doing spells.

>tfw no angry magical chav waifu

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How many do you think are on you right now?

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>>115904010It has some kind of lore and worldbuilding and some episodes are quite dark, but overall most episodes don't go anywhere. If you like comfy shows about characters doing nothing then you would like SCI.

>>115905553Where are Oscar's legs?

>>115901849It's summer camp, there's not too much to discuss about the show, and most threads are for waifufaggoy, feeling lust for Julia's feet and shitposting and memes.

>>115888631Did Oscar age up?

>>115906065It's not shitposting, it's having a good time talking about how we'd like to fuck underage animal girls.

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>>115904043that trunk could not look more like a floppy dong if they'd just posted a pic of a dick

>>115906109It's part of what makes him so dang irresistible.

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>>115906102It's the highest form of liking the show.

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>>115906702I wonder how they celebrate that Penis Day festival on the magical island.

>>115906136>Tfw after get aardvark gf, suddenly everyone is on your caseOscar is optimistic almost to a detriment.

>>115907296We'll beat it out of him, one day. Maybe make him play that new vidya game everyone's complaining about.

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>>115906086Ironically, that is from a flashback (last episode from this batch). I do hope Oscar is like this in future episodes.

>>115907316>Put game in console>Console, which became sentient when it arrived on the island, overheats itself on purpose, melting the disc and it's internalsA console on this island will gladly commit seppuku if it meant not having to display/process/store data of a shit game.

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>>115907455Hedgehog worst girl

>>115907486pls no bully she have autism ;_;

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>>115907455why is she squeezing her right boob

>>115907549feels good



>>115898232youre a god


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>>115895779"Drink it up pee boy"

Reminder: no matter how much you run, you will never escape the autism.

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>>115909426>american "humour"

>>115909581Julia is british

>>115909741>british "humor"

saved this one a long time ago and I cant find where I got this (all RIS engines fail)Care to translate, though?

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>>115909426>Hey guys remember the pilot that Julia acknowledged (not officially but it's quite clear) it wasn't very good and made changes to fix the wrongs of it for the showWow you sure showed us.

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>>115910971she cute

>>115901849This was just half season? there is more on the way?

>>115912069Yeah, just like the last time they gave us the first half of season one, and then a year later gave us the second half. So, next summer we'll get season two, part two.

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>>115886564Check E6 before making such shit claims.


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>>115912977I remember when Holla Forums ruined Pepper's wiki page... It was awful.

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>>115912074fuck my life

>>115913332Hey remember when it was 5PM on a Friday and Cartoon Network spent the next four or five hours showing off brand new cartoons, then lead in to Toonami's anime block showing off the latest anime dub? Then on Saturday morning you'd wake up to watch Kids' WB's stuff, then switch over to Nickleodeon in the afternoon? Then on Sunday you'd get the FoxBox and catch some shit on ABC after Doug stopped playing? Then on Monday you and your friends talked about cartoons for the next fucking week because you got dumped with like fifteen new episodes for fifteen different shows? And that kept repeating so there was never stagnation?Yeah well fuck you, buy a Netflix subscription.

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I have a feeling that Susie knows about Oscar's and Hedgehog's shenanigans but plays along because she doesn't want to sanction them, like in the unicorn episode.

>>115913575She's aware of their main character status.She doesnt get paid enough to deal with the bullshit that those two get themselves involved in.

>>115913384this made me sad and aroused at the same time :^(

>>115913384Yeah I remember. Doesnt mean I liked it. Fuck you.

>>115914374what did you just say to me you little bitch

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>>115914487>pointing a gun to meAre you a pig or a witch? make up your mind, bitch.

>>115914549>at me

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>>115913056Honestly it's too bad this ship will never happen

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>>115874739Which episode of season 2 was your favorite? Pic related was mine, the jokes, pacing and character interaction were very good. But when you factorize the coom element, i.e. Hedgehog's deep singing voice, the episode arise over all the others of both seasons.

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>>115915253I liked all of them except the omarashi episode. I also hope that HH's VA grows up to do anonymous ASMR for thousands of dollars a day and doesn't get naked in front of a camera.

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>>115913384>I can never miss episodes again fuck your romanticizing

>>115907316does anyone have this comic in a bigger res?

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What if Alice made your dick sentient and it always had a little face and would talk to you?


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>>115915253>it's a "lazy character is rewarded for his laziness" episodeMy favorite.

What if your sentient dick was in love with a sentient vagina, but you and the girl were just friends?

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How big a dick do you think Hedgehog could take?


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>>115916758Superb, we would finally settle down on how gay we really are.

Attached: you thought your first kiss was with betsy, but it was me, ALEXA, the entire time!.jpg (768x768, 66.51K)

Oscar is a manic pixie dream boy.

>>115881456Because Hedgehog is perfect.

>>115907549That's where the heart is. (she has dextrocardia)

>>115912175Is that magnet or megaz?

>>115921450Use base64 decoder

Why is there no Susie art with Claire from The Summoning?Both are cute cat teens.Both are witches.Both have abrasive attitudes.They're perfect together!

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>>115922391Claire is actually supposed to be some elf stated by the creator. So quit shoehorning your fotm

>>115922808Sure she is. And Susie's actually a centaur and totally not a cat girl.

Cat witches are bitches.

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>>115922808The creator is a stupid bitch if she thinks she can tell me Claire isn't a fucking cat.

>tfw no tough cookie gf

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porn requests?

>>115924797Hedgehog discovering the clitoris. Preferably hers, but Betsy's is acceptable.

>>115924883Betsy's a horse, right?

>>115925028... Betsy is Betsy... Don't be weird.

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>>115925119Horse clit it is.

>>115924797Hedgehog schlicking to a picture of max

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>>115924797Susie posting lewd images to an expy of 4chan, only to get banned.

>>115925686She wouldn't like us here.

Attached: susie stories.png (939x907, 98.52K)

>>115925686She'd just evade.

>>115876660We know Oscar

>>115882757so is Julia Vickerman. all cartoon Julias are good. even Raul Julia.

>>115891758she is cuteI guess she'll be fired again for not being black though

>>115895348It was an okay episode but spats under nightgowns really triggers me.

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>>115924797Star Butterfly commits genocide against all of the magical creatures on Summer Camp Island. There's also nudity i guess.

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The style of the show is fun for animation, but it's not that great for fanart, especially porn. What sort of changes to the model do you like?>>115915452This is really good. It's got an almost Disneyish. It's also a really high quality artist, but I'm asking about the model rather than the quality, because it's hard to draw that good.>>115904885This is great. It's more the artist's style than the model though.>>115882217this is probably my favorite. Still cartoony, but the animal features like Oscar's trunk and ears are just a bit more enhanced than the show's model.

>>115927117>"Uh, are you suggesting that my hat is inside my hat?"

When do you think we will get a series finale? there is always some lore being dropped here and there and it was frustrating to see more filler episodes towards the end.

Anyone else find the aliens fucking annoying? I want to punch them

>>115929452mid season finale.could get the second half by the end of the year

>>115929481Damn really? They cranked out like 20 episodes and I thought that was it for the year

>>115929478I find anyone fucking in front of me annoying. Just get a room, already.

Whats your prediction for a series finale? Will there be a threat to the island only oscar and hedgehog can stop or will ir be a tearful going away party before they go back to their homes?

Why do hedgehogs have those pointy hats? Is it a cultural thing?

Re watched the pilot and man it changed a lot. They aged them down form 14 to around 8-11 and the overall style but its expected in pilots. its just weird seeing the pilot after watching season 2. Would you guys prefer the original style or how it currently looks?

>>115926504Wikia edits are always great.

Whatever Happened to the other witches?

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>>115930621[MGSV reflex mode sound plays]

found it annoying when the characters change style every scene or episode. I know there multiple people animating it and all but they should agree to decide what they officially look like rather than giving hedgehog a long head then a shorter head the next scene. Similar to what they did with SU

Anyone else notice Hedgehogs mom had fangs too? Maybe shes also a werewolf

wait I got an idea for what happens in the end, what if when they embark onto the boat and leave, they forget about the whole thing and given a false memory that it was a regular camp and Hedgehog loses her witch powers/werewolf powers?

>>115930826Hedgehogs have fangs too they eat bugs with them