>opinions Holla Forums?also>>115052585

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>>115113550Stop shilling your series faggot

>>115113550I like the animation but dude stop, this is like the 5th thread about it now, it's really not that interisting

i will actually eat an entire block of cheese in the biggest bites possible if this gets to 10 posts without the rule 34 being linked

>>115113550Shill>inb4 the faggots below me say "aaw it's cute..."

>>115113550It's a piece of cake to ride a pretty dickIf the way is hazyYou gotta do the lewds by the bookYou know you can't be lazy!Careful sliding up and downIts so big cowgirl safelyIf you're ridin dicks by the bookThen you'll have a...WHAT OH YEAH PUSSY RIDE THAT DICKAIMKIDS MAKING FURRIES AND ITS GONNA BE YIFFORANGE LIPS BLUE DONGKITTY RIDE DAT SHITFROSTIN INSIDE THIS PUSSY SO THICK

>>115114061Cheese whore, you'll do it anyway.

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Sad these people can't be just little bit normal and not sexual frustrated weridos who abuse ppl online If they had any good irl social interactions in sure they be making a living off their animation

>>115114331What happened with aimkid?

how is it 20 seconds of animation spawns so much conversation on Holla Forums?

>>115114725Same reason that toucan sam redesign is being spammed I assume

>>115114681Part of a furry child groomer cult.

>>115114331>>115114681You sound like an eavesdropping widow. The lot of ya.

>>115114951Well I mean, yeah.

>>115114725Because>What if it's shmorky tho

>>115114725Cause these dig through aimkids tweets for gossip.Partly aimkids fault but everyone wants to be a social media diva queen thee days with tons of followers to lap up all what you say.

>>115113550>actually good animation done for no profit gets ignored>this shit is paraded around because muh cute catgirl!!!

>>115114976>>115090548Second link, watch the first two seconds.

Fuck off Shmorky.

>>115115057Shmorky's name probably isn't Casey white is it


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i don't get it, it's just a good animation by a cringe teenager, why is this thread #13513

>>115115095His name is Dave Kelly. Legally. The idiot was using his real name to draw furry diaper porn.

>>115114233It's a piece of cake to suck a pretty dickIf the way is hazyYou gotta do the lewds by the bookYou know you can't be lazy!Never use any of your teethThe wounds will be crazyIf you're suckin dicks by the bookThen you'll have a...WHAT OH YEAH PUSSY SUCK THAT DICKAIMKIDS BAITING FURRIES AND ITS GONNA BE LITORANGE LIPS BLUE DONGKITTY SUCK DAT SHITFROSTING COMIN ATCHA UGH WARPSPEED QUICK

>>115113550What's got y'all so obsessed with cake? There are plenty of other aimkid animations to go around.

>>115115157The music video one are terrible songs can't watch

I think its great someone listened to that remix and was creative enough to animate something so different than the stitched together clips of lil jon and lt. They saw that shit and thought "Im gonna make some animals to this, make a cake".This boards seethes because they wish they had one eight of aimkids talent in their right pinky.

Requesting cat gal on top of a large cake laid down in a pinup pose like they are a cake topper.Dog in background with knife and fork ready to "eat"

>>115115292You should ask for this in the /trash/ drawthread

>>115115523what like this one? >>>/trash/30348961

>>115115564Yep, they do furry stuff there

I like the fanarts that make them two

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>>115115523>>115115564>>115115567Thread moves like molasses, they average a week and you get maybe three to eight draws, is embarrassing.I mean you used to request this type of stuff here, but then I remember this board turn to shit pushing seven years ago now.Also it doesn't need to be explicit. Clean is fine.

>>115113550Would you the cat girl?

>>115113550Stop shilling your shit.

>>115115646More cute

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>>115114061You just want to eat a shitton of cheese, fatty.

I entirely understand if you need to have me executed via firing squad

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>>115116010Is this Shmorky?No, literally, did Shmorky finally reappear under another name?

>>115113550what are their names?

>>115116327Alexandria Orangey and Johnathan Bluey

>>115116376Katy and Doug

>>115116321Let's maybe NOT turn this into flinging turds over a brick wall


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I care them

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>>115116522>dat fuckin visualkek

>>115116321>Being this retarded

>>115115201trains is pretty damn catchy tho


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>>115116643What did she do to deserve this

>>115117833make a fucking CAKE

>>115114951That is internet discussion for you.


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