JSA Storytime: Transformers

Good evening owls and robofuckers,I laughed at that Pipes toy and then I felt bad :(

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>>115098641Hey ST!>I laughed at that Pipes toy and then I felt bad :(Does it make me a bad person that I just terrorized people on Discord with it's existence and laughed instead?

>>115098737I love that JRo was all ALEX LOOKA THIS

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>>115098824Optimus with a mouth still upsets me every time I see it. I'll never get used to it.

>>115098641Hello, Storyteller. Y'know what might be a fun TF series? Babylon 5, but on Cybertron. Take the Council of Worlds idea, and just just go full in on that.


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>>115098641You're too soft, ST! Gotta embrace your inner Decepticon!


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>>115098921Specifically G1 Optimus. Other OPs often have a visible mouth from the jump, so it doesn't even register, but G1 Optimus is known for the plate.

>>115098921>>115099010I've gotten used to the idea of it being removable, but likewise unless he's eating or drinking I don't want to see G1-style Prime without it.

>>115098921I grew up with Beast Wars Optimus, so him without a mouth (and that deep gravely voice) always made him look mildly villainous to me. Has Peter Cullen ever played a bad guy outside of that one episode of Megas?



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>>115098927>Y'know what might be a fun TF series? Babylon 5, but on Cybertron. Take the Council of Worlds idea, and just just go full in on that.I'd love that shit, though it being set on Cybertron itself runs into the issue that Cybertron just ain't built for people who aren't 30 feet tall and capable of turning into a car. Even disreguarding the scale and enviornmental issues, Cybertronian city planning is made with the residents being able to turn into vehicles in mind, which means that their idea of ideal city planning probably looks a lot like Dallas, massive highways would basically be pedestrian paths.Ironically setting it on an actual Babylon 5 expy might make more sense in-universe, since it could be built with accommodations for all the species involved.

>>115099002>this M. Bison looking motherfuckerHas anyone here ever played Gunstar Heroes?

>>115098641Thanks, I need something to wash away seeing Doctor Midnite ripped apart and Wes' corpse stepped on

>>115099124BEST BOYS

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>>115099100Not that I know of, though I once saw a thing where he and Welker each read as the other's character.

>>115099177Was she at least killed by somebody better than fucking Eclipso?

>>115099118>VERY WINDYBut I don't see any Jet Waifus on there anywhere![Insert Seinfeld Theme Here]

>>115099231shade ripped him in half

>>115098753A madman storytimed Maneaters, and what the fuck is Cain's brain problem?>>115098824Panel 5 Optimus looks so friendly! Like he's trying to get me a great deal on a mortgage!

>>115099155I was thinking more just take the colonies and have them be nations on Cybertron. We don't really need aliens for this. >>115099190I knew you'd like Kup. He's basically Wildcat as a giant robot, or at least that archetype.


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>>115098927Do we still get meaningless Purple vs Green wars?

>>115099190These two make me feel comfy by proxy whenever they show up together. Some books have been meh, but I'm glad we detoured to Action Man to get to know Ian before he met Kup.

>>115099245>Shade killing Heroes>And Pieter of all HeroesGod damn.


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>>115099286Ideally, no. I too am sick of the Bot/Con conflict being fucking obligatory. It'd be nice to see these characters explored free of the context of the war. >>115099265Hold on, are Arcee and Kup meant to be friends? If so, how did I miss that? I kinda dig that idea, actually.

>>115099351johns is trash

>>115099368I kind of want that vehicle to reveal itself as a Cybertronian during a pivotal moment.


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>>115099255Maneaters is the most disappointing shit, Cain's such a loony toon and I wanted the book to be full-on old school radical feminism that you just don't see anymore, but it's actually just boring and trite.>>115099351Honestly that sounds like a recipe for a fake-out to me


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>>115099417FIRSTPANELSHE'SINANDSHE'SALREADYBEINGACUNTThat HAS to be a record for a character that's not explicitly a villain.

>>115099265wow he really is just robo wildcat right down to being immortal

>>115099100>Has Peter Cullen ever played a bad guy outside of that one episode of Megas?Motherfucking VENGER, son.

>>115099351shade used to be a villain

>>115099417>Pyra>first line of dialogue is bitching about Optimus-sigh- Everyone who participated in the poll must've been fucking pissed when this is what they got. Though I do like that even Arcee is telling her to shill her shit for a damn second.

>>115099526nope, he was a good boy who did nothing wrong

>>115099516No fuckin' way!

>>115099450I agree with this take on Cain--the actual period stuff was the most interesting and sincere stuff in the book, the body horror and grossness etc.

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>>115099556robinson please

>>115099396>I too am sick of the Bot/Con conflict being fucking obligatoryYOU DIDN'T WATCH BABYLON 5!Which reminds me, how available are Rising Stars trades nowadays? I have the first volume and probably outta track down at least the end of that arc.

>>115099526Yeah, but he was a "Steal this shit, book" villain not a "MUAHAHAHAH TEAR YOU LIMB FROM LIMB!" type.

>>115099570I ragequit B5 when the ending to the Shadow/Vorlon war was such an insult to my and everyone's intelligence

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>>115099155>people who aren't 30 feet tallNot a problem. Most species are gigantic in Transformers universes.


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>>115099652Honestly, seeing how species with ridiuclously different scale sizes interacting could be neat. I especially like the ideas of Humans (or roughly same sized aliens) working as weirdo pit crews for the TFs.

>>115099561Also the Predator. Dude's an accomplished voice actor for a reason.

>>115099646Wasn't it basically the main character telling the god-like ascended beings to piss off because they were being mean to the mortal species? And it worked.

>>115099155>>115099652Don't forget holomatter avatars.

>>115099741It was Sheridan bitching at them and they left.Fucking Sheridan.

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The only thing I know about B5 is the story about how Harlan Ellison had previously said he'd never work on a show that had sound in space, but in the show the ship engines did have sound, so him and JMS had to come up with some horseshit to explain how actually you COULD "hear" something akin to sound in space, but I don't know if they actually implemented that into the show later on

Hey OP, have you watched any Beast Wars? If not I suggest the episode "Possession".

>>115099749How could we? It was a damn enjoyable mini arc. One that further proved that geewuners hate fun. I wish holomatter avatars got more play in the franchise. It would certainly be useful in actually doing something with the robots in disguise concept.

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>>115099870Hell, I suggest the whole series. It ain't prefect, but it's good shit.

>>115099265>Don't "kid" meBecause if you remember, I was recently retconned into being as old as he Thirteen Primes, because I'm IDW Arcee, and I am stupid piled on top of stupid.


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>>115099870Uhhh, I remember having watched some of it first run, vaguely

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>>115099892I'm a geewunner who loved it, but I will admit that my kind tend to be close-minded and crusty.>>115100007I actually like her personality at this point, but yeah, her life story is a mess.

>>115099417Goddamn, Optimus just can't stop grinning. He's so into the idea of humans on Cybertron he's jammed his faceplate open!


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>>115100007I don't want to be one of those fucking assholes who says something cryptic that actually spoils it for you if you think about it for more then two seconds, but it makes more sense later

Awww they put an Easter egg of Johns sister in Stargirl

>>115100044Beast Wars is just 90s Star Trek but Transformers And a Rhino farts in one episode

>>115100018>>115100044Would Barber rather be writing Action Man? Cause for some reason, he seems to just straight up give more of a shit about Ian. Whenever he's on panel, there's a noticeable sense of fun, and characters aren't being dicks to each other for no reason.

>>115100079Can this guy stop switching sides for two fucking seconds

dunno where user is getting the "ripped apart" from.This is the last we see of Mid-Nite. He gets grabbed by that hand and pulled away>>115100082where? I saw that the theatre was playing "The Liberty Files"

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>>115100079Fuck you, Mike Centurion.>>115100007>>115100080I mean Kup has license to call ANYONE kid: he's older than the universe at this point.

>>115100079>>115100127yes>>115100134this too, fuck

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>>115099450It was more baffling than any kind of angering.Like, it's all confused metaphors and self defeating arguments. And nonsense plot details like tactical corgis and doll blimps.

>>115100148Look, Kup, you are the best, but if Optimus wants you to hang out with him, he's got that right too

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>>115100138DUnno, the girl who plays Stargirl tweeted it. It’s a picture of the two of them so I guess it’s like she’s an old friend or something

>>115099646Eh, you got the best of the series by that point, at least.

>>115100067>I'm a geewunner who loved it, but I will admit that my kind tend to be close-minded and crusty.Shit like that is why I outright reject ANY sacred cow bullshit. Super Metroid, Cowboy Bebop, Perez Wonder Woman, etc. I would argue that it's healthy to criticize things you like. >>115100134>>115100148Bootleg Tony Stark stopped being relevant long ago, and I do not understand why he's still here.

>>115100207He's worried he can't compete with Optimus

>>115099670Wait, isn't Colditz dead?


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>>115100320>>115100282I think I ran this all a bit out of order

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>>115099800Well, Sheridan WAS an Interspeckes Space Jesus, if anyone was gonna say Go and Stay Go to Angels, it'd be him.Ian, stop fighting it, she is your girlfriend, and your foreplay involves fighting ninjas.

>>115099803Harlan Ellison sure did love getting paid money!

>>115100346let's round this off

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Loved the discussion last thread about not even knowing you're looking at Transformers porn.

>>115100356>Ian, stop fighting it, she is your girlfriend, and your foreplay involves fighting ninjas.Snake Eyes is going to need to give him the Talk.

>Marvel announces full slates going forward>changes Empyre to a weekly, because LCS's are gonna LOVE that

>>115100320I don't why that first panel of Arcee is so cute, but it is. >>115100207>I thought that was our thing. Speaking of cute. Yeah, this definitely reads like the author being more invested in Kup and Ian.

>>115100391Whatever do you mean nigga

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OP there's one more day to claim GTAV btw

>>115100512I got it--turned out I had an Epic account? I think I got Batman Simulator ages ago and just never installed it, lol

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>>115100067Yeah, she's not written as a lunatic anymore, but they seem to be trying to make up for that by making her backstory dumber.


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>>115100574Kup...Cuck...Oh no

>>115100536Also PSA: Sleeping Dogs is three bones on HumbleBundle and that game is fuckin excellent


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>>115100633FinallyHuman x Transformer rommanceYou cockblocked me with Jazz x that evil Mexican woman but now I wont be denied

>>115100633>>115100574ian dont shes a crazy sociopath

>>115100346No, I mean I thought he died before Grace was ever revealed as Dr X.

>>115100666thundercracker/marissa satan


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>>115100570Arcee is very uneven at first, but it didn't take too long for the writing on her to stablize into lovably grumpy with shades of nurturing. I mean, she basically became Prime Arcee. I don't really have a problem with her being super old and Galvatron's sister. The problem is that we learn about that relation after Galvatron is dead, so it never amounts to anything.

>>115100694I always saw them more as friends

>>115100435Why even bother pretending to care about new comics at this point? They just bread disappointment,

>>115100668Ian is pretty explcitly into femdom at this point. That's not me exaggerating, that's just the text.

>>115100723This is fair, it's text

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>>115100702You're giving Prime Arcee too much credit

>>115100712well you saw them wrong

>>115100618Signed on Sleepy Dawgs. That is a fun GTA.

>>115100767Don't spoil it! So far they seem just like good friends

>>115100574>>115100633>he is straight up hitting on herNice. >>115100755Fuck you.

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>>115100574Ian, stop, that robutt used to be male!


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>>115100810Now now, this isn't that OTHER Transformers thread on Holla Forums

>>115100820>>115100820ian doesnt discriminate

>>115100755Well, I liked Prime Arcee, so you're clearly wrong.


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>>115100697>>115100745Is it just me, or is this issue fun? Like, the focus team as an enjoyable dynamic, some nice banter, there are jokes that land... We may have discovered Barber's strength.

>>115100894As soon as Action Man and Kup started talking it became fun

>>115100876how is Tales of Berseria? Because the NAMCO bundle intrigues me for REROLL, which would let me play on muh PC and not have to dig out wherever the fuck I stashed the PS2, for Katamari

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>>115100912AND NOW, BACKSTORY TIME!!!!>>115100894Arcee and the intestines is a crop-worthy panel

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>>115100912This nigga might as well be a Sticky Wall Climber Rolling Man toy with how much he flips

>>115100957See we didn't need to read the second Hearts of Steel after all

>>115100957So how are you owlsI am fucking exhausted

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>>115100957>Arcee and the intestines is a crop-worthy panelAgreed.

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>>115101026also that look of disgust, I feel that deeply

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>>115101011I'm doing okay but I went to other boards and I was reminded this is the only good place to speak about Transformers on 4Chan

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>>115100912Not very good but not as bad as the other post-PS2 Tales games>>115101011I had to take my kitty to the emergency room this morning, he broke out of the house and must have got in a fight with something overnight.Thankfully he had no injuries worse than some bruises and it seems like he's just more emotionally hurt than physically. He's a sensitive boy.


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>>115101082Does anyone on this hellhole even know any critical words other than "shit"

>>115101087Damn I feel ya brutha. I have cats with no teeth so I freak the fuck out whenever they go outside and don't come in all night, hope your little niggas alright

>>115101087awwww, poor kittyThat makes me think about Steve Lieber's cat Snag, who gets into regular fights and wears the Cone of Shame

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>>115101107It's just so versatile.


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>>115101011Doing alright. Just kind of another day. >>115101050That third panel is so cheesy, and I LOVE it. Why can't the rest of the book be like this?

>>115100384almost as much as - if not just a little bit more than - he hated human beings!


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>>115101011Annoyed at some doctors but otherwise content. Gave into junk food cravings today, which tricked my brain into thinking I was legit happy.

>>115101167Harlan was kind of like if cranky had an ego, isn't he>>115101124It's worrying because on the one hand you know cats are highly evolved predators who thrive in the dark, but then you remember how the other day he fell off the counter because he was rolling around on his back for no reason and it hurts your faith in their survival abilities

>>115100974He's got that Big Show morality.

>>115100912>>115101087I kinda want to play Berseria just for the main character, Velvet Crowe, who seems like she's fun at parties. >>115101082/m/ taught me a new transphobic slur. The specific person who said it is, ironically, a Ghost in the Shell fan.


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>>115101275I live in the woods so every time they somehow get outside despite my best efforts they come back with earmites and fleas and shitBut yes, although, part of that might be because it's easier for them to sink their claws into wood in the wild, rather than our smooth counters

>>115101287>/m/ taught me a new transphobic slur. The specific person who said it is, ironically, a Ghost in the Shell fan.Now my brain hurts.

>>115101287I always liked Real Drive more anyway

>>115101287She's not great or anything but I have a huge weakness for edgelords

>>115101353>>115101287what does gits have to do with trannies

>>115101441The Major from Ghost in the Shell was originally a man

>>115101320Oh, Ian, you idiotThanks for readingback tomorrow

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>>115101418Her design is hilarious, too. >>115101460Well, possibly. It's never actually clear if the Major is trans or not, but it's still a cyberpunk story about cyborgs and identity politics.

>>115101460 its been suggested, but nope she was always a female

>>115101441It's hard to be gender essentiallist when people are just bodyswapping left and right because it's a transhumanist android setting.

>>115101519Thanks for posting, ST!

>>115101519Thanks for running, OP.

>>115101519These were some pretty good issues. Thanks as always, OP!

>>115101519Thanks for posting as always, Storyteller. Seriously, this issue was really enjoyable. Again, I think Barber's strength as a writer might lie in team dynamics and lighthearted adventures. If so, he should consider sticking to that.

>>115101519Thanks OPI hope Ian gets to fuck a robot one day

So I'm not asking for spoilers here, but when IDW reset the Transformers universe, did it reset all their other comics that took place in that universe too?Like, I don't know if ROM is still ongoing, but couldn't Transformers still show up in that?

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>>115101726I don't even know if they're publishing other lines at the moment, so I can't help you there.

>>115099100Yeah, Cullen did some villain roles in the 80s.

>>115101460Crack theory made up by people who never saw 2nd Gig and took a line from a conversation she had with Batou at the tail end of the first season too far.

>>115101519>I LIKE older womenIan, you maniac.

>>115101809I saw it when it aired on Adult Swim but barely remember any of it except for the final episode was people shooting paragraphs at each other I wonder how expensive the DVDs are...

>>115101275>Harlan was kind of like if cranky had an ego, isn't heIn his case having an ego was at least somewhat deserved. Whatever criticisms we might have for him, we can't ever say he didn't put the work in.

>>115101726>but when IDW reset the Transformers universe, did it reset all their other comics that took place in that universe too?yes

>>115102273No. ROM still has comics happening.

>>115101519Thanks ST, rest well.

>>115102925Are they still in that continuity? The one where all the crossovers happened and he has a giant daughteru?

>>115100127We should run that Bumblebee movie prequel sometime since it's actually good despite not being canon in any way whatsoever. It deals with spy stuff like Action Man.

>>115100138Oh my god, that's so gory, spoiler that stuff!

>>115102925in a new continuity

>>115100272>I would argue that it's healthy to criticize things you like.Frankly I do that with everything I like. It is healthy.

>>115103353poor kid from ET, taken from us too soon

>>115101082Anon, it's toy. People will talk IDW, some fucker will complain and then you can keep talking IDW. We had that person on Holla Forums but we kinda drove him mad.

>>115101785He even did Red Skull in that one Spider-Man cartoon.

>>115101849Not that much expensive it turns out. Thankfully.

>>115100845What other TF thread?


>>115103968The one where everyone is bitching about their least favorite cartoon.

>>115105023Don't you just love those threads

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>>115105023To be fair, the WFC show may very well suck.

>>115099468>>115099570> warmongering shitheads blowing up cybertron againJust give me some human-cybertronian interaction LORE damn it.> average human meets the average cybertronian> nothing exploded> everything went better than expected

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>>115101519I admire Ian's willingness to go for it.


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>>115100435Meanwhile, all Marvel Comics that are not on the revised May-July 2020 schedules are taken down from PREVIEWSworld. If several manage to be resolicited, they will be given new item codes.

Hi thread, missed this one yesterday. Venting, but I felt so fucking awful and down yesterday and now I feel fine. Absolutely hate my own brain. Hope you're all safe

>>115108133It's something that happens. Likewise I hope you are ok.

>>115098921I am okay with some of them, for Optimus I like his Spotlight idea the most, that the faceplate is removable but he autistically clings to it, so I only want him to get it off for reasons. Others are okay without it in general though most of them are guys we have seen the faces of from the get go like Sentinel and then there are absolute no-gos like Soundwave. I headcanon his piece to be part of the face just as the visor. They are robots anyway so they don't necessarily need normal faces, see Lugnut and the likes.

>>115110087I want to see Optimus with a fixed grinning mouth.

>>115099530I hope so much they will never do a poll again. That bitch will probably be in every series too now because of this. If fans want their waifu shit they should just create OCs themselves and write fics, at least I can ignore these.

>>115100127Yes I love his Action Man, I would even read a full series of it. Just proves again that people can be good or bad writers depending on what they have to deal with. Maybe Barber simply gives as much of a fuck about Earth as we do, his TF/ROM story and a few TF sidequests were great.

>>115101082>the >idw poster againBy now I am sure this must either be a script or a literal kanner tier autist. He also seems to be awake 24/7, scanning threads for probable mentions of idw or screenshots from the comics.>>115101287>/m/ taught me a new transphobic slur. The specific person who said it is, ironically, a Ghost in the Shell fan.I still find the irony so funny that the people that came up with the red and blue pilling are trans.

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>>115110948Who's the scorpion guy?

>>115111260Seems to be a female OC. Gay.

>>115111384>big affectionate faceplated scorpion robot gf ...yes, so gay, haha.

Does anyone else think that Burcham is criminally underused?

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>>115111482dating females is gay af

>>115111526He is. It's different but it can be fun.

>>115100697>it's always a trap, isn't itBoy, you've got no idea.

What is Prowl doing all this time?The last time we saw him was during the Sentinel rampage wasn't it? Is he still cleaning cogs with Fort Max?

>>115101320Where did they get that rope?>>115101519Oh god, this is so fucking cheesy. It's great.

>>115112450You'd think he or any of the others would have been present during the zombie titan invasion, Or at least called someone up to warn them about it. It's crazy how much the setup for that crappy event felt like an afterthought.

>>115112981It really didn't align as well as it could have done with the other current series. Damn Hasbro for always coming up with such stuff and forcing it in. Though in general I want it to happen because I honestly liked it or at least a bunch of aspects about it, it just wish the planning was better. And, again, FUCK Blackrock, seriously. He always feels misplaced as fuck in every damn series he appears in and nothing he did in that arc was relevant and couldn't have been done by Sentinel alone and he usually even did and Blackrock just tagged along for whatever reason.Is there a reason for why this guy is spooking a lot post-RID series? Was he part of some commercial stuff or some G1 comic writer's beloved OC or some crossover hint I missed?

>>115113182>some G1 comic writer's beloved OCActually, he was discount Tony Stark in the US Marvel stories.

>>115113182I don't dislike Blackrock, but his appearances have certainly be inconsistent. I had completely forgotten that he was even in that crossover just because of how all over the place it felt. The story, the tone, the art; it was an inconsistent mess.

>>115098824Prime looks so much younger without the mouthplate

>>115113455I find his half-robot thing going on very weird, it feels like some superhero stuff but not in a good way.

>>115113466Prime reason to wear it, he's too handsome and may even look inexperienced.

>>115098824He should wear the mask, he is even standing nearby other people and he is old and heavy.

This slut will be the idw2 endgame villain, prove me wrong.

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>>115115053He does give that vibe, but I doubt it.

>>115112104His Nova is very nice.Why can't humans look like this?

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>>115110204>That bitch will probably be in every series too now because of this.She won't, and she hasn't. Windblade's in everything because that's the entire point of her. Victorion was just to make a new combiner while the combiner toyline was happening.

Does anyone have a reading list for the old Marvel/Marvel UK Transformers comics?

>>115116388She is in IDW2 but she has yet to show up. Hopefully she'll be nicer.

>>115117488>Hopefully she'll be nicer.>Is literally in a prison due to how dangerous she is and also most likely a war criminal that killed Cyclonus' friend and drove him insane and not even Sentinel Prime gives anybody the okay to let her out to help fighting the Cons due to how much of a threat she poses.If anything she seems to be a female Overlord.Still an improvement though.

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>>115118078Overlord is at least half woman.

>>115118232Good. It only makes me feel half as gay for liking him.

>>115118259Robofuckery knows no gender IMO

>>115118232The girl half is the lower half, so technically you can actually stick your dick in that. No Overlord titties for you though.

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>>115118896I really want to get Cranky's perspective on robot girls when objectively they can just switch out their genitals and secondary sexual characteristics as they wish.Like one Overlord does have big titties actually but two he could have even bigger ones if he wanted to. And a big ole robot vag.