Hal vs ben l0

Why did screwattack do it?

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>>115102223Yeah that's understandable but why Ben?Is it because kuro hyped him?

>>115102337>but why Ben$$$$$$$$$As in he has a large audience both of consistent fans and those nostalgic for the show

>>115102648but why hal then

>>115102899Because on paper Hal fucks Ben. Can't believe this shit is still going a year later.

>>115102941You have to understand, the people who watch and enjoy death battle are special.

>>115103072I like DB because all the seething it produces it's entertaining

>>115103290That's more the meta around it. Unless they did an episode where comments are read aloud from past fights and they see who's more butthurt.

Because Failure X is weaker.

>>115102211Are Benfags still salty?

>>115102337>Is it because kuro hyped him?Specifically this.Do you think people gave a single fuck about Ben 10 (in a powerlevel sense) before Kuro dropped the video? No.

>>115103352Do they actually read comments?The general thought i had of them is that they just rush researching by wiki Fandom glances from pieces of fiction they never read and let (You)'s get to them we're talking about fights from years now it's insane

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Eternal Reminder:>movie flopped>cartoon cancelled after one season>normies dont like or forget about his existence entirely. Nobody is reading his comics>green lantern in general doesn't make as much money as Ben 10>His greatest accomplishment in the last 10 years was beating up a 10 year old in a fan fiction battle on Youtube>and even then he still isn't relevant

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>>115103834I never watched that spic other than his debates with Seth i really never wanted it to be that popular it's insane how he popularized it goodbye comfy Ben threads

>>115102211becaue the point of their show is to have the stronger character beat the weaker character

>>115102941>Because on paper Hal fucks Ben. No he doesn't, Hal doesn't have the raw power to put alien x down, literally had to run away from the fight lmao

>>115103865Daily reminder that this glorified toy commercial is Only popular with zoomers also it got rebooted your mc is a bland DC ripoff cookie cutter and a Mary Sue now it panders to 5 y/o and a "fanfiction battle" was enough to make you seethe and dilate your omnitrix for TWO YEARS>>115103892>>115103822>>115103800Based how will Ben sissies ever recover?>>115103884>>115103846>>115102223>>115102265>>115102337>>115102648>>115102941Cope

Why can't Hal make it big outside of the comics?

>>115104024>He isn't popularThe ultimate cope of Omnifags

>>115104024Nobody likes Green Lantern. Seriously, the fanfic battle is the only hint of relevancy he had in a decade since his movie so I can see why they're clinging on to it so much

>NOOOOO not my armirino!I should've just played sumo slammer in home UGHHHHHH FAILSAFE HELP ME!

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>>115104066He's popular. In the comics.I wanna know why Hal can't make the jump. Even other Green Lanterns have more success than him.

If you're actually asking why they did the matchup and not just shitposting, there's actually a pretty funny reason for it that the research team has mentioned before.Basically, they wanted to find a fight to end the DC streak, and they already wanted to use Ben 10, so they figured they could kill two birds with one stone by putting him against Green Lantern. Ironically, they had all seen the Kuro video where he says "Ben 10 can beat literally any character" and bought into the hype. After they dug deep into the fight though they found all the BS scaling Hal has. This is why in the "behind the scenes" video for the recording of the episode, Chad is shown to be out of the loop on the victor when Ben mentions that Green Lantern wins. They thought off the bat that it was gonna be an easy win for Ben.

>>115104392>Chad >>115104308Kys shitposter

>>115104476He's Boomstick's voice

>>115104484I know i just found it funny

>>115104160You're still seething over that "fanfic" for 1 year!

>>115104024Because he didn't have the one good movie other characters have.

>>115104723>s-s-seething!!!!he said, foaming at the mouth

>>115104885Yes seething

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>>115102211Are Hal and ben 10 fans okaylike is this all they got going on, that a mediocre internet series said one would beat the other almost a year agoLike maybe they were wrong, i don't know shit about Hal or Ben after the original series, but is it really worth talking about at this point

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>>115105132why are you seething?

>>115104024I don't even know why people care so much about Hal? I get they did him wrong with Parallax but it wasn't a bad idea to try to hand the ring to someone else. Some with Berry Flash. But because when writers growing up on their character bend the universe to bring whatever they love back even when 90% of the people reading it doesn't really know what is happening.

>>115105204Why are you talking about yourself?

>>115105188It brings (You)s pretty easily that's why halfans (Or atleast DB shils and normal trolls) try to spam the board while Benfans attack in response

>>115105324but im not, you ok schizo?

>>115105374Stop talking to yourself man its not healthy

>>115105407Take your meds

>>115104308Disregarding DB shit, doesn't the failsafe make Ben's struggles kinda pointless?

>>115103904Could composite Ben beat composite Hal?

>>115105466Who cares?For most of the franchise Ben is steamrolling and anally devouring most of his enemies alone rendering them easier and easier each time till it felt like a videogame and that's not even counting the fact that Ben truly had the failsafe in OV other versions had the feedback shock and some advanced AI but that's it he also have photographic memory perfected mastercontrol at 10 and shown some superhuman feats Like causally dodging lasers from a tetramand and outsmarted vilgax in primus in a way that even fooled azmuth smartest being in 5 galaxies he's one of the biggest Gary stu

>>115105466no, because it's only for the most recent omnitrix model iirc, the ending for ultimate alien had ben use a sword to win, not the omnitrix and there was an alternate timeline in which kevin didn't get a flailhand which killed ben via charmcaster but everyone seems to have forgotten about that.

>>115105740In the benverse I'm pretty sure benprime is always destinated to get the definitive version of the device >Forget Who are you talking about?

>>115105499Composite Hal has Spectre, ZH Parallax, Nekron under his control, Element X armor, the Miraccle Machine and is made of pure willpower

>>115105499>spectre hal and parallax halno

>>115105792>Who are you talking about?ben10.fandom.com/wiki/Time_Heals

>>115107122Your point being?

Gaara vs Toph was much worse.Hell. Sasuke vs Hiei was much worse too. Both of those had wrong outcomes. Ben loses here no mater how you paint it.

>>115103904>Ignoring hal spearing alien x who had to rewind time when Hal had hin beatDon't cry

>>115105740Wasn't it in UA as well when he "died" as Chromastone?

>>115105413Dude, you already lost. This is embarrassing

>>115107536>Sasuke vs Hiei was much worse tooSasuke vs Hiei was decided correctly though. What the fuck did you think Sasuke was going to do that Hiei hadn't tanked worse than? Fuck's sake Hiei never even had to go all out during YYH.Gaara vs Toph was a fuckup though. Ignored sandmom. Although arguably she should have been disallowed as a third party in the first damn place.

>>115105740>>115107122Are you retarded? That was with the Ultimatrix, an inferior version with tons of bugs, the newer models don't have that flaw.

>>115107783Leave him be he'll still hump Ben bloody corpse for decades to come

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>>115107847That was Alien Force, don’t you remember? Kevin only stopped being a monster because Ben destroyed the watch

>>115104308Why does Ben need a hoverboard if he can fly?

>>115107847Dilate your omnitrix ben tranny he'd still lose

>Why did screwattack do it?Ben 10 is more famous than Hal Jordan.

>>115107875It still doesn't matter because it's different timeline, the main Ben's watch has universal durability.

>>115107875Not him but the prototype also never had a failsafe but yeah i still think Hal anally rapes ben>>115107880Autism>>115107883Atleast gl isn't a glorified toy commercial for zoomers the least popular it's the better

>>115107882Does Hal's ring hand feel good you lantern faggot?

>>115107925OS did have the failsafe, it was introduced in the LA movie and OV.

>>115107880The watch times out, sometimes dosen't even give him right aliens

>>115107934>Still sucking Ben mauled penisHAPPY ANNIVERSARY

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>>115107875>>115107925Are both of you mouthbreathers? We're using Omniverse Ben, who has a completely different Ommitrix, get it right

>>115107945>LA What?Also no nowhere is it hinted or stated that the original watch had that especially the recapitulated version in alien force

>>115107946The failsafe will save him, plus OS Ben had master control unlocked at one point.

>>115107994Live action Ben when he died and came back

>>115107973Yeah i fucking corrected him you seething benfag i still think your Narcissistic hero will lose

>>115108014Not benprime

>>115108014He died? I thought he just became like Eon

>>115107964Ah, yes I will be celebrating the success of Ben's billionaire franchise and amazing cartoons. I'm sure you'll be giving Hal' green colored ass a kiss? Do a good job now, won't you?

>>115108064>AmazingEh, only first one was good,

ITT:Seething kuro the artist shills Speaking of which since Ben was officially killed 1 year ago why don't we have more art of Hal cucking him with Gwen? Just to piss on his grave and see Benfans go wild ape

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>>115108069Not even that was good >>115108064>Series gets rebooted >Original continuity is never coming back >Every show was worse than the last ONE YEAR OF VICTORY 15 YEARS OF LOSS

>>115108022Narcissistic? How could he not be when he has the most powerful weapon in the universe, saved his world, his galaxy and his universe on multiple occasions, defeated a dragon, a job with a respected peace keeping organization, a loving family, potential in magic, a highly successful sports carrer, and multiple exotic and beautiful women after him? There's more, but you get my point. GL just doesn't compete with his failed movie, comics, and cartoon. His only claim to a miniscule amount of fame is a glorified fanfic battle.

>>115108117>Every show was worse than the lastSome of the newer designs are nice.

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>>115108083>Halfags need more fanfiction to stroke their thumbtacks to

>>115108221He's a fucking attention whoring 10 year old most of the time >>115108227Adobe flash designs that's your defense for this franchise?Anyhow it was always mediocre turned into garbage during ultimate alien

>>115108264Anon are you mocking Loliwig?

Can we please just ban all death battle threads already. This shit is beyond annoying.

>>115108227This got nothing over the original from 15 years ago.

>>115108245Anon if Ben lets Kevin do that I'm pretty sure Hal can fucking beta

>>115108083Not until Blarg draws Danny cucking Jake

>>115108083Why Gwen and not Julie, Fourarms girl or Attea?

>>115108417He broke up with all of them and she's a main character

>>115102941Hal wins, but the way he won was retarded

>>115108431So is Kevin, why not him?

>>115108445It's a hit two birds with a stone kind of thing but Kevin isn't the main focus ben is

>>115108384I think she's cute. I also think the original looked better with the ponytail.>>115108439Something something want more creative finishes something something big explosion/beamBut I agree.

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>>115108483 I meant why not have Hal fuck kevin too

>>115108511Because we aren't faggots

>>115108507Not saying she isn't, or the other characters from the show, I just think the original had a better art style,

>>115108521>Not having Hal fuck girl Kevin

I dont really get this matchup, or any Ben 10 matchup really.>all of his aliens are solidly below the enemy hes fivhting >except Alien X, who is literally GodWhat's even the point? Green Lantern obviously wins in normal circumstances

>>115108562Genderbend is fine then but it's not like he's a girl in canon so

>>115108586>Genderbend is fineWhich one?

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>>115108604Male to female

>They're still seething to this daySAD!

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>>115108586Anon there is magic (Charmcaster has a body swap spell), genetic/DNA manipulation, alternate universes, and a goddamn lantern ring. If theres a will theres a way.

>>115108646Scissors and a shoe? Are Haltrannies late for their castration and ballbusting session?

>>115103865you forgot about the fact that the black version is more popular

>>115108696If they’re castrated, how can their balls be busted?

>>115104343the general public don't have nostalgia for him , they complained about how DC changed the black guy for the movie

>>115108032Except when he died as Chromastone and it reformatted him as Diamondhead.

>>115108671Yeah but the thing is nobody gives a shit about Kevin but Ben and since he's dead i think cuckhumalition would add salt to the wound imagine her going full anodite only to get raped by a light constructed penis I'd also like to imagine max being executed after this

>>115108731We never knew if that's just a natural tradeoff of being a crystalsapian since someone like sugilate and chromostone are related to diamondhead species

>>115108712Cut them off, put back on, and then bust them

>>115108780What about he got killed under a boulder and came back as big chill?

>>115108780It's very clearly not natural user.

>>115108817You mean in UA?I honestly don't know since the ultimatrix is a cheap copy that get easily breached and tampered the omnitrix itself have never shown such feat before ov

>>115108817He transformed when Ghostfreak tried to possess him in the original too right?

>>115108863Well his specie isn't natural to begin with basically the Jesus of tetraxx race

>>115108896Yup Ben is immune to possession

>>115108896>>115108910That was different, he had just managed to go Grey Matter in time since Ghostfreak mentioned he couldn’t possess Ben while he was an alien, watch would have just given home Heatblast

>>115108562>Girl!Kevin absorbs some lantern constructs during sex and morphs her insides into an Acme Rube-Goldberg mechanism of lust

>>115108896>>115108910Nah he's weak to it only reason why is because Ben was an alien at the time even ghostfreak mentioned it

>>115108923>he had just managed to go Grey MatterYou say that like it hasn't happened on multiple occasions.

>>115108923Then why didn't Ghostfreak try while he was human? It worked on Gwen and she has magic

>>115108945>he's weak to itOnly if he chooses to be possessed otherwise the omnitrix will transform him.

>>115108948He was in a rush>>115108951If I remember right, first time around, Ghostfreak had just gotten out, and was chasing him, it’s why he possessed Gwen, because Ben was Four Arms. Second time he might have been in that space suit that protected him

>>115108923So Ben managed to get an alien before something bad happened to him? Sounds like the failsafe to me.

>>115108961>He was in a rushHe didn't choose to transform user.

>>115108961Anon does it really seem likely that Four Arms, Grey Matter, and a space suit are immune to possession?

>>115108964>>115108984Ghostfreak just can’t possess Omnitrix transformations, the failsafe is just to keep Ben alive

>>115108956Not really if it was the final version then maybe i think people misunderstand the failsafe it always seemed to work when Ben "dies" in his forms not before it defult or not and if it was the original prototype he'll get killed>>115108964He already explained it stop baiting

>>115109002So something that doesn't matter considering the Omnitrix is either instantaneous or MFTL

>>115108973>>115108984See >>115109002 this is the definitive answer it's even said in the show stop using this as some example of a nonexistant failsafe the og didn't have it

>>115109022Maybe, though o guess it kinda failed in the episode about the Chronosapien time bomb.

I was so mad I made this fucking pic. Just made me chuckle. good times

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>>115109024>>115109005Wrong, AF Ben had the OS Omnitrix and it saved him from Vilgax when he smashed Chromastone and that time in the OS it transformed to stop from dying by falling from orbit.

>>115109073What’s the peeing thing supposed to be?

>>115109024Yeah, a definitive answer of a failsafe.

>>115109022We really don't know >>115109044Plot inconsistencies if the writers stayed on point the failsafe should've activated same thing with chromostone and terraspin being immune to electric shocks but literally still getting one

>>115109080We’ve been over this, the failsafe transforms Ben into the right alien, it wouldn’t have let Chromastone die and be lost in the first place

>>115109044Main Ben wasn't killed with the Chronobomb, in fact the watch saved him with the failsafe

>>115109113What. user the only Ben that didn't die was the one without a watch.

>>115109113No, he died. He wasn’t wearing the hoodie, that was Watchless Ben

>>115109107We were talking that the original series Omnitrix didn't have the failsafe, when it factually did

>>115109080See >>115108780>OS You mean canonbolt?Ben literally chose that transformation by himself are yo being retarded on purpose?Now tell me this if the failsafe existed back then how did malware kill Ben in feedback form?

>>115109085I don't even know what you're talking about.I was so mad I just tried to cluster the pic as much as possible to get my point across.

>>115109137He chose to be Cannonbolt,

>>115109125>>115109120No Watch Ben had Ben Prime's Omnitrix

>>115109179Why didn’t the failsafe activate then before Prime Ben took it off?

>>115109179Because prime ben fucking died.

>>115109141>>115109152AF Ben still had the OS omnitrix when he "died" against Vilgax. Also in what episode did he die as Feedback?

>>115109228Literally an ov flashback >Chromostone >>115108780

>>115109141>Now tell me this if the failsafe existed back then how did malware kill Ben in feedback form?Malware hacked the omnitrix, removed feedback and destroyed it you moron, he didn't kill ben.

>>115109255Just admit you haven't watched it user. It's easier than trying to bullshit your argument.

>>115109260Feedback literally disintegrated this shouldn't have happen if there was a failsafe again no sign of it existing in os

>>115109287Not an argument

>>115109255Crystalsapiens and Petrosapiens are two different races you fucking moron.

>>115109296>this shouldn't have happen if there was a failsafeIt's almost like the omnitrix was hacked by Malware and feedback was removed from it.

>>115109323That particular sample of a Crustalsapien was connected to Petrosapiens, whole episode with Tetrax about it


>>115109342That doesn't make them the same species you fuckwit.

>>115109381Sugilite was able to resurrect the entire planet and species, they’re connected, it’s why Diamondhead got unlocked

>>115109342>>115109362You know you're not supposed to make your samefagging obvious.

>>115109381Imagine saying this reductive and out of context shit and accusing anyone of not watching the show you're probably getting your closure from quick wiki glances and/or speed watching here's a (you)

>>115109409That's because Sugilite absorbed a crystal that was literally a Petrosapien backup.

>>115109458Imagine resorting to temper tantrums and samefagging when you have no evidence of your claims.

>>115109435>"S-samefag"Look at him he's cornered he can't respond anymore (>>115109409 >>11510934lisn't me you're probably debating a second user nice try though)

>>115109483There's one crystalsaipan in existence (Not counting the omnitrix DNA sample) who also happens to be the Guardian of tetrax world yet even with that and the resurrection of their species only through thatcreature but still deny their connection?You're baiting there's nothing else to it

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>>115109589*but you

>>115109504Anon, this entire time you've been corrected on your various misunderstandings of the failsafe, crystalsapiens and especially feedback.The only one cornered is you hence why you resorted to samefagging to try and make it look like others agree with you.

>>115109589A pepe poster suggesting anyone else is baiting? There's definitely some irony there.

>>115109618Coping faggot respond to the statement or suck a cock >>115109603>Corrected More like ignored and goalposted because (You) are flinging out of context shit and i respond to it like Ben invulnerability to possession as a ""proof there was a failsafe" when i said that transformation are immune to possession and hypnosis you also said how canonbolt form was given to Ben when he actually chose that himself

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>>115109708>More like ignored and goalpostedUntil now you've only ever had direct responses user. Now everyone is just fed up with your shit.

>>115109751Yeah yeah go be a faggot somewhere else you've demonstrated how you're an ignorent baiting tranny "You're just samefagging ebin :DDD" you then bring up a statement ignore the refution rinse and repeat anyhow failsafe didn't exist period

>>115109189>>115109215Ben has to be aware of the danger for the failsafe to activate, he technically didn't die he was erased, or simply Plot. Either of those work

>>115109845That just sounds like headcanon and a poor failsafe if it relies on the user

>>115109845>>115109883More like ben10 writers are inconsistent fucks is Hal feats even that poorly consistent?

>>115110015>is Hal feats even that poorly consistent?Far more inconsistent.

>>115110015>>115109845Didn’t Ben see the wave destroying the others. Isn’t that why he gave No Watch Ben it?

>>115110015Ohyeah both Ben and Hal are inconsisrent retards, that usually happens in long running series. Along with a mess of annoying retcons.

>>115110111Fine then only 2 options remain that make sense

>>115103072that's like implying the people who browse 4chan are special. autism ain't a special thing, everyone basically has autism now.

>>115107925>Atleast gl isn't a glorified toy commercial for zoomers the least popular it's the betterIt’s funny watching GLfags because nobody is interested in their shit franchise

>>115109818Imagine being this mad about being corrected.

>>115110168Imagine hyping a franchise that’s Paw Patrol tier


>>115110196Your franchise is a fucking corpse KEK

>>115110219So is Ben 10

>>115110219>>115110168By this logic, wouldn't Batman be than Ben 10 franchise wise?

>>115110258And yet it’s getting (or is in) its 5th season and getting a movie

>>115103865Still more relevant than Ben 10, that people only care because of pedo fetish.

>>115108227>pedo opinion

>>115110335>he says this while Hal has canonically went out with underaged girlsWhat did the halfag mean by this?

>>115110168>Popularity=good Actually no still your franchise is mediocre to say the least>>115110196This it's a fucking cashgrab from zoomers since 2005 >>115110308It's rebooted with kindergarten infants as its demographic

>>115110171>He still unable to respond to everything he said being refuted You tried

>>115110374>Hal has canonically went out with underaged girlsWTF is Hal really based like that? Prove it.

>>115110424>N-nooooo!!! B-ben 10 is for zoomers a-and is a c-cashgrab! Nevermind the fact that my franchise makes less money and is practically dead!

>>115110351Yes, we know Halfags are pedos

>>115110528No offense but Ben 10 isn’t relevant. That’s like saying Happy Meals are relevant because Mcdonald’s sells

>>115110528>Fairytail makes money therfore it's good! Admit it it just exist to sell toys that's why UAF had the most awkward bland story and only had the ultimate aliens going for it

>>115110588It's funny because by this logic are paw patrol and dora good now?

>>115110351>>115110547Good heavens, whatever gave you that impression?

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>>115110588It’s more relevant than Green Lantern, which is my point lol>>115110617>FairytailGo back f/a/ggot.

>>115110456>implying I'm the same user

>>115110678Not an argument

>>115110678>lolYou have no business telling anyone to go back

>>115110678I think calling Ben 10 relevant at all, is a stretch. You know, you either are or not. Ben 10 just kinda isn’t.

Quickly, someone post the gay porn between the twoThat worked last time

>>115110701You never had one>>115110703Cope>>115110711It’s relevant in comparison to Green Lantern. Reading comprehension, ESLantern

>>115110785That’s just not how it works, I don’t think you understand the difference between being relevant and being popular.

>>115110804>in comparison toESLanterntard, please

>>115110854It’s more popular sure, but being more popular than something doesn’t make you more relevant than something

>>115110741Worked to do what exactly?

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>>115110872But it’s more relevant and popular though

>>115110933How is it relevant at all? In any measure of the word?

>>115110946A successful cartoon that’s currently and another movie planned to release. In comparison to GL which has none of the aforementioned

>>115110974Firstly, being a successful cartoon isn’t quite the same as being relevant. How does that matter? What importance is it? What makes Ben 10 more important to the world than Green Lantern?

>>115110785>Never hadI just pointed out your fallacious thinking

>>115110695So you do even jump in retard?We don't have flags or ID

>>115110933Ah yes the lasting impact of Ben 10 over the decades, sharing stories with such heavyweights as...Hmm, well, surely in 10 years or 20 years he'll still be making appearances and carrying his own titles, even after the babies who grew up with his original run get over their early childhood nostalgia.

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>>115111006The fact that they bothered giving it a cartoon that they still care about running and another movie is what makes it more important than GL, which has nothing at the moment. It’s not that fucking hard to grasp ESLanterntard

>>115111056Based spiderman poster

>>115111056But who can forget about the great everlasting impact of Green Lantern!? It’s known for that one movie that flopped hard to which DC themselves mock...

>>115110882Cause the Hal vs Ben shit to finally die

>>115111006>being a successful cartoon isn’t quite the same as being relevant.You what? The success comes from the relevancy you idiot.

>>115103988>two yearsI thought it's only been a year?

>>115111036Because mocking assmad spics who can't into english is fun?

>>115111036>So you do even jump in retard?We don't have flags or IDI weep for the absolute state of this Kyrgyzstani clog whittling forum

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>>115111056>and carrying his own titlesIronic you're saying this while defending Hal.

>>115111211I think he’s the only GL with a solo right now

>>115111189GLfags are ESL spics

>>115111277I think thats mostly because the others are in team books, I know kyle baz and jess are at leastI'm like 50% certain john is also in JLidk where guy is

>>115111309Kyle and Baz have disappeared

>>115111331oh so they're palling around with vibe


>>115111515Based benchad

>>115111545That’s Hal’s line from the death battle you dummy

>>115111208Is that beta ray bill?

>>115111545These are by far the dumbest threads on Holla Forums right now.

>>115111277I'm referring to how it's only recently relative to his existence that Hal could hold his own book and it took years to get there.

Holla Forums sings Emerald Heroes when?

>>115111581He had his own book for decades until ET, and even then, if only took a couple of years for him to pop back with Spectre before Johns brought him back


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>>115111190I guess him phoneposting doesn't help but he's still on point that user didn't even bother to respond



>>115111168Maybe he means being successful doesn't mean it's good

>>115111660If it were that easy we'd have stamped this shit out in the first day.

>>115111168>>115111686I think it’s like when Scorsese said the MCU movies weren’t relevant

>>115111168He’s coping because he knows his franchise is dead

>>115111650It's MaybeNot baby

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>>115111147>>115111168If that helps cope with your notion of Ben "defeating everyone" proven false but just a reminder that ben10 original continuity is never coming back no matter how much bentrannies seethe and dilate

>>115111599>He had his own book for decadesAnon, GL comic books have been cancelled and restarted god knows how many times because they don't sell.Hell the reason why ET even happened was because they wanted to kill him off for Kyle.

>>115111760>If that helps cope with your notion of Ben "defeating everyone">things nobody itt saidDamn GLfags are absolute schizos

>>115111625Phoneposting doesn't explain why he can't understand what people are telling him.

>>115111695Just sage & hide powerlevel threads

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>>115111787>have been cancelled and restarted god knows how many timesYikes, talk about living in glass houses!

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>>115111828Who’s the nigga next to Goku?

>>115111863tengan toppa gurren lagannI dont knbow why hes there since I never see him pop up in these threads,but I guess it has something to do with /a/ powerlevel threads

>>115111849That's GL fans for you.

>>115111888/a/ doesnt have power level threads.

>>115111944I mean they have dragon ball threads which is like power level threads, but in thatcase I dont know why TTGL is theremaybe it was living rent free in the user who made that images head

>>115111796>He says in a Ben vs Hal threadOh so you're one of those defeated fans when it comes to DB?Oh well my 2nd point still applies though

>>115111896And you idiots.

>>115102211The latest Boruto chapter pretty much invalidated Hiei vs Sasuke.

>>115112154Wow user, that's pretty big headed of you to call everyone else on the planet an idiot.

>>115112063TTGL has a lot of fans that think that the MC of that show can beat any fictional character, that’s the running theme of the images in that pic

>>115112071>more schizo babbleAre your meds arriving today?

>>115112190That must have sounded clever in your head. Just like your prior "no u" reply when called out on how profoundly stupid it was for you to defend Ben 10 by mocking series reboots of all things.

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>>115112298Anon I'm simply saying Ben loses no matter what but you probably already accepted that what I'm responding to is your "popular=good" fallacy your beloved franchise was never good nor decent just mediocre

>>115112399Nobody was saying popular=good. I’m just saying Ben 10 is more relevant/popular than Green Lantern. You need to lay down schizofag, you’re seeing post that aren’t there

Death Battle cast in 30 minutesGuest starring Butch Hartmanroosterteeth.com/live/rt-tv

>>115112334Anon, you are aware that Ben 10 has yet to be cancelled correct? On top of that until the most recent series it had never been rebooted in the traditional sense. That's the irony in your original post. You made the claim that Ben 10 couldn't hold a series while defending green lantern a series that has been through no less than three main characters with the first two being replaced because they were just that unpopular and two and a half lore reboots not counting DC's universal ones like COIE and Flashpoint.For a GL fan you really don't know a lot about your series

>>115112495What else do you intend by saying that it's popular then?Both are boring shows anyways

>>115103846They literally answer peoples questions about the fights and the decisions they made on their podcast

>>115112520Is he going to tell them Danny lasers aren't lightspeed or does he agree with them on that?

>>115112977who, Butch? He doesn't even care about power levels.

>butch has a DP mask onBased

>>115113263>His daughter made itCute

lmao Chad talking about Kamiya.

>>115113203He was watching the fight

Stream is fucked, that boomers isn't good with computers.

>>115113653*boomerit's fine now

>They're talking about Kuro and complimenting his artMy fucking sides

>they showed Kuro’s art

This stream is all fucked.

>>115113805>>115113816fucking kek

>>115113816To be fair it is a good drawing but after the shitstorm of last year, it's still hilarious they bring him up and Butch innocently said "Kuro's a good guy"

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>>115113843>>115113833The fact that the DB guys didn’t mention him is hilarious

>>115113869But Ben's the one who got all the drawings together

>>115113843Was this retweeted to them by Kuro himself?

>>115113902Yes actually

>>115113843eh, that shitstorm has almost entirely died down, its only Holla Forums that really brings it up, and even then it barely affects anything

>>115113912That's at least better. It means he isn't mad at them anymore.

>>115113902Its clear he watched the episode but he didn't actually mention the Death BattleHe did say NAL did a great job as Dannytwitter.com/KuroArtist/status/1262467923203035136

I swear Butch is probably the best guest they've had on the podcast

The Q&A for the episode is next week, I hope they have butch for it, he’d be helpful for that segment

>>115114002As much as I enjoyed Butch in this episode I've gotta tell the truth, I don't think he's up for the task.

>>115114082I mean, he could confirm some of what the DB guys are saying because they could just ask him

Question: Do you think 80s He-Man shattering the Starsheed should be in used iN DEATH BATTLE?

>Chad's bringing up Bruce's original death>>115113843Honestly a pretty good Jake Long redesign


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>>115114161Since it was 80s He-Man who shattered it with the Sword of Power and She-Ra's Sword of Protection is a copy of the Sword of Power and has been shown to be just as powerful she should definetly scale.


>>115114124I hope they ask about Danny's shit taste in girls

Death Battle returns on August 26th after She-Ra vs Wonder Woman

>>115114262Once per week?



>>115108293This. Permaban anyone who makes or posts in a Death Battle thread.

>>115113933He never was mad at them all he did was criticize their video. Why is Holla Forums so autistic?

>>115114377>HEATfags>not retardedAlso, Kuro's criticisms were pretty fucking stupidI don't hate him or see him as a retard like the other regulars in these threads but 1. It's clear he didn't know shit about Hal and 2. DB never said the animation didn't matter, they said the animation matters as pure entertainmentIf you want accurate fights, picture yourself fighting a person as fast as a snailThat's literally the speed gap in 90 percent of the fights

>>115114346Fuck off, cunt. Go back to posting in a She-Ra outrage thread.

>>115114449Speaking of which, how badly is Diana gonna slaughter her?

>>115114469Pretty hard if we stick to Ulltraguy's blog only mentioning Filmation stuffScaling to comic He-Man's stuff makes it a lot closer according to people on the G1 blogEven more close than Thor vs Wonder Woman apparently

>>115114469It depends on how they take the feat he man did into the comics and whether she-Ra scales to it

>>115114262Inb4 Dragonball wins every match they have again due to voting

>>115114501The big comic feat was done by Filmation He-Man not comics He-Man (the comic was a Turtles Forever style crossover between different He-Man). So i don't see why they wouldn't use it

>>115114597inb4 Holla Forums tries to change that


>>115114614When did the comic come out?Cause, the research, recording, and animation was done MONTHS ago

Even if you just go with the cartoon. The Shatterseed in that created the big bang youtube.com/watch?v=gUmqc3tIRSE&feature=youtu.be&t=355Created.

>>115114161>>115114139context on why it's so impressive?

>>115114597Do you think someone with the MEGA account can just dump the alternate endings?

>>115114693Basically the Shatterseed in the cartoon caused the big bang/the creation of the universe. In later comics it was established. In Eternity War, the Starseed gave Skeletor the ability to remake all of creation

>>115114690Meh, basically Shattered God. Diana’s speed and lasso already clinched it for her

So Diana being used four times is asinine, Usagi is fighting Sakura or Madoka right?

The feat came out in Feburary 2020, It might be too late for DEATH BATTLE to use the feat

>>115114905They mentioned once and they can reuse Thor and Diana a lot

>>115114905So Thor, Rogue and who' s the third?


>>115102211for the lulz :)

>>115114501I thought She-Ra was OP,does the reboot give her anything?

>>115115040He said four though

>>115115072A furry girlfriend and while He-Man is OP, She-Ra doesn’t have too many showings herself. Even then, Diana could take on He-Man just fine

>>115115072Nothing that could do anything to Wonder Woman.

>>115115094Probably misspoken

>>115115133>>115115094He’s saying that the idea of Diana being used four times would be stupid and mentioned Usagi since she’s a logical match for Diana, being another iconic magical female hero who’s backed by Gods

>>115115096Could Cheetah count as WW's furry girlfriend?

>>115114597HOLY BASED

>>115102211>ScrewattackBruh, Screwattack was dead by the time this episode came out. If anything, RoosterTeeth did it.

>>115115239you motherfucker

>>115115352It still has the original founders of the show, Ben and Chad with the research team being an established presence before Screwattack died

>death battle generalSo which is better? Mothra vs Gamera or Mothra vs Eva-02? Mothra stomps both but I see the latter requested quite a lot

>>115115239From a certain point of view. Some writers certainly have the relationship portrayed similarly to either the original She-Ra and the reboot one.

This is a based thread

>>115105499Not a chance in hell.

Is Jake the only character who actually benefited even after losing the Death Battle?A good amount of fan art was made to hype up the fight and even a few of it is just the two hanging outHelps that they both share a similar fanbase

>>115116223It got me into Gamera

Hey, Kim Possible vs Randy Cunningham. Who wins?

>>115116236That's a plus in my bookTurtle Batman needs more love>>115116264Randy curbstomps

3 of the Toho big 5 need fights>Mothra>Ghidorah>Rodan

>>115116337Ghidorah can fight Zetton, Deathwing, or Fin Fang FoomMaybe Rayquaza though you can make the case Mothra could also fight FugRodan's most thematic opponent is easily Birdon

>Thinking Ben and Hal would fight instead of Hal becoming Ben’s mentorHal and Ben have a similar level of power but I feel Hal would win because of his greater experience. Plus Hal some weird insane feats from being 60+ years old Also I’ve been listening to Emerald Heroes FOR SO LONG. Help me BROS

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>>115116363Ben is kind of arrogant sometimes he might not want a mentor

>>115116353>3-4/5 victories depending on who they choose for GhidorahThat's a good record for a franchise in DB

>>115116363>>115116504They might hang out, Hal seems like the type to let Ben drink >>115115394Gamera

Multiversal feats for Superman:>Source wall implosion>Multiversal missile destruction>Scaling to Dr Manhattan by beating the guy who was going to kill Manhattan Those are off the top of my head, anything I'm missing?

>>115117520He didn’t beat the guy who was gonna kill Manhattan, what are you talking about?

>>115117520He saved Manhatten from that guy in the Doomsday clock finale

>>115117576shit, meant for>>115117544

>>115117608The guy that was behind Manhattan wasn’t gonna kill him, he wouldn’t be able to

>they didn't show my fanartoh well, time to try to improve I guess.

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>>115114262Are we still getting livestreams for those?

bumping le epic bread

Metal gear and Godzilla winning streaks when?

>>115119416who should big boss fight?

>>115102211Reminder that Guy could stomp both of them

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Ben reads and posts here.

>>115119906I wish

>>115102211I’m still genuinely confused as to when death battle went from something to make fun of, to the definitive source on power levels bullshit.

>>115119970They promoted their research team to actually decide the outcomes, now they are correct most of the time.