I want to fuck this raccoon but i hate furries, am i becoming what i have hated?

I want to fuck this raccoon but i hate furries, am i becoming what i have hated?

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>>115116398I'm afraid so user, your mandatory visit to Anthrocon 2020 has been scheduled.

Nothing to worry about user, I jack off to furry porn every night but I'm not a furry.

There is a massive difference in having a fursuit, going to the conventions, being convinced you ARE an animal in a human body, and being and all around degenerate is massively different from wanting to fuck a cartoon shaped like a woman.Nothing wrong with anthros my friend, just don't make your entire life centered around it and you'll be golden

>>115116398Stop worrying about it so much

Why do people make threads like this? Attention? Autism?

>>115116468 #>Nothing wrong with anthros Tell that to the mods. They'll allow literal loli pedo degeneracy, but any anthropomorphic cartoon characters that are more resembling of humans than animals (think Lola Bunny instead of Aristocats Duchess) is grounds for bans. It's ridiculous.

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>>115116663It's not furry if you don't have a fursona and/or fursuit.

>>115116663Loving anthro girls but not liking "furry fandom" is the correct position. Most people are just embarrassed to say this (for good reason), myself included.

>>115116398When fucking the raccon, do you imagine yourself as a human or a furry?

>>115116639it doesn't help that most of the very groundwork for cartoons is based around the concept of walking and talking animalslike i get not wanting neon-colored wolf dicks polluting the catalog, but come the fuck on

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>>115116853>>115116905I see we're on the denial and bargaining stages

>>115116398You can like anthros and not be a furry.

>>115116963THANK YOU. I'd prefer some tasteful Callie Briggs or Judy Hopps lewds over whatever the hell is going on in Amphibia generals.

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>>115116986This is the truth that mods and a good half of Holla Forums refuses to accept.

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youtube.com/watch?v=7oVKOHWOCRcDoes this look fun? You're a furry.

>>115116905 You'll have comfy Mickey Mouse threads deleted, yet the Star vs spam goes on indefinitely. This board is crazy.

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>>115116986>>115117059>I want to fuck this cartoon raccoon>b-but I'm not furry thoYou're only lying to yourself

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>>115116398Where's this from?

>>115117140Is it the same as regularly wearing fursuits, living through anthro avatars, or full-on bestiality? And while those first two are pretty weird and have no place on this board, they're ultimately harmless anyway. Why is racism allowed here, while SFW anthro cartoon characters are considered /trash/-tier? Make it make sense.

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>>115117267Got me there

>>115117267because the meaningles mods on here would rather quickly ban a stupid pastel pony then his fellow small white dick loser Holla Forums brethen spreading cancer on all boards except his precious /a/nime

>>115117224Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. A new series on Netflix.

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>>115117310Don't make any mistake, it's not lack of trying for those fucks infesting /a/, it's just /a/'s mods actually give a damn about their board

>>115117310I can understand something like the horse show getting banned from Holla Forums. If there's really that much spamming that it can maintain an entire active board of its own, then maybe distancing it from this one was a good call. Anything else is just overdoing it. Anthro cartoon characters should be allowed here so long as no visible nipples or genitalia are shared. Am I right or am I right?

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>>115117384And thats why I find hypocritical as they say oh we can't get rid of all the off topic cancer but back when pony posting was the way to troll they did an excellent job making sure all pony content was deleted fast. It's the same problem this site since the begining, the mods only going into action against things they personally dislike instead of the site rules.

There's literally nothing wrong with wanting to play animal races or liking animal characters in cartoons,comics,Vidya and tabletop RPGs

>>115117430I'm just using the pony as an example how terrible the moderation is here.

The Timbercats show up in the S2 trailer but I didn't see any raccoons. They better fuckin' be there.

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>>115117430Per the revised global rule 3 anthros/furries are allowed on Holla Forums so long as they are not porn.>>115116398You're probably a furry. Furry is like trekkie, it's subjective but there's a level of investment involved before someone really starts to call you one. Owning a fursuit isn't required, and neon dicks like >>115116963 mentioned are a matter of taste rather than whether or not you are passionate about anthros.If you want to hang out with other people to talk about the finer points of anthro designs or whatever, go to a furry con, preferably a larger one, especially if you'd fuck an anthro. You'll find other people who will know what you're talking about when you say you don't like the designs in the ducktales reboot for x or y reason. The smaller ones aren't guaranteed to be your jam as they may have a large amount of younger people for whatever reason or a larger number of MLP fans or something like that, where the larger ones like Anthrocon or MFF are diverse enough that you will definitely find some panel you'll enjoy and meet people there you'll like talking to.The fur fandom has grown and evolved in the 17 years since SomethingAwful declared it cool to hate them, and honestly it's a pretty cool place for creative people.

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>>115117059We must have had the same jannies for the last seven or so years as I recall it was around 2013 threads like these would be deleted.Part of why this place is in decline, first visit in years here. Cant talk about animal shows, like 80% of cartoons is animal stuff.

>>115117617All the pedo threads are left alone, is the infuriating part.At least be consistent.

>>115116452Anthrocon 2020 was canceled due to covid. I live in pittsburgh where it's located, so it was in the paper.

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>>115117609>Per the revised global rule 3 anthros/furries are allowed on Holla Forums so long as they are not porn.HAHA, yeah, sure.Many threads have bit the dust when zero smut was posted, but something a slight bit cheese cakey would be posted and it and the entire thread would be gone. Even talking lewdy was deleted.Put you could have several threads with humans getting more closer with NSFW stuff in writing and pictures and that was aok to leave on the board.I contacted moot a few times about it but gave up. And basically left this place cause nofunallowed.jpg.

>>115117609>Per the revised global rule 3 anthros/furries are allowed on Holla Forums so long as they are not porn Bullshit. Pics of characters like Nicole Watterson, Monique Pussycat, or pic related get deleted on the spot, even when it's a fully clothed pic from the official source material.

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>>115117680>>115117732That's the rule, that's reliant on jannies to enforce it properly.

>>115117680And for a few years we had no place to go, shit kept getting nuked, but then trash came along. And while initially great, it split up the crowd for this place, which really ticked me off. Do you post x here or post x there? It feels you can have better threads on trash, but for whatever reason that entire board feels slow as hell these days and I get the feeling many people up and left.

>>115117779People kinda fell for the outrage machine too.That's basically all this board is now. Pedophiles and bait. Makes you wonder why anyone is still here.

As long as you don't have a furry OC and don't own a fursuit you're not a furry. You're safe, OP.

>>115117765Another reason I mostly left this place is that I was sick and tired of being dick around by someone who was probably half my age at that point. Having their power trips thinking they knew what was up, but they didnt know shit. I grew older and waned no part of it, and I am sure many others like me left because of it.

>>115117805This is the only place that mostly has the same opinions as me.

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>>115117825Is it though?

>>115117638This. Either we all go out, or you let both anthro-lovers and pedos roam free. Ideally, PEDOS would be the one getting sent to /trash/

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>>115117499Oh god, I remember these posters for Voltron. I kinda missed them.

>>115117779>that entire board feels slow as hell these days I disagree. /trash/ is shitpost central. It sucks that Super Fuck Friends threads aren't allowed on Holla Forums even if anons refrained from sharing any pics that include dicks or vags. If you attempt a SFF thread in /trash/, it'll die immediately because there's too much going on at any given moment. Holla Forums threads would definitely find more success if only the mods allowed these lighter restrictions.

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>>115117806>You're safe, OP. Oh, if only that were the truth. The mods keep treating anthro characters as if it's explicit nudity or somehow "off-topic."

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>I-I'm not a futty!Fuck off retard.

>>115118088>futty Huh? Whazzat?

Only attractive 1 in the whole show other than Kipo, really.

>>115118216>*Only attractive 1 in the whole show other than Kipo's mom FTFY. Kipo is just cute.

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>>115117779>for whatever reason that entire board feels slow as hell these daysIf youre only counting posters, it very much is. But theres a bunch of bump bots going on there now

>>115117371Is it good?


I want to watch animated shows with deepest lore and story but i hate weebs, am i becoming what i have hated?

>>115118358I believe so

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>>115118304You mean the image generated from direct energy of the minds of male-identifying Waterbears?

is it furry if they were human previously?

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People with a problem with being furry AT ALL need to chill the fuck out. I don't fursuit, I don't spam all kinds of furry art autistically, I'm not into the more animalistic stuff, I just like the sexier pics.

>>115116398Why do you losers love such hideous art styles and pretend its females are hot? No off model art doesn't count.

>>115118616Because it's all that's available anymore. Try to find a drawn girl without angles or points somewhere on her head anymore.

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>>115118616Give me a "good art style" then.

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>>115117034Callie Briggs WITH Judy Hopps?

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>>115116398she's so cute it hurts, just look at those gorgeous blue eyes

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>>115118863>blue>BLUEMust be tough being colorblind, huh?

>>115118863I’m with >>115118616She looks off putting af

>>115118616>>115118900She's just an anthropomorphic raccoon with tits and wide hips. Are you seriously telling me the Kipo art style bothers you? Aren't you guys always complaining about "bean mouths" and noodle limbs anyway?

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>>115118543The writing for this shit is horrible. Don't give me that rushed excuse shit. It's bad writing to have a conflict of anthros against humans and the anthros can turn human whenever they like while humans cannot tell the difference between human anthros and actual humans. Shit writing. They didn't explain how this happens. And they also don't explain Michiru's Mary Sue powers of transforming into other animals and use their talents like turning invisible.And the lousy writing makes the characters garbage. I hated Michiru, so unlikable. And fuck you assholes who think she's good just because, pussy. Fuck you losers, you ruin so much media like that.

>>115116464>I like meat, but I'm a vegetarian

>>115119012It's literally X-Men, user.Beast City is Genosha.Shiro is Magneto.Mayor is Xavier.they even have APOCALYPSE, SENTINELS, AND MISTER SINISTER.

>>115118543It's were. Were-tanuki.

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>>115116398>I want to fuck this _____ but i hate furriesthat's how it startssee you in 2 months when you're ready to start mortgaging your home to afford more commissions of your OC

>>115119623it is?that's funny

>>115119012I think the transforming powers were just the result of whatever process the evil pharmacists did to her and her friend. It turns humans into mythical creatures like tanuki and kitsune that have shapeshifting.You're spot on with everything else though.