Welcome to the Greasy Spoon may I take your order?

Welcome to the Greasy Spoon may I take your order?

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Yes one order of poo nugs please

I'll take a double triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, four by four animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.

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>>115113686That's a real place near here

>>115113894Oh biscuits and gravy pls

>>115113686Coffee black

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>>115113686Yeah I'll have uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

HOW TOUGH AM I? I SWALLOWED BROKEN GLASS TODA-Oh sorry, I thought you said " Greasy Spitoon". Bye!

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>>115113686Some cake please.

>>115113686I'll have the House Special for today!

Yeah I'll take Mabel's virginity please.


>>115113686What the fuck was Hirsch's problem? He gave Pacifica a shittier end than any other character AND he actually wanted to make it shittier for her by having her work in a diner and never receives tips. Did he just outright forget she wasn't a villain anymore by the series end?

>>115114238He never liked Paz and never understood why she was so popular.

Wait, this isn't Raisins? Fuck.

>>115114238Penance. She couldn't get karmic redemption without it, despite her change of heart.

>>115114238I think her working at the diner is fine. The whole being miserable and never receiving tip is too much. It's actually a good complete circle for her character starts off a spoiled rich girl and end with her working a humble job making her own money.

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>>115114273Yeah, she should work there instead. She'd get much better tips.

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>>115113686>losing all the wealth and chances of living a secure life>being forced to work as a shabby waitressok, this is just sad.

She was in training for her future career.

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>>115113686SAMWICH NAO

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>>115113825Fat boy

>>115114164It's alphabet soup du jour with a side of grammar rock!

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>>115114238He just wasn't a good writer outside of pop culture-inspired gimmicks.

>>115113686Futa porn.

>>115114400I miss those threads

>>115113686Can I have a smile, please?

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>>115113755...we serve FOOD here, sir.

>>115115358Yeah, I do to, but if I can't keep pushing for more content if I get banned. So I just stoke the flames whenever an opportunity rises up.

>>115115457Can I borrow a feeling?

>>115115457i normally like big boobs but they don't feel right on pacifica

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>>115114238It's because she's white and Hirsch is a Jew. Of course he hated her.

>>115115741What? Feeling? Smiling is not a feeling, she might even despise you, but if it's an order, she must do it.

>>115113686I like that draw. It look like nekomimk335 draw so cute beautiful. I don't thinking is nekomimi drawing though. I still like

>>115116237Yeah, she draws cute, well, everything.

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Why would Pacifica have to work at a diner when at the end of the series they explicitly say she is still very rich, just not AS obscenely rich.

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>>115113686Yeah I'll have scrambled eggs, some bacon and uh... OH how's about your phone number?


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>>115116039They're perfect on her man, what are you talking about?

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>>115116280>>115116315Please stop posting this, that person you replied to is unhealthily obsessed with nekomimi. Don't give her attention.

>>115116299Her parents don’t like it when she rebels against them

>>115113686How'd you like to make what you earn in a month, in just a few hours? No. It doesn't involve drug. Yes, you'll wish it involves drugs.

>>115116359The only obsessed person I know on that site connected to GF is that one, you know, that one.

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>>115115358I too, missed being a NOMAP without having to hide my power level.

>>115116405*this site

>>115114238Hirsch either has the character get completely fucked or receive no punishment at all.

>>115114172Seconding that order

>>115113686Your virginity.


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>>115116405>The only obsessed person I know on this site connected to GF is that one, you know, that one.Does anyone have pics of MABEL HYPNOTIZING DIPPER TO THINK AND ACT LIKE HER?

>>115117604Fuck off. Post Medusa!Pacifica.

>>115113686I'd like an extra large serving of ass, please.

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>>115117604Do you think Bill has the power to hypnotize people or nah?

>>115117913Looks like there's going to be a 10 year wait.

Imagine the uproar if this made it onto the show

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>>[email protected][email protected]'m sorry.

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>>115118242Wrong pic, but oh well.

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>>115114400I don't like the uniforms. I don't like my lolis looking like whores

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>>115119113Well, good sir, I do like the uniforms. And while I disagree with you, I respect your right to an opinion.

>>115116039that's just crazy talk

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>>115119190It's Hooters. They're waitresses at a Hooters restaurant that caters to loli's. What you want is a Loli maid cafe

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>>115119352I'd Raisins improves on greatly on the uniform by exposing midriff and doing away with the tights, and not just because it shows more skin.

>>115116039she was kinda stacked (for her age at least) even in the original series

>>115118065I believe so. He snapped his fingers and put Mabel to sleep.

Give me a blue plate special.Might need Mabel to help with that one though.


>>115119473Pacifica mom was a beauty Queen that Preston won in a yacht race. That's my canonical that Pacifica started early.

>>115118242Short haired Mabel looks nice