List of people Superman could never beat

>Batman>Hulk>Saitama>Jiren>Super Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann>Madoka>Hajun>Aizen>Gold Experience Requiem>Ben 10>Sailor Moon>Danny Phantom>Judy>Crimson King>Cardcaptor Sakura>SCP-682>Medaka>Gilgamesh>Madara>Archie Sonic>Zeedmilleniumon>Saint Seiya

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Why do people focus so much on who Superman could or could not "beat" when his purpose is to help people, solve problems and inspire people?

>>115110546Replace 682 with "Pretty much any cosmic scale SCP." Also, any Voyager Witch or Featherine.

>>115111535Because Superfags have memed Superman into this unstoppable Mary Sue and have had this idea propagate almost without end whilst they get high on Death Battle nonsense and paint fumes. Naturally, people are sick and tired of their endless shitposting.

>>115111678Superman has probably beaten more cosmic characters than any other comic character using every thing from god boxes to the power of friendship

>>115111535because they have the autism

>>115111723Yeah, doesn't matter. Unless wiping out multiple multiverses and beyond as a passive effect is something he can do (and he fucking can't), then he isn't doing shit to most of that list.

>>115111706Superman loses but when he does its often in a !ore dignified way, if Captain America was on the same level of Superman it would be similar. But then you have Thor and he's had loses where they rub shit in the wounds, just mock him.

>>115110546>Ben10I'm legitimately confused so explain please

>>115111706I think most of the people who engage in this stuff don't actually care about Superman.

>>115111783Bitches like these don't know about the power of friendship

>>115111844As someone who actually likes DC, I can attest to the fact that they don't. Most individuals who go "lul Superman wins" in these threads without any actual reasons provided have likely never touched a Superman book in their lives. They might have images saved on their computers to try and prove otherwise, but pretty much none of them could tell you where they got said pages offhand.

>>115111783Superman has the power of themes and intent on his side. If the point of the story is that "power" isn't important compared to virtue, he'll win. That's why powerwanking him is silly.

>>115111883I also meant the people who say "Superman can't beat XXX." It's a stupid discussion.

>>115111867>Sailor Moon>Sakura>not understanding the power of friendship

>>115111926Superman has been beaten and killed by weaker things than half of that list. Saying he can't be beaten at all is the core reason threads like these continue to be made.

>>115111984Arguing "But THIS could beat Superman!" when his success or failure is entirely driven by the narrative is just as stupid and as much of a contribution.

>>115110546What about wolverine and goku?

>>115112281The narrative isn't worth shit in a versus. That's something DCfags fail to understand. In the neutral space of a debate, only feats and scale of abilities matters, not out of setting narrative bullshit. And in said neutral space, it becomes obvious that Superman can't fucking compare to some things. That's it. Making a big fucking screeching fest over it is the most glaring sign of actual autism I've seen on this board.

Do I need to list all of Superman’s multiversal feats and scaling instances again? Because he beats most of that list.

>>115111535Because faggots like >>115111706Are insufferable and it’s the easiest way to shitpost

>>115110546>SaintSpic, DBfag and Benfag at the same timeOpinion discarded.


>>115111535see the new DC movies , animated or live action, they turned him in a weird mixture of unlikable angry jock and unlikable above humanity god , reducing him to power levels wanking

>>115112505>>115112522>>115112538Anal-vored by Hajun.

>>115112437>"Both sides of the 'who can/can't beat Superman' debate are silly, pointless arguments that just serve to drown out actual discussion.">"No but my versus battle is just a neutral debate and DCcucks can't cope! Autism!"You're an idiot.

>>115112565Chicken/Egg. I think the stupid debates are what lead to that in the first place. The fandom obsession lead to influence on creators, which reinforced that obsession.

>>115110546We had this retarded discussion since the days Goku maximum power was ss3. SS3 is literally an ant to current Goku yet Superman remained overall the same. At some point even the most deluded Supes fag will have to accept that Goku continues improving and getting more and more powerful while Superman doesn't.

>>115112704>actual discussion>in a thread like thisYou are the only idiot here. Dilate yourself into nonexistence.

>>115112777>NO I'M STUPID ON PURPOSE REEEEGo be autistic elsewhere.

>>115112849You know, you're the only one having a mental breakdown here. As expected from a retard who has no opinions of his own and just wants to neutralfag. Continue to seethe, cope and dilate though.

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>>115112744I think it can be traced back to Batman the dark knight returns , DC is always milking the 2 biggest heroes fighting each other

>>115110546Superman has canonically carried the multiverse and lifted the book of infinity so his strength and power are infinite and was fast enough to take out several multiverse ending missiles all at once. Even Death Battle said his power is infinite.Superman is the strongest, keep coping

>>115110546>Judy>Crimson KingBased and Horrorpilled.


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>>115113081Don’t tell them that

>>115113081>Superman has canonically carried the multiverse Several of these either are multiverses onto themselves, can pull off similar feats, or are beyond the point where multiverses matter.>and lifted the book of infinity so his strength and power are infiniteNeeded another version of him (and Billy) in order to even struggle to hold it up. And for a lot of those, that wouldn't even be notable. Pretty certain even 682 has done better.>and was fast enough to take out several multiverse ending missiles all at once. Sakura could do that on her own, let alone Madoka.>Even Death Battle said his power is infinite.Death Battle is literal fanfiction. >Superman is the strongest, keep copingPull the other one, Superfag.


>>115113185Thought Robot rapes everyone little bitch. Keep seething

In tiers of strongest to weakest on this list:Cardinality tier>JudyBeyond tier >Crimson KingAbove Multiversal tier>Hajun>Madoka>SCP 682>Cardcaptor Sakura>Zeedmilleniumon>Super Tengen Toppa Gurren LagannMultiverse tier>Hulk>Sailor Moon>Saint Seiya>Archie SonicMONGRELS tier>GilgameshUniverse - Multiverse tier>Ben 10>Gold Experience Requiem>Jiren ALPHA OF BRAWN>Gag tierSaitamaMain Character tier>MedakaPlanet tier>Danny Phantom>AizenPREP TIME tier>BatmanOnly here for the Memes tier>Madara

>>115113302Thought Robot gets fisted by Gurren Lagann. Keep seething, Superfag.

>>115113462So supes beats most of that list

>>115113496Anything MONGRELS and above rapes him. Anything below (except Batman with prep time, max meme Madara, Saitama and Medaka) gets rekt.

>>115113532>ignoring the multiversal feats supes has

>>115110546>ChadrenHOLY BASED

>>115110546He can't stop the Grimace.

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>>115113578The list was made factoring in his multiversal feats. He still dies.

>>115113532Superman is at least multiversal tier with the scaling and feats he has

>>115113608>has multiversal feats>not multiversal tier????

>>115113610See >>115113608. Once we hit the multiversals on that list, we head into territory where barring things like Thought Robot, most of those could clap his ass relatively easily. Thought Robot gets up to the tier with Hajun and the like at the very least. Hard-stops at the Crimson King.

>>115113630Never said that. He's easily multiversal with his best stuff. But so are a lot of those.

>>115110546>Super Tenga Toppa Gurren LagannOnly correct answer.

>>115113007That was the start of it in some ways, but the majority of the stupidity comes from Death Battle and shit like Goku vs Superman.


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>>115114586Based Stardust poster.

>>115111826Alien X.

>>115113462>Cardinality tierWth does this mean?

>>115110546Go back to /a/

>>115110546>living rent free in weebs Holy based SuperChad.

>>115115772Is useless.

>>115115858Being beyond inordinate cardinals and all mathematically possible infinities, going by what I've seen.



>>115116297How can anyone take this autism seriously Infinity is infinity

>>115116795It’s a math thing

>>115116795>Infinity is infinityTransfinite mathematics is a thing. There are larger infinities.And asking how people take this seriously is like asking why people care about capeshit.

>>115111535Because Superman's the go to hero to challenge due to how writers have written how OP he is, naturally people want to challenge that, to be the man you have to beat the man in other words.


>115112892Reminder anons, that being retarded on purpose is still just being retarded.

>>115118442>post was made several hours ago and no rebuttal was made>"LUL UR RETARDED"Fucking embarassing.

>>115110546repeat after me nobody cares except you and other scallingfags. Go to the vs battle wiki or some shit

>>115118488Fuck off, Supercuckold.

>>115110546>batmanwhat? Batman has never beat Superman in a real fight unless of course you mean "he can never beat" as in Superman would never kill him because then you might have a point. Every fight between Supes and Bats Superman has always held back, was under hypnosis, or was non cannon

>>115118503That doesn't make any sense I like most of those characters more than Superman

>>115110546>Judy>Random cartoons>Anime no one has ever heard of>An SC Motherfucking PThis is some Reed Richards level reaching

>>115110546List of dicks OP has sucked.

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>>115119051>>115119091>No argumentsConcessions accepted and buttholes ravaged.

>>115110546He beats them though

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>>115119114Here's the argument: whoever the writer decides wins, wins. Powerlevels are retarded. Some guy wrote Venom going over Superman clean in a published comic book one time and he's not even included on here. I could write some story about some powerful monster with the express intent that he would be able to beat Superman. Do you not see how stupid that is? It's 100% pointless wankery. Especially whenever it's in regards to someone who has been written before to have infinite power anyways.

>>115119203>Here's the argument: whoever the writer decides wins, wins. Writers don't exist in the theoretical scenario that constitutes a versus debate. Trying to argue otherwise is a direct concession and non-argument. Debates like these are determined based on scalings, showings and feats. You are an actual bonafide idiot.

>>115111826"Alien X" aside, the Omnitrix automatically absorbs new alien DNA, and it always presents a prime specimen, and its sentient, able to automatically induce transformations to protect the user. So faced with a Kryptonian, it would analyze the DNA and give Ben a Kryptonian hero to morph into, one at peak fighting form and maxed out solar batteries. At some point in one of the series, it can also modify the DNA by simulating additional evolution, creating forms more powerful than the aliens it absorbs. So it could create a Kryptonian with millions more years of evolution under its belt.

>>115119252But they do exist and they always exist. It's fiction. You have also conveniently ignored the majority of my post. Interesting. I'll mark that down as a win. Thanks for your time.

>>115119324>But they do exist and they always exist. It's fiction. In a versus scenario? No, they don't. Trying to go "b-but muh writer wills it" is the dumbest thing you could ever do to try and decide something like this, and proof that you have nothing to add other than dumb bullshit. Debate the characters as is and stop trying to enforce some nonexistent third-party for a crossover that has no actual goddamn writers, you cocksucking mongoloid.

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>>115116795>Infinity is infinityRetarded logic. There are an infinite number of numbers between 1 and 2. There are are also an infinite number of numbers between 1 and 2000000000. Does that mean 2=2000000000? Dumbass.

>>115119375Yes they do. You, the people discussing it, and the people who wrote your "feats" exist. All of these could arguably qualify as writers. Whoever you and the people discussing it end up deciding won, isn't really backed up by anything solid other than opinion because it's a fictional battle based upon made up fiction. Internal logic doesn't even exist with these things nine times out of ten.You've also conveniently ignored the majority of my first actual argument yet again. Pitiful, honestly.

This is the WEAKEST bait I've seen in a long time. Enjoy your thread, clickbaiter.

>>115111535Don't even hate Superman. I just hate his overzealous fans that just can't stop wanking him off. Claims he isn't the most powerful superhero and that he is actually beatable. Then does a complete 180 when someone suggest a character can defeat him. Claims he can survive being erased from reality because of Rebirth. But that is despite the fact that several incarnations of him literally got erased from existences due to reboots.

>>115119429>Yes they do. Please show me the legal work and papers detailing when Grant Morrison and Takashi Masada came together to create an actual crossover between Superman and Shinza. Otherwise, shut the fuck up. You're obviously retarded and you have no idea how an actual debate works. I've also been ignoring your "argument" because you have none, bitch.

>>115119544You're sitting here seething, fuming, so angry that you're literally unable to read what's being typed anymore. Pathetic.

>>115119560>y-you're seething!Cope.

>>115110546Nigga you stupid. Superman is the ultimate life form. Superman always wins baby. Superman always wins.

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>>115119570Who came up with the feats that you hold so dear in these "debates" (ABSOLUTELY not glorified crowdsourced fanfic writing sessions)?

>>115113302Thought Robot was literally destroyed by the being that it was created to be use against. Thought Robot is powerful but not as powerful you claim it is. It only survived the confrontation because Mandrakk fell into the bottomless pit when Thought Robot was barely clinching to the cliff with his life.

>>115119603>writers create feats>this must mean that the writers themselves are a part of the debate!!!01011!You literally have room temperature IQ.


>>115116795Infinity is only infinity because we can't accurately calculate what the exact number is.

>>115110546>Sonic That Motherfucker can’t even beat Mario.

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>>115119689What’s the highest number there is?

>>115119524Most Superman wanking only came about because all the downplaying DBZ fags did to him like 7 years ago. I’m a Superfag but he’d lose to Flash, Mm, He-Man, Shazam, Dr Fate, Darkseid and plenty of others in an unbiased story.