Dick Dastardly and Muttley movie


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>>115106687>Hannah Barbera Presents

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>>115108072>wacky racesHoly shit. Is this next movie?


would they be doing races or try to stop the pigeon? or maybe both somehow?

>>115109745He already stopped the Pigeon. Races to get money.

>>115109745the pidgeon's already captured, it was in Dastardly's room

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A Wacky Races movie would actually be pretty coolif done well (which is very unlikely) it could be on the same level of the Speed Racer movie or Redline

>>115109819Wacky Races was originally a big part of Scoob

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>>115106687Soooo, are they going to bother releasing these toys after? Or are they already out?

>>115109913They are out. I got a plush muttly

>>115109913They are out. They are fine

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>>115109819God, just let the redline guys do it. Redline was a love letter to wackyraces. Just let them do it. Dont let americans touch it. There is no fucking way anyone in the industry now grew up with wacky races or understands dastardly and muttly while they were actually huge in japan, spawning time bokan, wario, team rocket and every other comedy villain group. God, if they hand it to americans it's just going to be a bunch of assholes that wished they were working on something else and they will either make it boring or woke.

>>115109993Why was Dastardly and Muttley the best part of Scoob then?

>>115109498It was the shape of Dick's rocket even in the movie


>>115110007Because the rest of the movie was bad, making any attempt at a mustache twerling villain better in comparison. The flaws will be more clear in a straight adaptation of wacky races. Like if I really wanted to I could split hairs on how this dick isnt like the old dick. Like he tortures one of the robots and I cant remember the old dick ever torturing anyone. At most he clonks muttly in the head and the muttly bites his leg.

>>115110053>At most he clonks muttly in the head and the muttly bites his leg.Didn't they do that in the movie? I liked Isaacs as Dick.

>>115109819>>115109866>>115109969>>115108072I have no interest in watching 'Scoob!' but a Wacky Races movie could have a ton of slapstick potential, and could be a really solid madcap-chase movie.

I never knew his name was DICK Dastardly because i grew up with Pierre Nodoyuna

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>>115109968I want a muttly


>>115109968How are the plushies?

>>115111139Ricardito, Ricardo Tapia

Which one will you buy?

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>>115111200Captain Caveman looks like a Kuriboh on crack

Is the Wacky Races reboot worth watching? I barely see anyone mention it.

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>>115109819>>115110104It also fits the model of setting up other H-B characters better than Scoob does, since the jetsons or whoever could just be one of the contestants in the race

>>115111282For the original, no, it's not.If you've seen one episode, you've seen them all.Can't comment on the new one though.The idea is one that's worth a revisit though.

Was it really necessary to add Dick and Blue Falcon into the Scooby Doo movie? i mean, Scooby Doo has a shit ton of characters, why they don't use them instead to trying way too hard to establish a HB cinematic universe?

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>>115111387>"Coming far from the future, we have the Jetsons! They're the odds on favorite, as they should already know the outcome of this race">"And from a prehistoric past, we have Fred Flintstone and his co-driver, Barney Rubble">"Hey-ya Fred, let's Yub-A-Dub-A-Do This."As the other cars rev-up their engines, Fred and Barny run in place for a few seconds.

>>115111451Nobody wants to see a standalone movie with them, including them in Scoob will make them more popular.

>>115111282It has some great fanservice

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>>115109773He stuffed that pigeon, stuffed that pigeonStuffed that pigeon HOW?Nabbed him, jabbed himCrammed him, slammed himStuffed that pigeon... Wow.

>>115109819Or that Tom and Jerry movie.

>>115111392>The idea is one that's worth a revisit though.There was a reboot/continuation made years ago but didn't get picked upyoutube.com/watch?v=nwgp4vr35t8Honestly this seemed more promising than the original and Im not saying this just because I want to fuck the Gruesome Twosome vampire girl

>>115109969>>115109866i definitely can see why they didn't add the wacky races in this movie. they would have been butchered hard.

>>115111467>As the other cars rev-up their engines, Fred and Barny run in place for a few seconds.

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>>115109773i-i-is Muttley fucking dead?

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>>115111998Reminder Johnny Test got picked over it. I loved the scene:>My treasure! He goes after Muttley and calls him his treasure.

>tfw this is the only HB property nobody will bother to revisiti fucking love these niggas like you wouldnt believe

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>>115111282It's pretty good. It got to a point where they acknowledge its not well liked and they just break the fourth wall because they can

>>115112222>Johnny Test got picked over thisTest is dogshit, but I can see why, you can so more with that compared to Wacky Races.In hindsight, they picked the right choice since Johnny Test lasted 9 years and is getting a revival.

>>115112260Based show, bunch of future creators got their first gig working on this

>>115112260Well, idn't that cute? BUT IT'S WRONG!!!

>>115112112yes and he is in hell

>>115112790Is Dastardly happy he doesn't have Muttley anymore?

>>115112112How long do you think dogs live?

>>115108072wait a minute, that map...

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>>115108072Dick and Muttley should win in a Wacky Races movie, an ending like the one in The Villain/Cactus Jack.

>tfw Paul Winchell is deadThanks for reminding me...

>>115112814no, quite the opposite in fact.

>>115113228This movie should have been called something not related with Scooby Doo.Hannah Barbera's Presents is better

>>115114385that's a horrible title

>>115114482tell me one better.Something that says "Hannah Barbera crossovers"

>>115114763Why? Scooby Doo has name recognition. They didn't even call it Scooby Doo but scoob

>>115114792No kid under 15 knows who Scooby Doo is


>>115109969I'm shocked that they haven't made one of those cross-over Scooby movies with Wacky Races? The Mystery Machine being getting tunned out for a grand race sounds pretty cool in concept.

>>115114963How the fuck?

>>115106687Why did they bother making toys? When is the last time you saw a child playing with a toy?

>>115110007Because it probably should have been a Wacky Races movie, but the Mystery gang was shoved into the project by WB because the latter prints money.

>>115115781My children play with toys. I don't allow them to have phones until they are 14. Your kids don't play with toys?

>>115115453>The Mystery Machine being getting tunned out for a grand race sounds pretty cool in concept.That sounds actually something they could make in Guess Who or in an animated movie

>>115114963that's where you're wrong

>>115115453Scoob was in the old Wacky Races, right? Or was that just a fever dream I had as a child?

>>115117160Scooby Doo was never in Wacky Races, what you are probably thinking is Shaggy in the Reluctant Werewolf being in a race with old school horror monsters in a race ran by Dracula.

>>115111200>Risking your life to take pictures of plushies

>>115117206Looked it up, what I was remembering was the Laff-A-Lympics. I have never seen this crossover discussed on Holla Forums, anyone else remember catching episodes in the morning on CN in the early 90s?

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>>115117312I watched this when it aired on ABC on Saturday mornings, born in 75 so lucky enough to see dumpy but fun Saturday Morning cartoons on network tv before it vanished


>>115111200Ah yes, Captain Caveman. My favourite dog.

>>115118333B A S E DASED

youtube.com/watch?v=CKNV5AJOXGM Cartoon Network did the best HB universe

>>115118700Right!Technically they could use Dexter in the next movie

>>115117312I love Laff A lympics, I basically grew with the HB shows since they where cheap for my local tv station to air.

>>115113228What is this?

>>115112112>>115112814>goes to hell>He walks into the treasure horde>"MY TREASURE! FINALLY!'>runs past all the gold and jewels and goes around a treasure chest to hug his dogI was seriously sure Dick would have just skipped Muttley and care more about the gold than his dog, and then just noticed Muttley much later when he had the gold he wanted.But no.He really cares and love his dog, it's the first thing he is looking for, he is not even interested in the gold at all. He and Muttley take the gold just after their reunion.Respect

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>>115109773I'm glad that Pigeon is fucking dead.

>>115118700It saddens me that CN nowadays never acknowledges the Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera characters like they did back in the day. The last time they did that was for their 20th anniversary in 2012.