How do you survive this scenario Holla Forums?

How do you survive this scenario Holla Forums?

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>>115109412If she could survive the geyser of cum that Savage Dragon shot her across the room with, I think she’ll be fine

what's happening now, they're going full children of the corn now? Did the hardcore firehose cum hentai route not work?

I swear every single page of Savage Dragon I've ever seen is more godawful than the next. Did the writer go off pills or something? The decline of this shit reminds me of Cerebus.

>>115109464>Did the hardcore firehose cum hentai route not workGod bless Erik. He'd probably hate me for my political leanings, but I love the uncontrolled freedom he uses to make whatever the fuck he wants.

>>115109492he realized no one was paying attention to it anymore so he just started going wild

>>115109464Honestly the only thing he did with being allowed to go 18+ is draw dicks on the monsters and do that cum geyser joke twice. The sex scenes are still off screen, a nipples only show up occasionally.

>>115109439Since when can Savage Dragon reproduce? I thought his canals had been knotted tight.

>>115109412I throw the little shit to a black hole.

>>115109644Oh user, you innocent little sausage

>>115109850Like, has his genitals been blasted of to dust, at some point?

I unleash my Justice upon her

>>115109412>mom killed by electric baby>threaten her with your electric powersThat's fucked up

>>115109412>How do you survive this scenario Holla Forums?Wait until the kid is asleep or distracted by the tv, and leave.

What the fuck is even happening in this comic anymore? Remember, this trash one time had official guest stars like Hellboy, Bone or TMNT popping in

>>115111614I read this particular issue just to figure out the context to the page OP posted.There's a lot going on I didn't understand, but I didn't care to understand it either.

>>115111614Image is split between the creators who are based madman and sellouts. TMNT isn’t in the state to crossover with anyone who isn’t trip A IP anymore thanks to Nickelodeon.

>>115111713Basically the world of Savage Dragon is a chaotic mess, more so than usual so most people have seen superhero shit, and people are tuning it out. The political debate that goes nowhere is basically the last comic event which is debated slightly longer than it took the heroes to fix things before everyone shrugs and moves on. A chemical that takes away superpowers is crop dusted on cities when the fights get too out of control only for people to easily obtain substances to get powers like buying weed, and people are figuring out ways to deal with their dangerous superpowered kids which often includes letting them babysit each other, so the most responsible one takes orders from the parents. OP is what happens when your oldest kid you rely on to keep your other ones in line is busy playing or asleep. In pic related, this guy lead an invasion from hell last week and just got loose. His male demons ate thousands of people, his female ones were all locked in a zoo exhibit, all pregnant with his children. Nobody cares anymore, its just how the world works and everyone is used to it.

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Sam I am!

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>>115112077>he will never grab you with those big labiaJust kill me, corona.


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>>115109492at least cerebus is kind of fascinating and has a great deal of substance, almost an overwhelming amount actually

>>115112051Oh it is an allegory. Cute.

>>115112412Not really. An allegory would imply this isn’t a thing that has been going on for ages. Its just how Larsen writes a superhero world. Superpowers are so common, resurrection and death so sudden and often arbitrary, that the people don’t respond anymore. You can get and lose powers so quick that creating a cape identity is a hobby rather than a lifestyle. There’s always someone on a rampage, superheroes respond alongside cops and its treated about the same by bystanders. People just live. They are into dumb vapid things, but that’s just kind of what normal life looks like. Its not a commentary on shallow people or sheeple needing to wake up, its just what being a sane human in an insane world looks like.

>>115109412Addressed three issues ago.

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>>115111757Larsen himself used to have the rights to publish TMNT comics for a while. Very hard to believe now.

>>115112105That just line on the fabric of her panty.

>>115112782Is this maid a robot with tits?

>>115113028Yep. Like pervy 90’s designs on purpose. Savage Dragon managed to become a superhero world that can deconstruct without making some big statement.

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Maybe I'm dumb, but didn't Savage Dragon have a saturday morning cartoon?

>>115112782Is there any reason this big muscular green dude's wife appears to be a 12 year old little asian girl with braces or is that just a thing in Canada?


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>>115113062Being pervy is not an excuse. Any men of taste know that sexdroid should have their boobs smooth as silk.

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>>115113092Erk Larsen has a fetish and by god you're going to pay for the privilege of seeing his jerk-off material

>>115112077I wanna know more about Brady and the lying bitchdeep lore

>>115113092She came back from the dead again recently but had to get braces because coming back to life didn’t fix her teeth like it did her collapsed skull. She’s slightly short, her mother is basically a dwarf. But its mostly because she’s always shown next to her 8 foot tall hubby or another superhero. She’s 25, and drank some magic blood to make herself stop aging and be slightly more resistant to dying. But she’s developed a phobia of dying this last time it happened, which is unusual for her social circle. Honestly most Savage Dragon things are meant to make you ask WTF but make sense if you read two issues at most back. >>115113090So did Spawn though. I recall Larsen being ostracized by the rest of the Image guys for still being friendly to Marvel.

>>115113121Is that Tom Strong!?

>>115112782Doesn't every man want a tight little Asian cock-sleeve?

>>115113198Its probably going to be answered. The art kind of makes you want to gloss through, but if you pay attention to civilian faces she has been showing up for a while getting progressively less scared for every villain attack she lives through despite people dying around her until she’s so jaded it finally just happened. The time before this she started to run, then just gave up and walked away instead.

>>115112782What the fuck.The mother is absolutely right about that shit.I admit I haven't really paid attention to Savage Dragon since the whole ORANGE MAN BAD cover.

>>115113167>>115113231>All this elaborate justification just to be able to draw his asian loli on monster porn and get paid for it.You know I really gotta admire the hustle here. Good on him.

>>115113295doesn't she keep getting killed in these pages? Or am I misreading it?

>>115109492He's now the majority partner and principal bankroll of Image comics so he can do whatever the fuck he wants and they have to publish it.

>>115113231That all sounds legit interesting and I kinda want to start reading Savage Dragon.

>>115113239Captain Tootsie. A Captain Marvel meta parody. Tootsie, who is 100% just golden age Billy Batson, is just a fan of those 1930’s comics which exist in the Savage Dragon universe. Which isn’t a bad idea. A kid who had those same powers just doing the exact same thing, and relying on the kid logic that “its a really old comic, nobody would ever figure it out”.

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>>115113387he's making it sound more interesting than it is

>>115113353No, she just barely escapes certain death from mass carnage every day for a few months or something.

>>115113090So did Wild C.A.T.s

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>>115113231>So did Spawn thoughNah, dude. That was an r-rated adult animation on HBO, not for kids at all.

>>115113358Living the dream. too bad his new responsabilities are hurting the quality of the art.Man, I don't know why the whole comicgate happened when Image comics still exist. It couldn't even manage to get a better quality of art and the bar wasn't even that high.

>>115113231Anyway, since when is Savage Dragon able to reproduce?

>>115113571>Man, I don't know why the whole comicgate happened when Image comics still exist.Because comicsgate isn't actually about comics, it's about identity politics

>>115113419Kind of the point. Their world is so chaotic that everything is mundane. Its insane when you see one panel, wild to see one issue. Post any three and its all pretty normal.

>>115113121That is soooo gross. The future is truly bleak because you know degeneracy is growing.

>>115113627>Because comicsgate isn't actually about comics, it's about identity politicsI thought the whole point of Diversity comics was to not have idpol in it. There is failure and then there is this.

>>115109439Well she was raped to death by a demon and given dragon blood to save her life. I think she can temporarily tap into those powers and regenerate.>>115109644The OG Dragon has had love interests and had a kid. He's dead and having orgies in heaven and his son has taken over. The comic focused more and more on sex and the art got worse over time. So now you have current JRJR tier art of demons running around with big flaccid dicks and balloon titties.

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>>115113571Comicsgaters are not allowed to support Larsen because he's anti-Trump

>>115113604I can’t remember the details. Shit was ages ago. I do remember how people on Holla Forums thought it was wild that when Malcolm was born he chestburster’d his way out of his mother and was dragging her corpse by the umbilical cord as he crawled through the subway at night. Then he was raised in a foster family of superhero kids. I remember when he hooked up with the Asian chick there was talk between them of how to deal with having kids. He has two with her now, one with his stepsister who is kind of their threeway partner as seen here. >>115113062

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>>115113639Literally exactly as extreme as it was in the 90’s before you were born. SD is unique only in that it has survived.

The more you look into it, the weirder it gets.


>>115113774Which is the point. In a superhero world as it was from the trippy 70’s to pervy 80’s to the insane 90’s, nothing. NOTHING. Is weird.

>>115113673>He's dead and having orgies in heaven and his son has taken over.So, that's the bit I had been missing. Still would like to know when the OG dragon got his tube unknotted in the first place. it has been years since I have been into Image comics.

>>115113836Isn't the OG Dragon also an atheist?

>>115113231> I recall Larsen being ostracized by the rest of the Image guys for still being friendly to Marvel.It honestly still surprises me that Image ever survived itself considering how painfully unprofessional and immature those guys have been over the years. Sometimes I wonder if Whilce Portacio's coma wasn't inadvertently the best thing to happen to him because it meant he wasn't caught up in all the early chaos.

>>115113866I a world where Spawn exist, I don't even know what it means.Maybe it just means that "sure, there exist super-powerful entities tied to the creation of the world, but they are aliens or something and there is no such thing as perfect beings".

>>115113879>Whilce Portacio's comaWhat?

>>115112051>A superhero world where crazy bullshit is so commonplace that nobody cares any more despite people dying or getting horrible weird powers all the timeThat's actually a really funny premise.

>>115109412Did this child kill the rest of the children plus the sexbot

>>115113937Right about when a lot drama between the Image founders started to ramp up, Whilce Portacio (who was just sort of the nice kid who was along for the ride) just up and vanished. There were all kinds of rumors that he had quit, that the others had forced him out like they wanted to with Liefeld. But it turns out he had suffered pancreatic failure and went into a diabetic coma for three months. He was out of the business for nearly seven years and didn't have to deal with a lot of the rocky shit that Image went through.

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>>115114129>diabetic coma for three monthsSorry, he was in a diabetic coma for a WEEK and was in the hospital for three months. He lost like 30lbs and couldn't stand or walk on his own.

>>115114129And nowadays, did he go back t being part of the editorial team?

>>115109412what the fuck is even going on here, can I get a tl;dr?

>>115113879Portacio technically may be one of Image's founders, but he really wasn't one of them as never became a full partner. Correct me if I am wrong, but the only thing he created for Image was Wetworks.

>>115113879Erik was the only one not doing his weight in cocaine and hiring kids who drew in their styles to get books done but still somehow managing to deliver everything months late. He was the stone of the company, and they treated him like a square for it. Now Rob and Stan are back to sucking Big Two dick while Todd continues to invent new ways to sell out to fund his addiction to trying to one-up Neil Gaiman. The rest are forgotten footnotes.

>>115113673>hay why not fuck ur sister lmaoIt's just like one of my japanese animes

>>115114228Read the thread. Or just the comic.

>>115114284Technically not his sister.Barely even count as same species.

Savage Dragon is a soap opera.


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>>115114129damn. crazy.i remember an interview with the creators (maybe in wizard magazine) about their hopes and dreams about competing with the big 2 (marvel/dc). i remember marc silvestri saying that in 10 years he hopes to be in the cinema about to watch cyberforce the movie.

>>115114259isn't Rob constantly shitting on DCalso are you saying Jim Lee is a forgotten footnote or did you not include him because he's not associated with Image anymore

>barely-veiled loli wife fetish>with bracesThe absolute madman.

>>115114201No, he's basically retired now. His title Wetworks was moved under Wildstorm due to another hiatus he had taken earlier when his sister died, so he got a chunk of cash when Lee sold to DC. After he was able to come back he worked on Spawn for a while and did some pick up work for Marvel and DC/Wildstorm but he seems pretty content to not be in the industry anymore.

>>115114404Sorry, said Stan when I meant Jim. Lee mixup in my head.

>>115114373>Atomic evewait, I thought Invincible had parted away from the Image comic continuity. Why is she mentioned, there?

>>115114399Its funny watching that “how to draw Marvel superheroes” video where they act like huge dicks to Stan Lee, then look at them now.

>>115114259i remember 'images artist' search. i sent in some panels and then they asked to redo pages from certain comics (i.e i did several panels from stormwatch, which at that point was being drawn by scott williams - i.e jim lee clone). luckily i was still in college and decided not to move and become an artist.

>>115114455Nobody escapes the Image multiverse. Its as futile as trying to escape Terminator, Alien, Friday The Thirteenth, TMNT, and Evil Dead crossovers. Also, Larsen references everything.

>>115114404>isn't Rob constantly shitting on DCRob is constantly shouting at his own irrelevance on Twitter, where most people go when their 15 minutes of fame is over.

>>115114475Good thing. You would have wound up as the hundred guys who’s work for a decade was credited under someone else’s name, so all you’d have to use to try and find work is “I can draw exactly like Jim Lee and know where I can get you some blow”.

>>115114526Just like the leader of the free world.

>>115114455that says Atomic Eye

>>115114352Ah, the "non-blood-related sister". Wakata, user-kun.

>>115114455It says Atomic Eye

>>115114129Jesus, Rob looks 14 in that picture.

>>115114569the last several months have been the God-Emperor seething at his own irrelevance

>>115114569>lmao blumphYou showed him.

I find this '90s teen-sex-romp atmosphere kind of tedious.

>>115114464>where they act like huge dicks to Stan Lee,I wouldn't say they were the one being a dick to Stan. Or if they were, they weren't very good at it.

>>115114620I’m not even making a point. Just saying it, because that’s the world we live in. No gods no heroes, just fourteen year old girls in adult men’s bodies on twitter being catty and sharing memes.

>>115114579My bad.

>>115114286>#228What the fuck???

>>115114593It's called "childhood friend".

>>115114718It's been running since the early '90s. Almost 30 years.

>>115114781I don't think he was talking about the number of issues.

>>115113417>>115113239The best part is that Captain Tootsie is a public domain character that actually used to be the official spokesman of Tootsie Rolls.

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>>115114650I enjoy it like I enjoy Venture Brothers. There isn’t some bigger point to it. Its not Brat Pack. Its just life in a crazy world.

>>115114286Is this comic supposed to feel like a giant fucking jumbled mess that just jumps from scene to scene without making sense?

>>115114839Damn, nice!

>>115114858These days, yes. The more insane the superhero world gets, the more that a few pages are supposed to feel like whole issues.


>>115114839>>115114875Shit, he gave an in-universe explanation for all the public domain characters.

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Two of those three strips actually made me laugh. You can dish me as you want, it's how it is.

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>>115114839>>115114953I can't wait for Image Comics to actually include Felix the Cat as one of hteir characters.

>>115115025Like what you want m8. >>115115052Considering the kids are always glued to cartoons, he’s probably going to show up.

>>115115025as long as it wasn't the heart-eyes one, you aight

>>115114440tried to get his autographs, but every con he cancelled. didn't know it was due to complications.

>>115114545there was a guy who did the background and finish up for michael turner. forgot his name, but pretty much what you said. all he does is cons (where he makes most if not all his money).

>>115109412Wasn't her mom fucking a dude with a skull face?

>>115115163It was.

>>115115476then you are swineand you ain't my nigga

>>115113694You are a double gatekeeping Retard.

>>115115649It's not him imposing a rule, he just made an observation.

>>115115400Yeah. They have a kid now, who plays with her kids.

Oh cool, Horridus came back to life. She got stripped naked and was almost raped by a giant demon, but she’s alive. Kinda stopped reading when she died.

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>>115109412mega to recent issues?

>>115117007I don't think anyone will bother. Best you can get is there >>115114286

>>115115952>Gleason DaredevilWhy is he so popular as a PD character?

>>115113121Captain Tootsie? What the?

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>>115117273Larsen's been using a lot of PD characters in his books lately.

>>115109412Let mom and stepdad babysit.

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>>115117135>Why is he so popular as a PD character?well A) he's got a cool design, and B) he was the first comic book character to punch Hitler in the face

>>115112782The mom is rightTake those powers away

>>115113320>>115117812What bother me is how easy she seems to imply that i is. If it is, then that means that anyone can basically obtain any super power than they want, meaning they are just one step away from a Bioshock scenario.

>>115117909Its something they only recently found out how to do. The chemical that removes powers is illegal for civilians and in limited supply outside supervillain control use by governments. Its deadly when overdosed so its a last resort, but that family got some smuggled to them for use. His blood heals you and turns you into his race before you explode. Dosing you with the power removal stuff reverts you to normal. Some superheroes had their blood stored in case of being dosed with power removal shit, since it can give them powers back at times if its a “radioactive spider bite” type situation. So far his wife was resurrected twice, and his sister once. Some supervillains have tried to steal his blood, but exploded in public ways because they didn’t know the second part about immediately removing powers which has stopped people from demanding it from him. They’re keeping it a secret because people who wanted his blood started going after his kids and forming a mob outside their home. As far as anyone knows, only people with durability superpowers and a lot of luck are able to use it meaning it worked a grand total of once, and the fact it resurrected his wife isn’t known outside the family and family doctor.

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>>115114284Yup right down to the no blood relation excuse. They grew up together in the same house and pretty much see each other as siblings but still got an attraction for each other. He even knocks her up. One of the baby dragons is hers.

>>115118196>His blood heals you and turns you into his race before you explodeSo her wife turned bald and green with an head-crest before blowing up at some point?

>>115118347No, they dosed them with the power removal stuff after they finished healing. In the case of his sister they transfused some blood they took from her back in order to restore her powers.

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>>115118383Damn. Kind of wish they could've found a way to keep her like that without exploding.

>>115118550I have issues with the hair-loss. Baldness is kind of a turn-off, for me.

>>115118383>comics doesn't show the transformation process, just the before and aftertoo bad.

>>115118550The second time she almost blew because she ran out to kick the as of the guy who killed her, saving Horridus from being raped to death by a giant demon. I’d post the page but Horridus has a bare spread crotch shot. So have the first resurrection, abbreviated. Plus, as I recall there was a female version of them who had her own comic. I saw it as a kid in the 90’s. My mother wouldn’t let me buy it.

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What's that, an actual mature discussion about sex life and the respect of agency?

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>>115118852Can't let that happening!

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>>115118852>>115118886Doesn’t really ruin the meaning. Its Savage Dragon, not Invincible.

>>115118736>Plus, as I recall there was a female version of them who had her own comic. I saw it as a kid in the 90’s.she-Dragon.She also actually had hair, but often done in a mohawk.

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>>115118965Don't know what happened to her.