Star #4 storytime

Carol beating up people

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>>115109108thank god for recap pages, been too long


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>>115109178great artist transition


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>>115109117so why is carol bullying this woman?


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>>115109102thanks you user

>>115109258>>115109252Carol is evil

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>>115109283Anybody less lazy than I am going to look this up?

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>>115109271nah, she's just believes in tough love, you will see cause in the aftermath they will fuck

>>115109297Star you fool, you have only made Corvus impossible to kill>>115109301>Your friend says Wanda she is trying to help Star control her powers and be good>Nah Imma punch her

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>>115109297>use it>what>The device. use it

>>115109326Watch out he will give you a light scratch

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I hope they give Star different powers

>>115109348>>115109336Why in the world would she use that when she thinks they want to kill her

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>>115109375One chapter left, will the bait cover actually be bait?

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>>115109359cause Black Swan, from her perspective, is just like Carol. The rest of the Black Order are trying to kill her but Black Swan was not.

How are we sure any of this is real and not some giant pocket reality Star made by accident?

>>115109390I feel this book is trying to separate Black Swan from the rest of the Black Order, which honestly is overdue, because she has more potential then any of them.

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>>115109542What potential? She a flying brick and most of her story was lost when marvel stopped caring about the afterwards of secret wars. The only thing she has going is finding a new family in the black order.

>>115109130Did Star turn into Carol when she was punched?

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>>115109209>solicits keep painting Star as a potential hero>we get pages like thisI really really want the final issue to cement her as a psycho villain.

>>115109605It's just the coloring making the white look bluish in the red light


>>115109627I have no idea what the fuck they want to do with Star. Hell her powers are “ideas, the character” given how broken and situation based they are.

>>115109746Oh god...what if Star exists solely to be a future MCU character? I mean, it's pretty much why the Black Order was created.

>>115109145>it is indeed unfortunate the Captain is hereFor a moment, I thought this book was about to drag Nextwave into this.

>>115109243Oh yeah, how did they get out of that black hole?


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>>115109746Not too dissimilar from Freedom Ring. Cosmic Cube, Reality Stone, whats the diff?(I'm kinda surprised the Cosmic Cube wasn't retconned into *being* the Reality Stone)

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>>115109234baby face carol

>>115110250They killed Freedom Ring, and the dude who inherited it

This character has zero fucking potential. They created another blonde white bitch in a sea of blonde white bitches, so they can't use her to pander to minorities. The best they could conceivably do is make her a lesbian, which would make her a lesbian in a sea of fictional lesbians. And I say this again, but you can't base a franchise off a person who is just named goddamned "Star". It's the most pea brained name you could possibly shit out. I still don't know how they legally could get away with it. It's like naming a superhero "Circle" or "The".

>>115110643>everything is about pandering or marketingyou should probably just kill yourself if your reading of fictional material is this poisoned user.

>>115110709He's not wrong about the marketability of the name though. This thread is my first exposure to the character and up until now I thought she was a rebranding of Moonstone.


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>>115110643Most heroes are actually brunettes.

>>115110643Why not bring back storyteller aka gavin? He was already a reality warper and it linked to carol's writing career. He could also get meta and was created from Scarlet witch so there's more reason for Wanda to get involved.Just use carol's past villains and build the rogue's gallery instead of doing something new every time so she has nothing left.Even Reed managed to make a character with more depth that's better applicable here. Carol also wanted to help him, and also later spared moonstone so she may reform. What is this nonsense.

>>115109627all I knows is if star isn't redeemed and becomes a villain, that's now on carol. Not at first, in her book, but definitely now for interrupting Wanda, unless we're shown that it was inevitable somehow, which I don't trust thompson to do well.

>>115109569She was interesting. She's one the few entertaining personalities Marvel has made in over a decade, and often her intelligence makes her quite a bit more interesting to watch than the average flying brick. Also, she's supposed to have the aim of regrowing her real family, but... I guess that was abandoned?

>>115111063Why bring back a character instead of making a new one?Ripley all through the Falling Star and this mini has been great. I don't know how you could think Gavin was more interesting except in the narrow sense of 'more connected to other things in the marvel universe'.

>>115109258>Wanda is too busy to appear in this comicWill she arrive in time for #5?

>>115111172Just say she's your waifu instead of weakly justifying it with nondescript phrases like "entertaining personality"

>>115109102Those are some ugly looking guys, god damn.

>>115111403>Why bring back a character instead of making a new one?to build her lore somewhat>Ripley all through the Falling Star and this mini has been great. I don't know how you could think Gavin was more interesting except in the narrow sense of 'more connected to other things in the marvel universeI thought gavin had a more interesting power related to stories and narratives and how he got carried away with creating them and playing with his friend to the point he was now afraid of him because he'd create whatever scenario. I thought he had a more interesting background where he was created and raised by AIM based on scarlet witch. I thought Carol and Gavin's interactions were more enjoyable where she wanted to help him, but was also scared of her own desires, and how the Storyteller program was used to advance her own characterization, showing how her desires changed from wanting to be the best, to just wanting to be free of her burdens. Do I think Star is interesting? Yeah, but I think Gavin fits the story here better, and thompson isn't using carol's own personality and history all that well to play off of Star.

>>115109163Star #3 >>115085072Star #2 >>113343478Star #1 >>112422448>>115111605>stop enjoying characters that actually have characterbut why

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>>115111605I've had only one waifu since 1993.Anyway, her mind games and general ambiguity were both believable and enjoyable back during Hickman's stint. In fact, it was one of the few things about that whole arc that didn't fall flat. I haven't really seen many appearances by her after that, but in those that I have, she's managed to remain pretty compelling. There's a nice contrast between her personality and her powerset. Flying bricks are usually dumbshits or generally just very simplistic, it's nice to see that bundle of powers in a character that is anything but.

Hmmm. I find this rather interesting. Very few comics ever bother going into depth regarding the kind of trauma that could be caused by being helplessly involved in some insane superhero fight.I guarantee this would be a big issue in a world like this. Just knowing there are people walking about that can destroy cities is nerve-wracking enough, actually getting caught in the middle of their slapfights would really hammer home how completely frail and precarious your life is, and how easily they could snuff it out if they wanted.

>>115111063Because this is Thompson’s OC and she wanted to write a mini about her.

>>115109117>c-carol is drawn as a man now

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>>115109569Revealing that Rabum Alal was Dr. Doom was one of the stupidest decisions I've ever read. It's the equivalent to "Oh, there was no ghost! It was just Old Man Willikers!"

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>>115112802Damn Carol, there’s easier ways to get inside a woman than that.

>>115109187>>115109196>>115109209I really wish the entire mini was this art

>>115109102And then she fucked her son right?

>>115109187>Carol accidentally killed someone>AgainThis is getting to be a recurring thing.

>>115111679her design is so fucking generic

>>115112946Seriously, because I remember when this artist did an arc on one of the earlier Captain marvel relaunches and all people did was bitch about how ugly the art was. I’m with you, I like Andrade’s art, but I think that it fits the dream sequences better here.

>>115113001I don’t think that Star has a son.

>>115113979not yet. her son has to come from the future to impregnate her first.

>>115112519Carol's pre-retcon origin is similar to that... she subconciously wanted more power so she can stand as an equal with mar-vell rather than be his damsel, helpless. Of course, the other part of the desire was that she also wanted to save mar-vell who had to save her because she was in trouble and he was risking his life so there was some altruistic aspect to it as well.So in Ms. Marvel #19 carol's able to save herself, and marv with her new powers. Contrast with star, who faced powerlessness, but to compensate for it was willing to suck it out of everyone else even if they died. Her way of saving the world is killing heroes starting with carol. Of course, in carol's and star's case the irony is that their powers just made them a bigger target. Carol may have saved herself from the intelligence, but then came Marcus Immortus to rape her, rogue to drain her and ruin her life, the brood to give her powers, but at the cost of her humanity. In star's case the black order wants her and will kill her, and ironically she needs captain marvel to save her again. (of course, the sad irony of carol's other part of the desire to save Mar-vell is that she couldn't save him from Cancer despite her powers being awakened, and couldn't save him from the phoenix either when he was reborn in avx. Even the skrull died in her arms)Of course, post Car-ell retcon none of this depth exists, so Star is a useless mirror of carol who'd be discarded/

>>115109145Black Dwarf is a good boy who deserves to find a good woman to settle down with and spend his days reading alien poetry in peace.

>>115114119That’s not what happened to Carol though, she was impregnated by Immortus son so that he could escape the limbo prison his pops left him in by being reborn outside of it. It didn’t work, seeing as how his body couldn’t adapt to normal time and he aged until he was dust.

>>115113865After years of all the over designed garbage characters or new costumes heroes have gotten, I’ve come to appreciate the simplicity of generic hero/villain designs.

>>115114601Yeah but then the guy started calling her mother and she called him her sonIt's like some holy trinity shit, where jesus is basically god, and so god's his own son and jesus is both mary's son and the one who impregnated her

>>115114601She gave birth to him, he claimed to be biologically related to her and they caleld each other mother and son. It was incest.

>>115114601That story always left me wondering whether this was the same Marcus and he left his old body comatose in limbo, or if it was just a copy of Marcus and the original is still trapped in his little bubble dimension. And that's without even bring up the other Marcus who was the Scarlet Centurion.


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Be honest. What is the future of this character? Will she actually stick around and have a role in future books, or will she be another OC that is tossed in the trash immediately after this story?

>>115113016Is she even a reliable narrator? Ah who am I kidding, kelly thompson can't do something interesting>>115116508accidentally killing is different from being trained to do it and not do it. This is just sloppy. Then again carol put a hole in her own chest.

>>115113865How so? There are so many superhero designs out there that it's impossible to be original.

>>115114720Carol raped her son.

>>115116614Solicits have shown that she's going to be in a Spidey story.

>>115116802If she doesn't use the gem in her chest to seduce Pete then it'll be a waste.

>>115117229>I hear you and Carol dated once.>We'll, you're my boyfriend now.

Is Carol's book back yet?

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>>115116802Teaser image not a solicit.>>115117675July 15

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What happened to the evil alternate dimension Carol that was stuck on earth 616 after trying to kill Rogue?

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>>115116614At some point there’s going to some terrible event with these infinity gem hosts, they’ll have to introduce the other four first, but it’ll happen. Maybe they’ll finally bring back Nemesis.

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>>115117904Last we heard she was on extreme painkillers and 'barely clinging to life' on the raft.

>>115117904I didn't even know she was still alive or survived murdercarol.

>>115117904That sounds cool, what storyline is that from?

>>115118621Ms. Marvel volume>>115118594

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>>115113016Maybe she should stop going for the chest


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>>115110250>>115109746Also like that Sister Grimm character.

>>115111063Because that would be acknowledging Carol had a past.

>>115119125Casualgate pls go and stay go

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>>115110643My opinion is so much worse. Star is basically the younger girl that replaces the older woman. This is a character dynamic that old 50 year old Karens care about it.

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>>115116614Given that we’ve got the next continuation of the Infinity Stones story coming up, she’s at least sticking around in the MU until the gauntlet needs to be used again

>>115119198>younger more verdant person in your profession nipping at your heels>this concern is exclusive to women because reasonsI don't get misogynists

>>115118703Is the chest to Carol what necks are to Diana?

>>115119472Ripping the heart out of villains trying to replace her, yeah

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