>whiny simp>stupid enough to get caught by obvious traps>next to no charisma>not scary or intimidating (inb4 "muh...

>whiny simp>stupid enough to get caught by obvious traps>next to no charisma>not scary or intimidating (inb4 "muh powers make him scary" Nope, fuck off)>everyone swears up and down that he's "the best villain ever" "better than Heath Ledger's Joker" "scariest villain ever"I don't understand. I legitimately don't understand.

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>>115106469People like David Tennant because of DW and ended liking Kilgrave just for him.

>>115106469His powers stop working over prolonged exposure to him. If he came off as a whiny simp, it's because he's used to getting his way all the time. As for not being scary, imagine this unassuming man comes up to you and tells you to do something and you can't stop yourself from doing it. Imagine he tells you to do the most awful thing and humiliating things you would never do and now you have to live with yourself knowing what you did. Imagine he decides you're not of value and forces you to torture yourself. Hey, eat this broken glass. Hey, peel off your own finger and toenails with these plyers. Hey, make yourself a eunich. Hey, gouge your own eyes out. When he gets bored of your suffering he tells you to kill yourself in the most excruciating way possible. Yeah. Not terrifying at all.

>>115106469He was a good villain at first, but then just felt aimless.

>>115106469He was good when I watched it but a few years later I've completely forgotten everything about his character and most of that showOn the other hand I still remember everything about Fisk from the first season of DD, it had so much more impact

>>115106600>Not terrifying at all.Nope, not terrifying. Sorry you have low standards for horror.>>115106601>He was a good villain at firstWhen?

>>115106626You know, if not for the ridiculously stupid way he died Wesley would've been the best Netflix villain.Also best scene, >Wesley's uninterested look when the russian guy begs him for helpNothing Kilgrave ever did compares to how unsettling it was.youtube.com/watch?v=OmCuLJjWl2M

I literally have no idea what this Holla Forums thread is about.

>>115107446Jessica Jones

>>115106600>imagine he does thisImagine a villain with literally infinite powers. He doesn't do anything scary in the show, BUT IMAGINE IF...

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>>115107523Speaking of, it's surprising how tame his usage of powers was. It's like they were afraid of doing anything graphic.

>>115106469>simpOpinion discarded

>>115107877He is though

>>115106469>I don't understand. I legitimately don't understand.The idea of a weak, pathetic, resentful loser getting absolute power is far more chilling than just an ambitious, ruthless and competent one building up to it. For one it's assumed that the Ruthless Man of Competence will respect these traits in others, and promote competence.The man with poor character with suddenly gains power respects nothing at all.Vote 2020

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>>115108545Not really, competent villains like Amahl Farouk in Legion are far more chilling than some loser with powers.

>>115107554Exactly my point. The powerlevel of a villain doesn't mean shit outside of what they actually do.

>>115106469Yeah but it’s total fetish fuel so

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Are you autistic? Do you have trouble processing emotional cues?Serious question.

>>115108930Nope. Always bonded with people extremely easily and is generally well-liked by most people I know so no autism there. Kilgrave is still shit though.

>>115108930I'm autistic. Don't lump me in with OP. He isn't autistic, he's just really goddamn stupid. There is a difference.

>>115109033Sorry I'm not an easily impressed moron like you.

>>115109069Dude, don't bully him. He's autistic. What an asshole.

>>115109097I'm sorry, I just have temper.

>>115108972>>115109069Dumb sperg

>>115109216>no argumentsSo this is the power of kilgravefags.

>>115109265>no argumentThere's no point in arguing with tardlets

>>115106469Doctor who

>>115109316You're the only retard here, though.

>>115109441>n-no you>t. Retard

>>115109502I'm not the one easily impressed by a shitty capeshit villain, so you are the retard. Sorry, that's the truth.

>>115109565>n-nuh uh, you are the retardOkay retard

>>115109673>still no argument, just insultsWhy are kilgravefags so retarded?

They say those things because they like the actor. It's Human Tribal Loyalty, it is an instinct. it's why Console Wars and Brand Wars exist. Every choice a person makes must be affirmed within their own mind as the correct and superior choice.

>>115109699>no argumentsYeah bro, where's your arguments? All I've seen this thread is you being an autistic retard.

>>115109760God, you're not even hiding your butthurt anymore.>WAHH HE CRITICIZED MY FAVORITE VILLAIN A-AUTIST R-RETARDCry harder.

>>115109777Only one crying here is you, user>NO WHY DONT YOU AGREE WITH MEEEEEE

>>115109801Nice projection. I'm not the one screeching "autist" and "retard" at an opinion I disagree with.

>>115109865>opinionOf course the autist wouldn't understand why he's being called an autist.

>>115109891Shit your pants some more, it's entertaining to watch you cry like a bitch.

>>115108894>Comics try to claim Purple Man never actually fucked herDoes Bendis think we're retarded?

>>115107386Wesley's death was merely a symptom of the fact that Daredevil's first season lost track of its own story after about episode eight and the rest of it was just stalling for time.

>>115109995I don't think they knew what to do with him after Fisk gets locked up so they just iced him for cheap dramatic value

>>115106469jesus I forgot this character exised.who did they use for the villain in season 2? they killed off Jessica's entire rogues gallery with this guy

>>115110013He dies before the end where Fisk is locked up though. His death is supposed to be a sign of Fisk losing control but it's done in such a retarded way by making him act like a total moron contrary to his earlier characterization that it loses all impact. But like I said, it's just a symptom of Season 1's second half sucking ass.

>>115106469>literal rapist>simpit's like words have no meaning for you. And yes he's a great villain. it might come new to you but you're not supposed to admire a villain or to want to be like him. Being a terrible fragile person who is dangerous because of his powers is what makes him so great.

>>115110122>He dies before the end where Fisk is locked up though.I know that, but presumably the writers knew how the season was going to end.

>>115110122Let me add to this >>115110226 and say that I completely agree that it was retarded and out of character for him to unilaterally kidnap her by himself and hold her with no added security whatsoever, followed by him putting his only weapon on the table right in front of her.

>>115110225>And yes he's a great villain.No, he's not. He's incredibly lame.>you're not supposed to admire a villain or to want to be like himWhere did I say or imply that, you faggot? >Being a terrible fragile person who is dangerous because of his powers is what makes him so great.It's what makes him shit because outside of his powers he has nothing going for him. He's a joke, a loser. A complete idiot.

>>115110350>No, he's not. He's incredibly lame.not an argument>Where did I say or imply that, you faggot? when you called him lame. You want him to be cool.>It's what makes him shit because outside of his powers he has nothing going for him. He's a joke, a loser. A complete idiot.A villain is not someone you should like, moron.

>>115110361>not an argumentNeither is "yes, he's a great villain".>You want him to be cool.No, retard. I want him to be what a genuinely good villain should be. God forbid you want a villain to be threatening.> A villain is not someone you should like, moron.A villain is someone you should fear, you absolute retard. That's why Killer BOB from Twin Peaks will always be one of the best villains on television. Surprise, I don't like him as a person, find that hobo-looking motherfucker cool or want to be anything like him. I'm just scared of him, unlike Kilgrave who might as well be a comedic character and wouldn't intimidate a child. so stop twisting my words you complete idiot.

Why are you faggots always posing questions and when some user takes the time to answer to your autistic rants, you immediatly dismiss them and try to put your point of view instead.If you are only gonna smell your own farts, then keep it to yourself.

Yeah, he's only surpassed by Wilson Fisk himself.

>>115110555>n-no don't discuss anything be a hivemind

>>115109944>no y-youre madIt's a common sign of autism to be unable to empathize with others, projecting your own mental state instead.

>>115110858>I'm not mad you areOkay, kid.

>>115111013>I'm not mad you areGlad we agree, you mad little pissbaby ;^)

>>115111050Please shit up the thread some more to show how "not mad" you are, you literal laughingstock.

Ok fellas, the thread is ruined, everyone can go home now.

>>115111087Say thanks to a literal autist who can't handle differing opinions.

>>115106469>>115106735>>115110504>not scary or intimidating (inb4 "muh powers make him scary" Nope, fuck off)This guy raped, tortured and murdered countless people with no provocation and zero remorse. How is this not threatening? These are activities most rational people would consider kind of fucked up.

>>115111072>implying your thread wasn't already shit>"NOOO HOW DARE YOU NOT HATE WHAT I HATE">"MY AUTISTIC OPINIONS ARE VALID NOOOOOOO"Everyone who genuinely responds to you is rebuffed with "No, you're wrong, fuck your opinion". You're not interested in anything even approaching a discussion, and you don't deserve anything approaching one.

>>115111105>says the literal autist who can't handle differing opinions

>>115111261>committing fucked up deeds instantly equals being scary or threateningI have no words.>>115111271>NOO HOW DARE YOU VOICE A DIFFERING OPINION FROM MAJORITY AND TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHY PEOPLE FEEL THAT WAY>Y-YOU'RE AUTISTICSo, you have nothing of value to say and are triggered that I don't like your shit villain. Fuck off then.>Everyone who genuinely responds to you is rebuffed with "No, you're wrong, fuck your opinion"Yeah, how dare I voice my opinion instead of silently taking it up the ass. Fuck off idiot.>You're not interested in anything even approaching a discussionI'm not interesting in a discussion with butthurt idiots like you who can't take criticism of their favorite villain, yes.>>115111303You're the one crying. I try to discuss shit, you only throw insults around like a child. Grow up, autist.

>>115111518>NOOOOOO HOW DARE YOU CALL ME OUT FOR BEING AN AUTISTYou're voicing your """opinion""" in the most spergish way possible, as evidenced right fucking here by "I have no words". You want to throw out your pissant thoughts, and insult anyone who offers their own.You're getting insults because all you deserve are insults. All you deserve are insuults, not because you dislike a character, but because you're a disingenuous navel-gazing caustic faggot.

>>115111261your wasting your breath on this guy. everyone in the thread has brought up good points on the villain and this guy literally broke down the moment you hit the true opinions on his view with valid solid points. hes an either a child or purposefully playing devils advocate.

wait this bait thread is still going? wild

>>115111623>as evidenced right fucking here by "I have no words".Maybe next time you'll say something not stupid you'll get an adequate reply, ever thought about that? Am I supposed not to call you a retard when you say "2+2=5"? Fuck off.>insult anyone who offers their ownI didn't insult anyone who didn't insult me first, you idiot.>You're getting insults because all you deserve are insultsNo, I'm getting insults because faggots like you can't handle the smallest criticism of what you like. Nothing said here refuted my points even a little bit and you start crying when I refute YOUR points.>ou're a disingenuous navel-gazing caustic faggotThat's rich coming from you.>>115111677>has brought up good points on the villainHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This idiot thinks anything said in defense of this shit villain is "good points", HAHAHAHAHA.Don't flatter yourself. I merely refuted idiotic opinions.

>>115111721>anything I disagree with is baitYawn.

>>115111770>refuted"Nope, not scary""Nope, not terrifying">refutations>I didn't insult anyone who didn't insult me first>"Sorry you have low standards for horror.">"Where did I say or imply that, you faggot?"Uh huhYou're shitting and missing your opinion in the most abrasive way possible, and getting mad when people are upset with you.I was just calling you autistic earlier to get a rise out of, but I genuinely think you are an autist now. Nothing else explains your absolute lack of self-awareness.

>>115111770Take your meds, retard.

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>>115111931>"Nope, not scary">"Nope, not terrifying"I'm sorry that edgy fantasies of "he could do anything to you hurr" are about as scary as a creepypasta written by a 15-year old, especially considering that in the actual show Kilgrave does nothing remotely creative and his orders boil down to "jump out of the window" or "bash your head". What was I supposed to say, agree with that? Okay then. MCU Thanos can dismember you with his bare hands and impale your organs on spikes. Isn't MCU Thanos scary? A real horror villain. >"Sorry you have low standards for horror."That's not even an insult, that's just an observation. If "hurr a villain can do edgy shit to you" is scary to you, you indeed have low standards for horror. Go watch Wolf Creek if that's what you consider to be scary.>"Where did I say or imply that, you faggot?"Surprise, putting words in someone's mouth is an insult in a civilized society.>getting madKilgravefags are the only ones mad here.

>>115112124>kilgravefag is a Steven Universe fanAhh, the shit taste finally makes sense. Only a sheltered child who likes Steven Universe could find Kilgrave scary.

>>115112191Christ, I don't even have to call you autistic, you're doing my job for me.>Kilgravefags are the only ones mad here.Says the dude typing up a thesis defending his sperg-pinions lmao.

>>115112302>I have no argument, I will call you autisticChange the tune.>n-no don't explain your position when it's attackedIf you want to argue with something that can't respond to feel righteous, go argue with a dog.

>>115112360>change the tuneNo, I like this channel :^)>go argue with a dog.I'm doing that right now

NETFLIX Fisk wasn’t scary either

>>115112465>admitting that dogs are smarter than youWow, self-deprecation much?

>>115112516I don't know, you're the one that just called yourself a dog.

>>115112503I dunno, the car decapitation scene made me feel uneasy at least. Kilgrave showed nothing that sent even a little shiver down my spine.

>>115112534You guys keep pointing out that scene but ultimately he had zero presence or intimidation

>>115106469>everyone swears up and down that he's "the best villain ever" "better than Heath Ledger's Joker" "scariest villain ever"Nobody's EVER said that, Drama Mama.

>>115112550I've seen those opinions on Holla Forums and various comic sites, though.

>>115112588You're a lying sack of shit too. I've also seen many many people saying that on on Holla Forums and various comic sites.

>>115112548The only comic show villain who does have presence and intimidation is not as loved by critics and general population.

>>115111785i agree with the opinion but it's still obvious bait amigo

>>115112639I legitimately don't understand why everyone is impressed with Kilgrave as if he's second coming of Christ though, it's not bait.

>not scary or intimidating (inb4 "muh powers make him scary" Nope, fuck off)Imagine a complete stranger goving you a scalpel and saying "hey buddy, go lock yourself in a room and remove your entire intestinal track from your body"

>>115113972So? "Imagine" does nothing. I can imagine being gutter by Freddy Krueger, doesn't make him scary.

>>115106469He's designed to be scary to women, not to men.


>>115106469That's kind of the point of the Purple Man though. He's got genuinely one of the best power sets, but he's too creepy and stupid and petty to actually do anything useful with them beyond getting sex and money. As the reader, half of what makes him so loathsome are the awful things he does. But the other half is you secretly thinking "oh come on I could use his powers way better than that".

>>115112725People have low standards. He's kind of forgettable.

>>115114135Jesus fuck, what a retard thread this is and what a retard OP is, holy fucking shit, just let this shitshow die

>>115114376Stay mad.Your shit villain is still not scary and no amount of "hurr imagine this edgy shit" will change that.

>>115114430Nigga, there's literally a lot of people trying to argue how you're wrong and you keep going on with your charade.You want the whole page to come to you and tell you how wrong you are too?

>>115114559Except I'm not wrong and no one managed to prove me otherwise.If you're a baby scared by a lame capeshit character however, then just admit it.

>>115114186>AGH FUCK

>>115106469>it doesn't look dangerous, so it can't be dangerous

>>115115495If a joke villain kills hundreds of people he's still a joke villain.

>>115107523He made someone kill her own parents in the first episode. The whole first season revolves around the case.He regularly orders people to kill themselves and others.

>>115117110In most boring ways possible, yes. How scary.

>>115114191You kind of have a point.Purple Man isn't the intimidating part, he's just some narcissist/hedonist who is too petty and simple to use his powers for anything big or creative.The intimidating part is that there are powersets out there like his, powersets that could uproot all of civilization and turn the entire planet into slaves to some self-made god-king, annihilating any sense of human individuality or freedom on a global scale, only for the beloved god-king to start killing off his loyal subjects in cruel and unusual ways out of boredom.That's what the existence of purple man implies: Sure, it was just some simple loser who couldn't use his powers to the fullest this time, but powers like his, or even more powerful, could pop up in anyone, at any time, not already somewhere out there in the world, and it could pop up in anyone as powerful and logical as a world lead or head scientific researcher, or civilization-altering/ending powers could just as likely pop up in some psychotic hobo who just wants to turn the world into an ocean of blood."It was just Purple Man..."This time. What if the next time powers like these arose, it was in someone even more cruel and competent.That said, Purple Man doesn't actually pose a huge threat himself unless the writers actually try to make him competent, but "man who gets women to do whatever he tells them" apparently hits a little too close to home for knee-jerk feminist reactionaries, even though he is painted specifically as a reprehensible villain, so they always write him as an easy-to-topple cardboard standee villain, for bonus "good feel" points and "feminist victory" pandering. They'll always end up leaning on "Well TECHNICALLY he's only as physically strong as an average person", just to have a scene where some female rape victim who "SWORE to themselves, NEVER AGAIN" runs in, immune to his powers, and punches his lights out. And then all those imaginary women who buy and read comic books cheer.

ITT: One sperg tries to impress other spergs by bragging about how he wasn't scared by a fictional character

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>>115117268Is there anything more insufferable than "Pfff, that didn't scare me" fags?It literally just shows a lack of imagination and ability to immerse yourself. I see it in "horror fans all the time". As soon as they sit down to some horror media, they immediately dissociate and start breaking down the movie from a distance. They never lose themselves in the movie or book, becoming, for a while, the protagonist who is in great peril and under immense pressure/stress. They are always just "No, I'm me, sitting here on a chair, watching a screen!"No wonder these people never feel scared, they never let themselves be scared, they always have the defenses up, always distancing themselves so they never have to imagine themselves in the protag's place. It's almost like they're too scared to let themselves get scared, so they put on this "tough guy, seen it all" act, when it actuality, it's more like an internet nerd acting grizzled and hardened because he watched a few clips of people dying. The safe distance is never broken.

>>115106469That's the point. He's a symbol of white male entitlement. Strip him of his power, and he's absolutely nothing.

>>115114191>oh come on I could use his powers way better than that"I'd be a far better monster" is not a flattering thing to think about a villain.

>>115117268You're not special for me to try to impress you, sorry. You're not even in ther first googolplex of living creatures.>>115117403Bitch, I'm perfectly capable of immersing myself. It's just most horror is shit. I freely admit Inland Empire is absolutely terrifying and Brian Cox' Hannibal Lecter is one of the scariest villains I've ever seen. It's just Kilgrave is not even close to being scary despite his powers.

Bringing this back to Holla Forums

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>>115117518>t. Internet tough guy

>>115117656How? I literally admit I get immersed in horror movies.

>>115117693No you don't

>>115117461Or we could just read Emperor Doom. But we see which one people choose to dwell on more.

.... This entire thread is an autistic mess.

>>115106469He's the best vilain of that T.V show , wich is not saying much.