Autism thread

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>>115116179Kill yourself fucker, I was eating

>>115116179Mandatory pic

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>>115116179Imagine a scene where all the cars are racing, but they have 4 giant feet that run along the track. No knees, no legs, just giant feet running along.

>>115116179uh que mal


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>>115116387How fast would they go?

>>115116179>Autism threadWe have like half a dozen Snydercut threads running already tho.....

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>>115116377THAT'S what you're questioning from this?


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>>115116666Those fucking digits, that was a thread now was it?

>>115116666What the fuck even is this?

>>115116179to be honest, even "serious" feet art seems to be drawn like that, even on 4chan. It's always a really detailed, clearly traced pair of feet, and a shittier, not matching character face and torso and you only really have the brain tying the two pieces together. Same with some ass artists, where it looks like the characters are holding a cardboard ass more than anything

>>115116666that's based though

>>115116666one of the most Epic autistic works.

>>115116791This, us footfags really have the shorter end of the stick

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>>115116960Such articulate language.

Who here likes Sing?

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Yo how autistic you want it,Senpai?

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>>115116960>he once killed sonic in a kinectimals fightfucking lost

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>>115116666Ark Survival.png

>>115116179But why?

>>115116179What? It's just a Flintstones car.

>>115116179I can't believe starfire got rolled over by a car...

>>115116666Based Super Satan


>>115117082I don't like it user please take it away bring back the darkness I don't want to see the light

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>>115117082Holy shit, i remember those threads

>>115117735anon I can only get so erect

>>115116666À̸͈͈̙̗͓̺̟̼̊̌̏̃̈́͠ͅb̵̖̜̥̫̼̼͉̀̈̋̓̎̏̃͆͠s̶̢̬̣̞͇̝̟̮͎̼̈͑̓͂o̸̡̢̘̪̺͚̫̔͋l̴̗̤͈̈́̀̿͋̋ͅu̷̦̳͚̳̬̯̭̞̭͒̀́̏̿͆̾̈͜ţ̷̘̟̜͓̞̆͌̃̆̀ë̸̢͈̘̹̠̑̔́͊͝ĺ̴͕̭̒̈̕y̸̱͍͍̐̈́̀̐́ ̸̛͕̟͇̉̉͛͊͋̇̋͂͜͝d̶͚̞͍̘̖̮̀́̑̀̃͑͆̕͜ạ̶̧̨̡͇̳̭̟̝̀̈́̃̔̓͐̒̿̚e̶̯̰̖̤̳͘m̷̞͔̟͔̞͍̑̃͑̊̿̈́͌̾̇͐o̶̡͚͕̥̝̰̩̠̪͐̈́͆̇̄̌͝ͅn̶̹̘̯̬̪̰͗̋̇̈͒͜i̵͖̠̤̥͓͑̄͋̋c̷̦͇͖̮͇͚̣̿̎̈

>>115117082Average SatAM fan

>>115116179I still don’t understand what “autism” means in this context.


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>>115117082>>115117688So for the newbies here, this was an autistic sonic fan that decided the best way to get a Sally sex doll was to get real bones and make a doll around them.They aren't real bones, they're made of wood IIRC, but that's still a replica human skeleton inside a flush fuck doll.

>>115116960Looks like the love child of Sonic and Crash Bandicoot

>>115116666>digitsalso, Why does google translate tell me there's Vietnamese written somewhere in this thread..What is this place hiding?

>>115117906It's some nice detail there.

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>>115117319>>115117903Did they have the balls to reference this, or do they still just milk "lol childhood ruined"?

my own

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>>115117864usually autistic art is when the artist has a really specific set of obsession that he keeps drawing again and again, usually with poor skill and lots of copy paste (but not always). OP could be autistic if his DA page was full of those specific feet paste on several characters.

>>115117021just you faggot

>>115117021This is someone's kid

Autism? Let's see here>Horrorverse threads>Steven/Marcofag self inserting threads>Magne Family threads>Power level threads>Horrorverse threads>Channel tan threadsYou have no room to talk Holla Forums.

>>115116666way too well done to be legitbut good numbers, satan

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>>115118206>>Magne Family threadsis this shit really still a thing

>>115117960Well, that's horrifying.

>>115118206>>Channel tan threadsI was just in it for the porn personally


>>115118206you forgot the endless teen titans raven and starfire threads

>>115116202Somebody stop him!

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>>115117319"Batman deals with his stuff by fighting but I taught myself to use my mind like a detective." Absolutely blind to comics."You guys didn't use protection. I checked."How? By watching through a closet?

>>115118227>he doesn't know

>>115116179How do you look at a car and think "Wow, I bet its got great feet!"


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>>115118946>being into sexy girls is autisticWhatever you say homo

>>115119083being into those lame ass unsexy jailbaits to the point of constantly shitting up the board is autistic

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>>115119118The longer you stare, the more autism appears.

>>115119118At least Washington is eating healthy.

>>115117960>Don't worry it's just wood.


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>>115119037i love this one, it is such a wild ride

>>115117021And Delgo?

>>115119118wait, so is he with George then?didn't Washington have a wife?Does she know?


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>>115117906Thanks a million for the explanation, I'm neurotypical now and will never sleep again...


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>>115119460Knowing how insane fangirls work, she probably had her die in a horrible sad way or she cheated on George, which makes George run to fangirl's arms in a moment of sadness that turns into a slowburn relationship.

>>115119037>>115116666Who's the girl?

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>>115119118>George Washington/self insert shipping art with Sonic and AmyIt's horrifying to know, even after all these years, this horrible place can still find ways to surprise me

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>>115119460>>115119700>She Look again

>>115119763This is just the average /o/ user, nothing out of ordinary there.

>>115116666ok now this is epic

>>115119885I meant "does she know" as in, does george washington's wife know he's in a gay relationship on the side?

>>115119763Let's be honest, most of the anons here would also wanna fuck that car in the picture.


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>>115117082this is someone’s corpse