rin is that u









Luka, game thread
Voice over only, Echo and I already hit it

i'm ciaran



How are you gonna fix it?

Nice to meet you Ciaran

I actually knew that :3

what about it

Should I get pokemon go?


hit what?

Don't give a shit we gotta win

Of course. We build each other up daily
She already knows that I have her back no matter what

It's back up now

Good. Had a productive day off ^~^

What's up?

i'm jealous
i have no one like that irl


Is not the format my camera saves in.

It's the format I save you, though

why would i give a good fuck or know about the way your camera labels photos

for you of course~


That, um...
doesn't make sense...

Why would you care?
I don't know.

Why would you know?
Because I've said a couple of times already that that format is my dump folder.

Well then...

Oh shit that's awesome!
What all did you do?

Not much just trying to cool down. Not sure what t do for the rest of the night

*hugs* It's possible for you to build a friendship like ours~
Not sure what advice I could give you beyond take a chance and build trust with someone

That would directly relate to "Why would you care?"
Why would he care enough to even commit it to memory?

yeah but mostly you get tuned out because of the tokai flirting stuff

sci jelly

Some body stuff, spreadsheets and bills stuff, extra cleaned my room and finally got around to my mountain of laundry. haha

Cool down? Oh, did you go to the gym?

what do when Holla Forums keep asking for captcha even though I already solved it?

no tokai is ugly and super fucking boring

touch yourself on cam

Give up on posting.

Sci jelly asnd mad


sour grapes sour grapes sour grapes

It's funny because you look like a sour grape

Get piercings changed out?

hit the game face

i already went through my gross long-haired hippie fuckface faze. shaved head is the only way.

its time for your favourite Brit to go to sleep.
Ni Ni folks

It must dislike you.

Good night scoots

I forgive you for being mean to me this morning :3


I'm already touching myself, I'm just too lazy to start camming. Sorry babe.

I really should

In English please! Just like my doujins

not this again

Fuck you nigger faggot
Sweet dreams~



It doesn't need to make sense when I want to kiss


what are you

Hmmm I still need to punish you for yelling at me in TC

Just get on Skype and cyber Loco.

the bald look is definitely the way to go when you're cancer


too lazy to start cumming?

I got one more fastfood anyway.


i think u don't get it cuz ur too gay

Loco x Sci would actually make sense: an Irishman and a literal potato.


5/10, made me chuckle.

How "big" are you exactly

I took 'em out lol

You never did answer my question

Sci can you resend me that mega link

I'm not gay

whats wrong with potatoes? their tasty and fluffy and nice


Neither am I. We'll make a happy couple!

I'm sure it does, it's probably telling me to stay away
I refuse fate

When are we playing League? MejaisErryGame4Lyfe gonna be my new name

Tbh I think Loco would be weird to cyber
I cant figure whether or not he'd be submissive and turn 'dominant' or the other way around.

Sure cutie, whatever. My bed or yours?

Currently 6'4" and 225 lbs
Unless you were referring to my cock then I can tell you in private if you want~

Damn. Too painful?

me desu senpai

Nah, just got in the way too much. I'm just as happy with the scars I think ^~^

Not quite the definition of fate.

Thanks bruh


Daily dose of Future Funk for y'all

Will the holes from snake bites even full close with time or be like a weird leak?

I'm intoxicated and I define things as I want till my brain tells me to stop being stupid

Sounds pretty kawaii
Show me sometime

Did you get that from Kon?

So, never.

Nah, found it myself and actually turned it into my ringtone


Ah I found it a few months ago too and linked it to him. Was wondering if he sent it your way too

What's your question?

how big are your feets?

You shouldn't give him anything after what he said about you

People with good taste in music tend to find gems in different ways

Cooking for four everyday is hard........

Buy a slow cooker.


why not?

Ah they are a 13 wide

My friend in LA has been bumping the same tunes as me for 4 years now :3c

Going to have to cook for 3

When do you want it?


You, her, and I?

No baka
Her, our son, and me

i havent found the right person yet....

i dont really understand ... but ok ^^;



Convince me to cyber Loco

Nonsense, it should be functioning properly in about 8 maybe 9 hours. I'm a terrible normie.


He's not cute but put a bag over his head and he's just like any other sub who lusts for cock

I've seen worse.

Why would anyone attempt to do that?

What if you can only shoot off girls?


a man
in his 50s

Like I said you gotta take chances
Me and her met completely by chance
You might already know a person who makes a great friend

Hmmm no idea I haven't asked her
I'd be happy with either

What if you can only shoot off blanks?

Tomorrow and onwards, I'll be available ^^

blood chan always takes way too long wtf

I have one already

Who the fuck are you

Grim's a POS

He wants to come to my apartment and beat me up

Do you ever have trouble buying sneakers? And do you have to pay more because of your size?

You... might help with cooking? I don't like people in my kitchen

I want you to ask your question now if possible


You will not


nah grim's all right

Talking from experience, user?

Worse normies? Doesn't take much to be worse than that guy who posts anime porn

I'm drunk and horny.

Okay! We'll see how far we can drop.. I mean rise.

Shut up

the dick, when do you want it


Oh I'm not worried about that
I'm just going to take time off of work and do nothing except cream pie her endlessly

Sometimes I do. I've walked thru a mall and not found a pair of shoes in my size before. Same prize thankfully

Hmmm... we'll have to see

Nope, no leakage. They closed in like 2 hours since they were still fresh.



i dont cyber

bebo would you fuck loco?

except sabs

I just imagined like a cartoon like image of you getting a drink and two steams of water falling out.

don't forget me

That's a shame

I thought you and Grim were best buddies lol

I'm assuming he's already e-fucked him.


we never cybered

i told you to jack off and you did it

that's different

imagining bebo cybering anyone gives me the heebie jeebies

it's on and off.

u said it was the only way u could get off urself LMAO

i lied

so why did you send me a picture of your dick unsolicited? i'm still very confused about the whole thing.

So glad I took out my septum and ear piercings x.x
Are you ever going to get them redone?

Oh I know exactly how my cock works
I stay rock hard after cumming so I'll just keep mixing her pussy up

I imagine he tells everyone to call him "Lt Colonel Ira Hayes" and foreplay consists of doing the rain dance.

same reason i did it to grim

when did this happen loco

go on


Stop hassling me.


because I don't remember this

unless you mean posting it

does he cock his guns to enhance pleasure too?


loco's a huge fag and can't even explain himself

Maybe. I'd have to make sure they're in the right spot if I get them redone lol

Tbh I'd probably make Loco do all the things he wants
But somehow not good enough and then I'd get mad for not being good enough, i dunno

It's full on RAGE lol I saw your list, HELLA anger for reasons I don't know


Grim betrays everyone

Give me an avatar character to use

Who are you? I always want dick

You pay $150 for each sneaker or something?

Grim doesn't know when I'm being sacrfantastic


book a hotel for the 13th/14th of next month

Maybe I could be your child and save everyone the misery?

I love you master

that list is old
I need to update it

gonna do that tn actually

I can't wait to have a son, he's going to be my lil' thug

wow... at midnight
spooky ;~;
in america

not in this town, i know for sure.
maybe somewhere else...


[is scared]

i've done way more betrayal to grim than he's done to me. i don't even know how he could possibly betray me. so i think i'm safe.

I guess.


A-A droid..
So cool

Are you going to fuck?

you do great lewds. I'd sleep with you IRL if you'd have me.



u are blind if u think he loves u

Irisu mine.

Do you work tomorrow hun?
Also should get your tattoo first~

Haha nah
Except the last pair of running/lifting shoes I got were $150.....
If I get cheap shoes they fall about becuase I'm too harsh on them

Nope. You're a girl and we want a son

Pick me :3c

you are too far away.


Lemme see if I can afford it in mah spreadsheets and eat dinner and stuff.

Hello I can't see in front of my face


I'll pay a bit for food if you'd like.

I forget if I'm also older than you, specifically.

i'm telling you dude


What are you doing.

I mean she lives in another state, but I talk to her daily and do skype calls. Visit her when I get the chance too

check steam~

Reking you


i don't know then.

ugh... whatever.


Well then.
There we go.

Luka accepts it

Why is Charlotte Haining so gorgeous fugg

Commit suicide immediately

Wrong person to ask babe, I just have porn, I don't actually know the characters
Nalica of Animeflux is pretty sexy though but it wouldn't fit you to post too much porn, why ask me?

Mkay guess it's just a bit of a babby tantrum then? I dunno
Probs not improving my chances of getting that sweet A+ again but it's worth it poking at you man

I'd probsdo it, although it's hard to translate my horniness online to IRL

You're lucky I just ran out of pics of her

Nah man, dw. I like to put emotion in my lists. It sparks discussion.

you are a fairy faggot



Have you ever slapped your semi-erect penis across someone's face? It feels amazing.

it's understandable. i find it hard to ask black men to split my ass in two when i meet up with them irl.

I dunno if you'd be able to fully help me tho....

Time to get bullied~
Now you have to call me onii-chan

i wouldn't be able to help you.

why would you incite that image in my mind


implying i would let someone slap me with their cock

I mean

if you were a chica, I'd do it anyway

Nin's already Onii-chan, though.

without my permission?

that's hot

gays are bigger whores for attention than they are for dicks. it's a fact of life.

Okay, after this one

They're just from Hyouka generally

e x a c t l y

people* that don't get enough dick, generally.

Find someone else sweet then~

Going to do it anyways

I will have to think of something else
Is Nin even older than you?

subtle u should post with this girl again she's the best

He's stolen everyone else's avatars.
Not really a big deal if you steal his anyways.

lmao she looks so ugly
what even is that thing supposed to be

steal more of his pictures master



i don't understand this post the way you formatted it



If I remember correctly,
then I plead the fifth.

I corrected the word gay to people because it applies to everyone.

maybe one day...

Posters over 25 should seriously reconsider their life choices when they post here.

No offense intended

you've been on the internet too long. gays are a specific subsection of people.

I'm not over 25.

If they're here full time, I suppose.



Traditional Japanese something-or-other
I think the thing on the back of her head is for whacking people

If you're a NEET, then that age is lowered to 20.

I have a video of Ricardo saying that super drunk at the bar and wanna make a webm of it but don't know how

I've fapped to squidgirl doujins
It was a weird feeling but I still came


It's so bad for you. You guys have lives to live.

Send it to me fam, I gotchu

You just made that up to try to include me.



*pokes* Stop that

GLHF with your search Luka~
Don't give up

Oh man I better go kill myself now

I got both passes

And BC.
Assuming he isn't 25+


I do, that's why I don't post here while I'm working.

if you're a neet you fucked up anyway


bc just got out of high school and she's trying to get a job as hard as she can ;_ ;


*reconsiders life choices*

w-what ?

what does the spreadsheet say?

Yea or Nay?


Stop what?

I feel so singled out.


I'll be too busy reconsidering my life choices.

dont you think theres something deeply honorable about the neet life

First I'll put Sama down because he is too sweet to an hero
Then anyone else who is NEET and then myself ;-;
How old are you man?

*huggles* play anything today?

You're a baka
Add me on steam

do it again and see what happens
You gonna get licked thats whats gonna happen

Offer's still open. let me know when you reconsider~

Only cause I love you.

trust me. it won't help.

No thanks.


getting dangerously close to that magic number

and honestly if I have the time, I'll probs still be shitposting

dude whats with you. there's nothing wrong with what you're doing.

I don't even know what "it" is, pervert.

I will accept this.

So cold!


Captchas suck

Like, I bailed on getting you to gold which was a dick move so I expected a C- at best so I guess I can't complain about the B+.
But nigger you have mechanics for getting gold I dunno wtf you're doing playing silly roles, go midlane
But fugg League stop playing

I dunno dude, the whole gay thing is new for me so it comes down to how feminine he can act. I'd still trash him like he was a toy but there's things to take into consideration and what not

Don't be ridiculous, you want someone who you can actually talk with after they fuck you.
Preferably on topics you can destroy them on.

I feel like that comment warrants two of these.


Y-you too.

just multi tasking right now

sci, there is basically nothing I am doing right. my life is a joke.

I don't even remember that shit.

Bro, I'm gold 3 now.

Ask someone bi how they do it.

I think closing your eyes is a big part of it.

tfw daijoubu

Did you skip the spoiler?

what do you want to do?


I'll probably always have online friends from thread
I'm just glad I don't post daily

You're lucky you stopped
So FUCKING lucky

Hmmm? What's making you anxious?

What did I tell you?

subtle you haven't given this motherfucker any money or bought anything for him, right?

I did not.

Sorry your life is so put together.

I think asking a neet "What do you want to do?" is just filthy normies judging us.

What was I even doing, old man?

I think I spent about £500 on him so far

nothing important..

I have a few answers to this question, but I don't feel like any of them are productive to say out loud.

I am not a neet.

is that red haired chick like the new RAARE PEPE meme?

OH SHIT RIGHT you're even above me
hella sick, get that ez platinum this season yo

and yeah I think bisexual people is actually turned on by the other sex while I'm just turned on by anything that acts girly enough to convince me
like Subtle JK but a lot of my pictures are partially targeted at him because I know that a proper pair of tits gets him wet and it's cute :3

I need to upload it on yt or something

Oh yeah dude, that doujin Bait and Attack was the one I used as reference
followed the foreplay step by step

no. it's just what I would use as a name if I could use an image as a name.

no, because if you want to do nothing then that's what you should be doing!

haha good one

but if you didn't have to worry about basic survival at all and you could live comfortably in that way what would you do with yourself?

lol yeah you got me

Can't help but hitting some soft spots when I make a blanket post like that.

I know you're trying hard, boo. You're still on the upswing, and I'm so happy for you. Please don't take the post too close to heart.

drink until I pass out. wake up. repeat.

or actually you can send it through fb soto

he's been a really bad influence on you :[

Right. Chores. Brb.

cool, so do that!

he beats me

It was more an anecdote that came to mind because of what sci said.

Sci, no one wants to do nothing.
Not even NEETs.

You little NEET cock slut

i'm being serious
you are acting exactly like him right now
i'm worried about you

I would, but I have to work weekdays.

Desu has gone full testosterone rage tranny?

im fine

filesize 2big

also filesize is too bige for skype lmao

just stop doing that

Oh come on, that's exaggeration

I wasn't serious lol

Is "nothing" autological or heterological?

then I'd lose my place to live, and the money that buys the alcohol in the first place.

You're a fucking god for making that shit work
Was it for a trap too?
hopefully not that shit you just posted holy shit

my best guess is you're TP but using animeeb images is just too weeb for him so who are you?

I don't even think he read my spoilers, I expected a flustered response ;~;

I think I'll try for plat again this season so I don't bwing shamefuwr dispwray on famiwry
it's a long way to go from g3 tho so i dunno

Desu has became what he hates most.



you could scrape by

a blank wall.

Oh, it's heterological.
I was under-thinking that.

I'm getting the sense you might not know how money works.

what are 'autological' and 'heterological'?


Hmmmmm you're lying, but it's cool
Did you hear they are coming out with a support sniper for OW?

Just noticed filename

i know how money works.
but bums get alcohol all the time so it's possible to do that.

and then I googled and learned something new.


You're just that red haired smug slut from now on then
I think I have porn of her somewere

a while ago yeah...

by begging. I don't have time for that, I'm too busy being useless.

works for me.

Alright but I think I'm just the same
When you msg me on Steam I don't act any differently, would you agree?

Autological means it describes itself.
I.E.: Short is short, noun is a noun,
Heterological means it doesnt,
I.E.: red is not red.


I got you learned again!

I take everything close to heart, dummy.

that episode was so great.

and you will come to regret making me learn something.



googling sucks

so here's what you do
spend all your money on alcohol, stop going to your job, and live out your dream for as long as you can until your liver fails and that should be before you run out of alcohol.

i don't know what to think anymore...

oh cool

It worked out pretty well dude
Like Ive never done foreplay with a trap so was like how do I do this, then I rmemeber that doujin and just did what the MC did, well I didnt suck that niggas dick

Just slid a finger in and kisses, ya know, all that gay shit
Niggas eye were rolling back and everything

uh. sure.

I know you said these things as a joke, but you have no idea how truly tempting this idea is.

Wouldn't I just be learning you that you can make me regret learning you then?

Is Autological Autological?


yeah i know
it was only like 15% a joke really
just go for it


I'm getting too drunk to understand the things you say when you say them like that.


if I didn't have that pesky family that cares if I live or die I would. so once those fuckers die I'm on it.

so first kill your entire family!
that was ~100% a joke

they are such nice people though.

so? what's it to you?


I actually read filenames, personally.

Is heterological heterological?

That was intentionally said in a confusing manner.

Kill 'em all.
Let God sort them out.

I need you to stop this. stop it right now.

there's little to no chance you believe in a deity.

you're fine. just quit thinking you're doing something wrong and you'll feel better.


Soooo I can talk to whoever I want

I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. I know I'm doing many things wrong.

pretend that the words think and know are italicized.

I just meant im so sorry you put yourself through that

*pokes* I hate 1 word replies
Don't do that again please

that's retarded and you're wrong stfu nihil-san
you don't know shit, boy

well, seeing as how we've known each other for all of 48 hours I'm sure you're in a position to properly evaluate my life.

I put up with you I can put up with anyone

yes i am and you're doing great fuck you

Stop being confusing?

So it doesn't describe itself?

But then that means it isn't heterological, since heterological means a word doesn't describe itself.


ha. burn.

I can't help but be a little amused at this attempt to comfort or lift up or whatever it is you're doing for me, a total stranger. the world would be better with more people like you.

but you're wrong. my life is a joke. I've accepted it. you can too.



But you love me



rhetorical paradox huh
that's kinda neat i guess

no life is a joke you goof
it's your own fault if you choose to be miserable for no reason and i feel no sympathy for you


now you're getting it.

he says it to me every time we talk on mic before I go to sleeps

My image...

u better watch it nihil-san

so choose not to be idiot


I thought that shadow on her leg was a penis


so youre happier this way

Good night.

It's fun, though.

Autological has the exact opposite issue.
It can be both autological and heterological.


leaveSubtle alone holy shit

Sounds pretty straight to me
Was it the dude you were posting that fuck-off drunk webms with the purple wig or are there pics of your conquest?


no im pretty sure autological is unambiguously heterological

Sci, I think you're running into a problem.
I'm pretty sure Hentai-aho-chan is just in complete apathy.

It's not even a thing about being happy, or miserable, if you just can't bring yourself to care.


no fun allowed.

surprisingly close. and plenty good enough of an explanation for anyone who isn't me.



no that's just his fake interpretation of what he does. what's really happening is he's happy being miserable. it's like a scat fetish


you'll make quite the psychologist someday.

Autological is Autological.
That means it describes itself.
Autological describes a word that describes itself, and describes itself.


Autological is Heterological.
That means it doesn't describe itself.
Autological describes a word that describes itself, but doesn't describe itself.


But what if not having fun is fun to me.

That's a contradiction.

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