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>>115872036>>115872036The time they forget this was just a mask was a weird brief era for Killer Moth.

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I just wanted to say that Babs is a weeb and probably the kinda weeb who hides her power level but it still shows from time to time.Frankie is also a weeb Drury isn't but he has a small fandom of westaboo villain fans

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So... I'm thinking of going the full 50 Shades with my BatMoth fiction. Change it up and self publish. Think I should go for it?

>>115872481Dru has in-depth knowledge of one or two series, ideally one from his childhood and Kitty's THIRD favorite they watched together.he doesn't hide his power level, but it's seldom at best for the topic to pop up around his usual crowd

>>115872059It's a mask with buil-in chompers. Though being a mutant moth that early would have been... interesting .

>>115872808Do it, no one will ever trace it back to these threads.

>>115872808Go for it, I'm starting to outline something similar.>>115872933>Kitten, what are you watching?>Kobayaishi Shonen Cheerleading Club, it's about a boy who pretends to be a girl to get on his school's cheerleading team only to find out the cheerleading team is made up entirely of boys pretending to be girls.>...Male cheerleaders are a thing and they all wear pants.>Daaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd...

>>115872481This whole thing has some irony with the new version of Oracle.

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>>115873635>I'm starting to outline something similarNice! I'm just going go write by the seat of my pants.

>>115874330You should really have at least the major plot beats worked out in your head.>>115874141>Batgirl's cowl is patterned after the hero of a cartoon she watched as a little girl

>>115874456>>Batgirl's cowl is patterned after the hero of a cartoon she watched as a little girlI was gonna ask how you figure, since she doesn’t wear a mask, and then I noticed the little hair spikes. Adorable.

>>115874456Pretty cute, but isn't it meant to be pattered after Batman? With the bat-like ears?

>>115873635>>Kitten, what are you watching?I was thinking more something innocent\kiddie. Ideally something Kitten did outgrow, but Dru still thinks is great.

>>115875254Simply another portent of things to come with her.

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>>115874667fits with Bruce being Zorro.And in the end Dick, as Nightwing, kinda became Superman.

>>115874456>major plot beatsWhere's the fun in that? :p Nah, I have a rough idea of where I want to go, I'm going to daydream/procrastinate for a few days over too much coffee, maybe crush on Babs a little, then put down something a little more firm. But I'm not really much of an outliner/planner. Easier to let go of something to serve the story if I'm not fully comitted to anything.

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...Jason fucking Bard...Can the Joker just kill this guy already? Please?

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>>115876719She was on the phone with him at the end of the issue. Fingers crossed there’s enough of a ruckus before the call’s dropped that he comes running to his doom.

I'm still waiting on art of Babs with a moth tattoo

>>115876834Maybe he hasn't seen the thread yet.

>>115876801He'll probably just be crippled again. And Babs will feel guilty and break up with him for being a danger magnet.

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>>115876861Babs would look good with a moth tattoo. We could use more art for this ship.

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Well. This prompt is too good to pass up. *cracks knuckles

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>>115876869>He'll probably just be crippled again.Perhaps more creatively than last time, since it's Joker.

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>>115877724We can only hope. Either way, I get the feeling Babs is cruising for a broken heart here, and needlessly so. She really ought to know better, but I'll just be happy when Jason is put behind her and she can move on.


>>115876898Dru must be flattered.

>> Sailor Moon or Card Captor Sakura?

>>115878924I wouldn't call him a tattoo guy. But maybe... after a heist that goes exceedingly well, and with some alcoholic prompting by some of his crew mates, he might have something behind his shoulder for Babs to find during their next rendezvous.

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>>115879069God forbid Batman finds it.

>>115879204At that point, Dru would probably have been beaten to a bloody pulp as it is. And it's not like Babs can't take care of her own unwanted admirers herself. But it would make an interesting topic of conversation the next time Bruce sees her.

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>>115878969Hell yeah Kitten should be into old school anime.

That Batgirls thread got me looking at Castle scenes as potential BatMoth scenes.


>>'s no way Babs would break him out of prison, though. Unless there were extenuating circumstances...

Since the other thread went As much as I'd like a bittersweet ending for these two, I don't think this would be it. Whether for Babs, or simply because it's home, Killer Moth would return to Gotham. And maybe I'd just find it fun to write a possible reunion...

>>115879517>picWould be interesting to see that matchup attempted again with a better version of Riddler.

>>115881670Is he due for a redesign?

>>115882106Better written, I meant, but that too. His more recent appearances at least have him buttoning his shirt though.

>>115882243Yea, the open shirt was bizarre

self-inserting as killer moth is hilariously patheticat least the batman and nightwing guys have a little self respect

>>115883283Do they tho? Just look how cool this guy looks.

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>>115880575You got a knack for action scenes.

>>115883413:) Thanks. I have a lot to improve upon, but it's good to know I"m making progress.

>>115883388I need more of this Skullmet. The logo needs to be more Mothy too. But the skullmet was too cool and barely used.

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>>115883283Just having a bit of fun, lad. Nobody expects this ship to happen, nor for DC to make him an amalgamation of his different incarnations as we have in this collective fanfiction of ours. But it's a fun exercise in creativity. Everyone self-inserts into Batman or Nightwing. How many get to have something like this, where an unlikely rebel against the status quo has a one-in-a-million shot with an oft-neglected beauty?

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>>115883283I for one pathetically self-insert as the one lusting after him.

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>>115884517...I've always been curious about the demographics of this particular ship, but I don't think there's enough of us for a proper survey.

this is my favorite meme

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>>115884718I nearly spat out my coffee reading this the first time. It's hilarious!

Ah, Barbara. My muse. My lady. It's clear I've been under Covid house arrest for too long, lads. She has become the idol of my life, which means I clearly have none. :( If only proper redheads weren't such a rare breed.

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>>115874315and funny

>>115884517It's the stripes, isn't it?

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>>115883283>at least the batman and nightwing guys have a little self respectIf they’re waifuing Babs over Kory and Bruce’s 10-page list of more logical love interests, that’s doubtful.

>>115872036Alright, which story would you guys rather get: Batgirl has to escort a pregnant woman to a hospital as Gotham City turns into monsters, or Killer Moth having a drunken breakdown?

>>115886357Shoot. Babs having maternal anxiety while surrounded by monsters sounds funny. But Killer Moth getting drunk also has potential for hilarity. Tough call... I'll vote pregnant woman, simply because it sounds more psychological.

>>115886357I’ll vote for the pregnant woman. Babs being stressed the hell out is usually a fun time.

>>115886475She's fairly unflappable. But an imminent baby is probably something that will raise her pulse.

>>115886357Dru shouldn't drink to excess. It probably won't end up well.

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Bumping with a Babs.

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>>115876952Eh. Didn't get as far as I'd like but I need sleep

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>>115884639And it's on 4chan.

>>115885414They do say stripes are slimming.

>>115891243If there’s nothing to say then just let the thread die, man. Keeping these threads on life support is a sure way to kill all the fun.

>>115883283Only virgins self insert as Batman, Chads self insert as KM.

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>>115891345Self-insertion is part of the fun of fan fiction in general. It's fun to explore possibilities, even if they don't pan out. And hypotheticals regarding unlikely scenarios can still lead to insight into characters.

>>115887826Kek. So far so good.

>>115891979Thanks! I'm going to try and keep it short as it's a wank prompt... but I couldn't resist a touch of humor.

>>115872059Emotive masks even when it makes no sense is always better than a purely static one. See Iron Man, Dr. Doom, etc.

>>115877724>A missing leg instead of a bum legArtificial limbs have gotten pretty advanced. This might actually be less of a hindrance.

>>115876719I actually like the ship with Jason. It’s awkward and endearing.

>>115892273It would be... if he weren't such a simpy cunt.

>>115892209Considering how often a character like KM would be put through the wringer, a static helmet does present some interesting emotive opportunities.

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>>115892273Well it certainly is awkward.

>>115892350>Impulsive >Greedy>Possessed of a single-minded determination >Iconic flight pack, helmet and weapon>Perpetually down on his luckHuh. Guess I should have expected this considering Killer Moth was created in the pulp era.


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>>115892273I don't mind Jason in theory. But he has too much baggage from recent arcs to be believable as a love interest. If he had a better redemption arc it would be different. And it would help if he hadn't lost his spine in the process. He needs to have something other than liking Babs to his character. As it is, she's just sucking his face because she's lonely and he's pretty. There's no real spark there.

>>115893071That's his real problem. He's got nothing to him. He doesn't even really have a personal background anymore, just a work history. But what's probably worse is that, setting aside his working for Hush, framing her father, and recent bout of terrorism, there is nothing about him that would actually attract Babs. He's long since done nothing but unsuccessfully ask Babs out while moping to Batgirl, and not exhibiting any of the traits Babs has ever shown interest in regarding love interests. In one of the earlier threads someone mentioned that Babs trajectory since Nu52 reminded them of someone with cyclic depression, and the whole thing with Bard really feels like a depressed person logically aware that she's doing something stupid but at the same time is desperate for comfort and affection.

>>115879069God I would love to lick Jim Gordan's butthole.

>>115894311Kek. Between this, Joker rape, and the ship, I wonder if the Gordons are a family destined for memes.

>>115893495>and the whole thing with Bard really feels like a depressed person logically aware that she's doing something stupid but at the same time is desperate for comfort and affection.Which has been fun exploring in this ship. I love those suburban secrets scenes where Babs has cognitive dissonance over having a "domestic" behind the guy she has dirty alley sex with. Jason has no hook to him like that. And there's no real tension over Babs glossing over his crimes either because she knows, but she hasn't pursued that knowledge to it's logical conclusion. BatMoth at least has a sword of damocles hanging over it's head at all times, from various angles. Babs hardly gives Jason's crimes a second thought. There's only the shallowest facade of introspection, but no weight to it.

>>115878969I was thinking something less mainstream

>>115894768>Babs hardly gives Jason's crimes a second thoughShe gave him a lot of shit initially, and it's been an ongoing process of slowly warming up to him and getting away from constantly suspecting his motives and thinking he's still embroiled in shady shit

>>115880034she'd break him out only to fight him at the end to put him back(he did promise he'd get back willingly but, well,, SUPER VILLAIN)

>>115894831She knows he's embroiled in shady shit. She just doesn't dig any further into the guy that maced her in the face, bombed a political rally, and signed up to work security for the lady he bombed because... ??? It really paints her in a negligent light.

>>115894311Is this a new meme I don't know about?

>>115896140Nah, you just need to lurk moar. :p Though this meme is ancient by now.

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>>115896287As a casual Babs fan, how is she in Young Justice? Been thinking about picking it up.

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>>115894831So Babs’ things are:>an older guy (her therapist and that professor from Burnside)>a guy on the wrong side of the tracks who she can “fix” (Kai, Ethan, Jason)>a guy who she can have bantz with because of shared history (Dick)Even unintentionally it’s so damn obvious.

>>115894897I might remember this wrong because it’s been ages since I read those issues but didn’t she keep suspecting him all the way and then get proven wrong? She only starts giving him the benefit of the doubt after he repeatedly does stuff for her without asking anything in return and goes out of his way, risking his neck,to make sure she’s okay during a crisis.

Sorry it took me so long to do this.Hopefully, I can get the next part ready for this

>>115897241I'll have to give it another read myself, but I don't remember her ever being "proven wrong", though I do remember a lot of heavy Jason shilling, which really got annoying and cliched. It really makes me hope for a twist to make it all worth it.

>>115892559>Rocketeer is Killer Moth if he was a hero

>>115897501I was wondering how long she'd stay mad at him. :) Hero Moth would present some changes for Kitten, so that's an interesting angle. Though if this were to happen in an elseworlds, this piece makes me think we could have a Peter/Mary Jane kind of relationship with these two. Nicely done.

>>115897993Does DC have a Noir type label? A retro-Batgirl story with a Rocketeer-esque Killer Moth could be fun.

>>115896381She is very cute. She doesn't get a lot of screentime in Seasons 1-2, but she gets more action in 3 as Oracle.

>>115898355Bombshells, but that's pretty much the "everyone's a sexy lesbian" line.

>>115898818Nice. I could use more cute Babs in my life.

>>115886473>>115886475>>115886910>>115887049As much as I tried, it just wasn't turning out how I wanted it and I just can't really force myself to keep going when I'm not liking the results. I'm putting up what I've got anyways because one of you guys might like it enough to do something, because I'm curious about the kind of people who post in these

I’m not sure which set of ears looks the best, assistance please. Also suggest new designs if you want.

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>>115899722>and I just can't really force myself to keep going when I'm not liking the resultsOkay. No worries. Still, you had great suspensful buildup going on, and I was genuinely intrigued right up until the end.

>>115900120I really love B, the bat ears aren't gigantic, and really suit her eyes. A looks like something that would be more practical. C is a bit excessive... but I wouldn't mind seeing more of it.

>>115900141Thanks. I think my main issue is that I'm normally very terse and non-descriptive in my writing, so it's very difficult for me to translate mood and tone through the environment. At the same time I'm also not particularly creative with how I write either.

>>115899722> are some pretty unspecific options there. I would have gone for 5 year gaps to up the precision a bit.

>>115900657That would have been better, yeah. Though it's nice to see I'm not the only old geezer here.

>>115900120This really makes me wish I could draw. She's pretty.

>>115900120Looks pretty cool.Not sure about A or B, but C's a little too big.

>>115900120I'm getting some Doronjo vibes from C. As for new designs, maybe take a crack at something inspired by the Ame-Comi Batgirl helmet with the full eye lenses?

I hate writing at home. So many constant interruptions.

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>>115902640Loving this.

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>>115903030It's not too rapey? I'm wondering how far I should push his forwardness vs her horniness.

>>115903873>It's not too rapey?Not in a way that’s inconsistent with his canon character, really.

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>>115903980Hm.... Okay.

>>115896888>gets bored of doing Batgirl vs a tiger and draws cheesecake on top of itBabs is based.

>>115905025She really is. I love her Batgirl pinups. Hope I can get a BatMoth comission from her eventually. I'm broke right now, but maybe she'll be accepting them by the time I save up enough.

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>>115905186I've seen a few latex Batgirl cosplays, but I wouldn't mind seeing more in this vein.

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>>115905555>it's another "Babs has to interrogate a Batgirl-themed fetish camgirl who won't stop livestreaming or trying to sexually flex on her" episode

>>115905606Ooh, I love those episodes.

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>>115905606>Tell you what, Batgirl? I have a special request from a donor. If we make out for a full minute in a private stream for him, then I'll tell you anything you want to know. >Not on your life! >Oh, and he wants you to wear this shade of lipstick. It's a limited time offer. If I don't get this donation, I'm not telling you a thing.>...FINE! But no->And he wants to see plenty of tongue. >UGH!!!

>>115903873>>115904329If that's a concern then you should emphasize that's he's leaning into her receptiveness.

>>115905839Adding on to this, make sure that his actions, while given sexual overtones, are completely mundane in practice. The difference between "villain removes heroine's utility belt" and "supervillain begins stripping the heroine" is a matter of phrasing. But if you're worried about it being too rapey, then you're going to need her to be at least a little forward. >>115905738>>115905814I was having a giggle, but now I kinda want there to be a recurring e-thot who inserts herself into vigilantism and investigations to pimp out her OnlyFans that has an absolute mutual antipathy with Babs.

>>115905839I don't want to put too much effort into a reddit writing prompt, so I'm just going to have them dive right into it.

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>>115905980>I was having a giggle, but now I kinda want there to be a recurring e-thot who inserts herself into vigilantism and investigations to pimp out her OnlyFans that has an absolute mutual antipathy with Babs.Make her a better detective than Babs too, and it would absolutely make it for me.

>>115906026I feel like that would kind of work against the concept since she's basically just using superheroics as an ad campaign for her nudes and wouldn't actually bother with anything serious, but you could make it work if you had her farm out that kind of stuff to her followers.

>>115906147I was thinking of her being more of a slutty Mycroft Holmes type. Brilliant, but lazy. And more sexy than truly athletic. But then she does have an army of followers to do the legwork for her.

>>115905980>a recurring e-thot who inserts herself into vigilantism and investigations to pimp out her OnlyFans that has an absolute mutual antipathy with BabsThis sounds like a job for Kayla P.! (No I will not stop shilling her.)

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>>115906190Manipulative, self-serving, petty, sexy, intrusive, egotistical, dismissive, dilettantish, with a legion of followers willing to carry out everything she needs, and actually pretty competent at collating information and deduction but unwilling to pursue anything that doesn't result in her self-enrichment because why bother with effort when you can pull in 6 figures a year by convincing internet people that you're their approachable but 10/10 superhero girlfriend and dropping the occasional softcore set.Throw in every "in the field" appearance of her wearing a slutty version of a different superhero/villain costume and it sounds like we've got a solid idea for another asshole to add to the growing collection of assholes in Babs' life.

>>115906490>another asshole to add to the growing collection of assholes in Babs' life.Have her date Penguin Jr. for an arc. Then make them amicable exes to mirror Babs and Dick. It'd just be too hilarious.

>>115905814>Daaad! Have you seen my phased plasma rif- DAD!! What are you watching!?!>KITTEN!!! It's after dark, you know you should knock! >...>You're not going to tell Barbara, are you?>I want one of Deadshot's wrist guns for my next birthday. >Deal.

>>115906319I think Kayla P. would have a completely different dynamic. The thing about Kayla is that the supernatural, cryptozoology, parapsychology, all that stuff is objectively real in the DCU, so while she's a self-aggrandizing amateur she's at worst just needing to be pulled out of the fire if she goes too far.

>>115906592>Dru teases Babs about being caught on the e-thot's livestream>accidentally lets her piece together that he was the donorAnd that's the story of Batgirl and Killer Moth's first couple fight, though neither would be willing to admit it.

>>115907377Post fight make-up sex is hot enough on its own. Post fight rooftop make-up sex has got to be something else.

>>115906319What's the appeal, user. What does she do for you?

Tonight's writing music. Not BatMoth related, just been on a Sting kick lately.

>>115908272And I forgot the link.

Short and smutty is good enough for a reddit prompt, right? Think I'll start work on my Fifty Shades type project next.

>>115906592At this point, how many weapons has Kitten amassed? And where does she go to shoot them?

>>115909493Unbeknownst to her, they're mostly harmless as she's never bothered to actually use them.

One of these days I'm going to break down and write some trashy, violent smut between these two, but today is not that day.

>>115909493I wonder where she gets them.

>>115910704Ah, I love your storyline so much. Thanks for the new addition.>>115911827Probably wherever Dru gets his own illicit equipment.

>>115908148Generally I find the overly cheerful girl with an ill-fitting goth/occult aesthetic thing to be a lot of fun.More specific to Batgirl, I think Babs could use a supporting character like her. Someone cocky enough that it almost makes Babs look humble, someone annoyingly sunny enough to pull out her buried deadpan, snarky, Oraclesque tendencies, and someone to occasionally pull her toward danger so she doesn't have to constantly create it herself and undercut the whole hero thing.

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>>115909493The Moth Cave has a shooting range. Cocoon gun accuracy doesn't happen without practice.

>>115910704Sounds like you're building up to something considering Dru's growing reticence. And Babs casually dropping the B word after imposing herself is going to make for a fun morning after. Though Dru really did bring it on himself considering what he said to her over cookie dough. Excellent piece!

>>115907377>Ow. My spleen...>Had enough yet? OW!!! >Okay... that punch took the last out of me. >Did you have to blow us up through the floor again? You've been hanging out with Firefly, haven't you?>He would've wanted more fire, but yeah. I have been hitting the villain bar a little hard after... But I guess you've moved on considering your makeup. Did we interrupt a hot date?>No. God, do you think I would wear this shade for anyone that actually knows me? No, Killer. This was my hot date. >Wait... Stolen Ruby?>That is such a tacky name for a lipstick. I thought you liked it, considering...>It does look really good on you. >Good. But... ow. Let me catch my breath before we make out. Okay? >Take your time. My leg is still tingly from that kick of yours earlier. Maybe next time we should just skip to the make-up sex. Be easier on our... everything >Come on, what could be better than laying half-concious in a pile of debris with your nemesis? I mean, I could do without the massive bruise on my side, but... this was fun. >Honestly? Yeah. Shower back at my place?>You're on.

>>115908961Love how this turned out, definitely a new favorite. Thanks for sharing.Side note: how do we generally feel about the purple/silver look? He's had way worse ones, but it is kinda lacking in pizzazz. Though I'd say silver helmet > green helmet, any day.

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>>115913611The orange gunbelt he had in his last clash with Babs gave him a much needed splash of color. Though I like the helmet in your pic better than the one in this issue. The beaked green helmet is too kitschy, if fun occasionally, but I like the look of steel. As cool as I think his Skullmet is, it's probably best relegated to times when he needs to get serious. Just to make things fun. Moth does need a bit more of a redesign, but these latest refinements have been working for me.

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>>115913611>Love how this turned out, definitely a new favorite. Thanks for sharing.I cheated by reusing a few greentexts I wrote, but thanks. :) Next one is going to be a better effort.

>>115910231Considering their lifestyle, Dru probably has Kitten at least familiar with the kind of weaponry he uses, just in case of emergencies.

>>115914159Looking forward to it.

>>115912565I bet Drury is the one who has to clean up the range every time.

>>115914036What shade of orange would suit him best?Too bright may be too silly.

>>115912823Admittedly the only intent of these pieces is a bit of a humorous look at two people who have a really, really weird relationship. That being said, there is strong running undercurrent of both of them trying to maintain some level of control/dominance over the other throughout the relationship.

>>115916787Heh, my first thought was a safety Orange because it's bright and distracting. But in practice it'd probably be muted for print.

>>115916039Even if he was trying to discipline Kitten, for once, he'd be there with a mop doing all the work.

>>115912203Sounds like Stephanie, aside from the goth aesthetic.

>>115910704Dru must be Babs's first anal partner

>>115917529Now I wonder what she would look like as one.Reminds me of my head canon of Gwen Stacy as an awkward, nerdy goth/punk girl with a cute tooth gap.She's a combination of certain versions.

>>115917529>>115918527The spooky Batgirl look worked for her. But you'll probably rarely ever see her in a civvies outfit that takes more than twenty minutes to throw together with her usual hobbies, and that goth stuff is high maintenance.

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>>115918770Man, if only she had someone to help her with her fashion choices. Someone with more time at home, perhaps.

>>115918527There's this, though it's probably on the more punk end of the spectrum.

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>>115918770I loved the torn cowl that showed only her mouth. A very striking look.

>>115917705Now there's a scene for a smut story

>>115920497>Enter the Batcave!>DRURY, NO!

>>115920379The symbolism is fun too. Of course motormouth Steph immediately does away with Cassie’s stitched mouth.

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>>115872036What's babs job now in comics?

>>115921650Steph has pretty eyes. But her mouth is sensual and evocative on it's own.

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>>115921726Now she's volunteering for the campaign of a "tough on cops" politician after a fight with her dad.

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>>115922229Where she's quickly developed a reputation as an unreliable flake.

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>>115922841I don't even recall the last time we saw her in a classroom or working on papers or anything "studenty". Being a college drop out would make Babs more relatable. But then I can see her path reflecting her past. Seeing her grow into Oracle Babs could be interesting, in theory, but seeing her spin off in her own direction could be neat too. Time will tell.

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>>115923429Meanwhile Post-Crisis Barbara was done with college at 18, tops? Sad to see a character typically so focused and decisive in a constant, directionless tailspin.Mairghread Scott’s recent comments on the matter have pretty much confirmed it’s a direct consequence of DC just not caring about the Batgirl character/brand (or its writers, for that matter) and how both are negatively affected and often completely derailed by higher-up story decisions. As if confirmation was needed.

>>115920497it should be the humiliating result of misunderstandings, Babs' own submissive tendencies and pent-up stress

>>115923708I guess she isn't as prestigious as Batman. But that doesn't make her unworthy of love or investment. If anything, that just means there's more room to experiment.

>>115923708>Sad to see a character typically so focused and decisive in a constant, directionless tailspin.Which... feels oddly meta considering the current on-going Covid Crisis, and rampant joblessness and the whole aimlessness facing just about everyone these days. They couldn't have planned it better if they had tried, but this just means they're in no way able to capitalize on it. Which wouldn't have been a problem if the writing were up to snuff, but as that is hamstrung by higher ups... Yea, I don't see this current arc of hers going anywhere since Babs has been basically telling herself "Do something uncharacteristic BECAUSE it's uncharacteristic!" for no apparent reason for the longest time.

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>>115923753>Babs' own submissive tendencies and pent-up stress>>115876719She wants to surrender. But Jason is content with letting her set the pace and take the lead. She definitely needs someone more assertive.

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>>115923708Post-Crisis Barbara had a weird continuity considering she was entirely unchanged by CoIE in terms of her timeline. Immediately post-TKJ during her early days as Oracle she was presented as looking rather middle-aged but over the years was kind of aged down to a generic late 20s/early 30s sort of look. It gets more complicated as both her PhD and her stint as an US Representative were mentioned in Birds of Prey. And on top of that, her debut was the same year Dick Grayson started college and pre-Flashpoint Dick's age was given as 25 in his solo. That means pre-Flashpoint Babs was somewhere between 32-35, and her entire career as Batgirl and Oracle was a 7 year span. Which mostly works as long as you ignore Jason, Tim, Steph, Cass, and Damian.

>>115923708...Do they just hate Batgirls or something?

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>>115927173>It gets more complicated as both her PhD and her stint as an US Representative were mentioned in Birds of Prey.Wonder if they're going to have her lean further into politics after this.

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>>115927666And this.

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>>115927245Honestly it sounds like a good reason as any to simply ignore whatever shit they're trying to force into your book. >>115928584Something overlooked is the context of the character at the time. Babs was a c/d-lister during the late 80s whose last notable appearance was giving the eulogy for Supergirl in Crisis. She got a push at the beginning of her existence, but after the tv show was cancelled she was moved to the backups then later was only really showing up in teamup issues. Popularity-wise she was always more prominent and popular as Oracle and the only reason why people really gave a shit about her as Batgirl was '66 reruns and BTAS.

>>115928767>Honestly it sounds like a good reason as any to simply ignore whatever shit they're trying to force into your book.Not really a luxury she had when dramatic changes were being made with every character she was laying groundwork for. Plans for Gordon Jr.? Whoops, he’s sane now. Plans for Jim? COMMISSIONER’D.

>>115928896This is why I hate collaborative writing. Egos always get in the way, and cliques can be especially petty.

>>115929363All things considered it really seems like that only the people writing Batman and Detective Comics, and maybe whichever is the highest selling of the other Batman ongoings, have any real say and everyone else can pound sand.

>>115929640Which I get in a way. Gotham is Batman's world, everyone else is just living in it. But it's still limiting from a story, character, narrative, and even IP perspective. There's so much more that could be done.

>>115929929The issue is that you've got far more characters in/related to Gotham than Batman. I think part of the reason why the Burnside era worked to some extent was that it was an intentional stylistic break from typical depictions of Gotham to the point where a lot of typical Batman story elements would look horribly out of place. But there is no good reason why they need to fuck with so many storylines and character usage when the Bat-franchise is so goddamn huge. Some character you want to use is already in play by one of the other books? Pick one of three or four characters that have been created over the years that can fulfill the same character setup and narrative beats because the franchise is littered with copycats. Why bother interrupting the storylines of other books when you can simply drop a separate tie-in?

>>115884718Sauce for that image of present bow Babs in the third-to-last panel