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New adventure time special coming

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Why would BMO even be in space?

Only the Finn and Jake special will be worth watching.

>>115874551Knowing the series, Ooo is probably destroyed

>>115874574Didn't even know there were more specialsThey did increase the quality of the animation.

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>>115874394They are going to screw this up.

Coming out at Midnight I assume

>>115874574ok incel

>>115874551IIRC he's delivering potatoes to Mars for its terraformation.

>>115874759You never know, they just might surprise us.

>>115875133This, trailer was rather promising.If it's shit I will eat a salad, raw.

>>115874394Baffling they'd waste an episode for BMO. Such an overrated and overused character.

>>115874394Hope they give Finn a better ending this time.

>>115875009They already had an advanced civilization, once ruled by Lincoln. Has Princess Bubblegum moved into planetary conquest?

Why couldn't they have just freaking made all of these episodes about finn and jake. I do not give a shit about some backwater planet bmo adventure or the candy lesbian. I just wanna see my favorite bros be epic and get a happy ending.

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>>115876115returned, you meanShe had actually tried and was halfway through genociding another race when tree trunks called her out on it and she temporarily gave up

>>115875133If it's anything but absolute shit i will quite literally eat my hat, and you can hold me onto that

>>115876862Tree Trunks must now be dead.

>>115874578Yeah, about that:first episode is a prequel, it takes place before BMO met Finn and Jake for the first time.

New review. Apparently Martin is in the episode.Only negative is the 45 minute


>>115877761One of the reviews spoiled the ending

>>115874759Maybe Finn will get laid. You never know.

There better had to be more specials than just 4. I want a Ice King special and Sweet P special.

>>115878269Be realistic user.

Do we know what time it is being released?I'd like to assume 9PM PST or 12PM PST, but I don't know how HBO Max handles their content.

>>1158815453AM EDT, according to HBO Max

>>115874394>series with BMO as the main MCfuck no

>>115874574Watch it be the worst of the 4

>>115876890You'd better be ready to post a video.

>>115874394Imagine being excited for adventure time. This show is LOLSORANDUM garbage and I regret sticking with this shitshow from middle school all the way to college.

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>>115882821Can’t get worse than the finale.

>>115883692You never know

>>115874394*sigh* I'll get started with the bunny porn

>>115874394this is why Dingdongvg completely went silent on us. Great to see a funny boy finally make it big.

>>115875987Yeah, sometimes BMO can barely hold an 11 min episode. I keep getting exciting about this special but then I forgot that there's no Finn and Jake.

The bunny girl seems really aggravating.

>>115877566Not reading a fucking review that praises the series finale as being>a finale that encapsulated almost everything that made the Cartoon Network series so special

>>115884792But what about the potential for bunny porn? You know the things are born already horny.

>>115878408>Ice King and Sweet PThey are not going to do it, and you know it, user, they just want to keep milking the cash cow that AT is rather to put a satisfactory ending for the characters that didn't have one.

>>115882745>SeriesIs a movie, user.

>>115874574This, keep the forced pandering shit that destroyed the show and series finale in the past.

>>115874574Both Jake and Finn are finished characters, I don't understand what else can they elaborate about them.


>>115885091Woah, woah, woah. Slow it down there, user. It doesn't appear on the service until 3am.

>>115884976I don't even care if the entire special is them sitting in a room playing Card Wars again, the last season felt like it had too little focus on them being bros


>>115885161That's exactly why I'm not looking forward to this special, there are plenty characters that didn't got their stories finished, to cite just one example, we don't know what happened to the Lich. Finn and Jake got finished their stories, there's nothing else to talk about them, they are just going to keep milking the franchise rather than giving it a proper ending, which is sad, because with those almost three hours they could make everything that Come Along With Me couldn't because of limited time and rushed production. Heck, they could even make the Bravest Warriors crossover if they organize their time, but no, let's keep talking about these characters that doesn't really have anything else interesting to say.

>>115883524aikas? wtf is this

>>115885567>Finn and Jake got finished their storiePretty shittily

>>115885567They don't own Bravest Warriors.


>>115885933But at least they were finished, unlike others.>>115885935I was memeing. Many years ago a crossover was announced, but it got totally forgotten

>>115885567You guys are the cancer that destroyed adventure time.

>>115884976They didn’t really have a good ending. Maybe this special might give them one.

>>115886001ElaborateWhat's wrong in wanting the characters I like to have a proper ending and asking to develop the ideas that were introduced but never used?

>>115885985>But at least they were finished, unlike others.Pretty shiftily and I could care less about the background characters that swarmed the series after season 5.

>BMO-centric episodes

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Is there going to be a mega when it comes out?


>>115886745I would but I don't give enough of a fuck for BMO/dykes/Peppermint Butler

I wish my only girlfriend would have told me what the fuck her reasoning was for calling my penis "Little BMO" was before she broke up with me.

>The very fate of The Drift may rely on Y5 trusting BMO, throwing herself into the action, and listening to her heart. Even if it means getting into trouble.Literally every female character.


>>115885567Arguably having unresolved plot threads is better than having them be resolved in a disappointing manner, judging by the show's track record. Shit like the origin of IK's crown, Susan's backstory, that whole farmworld universe, etc were better as unresolved mysteries rather than the actual conclusions/expanations.

Patiently waiting for MEGA

>>115885567>Finn and Jake got finished their storiesExplain to me how a shitshow of a finale finished Finn and Jake's stories. Please, explain to me how seeing Finn being sidelined, doing nothing in the final battle and losing everything in the end is considered closure. Please, explain to me, so I can believe your shitty opinion.

>>115887442He learned that he's not always going to be everyone's hero and that sometimes he needs to be saved. I really don't understand why you guys have such a hateboner for the finale other than the kiss. It's pretty obvious, he was saving everyone else all series and by the end he got saved.

>>115887456Yeah, no. Fuck you and your opinion

>>115887484Finn learned to be a proper hero, one that can save people but that it's ok to need to be saved yourself sometimes. His friends returned the favor. Adventure Time is about friendship.

>>115887442Well we got to see him mature throughout the show, going from "I'll kil anything that's evil" to understanding there's nuance to some situations, which compelled him to try and stop the war. I think it's a well rounded arc considering it would have been unfathomable for season 1 Finn to do any of that.

>>115887500>>115887525That's the most garbage, shitty retarded opinion I've ever read. This doesn't justify Finn's awful role in the finale. If you really think this is what everyone needs to accept as an ending for Finn instead of an actual closure, you should just kill yourself.

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Reminder that torrents go faster than MEGAs.magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9218f9bfc7ab9669b6c46130b50337c2314c00ba&dn=Adventure.Time.Distant.Lands.S01E01.1080p.WEB.h264-WALT%5Brartv%5D&

That's exactly who you think it is. It also shows how he got there.

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>mfw people think finn needed to grow out of his “ill kill anything that’s evil” phasedo you actually like him being a cuck instead

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It was pretty great. Any cameos I missed besides the Grayble species and Mr. M probably being Martin?

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>>115887749I hope the other episodes are as good

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So:Adam Muto is showrunnerSupervising Director is Miki Brewster (2012 TMNT, season 5 of Steven Universe and Future)Storyboard Supervisor is Mira Ong Chua (2012 TMNT, OK KO, Rise of the TMNT)the story by credit goes to:Jack Pendarvis (co-developer, story editor; served as staff writer on the OG AT from mid season 5 to season 7, story editor from season 8 to the end, a writer on post-2nd movie spongebob, story editor on season 1A of Summer Camp Island, and story editor on Steven Universe Future)Kate Tseng (staff writer; co-created Welcome to Doozy, served as a staff writer on Steven Universe Future)Hanna K Nystrom (co-developer, boarder on the original AT starting with season 7, as well as on Summer Camp Island)Anthony Burch (not entirely out of left field given that Ashly Burch was a story writer on seasons 7-8 of AT)Adam Mutoand the written/storyboarded credit goes to:Hanna K NystromIggy Craig (OK KO boarder)Laura Knetzger (did some freelance boards on AT, co-boarding Do No Harm, Winter Light, and Abstract)Anna Syvertsson (did freelance board revisions on the original show and co-boarded Diamonds and Lemons)Adam Muto

Stolen download link here!

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>>115887788Considering at the end it ends up being a prequel it is 100% Martin

>they got David Ferguson back

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>The chunk missing from the planet is from this weird electromagnetic explosion not a mushroom bombWhat's going on here?

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So, whats up with those specials? What is the timeline placement? Is Bmo special good?

>>115887974>So, whats up with those specials?4 45 minute specials produced for HBO Max.>What is the timeline placement?My guess is it will vary from episode to episode. for example this BMO Special takes place before the main series.>Is Bmo special good?I enjoyed it. It is more akin to Season 7-10 Adventure Time than "Classic Adventure Time" so if you're a lorefag like me it was great.

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The only reason this special is worth watching

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>>115887858Thanks bro

This was way more than I could have asked for!!!

>>115888579cute paws

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>>115887956That's weird. Is an eletromagnetic pulse strong enough to do that to a planet?

>>115874759BEAVER COCK


>>115874394every time i see marceline she's more and more tumblr dyke

>>115884976Finished by the wrong people, they could always change them back to how they were, fun loving adventurers with a heart of righteousness. Not some crybaby preteen crying about not getting kissies and losing every fight he gets into unless heavily helped by the "supporting" characters

>>115877566kids right? always calling out their deadbeat parents.


>>115889869Muto explained in the finale Q&A that Martin conned a bunch of alien species in the past, which resulted in him being taken to the Crystal Citadel.

>>115889443This has been a problem since 2013. We knew the show was going to end like shit for a while.

>>115887828Me too. I was afraid it wouldn't feel like adventure time, but they just nailed it. Animation was super nice too.

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>>115888961It's not a eletromagnetic pulse, eletromagnetic pulses don't affect matter much, they only damage electronics.

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I wanted lewds of Y5, but now I really want lewds of her mom.

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>>115886625stay strong user

>>115890489Why was she such a bitch?>Y5 STOP GOING ON MISSIONS TO HELP HUGO WE HAVE TO DO THIS THING TO HELP HUGOBunny lady your daughter is working towards the same goals as you are calm the fuck down.


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>>115890526>>115890514>>115890488>>115890474>>115890455Where are these from?


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Haven't watched the episode but did they take any advantage of the HBO privileges?

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>>115883960Good man.


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>>115890542twitter. top one is from amber blade jones, the supervising producer, and the 4 BMO ones are by Joy Ang. Not sure about the other painting.


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>>115890553To some degree?It allowed them to make something that did feel like one 44 minute long episode instead of several 11 minute long episodes put together like the miniseries, it let them have more impressive backgrounds and some animation moments, but aside from that it felt mostly like standard CN Adventure Time.

This episode was amazing.

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so any word on when the next one will come out? obsidian?

>>115887858Why not mirror the link instead?

>>115890905This year. Wizard City and Together Again will come out next year.


>>115891006>Wizard City and Together Again will come out next year.How do you know? Also, I thought they were all finished; I thought they started Distant Lands a few months after the finale.

>>115891052Only two episodes are scheduled to come out this year. And production on Distant Lands started on early 2019, way back in February.

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>>115891006Pretty crazy that we'll still be getting new AT episodes in 2021.

Wake me up for Close Enough and then for Finn and Jake's special, which they could only manage to think up "two bros need to get their friendship back" for.

>>115883524You're the one who's random bud.

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any chance of getting a non-mega link? my download got blasted and now I've gotta wait until the limit resets

this might be a very unpopular opinion.I loved adventure time. I loved the lore hints but felt like it wasnt that great when it buckled down on lore stories towards the end.The Midnight Gospel is unwatchably pretentious. It feels like the rantings of a high school kid. I lost interest in anything Adventure Time at this point, but maybe ill watch it on a slow night. Nervous that itll just be terrible and shit on all the good memories i have of the show tho.

>>115892767You aren't the only one.

>>115892908M8 it's b8, check how it's written.

Crazy how the Demon Blood Sword that Finn inherited from Joshua broke at almost exactly the halfway point of what wound up being the total episode count of the original run. Depending on if you partition Come Along With Me as 4 episodes or a single episode, anyway. The other contender is Time Sandwich.

>>115893247not bait but i dont post here often so i might sound awkward in writing.

>>115874394>in BMO's quest to become a main character Y5 slightly becomes a better main character.After watching Bunny seems like a alright protag once she matures. The gravity boot antics and olive shape shifting seemed like a dynamic I could get into. Too bad it won't happen since they gotta get rid of everyone bitching and BMO Maybe if Rabbit got a nice adventuring companion they could craft a interesting little side series.

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>>115887749>>115887828>Mr. M>his voice>his body type>the color of his feet>his personalityit Martin obviously.

>>115890489>>115890535she is a total bitch, but also a new milf to coom over, fupa and a thigh gap, hnnng!

I liked it, i'm a zoomer who grew up and fell off of adventure time but i steadily got back into it as it approached its ending, and while i thought the ending was kinda shit, this new episode's stepped up animation and the quality of the story made it pretty entertaining. 7-8/10

>>115890622>>115890455>dat moebius tribute

any client recommendation?i currently use vuze.

>>115874394I'm gonna be honest. I don't really like BMO that much. Like he's not bad or anything but its gimmick is mostly just spouting nonsequiters and being cute. Which is really charming as a background character or supporting role. But any of the episodes where BMO takes a dominant focus starts to grate on you over time.

>>115890535"Kids, always calling out their deadbeat parents."This fucking cracked me up

>>115893990they can always pick this characters in the comics.

Why make 4 specials revolving around self insert OCs and glorified fanfiction ideas like Bubbline and Finn and Jake needing to be friends again.

They sure like doing dystopian illuminati stories.

>>115895591Well that’s pretty much what the show turned into.

>>115895766That and men bad.

>>115874394It was mainly good for the art direction and animation, I wasn't that interested in the rabbit OC. If fragile glass thing is a boy and not a girl like every other OC I get the feeling it'll be Tom Kenny again.

>>115895591The synopsis says they grew apart. My question is why did Finn never go through a rebellious phase with mood swings and shit and wanting to be independent? Why now to force them apart where you had scenes in Elements and such doubling down on a near unbreakable bond? Shoulda did that stuff mid seasons imo

It's been more than 12 hours since the release and yet i still can't find porn of that Y5 rabbit. I looked on rule34 and e621 but still no result.Is the internet going easy on her, or am i missing it at somewhere else?

>>115896270It's too androgynous for people to immediately flood porn of, but it'll casually happen because of fanartists wanting attention and AT fandom mix.

I can't wait for the Bubbline episode. And there's nothing you can do about it.

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It was pretty good but I felt the last 15 minutes were way too rushed. BMO didn't even get to say goodbye to Y5, he just left. I thought their bond was supposed to be an important part of this, but I guess not. >>115889892wait, so all of this takes place in the past. Is this a prequel?

hopefully some useful info comes of this.

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>>115874394Lovely episode shame that this was a one time thing I liked the Drift and Y5.

>>115896526But you are waiting. You're waiting right now. There is nothing you can do to prevent it. I didn't have to do anything to cause you to wait.

>>115896796I do have some questions about the ending and Mr. M

>>115895591Why not? Two episodes for the characters that are the epitome of goofy Adventure Time shit, and two episodes for the bubbline and Finn&Jakefags that want more or weren’t satisfied. Seems like exactly the kind of thing they should do outside of straight up making another season or a movie

>>115887659Well that's a little too extreme. Regardless of how you feel about the way the show ended, it's still just a cartoon and not worth getting that worked up over. Also, those two answers are not by the same person.

>>115887525No one really cares about characters “maturing” if they become less entertaining to watch.

>>115897365Well that wasn't the original conversation. It was something along the lines of "Finn and Jake's stories ended", which I don't necessarily agree means they shouldn't ever be seen again.

>>115896796They're only going to answer questions related to BMO, so don't expect Muto to answer something else.

So it was just how BMO got with Finn and Jake

>>115898932yeah, the reveal that it was a prequel all along was pretty good, it caught me off guard But why the hell was BMO going to mars? Did I miss something from an old episode?

Wow, dead ass thread for an AT movie out of 4. Guess everyone moved on and won't look back.

>>115874771>preferring the main characters to the side character means he's an incelUnironically kill yourself, nigger

>>115900168The bubbline episode will get more talkback because of all the pissed off fags. This one was nice, but what's there to talk about? Its BMO fucking around in space. That's it. Either you like it or you dont.

You could just post a picture of the lesbian kiss and it would get more replies then a new Adventure Time special

is her name a pun?

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>>115899441Maybe it was one of his missions from MOE

>>115900262True I fucking love it, it left me really sad for the future of the drift, for as much as life finds a way that ATverse has it also has an equal amount of complete genocide

>>115900350For whar wifi?

>>115900592dumb, right?what else could it mean?

>>115900611Why limit yourself to 5 main characters (Finn, Jake, PB, Marceline and Ice King?)

>>115900645you might be onto something.

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Help me anons i don't wanna lewd the space bunny but the bunny keeps blushing and doing ahegao faces literally every 5 minutes

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>>115901132>lie down>try not to lewd the bunny>lewd the bunny a lot

>>115886625At least LSP is nowhere to be seen so far

>body shape>name>attitudeso we're all but confirmed that this is martin, right? I was actually really curious how this was going to tie into things but it being a prequel sort of takes the mystery out of it.

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>>115901132just pretend the reason that her mom's mad at her is because she's 35 and still lives at home and suddenly everything becomes ok

>>115901356forgot voice, but yeah. I feel the same.

>>115876896She was middle-aged, not old like her mother.

>>115901356I don't know why that didn't cross my mind but yeah, maybe you are right, i imagined he would be some kind of monster when he ate the usb thingy but i can totally see the person you mentioned just eating the thing if it means saving his ass

>>115892767I fucking loved midnight gospel, but hey, different strokes for different folks and whatnot.

>>115901755>>115892767I really wish I'd been able to get through more of it but listening to people talk about how magic is real makes me border-line physically nauseous. It seems like the most irresponsible bullshit in the world. I liked that first episode, thought the second good enough to zone out to, but as much as I liked the animations of the 3rd and 4th I had to stop.

>>115901356Yeah it's him though it is curious how he ended up there given the time period

I've always hated how the writers started doing a bunch of dumb tossed together shit they never thought out and had no intention of fully explaining just to have people think they're cool writers with great ideas and constantly wonder what stupid smacked on things mean. Plus the shit they did explain was underwhelming or worked perfectly fine being how it was, like Jake's powers not having some fantastical alien heritage for some daddy issues.

I started rewatching Adventure Time recently and it's odd how BMO didn't even have any lines in its first few appearances and is now a somewhat major character.

>>115902490Yeah I never liked the retcons the show made, just seemed like they went overboard with them and they really didn’t make sense.

>>115902331yeah, we still don't even know what his cosmic crime was, right? just a straight jump from being found by pirates to space jail.

>>115874394I guess if you like hear some old korean lady ramble some non sense on a voice filter its alright.

>>115902776I think it was just how he kept fucking over people during his space shenanigans similar to what he was doing now.I am just wondering how he ended up there. Finn was roughly like five years old at the end maybe? So Martin went from the whole encounter with the mecha and getting fished up by a passing boat, to going to space within the span of five years?

>>115902823If I was the one writing it, I think I would go with a situation where he met up with magic man while wandering ooo and they both screwed each other over in some way, ending with mr. m getting poofed into space or mars

>>115874394>New adventure time special coming tomorrow.You promised me this series was over

>Will probably be full of woke pandering nonsense.

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>>115902541BMO is male, I know you don't like saying anything other than she or it when it comes down to BMO but BMO is male.

>>115903075actually BMO is a robot.

>>115903075They're a Robot.

>>115903067That's PB/Marcy and Peppermint Butler's specials for sure. Peppermint Butler will have PB/Marcy crap by proxy since they made him the forced mentally regressed adopted son expy of the lesbians. For this special it was mainly just that the bunny girl felt like a bland OC and also it could introduce the idea that most of the OCs are going to be female.

>>115903021>>115903067it was pretty rad>>115903092>>115903100they do call themselves a boy with some frequency

>>115903067Asides from Y5 being seen as trans/non-binary not really

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>>115903075BMO has no chromosones so is not male

>>115903146what were the long legged

>>115903067Oh my god shut the fuck up

>>115903283No. Eat shit Tranny-Faggot.

>>115903134They are, in fact, a Robot, and they do not possess genitals or a reproductive system.

>>115903120I’m really looking forward to the bubbline episode just from the fallout that’s going to come with it, and I don’t even like the ship.

>>115903137Nothing in the episode hints that Y5 is a tranny

>>115903218He refers to himself as male multiple times, suddenly when it happens with a character that technically has no gender but they say they're a guy, Holla Forumsmblr wants to get "technical" about it.

>>115903640over half the time, you won't recognize a tranny until you see her dick.

>>115903918*sensible chuckle*

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>>115904055Based female rabbit!

>>115904597i wonder if she fucks like a rabbit too haha.

>>115904055Anymore lewd art of her yet?


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>>115904055>tfw I'll never learn anatomy to match my cartoony style to draw hot lewds

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>>115903540I like the ship but I like to see this board seethe even more.

>>115874394>BMO is canonically a korean knock off gameboy

Attached: BMO.jpg (721x901, 87.37K)

This was a decently fun episode, but my main problem with it because I'm a fag who cares about this stuff is that they didn't even try to make BMO's characterization make sense.>This takes place before the events of the show>In the early seasons of the show, especially 1, BMO is mostly just a console who every once in a while makes a sassy remark and has much less personality>in this episode BMO is filled to the brim with personalitySo why the fuck did he meet Finn and Jake and then decide to mostly sit around being a video game player? Makes no sense.

should i watch this if i've only seen like 10 episodes of adventure time?

>>115905360He agreed to a life of subservience so he could hang out with Finn and Jake, he thinks they’re cool.

I thought Adventure Time was cancelled?

>>115903137BMO calls her what she is. A girl. Neck yourself

>>115905532It's a prequel to what BMO was doing before getting mixed up with Finn & Jake so yes.

>>115905532Maybe? It was pretty fun but a lot of my enjoyment was coming from the allusions/references to the rest of the show so you won't get the same impact.I'd probably suggest watching the show especially because I feel like many parts of AT were better than this was.

>>115905127Watch it again, BMO is the original and CGO is the janky knockoff.

>>115905949>>115905360also presumably american made, baby

>>115876115this episode is pre-finn and Jake

>>115874394I usually found the BMO centered episodes annoying but this was some of the funniest writing in the whole show. Now I have to just avoid imaging what adventure time would’ve like with an HBO budget

Reminder that BMO stayed on Earth for another thousand years and probably never reunited with Y5

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>the Peppermint Butler special might pull a similar twist this special did and actually take place during Pep But's original childhood, not modern day post finale regressed pep but


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>>115906332Yeah probably.... Some of them must have been on Ooo though

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>>115906380Of course they’d keep him as the lesbian’s lobotomized child instead of being able to think for himself.

>>115904055who voices y5 mom? I feel like I know her?

Why doesn't BMO just impregnate the Y4?

I noticed one of the Drift's inhabitants was the Void Caster who we later see imprisoned in the Citadel in the main series

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>>115906888because he doesnt have penis

>>115906910That's just quitter talk.

>>115874394do they say the milf moms name in the episode? I think I missed it



>>115905360Probably bored, also who knows what he got up to when they did their own shit. Last time he was left alone he adopted a baby with a bubble and when that bubble popped he shacked up with all the air on earth.

>>115901914the first ep with the drug talk. Christ i had to listen to probably every person in my high school and college go on the same rant. Very surface level; like a kid who just discovered the topic. I wouldnt expect a sophomoric approach from pendleton but maybe this is truly him without editors. If it went on to talk about spiritualism, energies, all that kinda stuff. yikes.. glad i opted out

>>115905360Moe built Bmo to take care of his kids but he never had any. So, he sent BMO off to find a family to be with. Maybe F&J were just what BMO was looking for?

Attached: 296159784202211.png (2289x2289, 1.04M)

>>115906398Also let's not forget that BMO has such an unreliable memory/mental state that he forgot Finn's name and constantly misnames/misrememberes stuff that are happening in the present. Basically thst golden heart of his must be the reason he acts so wacky.

>>115903137Is Y5 a temporary character?

>>115906397letting BMO seeing your pickle? dang bro that's kinda cringe

>>115907433Pooootentially... we'll have to see.

>>115906332Yeah sure, that bitch probably hasn't died after thousand of years.

>>115904055that's a child

>>115907426Yeah, the randomness of BMO's personality would make you think BMO wouldn't ONLY stay with F&J. BMO was built to understand fun too so, I suppose hanging with F&J filled the fun-o-meter. But, I would imagine eventually BMO would just forget and wonder off to random other kids that needed help instead of just waiting in the house.

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>>115907662She's older than Finn

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>>115906332My headcanon says otherwise, so ha!

>>115904907There's one new pic on Pixiv

I had no idea you guys hated this show so much, or bmo even. At its heart adventure time is just about fun weird stuff with a little therapy thrown in. I feel like bmos character encapsulates that. I don't know why you watched so many seasons of something that apparently annoys you to no end

>>115907388not OP but this is a really good answer

>>115907882so we should molest baby Finn as well, no?

Jesus, CNs icon on Youtube.


>>115874394I got like half way through it and was bored out of my mind.

So bets on how gay the first humanoid characters are?

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Any new info on Bubbline episode?

>>115903283what >>115903488 said die a painful death tranny scum also checked

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>>115887749>Mr M I'm so fuckin dumb


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>>115907371I feel like there's actually more to it than just what the podcasts are talking about, there's also how they're framed in the episode. The main character is himself just a neet with a podcast who wants to avoid his problems, and you'll see him try and fail to apply the things that his interviews touch on. Spiritualism is appealing to him because it seems deep, and like it may be an answer to his problems, but it never is. And then he fucking dies.

>>115903067Not really, although the main villain may be an Elon Musk allegory.

>>115906380I'm expecting it to be the present, interspersed with flashbacks.

>>115874394for how advanced those aliens were it sucks a single cough killed them all...

>>115903075BMO is a robot.It's an it.

>>115899441BMO sings it at the beginning, brother. Something about going to deliver potatoes for a colonization of Mars. The episode very clears states that it's a big prequel of AT in general taking place sometime after the mushroom war. Moe sent BMO to colonize Mars and Hugo sent a bunch of people who then mutated themselves into Aliens and fucked everything they touched. What I don't get is the timeline. Did that little maintenance bot zoom BMO at the speed of light causing 1000 years of time dilation? What about the people on this Drift space station? Did they really live there for 1000 years as well? The events of this episode have to take place 1000 years after the Mushroom War since Martin is present and he is a human. Time dilation is the only explanation I can come up with but that'd make those little maintenance bots into literal god machines that can achieve FTL travel.

>>115912017It seemed less like they were going super fast and more like the dimensions around them were warping.

>>115910403not yet ......... :(

>>115912017>Colonizing MarsI assume Moe doesn't know there is an ancient alien civilization already present.>1000 yearsHe was shot off into space and probably left to drift for a couple months.Then he came in contact with the drone and whisked away instantaneously to the Space Station.The issue is when he was shot off into space. Some time around when Finn was ~5??>What about the people on this Drift space station? Did they really live there for 1000 years as well?Assuming that is an ancient space station, they were probably there for much longer.

Yeah, Mr. M is definitely Martin

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>>115912408>complete jackass>screwing over everyone in order to get ahead>fat>voice>feet>wears boots>always trying to escapehow did you not know it was martin?His name is literally Mr. (M)artin

>>115912321The biz is though, the CGO junkbot that Hugo made recognizes BMO's model so this sets the launch date off Earth 1k years in the past. We know that since it's shown that Hugo launched at the climax of the Mushroom war with CGO in tow. BMO didn't drift far in space since he passed Mars pretty quickly when the maintenance bot zorped BMO's ship away. This raises a few very strange questions regarding how 1k years passed on Earth after BMO was launched. Any which way I think on it I'm thoroughly confused. Time dilation and magic FTL travel are my only guess, which puts the maintenance bot and that Sea Lard that brought BMO back to Earth as the most powerful AT characters.

>>115910403>>115912169and thank god because it's horrible

>>115912559The only other explanation I can think of is Moe launched BMO into space for arbitrary reasons around the time Finn was born. This is probably the more likely explanation as there's too many characters zipping around Space to explain such a massive time gap with magic time dilation. It's that flashback explaining Hugo's launch that throws me off, they clearly launched when the Mushroom war was still happening. I guess those aliens perfected life extension and Hugo managed to steal it. It's strange of Moe to send a single, idiotic robot to colonize a planet with 7 potatoes nearly 1000 years after the Mushroom War's climax but w/e. Hopefully the people on The Drift had a good time vibing and dying when all of Adventure Time was happening, as with this assumption it places Y5 and Finn being alive at the same time.

>>115906900Wonder what he ended up doing

>>115912722Those Grey aliens seem like they hang around Earth. They also seem to live for a very long time and can interbreed with different species hence why those human alien hybrids are still alive and tree trunks alien babies coming into existence. Sucks they didn't vaccinate themselves, leading to their death, but it seems like they took that into account around the time Tree Trunks was alive.

>>115912673>Marceline and Princess Bubblegum journey to the imposing, beautiful Glass Kingdom — and deep into their tumultuous past — to prevent an earthshaking catastrophe.Another prequel, this time with more drama. In other words, it's gonna be shit.

>>115874394Baby boy

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>>115913486How well does Finn remember Joshua?

>>115896737Seeing young Finn and Jake didn't clue you in?

>>115913486>a child that has already killed a bear now attacks a dog with a sword twice the size of his body

>>115907882>tfw the AT crew will never let us have an older Y5 ara ara~'ing young adult Finn

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>>115887525By achieving fuck all but fighting his grass clone? Never mind that Finn already knew this, he already could solve situations in different ways from S1. The lesson he actually had to learned before with Billy was that violence is totally an acceptable way to solve issues. The whole violence isn't always the answer shit was a throw away line the writers added to make it look like he had changed. This is why I hate AT defenders. They completely ignore how everyone was downgraded so much, then act like some weak ass resolution (that half the time they made up) was this big growth moment. No it fucking wasn't. Finn was sociable, could be personal, solve issues in many different ways and was strong. They took that all away and then gave us a half arsed "growth" in its place.

>Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen meditate on their relationship while out on a mission to the Glass Kingdom.oh boy

>>115915439I dont mind bubbline but that just sounds really boring.

>>115915439/co/ will be mad regardless, but I imagine the episode will be boring more than anything. There will be some inane drama but they'll feel the need to push a bland positive relationship cause muh representation. It'll be so brave and shattering as they barely explore why these characters even like each other and their faults get glossed over cause wuv.

>>115915110This Finn always cared, helped, and respected everyone. His only "maturing" was when he realized everyone didn't share his ideas like Jake with compy, or PB. So he mellowed out a bit a major downgrade if you ask me. Then we just see him ruin his relationships for no reasons, like with FP and continue to get emasculated as a hero so side characters can 1-up him. Finn has always dealt with his misfortune by helping others but the writers seem to be too busy trying to put trials to dismantle him further instead of just writing him doing his hero thing. He was "matured" before and if not after the moment he put on the Glasses of Nerdicon.

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So is Mr. M actually Martin?

>>115915769It is Finn losing any social prowess that always got me. He was a little Chad but over time got written like a chump. He was a bit reckless in his socialising, but that was largely him and Jake being bros to everyone. Finn could be sweet, caring, funny, life of the party, etc. There was still a path for him to mature, he could be overly eager and needed life experience. Instead his confidence was sapped and suddenly he'll have no idea how to read emotions or talk to anyone. They never gave him those life lessons properly, bad shit happens, wait a season and then have the character reappear and go oh forget about it Finn. Nothing was learnt from when he fight cucked himself out of FP. One day they are both over it and tell us they are more mature now cause they have less personality.Often people say stuff like the writers hate Finn or don't know how to use him. But really I think that comes down to them removing his main personality traits and having no where to take it. So you get sappy "mature" Finn who doesn't care as much and can sit in the back not causing a fuss like the dumb idiot he is.

Remember when Finn got cucked out of not only Princess Bubblegum, but also out of his defining finale in the final season of Adventure Time? Remember how he became just another Side-Character, while his Bull, Marceline, took the show and his love interest from him?Yeah, ha ha. That was funny.

>>115915964Same skin tone, body type, and speech pattern.

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>>115916074Finn’s maturity arc after Frost and Fire was what started his decline as a character. He just became less entertaining to watch and gradually lost importance in the show. Episodes like Too Old, Red Throne, and Breezy are considered one of the worst episodes as they mark Finn’s downward spiral.

>>115916109That is funny actually.

are there any not shit parents in adventure time jesus

>>115916411Depends on if you think Joshua and Margaret were shit. Minerva seemed nice too.

>BMO is the crew's favoriteThat explains a lot

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The four episodes were originally pitched as miniseries after the finale.

Attached: 2020-06-26 16_17_18-Window.png (889x303, 94.79K)

>Adam is such a fucking cuck that he removed the snail from the specialsI want Pen back as the showrunner

Attached: 2020-06-26 16_18_50-Window.png (904x509, 143.94K)

>>115916928its just a fucking snail

Production started at the end of 2018. I think this explains why CN was teasing more AT stuff coming after the finale.

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Unused idea from the cancelled TV movie that was supposed to air within Season 5.

Attached: 2020-06-26 16_34_30-Window.png (880x347, 152.77K)

Sugar is not working on Distant Lands

Attached: 2020-06-26 16_38_57-Window.png (616x162, 17.36K)

>>115890489No rule saying you can't have both.

Looks like the miniseries will take place in different time periods after all.

Attached: 2020-06-26 16_45_17-Window.png (894x244, 89.57K)

>>115917432If the Bubbline one is just back story that will be a cop out and a half

Y5's age.

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>>115914782>>115907882>>115909158>>115890489 Ywn see KS-2 and Y5 hugging and "playing" with young Finn and Jake>>115916074>nothing was learned out of FP.This shouldn't have happened in the first place. Finn puts others before himself and was just starting to have sympathy in addition to a better understanding of Simon. But, he just out of the blue likes seeing him get beat-up. Literally could have just taken FP to any dungeon to fill his girlfriend power fantasy. >writers hate/don't know how to use Finn. Comes to removing his main personality and going nowhere.The only reasons I would think you would remove established traits of a main character would be if you didn't like them, planned to demote them, wanted to make them better, or wanted to give it to or fill it with someone else. In addition, to say "there was nowhere to take it" just seems like a bs excuse. They didn't need to take it anywhere they just needed to have F&J "adventure" then maybe hash out F&J's backstory and conclude it. They had plenty of time to do this and managed to do more meaningful things in shorter periods. Like with Marcy and BMO in ketchup. AT is great when it's simple, a D&D styled world building adventure filled with discovery. They didn't need to change personalities and retcon stuff but they did. Imo it comes off like they did to promote or maybe smite certain characters.

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>>115917506They had FP breakup with Finn because Sugar, who was in charge of her character, left to work on SU.

>>115917506What sticks out to me about FP is them breaking up, even temporarily, was a clear future plot point they did not need to rush to. Her destructive tendencies were clear and well established. They didn't quite match up and if they could solve that was an easy point to develop and play with. Not like the show wasn't already okay with her not appearing for lengths of time when she couldn't be fit in. That arc needed at least 3-5 more episodes before we enter the break up phase. Instead they rush it, rush the whole Cinnamon bun stuff and then get scared to ever touch it again for ages. I know Sugar left to do other things but why was there no new coordinator for such an important plot point? >They didn't need to take it anywhere they just needed to have F&J "adventure"Sometimes I wonder if the crew did simply want to dump them and make AT just random stories. But lacked the balls to really go through with it.

>>115913486>Finn has been wearing the same clothes since he was anywhere from 5-10(?) until he was at least 17What a dweeb

>>115917487So what you're telling me is that it's gonna be weird when I fap to porn of her?That's

Y5 is cute

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>>115918169& funny>>115917487


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>>115918169I keep thinking her name is supposed to be a pun on "yiffy" or something like that. I guess that works better with Y4.

>>115918226I thought she was supposed to be a tech person, soWi-Fi > (Y5)

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>>115874394best american ScFi animation released this month.>no sexism.>no fucking fagget propaganda shit>fits its audience perfect.>has different characters.>short and to the point introduction of those characters.>well developed idea of landscape and situation presence >sound and music are on point.>no fucking fillers making you puke.speaks on:-friendship-arrogance-arcehole-ry-bravery-dangerous situations-ignorance and how to overcome it-relationship inside and outside family.-relationship with known and unknown personas.-badassery, independence and blind follower-ship-covers basics of politics and social changes-shows how to handle when all goes down.-social and asocial behavior.-not exploding potatoes in space.-singing robots-space traveling bunnehs who are not just fucking around.well done.

Attached: pic_8e85b95d218ba07a8a84a9c80dbb1ce3.jpg (420x280, 54.12K)

>>115915964yep. same fuck. he did not mutate because he sneaked into human evacuation shuttle and was wearing his suit whole time in fear to be exposed.

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BMO is a fucking dick

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Joshua and Margaret were already dead when Finn was young

Attached: 2020-06-26 18_01_33-Window.png (792x167, 26.26K)

>>115918442dude, nah. this shit was on the same level as shitty 90's animal movies. everything was bog standard and anticlimactic. which is especially insulting after the AT crew tried claiming the "artiste" label with the rushed cluster fuck that was the original series' finale.

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>>115918749>dude, nah. this shit was on the same level as shitty 90's animal movies. everything was bog standard and anticlimactic.dude. i dont care.

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>>115918691Sad :(

>>115917487>>115917998mmmm legal in the most back of mexico

>>115918901So are rape, drugs, and murder. Mexico is a complete shit hole country that you go to if you want to do some illegal shit and are packing enough firepower to keep yourself from getting kidnapped by the cartel members that run the city you are in.

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>>115887710>>115888557I better get some young child Finn shota porn or else this whole thing will have been a waste for everyone

>>115915110>They completely ignore how everyone was downgraded so muchFuck off, having a different opinion is not 'ignoring' or 'pretending.' How arrogant can you get.

>>115918925how about your covid situation in your country.

>>115916074Finn learned a lot after his breakup with FP, it just took him some time and more life experience to fully realize how bad he donked up. I actually really liked how they handled that. By the time Bun Bun came around Finn had changed a lot and the moment felt earned. >removing his main personality traitsbeing what, exactly? He's still heroic, and cares just as much about helping others. He's just not as spastic, which tends to happen when you're no longer 12.

Great, now I'm worried if HW did make the cut in the Finn/Jake special or not.

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>>115919527When you claim Finn learnt something he already knew that isn't an opinion, that is getting facts wrong. When it doesn't even particularly fit what went on in the end that is a bad opinion. You can't even argue against the point, cause you are just fucking wrong. Finn had always been capable of solving issues in non violent manners and understanding not every opponent needed to be killed. That has been the case since S1, fuck in S1 he understands Donny needs to be a bad guy to keep more people alive. That is more nuanced that the shitfest finale and it is a jokey episode. It is unfathomable you are this stupid, so it is better to assume you are bullshitting cause you can stand the show being criticised. You'll reply to any critic by going "actually I really liked it he really grew in ways i won't detail breezy was great" with no fucking substance.

>>115919770The odds of that were always low to begin with. Make your peace with it now so in the likely outcome of her not being in your aren't too disappointed.

>>115919770In hindsight they couldn't have not included Martin in this one.

>>115904055i made this drawing

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>>115919770If she doesn't make the cut in a 40 minute special she wasn't considered much at all.

>>115919942wait, that's based.cont?

>>115919793I'm not the user you responded to btw.Obviously Finn knew how to solve conflict in non-violent manners before, but he definitively became more thoughtful about, and reluctant to use violence as the series went on. I think if the Gum conflict happened in season 1, it's most likely that he would've just fought against Gumbald's army on PB's command, simply believing Gumbald to be evil and beyond redemption. As it turned out, he pretty much is, but I'm not convinced season 1 Finn would have given him the benefit of the doubt. >cause you can stand the show being criticisedNah, there's plenty to critique about AT, and I don't really care when people don't agree with me. I just want to be taken at my word.and yes, breezy was great.

>>115920076cont? may i beg you a pardon

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I've thought this for the entirety of its existence but Adventure Time is a show with mutants and robots and sapient candy, of COURSE I want to know about the daily lives and activities of random minor characters. There's so much more than just Finn's relationship history or any of that shit, I wanna know about Shelby's lower body brother or Neptr and Flame Princess' rap career or the stuff most people say is "filler", why don't more people have taste

>>115920161>I'm not the user you responded to btw.>I just want to be taken at my word.Yeah whatever, you're defending a bad post with word games. I'm right so you have to go for no don't be mean!>I think if the Gum conflict happened in season 1,You mean like the Duke of Nuts? Where Finn is told he is a bad guy in general (more than the crime Finn knows the Duke didn't do) by PB, investigates, finds out he is okay and goes against PB's commands? Tries to trick her so no violence happens. In that case the Duke isn't evil either, and he doesn't end up fighting on her side anyway despite thinking what she is doing is wrong. So not only does he manage the feat you say is impossible of him but the lesson actually fits better within the episode.

>>115920506If by 'word games' you mean logic, sure. and lol at comparing Duke of Nuts to the Gum War. I think the stakes of stolen pudding cups is a bit lesser than the stakes of the latter. Also the fact that Finn already knew he was innocent of the crime PB wanted him put away for.

>>115920685>Also the fact that Finn already knew he was innocent of the crimeShe claimed he was always bad but wouldn't say what else he had supposedly done. Finn only knew the whole bath thing was wrong, but believed he must be bad if PB said so. Yet he investigates and figures out the truth. Then acts against PB's commands, unlike the finale where he follows them despite knowing she is wrong. The opposite of what you said he would do. Even you want to prance around it not being the exact same situation, it clearly shows that Finn wouldn't blindly follow PB's orders and didn't solve situations with violence when not needed. So he didn't grow in the way you claimed. Nice logic you got there.

>>115919555Sick people = Corrupt country filled with criminals

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>>115920780Based post. Fuck tards thinking Finn had some steep growth in the later seasons

i liked it

>>115921176same user, same

It's weird how mostly positive Holla Forums was towards this.

>>115922558Most people still vehemently butthurt about adventure time have probably moved on, or see BMO and figure there's nothing going on.

>>115919770Keep the faith! Fren I too am pretty much on life support for HW involvement but remember, Finn was already in the process of getting FernBlocked. The slim odds just make the payoff sweeter.>>115922558After the fucknugget that was the finale Y5 is a godsend.

Attached: breo-aliheyoli-HW.jpg (1920x1499, 351.45K)

>>115917205Kek, people are fast

Attached: tumblr_10597e668826c138f6c7e1f8044e9102_7385f5e0_1280.jpg (820x1162, 147.81K)

>>115923128the GRASSED fags always puzzled me. the show hates Finn but they wouldn't make it that obvious by having his shittier evil self cuck his bitch. they shit on Finn in more subtle and insidious ways that leave them with the barest hints of plausible deniability.

>>115922558I was hesitant about a BMO centric episode, but this was really fun. It's a shame Y4/5 probably won't appear in the other episodes.

>tfw I unironically want a BMO/Y-5 spin-off now >it likely won't happen

Attached: 1538203077629.png (1200x1200, 2.4M)

What was the deal with Olive and most of its kind being defunct? What was it looking for, and how did it know that BMO is what was needed? Why did it have a moment with Hugo at the end?

does anyone knows who voices the mom?

Attached: bunny mom.jpg (978x708, 125.12K)

>>115923543they made the classic mistake of making a interesting character the first ep

>>115887788Oh hey, it's that voidcaster from from the Citadel. Glad to see he's turned his life around

Attached: Void_Caster.png (640x360, 124.23K)

>>115923928On Wikipedia, it says Michelle Wong.

Episode was decent. Nothing to hype up, but still comfy.I went back and watched some of season 10, including the finale thanks to this content, since I dropped the series a good time ago.That said it's not nearly as bad as Holla Forums made it out to be. Though it should have had more throw backs to the first few seasons.Would have loved to see th Pinata or the Japanese business men. It was a well thought out plot, with quick haphazard animation like most of the series. Kinda fitting.

Attached: slime_princess.jpg (499x385, 26.27K)

>>115920780>Even you want to prance around it not being the exact same situationlmao mate, it's not 'prancing around it', they're not similar at all. In Duke of Nuts, PB is only mad at the Duke for nixing her pudding - a crime equivalent to a co-worker taking your sandwich out of the fridge. When Finn finds out he has a pudding deficiency/feels genuinely bad about it, no shit you're not going to use violence. Especially when he's not guilty of the thing PB actually wants to punish him for. Meanwhile, Gumbald wanted to annihilate the candy kingdom and also tried to kill Finn on multiple occasions. Gumbald is a legitimately terrible/evil person and Finn got to experience that first hand. Using violence in that situation would obviously be a lot more justifiable. It's not hard to imagine an episode in season 1/2 where Gumbald is presented as a one-dimensional bad guy like Xergiok, and Finn uses violence to resolve it. And you probably wouldn't question it because that kind of black/white, good vs evil dynamic was commonplace in the early seasons. >unlike the finale where he follows them despite knowing she is wrongexcept he did the exact opposite of that?? Going to negotiate with Gumbald, and then tricking them both into talking in the dreamscape were both directly going against PB.

>>115874394>Finn doesn't even get a sword anymore

Attached: image.jpg (245x205, 8.93K)

>>115923425They did already user, maybe not "cuck" since fern diesbut Finn seeing HW as Fern is pretty much them saying Finntress is too weird/over now.

Attached: Saddog21.jpg (856x498, 54.52K)

>>115924828Long as Finn isn't the one getting cucked I can live with it personallyalso all the yaoi fanart of them is funny to me so there's that

Attached: DbYtQ0FVwAAaoxF.jpg (1200x610, 100.14K)

>>115886625yeah, feel the same way

Attached: nothing.jpg (572x424, 23.17K)

>>115886625>>115925364>not bowing down to your gender neutral vidya overlord

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>>115922558Y5 was tolerable and I usually go into modern cartoons expecting to find the female characters obnoxious. Plus it helps that this got relatively few posters in these threads than you'd expect for a special, if there were more there'd be more variety in opinions. This didn't feature a lot of the shit that made AT insufferable by the end. They even didn't have much of that "what the hoo haa boo jaa?" dialogue that made me want to kill people. Don't worry for what this one lacked the Bubbline special will make up for in complete ass and everything will go to shit.

>>115924451>It was a well thought out plotWhat the fuck? No it wasn't. Random daddy issue gumbald shit at the last second, resolved in a dreamscape toothbrush fight, and the big bad that had existed in some way far longer just sat there and was defeated by one of Rebecca's worst songs (which is saying something) and Betty saving the day which was the dumbest shit ever for a multitude of reasons, one including bringing Simon back just to be forever sad and in hell trying to save Betty. Then with all that shit going on they didn't even write the ending to the Gumbald shit well.>he clearly meets with PB before the dream shit with the dummy juice in his pocket>after they "resolve" and he is redeemed, he trips and the bottle that was already there before the redemption breaks>the wife says "oh you could never trust him but you can me despite being equally as bad" and its a-ok because she's a woman

>>115925439>gender neutralYou retards only want to get serious about things having no gender if it doesn't identify as a female. He identifies as male many times and that's what others call him.

>>115925714a few people call BMO a girl, including finn and jake at separate points

>>115874551Strong Sad, get off Holla Forumsactually the real question is why she didn't just use Magic Man's Mars teleporter.

>>115926343this is a prequel they don't know magic man

>>115877261there are so many reasons that doesn't make sense.

>>115887338yeah I'd like to see a TV show acknowledge that listening to your heart makes you susceptible to influence, impulse, and everything evil inside people. Listen to your HEAD.

>>115888557>duckie shirtHomestar would approve. I've always felt AT was the successor of H*R..

>>115888961My guess is teleported away

>>115901914the episode respecting christianity, albeit a weird take, was refreshingbut then the next episode was like mom-tier crystal nonsense, and I realized he just agrees with whatever the guest believes inwhatever, i could still enjoy the show if it was actually interesting.

>>115926107Football is his female alter ego.

>>115895289I don't think that's the reason. I never get tired of BMO's antics. The problem is BMO is weak, flaccid, incapable,... and incapable of actually feeling vulnerable, nervous, or realizing her own flaws. So she has to just wander and stumble her way through adventures until somehow everything works out. That's unsatisfying.BMO Noire was boring, but I never got tired of her adorable lines. I quote the hell out of that episode all the time.

>>115912999are they gonna retcon their past even worse, or flesh out the previous details that show why none of the fanon makes any sense?

>>115918749I loved the fuck out of Monkey Trouble. If you wanted to insult the genre, you could have gone with Great Panda Adventure

>>115887738yeah but mega isn't going to contact my ISP to shut off my internet, while one of the faggots on the tracker might be logging all IPs just to do so

>>115925617Nobody's going to actually WATCH the bubblegum and marceline one, right? we have to send them a message and just ignore it.

>>115912999that description sounds like it takes place in the present, but deals with shit that happened in the past. like in varmints


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>>115926792The shit storm that will come from that episode is going to be fun to watch.

>>115926866/co/ is depressing 8 times out of 10, it's always some infuriating new nonsense, I have stopped going to the catalog. I'll just ignore it til the next episode comes out, and possibly after that. I learn about new shows from streaming sites now. that's how I found out about this.

>>115926792I'll probably give it the Holla Forums test first. Yes people over exaggerate but I know how to tell what's real and what isn't based on how basic conversations go. I'm desperate for shit to watch but I'm not subjecting myself to something that literally defines itself as being about a lesbian couple's past for 40 minutes.

>>115926792bullshit. you are going to watch it and then bitch about it for the next 5 years.

>>115926866imagine how hard it is to try to have any female friends right now, everyone thinks you're dykes>>115926940and the worst thing is, even if you think they BECAME a couple recently in the show, naw that's not enough, these psychos insist they have been for hundreds of years, despite direct evidence to the contrary. that would be.. REALLY mentally ill if they'd been holding that back all this time, not even talking. The show makes it clear they barely interacted in the past either, they just wished they could, because they wanted to be friends. That's a beautiful story, why must it be gunked up with clamjamming? Sure, it's HOT, but..

>>115926958if this were the first half of the 2010s, you'd be right. I was more attached and invested in entertainment than I had been since childhoodbut the second half of that decade taught me the hard way how to avoid things that are going to make me miserable. if i don't, I have nobody to blame but myself for deliberately exposing myself to it. then I'd be no better than the triggered crowdI'll always be upset it exists, but I'm not going to watch and get upset by that. I skipped the epilogue scenes of Voltron, I quit watching Summer Camp Island, I quit SO many webcomics. it's a way of life now.

>>115927023At least we know going into it that it's focused on that cancer and we're not hit with it out of nowhere like before in the normal series and so many other shows that force you to drop them for starting out promising and then suddenly getting involved in some dumb diversity shit. There is nothing more aggravating than it taking over something that clearly was not intended to have it be involved because the wrong people in the crew were allowed to speak up. I'd be fine if it was its own media up front, not mixing itself in with things that would serve better without it. It's never actually made anything better, just worse.

>>115927093>we know going into it that it's focused on that cancerdo we -know- that yet though?you're dead right though, that's why I'm not quitting AT. Just gonna skip that episode.I had to skip an episode or two of new Doctor Who too. It's one thing to be irritatingly liberal, that's something you know you're in for when you watch a show from a country that puts darwin on their money. it's another to be insultingly bad with history and science, especially US history. What, is that supposed to be revenge for us being bad at those subjects sometimes? we have an excuse.

>>115926970I think there are certain lines they shouldn’t cross as they would get exposed for bullshitting. The early seasons contradict a lot of new information.

>>115927127>do we -know- that yet though?Pretty much, it goes into their relationship's past, and since they're already dating, it's just going to be even more of the same bullshit.

also I'm just not interested in their pasts at that stage. I was interested in PB's childhood, that was really amazing and would have been satisfying had I been able to share it with Holla Forumsand Marcie's childhood and backstory were amazingand maybe some of their adolescence would be neat, but the time they spent together, consisting of a brief field trip and then nothing? that's not going to fill 44 minutes and it just doesn't sound that great.I mean I know what it's like when you meet someone super cool and want them to like you and you fantasize about you becoming the best of friends, but then you get strong indications you're not part of their crowd...

>>115927152sauce on any of that? what do you mean they're dating?speaking of retcons, what was with that huge moon Mars had? it's supposed to have two little potato moons.

>>115926792I liked bubbline well enough, the only anger I ever had came from finn slowly becoming a worse/lamer character over time instead of growing. I guess that's kind of the problem with hitting a near character peak around season 3. They didn't know where to take him so they just took him down.

>>115927199>what do you mean they're dating?platonic kisses on the lips do not exist in the west just like how girls can't hug or hold hands in the west anymore without it meaning some life defining sexual preference

>>115927278It's not that, fans had plenty of good ideas all alongthe problem is their writers kept leaving to do their own shows, and that left them having to fill those gaps.. and having interruptions and lack of creative continuityalso romance is something that happens between a man and a woman, user

>>115927284okay just making sure you didn't have any basis beyond that.I do hope people get back to platonic kissing again within my lifetime, though recent events have been a pretty heavy blow to any kind of affection, which was already at a historical all-time low.

>>115927320Yep, the only time I ever see people wanting platonic stuff back is "asexual" people bemoaning that they get stuck with a sexuality preference and that's probably as close as it's going to get to people wanting platonic uses of "i love you" and hugs and kisses coming back. This shit was literally treated as an alien concept by a Regular Show writer who went to China and wrote an episode about it and had two background girls holding hands because it was this surprising thing he saw because they weren't in love. That's how bad shit is.

>>115887305Kek 'Little BMO"

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>>115927469Actually since I made that post and thought about BMO some more, I think I figured it out. She only did it a couple times so I didn't remember it at first, and she only came up with the nickname like a year after the last time she did it so maybe this isn't it, but she might have called my penis Little BMO because of its interactive features. If she squeezed my left nut I'd pee, if she squeezed my right nut I'd jizz, if she bit the head of my penis I'd scream.

>>115927278His character really didn’t face a downward turn until season 5.

>>115927525You may need to go to the doctor for that.

>>115897172Anon. That's not extreme. That's actually tame and measured if you read how most felt about the ending.

>>115927778>in 2010 show finales that are great rankings, adventure time is commonly the sole cartoon on the listi feel sick

Am I the only one feel that Olive should’ve stayed with Y5 than Hugo? They make a pretty decent dynamic in terms of them coming off as expies of Finn and Jake to BMO

>>115929385The only thing that can make men happy is the presence of a female.

>>115929385Nope! that's mostly why I was willing to give the ep a shot, they mesh together well. Bmo was doing hero training! Olive I think was just one of multiple other maintenance droids so maybe Y5 could pick up another? Olive had to go back for plot reasons though.>>115929404What the fuck are you on ice king PLEASE LEAVE!

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>>115924514>they're not similar at all.Now you are just being dishonest, you want to claim that Finn would follow PB's orders to a T yet make excuses when he doesn't. He showed examples of the traits you claim he had to learn but now you make excuses to brush it aside. >In Duke of Nuts, PB is only mad at the Duke for nixing her puddingYes and when did Finn learn this? Much much later after already concluding he doesn't seem that bad. The pudding thing was one of the last thing he learnt. How did he learn this? By not attacking straight away (as you claimed he would) and instead investigating (as you claimed he wouldn't). While under the impression the Duke had done terrible things before to piss PB off he didn't simply attack straight away.> Gumbald is a legitimately terrible/evil person and Finn got to experience that first hand.Which kind of undermines your whole point doesn't it retard, which I pointed out a few times. Finn already knew so didn't really need to find out if Gumbald was good or bad. He isn't learning to properly investigates while being level headed, he gets duped by all sides and remains largely ineffective. Finn's apparent growth here is bullshit, he does actually fight on her side against Fern even after not thinking the war is for the best. Then as >>115925694 the resolution is pretty nonsensical and doesn't show any real growth from any character. >It's not hard to imagineCause all you can do is imagine and not look at how Finn would actually question PB's orders.

I came here to post this.

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>>115923633>What was it looking for, and how did it know that BMO is what was needed?I guess it was looking for someone or something that can stop Hugo’s scheme>Why did it have a moment with Hugo at the end?I’m confused as well by this. It doesn’t have much connection with him compared to CGO.

>>115929404What does that have to do with that post you’ve replied?


>>115895289Eh, Angel Face was my favorite BMO episode but it was likely thanks to including several other characters and having BMO with Jake for most the episode. I don't think BMO is a strong enough character to carry an episode on their own; Jake the Brick or Hall of Egress couldn't be done with BMO.

why won't this show just die?

>>115912488I literally forgot Martin was a character.

>>115916109>Insisting that a fucking teenager be with a centuries-old bubblegum person>Acting like Finn was cucked when he was plowing Huntress Wizard on the regular and going on adventures until the day he diedIt's insufferable faggots like you that make discussing this show a chore.

I'm honestly impressed by their ability to make white men the villains even in a foreign space station scenario

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