Is Power Girl the coolest female superhero?

is Power Girl the coolest female superhero?

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That would be Killer Frost.

Just read porn ffs.

>>115109522Goddammit you beat me to it.

>>115109491No of course not

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>>115109522>>115109527Killer Frost isn’t a superhero

>>115109610The other other one.


>>115109491I love the irony of how she's at Hooters....

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>>115109583Cool superheroines aren't ashamed of their bodies.

>>115109685>It's shame to want to be taken seriously

>>115109631Theres fucking 3 of them and technically Caitlin isn’t even Killer Frost anymore. Hell I don’t even know if she’s still around

>>115109491nice tits

>>115109491I prefer She-Hulk, but I only know her Byrne run

>>115109491For me, it's Rogue.

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>>115109836For me as well

>>115109762>Theres fucking 3 of themHence the>other other

>>115109853Good. As a coomer myself I know this is just a coomer thread, but it really does kill me that Marvel chose to push someone as lame as Captain Marvel for their "main" female superhero. I dislike Carol and even her powers are fucking lame. She can fly and shoot beams. Amazing. Pretty much every female X-man has cooler powers and is more interesting as a person.

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>>115109526Porn actresses have no personality. We love PG because she's cute and fun to read about. Maybe you should go watch some porn and get over your aversion to sexy female characters.

>>115109933Rogue needs to delete her again

>>115110131>Porn actresses have no personality. We love PG because she's cute and fun to read about. She has no story she's just a fetish character.

>>115110181>she is just a fetish charactershut the fuck up cringelord

>>115109675Wouldn't the horn bother him since he's a symbiote?

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>>115109933Fly, shoot beams, absorb energy, turn into binary with complete control of the Electromagnetic spectrum, gravity and the ability to create singularities as a living star.And more interesting than anyone aside from like... Emma Frost or ororo.

>>115110181No spin off has their own story, they just borrow lore from their originals. Supergirl and Powergirl are as a result just more angrier and brattier versions of superman to make them distnct.

>>115109933Whoever they chose to push as their main heroine needed to be someone who could support a solo book, on paper even if not in sales. Most of the X-Men characters outside of Wolverine, Gambit, Cable and Domino, male and female, have no life outside of their team. It needed to be someone with their own life, own lore, own villains, probably a civilian job and supporting cast of their own as well.Not saying it needed to be Carol, but Rogue, Storm, Jean, Betsy or Emma would have been difficult to turn into a solo character.

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>>115109707That's the other mistake.>>115110230A small price to pay for some appreciation of the female body.

>>115110208>generic personality>no villains>no supporting cast>n o stories>but seriously gaiz she's such a deep character

>>115109933Captain Marvel is way cooler than Rogue though.In fact the only time Rogue was cool was when Captain Marvel was piloting her body.

Why is there no art of the glorious Kara that would've existed between Supergirl and Power Girl?>Decently stacked>Nice ass>smaller body typeEven personality wise>Either embarrassed that her clothes don't fit her anymore and the everyone keeps ogling her>Or 2000% more smug, flirty and self assured.

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>>115110371Not a bad point. Storm had a run, it didn't sell that great. Rogue and Emma had some books, that had the same issue. Like Rogue's recent Mr and Mrs X was struggling too. Carol had a decent 50 issue run, and she Hulk had a decent 60 issue run in the 90s, so those two were decent bets. Atleast carol's recent book is doing good.

>>115110131>Porn actresses have no personality.Do you know many?

>>115109491She-Hulk, Zatanna and a lot of the X-Men are cooler.

>>115109522>>115109491No, that would be Ice

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>>115110811IIRC, Emma's solo book is the only X-women solo to last more than a year, but that only lasted longer because the whole series was a long-form origin story, and the book was cancelled before it completed that story. The book was selling itself with Greg Horn covers of modern, adult Emma that were completely at odds with the stories.

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>>115111400Why is false advertising like this allowed?

I'd love Peej to get a new mini or something. It's been ages since her last good series. I'm just not sure who would be a good fit for it. Also 70's suit>boob window.

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>>115109491Name, and more?

>>115109491Sure op! she's pretty great. PG would be one of my top 4 heroines. I think for me its because out of most of them she seems more normal and interesting. Part of which is why it's entertaining for me to see her responses to hero life.

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>>115110811>Storm had a run, it didn't sell that great.To be fair, that was already 2010s Marvel. They had already lost a lot of good will, specially from muggas.>>115111400How long did Mystique's book last?

>>115111400Also, I thought the Dazzler book lasted way longer than a year.

>>115109491It would be funnier to see Powergirl than Ivy in Harley Quinn's animated series

>>115109583I can't show my legs anymore!!I look like a man now!Oh I am so happy

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people actually care about this character outside of her tits?

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>>115114358Well, you have pics of her in your folder, so yes.

>>115114358She can be more than tits when the stars align and there are interesting takes on her character, the Palmoti and Connor run made Power Girl a more interesting and fun character beyond all the boobage.

>>115114358How many female characters are actually good without their sexuality? Would anyone care about Emma Frost or wonder woman if they weren't fetish bait? Would cat woman or black cat be interesting if they didnt dress in latex cat suits? Red Sonja is just a boring rule 63 conan that is only note worthy for bikini armor. I really can't think of any female characters that would be loved in a world without boners

>>115114589Wonder Woman is hardly fetish bait. So is Shiva when written correctly.

>>115110230its not every sound, just really loud obnoxiously high resonating ones


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>>115109522I would let killer frost ice my penis too.

>>115109491Starro approves.

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>>115114358She is more when written good, but there’s no shame in 80% of her legacy be solely supported by her tits, there’s no way Power Girl wouldn’t have been retconned for good over the decades if her appearance wasn’t that iconic, any attempt to really do away with Pee Gee will awake the slumbering fans to start nagging DC, so they only go as far as leaving Kara on the background sometimes until she suddenly appears in assorted team-up stories.

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fuck off with coomer shit


>>115110699I found this on the booru.Real question, do you Peejfags also like Supergirl? I do

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>>115115046I like Supergirl yes, but not that much, I sincerely can’t remember a run where she was very fun to read by herself, only her reintroduction in Batman/Superman was mildly appealing to me, it’s always when Supergirl is learning the ropes again. Power Girl too, I did not care about her beyond being fapbait before, and honestly after, the Amanda and Palmoti run.

>>115109491>>115109583I would love a well-written porn comic starring these two. Yeah I know, I used "well written" and "porn" in the same sentence.

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>>115114964you'd have to purge all of Holla Forums

>>115115046I've never really read much Supergirl. I really enjoyed her New 52 series though.

If Powergirl were to get another series for herself, what should they do with it? Last time we saw her she was stuck in some kind of dimension but I think they eventually brought her back with that doomsday clock event? Maybe she should star with some of her pals from the JSA DAYS?

>>115116273Just pair her up with Atlee again. Maybe Tanya too.

>>115116273Pairing up with new heroes could be fun. Stargirl or somethin

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>>115116273Power Girl and Captain Marvel team up book.

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>>115116662Now I want a book about this

>>115115229>>115116662>Power Girl and Captain Marvel team up book.

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>>115114358She actually has a really interesting origin - a dimensionally-displaced sole survivor of the destruction of her parallel universe home. There's a lot you could do with that depending on how the universe was destroyed and how she reacted to it.But nah we only care about the buge hoobs.

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>>115116778Thats why I liked Amanda conners run on her, she was trying to find her purpose in the world. Nice combination of character development and cheesecake.

>>115109491you bet she is.

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>>115109491>power girl

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>>115109707fuck off shill garbage

>>115113584why is power girl weaker than wonder woman?

>>115117189can't have wonder woman job to a d list character

>>115114589Hela in ragnarok because i didn't think she was sexy, just looked cool and spoke in a cool way.

>>115117072Why not both?Kamala has to masquerade as a brown Power Girl, and her first instinct is to match her proportions.

>>115117189Sometimes she has been portrayed as weaker than Supergirl as well, Power Girl can’t do anything against the A Listers and B Listers, popularity and editorial favoritism triumphs all.

she's dumb

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>>115118185What?In this version the Superman's symbol is the symbol of the house of El.Superman and Supergirl wore it for honoring their family. What makes PG so special?

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>>115112150>70's suit better than boob nigga

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Guys help!I lost my Frank Cho's PG pics.Have some?

>>115119390I would but>Uploading files from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse.

>>115119390I got a few.

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>>115119559>trying to hate on a character by saying they have a nice assLOL indeed

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>> do you resolve that?

>>115119602It was a different time, a better time ;_;

>>115109491Generally speaking...yeah, probably.

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>>115109491For me, the best is Raven, or at least the animated version anyway.

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