Jabberjaw looking kinda cute tho

Kinda wish whatever version of the film they scrapped that had him(or her since they gender swapped him) was the one they went along with.Maybe Jabberjaw can show up for the sequel???

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I know nothing about Jabberjaw besides that genuinely kino music video. youtube.com/watch?v=Vn1pf0Xi3nU

>>115100885It would be pure kino if this song played in the credits of a Jabberjaw movie

>>115099840>gender swappedlooks like fish is on the menu, boys

>>115099840Who cares about Jabberjaw? Who has a strong attachment to this character?

>>115101574Everyone who gets no respect

>>115101574People who like sharks and the three stooges.

>>115099840Jabberjaw has always been cute

>>115100885Fuck You!

>>115099840I want to rub her nose...

>>115101574>you have to have a “strong attachment” to a character to enjoy a cartoonThis is your brain on Holla Forumsmblr

>>115101574anyone who likes sharks? actual shark characters are kind of rare in Holla Forums media, they're usually just used as hazards or antagonists.

>>115101574>Who cares about Jabberjaw? Who has a strong attachment to this character?Me and my friends

>>115101574The same people who have strong attachements to Hanna Barbera cartoons.

>>115099840Is Jabberjaw a girl?

>>115101574What does Scooby do that he neglects?

>>115102589he's a girl

>>115101574he's a shark that sounds like curly, pretty good combo if you ask me

>>115102830Would Dick pull a reverse Constantine on her?

>>115099840So what? Who cares?

The version of the movie I saw didn’t have Jabberjaw

What, wait, jabbering is trans now

>>115102340get no respect

>>115099840>they gender swapped himHe really doesn't get no respect

>>115101951Don't, sharks can be put under a trance if you stimulate their nostrils



>>115102310Butch Hartman tried it back in the 90s, but sadly never went anywhereyoutube.com/watch?v=ZoEIYE3BctQ

>>115099840Where did you get this concept art?


>>115105712Wow, it looks so different from the final product. Much darker

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>>115105799They had to cut out a bunch of characters and plot points since it would be too much in one movie.

I ship it

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>>115105821Just make it longer. This looks more fun. I wonder if the film makes money of they will go with the darker approach

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>>115105822>mfw I read a porn comic with a scene of those 2 and Dick Dastarly

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>>115105910Mah nigga

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I actually like the final design more for Dick

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This was probably for the ending?

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>>115105886>>115105799>>115105835Did this have the same plot as the final product?

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Scoob would have been so much better if they stuck with the original story.

>>115105951Some stuff no, the film had around 8 writers so expect a lot of concept art to have nothing to do with the final plot. The film had a lot of delays because they couldn't find the story right or so.

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>>115105971What was the original story? Any link on a script or info?

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>>115105960>Shaggy is getting some shark pussy

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>>115099840>>115105960Why did they make Jabberjaw a girl? He's also a female in the upcoming Jellystone cartoon.

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>>115106056There needs to be more female hanna barbera characters.

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>>115106056Is one of the Top cats missing?Also, Scooby Doo in hell

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CuteI wish they would've explore the bond between a dog OWNER and his dog better though. I love my dogs.

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>>115106056>Benny, please remind me why do we agree to be in this shit again?

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>>115106056If they make him female, that also makes him a lesbian.

>>115106135Money? Greed? Fame?

>>115105799Are those the fucking Snorks

>>115106056You see any other girls in that pic?The HB lineup is a sausagefest. The only girl that really comes to mind is Cindy.

>Penelope Pitstop got cut from the filmWhy? They didn't want to give Shaggy a gf? Rude

>>115106249Penelope Pitstop is too pure for that hippie


>>115106249>>115106298Based on the concept art, I guess they cut out Penelope and replaced her with Dee Dee

>>115106315They didn't want the wacky races part in the film because they want to do a Wacky races movie.

>>115105799What the fuck, this is a scene from Kong: Skull Island youtube.com/watch?v=QYm7pbGYCS0This one kinda looks like Tundro from the Herculoids youtube.com/watch?v=QYm7pbGYCS0>>115105938I really hope they release an artbook with all of these scenes

>>115099840Stop talking like a fucking twitter retard.

>>115106553I think they wanted those scenes to reference King Kong

>>115105938>Early design has his hat>Final design abandons itHow can you fuck up this badly?

>>115106572He wasn't Dick Dastardly without Muttley. He does have the hat in the film on pictures of him.

Reminder that this shit took 4 years to make

>>115106625And 8 writers and how many directors? They got the guy behind the DVD Scooby Doo films to direct though he isn't bad.

This concept art makes it seem like Hannah Barbera Avengers



>>115106135I dunno TC, I’m just wondering how I still don’t have a visible neck

>>115106774that's what it should've been


>>115105848Of course Daphne would just sit in the car

>>115102589They madre it a girl for this movie and the upcoming Yogu Bear show.But Here is the catch, Jabberjaw takes place in the future, so this one could very well be not the same one.

>>115106210I always asumed they where Smurf sized.

Is it me, or does all this concept art feel like it's from a tabletop RPG book, like something for an awesome Betrayal at the House on Haunted Hill or whatever the game's called RPG?

>>115105997Hello new desktop.

>No Jabberjaw meets WWE>No Jabberjaw meets Batman>No Jabberjaw and the 13 Squids>No Jabberjaw Fish School>No What’s Wet, Jabberjaw?>No Pup Named Jabberjaw>No Jaw! film to be moved from theatrical release to home release>No Jabberjaw and the Alien Invaders>No Jabberjaw on Zombie Island>No Jabberjaw & The Neptunes>No Get Wet, Jabberjaw

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>>115106210They look like Bob-ombs to me...

>>115099840Not gonna lie, I've always preferred Speed Buggy.

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Verified Scoob Kino list to watch for a palate cleanser. If anyone has Mega links that would be great.>Zombie Island>Witch's Ghost>Cyberchase>Camp Scare>Frankencreepy>Legend of the PhantosaursThe recent Brave and the Bold cross-over movie was pretty alright too but I was more excited to see Aquaman back there desu.I also shy'd away from the WWE ones, which were really just overly long memes. They didn't really had anything unique going for it.

>>115099840Imagine getting a blowjob from her...

>>115105712goddamn, this film got neutered to hell.I blame executives, focus testing, and marketing research for ruining Scoob. it's what ruins most promising movies nowadays.all of this concept art seems decently ambitious with a (somewhat) serious tone. shame the actual movie is the exact opposite

>>115110810>it's what ruins most promising movies nowadays.don't forget this film had too many (8) writers. I'd imagine that was also a major factor in Scoob becoming what it is

>>115106001Lucky for you he’s a fish lover

>>115106056>tfw no shark gf

>>115110810>>115110843The test footage is more in-Line with The concept artyoutu.be/DOTbKsT4vKI


>>115109967He and his friends get no respect. What does Scooby do that he neglects?

>>115110810this is also concept art. most of it is never used(although some can be used for future movies), and while you can make a movie based on cool scenes, you need to work REALLY HARD to make it make sense.


>>115101097A Sharknado type movie with Jabberjaw, just imagine

>>115111083I really genuinely like this test footage desu

You can pick one girl for the next HB crossover film. Who would it be?

>>115099840who's gonna save the worldwho's gonna save the dayfrom ahab crabs who steal and eerie eels with evil rays

>>115110231>>115105861You better believe if we get a sequel focused on racing or a Speed Buggy series.

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Hear me out cartoon network movie of heroes going through different CN shows to find/fight villains that are scattered throughout the worlds. with villains split up into teams>Mojo jojo and mandark in townsville>Dutchess and HIM in courage the cowardly dog>Terrence and the kanker sisters in regular show>Mandy and the Rowdyruff boys in foster's homeand villains that aren't taking the spotlight are working under the main baddies.

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>>115105925>velma in a low cut loose sweaterDayumSo the original plot was even more of a crossover with them travelling the world getting help from random HB characters to get the skulls. Would have been far more interesting than the generic blue falcon story. I suppose they didn't want to shoot their load and make future Hannah Barbera movies less hyped.


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What if nu-Jabberjaw is just gay? He acted gay on the original show.

>>115113637CN characters in HBCU can actually happen since their first few shows (Dexter, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, Weasel, PPG) were made in Hanna-Barbera studios.


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>>115114077>YOUR MOM>HAHA

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>>115113637Better story:>Cartoon Network characters live in the Cartoon Cartoon World, one day they find out their shows got cancelled and they plan to go to WB Studios to get them back and save Cartoon Network from Calarts. >Scoob and other Hanna Barbera characters can cameo but CN characters will be the main ones>Main villains? The Warner Siblings

>>115114209Better story:>one day they find out their shows got cancelled and they plan to move to other worlds>starts on the gumball finale cliffhanger of Rob falling into the STATIC

>Penelope Pitstop could possibly be coming back soonThings are looking up!

>>115110976>ywn dive into fem-Jabber's shussy

>>115114319She will be black

>>115099840I like female sharks so i'm okay with fem jabberjawwish they'd retcon more characters into being female, maybe the gay pink...whatever...tiger?

>>115114478In the concept art she is white and with Shaggy. Doubt it. They didn't racebend any characters.

Hey Concept Art user, some retard on Twitter stole your pictures and uploaded them, she got tons of likes and retweets from it.twitter.com/sophiebergers/status/1263131631285686272This was only 3 hours ago, so it's impossible they found it out themselves unless they lurked here. TRAFON for instance is notorious for stealing 4chan posts and makes Twitter posts about them a day or two later.

>>115106234HB owned the Powerpuff Girls in the 90s. Use them.

>>115114847Nah the link to them was on Twitter

>>115114847why the fuck did they change atom ant's design to dreamworks

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>>115116042it's "what does scooby do that we neglect"


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>>115116007Post Penelope Pitstop one

>>115114847It's funny how the only comment on that site is by her 4 hours ago


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>>115116211now post the herobrine one

>>115116243the what

>>115116279You heard me.

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>>115116366go stink up a Smash Roster thread, Steve


>>115106056They want the Sharktits audience


>>115109967>Pup named Jabberjaw the name still works

>>115105960>female Jabberjaw>would absolutely be voiced by Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, or Amy SchumerI'm glad we didn't get this

>>115117507If anything they would make her sound like a black sazzy woman, like the whale from Flapjack

>>115116211Now I ship Shaggy and Penelope, god dammit.

>>115115270They already are. They're just not used well now.

>>115115270Jellystone is just the animal characters I think.


>>115113346Racer Shaggy entering the Wacky races would be Kino.

>>115105822>Shaggy and Penelope Interesting pairing idea, and something I wouldn't have expected

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>>115099840>gender swapped Jabberjawand just like that I no longer care about him

>>115105848Whos the blond changing the tire?

>>115110843>(8) writers.Literally why would a movie need more than maybe 1-2 writers?I mean I don't understand the movie making process entirely but that alone seems like something it should never exceed

>>115105951They do fight cerberust but is less of an epic fight with multiple HB characters and more like Scooby high jinks with a big three headed dog.

>>115118928of course, now you care about HER

>>115118928respect women, user. Poor thing literally gets no respect at all

>>115118928People seem to forget that Jabberjaw took place in the far future, like the Jetsons but underwater, youtube.com/watch?v=RnXgEuH2XRUWho is to say present Jabberjaw is not just a different talking shark?

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>>115118962Penelope Pitstop