Is there a possible heterosexual explanation for this?

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>>115104413Clearly Adora had some catnip in her teeth. Which is of course a completely different story as to how it got there.

>>115104413It was a dream?

>I love you>I love you to10 mins later>BEST FRIEND SQUAD!!It's like my Japanese animes.

>>115104461You're best friend isn't your lover too?

>>115104413Girls who are friends kiss each other all the time. Its like saying hello or hugging. Or in men its like a head nod.

>>115104413why does one of them cut their hair like a boy? If lesbians hate men, why do they try to act like men and fashion their clothes and hair after men?

>>115104413picture if you ended your series about WW2 where patton kisses hitler to redeem him. That's how the She-Ra finale was like if you had followed any of shitty kitty's crimes.

>>115104847>Girls who are friends kiss each other all the timeOn the lips?

>>115104413I honestly can't tell what the genders of either character are.

>>115104857A cult haircut was forced on her.She grows her hair back out, but hair doesn't grow overnight....Well it does, but not THAT fast.

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>>115105106>he grows her hair back out,No she doesn't. Thats an illusion not a timeskip.

>>115104413No meme answer, adora was almost dead and having visions, cattra is very bad with emotions and impulce control, the indeed have special feelings for eachother but no romantic just fraternal.So cattra and adora are under presure. one is barely consius and the other sentimentali autistic. So is not unespected that one kiss the other whithout sexual interest only emotions.

>>115105118It's a vision. Magic and whatnot.

>>115105118We can fairly assume author intent that those designs are meant to be what the gang grow into.

Why are the gays so desperate to convert and indoctrinate kids? The only way for new gay people to be born is for a gay to molest a

>>115104413Catra had to perform CPR because Adora lost her breath when she briefly broke the 4th wall and saw in what a piece of shit fucking cartoon she is.

>>115104873Don't worry, user. I'm sure Adora surrenders Catra to the Princesses every week for a good bullying session until her debt to Etheria is paid.

>>115105239>That linkCan you gay Americans just leave us alone? Just let us leave our normal lives without making our sexual lives a fucking political issue. The gay collective isn't an ethnic group. I couldn't care less about new gay people being born, I wouldn't even be mad if the gays just naturally stopped occurring. Stop trying to pollute our society with your American propaganda.

>Following the successful revolution, Etherian civilization collapses due to all their capable citizens being homosexual and failing to pass on their genetics

>>115104857Because they’re mentally ill.

>>115104413I want you shills to die

>>115104857Not wanting to fuck men isn't the same as hating men tho. That's like saying gay dudes hate all women just because vaginas are gross.

>>115104413Should get their groins Whipped by a real man until they come to their senses. The explanation is that a strong male was not present in their lives. The influence of that pretty boy Prince Adam is Dire

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Why do people try to downplay kisses from ships they dont like?When reylo kissed yes, they are sexually attracted to each other and would have MATED if they both survived. How is that so hard to understand for that or she-ra?


So did hordak actually bring Adora bc he cared for her

>>115104940they say goodbye with a cliss on their clit

>>115105631Two women can't engage in the act of mating.

>>115104857men don't own short hair.

>>115104413Noelle is a mental ill dyke with diabolical biased views.

>>115104413Of course. Every attractive girl in animation is bi. They are only a dick away from a threesome.

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>>115105518>implying that's not truegrrrl...

>>115104413Mouth to mouth resuscitation

>>115104857Her hair was cut without her consent, retard.

>>115105753Look I don't want to be that person but this is literally homophobic bullshit.When two adults fuck, it's sex. Get over yourself. Stop thinking having a dick makes you "special" or a "requirement" for sex. Sex can happen with out a dick, without you. You arent unique just because of an organ.

>>115105753In an universe that has magic powers and clone technology, and there's furry people, scaly people, mushroom people, plant people, mermaid people, cyborg people, full robot people, mating the way that Earth humans believe should happen might be quite not true.

>>115105106>after tremendous suffering and countless sacrifices the main characters overcome impossible odds and beat the big bad in a team up while confessing their undying love in the process>barely feel anything>vision about the main characters grown older and finding their place in life, making peace with themselves and keeping their promise to their loved one>tears everywhere

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>>115104847They also have pillow fights in their underwear after having some friendly kissing practice.

>>115104413Adora is a double reverse trap?

>>115105385Homosexuality is a learned preference like anything else you enjoy in life. The genetic "born that way" meme was created to force acceptance. Basically if you hate gays, it's the same as hating someone for having a genetic disorder. I always thought that was a dangerous way of thinking because you immediately had scientists looking for evidence of a gay gene and if one existed it would eventually lead to attempts to prevent it from perpetuating. On top of that, it belittles free will to argue that sexual preference is not a choice or learned PREFERENCE, because then one could argue all preferences are genetic and can't be helped, which opens another whole can of worms.

>>115104873> series about WW2 where patton kisses hitler to redeem himTorrent link please

>>115105753We have the tech right now to let two women reproduce without any male intervention.

>>115106187Or two males

>>115106063>learned preferenceNot a real thing. You cant learn to like or hate something you either do or you dont. Its like food.

>>115104413I sometimes kiss my friends.

>>115106760Yes you very much can just like with every other behavior.

>>115104857Because lesbos are overly masculine, but not in a tranny way.

>heterosexual Yes, someone in the direction jacked off to this when they made it

>>115106760>>115106063My theory is that it's just a matter of getting used to. You might dislike something initially, but in time growing to enjoy it. People start off with different preferences, some hate corn, some hate coffee. The same thing is with sexual preferences. You might start off disliking the idea of having sex with the opposite gender/your own gender, but in time you'd just get used to it.

>>115106823So it's indoctrination, I've always knew it.

>Is there a possible heterosexual explanation for this?Adora is a futa.

>>115106834It is as much indoctrination as heterosexuality. You may not be born gay, but if that is the truth than the same would apply to being straight.

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>>115106839Went from a 3 to a 10.

>>115106063My best friend is gay, and he told me he knew since he was like 4. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a "learned preference" at that point. >inb4 he was molested yada yada yada

>>115106846That's retarded. Humans are straight for a biological purpose, reproduction, society modeled itself out of it.Even if sexuality is probably a bad term, anything outside of reproductive sex is a perversion of the act from his true purpose to a egotistical one, self pleasuring.

>>115106063LGB is geneticsT is learned (probably by abuse and or feminism)+ is cancer

>>115106063based and truthpilled, of course the tumblrfags are seething.

You all knew this was going to happen and yet you did nothing to stop it

>>115106899I'm gay. I too knew I was gay from a young age. I have no understanding of why I'm gay. And It could be because of my environment. No one knows.

>>115106920I you were born and raised on an island in which gays are a majority and straights are a minority, you would probably also be gay.

>>115107022>If you were

The odds them being gay for each other is statistically implausible and breaks my immersion.

>>115106920I'm guessing you're against condoms too then.

Can we please go back to hand-holding and forehead touching?Preferably both?

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>>115107112why not the whole package?

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>>115107169>why not the whole package?Because this is a blue board?

>>115107112>claws and spiked tonguepoor adora

>>115107209she probably likes it

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>>115107112>>115107209>Catra getting some tongue-lovin' from Adora>Adora has to restrain Catra via a purrito so she doesn't tear up the bed with her claws

>>115100732Anyone know the artist? Her ass and legs, just unf.

>>115104413No. haircut define full personality and sexuality.

>>115107234>Adora has to restrain Catra via a purrito so she doesn't tear up the bed with her clawsI wanna see Catra wrapped up in some comfy blankets

I need more Adorafag like me to validate me.

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>>115107496More like, I need an Adora to validate my Catra ass.

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>>115107234More is welcome, yes.

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>>115106063>it belittles free will>free willAnon, I....

>>115105106>>115107496>>115104413What's with the toilet brush/cowlick hair cut?

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>>115107669It's part of the charm.

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>>115107669It’s called a pompadour

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>>115104413I thought people wanted these two to bump uglies since the start of the show.

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>>115104413Adora couldnt transform because of dehydration. Catra nourished her with saliva

Not enough cat bullying itt

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>>115108366yup, and somehow there were still people shocked and arguing it was never hinted at.

>>115107842>>115107998Ah shit, that alone would be an instant turn off from watching the series.

>>115108410I was looking for this clip, thank you

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>>115108410>>115108554>As part of the post-war Horde-Rebellion Peace Treaty, Catra must surrender herself to the Princess Alliance every week for corrective bullying, which includes nose-booping, spray-bottling, and calling her a pretty kitty until she blushes.

horde squad got scuffed this last season, sad. i wanted to know how they feel about this>>115108579and sexual teasing

>>115106899Pretty much. I hadn't even heard the world "gay" until I was about 12 (Russian emigrant family in a post-communist country, go figure), but I was never into the opposite sex even when I knew nothing else.

>>115104413Adora & Catra could be what I refer to as "Facebook Lesbians," like that thing normie girls do when they put their female friends in their relationship status, even though they are just pals. That picture was probably taken by a friend when they attended a Ke$HA concert got "like, totally krunk, LMFAO!!!!" & posted without their consent.

>>115108792Glad they aren't dealing with this bullshit rebellion stuff until everyone's doing it.


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>>115107641>ellipsisfag doesn't believe in free willImagine my shock

>>115108579>Perfuma gently teasing Catra>Mermista and Frosta just waling on her body with wrestling moves until they're dragged off

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Anyone else liked her? She didn't want any trouble.

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>>115113396That was Grey DeLisle, right? I think she’s used that vaguely-rustic sounding voice elsewhere.

>>115112743whoa man...

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>>115104413I got it.Add an underwater backdrop... and maybe gills

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How many actually died in the "horde wars" and how many people died during the show's main story

>>115113678We know Scorpia's entire family has been killed, Shadow Weaver ate a bunch of wizards, and we know Horde Prime probably killed a bunch of people through orbital bombardment alone.

>>115113678>Horde Prime>Shadow Weaver>Angella (kinda)Unless it is in the past, most of the horde invasion is tame versions of the real deal, buildings on fire, people running around, and the horde putting flags.

>>115113717If they killed scorpias entire family I think it also means they genocide her scorpion people and she's the last of her kind? Unless there was some background character who's also like her

>>115113801Yeah like what was the point of getting the land again?

>>115113948Hordak because he wanted to prove himself to Prime by conquering EtheriaPrime is a megalomaniac who wants to control everything

>>115113948being evil

>>115113948For Hordak to prove to his Aniki he has worth. That he can conquer a planet on his own.

>>115104413They're different species so it's technically -not- homosexual. Therefore, it's not not heterosexual.King me.

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>>115113655more like

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>>115105972Nothing will compare to the bitch tears I cried for Light-hopeDON' it

anyone watching the GLAAD live with DT's VA and Noelle?

>>115114128>Falls a short distance>Lands like a sack of hammersIs she really that shitty at being a Cat? Because that's her whole thing, being a cat.

>>115114155clearly i have no concept of time because i thought that was next week


>>115105809Not fucking DT if given the opportunity should count as a type of insanity.

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>>115114197In Quarantime, there are only 3 days: yesterday, today, and tomorrow

>>115107496I love her so much, she's like Korra done right.

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>>115114196She's still recovering from when Horde Prime dropped her off the balcony and almost broke her back. And Adora then carrying her with no regard to her injuries.

>>115104413>dyke ra

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>>115104517>You're best friend isn't your lover too?You can love your best friend

>>115108462The entire show revolves around their twisted fucking relationship, how is this news? Nobody's shocked, they just like to act shocked for (you)s.

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>>115114268I have never seen the "but sisters" angle until this season.


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>>115114128Catra is a shitty cat, she doesnt even sleep 16 hours at day.

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>>115114196>>115114297fuck I quoted wrong

>>115113396Was it me or were the town's people sligthly better animated than the rest?

>>115114357some one in the team liked mushrooms I guess

>>115114297That's because of the Horde's schedules. Maybe that's why she's always angry?

>>115114333>DreamI once had a dream that Entrapta, Frosta, Scorpia and I where on a sort of gang/mafia and we had to sneak up Frosta through a heavily secured place (no kids around policy) and she comes with the idea of faking her death and hiding the "body" inside the seats of our van. I don't know what that says of me as a person.

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>>115114382>Maybe that's why she's always angry?It makes sense, now Adora is going to deal with a gf that is not available most of the day, but keeps waking her up at night because she knows how to open doors unlike regular cats.

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>>115114462Oh fuck, and if Catra ever learned lockpicking with the Horde then she can let herself in whenever Adora's trying to pee in peace


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>>115114235Korra walked so Adora could run

>>115114264Well that was wonderful, thank you!

>>115114777do cats follow you around?

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>>115114863My cat does actually. It's a problem.

i wish i watched this show sooner

>>115114863It depends on the cat, but they pissed if you are not around.

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>>115114863Yes they do, certainly the ones that love you a lot and show it

>>115104857Imagine not liking short haired women.

>>115114801Reminder that they actually fought for the Korrasami ending and it only happened because they submitted the boards at the last minute. It wasn't like they halfassed the ending, it's that Nick didn't want it happening in the first place.

>>115114887>>115114920>>115114980Would love to see Catra following Adora aroundywn have a gf who loves you like Catra loves Adora, fuck

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>>115114863yes and they scratch me if i ignore them

>>115115125>Catra and Adora can hug and smooch each other whenever they want now


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>>115115051> they submitted the boards at the last minute.Noelle did kinda the same.

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>>115108516Are you a woman or a child? No grown man is such a shallow bitch.

>>115115313Dont fucking reply dude they're just waiting to derail the thread

>>115115252>>115115264I'm... I'm so tired bros....

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>>115115125I want an Adora to my Catra, though.

>>115115125yes, but good luck if you try dumping her

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>>115115665Why would you, though?

>>115115665why the fuck would you dump catra

So what happened to all the Hordaks?

>>115115665>implying I would ever dump a hot tsundere cat ladyNah...

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>>115104413They’re just good friends.

>>115115665>Dumping Catrashould also count as a type of insanity

>>115115762They formed the Horde Secondary, which is a democracy.

>>115115125Imagine having to snuggle that fluffy, comfy gf everyday

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>>115115280At least in Noelle’s case they had a full series order in the first place

>>115115748>>115115755>>115115924>>115115764Calm down Catra, none is leaving you.

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>>115116084Life's not fair bros, is not fucking fair

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>>115116131Jokes on youEveryone already has

>>115115665Is Catra a yandere?

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>>115116169She's a cat.

Jokes on this girl because Adora can't read

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>>115114863I once had a neighborhood stray follow me 10 blocks from my house my job and start rubbing up on me when I tried to get inside. I had seen it every day but never really interacted so I have no idea what the fuck brought that on. Maybe cats just get desperate for affection like that.

>>115115450Catra's only deserve abuse and suffering

>>115115125On the one hand, Sad, on the other Catra's love and jealousy caused her too try and destroy the world its not all bad

>>115116260>what the fuck are these bizarre sigils?>where's my perfectly legible triangles and squares on coat hangers?

>>115115280Noelle also didn't have to worry about each season possibly being the last season, she also very clearly planned to always have Catradora as the end game

>>115104413MIss me with that gay shit. Post Entrapta and Hordak

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>>115116397>Catra's love and jealousy caused her too try and destroy the world twiceWill there be anyone who'll do that for me though?

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Entrapdak may be next

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>>115116499Why is Adora being a huge M so in character

>>115116499you're the best user

>>115116537hmmm... I wonder why

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>>115116491Nah, best bet you have to settle for someone setting your house on fire while you sleep

>>115105239>Why are the gays so desperate to convert and indoctrinate kids?They don't.

>>115116293there was a cat in my campus that got pets and attention from everyone.I once had the chance to pet it, but it hissed at me...>mfw

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I want to see the opposite of this where Adora and Scorpia are awkwardly hanging out while the therapy session is going on.

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>>115116484Comfy ship

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>>115105753> women can't have sex> lesbians practise homoSEXualityWhich one is it Westboro?

>>115116499Oh user that's so fucking based>>115116740They're incredibly cute together, I genuinely think they're underrated as a ship

>>115116680My grandma's cat hated me, hissed and try to attack me evertime i showed up, but when gammy died I was the only one who could take it. It took a really long time but eventually the cat began to like me...then it loved me and became annoying and I wished it still hated me because at least then it left me alone.

>>115116714I want to see Catra's heart break in two when she catches Adora and Scorpia making out

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>>115116740Too bad Bow's gay.>>115116806Same.

>>115115665Fanfic idea: Catra suspects Adora cheating on her with Glimmer and makes an elaborate plan to kill her, becoming more and more unhinged in the process, while Adora just acts as if nothing's wrong.

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>>115104413Lel i just shittalked this show on noelles twitter and she blocked my comment

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>>115116846that's not a very nice thing to do

>>115116714>therapy sessionis a bunch of shrooms

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>>115116765Depends on your definition of what sex is. I would say two or more consenting people who through physical stimulation bring their partner to orgasm counts as sex.Others would say penetration with a sexual organ to exchange DNA is required.

>>115116794That's a comfy story user

>>115116846congratulations, your existence has been validated

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>>115114863>>115114777My cat is always attuned to when I'm going to the bathroom and WILL always show up and sit right next to me within a minute of me entering. She did just this a minute ago as I'm sitting here, little thing can't imagine the possibility of me being in the bathroom all by myself

>>115114902Same, only gave it a shot in December after S4, wish I’d got on the train before

>>115116837And just as Catra is about to set everything off, Adora gives her a surprise anniversary gift, that Glimmer helped her make.

>>115116334I wanted to see more Catrabuse and bullying....

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>>115116834yeah he's a cheery guy but I don't really see how that affects anything

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>>115116537I think it was confirmed by Noelle that she's an M. That she's a glutton for punishment and takes all the burden on herself. Can't find the interview though.

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>>115116846I told Kevin Smith to "keep up the adequate work".I got a like from him.

>>115104857>If lesbians hate menLesbians don't hate men just because they don't want to date them. Anecdotally they're more likely to have all or mostly male friends than straight women and also more likely to be closer to male relatives like dad. In the same way, lots of straight women hate men. To put it in the angry cynical 4chan way: how many straight men absolutely hate women? A fuckton. Orientation doesn't enter into hate or not hating.

>>115116898Maybe, I also found out by living with her, that I'm slightly allergic and she always wants to sleep right next to my face. I think she's try to kill me

>>115116935>>115116971I want to see Catra being anxious and alone while Adora's outside or something

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>>115116904I once shit-talked Dana Terrace but she didn't block me. I'm glad though because I liked Owl House and her art was nice.

>>115116971I’m sure you could buy a Catra body pillow you could put cigarettes out on

>>115116846Rae blocked me on twitter.I really don't know why the fuck, I liked their art and that's it, I've never interacted with them or left a comment, and I never shiltalked them or the show.I will never know, a shame because their entrapdak is pretty good.

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>>115116834>Too bad Bow's gay.Nothing gay about showing abs, user>>115116990Damn Noelle keeps getting more and more based.

>>115116990I like the idea of Catra being a cingy M to be honest..

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>>115117199>That poseImagine

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>>115117221>Imaginewaaay ahead of you user

>>115117152I've been following artists/posting on twitter a few years now and have been randomly blocked by people I've got no clue how I could have offended other than maybe the fact they're the armchair crusaders that oppose the """sexualization""" of """"child"""" characters i.e. late teens that easily look like adults. People I guess will get worked up about the most banal shit and block out of nowhere, the only thing to do is be glad they didn't show up to make a shitstorm fuss in your face before pressing block

>>115117152block bot schenanigans probably

>>115117058I want a pillow with Catra on one side and Adora on the other so that I can imagine them having steamy sex while I sleep next to them.

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>>115116834Bow's been playing the long game to plow Glimmer big ass. Nothing gay about that.

>>115117234I know, please let me dream

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>>115116942I only started watching three fucking days ago.>>115117306Do you guys like the horse? I did not care for the horse.

>>115117280Wait a sec, I never knew about this problem, what even is a block bot? Wondering if I ever got slapped with a block from one of these

>>115117022What about gay men? I know few gays who don't like how woman think that they are on their side just because they are gay.

>>115117343>Do you guys like the horse?He was.. tolerable... there wasn't enough of him for me to be that disturbed

>>115116334... Well, that explains my life.

>>115117348some person sets up a block bot where they compile a list of users based on criteria like who they follow. Someone accepts a block bot and thus blocks en mass that list of people. Of course those block bot creators can insert people they don't like in that list as well, but its pretty blind otherwise. One block bot even blocked fast food chains because they auto follow anyone.

>>115117222I don't know what's the point of her learning anything if she was going to die anyway. She gave Catra (and Adora) closure. Catra wanted SW to be proud of her, so SW said she was proud of Catra (and she probably really was). She showed them her face, so that they aren't left wondering what she really looked like. Then she did what was needed to save the world, which involved her dying. It really doesn't matter at this point how she feels about what she's done, since she's not coming back from the grave.

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>>115117343>Do you guys like the horse?Nope

>>115117348blocktogether.orgBasically it blocks users under a certain follower threshold that mentions you. So new accounts (let's say ~7 follows) can't fuck with you or clog up your mentions.

>>115115762>>115116060Etheria will end up giving them political asylum and having to protect them from all the other planets that want revenge over Prime's destruction.

>>115117358Gay men sometimes hate women and sometimes don't like straight men. I don't really think one or the other are more likely. Some might be more annoyed with women and less eager to play along to be around them since they don't even want to fuck them, others seem to want to hang out with women more than straight men. It's the same with women. Especially online, though, I feel like you run into people who hate everybody but themselves, and this includes hating all the people they fuck or want to fuck as well as people they do not want to fuck. It's not polite to say this but these people are sociopaths, and not the hyper competent film sociopaths. They're mediocre or sometimes can't keep a job or trouble with the law or NEET sociopaths. Some can function just fine though and have nice jobs and families, but they don't like any people, which is (this type is slightly less likely to be on 4chan, which is more likely to have dysfunctional sociopaths).

>>115117418>Sacrifices herself to save the world so you can't hate her anymoresuch a fucking chad move.

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>>115104413They're just good friends :)

>>115117396Reminds me of the story of how Deku's Japanese Voice Actor got blocked by the official Hero Academia twitter page.

>>115117282thats based user

>>115117458Meant to say this is fine, also that some (many) straight men hate women, although some gay men don't like straight men or men in general because of frustrating dating or having sex with them, just like some straight men hate women for the same reasons. It's complicated. A truly decent person, who you won't ever find being outspoken about it on 4chan because it's so unpopular, doesn't hate either half of the population for petty personal reasons, or if they do they know it's a problem or at least not really a great mindset to have.

>>115117396>>115117431I can only hope that at least one or two of the people who blocked me did so unknowingly like this I recently found out I got blocked by someone that I was on the same fanzine as, I thought even if we didn't follow each other that we were cool but maybe not ;_;

>>115117282pure and wholesome af

>> to this, she didn't learn anything. It was just another final manipulation. She would have died either way, this way, she got what she wanted, magic free I to the world, and give a final rent free Fu to Catra. "You hate me? Fine, look what I did for you. Can't hate me now, can you?"

>>115117282Huh, and here my first thought would be "So they can never be together"

>>115117551>that linkWhat?


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>>115117462>lives forever in Catra's mind, rent freeShe's a pro

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>>115117572The video down lower, its an interview with Noelle and Jacob DT va

If cat people are from another planet does that mean they were moved to Etheria by the First Ones?Could there be other species living on Etheria who are non-native?

Attached: space cats.png (1425x807, 1.32M)


adora looks so much better with her hair down

>>115117625Pretty sure Catra is the only other Magicat on Etheria. How she got there, who knows.

>>115117551I specifically said that it doesn't matter if she "learned anything" because she died. You can judge living people by their personality, but dead people have to be judged by their accomplishments since they aren't around anymore. In that respect she's redeemed because she was crucial to saving the world, and she wasn't even actively involved in dooming the world in the first place.


>>115117625I think that most everyone on Etheria must be a descendant of a race that settled there.

>>115117575Catra eating food is cute

>>115117720She’s the only cat we see in the Horde but I could swear there are a few others in the background shots of the Crimson Wastes.We know she’s an orphan so her parents were probably killed when the Horde took her village or something.

>>115117766Catra is cute


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i think everyone who got redeemed committed atleast one warcrime

>>115116904I want to see Catra pushing Shinji out the way so she can cause Third Impact.

>>115117841Your birth was a warcrime on humanity.

>>115117841Queen Glimmer just did a mass pardon because otherwise she'd be on the chopping block.

>>115117888wow>>115117900what'd she do?

>>115117910>what'd she do?Heart of Etheria in S4, nearly destroyed her own planet along with several thousand others

>>115117931oh shit you're rightwhat the fuck glimmerthat just got swept under the rug didn't it

>>115116886By that argument anal sex is not sex

So what's Glimmer the queen of? I thought it was just Brightmoon but everyone treated her as the queen of Etheria as a whole.

>>115117950Perks of being Queen I guess, that and the subsequent immediate invasion of Horde Prime to help distract.

>>115117967Just the queen of Brightmoon, but as leader of the resistance, she's the defacto head of the planetary government besides Hordak.

>>115117967Does Brightmoon even have any citizens?

>>115117720>>115117795I'm 99% sure that Admiral Scurvy's lackey is the same species as Catra. Also a cat person, similar stripes, similar eyes.

Attached: She-Ra.and.the.Princesses.of.Power.S05E07.Perils.of.Peekablue.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.x264-NTG.mkv_snapshot_08.16_[2020.05.20_22.50.59].jpg (1920x1080, 205.75K)

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>>115118050are they really a couple?i didn't buy it


>>115117965Pretty sure it is


>>115118079Not according to Noelle. They're friends, that can grow into more, but Scorfuma is more of a couple than Entrapdak right now.


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>>115118104>Not according to Noelle.

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>>115118039>Does Brightmoon even have any citizens?The castle might just be a keep, there’s historical precedence of that. As for citizens, it’s never made clear but I just assumed the villages like Thaymor and Elberon were under Brightmoon’s jurisdiction.


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>>115118087Not by the above user's definition- it doesn't transfer DNA

>>115118147Based Noelle

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>>115118110why would catra lie?

>>115118163Yeah, Brightmoon isn't a city it's just where the ruling caste lives.

>>115118147But from today's interview she said it wasn't

>>115117575This pic would be cuter if she was tearing up a bit.

>better ending than Legend of Korra>better ending than Voltron>better ending than Star Vs.>better ending than Adventure Time>better ending than Gravity Falls>better ending than BoJack Horseman>better ending than other horse show>mfw She-Ra chads won

Attached: pepe ting ting.png (225x225, 10.39K)

>>115118365And to think we thought of Noelle as one of us

Attached: 1589203742223.png (1920x1080, 1.1M)

>>115118445She-Ra is everything that I wanted from Horse Show. I spent years watching that crap because I thought it would turn into this.

>>115118445Your not wrong but those are some low bars you’re setting.I thought BoJack’s was alright and I never saw the horse show but the rest of those are shit.

>>115118485His link is to a makeup ad or some shit; he's trolling.

>>115104413maybe they're greek

>>115118445>Better ending than SUfeelsgoodman>>115118485I think is fair that right now they are "friends" since Hordak barely knows what love is, is pretty clear they feel for each other but they probably take things their own way

>>115116397Twice? When was the second time? As far as I remember she tried it once with the defective portal device.The other two times someone tried to destroy it it was Light Hope (helped by Glimmer stupidly going along with her despire Adora telling her that Light hope wanted to kill erverything in the universe but the first ones) and Horde prime who just wanted to destroy the entire universe.

>>115118551the first season where they set the planet into chaos

did a single character in this show know what they were doing

>>115118629That one's on Entrapta hacking the planet.

>>115118673nope, but that was the fun of it.

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Attached: Catra Entrapta hair claws.jpg (960x1080, 416.99K)

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>>115104413>lets take a he man spin off and butcher its mythos and characters to where theyre unrecognizable except in name only, oh and lets make everyone a fucking dyke

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>>115118673Shadow Weaver did ofc.

>>115118724>Imagine the texture

>>115118629Did dad actually threaten the planet as a whole though? I thought it only weakened all the other runestones besides the black garnet.

Why do you think the First Ones actually sought to control magic?Horde Prime seems to think that it was for some other reason than just defeating him.

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>>115118750>Implying that's not based

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>>115118724y'think Catra likes yarn balls

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>>115118781King Randor is a toxic male

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>>115118749The way I love Mara.

>>115118789Its not, its pure soi faggotry

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>>115118781If you could weaponize an infinite store of energy, you would.

>>115118724Loved those scenes.Can’t decide if I preferred Catra being able to exploit Entrapta’s insecurities because they mirrored her own or Entrapta keeping up the facade of being shackled even though everyone they weren’t restraining her remotely.

>>115104847>Or in men its like a head nod.Depends, how deeply do you nod? If it's that curt slight head tilt then you're clear, anything more and boy do I have news for you.

>>115118804mara is prettier than she-ra

>>115104413Don't worry. They both said "no homo" right after that kiss before Adora went back to the surface to obliterate Horde Primes soul.They also always said "no homo" after everytime the fucked after this.And when they married they made sure to answer with "Yes I do, but no homo though".So it was all perfectly heterosexual.

>>115118519It's the Glaad instagram, newest recording is of the Double Trouble VA interviewing Noelle.

>>115118803wait a secare the "first ones" just eternians but they can't legally name them

Imagine Catra giving you head scritches.

Attached: She-Ra S01E05 mp4_snapshot_19 56_[2019 11 16_22 16 12].png (1920x1080, 621.25K)

nah, they used the word plenty of times. most of them in S1 when introducing the She-Ra lore but in universe they're known as First Ones

>>115118884They mention Eternia several times.

>>115118673Horde Prime, but his whole doing was just him conquering worlds and making them in his own image.

>>115104413Did She-ra get Korra'ed?

>>115118889I want to give Catra head and ear scritches

>>115118803Reminder that King Randor is a racist usurper who stole his brother's throne because he wasn't of pure blood, banished him to a lifeless wasteland, and continues to oppress "monster" races of eternia.

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>>115118695They kinda wing it a lot, they were a rebellion run by teenagers after all

>>115118913no because we knew from S1 that this was coming and it actually made sense, also there was an actual on-screen kissthe She-Ra ending basically made everyone happy unlike Korra

>>115118915If I'm as much of a disaster as Catra, can I substitute?

>>115118913It’s more like if ATLA ended with Zukaang, which it obviously should have.

>>115118902Presumably, yes.But it is worth mentioning that the First Ones did exist in the original cartoon, and were weird fire spirits who had nothing to do with eternia.

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>>115118781They wanted an edge in their own intergalactic arms race for supremacy. The First Ones were totally cool with draining a world of its magic, just for their own purposes.

>>115118884Maybe. You could imagine that Eternia is like the rump of the ancient First One empire

>>115118973We can assume that the Heart of Etheria was planned to be used against Horde Prime.

>>115118902i don't recall it ever being mentioned by name

>>115118884Eternia was a codename for one of those robots in Bow's dads library. So it could be the First Ones true homeworld. The FO were colonizers who traveled the universe and stole magic from other planets, if only to make weapons out of it in their desire to be "first".

>>115119008It was one of the passwords to unlock first ones tech/doors

>>115118959>Zukaang,that's hot, and would have made more sense.

>why yes, I do ship Catradora. how could you tell?

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>>115118445It's not like this is a hard achievement, you only have to write a competent story that doesnt shit itself in the end.

Attached: 4323546.jpg (1375x1000, 445.92K)

>>115118884No the first ones were the genocidal galactic empire using magitech that eventually clashed with horde primes empire and after a long war were destroyed by horde prime (Horde prime mentions having faced multiple generations of She-Ra) a long time ago. Hoever Light hope mentions that some descendants of the last surviving fisrst ones still live (which is also from whom she kidnapped Adora as a baby). Those are presumably this shows versions of eternians.

>>115115313I thinlk it's just the animation style that didn't work out, most of the good fanart has her 'pompadour' removed or actually good looking. Here it just looks like she has an extra bump on her head.

>>115118989Nah, they were going to use it on innocent worlds and bring "peace". The First Ones were just as terrible as Horde Prime was and was willing to kill billions to bring peace. Mara wanted no part in the First Ones machinations anymore and did the whole "the best winning move is not to play" mentality.

>>115119032>>115119033oh shit you're right

>>115105239Because they realized is more important to spread your memes that your genes.

>>115117222people hate her, and yeah she did a los of bad stuff and got away with child abuse, but was one of the few characters focused and knew what was needed to be done.deep down she was a crazy mother

>>115119107I was honestly expecting the first ones to be a progenitor of Horde Prime somehow.

what do

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>>115119194.. which one?

>>115119204the black guy first, the blonde second.

>>115119075>Horde prime mentions having faced multiple generations of She-RaAlso worth mentioning that She-Ra existed in native Etherian form before the First One’s settled there. Madame Razz tells Adora that She-Ra that the First One’s only invented the sword, which presumably somehow only limits access to She-Ra to First Ones.If Horde Prime thought multiple She-Ra’s before Adora, they must have been First Ones She-Ras.

>>115119204The child


Attached: DID SOMEBODY SAY SWIFT WIND.png (712x497, 271.38K)

>>115118989Most likely he was the main target. However they were perfectly happy to wipe everyone else that wasn't a fist one out with him to ensure their complete rule over the galaxy. And even if they had only targeted at horde Primes Empire with it that would have been still be a dick move, because he actually has other species enslaved on his many worlds (There is mentioning of rebellions breaking out on multiple of his planets somewhere in the middle of the season).

>>115119184> don't understand!!! Wai-

>>115119231i wonder if they hated having to animate the horse because of how often only his head was in the frame

>>115119334I've heard horses are a pain to draw..but, then again, don't they teach that in art school or something

>>115119162She knew what was needed to be done? Except when she was giving Adora adivce that turned out to be the complete opposite of what would have actually helped her to reliably turn into she-ra on demand.

How did they get away with this?

Attached: Frosta 05 06.png (1000x800, 1.03M)

>thanks for you help Bow but I'll think I'll stay with licking > dicking

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>>115105686IMO it's more that Hordak had enough heart to not abandon a vulnerable and defenseless baby once he got to the Fright Zone he dumped her on Shadow Weaver and resumed to do what he did.He wasn't involved on Adora's upbringing AFAIK and he only started noticing her again when she showed exceptional prowess among the Horde members. Unless you want to mke thr case that he stayed away and watched her from afar but eh...But yeah, it's interesting that he chose to remember her that way rather then her as his force Captain or as She-Ra his enemy. Mayne it was the most positive memory he had of her.

>>115119184Protect the purity of the child at all costs

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>>115118803>>115118918Calm down bone for brains.

Can anybody translate this stuff?IT seems like complete gibberish to me

Attached: She-Ra.and.the.Princesses.of.Power.S05E13.Heart.Part.2.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.x264-NTG.mkv_snapshot_06.52_[2020.05.21_00.12.12].jpg (1920x1080, 261.59K)

>>115119428>Bow: Adora help me, I can't get it up to Glimmer>Adora:

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finally enough people for a proper cunnilingus ouroboros#noprincessleftbehindexcept Spinetossa, they don't like to share.

Attached: 1583706675900.png (1059x593, 794.65K)

>>115117199She doesn't find being an M gratifying though. She wants stuff to be hers and wants people to say they want her and what they want from her.I doubt she's go full Domme or anything but I do think she prefer being a gentle top.

>>115119442Yes, he wasn't heartless enough to just leave a defenseless baby lying around in the middle of nowhere to starve.And this one act of relative kindness ended up leading to Adora freeing him of Horde Prime eventually, which is probably why he remembers it in that moment.

>>115119526does the first one writings actually mean something? I thought they came up with shit that looked good, not that I particularly mind

>>115119606Yeah, there’s a cipher for latin letters out there.Some user was going through the show translating a few months ago but I haven’t seen him since

>>115119685i just need to chack what this means before I get it tattooed desu

Attached: 1563554572544.jpg (1920x1080, 71.3K)

>>115119606it's phonetic and read from right to left

Attached: 1577883191380.png (1200x927, 603.4K)

>>115119606It's probably some hilarious warning sings in the vein of "Please do not throw sticks at the heart of Etheria or try to stick your hands or other assorted appendages into it. We are not liable for electrocution, burnt body parts, obliteration of you soul due to overexposure of magic or tentacular sexual assoult through our security system."

>> sheet from Dreamworks

>>115119721Pretty sure it just says Heart

>>115119539one of them is 11

>>115119606>>115119724The fuck? I thought they just doodled random stuff.. Why would they care about this?

>>115119761I think it's cool that they actually put effort in small details like this

>>115119539>Except Spinetossa>Frosta is in the imageAnon... she's 11

>>115119724Has anyone done a page that makes these? like a translator? sounds cool for tattoo ideas but my IQ is too low to translate anything by hand.

>>115119062>Indeed, I self-insert as Adora. How could you tell?

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Attached: 1560496888196.png (837x489, 545.13K)

>>115119526Try reading in different directions, the letters may also be misplaced. Most writings in this season do make sense, for example Wrong Hordak's apron saying "smooch the chef", the display on spaceship etc. And of course "Heart", "Arxia" etc. are also labelled correctly.

Attached: wall example.jpg (615x446, 96.81K)

>>115119833The law won't allow me to

>>115119746Can confirm.

>>115119442Well when Adora confronts him as She-Ra and demands to know why he kidnapped her he laughs and says he doesn't remember or even know who she is. He is being sincere and probably forgot about that encounter with her.When she heals him from Prime the memory comes to him and he finally realizes who she is.What confuses me, and I guess I didn't pay attention when it was said, is if Hordak went to investigate the portal and found Adora there? Did he make the portal and she popped out of it? Did Light Hope bring Adora and he found her? >>115119581Yeah that's pretty much what made that moment oddly sweet. That it was that one good act that lead to him being saved and free from Prime. That and Entrapta are what sets Hordak free from Horde Prime.It's also a very nice subversion from the classic She-Ra and other retellings when Hordak wilfully kidnaps her and keeps her close to him and that eventually comes to bite him in the ass.

>prime will never call you little brotherwhy live

Attached: 1589666375909.jpg (1220x813, 120.76K)

>>115119773I guess? a bit weird thing to put attention to.. considering no one would complain/care if they put gibberish...

>>115119761>>115119773I really like the effort they put into it.99% of the time with these things it’s just a lazy typeface where the letters are swapped out for symbols.This one being phonetic is a good start but having a unique writing system which can’t be replicated on a word processor is a really nice detail. I didn’t expect them to go to that detail, especially not as so much of the other worldbuilding is so flimsy and I didn’t actually believe it was a functioning writing system until I was shown it.

>>115119870Light Hope's plan was>Bring a First One to Etheria>Make her She Ra>Gather the Princesses>Unleash the HeartShe just really didn't have a plan to get from step 1 to Step 2 and was really just hoping no one would find out about the details.

>>115118445SU>Went Woke>didn't Go Broke>ending suckedShe-Ra>Went Woke>didn't Go Broke>ending was good

>>115119184>>115119464I'd take Frosta over to the bed and put her little hand down Adora's shorts so she can see what a big girl's pussy feels like.>It's okay. It's soft and warm and fuzzy. If you rub it she'll make happy noises while she sleeps.

>>115119870Light Hope brought her through the portal but Hordak detected it and went to investigate, presumably he thought it was something from Prime.