Draw my Waifu/Husbando

Post your character template. Try to draw a character from the template above your post.Or post waifu/husbando charts.You don’t have to be good just draw.Pic template example.

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Bump for interest.

I need to make a template

>>115097566>having more than one waifusodomite detected

>>115098230Thinking you’re the first choice for your waifu.

Fuck I can’t draw.

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>>115098463Sketch. Reworking.

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>>115099178I tried

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>>115099576This is really nice user. Great work!

>>115099661Thanks man

>>115097566would it be narcissistic to fill one of these templates with drawings of your waifus that you yourself did?

>>115099116>>115099576How long have you been drawing for?

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>>115100251A long while.>>115100193No it wouldn’t. Go ahead user.>>115099116Still working on the revamp.

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>>115097566I’ma bump for ya’ll niggas.

>>115098463I colored it but hated it.

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>>115100251As long as I can remember. Doesn’t mean I’m good at it though

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>>115101424I think you’re really good user, I like the expression. Really makes it lively.

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Bump for more waifu/husbando requests.

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Fun thread OP

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oh yeah like we haven't had this done before

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>>115102007That shit was fun tho.

>>115102027Think we should do it again?

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>>115100251>>115101424Thanks you two. >Doesn’t mean I’m good at it thoughDon't be too hard on yourself, man. You did great.


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>>115102468I'm reusing this kekThanks user

I can’t make a grid thing because I’m phone posting but, here’s some Waifus I got.>Will Vandom (W.i.t.c.h)>Charlie (Hazbin Hotel)>Lapis lazuli>Eda the Owl lady>Vicky Schmidt (Monster Prom)>Maxine (Balak)>Filia (Skullgirls)>Squiggly (Skullgirls)

>>115102154Hell yeah, I actually found some new art for it.

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>>115102594who's 2°?

>>115102642Jenny LeClue shes from a small indie game by the same name

I guess since this is a drawthread, and I already posted my waifu, BW, I want to ask some questions. For any artist who has been involved with Holla Forums's drawthread. Any complaints? Usually, it's just from requesters.>>115102636Lol.

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The last thread rose and fell before I could get access to my sketchbook, I hope this one lives a while into tomorrow because I see a lot I want to draw

>>115102670thankso, she cute

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>>115101964You’ve reawakened a deep seated love of a husbando of mine.Trying to do as many as I can. So not clean.>>115102487Thanks user.

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>>115097566alright I'll post mine

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>>115102673most artist who talk about the threads usually get annoyed about people who complain.

>>115102328Did you notice Wuya has a widow’s peak?Because Wuya has a widow’s peak.

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>>115103523unexpected vegeta

>>115102328I’ve actually drawn Wuya a lot.

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>>115101456Here ya go anonI've never drawn anything DBZ before till now

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>>115103982That’s fine user. You did good for your first try! Thanks for the delivery.

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>>115104072Your stuff is so clean. Thanks for keeping the thread alive.>>115104056You have spectacular taste.

>>115097566It's on!

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>>115102594had fun with this

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>>115103523>>115103874Thanks a lot! Second pic is super cute, I want to tease her by playing with the ear tip.

>>115104481lel its great thank you

>>115104497Thanks user.>>115102518Wip.

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>>115104701Not OR but that's pretty!

do you start with a tablet to learn how to draw on computers

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>>115102636>>115103553mfw two anons one pichope y'all like it

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>>115104267I don't know how to draw so I did my best dang it!

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>>115097566So I can't just post one waifu and hope somebody draws her?

>>115097566I posted in your previous thread, about how I would post my husbando chart, but was too ashamed of my drawing skills. Seeing this post >>115102518 gave me an idea: if I can't draw, why not make someone's chart for them? Since you only have eight waifus, I couldn't make the usual chart and instead opted for a 2x4 grid. I tried using the most aesthetic and high quality images I could find, but I actually had a lot of trouble finding an image of Eda that I liked. In the end, I defaulted to just using an image from her show, if that's OK. Hope you like it! And I hope this is an acceptable alternative to drawing.

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>>115104912I just realize I miss read the rules of the thread. Whoops!

>>115104933This is actually Nice thank you!

>>115104933And here's my chart! Finally I can post it. Unfortunately it's mostly /a/.

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>>115104958I'm guessing that's Killua on the far right cornerbut whose the one below that?

>>115097566I know it’s pretty basic bitch taste but eh, I like em.

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>>115105048That is Killua. Was debating if I should even use that image for him, but I liked it too much not to. Person below him is Husky from +Anima.

>>115104917You can. The sheet just gives options.

>>115105090thanks user

>>115105116Well in that case, I can at least put four images together to give choices.Does it matter if only two of them are Holla Forums or is that fine?

>>115105361Anon the first image drawn is Holla Forums. Pick whoever you want.

>>115105419Alright then.files.catbox.moe/kg38hr.png

>>115104870I really like this. It has a gorillaz feel.She feels like she’s awkwardly greeting people. Only critique would be a little more feminine features. Like eyelashes or eyeliner. A little circle for blush.

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>>115102518>>115104701>>115104933>>115104741Thanks user! Bump for progress.

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>>115106174Nice artwork.

>>115105082Cunt who made this here, I’ll probably make some changes tomorrow.

>>115097566I’ll probably do some sketches, be warned that I don’t have a tablet, so I’ll just do it on paper.

>>115105707Holy fuck user, are you me? Great taste! Congratulations.

>>115106174Last one until I try to recreate this style better.

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I got a shitton so I grayed out the ones that aren't Holla Forums-related but I guess if it's allowed you can pick any of 'em. I love seeing new art of my favorite men.

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>>115107076Did you ever see the line work update on one of your guys in the old thread?

Only got one, and her name is Frida Mofette

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>>115107114>>115107114Wait, what!? Are you talking about the thread from a day ago? I thought it died after I replied; it was on page 8 and it didn't seem to bump afterwards.

>>115107647I did this last thread.

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>>115107674 Nice, also did anyone saved the Thor artwork from the previous husbando thread?

>>115107684I still have it.

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I like best girls

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>>115107695Nice, thanks mate.

>>115107779Why user? What makes her attractive?

>>115107821I like tanned girlsI like bitchy charactersI like cheerleadersI like thots


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This took so long...Well, have fun, I'll try to draw something for somebody later too.

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>>115098463>>115108028>edelgardfag and dimitrifag in one thread

>>115108008Pretty neat so far.

Aw, I thought you guys were drawing amalgamations of everyone in the chart. That would've been wild.

>>115108008Last update for the night. Try to keep the thread alive.>>115108529Too few artists for that.

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>>115107779here you go, Bonnie in her regular shcool outfit.

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Snarky Kara is the best one. A Peej is fine too>>115109150Gothpilled

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>>115108990Thanks senpai!

>>115110022No, problem, that was the purpose of this thread.I just hope somebody could draw mine too.>>115108028

>>115108529That sounds fun, I want to try that with someone’s chart now, make their ultimate waifu/husbando


>>115103120It's alright, it still looks very good. Thanks!>>115104072Your art and Tom is great! Thank you!

>>115105455alright quick update

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I really need to stop being lazy and add more Holla Forums guys to this, or move to a larger chart.

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>>115104958Did a quick sketch of Ren, I'm a bit of a glasses fetishist so I almost added his glasses from the first game before reigning myself in

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>>115098230you're damn right I'd let my harem fuck my ass

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>>115112941nice I like it my guy

>>115112016hi ghiafag>>115104774yes if you're already decent enough at traditional art. it's best to have a grasp of the fundamentals before you go digital

>>115109192Last one for now, my hand's starting to cramp a little.>>115113343I'm always kinda shocked anyone remembers me as that!

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>>115112836This is my first time posting art in 4chan

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>>115114109Very cute and clean art!

>>115112579Ooooooooooh! Thank you so much! And it's so rare to run into a fellow Renbro, it's such a pleasant surprise. Thank you again for the image.


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>>115104056I see you have a type

>>115112016Here ya go anonI really hope he didn't die, but seeing him get chopped to pieces it seems like he's a goner

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>>115115267BEAM! Thank you so much fellow beambro! I’m holding out hope he lives, but I’m also thankful that even if he dies, since he’s a devil he’s still in a never-ending hell-to-earth cycle, so he’ll never truly be dead.

>>115104200Who’s the girl in the center?

>>115115805Dou Damsel/ Triplicate Girl from Legion of Super Heroes 2006 cartoon

>>115111429Looks like something out of a Laika movie.

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>>115108675More updates. Reworked body.

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>>115116603Why not?

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Sorry I didn’t use a template. My waifu is Echo.

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>>115116727Thanks man


>>115097566I can't draw for shit but I love spunky girls and femdom>>115099178I like your taste>>115104056I hate Ada and Dragonball but good taste regardless>>115104774I feel it>>115105707>>115105082I dig, though I dislike Invisible Woman and the chick from Kim Possible>>115112836Mostly good

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>>115116727Last for this.>>115117879Np. I wish I did something more expressive for a wedding dress.

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>>115107674Oh that's awesome, thanks!