This didn't age well

This didn't age well.

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>>115115317Schumacker BTFO



>>115115317>complains about the overly progressive slant the show has >next few episodes have Batman get beaten to near death and saved by Batgirl, dr freeze saying shit like cis gender and woke, and has harley and ivy kissYeah show you really proved your naysayers wrong.

It aged fine, the people shitting their pants over it are still manchildren.

>>115115754>dr freeze saying shit like cis gender and wokeThat was before this ep.

>>115115787I'd say the people wanting more progressive woke shit in comics and complaining till they get it are the manchildren. I actually think the show is good, but it has gone downhill most of season 2.

>>115115845The existence of "Black Dude Dies First" disproves your supposition.

>>115115801Still I don't get what they were trying to get out of having some guy complain and point out the "issues" with the series. Supposedly the guy didn't watch any of it and was just basing opinion on what he could gather from ads and clips. Except they made him 100% correct. He only watched the batman episode because it had a strong male lead, and all that Batman does is complain and act like a child when he's Bruce, then gets his shit kicked in by Bane before Alfred and Batgirl come to help him. It's like the writers missed the point of what they were trying to disprove or make fun of here.

>>115115317That's not what Snyderfags look like. They look like

>>115115890I don't get it. Progressives can't be wrong, because of a 1980s/90s horror trope?

>>115115317This entire show won't age well.

>>115116016And this is what SnyderCHADS look like

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>>115115317they proved themselves wrong in the same episode>hey boys here is batman are we cool yet?>nevermind, bye batman, it was a pointless cameo>here is batgirl wink wink, only two episodes left until tthe lesbian kiss.

>>115116067Steroids give you tits.

>>115115787History will see them as helping a directors cut version of one of DC's (intended) big movies get released.

>>115115754both episodes were already made before either aired which makes it even more stupid

>>115115754>>115115966Boo hoo, your brain is too retarded to understand the comedy.

>>115115966This is what libtards are doing nowadays.Painting people with valid opinions and stands as somekind of dickhead losers.Too bad justice comes to all of us, no matter what the fuck we do.

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>>115115787>people shitting their pants over it are still manchildren.over what?what am i complaining about user?

>>115116114The comedy being those things happened, but the Snyder fan guy liked it anyway.

>>115116134>Too bad justice comes to all of us, no matter what the fuck we do.It sure does, chanshit

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>>115116114Its not comedy its propaganda you shit stool

>>115116269Yeah people aren't expected to laugh in a comedy cartoon. Get over it

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>>115115890>The existence of "Black Dude Dies First" disproves your supposition.You mean that joke that originated in a trailer for the movie Evolution that in no way shape or form is actually accurate but idiots like you still buy it wholesale because thinking outside of what "The right" people tell you is really hard?Hey, you know which horror movies doesn't have the black dude die first?>Nightmare on Elm Street>Friday the 13th>Halloween>Texas Chainsaw Massacre>Alien>Predator>It>The Exorcist>Child's Play>Night of the Living Dead>Dawn of the Dead>Day of the Dead>Leprechaun>Hellraiser>The Thing>An American Werewolf in London>Dracula>The Wolfman>FrankenstienBut hey, you sure "Disproved" something.

>>115116114There's no joke though. It borderlines German Comedy in how direct it is. Oh here's all the problems I have with this series. Shows episode that showcases the problems....It's funny because there's no punchline. It subverted your expectations of comedy by being unfunny meaning that really it was funny all along. You did it writers! You managed to make jokes funny again, by using zero humor and no buildup or punchline.

>>115116134I'm starting to see a pattern here


>>115115890Wait, are there actually idiots that think that's a real thing? Holy shit I thought you retards were just another out of touch hollywood joke.Hey dumbass, the whole "I was two days from retirement whoops I died" isn't really a 90's action movie trope either. How do idiots like you function?

>>115116246I don't speak Holla Forums, what happened?

Damn, this is getting a lot of mileage.

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it actually looks like it was just advertising since it was made after February when they had already decided they were doing it

>>115115754Bruce was saved by Alfred who just asked for help though

>>115116016I would

>>115115754>Batman get beaten to near death and saved by Batgirlwhy are sjws so pathetic that the only way they know how to make a female character look "strong" is by tearing down male characters and turning them into crinchy, whinny and ineffective losers?also why does every female character even need to be "strong" in the sjw sense aka "girl being able to beat up 5 dudes all at once"? Do they really believe that is something the average woman or girl can identify with. There are so many interesting female characters form history that did so much in their lives without ever having to punch or shoot anybody.

>>115116647>People crying racism over something that hollywood made up to tell them they're oppressed that they accept when it could be easily disprovenNext you'll tell me white guys didn't run around Africa with big nets.

>>115117030I'd argue that the average male can't identify with beating up 5 dudes at once. Though I agree that they made Harley way too op in this series, and made batman a selfish whiny child to build up the rest of the cast. Hell the only time Harley gets beaten is when Two-Face, Bane, Freeze, Penguin, and Riddler join forces. Then she just murders Penguin with minimal effort. Riddler gets taken out by Batgirl who isn't even trying. Freeze got taken out because Harley is a fuck and gave him a short timer on how long he had to save his wife. Bane wasn't strong enough to pull Harley off of Ivy, Harley had to let go on her own, when Bane should have been strong enough to yank Harley leg off if she didn't let go. They gave her a crew but the only real one of any use is Ivy. All the guys are overly incompetent and have only been effective in killing random goons.

>>115117467>All the guys are overly incompetent and have only been effective in killing random goons.Considering one of these was supposed to be a nemesis who could challenge Wonder Woman, that says more about them just being shit writers than anything else.

>>115116647To be fair you should probably only use films that actually have black actors in them. I agree that it's a dumb point for the other user to have brought up as it has no baring to what the hell is being talked about in the thread. Still black guy dies first was common in late 80s through 00s horror. After a point I think it's because it was just the expected trope, like if you have sex or do drugs in a slasher film you'll die.

>>115117508Worse that they brought it up over a dozen times to remind the audience that he's competent. Then has him running for his life against Bane goons. Not like he couldn't have just snapped their minds in a second turning them into vegetables.

>>115117467> murders Penguin with minimal effort.I'm not really complaining about that though. I mean, it is Penguin.> Riddler gets taken out by Batgirl who isn't even trying.He's not a combat guy, and how was he supposed to know she would show up and score a lucky shot?> Bane wasn't strong enough to pull Harley off of Ivy, Harley had to let go on her own, when Bane should have been strong enough to yank Harley leg off if she didn't let go.He probably was, and he also probably didn't want to die.

>>115117629He didn't run for life against Bane goons though since the vehicle they modified broke against the Bane boys. He also killed them offscreen with the help of King Shark.

this show is living rent free in all of your heads

>>115117560>To be fair you should probably only use films that actually have black actors in them. IThe vast majority of those have black people in them and they almost never die first. You can name less instances than where a white dude survives and a female character doesn't, and that shit is rare as fuck. Its been the norm since the 60's for black characters not to die first, since NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Black and white horror movies had a black dude be the sane one and die last, and Dawn of the Dead had the guy be one of two survivors.>Still black guy dies first was common in late 80s through 00s horrorNo, no it wasn't, you're a fucking idiot and need to actually look up anything before you say stupid shit.>Scream>Candyman 1/2/3(Yes, CANDYMAN, the actual fucking ghetto horror movie, has a white character die first. In all three.)>I know what you did last summer/2/3>Halloween H20>Event Horizon>Resident EvilStop saying dumb things and for the love of god assume that when hollywood says something is racist they're lying to your face. Just assume they're wrong and then look for it, 99 percent of the time you get the satisfaction of knowing you're not that stupid.

>>115117560>To be fair you should probably only use films that actually have black actors in them.Okay.>Alien>Predator>It>Child's Play>Texas Chainsaw Massacre>Night of the Living Dead>Dawn of the Dead>Day of the Dead>The Thing>Event Horizon>I know what you did last summer>Scream>Puppetmaster>Candyman>BladeJust for fun I'm ONLY including the first in the series for each, if I rattled off their various sequels or spinoffs, I'd run out of the character limit.You're wrong, 100 percent wrong, and a fucking moron because inexplicably instead of just looking up if this was true or if you'd been easily mislead, you doubled down and said "This was common". That's the mark of a true dumbass.

>>115117702pretty sure they were running and hiding before the car

>>115117959Candyman 1 was such fucking kino bro

>>115115890>>115116647>>115118020>user brings up trope as a "Gotcha" to "Disprove your supposition">Ends up proving what the original user brought up because the trope he's complaining about is 100 percent fabrication to make something seem more racist and the people complaining about it are whining and complaining over nothingThis is why I still come here, its always fun to watch it unfold.

>>115118182Criminally underrated just because people write him off as Ghetto Freddy Kruger. Tony Todd is a fantastic gentleman of an actor and it takes some real balls to shoot a movie where gangs are active and fucking shot at the cameravan. Great performances outshined some lackluster effects and it really is worth a watch to anyone who loves horror. 2 and 3 were legendary levels of awful though. Avoid that shit like your computer will spew anthrax if you try to watch it.

>>115118020Puppet Master, I know what you did last summer, Scream, and Texas Chainsaw don't have black cast in them. You're picking films with a main cast that looks like pic related. Also candyman has a story of a black guy killed by a lynch mob and bees before the first death even happens. Dawn of the Dead has a bunch of Puerto Ricans and Blacks getting killed in some slum apartment. Black characters dying first was common in films with a black characters. If it's an all white cast it's far "less" common for for a black person to die in them. So you have like 8 horror films where a black guy doesn't die first. Blade I count as an action film not horror.

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>>115117707Seems more like the Snyder cut is living in this show's head rent free.

>>115117467the thing is a fat nerd isn't supposed to identify with Batman. That is why Batman is a tall buff millionaire. Batgirl on the other hand is supposed to be "relatable" and "realistic" which is also why they turned down her sex appeal

>>115118308>Also candyman has a story of a black guy killed by a lynch mob and bees before the first death even happens.That's still not the first onscreen death, so no, he didn't "Die first" in the movie.> Dawn of the Dead has a bunch of Puerto Ricans and Blacks getting killed in some slum apartment. Black character did not die first.>Black characters dying first was common in films with a black characters.But not dying first, that's 100 percent fabrication. Its a lie you swallowed like the idiot you are.You know who else is common dying in horror movies? EVERYBODY WHO'S NOT A WHITE WOMAN. White dudes are less likely to survive than black dudes in the 90's and 20's and both of them are a tiny fraction of the number of white women who make it out alive.>So you have like 8 horror films where a black guy doesn't die firstAlright then, you wanna go that route? Lets go this route.>Night of the Living/Dawn/Day/Land of the Dead>Alien/2/3(Hicks dies first, we see it happen)/Ressurection>Predator/2/Predators/The Predator>It/It part 2>Child's Play/Childs play 3(Black kid is the "Protagonist")>The Thing(neither black character even dies onscreen>Nightmare on Elm Street 2/3(Black dude is one of the heroes in that)>Friday the 13th part 4/6/8/Jason xAnd I'm going to stop there, for now.Now name 8 movies where the black dude dies first. You can do that, right? I mean its so common.

>>115118497>EVERYBODY WHO'S NOT A WHITE WOMAN.Seriously I don't know how they managed to spin this genre as 'Its racist' rather than 'it only seems to not hate white chicks or black chicks.' Black girls almost never die in horror movies, even in movies where you think they'd be the first to die like Predator 2 or Candyman, and you can probably count on both hands how many major horror franchises don't have a white woman survive the movie. Only one I can even name is Alien Vs Predator and that's because they had the black girl survive instead of the white one, every dude was fucking dead.

What the fug is the snyder cut anyway?

>>115118497Not the guy you're arguing with by I looked up the actual trope there's like 5 horror movies on the list, and one of them is Aliens who makes stuff up by saying the black dude was the first "MAJOR" character to die onscreen, even though others died before him including during the egg discovery in the directors cut, and that dude was white. Aside from that we have shit like "Mr Giggles" and, no joke,>Terminator Salvation has a blink and miss shot of an unnamed black soldier among debris towards the beginning who seems to have died recently. Top of the page still says>80s horror shows were good at this, and film makers had growing backlash against all the exploitation films.Even though they themselves are listing it's rarer than a "Kill them all" ending.

>>115116134John Mulaney married a jewhe was probably forced to convert

>>115118073That was because Two Face goons surrounded them

>>115115317Harleyfags just can't stop being dabbed on

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>>115116246Dilate Reddit tranny

>>115118677Zack Snyder was originally sole director of Justice League. He had to withdraw after his daughter died. WB hired Josh Whedon to finish the film, and he reshot a bunch of stuff. Some people believe this made the movie worse and the Snyder-only version of the movie would be better. I guess we'll see.

>>115118497>You know who else is common dying in horror movies? EVERYBODY WHO'S NOT A WHITE WOMANYeah that's another common thing in horror films. I don't think I claimed it to not be. You're really overly sensitive on this topic it seems. I'm not saying that black people die first is the rule, but it was very common in late 80s through 00s horror films. >name 8 horror films where the black guy dies first Nightmare on elm st 4AliensThe ShiningAmerican PsychoGremlinsQueen of the DamnedThe Killer ShrewsMonster SquadNew Years EvilResident Evil Extinction Scream 2 One Missed CallDay of the Dead 2008The UnbornDeep Blue SeaChristine Slaughter HighLeviathan One Missed CallDead AirThe BabysitterVirusDr.Giggles Kingdom of Spiders

>>115119090It's going to be especially interesting because the 'Snyder Cut' was going to need at least some reshoots to bring it to bring it to completion and the studio ain't payin' for those.

>>115119090I don't see any harmwhy is it controversial?

>>115119234Because he writes Superman as an Objectivist wet-dream.

>>115119234Various reasons. They range from the fact that it wasn't like Zack Snyder had a version ready to show in theaters and any such cut still needs work and would probably look unfinished - Think the leak of the Wolverine Origins movie - to fans of either DC in general or the "Snyderverse" specifically not wanting their movies to be bad, especially in the light of Marvel's runaway success, so to them the Snyder Cut would be a panacea, the version that was actually good.

>>115115317semi-unrelated but trying to make it so ivy is a better option to joker in terms of who harley should suck up to is fuckin dumbthey're both awful for a mentally ill psychiatrist to be infatuated with but atleast the joker fits quinn's theme better.Well, what I think it's still supposed to be anyway, she still looks like she'll give me a $12 bj outside a ratchet hot topic

>>115119149>AliensWhite dude is the one who got facehugged in the leadin, stop looking up Tv Tropes that lies for "Major characters">The Killer Shrews1959.>Monster SquadBride of Dracula got killed first, this is wrong.>Resident Evil Extinction You specifically discounted Blade!>Queen of the DamnedAgain! You discounted blade, but the rocker movie with a multiple fight sequences counts?>Deep Blue SeaThe helicopter pilot was white you liar.>VirusWhite girl on the space station.>The Babysitter 2017 movie.>Leviathan Sixpack was white what the utter fuck.Thank god for an entire subgenre of "Kilcount" videos. Only one I couldn't find was "Unborn" and "Kingdom of the spiders." Half of them are made up and from the wrong time period and you still couldn't match how often it doesn't happen. That's how uncommon this is.

>>115118020who's the black actor in puppet master

>>115119149>Slaughter HighI figured you were going to be desperate but damn son, we can google stuff. Unless you think this dude was black. Maybe Jessica Alba Black.

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>>115119886But that guy didn't die.He was the killer