It's ya boi "M"S back at it storytiming every winner of the Best Single Issue Eisner award. We've got a great batch of issues today, starting with one of the best Superman stories ever written, Hitman #34, "Of Thee I Sing" by Garth Ennis and John McCrea. Let's go!

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and of course I forgot the links to the last threads: Part 1: >>115062044Part 2: >>115090313

I'm a big Ennisfag and Hitman is far and away my favorite of his works. Go check it out if you haven't already read it.

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>>115114389God I fucking love this one. Great taste, user, you are truly based.

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Next is the 2000 winner, Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse's Tom Strong #1!

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hey stupid, you just missed him

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Moore won again the next year for his work with J.H. Williams III on Promethea #10. Get ready for some crazy paneling.

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>>115114329God bless ya mister storytime.

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2001's winner was Eightball #23, by Dan Clowes. I love Clowes, I love Eightball, and I love this issue.

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>>115114329Hell yes Thanks man!

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>>115115202>>115115213>>115115224>>115115230>>115115243incrediblejust incredible

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2002's winner was The Stuff of Dreams by Kim Deitch. I haven't got a clue what it's about.

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I've gotten things mixed up, this won in 2003.

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>>115114494nooo, not muh hecking soopamanhe woulda shoot tiny clones at this man and save him in time!

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>>115114663That's some good shit.

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In 2004 there was a tie, first was

>>115116323Did you miss 2003?


>>115116323oh hellThe first was Kurt Busiek and Cary Nord's Conan The Legend #0>>115116338 I had the years mixed up, The Stuff of Dreams was 2003's winner.

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The second winner is a Holla Forums favorite: The Goon #1, by Eric Powell!

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I keep telling myself that I need to read the goon, but I never get around to it. one of these days...

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>>115114418Tommy is just so sweet

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thanks op

>>115116865no prob, bob

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I think that's where we'll stop for today. Tomorrow: more Eightball!

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>>115115110ah the sexy times issue. nice

>>115114553this page, man... When I first read this issue this page right here genuinely changed me