First screenshot of the cuphead show

First screenshot of the cuphead show

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>>115112295Kill it with fire

>>115112295m having doubts already

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The important question is, will Beppi be in it, and if he is they better have Charlie Adler voice him,

>>115112295Provide evidence that this isn't fanart

ugly nobody will watch it except for Holla Forums

>>115112295O shit is that a Newgrounds Style face

this looks like it was drawed by Max G.

the style reminds me of newgrounds fan animations

I like it

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>>115112295Playing the game right now. I'm stuck on the Dragon. By the time I get to.the three heads I only have one health bit and I can't make it to the end

>>115112364git gud

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>>115112362Well shit

cool! fun & silly looking expressions! I thi->>115112330>>115112338>>115112346>EW UGLY NEWGROUNDS MAX G SHITI hate nu-Holla Forums. find other buzzwords to fire off

>>115112422i never said it was bad, user

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>>115112422don't feed the trolls, user

>>115112422>Ugly>implying that's what I meantAnon, I love new grounds fan animations, I genuinely think they're great. Pointing out they remind me of something doesn't mean I hate it.

Not even an insult but this genuinely looks like one of those YouTube parodies

>>115112422No one said that it was bad ya dingus

>>115112460ah yes, my mistake. people like >>115112300 were only *pretending* to say it looks bad

>>115112487That is not who you replied to

>>115112454that's great, user. but most people have been using "Newgrounds style" as an insult for the past month or 2.

>>115112295Id sip on their straws if ya know what I mean

>>115112422Why can't Max ever get professional work anyway? He's an exceptionally good animator.

>>115112295it looks llike somethingsomething i remember

>>115112515He can't work well with others

>>115112515He made edgy jokes at a time when everyone else was also making edgy jokes

>>115112295Piemation's parody looks better.

>>115112354Only because you want to fuck cupboys

>>115112515poor reputation. good luck finding a career AND being openly right wing

>>115112515the racist drawings he drew like Steven Jewniverse. I'm sure plenty of people within the industry have drawn racist shit, but it's a major factor in why Max probably can't get professional work. it's tainted his image

>>115112295I want this.

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>>115112295It's not awful, but I hope they're still trying to aim for the old-timey animation style here. Not exactly 1:1 with the games, but still recognizable as from the era it based itself upon.

fuglyi also hate the pseudo "vintage" art style.

>>115112663if anything, it reminds me of the over-expressiveness that the newer seasons of SpongeBob have. a decent amount of people that worked on the recent SB seasons are working on this Cuphead show

>>115112616How did they seize control of all media careers?

>>115112676What about this

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>>115112727>looks like the newer seasons of SpongeBobbut user, Cuphead's face isn't obnoxiously stretching across the screen as he screams at the top of his lungs

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>>115112652I had it. The thinnest mug I've ever bought. Practically disintegrated when I set it down that morning. Please don't buy it.

>>115112295Oh no it looks bad.The genuine retro art-style the game had is an incredibly huge part of what made it so charming.This looks like it's a modern aping of retro-style, and I just don't believe in it at all.It worked for Mickey, but I don't think it'll work here.

>>115112584I could see that>>115112593>>115112616>>115112629These are just dumb, why is the industry so... Gatekeepy?

>>115112515No one wants to be forced to work with an asshole and he lacks any contacts because again, poor at making friends.

>>115112295I think it looks a lot like John Ks work, but all we have is a still image so it's hard to accurately gauge how it is. I'd be interested in seeing how it turns out, the voice acting is going to be what makes or breaks it for me. I mean is prefer mute with body language and music cues selling all of it but we can't have that.

>>115112926See >>115112362

>>115112806Good to know. If I buy it, it'll be for display only.

>>115112944oh shit, thanks

>>115112295Haven they said if it's tweened or not?

>>115112917You think so? I can kind of see it, but I don't really agree

>>115112295At first glance I thought it was something Max G drawn


>>115112295Here opening -


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>>115112295I'm glad that developers of this game have become so successful.


>>115113045he's lying, here's the real opening!

>>115112364Just use the Lobber and learn how to dodge his attacks.

>>115113045WrongTHIS is the


>>115113042It does?

>>115113052>chubby cheepo>wally man>the boys>sillythis is actual schizophrenia

>>115112770what's wrong, user? you don't like how they rely on wacky expressions every 5 seconds instead of writing actually clever jokes?

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>>115112295I thought it was fanart made by Max G at first lol. Hopefully the waifus still look good in the new style.

Who is going to be LGBT

>>115112338>>115112353heh. based! screw Oney, Max, and the rest of their racist asses

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>Holla ForumsshitPass. Take this off topic thread to >>>Holla Forums

>>115113338Mugman, obviously.

>>115113356>He doesn't know

>>115113348Reddit momento

>>115113338she'll be trans, calling it now

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it's gonna be kino show like looney tunes or tom jerry

>>115112295We're going to get the show before we get the fucking DLC, aren't we?

Looks like the show will have 11 minute


>>115113338Two of the dragon's heads.

>>115113479>>115113511>Implying this isn't the DLC


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>>115113213Legitimately, what the fuck was that, user? I don't know how you even found this, it has 319 views.

Animator here. I can tell this is drawn in parts that can be reused, like the new Mickey Mouse shorts. I love those shorts but the old frame-by-frame animation style is so iconic to Cuphead (and I know Netflix isn't going to spend that kind of money) so I'm preparing for disappointment. It's also why I don't watch the Loud House, once you understand the way things are animated it won't surprise you anymore. Same with current year CN. Cuphead was amazing because it stuck to a specific period of animation, anything else and it just won't fit. Might as well be a parody.


>>115113391>50% chance of one of your own bullets to hit youAw ye

>>115113338You might as well be given how much you fucking obsess over it, faggot

>>115113348Post Oney's response to the tweet coward.

>>115112515He's a petty, bitter man. FUCKING hard is it to use the original style for a comedyIt worked wonders for space ghost coast to coast it'll work for your actual fucking cartoon

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where the dlc?

>>115113338Mugman, but Cuphead'll do anything for money.

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>>115112861The industry is literally a cabal of people that are all friends with each other

>>115114308This is absoluetely stupid. Coomers need to get laid.

GUYS DOING FLEISCHER STYLE IS HARDWe did this cuz its faster and we're making each episode 12 minutes long with 12 episodesAlso Mugman is trans

>>115114308sauce k thx

>>115113052Where is Donald Bastard


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>>115113241At least for me.

>>115112652That poorly drawn face is awful

>>115112515because he used bad words that hurted my feefees


>>115112295actually some pretty solid expressions. Not super exaggerated, but not simplified either




>>115114179got you covered bro

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>>115112295This had better be grim and dark nightmare fuel. Cuphead is inspired by morbid old cartoons that didn't care about terrorizing kids.I demand it be scary.

>>115113045what a great video for such a terrible song


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>>115116056with that artstyle, it will.this is what i expect, Nay! this is HOW the show will look, only retards would really believe that is calarts shit. Read: the entirety of Holla

Aren't one of the animators working on this a mega chad?

>>1151145401.- yes! its hard, and expensive, why do you think the DLC hasnt been released yet?2.- i want you to explain, in perfect detail, how the fuck does a SINGLE screenshot looks like something from 'Cal-Arts'.3.- how desperate you have to be to spew hatespeeches about something not even released? just call to a fucking sex hotline if you want to jerk off so goddamn much!


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>>115112295Where are their nipples?

>>115112295Why not make it look like the game?

>>115117873Because full animation is fucking expensive

>>115117873probably too difficult/expensive to animate a tv show in the game's style

>>115117891Isn't a major appeal of the games the style?Why make a cartoon based on a game based on old cartoons and not make it look like old cartoons?

>>115112295looks good. damn shake anything remotely zany or cartoony nowadays has to be labelled a John k or hotdiggedy demon rip off

>>115114694I think the far-bottom left is probably a design of him but he's renamed "Crabby the Duck".

>>115112616That's not even the case - he just makes tame "offensive" jokes.

>>115112515He wants to be independent and work on his own projects. He's been asked several times things about getting a job in the industry, having a Kickstarter or having a Patreon and he's said that's not the career path he wants. He wants a successful channel that lets him do whatever he wants without being tied down to a deadline.

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>>115118819>his own projects>his miserable self insert, an annoying ghost and a TV waifu do stuff in his appartementwowHis previous series at least tried.

>>115117843oh you little cunt you

>>115117867i took them. they're mine

>>115113754Lighthouse studio was calling for experienced Harmony animators and riggers.

>>115112295Looks cool.

Seems more looney toons

>>115116001Chris is a fucking bro.

>>115112295it looks really unappealing for some reason

>>115112515Blacklisted by all the false allegations on cesspool twitter. I think what caused it was that picture he drew of Steven dressed as a jew or something.>>115112616He's not right wing though, as a matter of fact he's apolitical.

>>115112515Because he doesn't give two shits, drew an edgy picture of Steven Jewniverse and wants to do his own thing without being tired down. The results certainly vary, but if that's really what he wants to do, more power to him.

>>115112295at least they got rid of the blue outlines


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>>115117944we don't know what happened or how the animation will look like. so far the only thing that we have is that frame.

>>115119333you bastard, give them back

>>115119378>he's apoliticalright, which is exactly why he made a lengthy video refuting the racial and political implications behind the character apu

>>115119714fuck i've been exposed>>115119615no and fuck you

>>115119714But that's literally apolitical. If he was a sjw, he would've agreed Apu was racist, and if he was right leaning, he would've been happy Apu was going away.