Wakfu season 4 kickstarter

In case you haven't heard, Ankama started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the 4th season. The goal of 1.1m euros has been reached so we are going to get it. There are also extra goals for 2 specials. An Oropo special and a "secret" special. There are 6 days left until the KS ends.More importantly, they added a 450€ pledge which will include a set of Bluray disks for all 4 seasons, something a lot of people. I'm not familiar with the price of Blurays so I'll let that to you to discuss. For 550 eurobucks you get an Adamai figurine because this is the character everyone loves.The KS kickstarter.com/projects/ankamaanimations/wakfu-the-animated-series-season-4/

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cryhouse.blogspot.com/search/label/Wakfu Les gardiensThere's

>We did notice that some of you didn't have access to a physical copy of Season 3. We are looking into the international rights and studying what we can do about it. But as it will not be included in the pledges, we don't need to rush into this, and we can take more time to do it. You should not expect an answer before the end of the kickstarter Campaign.Also don't get your hopes up that the S4 bluray will be available right away when S4 will be done as they've put it here kickstarter.com/projects/ankamaanimations/wakfu-the-animated-series-season-4/posts/2871770

What's even been happening on Wakfu since the end of season 2? I remember starting season 3 and also seeing that Pinpin turned out to be the god Iop himself but can't remember anymore.Can anyone catch me up? I don't mind spoilers.

>>115844107There was an OVA that has some major shit happening between seasons 2 and 3. you can find it all on netflix.


>>115844107Post season 2 where the Tome comics. Several months after season 2 Yugo and Adamai are celebrating their 14th birthday. Jiva the guardian of the month Javian(yes the time god Xelor has dudes that guard seconds, days, and months ect.) kidnaps Chibi and Grougaloragran and demands the Eliatrope Dofus'. Eva is preggers. The group finds out Balthazar went around collecting them and went a little nuts with the Eliacube and he pooped his brother out of his egg. Eva pops out her twin babies in the Emrub the dimension where the Eliatrope kids are.Turns out Jiva made a deal with the Enirispa Demigoddess Echo to revive her lover, but he had a massive case of ice brain and fried himself. Joris says he'll guard the Eliatrope Dofus and everyone goes their way.Special episodes. About 5-6 years later everyone's living their lives when suddenly they get summons to the Sadida Kingdom. Ogrest is having another fit and the kings and queens f the world want Yugo to use the Eliatrope Dofus' to stop Ogrest. They got stolen and they split up to find them. Otomai and Adamai go to a former lair of Echo where she just gives them up saying it's dangerous to fight Ogrest with them, the rest go to Frigost where Count Harebourg says he'll pony up if Amalia marries him. Marriage gets canceled and he flees. Last set was in the Ecaflip dimension, they beat up the demigod Ush and get the last set back. Yugo and Adamai fight over using the Dofus, Yugo wins. Yugo achieves a degree of godhood, accidently makes a race of time displaced clones, and Tristepin is revealed to be the reincarnation of the god Iop. They fight Ogrest and make him bard out his Dofus'. Adamai joins the badguys.

>>115844107In season 3 Adamai kidnaps Eva (who is now pregnant again) and Flopin. The Sadida king is dying but that's never touched after episode 2. Yugo and company go to an unknown dimension to find Eva and Flopin. They meet Oropo, the main baddie of the season who tells them that his Brotherhood of the Forgotten, comprised of demigos, are there to replace the gods because the gods abandoned the mortals. They climb his Tower of Dreams and confront Mishell, Dark Vlad, Ush, Bump, Ruel's ex (who is not a demigod), Dathura. Meanwhile Eva and Flopin are held in Echo's Eniripsa temple, they escape after she fucks off to have sex with Oropo. They are later found, Toxine the Sream demigoddess backstabs Echo but Flopin throws her to her death but not before she shots Eva with some poison arrow thing. Just kidding she is fine, she gives birth to Iop God I think, which destroys most of Oropo's tower. Oreo pulls everyone up to his zap portal thing, he reveals that he is an EliOtrope, copies of Yugo basically that he made by mistake when using the 6 Dofus in the OVAs, then he kisses Amalia in front of Yugo. After that Echo reveals that replacing the gods is not really his main goal. He wants to bomb Inglorium and the gods because of his identity crisis. He fuses with Yugo and becomes some kind of God King Owl. Before he succeeds Echo sends everyone except Oropo and her to Inglorium in order to save them and goes after Oropo, who still loves her. The Eliacube bomb explodes and Oropo's pocket dimension is destroyed and the cast is now in the realm of the gods with no one else there. That's what I remember from 2017 so it's probably missing a lot of important details. Someone might give you a better rundown. Want to watch the entire thing? Try Netflix or this pastebin.com/Waq1WzVv . There's one thing that I know for sure and that is the fact that Echo deserved better.

>>115843884Cra sluts!

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>>115843884>More importantly, they added a 450€ pledge which will include a set of Bluray disks for all 4 seasonsBut I already have Seasons 1 and 2 on bluray from the last kickstarter

>>115843884>More importantly, they added a 450€ pledge which will include a set of Bluray disks for all 4 seasonsNo, they specifically DIDN'T do that, and explained why in their latest update.

>>115845630You'll most likely be able to purchase the S3 and S4 blurays separately in the future. They don't even know if they'll be able to produce S3 blurays before this kickstarter ends

>Yugo discards Amalia and hits it off with his niece.

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>>115845877>she calls him daddy the first time they get busy

OP is retarded

>>115846134How so?

>>115843884fuck oropo, just give me more dofus

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I'm not funding aged-up shitWHERE'S MY SHOTA?

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>12k euros from oreo episodeCoolAnd my Krosmaster figs cam in todayLittle shoddy in places but adorable

>>115846764then so am INOT MY WAKFU

>>115846782Se ya, better Yugo will take over.

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>>115846740He got an upgrade.

>>115846677Because this part>More importantly, they added a 450€ pledge which will include a set of Bluray disks for all 4 seasons, something a lot of people. I'm not familiar with the price of Blurays so I'll let that to you to discuss. For 550 eurobucks you get an Adamai figurine because this is the character everyone loves.Is just plain wrong.

>>115846677No 450 or 550 pledge

Nth for torn up latex suit Toxine

So I was reading the last Dofus gamebook last night and apparently there’s a Grey Dragon and a Silver Dofus now. No idea where they come from but the description (and lack of obvious color) hints that he could be older than the Primordial Dragons, maybe on par with Osamodas’ three.

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>>115849803He is old as fuck, maybe as old as the mechasms maybe even older, he is the son of the queen and goddess of Externam.He is also pretty based ingame.

>>115850011>spoiler locationWhat's that?

>>115850018Externam is the place where all the souls of dead people and animals go before they go back to incarnam.

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>>115850011Oh. I should reread the book where you go to Externam because I don’t remember meeting the queen at all and they seem to imply we did. Is she a dragon too? How does that work?

>>115850293I don't really know if she is a dragon, she probably is, but she is as old as the norrai.Shame you get to meet her ingame when she is an unironically old hag.

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>5 days to attain 155133 eurosi have a feeling that we might not get the secret episode...

i think i just saw the money amount decrease by 200 euros.. what the fuck?

>>115850918People can change or cancel their pledge anytime during the campaign.

>>115850352That makes it better.


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>>115851349yes, soon

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Remember when the BoT straight up ate a guy in season 2? Been rewatching and holy fucking lol I forgot that actually happened

>>115850033got another for you

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>>115850033Oh, I just noticed the Arbre des vagabonds on this map. Is that the Arbre-père Ratathosk was talking about? Do we have any more information about that place/tree?


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>>115851901Don't think the full soundtrack has been released. Sucks since it's nice.

>>115844107Yugo successfully cucks himself

>>115852925it's so good that's why i'm so mad we don't have it

>>115843884>they added a 450€ pledgeAre you being retarded on purpose?>oropo securedYeeeeessssss!

>>115843884Is this show worth giving a try?

>>115853832Dofus is better.

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I was afraid we wouldn't make it, but we fucking did it, Oropo Episode.Secret episode might not happen, but we won't know until we get there.

>>115853832Its a more goofy and fantasy Last Airbender, with one of the best cartoon villains ever made for S1 and arguably S2. Its based on a vidya so there are oddities they have fun with like needing to pay to use readily-accessible teleporters and class/race giving wildly different bodies and cultures despite all being humans.

We got the oroppo episode ladsLets see if we can get the mystery episode

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>>115853954Dofus is also super dead

Daily reminder that the secret episode is just some shitty backstory and not the beach/smut episode we wanted.

Oh god

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>>115854802They really want those shekels.

>>115854890Tot. Just say it will be a beach episode. I swear that I will give you all you ask for!

>>115854908Sadly it isntkickstarter.com/projects/ankamaanimations/wakfu-the-animated-series-season-4/posts/2873109Related to season 4, and apparently super important

>>115855013>The next episode to be unlocked is directly related to Season 4, and anything we might say would amount to a massivespoiler. But we can tell you this: you're definitely going to want to see this story.What do you guys think it will be? A setup episode for Waven?

>>115855025Most likely, since its the purpose of this season, like they told us

>>115855045Knowing Tot, he will probably pitch the idea of creating a Waven cartoon too after all this is over.

>>115855025Iop wank of course

>>115855070>an entire e[isode of tristepin wanking

>>115855078>an entire episode of Tristepin filling Eva with more Iops

>>115855025>The next episode to be unlocked is directly related to Season 4, and anything we might say would amount to a massivespoiler. But we can tell you this: you're definitely going to want to see this story.Sounds like they don't have the faintest idea what it should be about and are just trying to make it sound super good.

>>115855244>Sounds like they don't have the faintest idea what it should be about and are just trying to make it sound super good.Sounds like every Ankama project ever.

>>115843884>Race with time powers, name them "rolex" backwards>Stingy mining race, name them "fortune" backwards>Plant based race, name them "adidas" backwardshow do they come up with this stuff?

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>>115855750they're frenchIop and Sram are names of a yogurt drink (Yop) and chocolate bar (Mars) respectively

>>115855750Because they’re all barefoot.

>>115855750Worked for Pokemon. >Pika, an onomatopoeia for electricity crackling in Japanese+Chu, an onomatopoeia for mouse squeaking in JapaneseHonestly, it works for language in general. >Libr, Latin for books+Arius, Latin for “relating to”The word library basically means “that book thing”. Not the most creative name for a book place. A less retarded word would be bibliotheca, or “housing/storage of books”. The expression “the truth is stranger than fiction” really applies to words. Especially in the unholy abomination of a wet lollipop dropped on a dog’s bed that is English.

>>115843884I wonder if we can send Tot our stories and doodles. Also, how he'd react.

>>115854082I'll probably give it a shot then. Is there a noticeable decline in quality at any point, or it is worth watching all of it?

>>115856759You can tweet him your art. He'll retweet it. Even incest. Not so sure about fanfiction.If you want to send him physical copies of that stuff then I still don't know what he'll do.

>>115856868Some people didn’t care for some of the stuff immediately after S2, since they add big changes and have a temporary change in momentum at the same time. Plus a character goes full-Thundercats reboot Tigra. Early on its basically made of filler which starts to taper off like most shows are. There are multi-part episodes making fun of soccer that some people love and some just skip. Give it until the Kabrok episode, which is #3 I think? You’ll know if you care at the end of that one. French audio with subs is best. Especially for the villains.

>>115853954i disagree.


Make them useful in this season.

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>>115854674>not the beach/smut episode we wantedSpeak for yourself. I think we all knew the special episode wouldn't be a beach episode.

>>115856268>their, there, they're>than, thenThis has got me thinking how English (and really all languages) must be fun to learn.

>>115859376There’s a reasons so many countries teach it to kids, and its not because its to talk to Americans and Brits. Its because English is best to learn when your brain can still just kind of soak it up and you don’t have to try explaining the fucked up rules. Have some good videos on it. youtu.be/_gwJHuEa9Jchttps://youtu.be/zUrDUxh5xS0https://youtu.be/YEaSxhcns7Y

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>>115859376Those words get confused way more often by native speakers in my experience. My guess is that it has to do with ESL learners being introduced to the words in writing about the same time they start hearing them, whereas native English speakers have a really hard time spelling words in general because of how inconsistent English pronunciation is and because their knowledge of the language leans less heavily on reading.I think "its/it’s" are more often problematic because it’s not a very common way to indicate the possessive form and you could easily think that you need the apostrophe there like with every other word.

>Holla Forums - LanguagesI kid, I kid.

>>115859376>>115859490My first language is Spanish and I did not confuse them. Actually I did not know they were pronounced different. I used to pronounced them thus: deir, der, deir, dan, den

Man I hope my boy slaps the shit out of Amelia

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>>115861039>It's a montage of Yugo unaging while most of his friends age and die.

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>>115861039Good feels or bad feels.

>>115856268>>115859376Uh bro language didn't just take words and reverse them you fucking idiot, etymology and the creation of words and language in general is a very intentional process, much more than your gay relativism reddit understanding of how this shit works. This is like those fucking idiots who try to say that comic book characters are the equivalent of greek/roman myths in their own time. It's fucking uninformed and sullies cultures by reducing them to ridiculous and profane garbage. Or you're like those fucking niggers who say a car is a "two ton death machine" and point out how everything is so "scary". Your everyday life, the languages you use, the media you consume, the things you do, is not that quirky or "weird", it's not that arbitrary or simplistic, nor does it compare to the actual struggles and thoughts people had only a hundred years ago. You live in a fisher-price half-reality, and the only way that's going to change is if you take real action to change it. Don't start posturing and pretending you know anything about anything when you live in the societal equivalent of a ball-pit. English is unironically an easy and beautiful to learn. As a linguistics major, try learning something like Polish, Mandarin, or god forbid, Inuit. Sure maybe Norwegian or Esperanto is easier, but English for a non-native speaker is probably the easiest and most useful language to learn.

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>>115861323They used the word "moving/emotional" for the French part.

>>115861556>As a linguistics majorWhat a sad life you must live.


>>115861039Welp, I'm worried now but deep down I think we all knew the ending would be sad since it pretty much is the last season. I'm guessing it's set in the future after hundreds of years with a depressed looking Yugo in the remains of the Sadida Kingdom like the trailer showed.>>115861556Didn't think anyone would be so assmad about someone pointing out how strange English may be to other people. >As a linguistics majorAh, I see.

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>>115846730>we barely know about his time after the movie>we dont know about the pupper>we dont know about his time's traveling>we dont know about khan >we dont know about that fucking mage i forgot her nameits not fair

>>115862418They all got old and died. Bonta got flooded. Khan still hangs around as a ghost there.youtube.com/watch?v=PK5q0oGRzTU

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>>115862560She deserves something happy even if it all ends in tears.

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>>115846740Alibert left him out on the kitchen counter overnight and he spoiled

>>115843884do you guys know any group of people that could give money to this so as to reach the 1400000 mark?

>>115863571People who play the games which Ankama tends to neglect

>>115843884I hope this happens in the series

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>>115853954Fucking love Dofus. Goodass show. Really consistent with its quality, too.

>>115864356What the fuck, I didn't know Raimi was responsible for early drafts of Wakfu!

>>115861556>try learning something like PolishI’m not sure they even require Polish to learn Polish anymore.

>>115861722You haven’t written the next great fictional series yet.

Bring back the Sufokians

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>5 days left to get 140kWe're not gonna make it bros

>>115866372Only as robots

>>115866375Reminder crowdfunding campaigns (especially decently high profile ones) almost always have a significant boost in their final few daysI'd honestly be surprised if we didn't reach it

>>115866454I'd rather they have flesh

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>I wish different characters got more love than just the Pecidel familybased comment

>>115867087Adamai should have killed them all in his little fit.

>>115867087Lol, like Evangelyne has anything other than being Amalia's bodyguard (as of OVA's and beyond, that's gone) or being Pinpin's wife.

>>115849803>He actually reads the item descriptions

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>>115867725>Some say it has even been in contact with a DofusOH BOY LET'S FUCK AN EGG

>>115846740I want to see Amalia fucked silly, they have to age him up.

>>115867725>family item passed from generation to generation>someone even fucked a Dofus with thisWorld of Twelve is horny jail

>>115867954/ss/ would have been better though

>>115867969Don't have the pic but Sadida liked turning people into sexy looking trees as punishment.You just know

>>115868037>one god turns people into trees>another into animalsLife in this world must be harsh

How does foggerification work? How do they transfer the sentience?

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>>115868064Consider the fact that the amount of physical capability and healing magic most races posses means most injuries and diseases mean nothing. Kinda of a trade off.

>>115866454So they are related to the Foggernauts, right?

>>115868070I like to imagine it's remote controlled.

>>115861556Dutchfag here, english is a wonderfully flexible language that allows you to articulate yourself using very simplistic phrases and words, yet has the vocabulary to define even the most osbcure concepts. While it isnt as precise as german or dutch, those languages are also so much harder to learn as a result.

>>115866372this but unironically. their goal to overthrow the gods fits perfectly with this whole fucking plot.As much as I love the cheeky fanservice with them, I do actually really love them in general. I even ran a guild based in Sufokia in the MMO, that aesthetic is top tier.

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>>115869007>their goal to overthrow the godsWonder if Oropo exploited this wish

>>115868037hornbeam trees. The ones in the MMO had a change to drop raging hornbeam wood

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I just want a fanservice episode for fucks sake frogs, stop teasing us and give us thick waifusThere's a Iop cutie in the trailer, but now Eva is preggers, Amalia is Amalia, Cleo is Mia, elely is Hanseled and I'm deeply frustrated

>>115867656Remember when her boy died so she went rogue, put on spandex, cut her hair and owned a rogue with like 10 shushu weapons? Someone post her jugs bouncing in that outfit

>>115869085Amalia still had her appeal in the old art style

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>>115869085The problem is you want more Wakfu S1/2, but what Tot wants to write is more DBZ.


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So what is the deal with these guys and is there a longer version of the theme in their trailer?

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this whole time I thought we reached the second secret ep and they were just slow to update it, then I realized I hadn't converted it to euros. god fucking dammit we're not gonna make it.


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>>115868694>we play as the robot that a sufokian controls>they look like the ones from season 2

>Season 2 Highs > OVA Highs > Specials > Season 1 Highs > Season 3 Highs > Season 2 Lows > Season 1 Lows > OVA Lows >>> Season 3 Lows>Season 2 > Specials > OVAs > Season 3 first episodes + yugo cucking himself > Season 1 >>>> The rest of Season 3 Prove me wrong.

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>>115844630Wait... How, when, And who got EVA pregnant???


>>115870433Tristepin. Sometimes during S2 or after.

>"I'm frieza now" - adamai's trickwhat did he mean by this

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>>115870349S1's highs of Tristepin dying and Nox rewinding back time are unmatchable

so yugo having a blue and a purple sword - does that mean he controls stasis as well as wakfu

>>115870483Its during S2, Goultards final line to him as hes leaving with Rushu is a pun on his name to say "dad"Well it was that or foreshadowing for him being Iop

Are there available pdfs of the seasons 1-3 artbooks?

>>115870549Seems like so. Adamai also used Stasis sometimes so I dont see why not

>>115870584Some. pastebin.com/Waq1WzVv at the bottom. S3 one is there. Then a few others related to Wakfu. Seasons 1 and 2 had multiple artbooks from what I remember but there aren't any complete rips.

>>115870349cant really top Nox desu

>>115868671Technically Foggers are somehow their ancestors.

>started a kickstarter>start????????Didn't they finish it? i swear I've seen threads on here already about 4th season being funded

>>115868694Unfortunately we know it's not the case, there was a civil war in Sufokia between Oktapodas followers that claimed becoming robots was heresy, and the robots that claimed the god had forsaken them so they may as well take survival into their own hands.

>>115871731The original objective for the kickstarter was funded fairly quickly and all 13 episodes were funded last week, but the kickstarter is still ongoing. There's also one last stretchgoal to reach, a secret episode that's linked to whatever will happen in Wakfu S4.

>>115871786>world drowns>foggernaughts winOr did tot forget about steamers?

>>115869121That was peak Eva. Sadly from that point on her character just became Tristepin's bitchy girlfriend and then after that she was relegated to his wife who only exists to give him overpowered children.

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>>115872157During the chaos of ogrest the waters were too dangerous, only robo-foggers could survive them and get to the surface. I imagine it's even worse now, and since there's no surface to return to they'd be stuck in their underwater city.


>>115870157basically power rangers

>notbeach 1/6th fundedIt's looking more and more plausible. Provided the last day frenzy happens.

>>115875391Maybe if they gave a hint as to what the episode will be more people would pledge. If it is actually the fabled beach episode I'm sure they'd soak up money like crazy.

don't die now

>>115877161Whoops, forgot my image.

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Wakfu is based and Sacrierpilled.

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>>115872157The Foggers are probably already busy fighting off giant aquatic monsters.

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>>115878580I would dig a Sunless Sea style game set in the WoT just replace all the Fallen Londonisms with Dofus/Wakfu silliness.

>>115877161Not on my watch

>>115870579Immediately afterwards he asks Eva if there's any chance she could be pregnant, so.

So did we ever get a S3 Blu-ray release?

>>115881898We might, in due time.

>>115882481I hope so. My autism won't allow me to only have the Wakfu S1+S2 set and the S4 set.

>>115851319Already completed

>>115875391I wonder even if they don't manage to get to the last goal, will they get broadcaster to fund it for them? They got a lot of money and attention after all.

Praise be Sacrier!

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>mon visage when little yugo isnt so little anymore

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>>115843884>want to play waven>start an ankama account through steam>okay cool>wait waven isn't on steam>no steam login button on the launcher>never asked me for a password or anything, just a username, email, phone, and identificatio>log in through steam in a browser>says i already have a password>no option to change>try to go through forgot password>says my phone and email aren't valid even though i verified them both through the account>no button to delete account and you have to actually go through support to do soI'm just playing wakfu now but it's a fuckign shitty 10 year old game

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>percedal tofuthe iop wank will never stop

>>115883835Can we even play Waven yet? I downloaded it months ago but it would never let me in.

Can you frogs recommend me anymore French stuff in general? I got recommended pic related and I'm loving it so far though I'm not 100% fluent in French yet so I'm putting the books on hold and making due with the comics. I feel like in general France has a lot of good fantasy/adventure type media, something that American media has pretty much forgone at this point.

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>>115884124 Le Transperceneige is a pretty good comic Les grandes grandes vacantes is an really good cartoon. A rather dark one though

>>115884124As far as animation goes, I enjoyed Les Grandes Grandes Vacances (not fantasy, though). This link should have subs if you need them:mega.nz/folder/t7gXUYyA#eT9aXixSIeAkrtBJs4BGgQPepper & Carrot is a really neat fantasy webcomic if you like cute witches and cats:peppercarrot.com/If you like pirates and comics, I heartily recommend Tangomango, which is technically set in the Wakfu universe but it could easily have been its own thing.


Attached: 73321135c1ff641c093c39e8c9f4fd86.jpg (900x600, 74.93K)

>>115845877Based. Now lets get some fanart of older Elely picking on Young Yugo, and young Elely playing with older Yugo.

>>115870087That's a good one, but there's also clips of her riding the dragonturkey. Thanks user


Attached: 1584317105798.png (278x392, 109.64K)

Could Yugo have broken the curse?

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 83.4K)


Attached: Comic4.png (780x1088, 826.07K)

>>115886735Will the comic be finished before S4?

>>115884025No, the game is only available for limited periods of time to test a new alpha phase. Right now they're working on the PvM and open-ish world, which will take a long time before it's polished enough for testing.

>>115884124you need to read the lanfeust serie, it's fucking great."lanfeust of Troy", "Lanfeust of the stars" and "Lanfeust Odyssey""la caste des meta baron" was also fucking brilliant

>>115887097Troy and Stars are great but fuck Odyssey. I've read like 3 books and it's boring as shit

>>115869007Which guild? I was like the only Sufo rep in an Amakna-based guild, so I was in Sufokia most of the time.

>>115853954I miss this fine guy

Attached: C8WztlvW0AENgMZ.jpg (1200x1200, 91.52K)

Attached: ravi.jpg (684x574, 86.49K)

>>115886735>>115886760This is from a comic? Where?


>>115888551Happy ravioli day!

>4 days>110k € to goI think we will make it bros


Attached: 1536853759783.jpg (283x327, 77.86K)

107000 euros and 3 days to go, and i do not think its attainable, rip secret episode...

>Lefigaro: What is your relationship with FranceTV?>Tot: After season 3 it felt like they were not motivated anymore, but the Kickstarter reignited the flame.The full thing is here but locked behind a subscription. lefigaro.fr/jeux-video/wakfu-le-dessin-anime-qui-explose-les-compteurs-du-financement-participatif-20200622

Attached: unknown (1).png (726x136, 31.72K)

>>115890495Oh boy

Attached: ruel kama poster.png (318x470, 50.52K)

I finished rewatching season one after a long time and man it was pretty fun. I see why people generally consider it to be the best season. Nox being a great antagonist also helps.

Attached: kick.png (1920x1080, 2.44M)

>>115890495>paywallDamnit, is there anything else of interest?

>>115890643Eh, it's just Tot hyping his brand

>>115890599look at this breeding machine

Will my nigga Yugo finally clap Anelia’s cheeks and make her regret ever cucking him?

>>115884124Lastman is a really fucking good comic and show, the show takes place chronologically before the comics, and the first 6 tomes are translated to English.

kickstarter.com/projects/ankamaanimations/wakfu-the-animated-series-season-4/posts/2874079>But just in case you think we don't know what will go in this episode : we do know. We have known for a long time that this is a story we would have to tell you. Wakfu is about epic adventures, random jokes, emotional surprises and heartbreaks. Let's just say this story will probably not make you laugh. I’m thinking either season 4 doesn’t quite show the end of the Wakfu era and this will cover that, or it will be another flashback to something tragic.

>>115891007I know. I'm genuinely surprised there wasn't more fanservice of her.>>115891506Probably not to the first question and she sure didn't seem to regret cucking him at the end of season 3 and even thought she was justified.

Attached: 17iwed.png (1920x1080, 2.03M)

happy ravioli day Holla Forums

Attached: file.png (1042x784, 1.02M)

>1300k €Dunno man we 100k for that secret episode now hopefully the ending surge will take care of that

Every time I’m reminded of this I always have to go jack off to it. Fucking french.

>>115891714>something tragic>eva giving birth>coilslot pussy now sleeve of wizard, bush now beard of wizard>girlish figure wrecked by babyfat in midsection>agile french hips start looking like cottage cheese in a stocking with celluliteIt's too horrible to go on

Hey Tot, you looking for ideas? Oui oui hon hon?>Yugo can't beat final villain>dies>goes to Externam>meets Nox>no longer dusty mummy, now young, sexy and spry>wears a cape like a baller>still moves like a terminator>"I need your help Nox, I can't do this on my own">>"I can't fix anything, I tried my hardest">"BUT WE HAVENT TRIED TOGETHER!">eyes narrow>splits that sword in two, we dual wielding now bitch>>"allright Yugo, I'll buy you some time">titanic final battle full of temporal anomalies, stopping bolts midair like Kylo Ren before he revealed himself to be a cuck>yugo beaten into the dirt>Nox takes the bullet for him and collapses>it's over>no it aint>Nox gets up>>"I deny causality">the world trembles>>"I deny fate">he takes off his helmet>>"I deny your victory">he's the new fucking god of time holy shit>villain du jour has his balls kicked so hard he coughs them up>it's over>>"Yugo, can you help me with something please?">they hold hands>a massive rip in time appears>Nox reaches in and grabs a woman's hand>Yugo reaches in and grabs a child's >it's his wife and kids>happily ever after

>>115893962Nothing wrong with that user. Pretty sure one of the reasons why this show got show much traction is because we all fapped to Eva, Amalia and all the other girls with those thick proportions.

Attached: 1430904215457.jpg (1873x2000, 315.22K)


How come Yugo is the only one who constantly gets cucked? How come nobody every tries and succeeds to make a move on Eva?

>>115895462Eva got cucked for a whole fucking season user

Does anyone ave links to Season 1 an 2 in 1080pThere used to be megas

>>115896974All 3 are in best possible quality on ruskie torrents.

>>115897011whereand it's original french with english subs right

>>115897041>whererutracker>and it's original french with english subs rightYep, also they removed English dub cause it's shit.

>>115897063Now I remember why I stopped using this, I cn't sign in anymore.

>>115896974Arent the megas in the pastebin at that already?

>>115897130I didn't think they had the original french audio

>>115897157They do. I just downloaded the whole thing on the week end and have been rewatching

>>115843884Will it get us a better dub?

>Eliatropes, do not think that you can escape our undying wrath>we have found you and your new world and its gods>however, we are still willing to offer up a path that does not have to lead to your destruction in our vengeance>simply put, you must put together your greatest champions and beat us in a boufbowl match, fair and square

>>115895038blood of my blood, i just rewatched TTGL

>>115898021Honestly, I’m in.

Attached: cheerleaders.gif (912x496, 2.89M)

>>115898021>Spacejam: Wakfu Edition

>>115898021Please no. I can totally see Tot having the Percedals play against the Mechasms, trying to keep the heart of Orgonax away from them.

So far Wakfu has presented the Eliatropes in the same technological level as "present" day World of Twelve. But the scene where Oropo pulls Yugo into his mindscape makes me think Ankama will retcon the Eliatropes into being a formerly advanced civilization living in metropolises. Whatever the case, I like robots and I don't care too much about the 'tropes. I'd like to see the war between them in comics and animation.

Attached: Universe-at-War-Earth-Assault-Free-Download-768x432.jpg (768x432, 54.2K)

Wha's th core series?Season 1, Season 2, OVAs? Season 3? WTF is this Nox the timekeeper thing and Ogrest?

>>115899072Origin backstories of the characters. There's also one for Goultard. You can watch them for some context for when they appear but Nox's special is best left for before the season 1 finale.

>>115888551>>115889152>>115890372Best day of the week

>>115899260Alright sounds good

>>115895462Remi tried only to get upstaged but Iopwank.

>>115895462Iop wank. Or maybe its Tot and Co fucking with everyone for wanting a forever unaging child-hero not realizing what that actually means to them and the setting.For all the shit Amalia and Yugo's ship gets, the angst is believable since the child barrier is a big one to get over and deal with, especially when its more on Yugo's end than Amalia's.


Attached: le_comte_harrebourg___donjon_frigost_by_mabaproduct-d68z0mj.jpg (950x603, 241.63K)

>>115862253Tristepin looks mad, why is that?

>>115870492it even had the Trispepin bites Adamai tail like Goku did to Freezer.

>>115901582Yeah but now hes all grown up and his dick is not longer a shota'sHe WILL fuck someone

Attached: newyugo.png (672x504, 334.46K)

>>115902636He looks like he's been fucked enough

>>115902989Who dicked our boy

>>115903140Got drunk with a group of rowdy minotaurus.Hasn't been able to walk right since.

>>115903297Did he like it though

>>115903416He doesn't remember but the evidence of his own salty leavings on the barn floor tell the tale.

Attached: 1592336456365.png (1280x925, 173.04K)

What do you think the oropo ep will be like?

Attached: daughter.png (1521x1265, 421.57K)

>>115903934Some schlock of him being happy with friends but getting sadder and angrier as they die ending with a vow to make their memories meaningful.

>>115903934That is the laziest fanart-child I have ever seen btw


Attached: Yumalia.png (252x338, 58.29K)

>>115872176Grovy coming back to life really was the downward point of the series.

>>115904252That looks like it was made in game

>>115903934Starting as a confused and scare little Yugo. Find a bit of happiness as he makes some friends only to get sadder and angrier as he grows older. This get worse as some of his friends die of old age while he continues to live on. He'll meet a certain someone who will show him more than just friendship but things won't be perfect as he'll learn that he won't be able to give her everything she wants.

Attached: oreo n echo.jpg (1800x1286, 194.66K)

>>115904655The longing look Echo gives to Eva after she gives birth really hammered that tragic feel of being incomplete somehow

>>115903934probably underwhelming. I didn't really like him

>>115904946Nox is kind of incomplete without his special episode as well, so maybe this will change your mindQilby's when


Attached: 41640302101655717.png (1920x1080, 705.59K)

>>115904252>>115904306This is a costume for Les Gardiens. Amalia's hair is a hat easter egg (for females only), same with Armand's whole head/hair (for males only).

Attached: Coiffe_Sadida_M.png (93x131, 17.54K)

>>115905105Is there concept art of les gardiens?.The elias there were cuties and I want it for references.

Attached: 1519386523551.png (1093x1077, 1.6M)

Attached: the look of a dragon.png (1920x1080, 654.78K)

>kills ur iop god

Attached: Cornu mollu.jpg (538x900, 298.58K)

>>115896974see >>115870662

>>115905976That joke Adamai cracks about "he says echo evey 5 minutes sometimes you are actually there" is one of the best in the whole series

>>115906264>Kills your mortal iop god

Attached: ad.png (350x603, 154K)

>>115906264Fun fact grovy actually flashes back to this (and a lot of other stuff) for a split second in the OVAs and S3

>>115906578They should dive into Cornu Mollu subject in the season. But seeing how Tot said FranceTV might get back to them, I don't know if his idea of a more "mature" season will be very popular with the network. Unless the the money from the kickstarter will make them change their mind.

>>115906578>grovyThat's Pinpin to you.

Attached: Cornu Mollu.png (540x303, 235.19K)


Attached: veronique-guannel-wlg-main.jpg (1920x1357, 464.95K)


Attached: veronique-guannel-wlg-p01.jpg (1920x1357, 480.19K)


Attached: veronique-guannel-wlg-pnj-01.jpg (1920x1357, 466.39K)


Attached: veronique-guannel-wlg-pnj-02.jpg (1920x1357, 463.84K)

>>115906920Les Guardians was an interesting idea. Develop a hyper-focused Dofus/Wakfu spin-off that would be playable in a browser and deliver content in small, episodic chunks over the course of the first two seasons of Wakfu.

Attached: veronique-guannel-wlg-pnj-03.jpg (1920x1357, 584.81K)

>>115905304Most likely tons, but your gonna have to look hard though. This is Enola, an eliatropette we were gonna see before it got cancelled.This person was a concept artist for the game, she also has a DeviantArt with some concept art too you'll see the link there.cryhouse.blogspot.com/search/label/Wakfu Les gardiensThere's also someone who did concept art for the generic avatar character of a male and female eliatropeartstation.com/artwork/wakfu-les-gardiens-eliatrope-class-male-and-female-main-art

Attached: enola_rough_by_noacry_d48lor0-fullview.jpg (900x637, 80.62K)


Attached: fraise___wakfu_les_gardiens_by_noacry.jpg (855x714, 119.61K)


Attached: eliane___wakfu_les_gardiens_by_noacry.jpg (900x675, 136.38K)


Attached: barron___wakfu_les_gardiens_by_noacry.jpg (855x714, 126.92K)


Attached: boa___wakfu_les_gardiens_by_noacry.jpg (855x714, 95.55K)

>>115906879>>115906957Based, thanks.Baltazar looks cool as fuck.

Attached: 003.jpg (397x515, 76.31K)

>>115907006The content would often have some relation to the episode that aired that week.

Attached: leon___wakfu_les_gardiens_by_noacry.jpg (855x714, 128.26K)


Attached: lou___wakfu_les_gardiens_by_noacry.jpg (855x714, 160.53K)


Attached: lune___wakfu_les_gardiens_by_noacry.jpg (855x714, 128.12K)


Attached: blinie___wakfu_les_gardiens_2_by_noacry-d4984lt.jpg (1000x707, 147.08K)


Attached: kouett___wakfu_les_gardiens_by_noacry.jpg (900x1417, 185.77K)


Attached: wakfu___les_gardiens___random_by_noacry.jpg (400x677, 65.46K)

>>115907099The Season 2 content was cut short in the middle of the season and hurriedly wrapped up in-game, leaving some plot threads unfulfilled.

Attached: wakfu_gardiens___blinie_sketch_by_noacry.jpg (2500x3599, 2.5M)

>>115907116The game's ending hinted at the eliatropes escaping their prison dimension but nothing was ever done with that.

Attached: wakfu_les_gardiens___blinie_by_noacry.jpg (791x456, 402.67K)


Attached: wakfu_les_gardiens_ribbon_girl_by_noacry.jpg (1809x2576, 555.66K)


Attached: wlg2___fraise_by_noacry-d48ivv8.png (1000x1414, 563.03K)

>>115907151I remember someone was trying to recover all the game assets in some vain attempt to recreate the game. I wonder what happened with that.

Attached: zora___wakfu_les_gardiens_by_noacry.jpg (705x731, 125.18K)

>>115907128Wasn't there some ex staff that bitched than an OC he had was used in this game?


Attached: wlg2_fraise_ms_by_noacry-d48m2wk.jpg (900x636, 83.16K)

>>115907128Yeah, I remember N killing Baltazar and the Eliatropes escaping.N was also connected somehow with the machine Haredouche made and Nox's time fuckery.

>>115907168>>115907166I don't really know all the details, but basically.

Attached: wlg2_boy_and_girl_by_noacry-d48ivoz.jpg (976x705, 73.8K)


Attached: eliatrope_boy_by_noacry.jpg (600x807, 66.17K)


Attached: eliatrope_girl_by_noacry.jpg (600x1107, 89.15K)


Attached: veronique-guannel-eliatrope-femelle-model-sheet.jpg (1920x1357, 217.78K)


Attached: veronique-guannel-eliatrope-mec.jpg (825x1067, 79.79K)


Attached: veronique-guannel-eliatrope-fille.jpg (753x1121, 92.87K)

>>115907244I don't remember many details about N or Nail, just what was brought up during S1 and S2 threads when the topic was popular.

Attached: n___wakfu_les_gardiens_by_noacry.jpg (855x714, 263.44K)

>>115898177>french version of quad city djs rapping like in baskup

>>115907256Seems like he was everyone's favorite edgelord eliatrope at the time. He had some interesting backstory too, one that involved Nox's time fuckery experiments with the Eliacube and Dofus-era Frigost.

Attached: 1506034178862.png (740x1868, 248.51K)

>>115907273sadly, rumour has it that the artist responsible for his design went mad with power and invoked his right to claim it as his own, resulting in Ankama cutting off all ties and shutting the game down? I'm vague on the details.

Attached: tumblr_n50ewb0tkH1softkko1_400.gif (309x274, 125.73K)

>>115907293Had it been allowed to continue, how would the final episodes of Wakfu season 2 have played out I wonder? We ended up with generic elias in the end.

Attached: first_arcanum_by_noacry.jpg (800x550, 66.05K)

>>115907307Hm, I don't seem to have the Second Arcanum artwork (if there is one). That's going to bug me.

Attached: third_arcanum_by_noacry.jpg (900x1568, 160.5K)

>>115907307Probably the brotherhood vs N, he was crazy strong in the game.

>>115907319That's it. I'm out of images I've collected ov

Attached: fourth_arcanum_by_noacry.jpg (800x600, 232.4K)

For me it's Xelors

Attached: xelors by argonchann.jpg (1000x1500, 411.88K)

>>115845992>>115845877Shit like this makes me wish we had a pink writer like Adventure Time did to write this saucy shit.

>>115907166Yes, it was N (Nail). Ankama gave him back his edgy OC and told him to fuck off, he later made his comic Nail Saga but I'm pretty sure that was abandoned. I don't think the character even looked like N.

>turns you into a bow meow then rapes you

Attached: ush by fedubeat.png (1280x914, 487.02K)

>>115906957just a heads upthat first link, there's some images there that don't expand when clicked so you can only see and save the thumbnail. But if you grab the url and alter the value that comes after the s (/s380/ for example) to some arbitrarily large number, you can access the original res artwork. I went with s2250 and got pic related

Attached: fraise007.jpg (2205x1944, 1.28M)

>>115907617Same user, thanks! Never knew that.I wonder if they were gonna make an animated scene.

Attached: fraise_profil_2.jpg (1019x831, 135.23K)

>>115907617>s2250meant to put /s2560/, though it doesn't matter. You can go as high as you want, and the image will max out at its original size. Pic related, had to find a smaller version to upload because the one on the server tops out at about 12MB (5400x4679). Too big for 4chan.

Attached: enola-folley-1 copie (2560).png (2560x2218, 3.25M)

>>115907837Yep, figured it out (that amount of time it took that Enola pic for me...). She's also got her coworkers/friends blogs linked there for more Les Gardiens stuff (if you look deep enough, not sure for the rest though). For this site, you can do the same size adjustment but it has to be NxN (9000x9000 or any number) here: cry.over-blog.com/article-1er-mai-49696750.html

Attached: 01052010_1.jpg (1600x1580, 432.04K)

>>115907321N's story was already finished, he managed to leave Frigost and get back to Emrub, tried to start a riot against Balthazar for not telling them they were trapped in a timeless dimension, he got emprisoned and blinded until he went even more mad, and finally he escaped that, fought Balthazar and sacrificed himself in a hug explosion that destroyed the illusion that made Emrub seem like an actual world instead of just a timeless dimension.Then we got Les Gardiens 2, which was about the Eliatropes trying to find a way to escape Emrub, and supposedly they managed but it hasn't been canon for a long time.

youtube.com/watch?v=huZRm9BOZv8Is this a good rundown of Les Gardiens? It has Eng subs too for non-french

>>115909109Yes, that's pretty much the N plot from Les Gardiens (and previous to that there was no plot, it was just the Eliatropes watching Yugo's adventure from afar)There was a sequel that continued after this, but because Les Gardiens 2 was cancelled it got a rushed ending where the Eliatropes escape Emrub. In any case, barely any of it is canon anymore

>>115886760he's done now. last page.

>>115906957>This is Enola, an eliatropette we were gonna see before it got cancelled.You mean in the cartoon? Because I’m pretty sure I remember her being at the start of the game (S2) and basically leading the player through the tutorial. Her name stuck with me because it seemed like such a sad name for a happy little bunch of magic kids.

>>115911458Was she? My mistake then, it may have been a new design not sure I don't remember.

Only three days left and they're 75K euros out from the second secret episode, you anons think it'll get funded?

>>115911555Confirmed:youtube.com/watch?v=6wrozcvMPsMLoved that combat music. I should rewatch that Remington episode just for it.

Attached: cap.png (821x512, 549.81K)

>>115911601Considering someone said we were 100K short yesterday, probably.

>>115911601If everyone who already donated just adds 5 euros it'll get us the secret episode.

>>115911642About half of them will do that the last day and some will do a lot more.

Finally backed the Kickstarter at the Bluray tier.Here's to hoping that secret episode is just 22 minutes of Frida Mofette jiggling.

>>115895462There was this scene in season 2 where some Cra guy flirts with her and she blushes which led to the whole Cleo stuff. But that's as far as Tristepin ever gets cucked.

Attached: Wakfu_S2_episode_17_45.jpg (747x502, 21.52K)

>>115907607He doesnt do that anymore, it was on his previous incarnation

>>115911601>>115911638Anon where are you getting that number, we are 120 euro away

>>115912872Who says that habit can't return.

Will we get the cuckening part 2 in this? If we do I’m gonna end it all, senpai.

>>115912958From the KS page, they're at 1.329 million euros right now.

>>115912993Why is this the only thing westerners care about nowadays?

>>115913027OhYeah Im seeing that, for a reason I thought that the second ep was at 145K

>>115895462That’s because Eva is the one getting cucked.

>>115912993I mean Yugo looks like he got cucked out of life in general so I guess so.

>>115913730Imagine Amalia dying just as Yugo's body and mind is finally ready for her.

>>115843884fuck off shill

>>115906264How did they even stop this ting

>>115906637Uhg I really hope FranceTV just lets them go for the mature stuff. At the very least let Yugo be an adult for most of the season

Attached: EaAjPQFWkAIFCRA.jpg (1920x1080, 281.42K)

>>115905017>>115904796>>115903934I hadnt thought about it that way, now Im even more sad and more hyped about the oropo episode

Attached: why.png (352x248, 61.94K)

>>115894237a webm from same epiosde

Attached: Wakfu.S01E04 evangeline cleavage na.webm (1494x1080, 874.18K)


Attached: Wakfu.S01E04 evangeline cleavage b na.webm (1348x1080, 799.43K)

>>115914386I miss Az.

Attached: gangstaz by strider.png (510x477, 74.19K)

>>115914401Eva's pose there is rivalling Miranda in the hips department. Miranda is naturally that wide, of course.

Attached: Miranda_wakfu_01_img_princ.jpg (565x421, 34.27K)

>>115914401>>115914489here's a full length Eva pic made by stitching video frames

Attached: wakfu eva sandals.jpg (1920x3436, 263.93K)

>>115904988>Qilby episodeWhat would that even be about, we know most of his story and past


Attached: THOSE_eyes.jpg (1280x800, 53.69K)

>>115913971>they think size means shit in wakfu.bruh did you not see goltard's fight at the end of season 2?

>>115915343No I mean, its a mega god that literally actually fucking killed Iop, THE strongest god in physical combat. How did they put it down (or split him into masks or whatever)

>>115915558Goultard appealed to his feelings. Because Goultard has to save the day in other people’s stories.

Attached: EbYWv7yXkAMgvTP.png (2873x4000, 1.97M)

>>115916244season 1 amalia appearance. very nice.

>66 hours left>53k left IT'S GOING TO BE A CLOSE ONE

Attached: page172.jpg (1054x1648, 2.01M)

Sell me on the show

>>115916799What do you like? What are you looking for?

Attached: TristEva dance1.gif (222x125, 2.84M)

>>115916791>CLOSE ONE>implyingAt the current rate it will be funded with at least 48 hours to spare.It was ~80k left ~2 hours ago.

>Never received physical rewards from the last kickstarter>Never got that sweet Gourgal statue>Still kinda want to give to this kickstarterI'm a bit torn.

>>115917273You may as well, so that we can get that mystery episode

Attached: EVR8FuuWkAICS2a.jpg (2004x2796, 395.33K)

>>115917273At worst you can give it a dollar to help make it attractive to networks (via number of backers).

>>115916799closest thing I can say is like a less good Avatar the Last Airbender but still tons of fun

>>115917273Pledge the minimum noreward amount and add that you'll be willing to up your pledge if they'll do something about your problem. I'm just assuming you can add a comment to your pledge.


Attached: 1592341290279.png (943x613, 794.19K)

>>115844023Some of us? Was there even a Wakfu S3 BD at some point? I got seasons 1 and 2 from the previous KS but at this point I don't know how many ovas we're missing between S2 and this new S4

>>115918235Only season 3 is missing, everything else is on Bluray.

>>115918235There is no Bluray for S3 because of Netflix

Who was in the right about using the Elia dofus vs ogrest

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>>115919908I could be biased since I have a great hate for Ogrest, but I'm with Yugo. The World of Twelve is supposed to be the Eliatropes' new home. If they want to have a place in it and be equal with the other races then they should fight to protect it.

>>115919908I mean,the end result showed that the world could be saved without scarifying his friend.Yugo's brother might have got a right view on the estimation of risk, but that isn't the hero's way. Waht is worth noting though is that Adamaï join the half-god coalition because he consider the gods put their world into danger. That's his motivation. what he failed to see was that not all of the people of that circle had the same one and some were more selfish and destructive.

Hey, anyone have a link to the ENG sub/FR audio Dofus episodes? The one in the pastebin only has FR audio/subs.

>>115919908Yugo, fuck the rest of the world.Protect the ones you love>>>>>>>>>>>>save the world.

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>>115920527>>115920403>>115919908Adamai was right about the consequences, they got lucky cause GoultardHowever Im with this >>115920977 anyways, so fuck adamai

>>115843884Boy I can't wait for the next villain to be Nox 4.0.

>>115921275That's the general problem with globe level stakes. There's many ways to end the world but in the end they all feel the same.

>>115921275>implying qilby was nox 2.0literally the opposite and the result of a conscious decision to get the villain as far from Nox as possible>implying oropo was nox 3.0how do you go from "wants to be/cuck/fuck yugo" to "hurr literally nox"

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>>115919908It was all so stupid. Adamai had nothing but the word of some intensely shady motherfuckers, and had no clarity what, exactly was dangerous about the Dofus. Yet Ogrest was a clear and present danger who was going to be riled up into a fury by the retard god Percidal, and everyone was saying the destruction was going to be phenomenal if Ogrest was mad instead of crying.So on the other side there was a clear and present danger that was explicit, and the unconfirmed risk of using the Dofus was warranted just to stop Ogrest in the first place due to him fucking drowning entire countries.And ultimately the consequence was that Wakfu players got a lore friendly way to play as Eliatropes. Which turns out not to be a bad thing if you consider what they're doing in the game is helping people and beating up Team Rocket. The only issue was Oropo, who was motivated purely to put his dick in Amalia and everything else he said he wanted to do was an emotional, half-baked lie. And lord knows nobody needed magic dragon eggs to lie cheat and steal for the chance at fucking Amalia's big bronze ass - even if it does help get the betrothal started.

>>115921275>Je suis l'espace je suis le tempsCan refer to Yugo, Nox, Qilby and Oreo.

>>115921437this, even if Adamai did turn out to be right there was no reason for anyone else to believe he was right until after the fact, so the dramatics don't make enough sense to sell the rather shitty plots of the OVAs and S3

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>>115920590[ Dofus: Kerub's Bazaar 720p - French audio and English subtitles ]mega.nz/#F!1wNHlSbb!kUztNMX9Kxywvcl9fcDnwQ

>>115921417>Qilby's whole deal was wanting to discover new worlds and hang out on them until he gets bored, drains all the wakfu and moves on.>He was awake on the World of Twelve for just a few days before deciding to end it.

>>115921437>>115921552Except that Echos words were logical, a clash between a bunch of mega godlike artifacts could reasonably damage the world, AND SHE WAS RIGHT, if they had kept the fight on ground it would have wrecked the WoT and if the Zinit had crashed it would have been an apocalipse eventThe creasion of the Eliotropes was terrible considering it made an abandoned race of half baked yugos who all went nuts and died. Also the details of Oropos motivation are muddy. He did set up the whole era to pull off the god murder, Amalia was more of a nice bonus

>>115921643I'll have to double check some of the episodes, but I'm pretty sure the first one is French all around.

>>115921773He already knew the world more or less from back then, and he really disliked the whole political shit there was in (he was super annoyed at the council of the races) so he probably wanted a clean slate

>>115921552Contextually it WASN'T true and made no sense. They warned him not to use the Dofus because it would create their boss, knowing full well it already happened and being apparently supportive of Oropo. And then Adamai shifts over and he supports Oropo too.So what was his fucking problem? "You shouldn't have used the Dofus, Yugo, or else the man I'm intentionally working for will be born."And in season 4 you just know Adamai is going to pull a "We both made mistakes," like backing a God-murderer on faith and trying to kill Percidal is the same as trusting in the dragon eggs your people have a spiritual connection with to stop a clear and well-defined evil.

>>115922118There are sub files in the folder, they might not be muxed together.

>>115922034>Just let the God-like being drown the earth and kill everyone. It's their time!She wasn't right and probably only believed that because she believed she would become a god and build a better world over the ashes, in which case it didn't really matter if it all survived or burned anyway. And at any rate she definitely didn't make a firm case.It's just that Adamai never gets invited to anything (and none of the audience likes him anyway), so he was probably harboring resentment towards Yugo.

>>115922130Only Oropo and Echo knew the whole time loop thingy to mantain, so it was deliverately set up to cause the fight between yugo and adamai, create the eliatropes and have adamai join them in one single swoop

>>115922189She was operating on the fact that she knew what to do because Oropo inherits yugos memories of the whole thing. She and Oropo have exact information on what is gonna happen from Yugos PoVs up to the second he creates the Elios

>>115922189The alternative to Ogrest drowning the world was the idiot kid god fight it out with him and end the world fasterWhich was literally seconds away from happening if not for Goultard pulling a solution in the last instant

Do you think there was a missed chance of having moments between Echo and Yugo?

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>>115919908Adamai has no moral high ground but the "why is the world so self" vs "the real selfish person here is you" is a legitemately sound argument. Yugo was only going in to save Percedal, the world be dammed

>>115922510It would have been funny, because Oropo would have definitely flipped the fuck outHis feelings for Echo were actually build up and genuine, unlike the ones he had for Amalia, which here a creepy thing forced on him

>Downloading the mega files>it fucking pauses every hourthis is hell

>>115922819I just left it running by the night and it was ready by morning. Every night was enough for a season

>>115922819They are hd and pretty heavy what did you expect

Where are my boys Justice Knight and Black Crow?

>>115923164JK gets namedropped on S3 but thats it. Both of them showed up at Eva and Tristepan's wedding

>>115923240Do we ever see Kabrok’s kid?

>>115923420I just took a look at the wedding, and no, its just him and mirandaKriss and Maude are there too at least

>>115922139Ah, wasn't sure what those were. Managed to add 'em in VLC, thanks m8.

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>>115924295Being down to 13 episodes really, really hurt S3

Post rare reaction pics


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>>115924417Oh wait I forgot my own

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Im rewatching S3 and actually... its a lot of fun. It feels nicer on a binge watch and without the all the negativity from the threads

>>115913994If yugo doesn't get to be an adult I'm officially done with Ankama.

>>115924448Most of the negative stems from the ending stuff, which in my opinion earns that negativity.

>>115924461Odds are he does.Since this does seam to be the last season as focus looks to be shifting towards setting up for Waven.


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>>115916791I wish this artist was here from the start for the manga, her art's really good.

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>>115926955Sow this field Yugo.

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Blu-ray pledge made.C'mon bros only just a little bit more for that sweet beach episode.Last Season guys! Lets get as much as we can from them!

>37K more for special epWe got like 55 hours, its still doable right?!

>>115898021Why doesn't Yugo just give them the cube back?with the Prince's heart restored so would be his kindness, right?>>115898305but why though?

Didn't Ruel's French VA die some time after S3. Does that mean Ruel won't be in S4?

>>115898532The elias were definitely more advanced considering they have a fucking spaceshipMaybe they were very advanced in their homeworld but as everything as lost, the new settlement on the WoT considerably regresed

>>115927277It just means they'll get another actor.

>>115927311Fuck it's already been 3 years since he died (2017)

>>115927231>Ah thank you for giving me back my heart, it only took a millennia and wiping most of your species off the map. We cool?

I have never felt so good about spending so much money meaninglessly.

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>>115925127I love my wife Simone so much

>>115928715Nigger, you rich.

>>115928845i cant afford this at allsomebody say thank you please, itll make me feel better about the anxiety i just induced

>>115859475>Its because English is best to learn when your brain can still just kind of soak it up and you don’t have to try explaining the fucked up rules.That's true for any language. Countries teach english to kids because it's the international lingua franca.

>>115928715also now that i'm getting a bunch of dank shit for the game, should i play it? i tried once and i never got past character creation, just couldn't care.

>>115928863>floydHue. Thank you.


>>115886281probably the worst episode of the show so fari'm the guy who started watching the show not long ago. Finished the episode tristepin broke eva's bow

>>115929146get ready for some tango

>>115914489goddammit those hips


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>>115929260rofl who is farting in his face i don't remember this

>>115929269Nobody is. It's the stench of Ruel's feet.

>>115929146>i'm the guy who started watching the show not long ago.I remember 2009 when I first saw the threads. What I would give to go back

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>>115919908>defeat ogrest >no longer have to deal with ogrest's chaos and save dally-o>decide not to defeat ogrest>ogrest's chaos continues to destroy the world, just slowerThe only reason echo told Adamai using the Dofi would destroy the world is because she knew it would create the heliotropes, and Oropo (who was alive at the time, remember the heliotropes existed retroactively to the time of their "creation") probably thought if he stopped yugo from using them then he could create a paradox and erase the heliotropes and himself from existence.Maybe even it was never a possibility that they could've destroyed the world and that was just a lie Oropo/Echo/The brotherhood created

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>>115929409man I miss that show

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>>115924397Was the full idea of a 26 episode season ever revealed by Tot? Or at least the gist of what they wanted to do if they had more money and time and episodes to work with? At the same time it could be this exact same plot we have but with a lot of parts of the story cut to make it fit into 13 episodes.

>>115929438Tot doesn't

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Been poking around in the web archives and found this in the old (french) S2 website.I guess they were planning for Evangelyne's past to come into play in S2.

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>>115929886Joris trained eva ?

Bump's entire collection is now permanently lost. The real casualty of the season. >>115929886This was also mentioned in an artbook or by Tot in one of his blogs. The idea of her being a spy got scrapped from what I can remember. On a similar note, there were mention from Ankama that they want to dive into Eva's past if they will ever get a chance to make a new season.

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Guess the Tree of Life was gonna get brutally destroyed as opposed to being drained like a mosquito.

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>>115930083Got a link to the archive of this site?

>>115916244Images like these makes me want to learn to draw. Looks awesome.

>>115930094Just go to web.archive.org/ and use the wakfu mmo website in the link. If you go back further enough, it's really broken but it does confirm that say Yugo (and Adamai) were originally 10 and Amalia was 14 (not 16 like I thought before).ExampleBroken as fuck (Back when she was 14)web.archive.org/web/20080528173610/http://serie.wakfu.com/fr/heros/amalia Somewhat Stable (this updated to say she was 13)web.archive.org/web/20100607150214/http://serie.wakfu.com/fr/heros/amaliaIn this instance for that the image (and this one), it wasn't archived but I did find it when I was poking around there: wakfu.com/fr/decouvrir-serie

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>>115930278> it's really broken but it does confirm that say Yugo (and Adamai) were originally 10 and Amalia was 14 (not 16 like I thought before).There's even a bit of this left in the show when Yugo and Adamai meet for the first time. Instead of saying it was 12 years since they were last together, it's 10.

>>115930285Yep, makes you wonder how long ago they recorded considering the first boufball ep listed their final ages.

>>115843884Are there any source of subs that use Tristepan instead of Sadlygrove? It's really offputting to see the subtitles say one thing and hear another.

>>115930339There is only two, the fansubs and the "official" subs from Ankama.

>>115930411Are the fan subs more accurate aside from the use of Sadlygrove?

>>115930453Do you really have to ask this?

>>115930453The fansubs do a better job at translating the jokes and pun.

I wish I had a shushu. I like their banter and how they push you in various ways to be better.

>>115930592rubilax was great

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Damn what happened 30k to secret to go thats a for sure happening at this point last minute donos are no joke.

>>115930592That's just Rubi, most shushus just want you dead

>>115930685True, but Remington's shushu's were also accused of the same kind of treason (of attachment) by Rushu. Small moment, but funny.