ITT: Big pointy teeth

Post some sharp chompers.

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>>115106593get me more pictures focused on this hoe's mouth

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>>115106604>>115106604I really liked o11's take on Pearl and how her creepiness was dialed up to 11 in both her appearance and behavior. It's very much a departure from her original character but it's pretty great nonetheless.

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>>115106732Yeah, she feels almost predatory with a design like this. Lanky and limber, ready to pounce.

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>>115106593okko has a lot of characters with pointy teeth

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>>115106822Everyone else in Wakfu has their canines very pointy. >>115106841Frida Mofette from Wakfu

>>115106841Wakfu, cant remember her name


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>>115106593Unf girls with sharp teeth really make my dick tremble from erection

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Bruh I'm about to smack at them teeth

>>115106604>>115106732>>115106755the pearl design made by viscous looks really cute to me for some reason.

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>>115106604>>115106732>>115106755>ywm have this lanky fucker pin you against the wall and inform you that you've been a veeeery naughty boy

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>>115106732I just wanna know what swapping spit with her would be like.>her tongue is long and muscular, which grants her the ability to be very thorough in marking her territory>her saliva seems to be plentiful in supply, which would definitely serve well to help coat the insides of your mouth with her juices>grazing your tongue against her teeth would be fine as long as you don't press too hard against the edges, and if you do, it just makes for a quick and easy iron-flavored snack, which would only tempt her to gnaw at you further

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>>115106593This seems like the kind of fetish that is a gateway to vore.

>>115111071nah man i just wanna know what her spit tastes like. nothing wrong with admiring a good set of chompers

My niggas >>115111071No. At least, not alwaysI’ve been complaining for years how much of a hell it is to love sharp teeth and hate vore

>>115111071For me it's more that it implies something more animalistic about the character that has them, like they're more instinctual and that lends itself to a kind of sexual thing

>>115111192Yes, Pearl is perfect for it because the contrast of her otherwise delicate form and personality with BIG POINTY MAWS

>>115109423>DecadentcandyI miss their stuff.


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>>115111071>implying Pearl hasn't always been a gateway to vore

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>>115111829>>115111850still pissed we didn't get toothy snips

>>115111546Absolutely based

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>>115107862>toothy lime-flavored giantess proceeds to vore the walking marshmallow.jpg

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>>115112780bizarre choice but i'm not against it either

>>115110411>ribcage pressing tightly against skin>arms and legs are boney as hell>body is very lanky in generalthis shit is supposed to be hideous why the fuck am i aroused

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>>115113191Because you also see that nose which could penetrate 16 millimetres of steel plate and recognize the peak of femininity that she is

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>>115112780>>115112797Putting fangs on a character improves them by 1000%, it’s science.

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>>115113447Someday I'll have enough money to comission obsessed korean levels of fangfag art, and the dark times will end

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>>115113827oh good heavens noi've seen enough of that nastiness to know I ain't even opening the thumbnail

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>they are laughing at your penis.

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>>115113827Everything about this edit is wrong

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>>115106604>>115106732>>115106755>>115110359>>115110411>>115111047>>115111829>>115111850DAMNIT STOP GIVING ME NEW FETISHES

>>115113827>the giant mole(?) spot>the veins>the grotesquely oversized bust>the lips>the teeth they're not bad but they really don't go well with the lips in the fucking slightest>caked-on makeupthis is it. the worst fucking pearl edit i've ever had the displeasure of witnessing. all it's missing is a bulge

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>>115114323i remember seeing venom in the old spiderman cartoons and being absolutely terrified of him because of him malicious intent and intimidating size.Years later, after having been on this cesspool of a site, when i went to see the Venom movie and saw his big toothy smile for the first time, I couldnt help but think that he was just ADORABLE


>>115114336embrace it user. get yourself a gf that can bite your dick clean off

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>>115106604>>115106732>>115106755>>115110359>>115110411>>115111047>>115115404I don't know how to feel about this


fuck it, comic time

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>>115115404Jesus Christ that top left one >>115116490>>115116535>fangs>spiral eyesI AM TREMENDOUSLY ERECT

>>115117064Has that ever been continued?

>>115106593She wouldn't have teeth like that, maybe amethyst because she eats. But pearl doesn't so she wouldn't have these teeth you fetishist.

>>115106593this is fucking retarded, beyond autistic, and i'm a retard too for replying to this piece of shit, fuck

>>115113827The best image in this entire thread. This is what you want! This your destiny!

>>115113827well that's...something

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>>115113191That's because o11's Pearl is 300% domination material with the intimidation to compliment it. Canon Pearl, despite having well beyond the strength of an average human, would absolutely be the type to sprawl out on the bed and be submissive to one's desires like the good little Pearl she is. Nothing wrong with being into such a women of course, but o11's Pearl is different in the sense that she would absolutely not back down at all.She's creepy, predatory, and sadistic. She would not rest on the bed waiting for you to pin her down, because inside of her bony little arms is enough strength to snap you into two. She's attractive because her appearance represents exactly who she is, and regardless of how unsightly some may see that, she's not ashamed of it in the slightest. You're a masochist, user. You want to be beaten down by a lanky sadistic predator that wants to make you beg for her to give you what you want.You're not attracted to her lanky bony body, but rather what that lanky bony body represents: a degenerate.

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>>115118068Are those the Deadlights?

these edgy Pearls are making me uncomfortable

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>Inorganic lifeforms that don't have to eat>randomly have teeth that of carnivoresit's your fetish and that is it.

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>>115118184Oh we're not done yet

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>>115106593>Vore Maw>Sharp/Fang Teeth>Long Tonuge

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>>115118241I miss OP

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>>115110411i was into it until i saw this. those proportions are so very odd.

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>>115118217anon please remind me on your average predator's preferred method of subduing a target. please man i'm having a hard time jogging my memory here

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>>115114421Venom is adorable

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>>115118134It's so apparent even other members of her family are kinda averse to her.>tfw no monstrous lanky dommy mommy

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>>115118134You are correct in every regard, save for the attraction to her bony body.Flay my flesh and shatter my bones, mommy. Give me the agony I so richly deserve.

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>>115118217What a remarkable observation, Copernicus

>>115118384>>115118405Imagine her biting you and zapping with her taser fangs


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