How's Your Webcomic? #664 - Belated Father's Day Edition

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Webcomic authors all hate fathers.

>>115869807There IS that rule about fathers in fiction always being dead or antagonistic, same as older brothers.In A Story Of Fire the only father figures I can recall are only shown through flashbacks. King Abe is the girl's father, beloved king, but fucked up by asking Douma for help and trying to trick him which started the whole curse. All of his children blame him on different degrees and ultimately Azu kills him.In the original, way longer plot idea, he was going to be the main villain. The idea was that he tricked Douma on purpose expecting him to do the curse, turning himself into an oni that ate other oni and thus absorbing demon power while being in control. He ended up becoming a kind of corrupted god. I deemed this too anime to be interesting and I wanted a shorter, more personal story anyways.The other one is the Priest father, I figure he is named Iwan or something like that. Leader of the Demon Hunters. Only shown in a flashback telling the Priest to NOT kill Oni. He takes inaction towards oni due to his own religious morality. Priest strongly disagrees, so they are on bad terms. Just some extra info.>masculinityI'm sure I could talk about that but not sure if it's very important.

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They'd play out positively because i don't have daddy issues and don't consider single parenthood in either direction a good thing, nor would i take away the shine from fathers to empower women since that's a low IQ move.


>>115869999I really like seeing strong and positive father figures in fiction, it feels rare nowadays somehow.

Eerily Lovely update!Fortunata -as told by the (about time I used the domain, let me know if it works as intended)>>115869754>Created a few minutes later>OP post doesn't say "I love you"Yep, this is the apocryphal thread>Question: How do fatherhood and masculine character play out in your comic?Ellie's father will play a key role once I introduced him. I'm paying special effort on his design.As for masculinity...well...

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Aaaah, help! Someone, please make me work on my comic! Any comic!

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Which one is the real thread

Okay, so. Guys, I have a friend who I really think should start a webcomic. He practically grew up his entire life wanting to make cartoons, but became disillusioned by the industry as the years went on, and thinks that people don’t really want what he considers funny cartoons anymore.I think his best bet would be to work for himself, and the easiest way to do that is of course a comic.What could I say to him that could possibly get him out of this funk? As long as I’ve known him he’s always drawn these cute characters and I really do think he’d find some sort of success in them, even as just a comic online; lord knows we’ve seen success in some horrible products.I’m just not sure what could lead him to going for it, if that makes sense.Any advice?

>>115869754He's a gentle person that isn't claming or abusive, but protective to his family and respects their choices. And at the same time takes care of his share of work and doesn't try to vassalize his wife. I think people should not think "father and mother" but rather "parents". People tend to think of them as opposites: conditional love VS. unconditional love, dom VS. sub etc. This isn't healthy at all.>>115869999That sounds extremely biased. Like, lol, how many guys hates their fathers but claim that daddy issues don't exist?

>>115871940>Like, lol, how many guys hates their fathers but claim that daddy issues don't exist?Clearly you do given how you are projecting, and considering your underage writing form you seem to be one of those rebellious underage kiddies who consider it a badge of honor in order to get into the cool kids club or something.

>>115869999Based words!>>115870073Yep. In ads and Disney movies dads are always depicted as goofy hapless incompetent idiots who need mom to do everything for them. It's stark contrast to pre-80s media when fathers were generally depicted as competent and important tot he family. It is strange there has been such a strong PR drive to convince the public that dads are dummies and not needed for the past 5 decades.>>11587040310/10>>115871802I will just tell my anecdotal experience. I have met so many artists over the years that sound exactly like your friend. They are amazingly talented and the few drawings you do see them make are awesome. They spend their entire lives talking about the characters they want to make, but also create an endless list of excuses to ensure they never start. These people are frustrating. I have met so many artists with 5 times the talent than me who can just effortlessly draw beautiful things, but they are lazy and have a bad attitude and just spend all their time working retail and playing video games. You can't force your friend to not be lazy and have drive. Drive is what seperates successful artists from the unsuccessful ones and 99% of artists don't have the drive that it takes. Hopefully your friend can turn it around and start producing, but no one is going to be able to force him. He'll have to come to that decision himself. Your friend might be happy just drawing random cute characters for fun, there's nothing wrong with that.

>>115872062Nitpicking on the form? Did I hurt your feelings or something? Just tell me you that you disagree with me and how, instead of labeling me as "underage kiddie". That's immature if anything else.

not sure which is which so i choose this update, just the characters exploring the school that has been left in ruins

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>>115869754>Question: How do fatherhood and masculine character play out in your comic?Star Seal and his mysterious long term plans play a huge role in my comic. In his younger days he was a megachad Super Druid destined for #1-then he went on a trip to Tara with his first wife-Aideen's mom-and everything changed.All Star Seal wants to do is protect his family and his village from the system.He is raising both his daughters for specific roles. He makes a lot of sacrifices to do what he thought was right long term, in particular how he 'raised' Aideen by neglecting her. Something happened on that trip to Tara that changed Star Seal forever. He's seen some shit and he doesn't want to see it happen to his daughters or his village.Is he doing the right thing? Probably not but in his mind he's doing what is best.I like greek heroes more than modern paragons of virtue heroes. The best characters have flaws, and that's how I try to write all my characters.This current chapter is pretty female centric but the next chapter is going to be more focused on masculinity and bro-hood.

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>>115872242>spend all their time working retailYou nailed him to a T. He works 48-56 hours a week at a convenience store/gas station just to get by.I can understand what you mean though, I guess. He’ll have to be the one to step up, it just frustrates me because his art and style of humor remind me so much of older animation when things weren’t so cynical and such, I feel like so many other people would appreciate something like that too.Thank you for your reply though, it definitely gave me something to think about. I just hope one day he takes what I say to heart.

>>115872470>He’ll have to be the one to step up, it just frustrates me because his art and style of humor remind me so much of older animation when things weren’t so cynical and such, I feel like so many other people would appreciate something like that too.I know the feels bro. I know so many artists just like that guy. Most of them never turn it around, but maybe your friend will. It's can be frustrating but you just have to accept your friend is who they are and not who you want them to me.

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>>115872470>>115872551Maybe you could peer pressure him in to making a short youtube animation or short comic strips. If he does and they are received well, he will probably keep making more.

>>115872286The kiddie drops the form and only now decides to write maturely? Talking about nerves getting hit, pic related

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>>115872584I’ll definitely bring up the idea to him again the next time I see him.

>>115872763Ok, you passive aggresive dick

>>115869999based quads

>>115869754>Question: How do fatherhood and masculine character play out in your comic?most of the characters' parents are either dead or rarely show up, but the one prominent father is depicted very positively and sweetly, albeit a bit strange because he's kind of cryptic. as for masculine characters, that's also shown in a positive light as one of the main protagonists is probably the definition of positive masculinity

>>115869754Okay, let's post this here in case that other thread dies.In the world of Omnifighters people live together with supernatural beings called Omnifighters. These supernatural beings are important elements of the military arsenal. Protagonist Wendy and her friends will try to be part of this mighty military, but will they be successful?>Question: How do fatherhood and masculine character play out in your comic?The military functions as father of the people, the people will be forced into harsh conditions to keep men masculine. The characters work out and participate in all kinds of martial arts to stay strong in body and mind.

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>>115871940>>115872286>>115872930>this cunt againhow about no

>>115874209how about an argument instead of calling names, kiddo?

Anyone want to add their character?

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>>115869754By giving tractor driving lessons

>>115874350ship them all. now

>>115873907So cute!

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Why are there 2 threads

lol i don't argue with holes

>>115875443Awww what got the babby so upset?

>>115874350what kind of pubes are they rocking?

>>115870403chubby human Gurk in a wifebeater is adorable.web on your workcomic ya dang bird.

>>115871802I've got one of those too, nothing I tried could convince him to try to be part of the solution. he just wants to abandon the whole genre to the people who fucked it up. doesn't even want to hear about webcomics anymore.

>>115869754everybody in my comic loves their dads. they are cool guys. except the one with evil parents. >>115872242dude that hasn't been true for like a decade now, they finally picked up on people being sick of the inept dads, and it's reversed. watch like any show today.

reposting this WIP from the previous thread. What is Gurk saying?>>115869754>How do fatherhood and masculine character play out in your comic?They won’t. I don’t think I have the perspective to write a parental figure well. Gary is light-years away from his family, anyway.

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>>115876158>dude that hasn't been true for like a decade now, they finally picked up on people being sick of the inept dads, and it's reversed. watch like any show today.A lot of the dads I see on new shows these days are overweight and wimpy.

>>115876309"Gurk!">>115876350yes but they're smart and nice and shown to be running everything while the mom fucks up because she's a goof. baby steps, man.

>>115874931I really don't know either

>>115869754I have trouble writing and drawing men so only 2/5 of the main characters have present fathers, one of the 3/5 has one disappeared because the daughter was an accident and the other 2 are just not written because I didn't know what to do with them. If I can see them it doesn't exist, right?

>>115875842All clean shaven

>>115876454So basically they're trying to turn Dads in to effeminate wimpy men who are nothing but less effective forms of moms while mom fucks off and cheats and sells weed and lives out whatever other fantasy she has while neglecting her kids. The subversion is complete if you think this is a good thing.

>>115876792you're unpleasable, and the situation is unsolvable. not only can we not snap our fingers and be back to the 50s overnight, we'll never get there. all we can do is slow the tide of evil taking over as much as possible. fiction finally breaking its 'women have to all be perfect' streak is a huge victory, even if they aren't punished for those flaws in the story.

We need more bishounen dads>>115876535yeah, looking through this thread I realize why I don't have full families. I get reminded constantly by those shitty romantic comedy slapsticks and boomer jokes. I wonder if balanced, wholesome long-term relationship is even possible, even.>>115876792nice conspiracy theory. >while mom fucks off and cheats and sells weed and lives out whatever other fantasy she has while neglecting her kids.wutt? When this happened? Oh right, only men are allowed to do it, right?>they're smart and nice and shown to be running everything>effeminate wimpy menSo your ideal dad is not smart and nice? I think you don't know what you want anymore.

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Well the other thread's on 10, I feel like that's the better one of the two, but maybe we should just let one of them die so it's less confusing

>>115877688Yeah, my exact thought. Stupid vague Holla Forumsbait question.

>>115877688>>115877750just as this was said, the other thread died.

Melisa dad is a wholesome man. Alma dad is distant...

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Admiral pizza Dream team fighters is an epic crossover videogame including your favorite HWC chracters. The evil Coronachan is going to destroy the source of hopes and dreams. Azu vs gasparro vs Tadd in the

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>>115878203Ellie bullies Azu, W.E.G, Aideen. Bullying is wrong. Nightmoose and Admiral help.

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>>115878077*shinto clap* okay back to webcomics business as usual

>>115878258she looks basedI did this sketch of Poxface and Rhoddy as a warmup today. Poxface is like the Trent Reznor of his time.

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New Guy done did it this time

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>>115878857>when your massive yaoi hands are bigger than a skilleti'm sure Birdman'll just give him a little slap on the wrist

How come the only real 3 places you can post a webcomic with a pre-established audience (Webtoon, tapas, and smackjeeves) all suck Holla Forums?

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>>115879015It really do be like that in this bitch ass world.>>115878857I can't believe New Guy is fucking fired.

>>115879015Hang out with us obscure euro on Mangaido! don't expect a much exposition...

>>115879015because pre-established audiences are phone-using normies. ignore them, you want art-lovers as your audience. theyre more loyal

>>115879287looks exactly the same as tapas

>>115879287*euro weebs>>115879422it's better but a lot smaller.

>>115869754>How do fatherhood and masculine character play out in your comic?Strongly. Most of my cast are male, and the main villain is the main character's father.MC's father wants grandchildren, and MC doesn't want children *at all*. MC also has a very unhealthy relationship with his sexuality because he's very aggressive.He has teeth in his dick, so that really doesn't make him confident about the idea of spawning new monstrosities into the world. Major turn off for most women too.Panel riff for an upcoming page that's related. :O

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>>115879354I wish there was a place I could put my comic in front of said art lovers as a smaller creator

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>>115879595What about it is better if you don't mind me asking? I got nothing to lose so I might as well try that place too

>>115879595What's better about it? It looks interesting.


>>115879884Ooh a dad villain, that's a classic setup>>115879964there are still places like that around! hell, you can still sign up for comicgenesis and it still works, as far as I know.

>>115880369uhh tapas version loaded faster and worked smoother for me and mangaido lagged a lot >>115880410thanks! I'll check comicgenesis out

>>115880478I mean that's not the best place to go FIRST, but it's still up.

Read Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury, the best historic fantasy comic about Iron Age bards in Ireland on the internet! II of the Banshee Vale Arc is about to begin! >STAY TUNED DRUIDS AND HEATHENS

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>>115880478>uhh tapas version loaded faster and worked smoother for me and mangaido lagged a lotThey both load immediately for me and neither of them lags. Mangaido has better interface in my opinion, and doesn't force small resolution. Also, the smoothing filter and 'book' option if that's your thing.

>>115880881might have been easier to just have said dat instead of making my ass do the bare minimum

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>>115881040I thought it would be better to see for yourself, rather than relying on opinion of person you didn't know.

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>>115881523but if people don't tell me what to think how do I know what to think

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>>115878203Gasparro's moveset is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. God bless you, Admiral.

>>115881800>>115878203Really wish I could play, I would destroy you all.

>>115882109I wish it was an online multiplayer battle royale and we could do a royal rumble battle with each creator playing as their character.

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>>115878203>in addition to being in the pool, making my comic earlier would have immortalized my character in an admiral pizza gameFuck my procrastinating arse

>>115878258>'s it. I'm doing smelly mecha-bunny canon in my comic, just you wait. Thanks, Admiral>>115882348Game will obviously become a franchise. If anything, you're early for part 2.

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>>115882348At the end of episode 1 Admiral pizza dies. All the heroes team up and travel through time to bring him back.

Is your main character a virgin? Are they embarrassed about it?

>>115882984mine waited til marriage thank you very muchbut it's a slow stroll to the finish line, not a pole vault. All kinds of fun things on the path along the way.

>>115882984Some of them are. Some of them aren't.

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>>115882984Yes, to be fair she's a depressed high schooler in a comic made for teenage girls and young adults, so I can't really change that anytime soon. She's not embarrassed, it's not the first thing in her mind.

>>115883617I mean, you CAN change it. I think that would be pretty common. But it's up to you if that doesn't work.

>>115883724I don't want to because my story is aimed at struggling teenage girls and a sort of getaway for them.

>>115883949Ahhh, say no more. I think that's nice. burning the midnight oil tonight. Helps that i slept all afternoon. I am knee deep in the chapter finale, and I vow to have it done by sunday.We are looking at 13 pages, and I have about half of them finished.I've decided that Automatons Incognito is my season 1 finale. I thought it would be a 2 season type of story, but upon further examination, its closer to 4, and this is about one year exactly from when it started.Furthermore there will be some major lore shit, more in depth character building, and some major status quo changes in the next set of chapters, so it seems fitting to call this a season finale.Big things are on the horizon. Get hype.>>115869754>question: How do fatherhood and masculine characters play out in your comic?I've always intended for Tad to be a reluctant role model for Rex. Despite his selfish gruff nature, Tad is a true blue hero deep down, and at times his hot blooded hero nature gets dragged out of him. Rex is a more traditional shonen type hero, but is cowardly, lacks the same survival instincts and creativity. As the story goes on, he starts to take after Tad, grow a spine, and change up his style to the quick thinking resourceful and under handed chicanery Tad employs.As far as masculinity is concerned. Tad is displaced. He is blue collar and normal, but does fantastic things purely out of guile and gumption. In the future I plan to explore his past, and how he wound up being what he is. He is tortured by past failures, and is constantly railing against his heroic instincts and his selfish hangups.Tad is a displaced hero, disenchanted with his role. Yet he cant shake his sense of right and wrong.

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>>115882984Rex is.Tad isn't.

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shameless contentless bump

>>115885703dlete this


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>>115885703>>115886676i'm feeling inspired


Was there ever more of Spears? I don't make a webcomic so it's the only reason I check in on these threads from time to time.

>>115887402Nope, you can safely fuck off.

>>115887516Someone finally gets a fan in one of these threads and they're not welcome? LOL

>>115887526There are many serious content producers here who actually spend time on trying to create amazing products. Those clowns that came here to provoke people are not part of that, so they can leave and take their people worshipers with them to find drama elsewhere.

>>115887596well said mate.

>>115882984Yeah. No. Ideally she would have been married to someone for political reasons. Now that will never happen but what I mean is that princesses can wait.

>>115887402Everyone knows Spears was just some guy paid by Swords to stir up controversy. Fuck off.

Reposting this one cause I like it.

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>>115887947nice and clean digital art

>>115887947Someone enjoyed last night

>>115887516>>115887596>>115887613>>115887879T R I G G E R E D

>>115888722Don't fall for it.Post comics.

>>115869754Comic in the OP? I had it in an RSS feed but lost my data after a repair needed Windows reset and can't remember the name.

>>115887879Spears and Swords are the same person.

>>115890188the concord initiative

>>115890188The Concord InitiativeThe Friendship Startup

>>115890283>>115890284much appreciated

>>>Question: How do fatherhood and masculine character play out in your comic?Burger and Lauren's father (who has yet to appear in this) is constantly drunk and is barely respected by his daughter.

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>>115890642Thumb's on the wrong side in the third panel

>>115890761next thing you know someone's gonna have a 6th finger that appears out of nowhere ;)

>>115882984Bryan is no virgin. Bards get the girls.

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>>115892694I'd bump that.

>>115890856I sure hope somebody gets fired for that blunder

>>115892694Girl Megatron is my favorite

>>115892694HYW ass chart when?

I've been thinking about a "storytime" of Polish picture books with recipes series. I'll not be at home for a few days but when I'll come back I'll start a separate thread with it.>>115882348Bruh, I make comic for over 3 years now and I'm not in the game.>>115882984Every character in my main cast is a virgin. Only one of them is somewhat embarrassed.

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>>115892694>that hint of robo-buttholeI wish I got lewds of my characters.

>>115893231We need a peak autist to create this chart, complete with tiers and room for full body reference pictures of each ranked ass.

>>115893338Post comic.Although I have to feel very inspired, so far it generally doesn't happen.


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>>115893543Who will be our braves Ass-essor?

>>115895906Some user much braver than which tier does Dana Bas belong?

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I haven’t touched this page in a few days, ha haWhich characters of yours are in the bottom panel, /hyw/?

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>>115890761>This is the THIRD TIME I've had to mirror your hand this week.

>>115896358Mizu and/or Kishon are bar patrons to the maxa drunk squid is something I never knew I always wanted to see. Didn't think it was possible to love Weg more.

>>115887879>>115890264pretty sure it's bones

>>115896358Why don't you just make very short strips?I love Weg and feel your comic has a lot of potential but you don't seem inspired if you don't work on it, maybe some cute one-page stories could help?Dunno, just throwing the idea there.My oni girls already appeared and I love it.>>115895906Id offer myself butt I could be biassed, maybe for posterity.

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>>115897983I actually have considered that! I’m not sure how it would change things, but I’ll try it.

Is old school newspaper comics still a thing people would read? Was thinking of doing one as a project and to get my feet wet in drawing/making comics.Also what paper size is ideal for those 3-4 panels comics?


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Number 29 fresh off the grill! does anyone still use dA? I'm wondering if it's good for audience building

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>>115898783I'm fine with that format. I used it on a longer-form thing and it worked well enough.The biggest paper you can, basically. Which means as big as your scanner can handle, which isn't very big.

>>115898970DA just shit the bed, but even before it did that, it was lousy for comics. good for posting regular art, and getting an audience that way, but you have to put up with virtue signaling from the staff sent right into your inboxhe seems to be wearing a skirt in panel 2...

>>115898783>Is old school newspaper comics still a thingYes and no. Papers still run them and people still read them in papers. That's kind of dying along with printed papers and the people who read them though, also because quality content creators have many more opportunities online these days and the only way to really make it as a strip comic creator is to be nationally syndicated. People aren't searching out new comic strips on the internet exactly, they're just looking for short gag, comics. The strip format is very much a product of newspapers as a medium. Space is obviously less of an issue on the internet and so often people want to take advantage of that. That's where the four shot comes in. It's essentially replaced the comic strip on the internet as the most common format for short gag comics, and that's because it fits our devices better. That's not to say that you can't or shouldn't do a strip, or that it couldn't do well in that format on the internet. I think it's kinda cool, especially if you're doing something nostalgic. If you do, maybe stick to a 3 panel horizontal. With a 4th panel you'll start to loose vertical height to squeeze more in horizontally and lose readability on smaller screens. If you want to do 4, then probably just do a two by two grid. Restrictive art processes like this are great tools, particularly when you're just starting out. >Also what paper size is ideal for those 3-4 panels comics?That's a can of worms. It sounds like you're doing traditional and not digital art but you didn't explicitly say, and that changes some things depending on which. Regardless, It's less about specific dimensions and more about pixels and dpi when it comes to digitizing your work.There's some math involved, so no one can really give you specifics without knowing what format you're using, what the end result is supposed to be, and where you're going to be sharing it. The easiest thing to do would be to find a blank template. cont

>>115898783>>115899651Deviantart would be a good place to look for a template that you can download and print out or just paste your art into digitally. Ideally though, as a general rule of thumb, you want to be drawing at at least 1.5x the size of the finished product and then sizing your art down digitally. The point is basically to make your art sharper by sizing it down, which gives you a little more room to be less than perfect. It's not something you have to do particularly for your first foray into comics, but if you want to make it a long term hobby or something more, it's really something you should get comfortable doing. If you decide on what you want to do and how you're going to do it, I or someone else here can give you more specifics, just ask.

>>115899651>>115899801I was thinking of doing a more story based comic and thought doing it this way would be a good way to set my feet into making comics. My comcis are going to such regardless so I might as well get the crap out of the way as soon as possible.I also asked for paper size since I prefer to draw traditional and have a scanner myself. That's said I do have a drawing tablet for my PC.

>>115898970>I'm wondering if it's good for audience buildingNot anymore. I collect comics to storytime from there, and it is a nightmare to find anything new now. Maybe 1/3 out of the comics I followed have jumped ship and some others are still thinking about it. Unless yo already have an audience, you won't be seen on DA. It is at least useful to keep an archive of art, but that's it.

I'm updating this tripe

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>>115879052Probably not fired, although there will be consequences

Attached: A1E25397-C62A-4E20-847B-3EB0FBFC4B49.png (256x256, 140.29K)

>>115869999I think it's easier for me to write an antagonistic father because it's really more of a projection of adult insecurities as a man than an insert for my actual dad. Also making a terrible mother as a male author is more trouble than I'd care to deal with.

>>115900493That's actually fascinating. I have the exact same reasoning but with the opposite result, I'm uncomfortable making a dad a jerk because I feel guilty and insecure, while it's hard NOT to write a mom as a bitch because how many nice ones do you know? even in anime it's a crapshoot.

>>115899885Then I'll point you to this comment here>>115899369>The biggest paper your scanner can handle. Hopefully you have a good scanner. You're scanning an image, not a document, so adjust your dpi and resolution accordingly, probably as high as they'll go if you're scanner is just meh. Always work with .png files, not .jpeg. Remember, draw big and size down if you can. Keep the big final product as a master file, then save copies of it with reduced dpi and whatever resolution and file type you want or need.

the worst thing to say about art is calling it boring. how do you all avoid boring, Holla Forums?

I often worry that I make too many parallels for my characters, for example if the main protagonist has two companions, the main antagonist has two companions as well. If the protagonist has a son, the antagonist has a son/daughter as well, etc. Is this a bad thing to do? I don't really force it but I feel like it does come across as "too coincidental" at times.

>>115899393>>115900113Fair points. I guess I could use it as an archive if nothing else

>>115900801Distract the audience with cuteness. It’s the only way I’ve gotten anywhere in life.

Attached: 927174A4-F26B-4D58-B59D-C3B499478A09.jpg (1023x1023, 155.03K)

>>115900801always take risks, never settle for the first, most obvious answer.>ho hum, drawing a pizza man, I guess he'll have a big round nose and a bushy moustache and-interrupt yourself and give him a tentacle for an eye, or make him a cute girl, or a puppy. people won't go "that sure is a pizza man" and move on to the next panel, they'll remember it.

>>115900909people aren't usually looking for strongly thematic elements like parallelism until it's pointed out, so they aren't going to feel like it's hitting them over the head.

>>115900801I dump my severe lack of artistic talent into maximizing character designs.My art is uninteresting, but my concepts run double time to make up for it.

Attached: Cool Frankenbrine.png (827x1157, 506.45K)

>>115901344Plus it encourages great fanart.

>>115900801Consider the following:>The master craftsman knows the rules, methods and procedures and can abide by them all. >The master artist knows the rules, methods and procedures, and how to violate them for the desired effect. What's the difference?

>>115902031I'm a little sick of that meme. yes it's clever, but it's overly used, and it's a massive oversimplification. The very idea that there's only one set of rules is what the artist rejects outright, that's what makes them creative thinkers.and not all artists are "breaking the rules" intentionally, they're just doing what they think looks good and is the right thing to do.

>>115902031also, serial comma.

>Question: How do fatherhood and masculine character play out in your comic?Admiral pizza is incredibly masculine. He fights for whats right. Never gives into temptation..unless its food. A theme in issue #5 is the passage of time. One moment your really cool in someone's eyes and they grow and are gone..a jerk is in charge and hobos are burning comics to keep warm..does the world NEED a hero like the Admiral?! (The Answer is Yes, Yes it does.)

Attached: 31e58d8b-67c2-48c4-8d89-7978026affa6.jpg (800x1209, 381.2K)

>>115897397Did bones stop posting the same time Spears was banned for a week?

>>115902569bones gets banned whenever he shows up, so he's never around for very long

>>115902297>The very idea that there's only one set of rulesThat isn't implied, but, yes, there are necessarily certain rules for any form of art. Sometimes they're as simple an oil painting requiring oil based paints. Sometimes they're as complex as a set and widely acknowledged to be considered established "styles". >is what the artist rejects outrightThat's a generalization, you don't speak for all artists and you're probably speaking for people that aren't really artists.>that's what makes them creative thinkers.That would be a byproduct of whatever it is that makes them creative thinkers. You're talking about something vaguely like "thinking outside of the box" being the source of their creativity when it's a side effect and one which necessarily implies that you have some concept of the dimensions of the box or "rules". >and not all artists are "breaking the rules" intentionally,Obviously not, and that isn't implied either. They may still produce art in spite of it, but it's more likely that they may be innately or unconsciously aware of some of those rules like we are of "style", as you hinted at, or that they simply aren't artists.>it's a massive oversimplificationOnly in your mind and because you've rejected and compartmentalized it without having really understood it.>>115902312Serial commas are a choice. I hope you're being ironic and not ignorant by assigning rules to my art.

>>115903048You're one of the wrongest people ever to try to make a mostly-correct point.

A bump for old times’ sake.

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>>115903181That's not an argument or a semi-refutation, it's just an ad hominem. I'm not my characters any more than you are yours. You know the answer to the question, but you don't seem to have grasped the point. In one word, what is fiction? Be cynical.

>>115904432It's not any of those things, nor was it trying to be.

More wip panel riffs:D

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>>115904682this guy's hair is tremendous.

>>115904640It objectively is, whatever your stated intentions.

>115904754>you can't ever call me wrong, that's ad hominem! get back here, I want to argue some more! using special argument rules!!

>>115904816Support your argument is the rule of every argument.

>>115904834You're talking about debate.i'm just disagreeing.

>>115904849Yeah, that's what an argument is, one half of a debate. You're just being contrary far outside of reason at this point.

>>115904950I don't have to support calling you wrong. You do a good enough job of that for me.Wanna stop gunking the thread up with this pedantry already?

Ah, here's where the thread was, finally found it, now i can post my two pages!Here's the first one, you know, just you're average ha ha hee hee funni page...

Attached: page 21 2.png (1125x1650, 3.22M)

>>115904187Those were the days my friend

Attached: Morgan_Hooters.jpg (700x892, 618.98K)

And now, the big reveal, the big secret, the cat out of the bag! what some of you people have been waiting 6-7 years for! it's finally time.BOOM! BIG REVEAL!This page took me 5 hours to do, hope you like it.

Attached: page 22 2.png (1013x1485, 3.52M)

>>115905196In all seriousness that would be pretty horrifying

>>115905100You do for it to be valid. And gladly, your uninformed, unsupported, and contray-for-the-sake-of-being-contrary opinion is hardly worth dwelling on nearly long as you have.

Well he didn't play out perfectly.

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>>115906168I thought Nigger Man was an orange tabby

>>115906251Not in The Rats in the Walls

>>115905196My character does not have a penis, but he isn't a girl.I wonder if I'm going to start a new type of fetish in the future where women are attracted to cool dudes who don't have genitals.

>>115878258>>115878203Literally the greatest hero of our days.

>>115906290I take it that's some kind of fictional adaptation of HP Lovecraft's lifeit's always annoying when details are changed from reality and then people reference them.>>115906509did it get chopped off, does he have androgen insensitivity disorder, or is he not human?Also girls already have that fetish. They're terrified of the penis.

>>115906690No that's one of his short stories.

>>115906751he wrote a short story... with his cat in it, and described its colorokay maybe I screwed up, I saw what I was told was a photo

>>115906509Annabeth has a very different mentality that most people.She mainly bases most of her ideaologies based off of what her childhood friend told her 5 years ago, which includes "If you like action figures and toy cars, then you are definetly a boy!" and thus she thought she convinced herself that what she had was a penis this entire time and now that she's seen Boy-Sarah's penis, her whole world has been shattered.This chapter is mainly about explooring the mentality and psycology of annabeth.

Okay, let’s forget about pizza dreams for a moment.What’s your pizza nightmare?

>>115907614Swords getting a 6 season Netflix deal and a movie.

>>115907614such a thing is unthinkablebut I did have a nightmare where Cookie Monster was eagerly eating "healthy" as he was told, but because he was gorging, a helpful kid said now he's just going to get fat, and he turned into a creepy beige claymation with brown sclerae.. like he was supposed to look like cookie dough I guess? dreams suck

>>115907614Neither my dreams nor my nightmares are defined.

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for me it's Rhiannon

Attached: SUMMER SOLSTICE.jpg (700x896, 957.94K)

Just wrapped up Chapter 1! Super>>115869754It's still very early, but I want fatherhood to play a role in a M.C.'s arc down the road. As for masculinity, I hope to put across quite a few facets of it. A very central thing being our obsession --as men- with projecting archetypes on women and damn near worshipping our own ideas of people, ignoring who they really are in the process. It's the central theme of the story, really.

Attached: page-17.jpg (950x1344, 935.93K)

I have 1 more page of my current chapter to line..Got this panel done that I posted in the previous thread.

Attached: circlewip_done.jpg (557x900, 288.64K)


New strip upThe New Guy lives to suck another day

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>>115909544oh god, I work in a kitchen as my day job and I know this hell.

>>115909669Ah shit, not the kitchen talk again.Y'all gonna make me anxious to even look at a pan.

>>115909699Misery loves company, user

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>>115909415I wanted a reference to Black Sabbath on the last page of my current chapter.SO I drew this shitty parody of Paranoid with Henry (MC's younger brother) running around in the forest with a watermelon on his head like the fool he is.

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>>115905196It's never easy finding out.

>>115907614>>115909728Something like this, i become an incredible cook..But i push away my family and friends and become a huge jerk and become a slave and lose my soul...

>>115890642>>115893085the drones who rushed page 15 out are being punished for their insolence

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Woah there HYW, it is not your time to die yet

Traditional comic artists, what are your tools of the trade?

>>115913552>0.7 mechanical pencil>#2 brush>ink>white out>straight edge triangle>eraser>paper>caffeine


Attached: tools of the trade.jpg (800x1067, 731.41K)

>>115900493>>115900761There really isn't a way to look objectively at such things, or at least there always will be people who will tell you that you're biased/opressive by showing them crime stats. For the first time in history of father days I saw so many mras cherrypicking examples of women abusive towards their partners or something like this. They don't get that much support because they stand lower in the "social libleft hierarchy". Y'know Shitskins>Trannies> CisFags>Women>sTrAiGhT wHiTe MeN.

>>115914112Number 2 size brush? Thought a 1 would be a good start for me. What brand brush?

Mixed fight tournament when?


>>115915307Fucking tournament when?

>>115914709Use what's best for you. I like the line variation #2 can get. It can go super thin but also pretty thick if you need it. I don't have any particular favorite brand of brush, just as long as it's pointy and holds its point it works. The ones I have now are Kalinsky Raphael brushes and the main one I used has lasted a year and is still going strong. Brand doesn't matter, the brush just has to be pointy.

I dont know if this is the right thread but i have a question more on the technical side of drawing for drawfags . Is it okay if i cant make shapes with a single stroke of a pencil? Like drawing a circle , a square or a long curve in a single movement ; when i draw i have to "thread " a single line with multiple small movement , which gives the drawing this kind of messy look like its made out of straw

>>115916269The /ic/ boys would call that chicken scratch but it's not necessary to do an entire shape without lifting your pencil. If you're really anal about it use a stencil.

>>115869754My main father character is a major antagonist in the series and he largely loses himself near the end of the story because of the deaths of his children. His parenting role is to show the beauty of humanity and how his ideals are challenged by raising demonic children. There is also a dead father for the main protagonist and his younger brother, but that guy dead over centuries before the two were born. The brother is angry at the protagonist for not caring at all about the past and not fitting in with the “ideal child” their genetic father wanted. This lacking relationship is meant to relate with the heavy separation between Asian fathers and their children, which is a real situation going on in Japan.

if your OCs feet hurt really bad what would they do?

>>115916577Go home and play video games

>>115911457aw man I love cooking for people.>>115914554your friends are both right and self-sabotaging, I'm afraid. (and if those aren't your friends, you shouldn't be looking at their opinions online.)

>>115915307We just got the best results ever from something very simple where people added their characters to an image, I feel like we should learn from that. Hell I still want to add to it, but it's full now

>>115869754STILL IN DEVELOPMENT....cos im a failure;;;

>>115916269It's not the worst problem but you should try confident strokes. If you're on digital, you can always undo and try again. Another thing that helps is the tool you use.Its was easier to be confident with a thicker stroke than a thin one.

>>115916269sketch in chickenscratchtrace over it with a smooth stroke with ink

>>115917373post current most up to date pool pic>ship them. ship all of them.

>>115918126until you start, you're neither a success nor a failure. that's why so many people never start, it's psychologically easier to be a never-tried than a failure.

>>115918372ships are useful when you're floating in open water.

I havent drawn anything IN 3 DAYS.>>115918372Ship all of them with Gurk an Weg.>>115916577it would heal

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>>115917347I'm at verge of saying I don't have any friends, because just how many times I was cheated or looked down upon by people who claimed to be my friends or that they are helping my cause. The best possible case is noticing that and rejecting them upfront. >rightNo, crime stats are a fact. Violent, twisted people deserve no mercy or tolerance.>self sabotagingI agree in some cases, in others it's I think it's just exploiting 'special treatment'.

>>115918927But these people you're talking about are the ones bringing up said facts, so they're right.Sorry to hear about that, I don't have any friends because nobody likes me. They usually do for a little while, then just when I'm getting attached, they don't anymore.

>>115918952Fuck off cf

>>115869754New page is up, and surprise surprise Beatrice is getting herself in trouble>Question: How do fatherhood and masculine character play out in your comic?I've got each of the girl's dads planned out already. Excited for when I can put them on-screen. Beatrice and Morgan's dad's are old friends and colleagues. B's dad I'm modelling after seigward from Dark Souls 3, just a lovable dottering old cinammon roll. M's dad is just a giant dork which I also love. Robin's dad is a work in progress. Only notes I have is that he's a pretty intense dude who can also benchpress a mountain and has abs you can grind meat on.

Attached: Page 42.jpg (940x1771, 559.53K)

>>115919563I can just imagine what their dads are like...

hyw bikini contest when? >Which waifus and husbandos do you want to see?

>>115920052Dream Daddy squires for hire edition?

>>115905196YEARS OF BUILD UP!

>>115919563In the final panel, is that white space between her arm and body meant to be there?

>>115920525Oh fuck me.

>>115920525We will never speak of this again.

Attached: Page 42.jpg (940x1771, 559.77K)

>>115920683Beatrice will win some day.Just not today.Nor tomorrow nor so on.

Francis liked her father but never got to see him. She was mostly raised by maids. Lilith is more complicated

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Servius' father sold him to slavery. He was kind of like Mozart's dad and pushed Servius to perfection from a young age.

Attached: no russian.jpg (800x1205, 749.49K)

>>115922264Aw yeah, nothing says succeed-or-else like being sold so you can't be monitored or guided in any way

Bump But also what IS your kitchen pet peeve?

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>>115922507you know what, I'd be mollified if a waiter told me sorry the food's late but we took extra time to label and date everything. i'd feel good about that use of my kitchen pet peeves include things like using 20 bowls when 2 would do, neglecting to mix wet ingredients before adding the dry (so as to minimize the need to stir and overcreate gluten), and people who peel and seed tomatoes. the peel and seeds are the best part! the skin is tangy and the seeds are like caviar. and the goo around the seeds? forget about it. That's like the star of pico de gallo. the

>>115922397He needed money user. The prodigy was not generating the big bucks with his music.

>>115922507>>115922507when the fry cook fucking kicks french fries under his station on the line and they get stuck under there and start rotting also the fact that someone ((wait staff)) goes into the walk-in every week and DUMPS A GALLON OF RANCH DRESSING on the fucking floor AND DOESN'T TELL ANYONE

>>115922856>I'd be mollified if a waiter told me sorry the food's late but we took extra time to label and date everything. i'd feel good about that use of my time.Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, but I’ve never really stopped to label and date during service, that’s usually either done during prep or closing; if I have to make something for the line on the fly, I’ll add the label after service slows down.I do however, applaud your position re: tomatoesIf you’re going to carve off half of the thing, why bother at all?

>>115923062Gross fry stations are the fucking hellpit of the kitchenBut scraping off all the congealed grease that collects on the sides can be VERY satisfying

>>115922507Any food that takes longer than 10 minutes to prepare.

>>115923062boy you have to work hard to make a french fry rot. In my experience they stay viable for weeks, then fossilize.I got news for ya, that's not ranch dressing

>>115923134I was just imagining why someone wouldn't do their labeling, and I figured it'd be there was no time, frantic prepwork under pressure.. that's how everything has gone at every job I've ever had, or any homelife situation. Hurry ruins everything. and I'd rather they measure twice and cut once. I hate being rushed myself.>>115923202oof, you just reminded me of how impossible it is to clean the burnt brown grease residue on a cookie sheet.

>>115923202One of our fryers has a leak that they've failed to fix and it drips about a quart of oil down the entire line, and I have the joy of harassing someone to help me pull all the equipment out and mop it up with boiling hot water/degreaser.>>115923393Some fucker comes in and knocks it down every week about 2-3 hours right after the prep cook makes it.In other times, one of our line cooks dumped an entire tub of sausage gravy on the safety mats on the line. Same guy put a creme brulee into the salamander, not knowing he needed to use the torch, and the entire thing burst into flames. Another time he screamed "I NEED A FUCKING POTATO", and the cook line has a cut out window into the dining room and all the guests heard it.>>115923423>oof, you just reminded me of how impossible it is to clean the burnt brown grease residue on a cookie sheet.Catering season is the worst, multiply your greasy cookie sheets by 80x every single day.Anyways, comic stuff:CotCA has updated today:

Attached: 21.jpg (900x1280, 584.66K)

>>115923602call me Larry David but I would patronize the hell out of an establishment that shouted shit like thatsalamander, what is that like one of those conveyor-belt broilers? the only salamander I know is a red-hot flat piece of metal from the 18th century used because they didnt have torches yet. I recently got a heat gun for that purpose but it doesn't seem to get THAT hot

>>115923602Mr Fucking Potato must be a disaster to work with but goddamn these anecdotes are Birdman GOLD

>>115924674Our salamander is over the griddle on our line; it's not as fancy as a conveyor-belt broiler, it's really more like a mini doorless oven that's always cranked up to 500 degrees and the sole purpose on the line is to melt nacho cheese>>115924701There was a night where we had very few customers and he started scream-singing along to Papa Roach and we got noise complaints.One day I walked in for my shift to find a giant cloud of smoke from one of the ovens and he completely torched a pound of bacon because he forgot to set a timer. He's my favorite person in the kitchen and he trained me.Anyways, hope to see more kitchen comix. :) People must know about the hell that is the food service industry lol

>>115925272that sounds like torture to work near. even worse than those poor mexicans having to sweat over the teppanyaki at this buffet we used to have before it got burnt and looted by peaceful protestors

always love Holla Forumsck/ content.

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>>115927498>local radioactive pollution goddess is too cute.

Attached: gurkarena.gif (387x382, 1.02M)

>>115927498face touching hnngg

Holy shit! I worked like a madman these past two weeks.The season finale of Tad Danger: Substitute Ranger is give me some feedback.I am going to take a short, but deserved hiatus. We will have some filler in the meantime, and then I'll be right back in the fray. Stay tuned for season 2.

Attached: Lady Decitron.jpg (751x729, 253.7K)

>>115927853I just realized she basically is like something from Primal Rage

>>115928977Excellent laughs, I love your finales. A terrible ship has been born too.I think your comic works best when I read many pages.Will Squisher actually reappear or that was just throwing a cookie to the poor bot?

>>115928977Wow, wasn't expecting a happy ending. Well not for everyone, but still!I love that he forces them to kiss when one of them doesn't have a damn mouthI think you did a fantastic job. the last few pages do look rushed, perspective and scale are all over the place again like they were before you started putting more care in, but... I mean, if this was an 80s cartoon, the budget would have gone into the episodes where you put it in, so no worries.

>>115929084This guy loves his Venture Bros writing, you know comebacks are certain.

>>115929084Squisher is a permanent member of the cast. He will star in the B plots of the next several chapters.

>>115929118Damn that's unexpected. What a way to introduce a character. But is he part of the main team or more like the junkie professor?

>>115929142I've had Squisher planned from day one as a main team member. I keep the team members close to my vest, like the main villain.

>>115929159That's so fucking cool.

>>115929095Admittedly i rushed it. I was getting a bit burnt out, which is why i am taking a short break.I also thought this was a great place to do it, since there is a major status quo change.The next several chapters are going to finally start sculpting a more in depth plot and introducing some major players to game.I may be burnt out, but I am really excited to get into the meat of the story. The ground work has been laid.

Attached: hail to the queen.png (866x909, 370.9K)

>>115929159well that explains why it wasn't the detested drill tank that got left out.>>115929247yeah no worries, the tyranny of story pacing isn't worth ripping your hair out over. I can imagine it would have been agonizing to slowly put more work into the 'comedown' pages.

>>115929247How many Decitrons have you got?

>>115929212Squisher has been killing me. I've been wanting to show him off forever. Even his debut chapter, I really dont get to show him off.Squisher is an evil alien warrior who detests humans, however he suffers from another personality flaw. He has severe abandonment issues. The fact that his crew left him to die on an alien world has rocked him to his core and left him very depressed. He adopts Tad and Rex as surrogates, but doesnt particularly care about anyone else.His arc is going to revolve around getting over his abandonment issues and taking up the mantle of a hero for an alien species.>>115929287So long as the action scenes look good, i can live with the conversational pages looking a tad jank.I will not suffer a drill tank to join the team!

Attached: 20200325_213308.jpg (3264x2448, 3.1M)

>>115929338not nearly enough.

Attached: Dakitron.jpg (864x724, 269.93K)

>>115929338I'm just a big fan.Give me requests.


Attached: Decitron and Deserter.jpg (1322x1142, 182.72K)

>>115929338I think this is all i got. Though i cant post this full one.>>115892694

Attached: Deci O face.png (156x146, 21.06K)

>>115929436Bahahaha, they're so jolly

>>115929434Although I'll read them tomorrow if any, gotta snooze.

I was thinking upgrading Decitron into Dekatron in her next appearance, kinda like Megatron and Galvatron. I had a design in mind, but she just isnt as appealing. I think i'd like to keep her as is.She's just funnier as a shot gun.Her Dekatron design was similar, except with a purple breastplate, purple dictators hat replacing her helmet. (think M.Bison). Her alt mode is now a Minigun. Her legs are the rotary barrels split in half. (three barrels on each side) going up to the knee. She also wears a bullet chain belt around her hip.I might draw her in this design, because i think it looks cool, but for narrative purposes, i think i just prefer shot gun Deci. I'll see what you guys think when i get around to doodling Dekatron.

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>>115929503if you miss an old design, you just introduce the redeco, uh.. Nemitron.

>>115913552>.5mm mechanical pencil>H leads>eraser>paper>walking the (remastered)