How long would they have lasted in Vietnam?

How long would they have lasted in Vietnam?

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>>115110742That’s why they run. PTSD.

Like, the Vietcong are coming through the fucking walls Scoob, I'm freaking out here man!

>>115110742Implying Shaggy hadn't already been.


>>115110935>Ruff ruff! Let me at em, let me at em! I'll show those slant eyed monkeys PUPPY POWER!!!

>>115110742>Like, zoinks scoob! Those Vietcong are like, totally converging on our position! We're all gonna like, die man!>Raggy, rook! Rericopters!>Like, they're dumping agent orange on our position Scoob! We'll be able to blast those zipperheads sky-high once we can see 'em!>Rank Rod for ragent rorange raggy!

>>115110849I was gonna say, isn't it canon that Shaggy is a veteran?

>>115110742Why the fuck did they enlist a dog into the military?

>>115111209Equal opportunity employment?

>>115111209It's not unheard of, look up Sergeant Stubby. His owner smuggled him on deployment and they enlisted the dog because he could hear mortar shells and smell mustard gas before the men, and would alert them. He outranked his owner at the end of the war

>>115110742You'd think Scrappy would die quickly going PUPPY POWER, but he's a small target and might make it out alive. Shaggy and Scooby are good at running, they'll be alright.

>>115111209Dogs have historically served in the military and even gotten honors at least since WWI, not sure about earlier. There are examples from pretty much every country in the world of dogs helping in warfare.

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>>115111279Scrappy's gonna come crawling out of the underbrush covered in commie blood and gutsWhen they ask him what happened he gives them a 1000-yard stare and says "you wouldn't get it man"

4 tours then they'd retire and hunt demons.

>>115111279Scappy would be a tunnel rat for sure. Just a flashlight, a pistol, and some dead charlies.

>>115110742See a movie about Shaggy trying to adjust to life after Vietnam. Monster are real. TFW, twist ending and Shaggy navet made it back and it was all a dream as he was dying

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>>115111186Wait what?

>>115111269>He outranked his owner at the end of the warkek


>>115111186>Shaggy is a veteranExplain

>>115111852Not him but I think he meant Shaggy had served in Vietnam.

I think Shaggy being a veteran depends on the adaptation.

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>>115112076I thought that was just military school

>>115112076Why is he so cowardly then? He must've been a bad soldier.

>>115110742Precisely 37.984 seconds when a random Charlie shell hits thier foxhole and kills them all instantly

>>115112145Shaggy is one of those people that runs for the hills 99% of the time, but GOD HELP YOU if you manage to catch him in the 1% where he actually fights

>>115112145>Implying all soldiers are frontline kill bots only.wrench turns exist my dude. So do bureaucrats and doctors.

>>115110742>It Ain't Me starts playing

>>115110742I think you mean "how long Vietnam would have lasted with them on it?".

>>115112645>Rit Aint Re

>>115110742Pretty long. American forces had a pretty high survival rate. He could just duck most of the time and fire a few shots at nothing to make it look like he was helping out.

>>115110742>"Ri got Reedee rom rat Tranny rooker, Raggy"

>>115112992Zoinks! I visited her too, Scoob!

>>115110742Like zoinks, Scoob. Charlie’s everywhere! I’m freaking out, man!>Ruh-roh Raggy, retter rave rome rore rocaine.

>>115111209K9-units, bitch.>>115111279>Lemme at ‘em, lemme at ‘em!! I’ll Mai Lai those commies bastards quicker than you can say Ho Chi Minh!

>>115112145Because PTSD, man.

>>115110742he's somewhat tall and can keep pace with a great Dane in full panic mode, if he works on upper body he's a shoe in for the old guard.

>>115113230>K9-units>vietnamWanna hear a real downer? Thousands and thousands of dogs were brought to Vietnam during the war, and not even one got back to the US as the army deemed them not worth the cost. No matter how much did the handlers protest, they had to either euthanize the doggos or release them to live as strays in the streets.

>>115110742-Scooby the trhees-Whaaaat?-They speak vietnamese!!!

>>115112145on the contrary, he was deep in the shit and saw things that broke him so now his natural instinct is flee for survival

>>115112145He already served, he has the rigth to avoid a figth for the rest of their life

>>115112254wut. why is shaggy spike siegel in this?

>>115112254Fun fact hypnosis can't actually give you the ability to be good at fighting all it can do is stop mental limits. This would imply shaggy is always been great at fighting just that his mental stat stops him from doing anything.

>>115110742Scrappy gets fragged pretty quickly.

LET ME AT'EM, LET ME AT'EM>No Scrappy that's a minefield!

>>115111852>>115111800There's this fan theory that's been around since probably before this site was even around that Shaggy fought in Vietnam and as a result he was left PTSD ritten and scared of everything. also he's a pot head.

>>115110742Shaggy would’ve won the war

>>115114113or he sells Shaggy's plattoon out to the vietcong

>>115113871Jesus, man. I didn’t need to hear that.

>>115111209there's nothing in the rulebook that says a dog can't kill commies

>>115113871Kissinger has a lot to answer for.

>>115111209the poles had a bear named wojak in their army so why not a dog?

>>115112254I heard Red shirt Shaggy's written to be pretty brave, probably due to not having the anyone else but scooby to back him up.


>>115110742Bold of you to assume the wouldn't bumble some plan in to victory.

>>115112145On the contrary, he was a very good soldier. He did what he was told and kept his head down at the right moments. It was a tunnel raid that broke him though. His platoon tore that village to pieces looking for VC. They found a tunnel in the chief's house. Shaggy didn't let the platoon just shoot the commie son of a bitch because they had rules for this, dammit, and they had to follow them, so when the tunnel got found, he was the one they sent in there, along with the young guy who drew the short straw. They were in there for ten minutes when the young guy took a wrong turn, went into a flooded tunnel. Then Charlie collapsed that tunnel. Shaggy must have tore out every fingernail digging at that mud. When he came back out with an empty .45, he knifed the village chief in the gut.And that's why Shaggy doesn't like the dark. It makes him somebody he doesn't want to be again.

>>115110742Not very long. Both would be dishonourably discharged for dereliction of duty/cowardice.

Like, zoiks, Scoob, charlie has the highground!

>>115116483>dereliction of dutyThat's like a minimum 10 years in prison or something, right?

>>115111209K-9 units exist

>>115116485Rees! Rey're in the rees!

>>115110742>Like zoinks scoob I ain't got no quarrel with them vietcong

1 day, since it would be all it took for Shaggy to singlehandedly broker a shameful peace for the Vietcong.

>>115115653Sergeant Wotjek, artillery officer of glorious Poland

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>>115110742Scoob.... I'm scared

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>>115110742Well gang, it looks like it's up to us to find out where those jews are hiding. I say we split up and look for clues.

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>>115111827It's standard practice to give the animal a higher rank than its owner.

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>>115117594Soldiers are dedicated shitpostersThe infantry make much more cuckoldry jokes about themselves than even the staunchest Communist

>>115110742They unironically probably would have ended it by accident

>>115111209Dog?! Where

>>115116571> Punishment can include sanctions up to and including the death penalty (in times of war). Outside of wartime, the maximum punishment allowed is a Dishonourable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 1 year (10 years for service members receiving special pay under 37 USC 310"Like, at least we're alive, right, Scoob? Can't say I'm a fan of this prison food though. Hey, you gonna eat that?"

>>115111209Dont be racist user, dogs have the rigth to figth for America