What the fuck was their problem?

What the fuck was their problem?

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>>115109828Well, they thought fucking was the solution.

>>115109828>Meet guy for a week >Get angry he doesn't tell you all his secrets>Try to kill him and have sex with him

>>115109828It’s called “trauma”.

>>115109828>be our mentor senpai >be our friend senpai>make our dinner senpai>teach us magic senpai>be our daddy senpai>have sex with us senpai>die senpai>kill is senpai>are you crying senpai?

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>>115109828Why did they make the girl look like a man?

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>>115109828He did nothing wrong

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>>115109941>room full of trophies from his child murdersYou sure bout dat?>>115109911Whyd they make the boy look like a girl?!

>>115109941what was the point of this dude? what was his malfunction?

>>115109960The child murder was so out of nowhere. Like, yeah, the dude was being criptic, but the entire season he was nothing but helpful and reasonable. The whole child murderer did absolutely nothing other than make the show edgier for the sake of edge.

>>115109974No running in the village it's rude

>>115109988I thought it was like Berserk where nothing is worth saving because everyone is shit

>>115109828It was so stupid.>He's lonely, that's why he won't teaches us magic. Magic, the thing that probably takes years of training to be good at.>Agreed. Let's fuck him, and after that kill him.

>>115109960Why did no one seem to notice the missing children anyway?

>>115109828Imagine being so pissed off at the white man that you try to commit genocide of the entire human race

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>>115109988I guess the point was the whole season was supposed to be a low point to everyone since its narrativly in the middle of the story. Doesent help that few of the plots were a bit awkard like the priest being a serial killer.

>>115109828Anyone else feel like the entire season kind of felt like a waste of time? With the exception of best vampire waifu of course.

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>>115110039>Let me trough, pls?>What? No, dude! You have a literal hell's army with you! We can't just let you enter in the city just cause you said you wouldn't kill and rape everyone.>Rude! I will kill everyone of you, just cause of that.I heard the writer was a internet atheist and it shows, but I didn't heard he was retarded.

>>115109828Does this happen in the games? I never played any they must be pretty freaky.

>>115109828Was this guy the true hero of the season? I can bet everyone in the village was a child murderer or a serial rapist or something based on how the show is.

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>>115110100In the games you wander a castle fighting monsters until you and Dracula kick eachothers teeth in all to critically acclaimed music.

>>115109974Did you ever see Hot Fuzz?

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Any of the 3D castlevania games good?

>>115110239From what i can tell the two remake games with patrick steward were among the best of the 3D ones and they werent exactly anything super good.

>>115110039>fully armed and trained city guards loose against the few monsters he brings along... twice>the farmers in the village, where Trevor and Sypha stayed, pushed back an attack with no problemsFucking bullshit

>>115110239Not really but I find if I play a darksouls as fast as I can with castlevannia music playing I get a similar feeling.

Why is she so thirsty?

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>>115109828japs are filthy degenerates

How is it even hard to kill vampires? Just throw some holy water on them and attack at sunlight.

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Who is the bigger simp him or Dracula?

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>>115110366Dracula because at least Hector didn't really have a choice in the matter.

>>115109828I don't know. I wasn't retarded enough to watch season 3 after the shitfest that is season 2.

>>115110404He could always choose not to murder all of humanity because he mom didn't let him keep a dog I suppose.

>>115110444Well aren't you cool and edgy

>>115110481I wasn't stupid enough to watch TLJ or RoSW after watching TFA. It is called not being a consoomer.

>>115110444Wasted trips.S2 was great. Only S3 was shit.

>>115110676No, you fucking retard. Season 2 was brainlet tier. No one ever given a reason why I should think the vampire GoT was good. Dracula sucks. Isaac sucks. Hector sucks.

>>115109911They're Asian, arr rook same

>>115110083Yeah S3 (and S2) spent a lot of time on "set-up" that didn't seem necessary in the end. Both times it's done this thing where I feel like there is a lot going on in the story but afterwards it feels like hardly anything happened.

>>115110239I've only played Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness, they're OK but nothing to write home about compared to most of the 2D games. In my opinion CoD has a better battle system and the Innocent Devil stuff is pretty fun, but the level design is terrible, full of long empty hallways. I almost felt the devs were taking the piss by calling a level "the infinite corridor". Lament has thankfully a smaller map and the eviroments are nicer, if a bit copypasted

>>115111273Longer seasons and a bunch of OCs were a mistake, at least S2 had a good climax with the Castle and Dracula fights while S3 was longer and yet pure setup

>>115111414>at least S2 had a good climax with the Castle and Dracula fightsThe fight start going downhill when Dracula did Hell Fire. The conclusion is lame and homo. It isn't earned conclusion.

>>115109828>ywn fuck themWhy live bros

>>115111568I could buy it since the season focused a lot on Dracula's depression and grief, but yeah, wish they had explored Dracula and Alucard's relationship instead of the heroes dicking around in the basement and the vampire general arguing over inane shit

>>115109828they apparently were slaves and wanted to get back at all the oppressors

>>115110542>oomer memesYoure so fucking cool user, coming into a thread for somthing you didnt watch and actively hate!

>>115109828Warren Ellis.

>>115111769Thank you. Most people don't appreciate the ability to predict that story will be shit if it the previous entries were shit. Some people were dumb enough to watch TLJ after TFA just became a New Hope 2.

>>115111681I am not going to claim that this was deliberate; but I like that you never see how Dracula was as a father to Alucard until he remembers himself before being killed.>I am killing our boy Lisa...He's been consumed by grief and failure that he was going to symbolically destroy all that was left of the person he was fighting for. It's better than MARTHAYou don't see his relationship with Alucard because he forgot to be a father to him.

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This season was really bad, really slow and boring for no reason and then in the last 2 episodes you get all the action, what is up with this fucked up pacing?Is it because Netflix demands more episodes to squeeze more viewtime?

>>115109941His crime was existing in a setting written by an edgy anti-Christian fedora tipper

>>115110239Lament and Curse are like the epitome of "average" or "mediocre", like >>115111341 said. Leon Belmont's cool, though.

>>115110083At least the dude got an upgrade and is now in a gilded cage

>>115112182The jump from 4 eps to 8 in S1 and 2 was Netflix decision, but Ellis said in his blog 3 was originally scheduled to be 8 episodes long too and he's the one who asked for more. Felt he couldn't fit all he wanted to write about in just 8, unironically don't know what he meant by that

>>115112161>I am killing our boy Lisa...Not gonna lie. Say what you want about the rest of the show, but that hit hard

They ruined Al's list.

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>>115110096they were fucking retarded. it's always the same shit, a bunch of dumbasses think they can exert their authority on someone who could kill them in a blink of an eye, and not having the good sense to let the fucker try and be nice to you. this is like a case of a lion getting slapped in the face, and the world having the nerve to act surprised when it retaliates.

>>115109828They fucked up tweezing their eye brows.

Was this really necessary?

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>>115109911Did 4channel retards forget the word "androgynous"? They both look androgynous. 4channel retard.

>>115112525They were just doing their job. Guarding the city, protecting civilians from an army of man-eating monsters, you know.

>>115114089There is such a thing as realizing when you are outmatched. They not only failed to stop those monsters who never had an interest in their city in the first place, but have now left the city without protectors at all.


>>115114562See >>115110309. Night creatures are not invulnerable, apparently even sharp sticks coated with shit can kill them quite successfully. Those guards just underestimated the power of Isaac's plot armor. A rookie mistake.

>>115110366Dracula's wife was purely a positive force in his life.Hector is just a literal child mentality himbo.

>>115112572I mean, no, It wasn't necessary for you to freezeframe and screencap monster asses, but you've done it anyways.

>>115110366>simpThey both got laid though.

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>>115112573they both look like men to me.

>>115115662You just know one of the writers is one of those "The wedding ring used to be a symbol of CHAUVINIST BONDAGE BAN THIS SICK FILTH," people.

>>115112208you can be christian and acknowledge that there are an uncomfortable number of priests and faith leadership abusing their powers and getting away with it for years.

>>115109828If I had the chance I would fuck and mindbreak Alucard too.

>>115109828japanesesautism is in their DNA

>>115112572haven't seen the newest season, how's the face situation on the monster?

>>115112057Japan makes the west look idealistic, while westerners make it look like realistic shit.

>>115109828Are they suppose to be Asian? When they first popped up I thought they were native American or something.

>>115115662Is Hector the Holla Forums king of JUST?


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>>115115319Isaac also had entirely different monsters.

>>115109828>Go to my apple tree user

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>>115116064>>115116064Japanese. They give me the Ainu vibes though, with Cho representing the Yamato opression or something like that.

>>115116437But what if you just put a paper bag on his head?

>>115116064They're native born Japanese, and yet they know fluent English, and more so they are somehow able to banter and quip on the same level as a native born Englishman. I guess that's what happens when said Englishman, who doesnt care about the source material, writes a Netflix series.

This sets a bad message.That only villains are allowed steamy bisexual threesomes.But if you're a hero, you are condemned to be miserable.BOO! Heroes should have threesomes like villains do!

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>>115116629>Heroes are straight >Villains are gay and lesbian Redpilled show

>>115112410Okay, what was wrong with letting our hero Alucard have a bisexual threesome with twins? Come on, let the good guy have some fun in his life!>"We kiss, we smooch, we carry on, we go home happy."

>>115109988>The whole child murderer did absolutely nothing other than make the show edgier for the sake of edge.Subversion for the sake of subversion.

>>115116661Technically that 3-some still makes Alucard bisexual and the obtainer of ultimate enlightenment.

>>115116676They rape and try to murder him user

>>115116597Missed opportunity to make joke about Alucard being a massive weeb by implying he was talking to them in perfect Japanese, just "translated" for the audience

>>115116704He is half human and half vampire, half straight and half gayIt's Like Pottery

>>115116713Precisely the point. Why is the show so fixated on letting the hero NOT have some actual fun, instead of having vampress-dominatrix get all the action?

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>>115116629They aren't really villains though. They were just stupid and desperate. For how much the show dragged, it did real poorly at explaining their issue. What little they say implied to me that they were constantly betrayed out there and this time wanted to not be the ones getting betrayed out of paranoia.

>>115116661Hector is straight, but at what cost?

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>>115116629But what if I want Isaac to give Hector and Alucard the BBC? Cute white twinks should be wasted on vampire thots and tiny nip dick

>>115116752Alucard can never be happy

>>115116629>TFW you're the protagonist and realize the writers forgot to punish you for scoring an impending bisexual threeway.

>>115110318For adventure?

>>115116803Considering how every woman in his life, even his own mother, has only used and abused him I'm surprised he hasn't gone full mysoginy

>the lifeguard goes out of the way to kill the kid running around the pool areai mean really show?

>>115109988It wasn't totally out of nowhere. On first watch when he sent the little boy to his apple tree it clicked for me that he was probably sending him to his death. The set up of the character didn't lead to him just being gracious to others in order for them to obey.

>>115110366Ah hah, so Alcuard still won in the end. He scored a threesome of his own free will. Hector's a slave, and Dracula's in perpetual Lost Lenore mode.

oh yeah lets trust this dude who turns up on our city with a literal army of demons.When he walks past you and murders everyone , I'm sure they will understand when you explain that he asked nicely

>>115110083damn right

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>>115109988He just watched too many episodes of "The Promised Neverland" and thought he was bald male Isabella.

>>115115662that is so hot

>>115116994I predict Lenore will boost the appeal of Femdom, ironically since she's a wicked version of it.

>>115116929Everyone, regardless of gender. Has fucked them over.>>115116993Hector is everything people praise Isaac for without being an edgy token black character.

>>115116437works for meMight draw it as a female monster just for kicks later

>>115117054I politely ask you to do it. The curiosity value alone is intense.>>115117045Hector's a submissive slave. Isaac is showing signs of becoming his own man, with his own motivations.

>>115117038don't you mean the best version of it?

>>115117090Oh yes, to be the loyalist slave in mind if not in body to Dracula. at least Hector has little choice in the matter

>>115117117His conversation with the ship captain showed he is branching out.>>115117097Lenore's too malevolent. You can be a firm dominatrix without being evil.

>>115117137>His conversation with the ship captain showed he is branching out.And then he slaughters a guard for protecting their hometown.>Lenore's too malevolent. You can be a firm dominatrix without being evil.how boring

>>115117149So you want to be dominated by an openly evil chick? Nothing good will come of it, kek.

>tfw you will never be Hectorsomeone hold me ;_;

>>115117045They are both shits , I was talking about people calling out the guards for doing their litteral job and prtecting their towns from random monster invasions.

>>115117260Hector wants someone to hold him with love.except, lenore holds him with lust and possessive desire

>>115117045Men still have a slightly better score though, even though he lied to him Dracula was probably the closest thing he's ever had to someone being genuinely nice to him. And Isaac kinda tolerated him before he started hunting his ass. Even Godbrand actually apologized to him in his shitty Godbrand way. There's his father, though assuming it happened the same as in the prequel manga then his mother was worse I think

>>115117378I wanted Isaac's now ebony goddess sister to save him but it seems she got the cut from the adaptation, would feel kinda asspullish to bring out secret family members at this point


>>115117370They didn't protect shit, they just uselessly threw their lives away for nothing and made some OP guy who hated humans and was having secondthoughts double down instead.

>>115110096>internet atheist>not retardedyou can only pic one.

>>115110309The guards were Italian. Peasants were some slavic bunch.

>>115110318Getting pounded recharges her mana.

>>115110318I want Alucard to propose a threesome between them and Sypha to tell him to go beg for dick somewhere else cause she ain't sharing her man with vamp faggots

>>115117516Correct. Isaac told them basically NOT to attack.They did anyway like idiots.

That town only had to fight like two different kinds of monsters. Isaac has a bunch of different stuff that presumably either covered each other's weaknesses or were of extremely differing levels of individual power.

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>>115117485let's wait until she shows up as a long lost slave when hector floats up in africa

>>115117565name someone smarter than him I'll wait

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>>115117851He'll be the greatest, most important person of all times.All this is true, because it rhymes.


>>115117726>Marches into town with the corrupted corpses of humans he slaughtered>People tell him to fuck off>SIGH THIS IS WHY HUMANITY MUST BE ERADICATED, WHY CAN YOU NOT EVEN BE CIVIL?! THAT'S WHAT I GET FOR TRYING!>Lays waste to the entire townThis guy is a supreme faggot and crybaby.

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>>115117973Why can't heroes get cool powers like that? Like a variant on the Dragon's Teeth thing where you put them in the ground, and your own army sprouts up.Army summoning is seriously under-depicted with heroes. At the minimum, it would distract a powerful villain for a couple of seconds.

>>115117973From the thumbnail I thought he was tipping a shiny red fedora

>>115118045would be fitting

>>115109988>The child murder was so out of nowhere.It was obvious by the foreshadowing with the kid and the apple tree.

>>115117968He was merely humoring them after his good experience with the merchant. It's like the meme of where you didn't expect anything but were disappointed anyway. This shit is always stupid infuriating writing to me. It's like when an evil guy genuinely tries to become good but the people don't trust him and get him to give up trying.

>>115117968True, but what do you gain by antagonising a man with an army of monsters with him? If he hasn't attacked you yet and just wishes to pass then perhaps it's in your best interest to do so

>>115118022I still want to see my nigga Hector redeemed and fighting on the heroes's side with his demon pokemon. I have a soft spot for Curse of Darkness even if it's not that great

>>115118097Bald guy was wasted. I love any character who defies easy moral classification. Damn lazy writing.

>>115118118They have no way of discerning his true intentions, and he has a literal hell-army behind him. I wouldn't trust him at all. Their mistake was they didn't realize he had plot armour.

>>115118022That actually would be awesome to see guys.Think about it.Both sides summoning monsters and we get this huge free-for-all.

>>115118162There's also all the news and rumors about Dracula's hordes ravaging Wallachia, normal people were probably more even more on their toes when it came to demon armies

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>>115109988The kid wouldn't listen to him and he couldn't stand it. He probably thought the child would grow into a troubled delequient or a criminal. Got rid of the problem before it could get worse.

>>115118162Uh, if I saw a dude with a giant demon army behind him and he offered me peace, I'd attack only if attacked.

>>115116515Their clothes look ainu but most probably the staff don't know the ainus were a thing.


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>>115118311lol future crimes!

>>115118340Difference is, Isaac was sincere.

>>115118422Characters on the show can't read minds, user.

lol fish goes fwoosh

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>>115118457It's like that one "Garfield" character said.The Mole People were too smart for the Marines.

>>115118499This show has some epic monster designs, arguably the most organic and natural-looking ones I've seen.youtube.com/watch?v=IlN2an0QCAw

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>>115118457>>115118499I actually really like these and alot of the other monster designs.

>>115117054Please do.

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>>115116597Technically all of the characters are probably talking in either Hungarian or Romanian.It's not any weirder than everyone in JoJo part 3 speaking Japanese and using yen as a currency reference, despite the only Japanese people on the team being two teens (and one of them's half-white, with an American mother, so should be fluent in English).

>>115118585I really hope they delve into the monster creation process even more, as the antagonists upgrade their abilities.

>>115118624I want Hector to go full Joker/we live in a vampire society/You're awful Lenore on the vampire sisters

>>115118824I predict Hector, in his quest for revenge, will turn more than just mere human to get back at Lenore.

>>115114562Anon, if I showed up at your place looking like a serial killer and asked to borrow a lug wrench because mine broke and I'm trying to fix a flat tire, are you going to let me borrow a lug wrench or are you going to close the door on my face and call the cops on me? It's the same situation here, except they don't have any cops to call because they are the cops.

>>115118624I love how broken he is after this. Like, he just had sex for the first time with a woman he thought was the only good one he's ever met in his entire life and she just tells him to shut the fuck up and warm her bed.

>>115116994>the way those fingers sink inHector confirmed for having a flabby fat butt.

>>115119080weird considering he was walking for a straight fucking month

>>115118837This makes me wish they turned Lenore into the new "Isaac". Black Isaac doesn't seem to have that weird obsession/crush with Hector the game Isaac had, it felt like he wanted to both kill and fuck Hector. Plus Lenore going full berserker and wearing a chain BDSM clothes like game Isaac mite be cool

>>115119131>Lenore going full berserker and wearing a chain BDSM clothes like game Isaacoh fuck yes, this better be in the trailer

>>115119101>Lenore is an architect

>>115119160>Lenore posting on vampire reddit about her chonky boi

>>115117968If the writers don't have that genocidal fuck die horribly, then I'm done with this show.

>>115119131>BDSM LenoreYes please. I demand she amass a human harem.

>>115119283I guess it would be the fair thing in a way, considering the series has framed everything that's happening to Hector as his karma for advocating for human slavery at the hands of vampires. But this series is not fair and Isaac strikes me as too loved by the staff and the audience for it to happen

>>115117762The banana he shoved up his ass.

>>115110083>Anyone else feel like the entire season kind of felt like a waste of time?It was. We could have gotten Death and the return and setup for Dracula's future resurrections, but no, sure lets do more with a Girl Power Vampires, the retarded muslim guy who murdered entire towns for not wanting him to march an army of monsters through their town and Alucard sitting around bored and entering into some sort of weird relationship with a pair of japanese ninja twins.The only good thing about Season 3 was Trevor and Sypha's story, which ended up wasting its shot to establish Dracula's Return and revealing what I was hoping would be fucking Jason Issac's character being Death the whole time. Seriously what a fucking waste. I only hope that after Season 4, the move onto Simon, and the other Belmont's with just a season or 2 for each one that just adapts the story of their games, and doesn't try to build some big continuing story with a bunch of shitty uninteresting characters

>>115119668>SimonOnly if they change writers desu, Simon's stuff should be more action and less talk. Plus I don't want edgelord Simon

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>>115116704Does it hurt getting a d in the ass

>>115119668>>115119823While Im not hating on him at all, I will never understand the love for Simon.

>>115119823Alucard to Arikado is such a fuckin downgrade