Who could defeat her?

Who could defeat her?

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Kirby has this in the bag

>>115097372Pretty much everybody.

My first instinct is Galactus but he might end up getting eaten instead.

>>115097398Yeah, daredevil would whoop its ass.

>>115097475>Daredevil beats Remina by poking her eye out with his itty bitty hornsAbsolute pottery

>>115097432Something like that would try to poison him or turn him insane because horror logic.

>>115097432Could Remina do anything to a cosmic entity? I mean, it's huge, strong and fast but it seems like that and mutating regular life forms is all that it can do. Granted if Galactus ate it whatever energies inside might fuck him up.

>>115097372I don't recall that it had any powers, so really lots of people could destroy it. Low level guys in Freeza's gang could probably blow it up

>>115097372Silver Surfer or Thor


>>115097372Ego the living Planet would fuck Up remina any time. Hell the Guy can go toe-toe vs galactus

>>115097372Any planet buster probably

>>115097580>Could Remina do anything to a cosmic entity?Remina *is* a cosmic entity. It's not just a planet that eats other planets. It's a god-like being of ultimate power. It sensed that it was being watched from god knows how many millions of lightyears away and made a beeline to close the distance in weeks or days.

Could Remina kill The Grimace?

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>>115097372Coop, Megas, and a refrigerator full of pop-rocks and soda.Although our planet would be covered in trillions upon trillions of Remina-bits, I'm sure the free market could handle it.

>>115097842That sounds terrible for every living being on earth.

>>115097842Best answer.>>115098080So a typical post-Megas day for Earth.

Any planet buster

>>115097372Steven Universe, or any protagonist with the Matrix Of Leadership. Any main villain group in Star Wars, because they always end up with a planetkiller.

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>>115097372Gonna just take a wild shot in the dark here, so my three choices are Beta Ray Bill, Larfleeze, and if "she" is that powerful, then Popeye would be able to take her down.


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>>115098357You fucking wish.

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>>115097372Link with a bow and arrow

Mogo? But honestly compare the size of it to Earth is absolutely terrifying especially its tongue. I'm not sure if any planet buster would even touch this thing.

>>115097384Jack Kirby?


>>115098977kirby and jack kirby team up. cute and cosmic.

>>115097384She's basically a kirby villain.

Not sure who that is but it looks like some Lovecraftian horror shit, so probably Constantine?Or if allowing non-western, Guts. Definitely Guts.

>>115099722cbr.com/hellstar-remina-space-manga/Remina is a living planet, moves faster than physics should allow, eats planets, surface is covered in aggressive and hostile life forms, it's surface is incredibly caustic to everything but the strange forms of life that survive on its surface.

>>115099875Been a while since I read the story, only really remember based hobo astronaut. Didn’t Remina also trick people to strand themselves on the surface of the planet or were they just unlucky?


>>115097580>>115097737Remina managed to devour the entire Hydra Constellation in under a year. The Hydra Constellation is composed of stars as far as 20,000 lightyears apart. It can tank energy that would mass-scatter our sun a thousand times over.Most of the suggestions in this thread die horrible deaths.

>>115099949There was a weird mind control implied.

>>115098260Lulno. Most planet busters are dead before they can react if Remina isnt fucking around.


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>>115099875ohh I see. Much bigger than I assumed from the image. Thanks. I have heard of this before, actually.I assume we're avoiding obvious solutions, like "lel Superman can sneeze it out of the galaxy"

>>115100045Most versions of Supes can't fight a serious Remina in any real sense. The ones that can (such as Pre-Crisis, who has that sneeze feat you brought up) are such obvious stomps that there's little point to bringing them up other than being a shitter.

>>115097372the square-cube law

>>115097580>>115097432In the most Doctor Strange run it was shown that Galactus is able to devour objects made of magic. But, as a being of """science""" it flipped his polarity and threatened to reverse the physics of the cosmos. Depending on what side of the spectrum Remina falls on it'll probably be easy PZ

>>115100307Remina definitely isn't anything scientific. Its basically a literal hellspawn.

>>115097372Popeye, Bugs Bunny, Droopy, Power-man.

>>115100036Natural enemies

>>115100307That sounds absolutely retarded desu.

>>115100387Luke Cage?

>>115101357Luke didn't hyphenate user.

>>115100036Way too slow.

>>115099583>The first Kirby game’s plot was LITERALLY “Oh no! The stars are disappearing from the night sky!”Kirby would absolutely deck that hellstar

>>115102875If he was high on some sort of endgamey power-up at the time, maybe- otherwise, his only chance would be to find Nova and try to wish it out of existence.


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>>115097384First post beat me to it.youtube.com/watch?v=M3RGJVPN6aQ

>>115097372Unicron converts it into a lobotoimized version of itself that wishes it could die.

>>115102814It can go faster than light speed idiot

>>115103556And? It can't fire at those speeds. And even if it could, Remina is faster to degrees that very, very few things in Star Wars can compare to. It would literally ram through the Death Star with ZERO issue.

>>115100036While I think a solid hit absolutely would destroy Remina, there's no way she doesn't just fly around the beam and avoid it.


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>>115097372The Powerpuff Girls already defeated it.

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>>115097372Either one of the Doctors - Who or Manhattan - would skull-fuck it.


>>115103589Would positioning the Death Star in the middle of a solar system and then blasting it while it's eating work?

>>115104002Remina eats stars, likely by plunging face first into them as it does with planets. It mass-scattering Jupiter and Saturn without even chipping the flora and fauna on its surface is levels of durability nothing in Star Wars barring dubiously canon material can compare to. It could almost certainly face-tank a Death Star beam if it wanted.>>115104464Remina doesn't bother with physically eating unless it has a reason to, as shown when it played around with Earth for a bit. Its preferred method seems to be ramming planets at speeds approaching c, and then sucking up the vaporized remains. So it would just speed right through all the planets in that solar system and out through the Death Star.

>>115097691Believe in Steven!

>>115097372It's got a pretty large eyeball there, so I'm going for someone with a really long poking stick.

>>115097708Remina is not just a planet, though, she is a cosmic horror - and TEN TIMES as large as Ego in diameter.She is more than twice as big as Unicron, even.>>115098080Megas, baby...>>115100147worldbuilding.stackexchange.com/questions/9948/is-there-a-theoretical-maximum-size-for-rocky-planets

>>115103496...I would think so, buuuut.... Remina is almost like a version of him. >>115105198That could actually work. Or sand!

>>115103496Better yet, they fuck.

>>115105198IIRC in an interview Junji Ito said it's eyeball which is part of god's like Spiral is part of God's intestines.. so we haven't seen the god's true form in junjiverse yet.. he seems pretty multiversal at fullpower or possibly more powerful.. it reminds me of lovecraftism even he admitted he was a huge fan of H.P. Lovecraft no wonder the most horror writers were obsessed with Lovecraft theme

>>115105370Huh, neat. Mind seeing if you could find that interview again, user? The idea that Remina and the Spiral are both technically parts of a whole is really intriguing.

>>115097372Two things regarding Transformers:1) In Japanese continuity, in the far distant future when humanity has joined the Cybertronian race as Transformers and Earth was renamed Gaea and left to be reclaimed by nature, it became saturated with mysterious energy called Angolmois which the Maximals and Predacons fought over. Eventually some evil robots claimed it all and injected it into Unicron’s corpse since it was his scattered lifeforce, resurrecting him as an organic version of himself who coincidentally looks exactly like her. Pic related. He attacked Gaea but was killed again.

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>>1151054832) In the American Classics and Beast Wars Uprising continuities, Gaea isn’t just Earth’s true name, but she is actually a robot god of the same species as Primus AKA Cybertron and Unicron AKA Angolmois. She’s also SIGNIFICANTLY stronger than them, because unlike Primus who drained himself creating Cybertronians and Unicron who remained active and needed to consume planets to simply avoid dying, she has been hibernating at full strength for most of the history of the universe while she watched her children grow on her surface. She beats the absolute fuck out of them both.

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>>115105483>>115105527So yeah, Earth can take care of itself. Humans have to live on the moon while she’s in robot mode though, because she loses gravity and atmosphere when not in rotation.

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>>115097372>Materialize Tardis around her>Put her in one the back storage Galaxies he keeps>Time lock it> Unleash her on Skaro Yeah I think he got this in the bag.He'll probably just dump her at the end of the universe and let her starve to really stop her though.

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>>115097372ah the new battery has arrived

any god of destruction

>>115105583because i'm a dumbass who forgot to add the image

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I would kick her dumb fucking eyeball right in the dick

>>115105574>Materialize Tardis around herOh, yeah- no way *that's* going to backfire horribly.

>>115097372>"Hey Remina, what dat tongue do?"

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>>115105797>*hideous shrieking and gurgling* >subtitles: come a little closer, Purple Stuff, and maybe you'll find out...

>>115097432Galactus is shown capable of consuming Hell itself. Mephisto being the little bitch that he is decided to bargain with Galactus instead of being eaten along with Hell.

>>115098481Its an evil magic planet. Superman ain't doing shit to it other than weeping after the rape that he received.

>>115105797>>115105854Drawfags, please draw this

Pretty much anybody with the cosmic cube or infinity gauntlet.

DC is literally screwed since they lack sufficient enough powerful beings to either slow it down or subdue it. Spectre is irrelevant since he is rarely ever useful went he is against anymore remotely close to him in power. Nevermind the fact that he is a jobber. Monitor got significantly nerfed and remained a jobber. Anti-monitor got significantly nerfed and became a massive jobber. Jobberseid is not even worth mentioning.Marvel does does slightly better than DC due to the various cosmic beings and abstracts that inhabit Marvel. But they will ultimately fall. The Celestials are currently dead again. Thanks Aaron! Galactus got nerfed and then turned into a massive jobber again. Thanks Duggan! Thanks Cates. Lord Chaos and Master Order are currently in some multiversal jail because of their multiversal crime. Death and Oblivion wouldn't care enough to intervene.

So is it just me or is this just some Itofag who came here to go 'my dad can totally beat up your dad' or something? I read Hellstar Remina and yea it has feats to it's name but every response is just 'Hellstar Remina teleports behind you' tier.

>>115097372she wins by default because she has no legs and thus is immune to mating press move.

>>115106227I feel it's the same fag that likes to post "could X defeat them?" or "how would they fare in the DC/Marvel universe" for non-Holla Forums characters so they have an excuse to talk about them on Holla Forums. Judy from Twin Peaks seems to be a favorite for them.

>>115106709But could she Amazon position? Just because she cannot be dominated doesn’t mean she can dominate. This may end in a multiversal sideways-missionary stalemate.

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>>115106084Weak bait is weak.

>>115105563>she loses gravity when not in rotation.Wut

>>115105912She's ten times his diameter. Now THIS guy, however...

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>>115097372Oh! THIS guy!He's probably the natural predator of her species.

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And the Infinites would just grab her and put her in a bag with a whole bunch of other Reminas, like marbles.

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>>115106748good point... she is probably only good against other female planets (?!?)

>>115107158Is Beast a girl? They're about the same size.

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>>115105724Everything the Doctor does backfired horribly, the shows built around him fixing that backfire

>>115106227>>115106711Seething westcucks. COPE

>>115107267I love Solaris, but he is outmatched.

This is a big overkill, as people like Surfer could just open a black hole near Remina, but I'm generous now. Also Sentry or Superman could just crack her in two, they got enough feats.

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>>115097372I could.

>>115105797Shippin it

Also - serious Doctor Strange solos effortlessly

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>>115097372Chose your doom!

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>>115107522>90% westshit characterslol

>>115107522CheckedNeed Majestic from Wildstorm and the Silver Surfer in there

>>115107532Sorry i am not hat big of a manga reader/anime viewer.Since most asian big monsters get killerd by boys and girls, i dont think they are that powerfull.Try to change my opinion and post some asian heavy hitters.

>>115107549Ok, Silver Surfer is a very good choice.Majestic, i am not so sure.I put supreme in it, because of moore making him like prime/earth1 superman

>>115097372Is this the same guy who made Uzumaki threads a while back? I remember reading his posts that you should only apply Ito's in-universe logic and not Holla Forumsrelated characters' one. Anyways, Constantine and Strange get the job done

>>115107603Stop seething, westerncuck

>>115107522Needs Giorno and Rick Sanchez as meme characters

>>115100734Galactus being able to consume "magic" is nothing new. He fucking ate hell

>>115107294>Curbstomped an army of post singularity superhumans>Outmatched

>>115107294He has casual defenses against black holes that he developed when they were used against him aeons before his peak. He rapes Remina.

Step aside losers

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>>115107785And yet Solaris got destroyed by a primitive power ring.

>>115097372Admiral Tarkin.

>>115097372Don't mind me beaming a very big bomb on your surface. And if i die in the process, IT DOESN'T MATTER.

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>>115107603Strange? A very big "maybe". Constantine? no way.

>>115108202Constantine will summon some bigshot(s) of hell to take over earth so when Remina comes and tries to vore earth its tongue gets burnt

>>115097372How about the Nothing from The Neverending Story?I mean, what can Remina do against a world-eating -nothing- ?

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>>115097372I bet I could take her, if I got the drop on her.

>>115107522Needs Elder God Demonbane.

>>115099949I think it was that Earth was gonna get eaten soon so the only option left was to land on Remina and hope they could colonize it.

>>115097372Not co, but the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann could curbstomp her. Nothing can survive that drill

>>115097372Consumes another DC universe. It’s ultimately revealed that it is an aspect of the Empty Hand and it’s coming for all the universes.

>>115100307Where does Ego fall, is he magical?

>>115105903>magicIt never shows off anything magical.

>>115105322We have our hero then. SH-SHA

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>>115105370>said it's eyeball which is part of god's like Spiral is part of God's intestines.Can someone translate this into English for me?

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>>115105554That's overkill desu.

>>115106227Pretty much every vs thread is filled with tards like that. It's best to ignore the actual>who could beatpart and just talk about lore in these threads.

>>115099990Meh, Galactus still beats him

>>115106227Hey, it's not me. I just wanted to have a comfy cosmic horror thread when I posted it.

>>115107493Doctor Strange would be the kinda guy you call if theres a Eldritch Planet coming, not wrong.


>>115108247She can do nothing about it.

>>115108686Why don't you do that on /a/, then?

>>115099990Yet it took days to eat earth. The math doesn't add up.

>>115107493Oh! Then I know a guy!He would automatically turn on Remina, since she's the deadliest thing around. Cue a giant planet flying screaming through the universe as it tries to throw off a flea that is gradually killing her.

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>>115108247Her imagination is much more terrible than that of all of humanity put together.>>115108451Hell, he could probably not even SEE her. That show is so fucked, scale-wise.

>>115106084If all of them jobbed justo send the guy they jobbed to.


>>115106984>She's ten times his diameter.EGO gonna get SnuSnu!

>>115097372Strongest-At-The-Beach Timmy stomps easily

>>115102875>absolutely deck that hellstarLiterally

>>115110182It was taking its time since it kept paying attention to the humans

>>115110182She was savoring the moment.This is just a headcanon but my guess is that planets like earth are incredibly rare.

>>115099722Guts can't even beat the real godhand, you want him to take on an entire fucking planet?at least be smart and pick goku, he can benchpress the earth ten times over in a second, jesus

>>115106227>>115106711>>115107603>Waaaa only my capeshit deserves feats!!!You faggots are 99% percent of the reason these threads turn to shit moments within their creation.

>>115110343>Illa looking on in horror

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>>115110287Imagine being Remina, and trying to eat this tiny desert planet, only for a robot to fly towards you with a big drill, and then suddenly the robot is the size of you, and then it’s the size of a galaxy, and then it grows and becomes a giant blue human that’s bigger than multiple universes and it’s pointing a multiverse-sized drill at you


>>115099722>>115110690Or pick Dark Schneider.

Power battle threads are annoying and confrontational. The real funpost is asking who she would be friends with.

>>115110690No he can’t. Saiyans aren’t good at lifting

>>115111132Says who?

>>115110958>a giant blue human that’s bigger than multiple universesBeyond a certain point it went from awesome to fucking retarded.

>>115111364The series. Vegeta couldn't heft a thousand-ton robot.

>>115110750Remina is going to be Illa's evil stepmother

>>115111397Welcome to comics, Japanese or otherwise.

>>115107522Add Castlevania Dracula and TES player characters who achieve CHIM.

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>>115111107>The real funpost is asking who she would be friends with.Literally anything cosmic and evil.

>>115097372..Sailor Moon?

>>115108657Spiral, his story series about a town going mad due to obsessions with the spiral shape as reality is shifted by the people’s minds and those who are sane try to escape by deleting spirals, including the cochlea inside their ears. Look up Uzumaki. Here’s some good videos on how Ito’s stuff works, both in why they are scary and what they mean. youtu.be/Oy1xO07Ui70https://youtu.be/lIIA6QDgl2Mhttps://youtu.be/VekSnrkVo0whttps://youtu.be/63-SxK2ItS4

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>>115098425Based and Consentpilled


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>>115110958>>115111397Giant Blue human?Is this a Watchmen reference?

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>>115099949I thought that was just some rich assholes bailing on everyone thinking they would be safe on Remina's surface while she wasted everyone else.

>>115111522Cosmic and evil things are not very good at making friends.

>>115111832They came to the belief it had a livable atmosphere because they saw what looked like astronauts on the surface (which they believed to have been their missing eldest son, who was actually the hobo). When in reality, it was Remina manipulating one of its tongues in a ruined space suit in order to bait them.

>>115111814he literally said what show he was refering to two posts ago

>>115107969Means primitive power ring>ReminaIt’s flawless logic!

>>115111927Actually goes further than that. They had been receiving some kind of 'single' from the planet as well that led them to believe that it was safe. It's implied that Remina sent them sorta but also who knows because honestly Hellstar Remina is kind of a crap story.

Batman wearing the final Batsuit, it’s made of pure Tenth Metal.Tenth metal of pure concentrated power of creation itself used to fabricate anything through the power pure possibility.

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>>115097372This looks like a job for Hank Pym!

>>115108426Some rich idiots tried to escape that way, yeah. Literally got consumed by its surface.

>>1151099631) I didn't make the thread2) VS threads can be fun when the people involved don't keep going>b-b-b-but no they can't!3) Cause fuck you.

>>115112134But the neverending story nothing has no form, besides a wolf avatarJust kidding.I got that it was referring to a anime character, but how common is it, especially in anime, that you make the final stage Dr. Manhatten? Dont they use more sunlight and angelus colors? A mix of white and yellow?So i ask if the anime makes a dr. manhatten reference.

>>115112430So that is what happened to the tenth. It got killed and made into armor!

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>>115112721not every guy painted blue is manhattan. Does this look like Manhattan to you?

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>>115112920>posts a picture of Dr.Manhattan with shadesWhat did user mean by this

>>115112920Not really. Just an odd color.But a blue guy with a superman cape. Could be the love child of manhatten and supes!

>>115110425Anon, it's floating plus it's bigger than the beach


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Face it, westshit characters just cant compare to eastern power levels

>>115113149>>115113127>says that>when Herbie Popnecker is ITT

>>115113149What is >>115107522 ?

>>115113039Or... it could be Kamina reborn


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>>115097372one and done

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>>115113830I don't think so

>>115097372His sheer plot armor will have her tied up in no time, but not before Captain Haddock recieves a severe bump to the head

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>>115097384>kirby eats remina>becomes the new hell-starWHO STOPS KIRBY NOW, user?

>>115114066He just pops her back out as a brain-washed smaller version of her friend and the two go bother Dedede for food

>>115105370It is such a cool thing that remina and the spiral are lart of the junjiverse version of God. Both of those creature's showed the ability to either violate physics a d or infinite energy.

>>115097525It can produce more eyes idiot.

>>115105370>>115114133There's this thing from Travelogue of the Succubus, which is apparently multiversal.

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squirrel girl, uh, finds a way


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>>115114311the power of voodoo?

A better question is what would Junji Ito do if suddenly a superheroe tried to come up in her stories to save everyone be it Doctor Stange, Manhattan, Fate, Superman, One Punch Man or whatever chatacter X you think that can defeat Y evil entity in the Junjiverse.I don't think there's anything Ito can do if say Firestorm or Dr. Manhattan defeat all of the evil Tomies by destroying them at a molecular level for all possible molecules that exist of Tomie.

>>115114334THE POWER

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>>115106227The other thing too is that we don't know the full extent to Remina's powers. All we really know is that it's fast and big. For all we know the thing could have the IQ of 20.

>>115114392>trying to defeat tomie by splitting her user...

Leave it to the professionals.

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>>115114409What does IQ have to do with a versus debate?

>>115114411I said at a molecular level we've seen her she cannot regenerate under certain kinds of very strong incineration. Destroying her at a molecular level means that every single atom of her is separated and either rearranged into something else and or moved to the sun or something like that.

>>115114492What a stupid question. If it's able to recognize threats or plan things to a certain degree are very important to know.

>>115110698The threads are shit from the outset, you're posting non-Holla Forums material threads on Holla Forums at the end of the day.

>>115114591Have you ever seen /a/? What becomes of Anons who immerse themselves in Anime?You can't blame them for coming to Holla Forums for oxygen.I mean you can, but they are piteous creatures.

>>115114392Ito has done other genres before. I’m not fully aware of his work, but I know he’s a good friend of Guillermo Del Toro over all the stuff they like and that he loves Tolkien stuff. I know he did a Frankenstein comic.

>>115114644The franksterin manga was pretty good.

>>115114644one of his best books is about that horrible time when his girlfriend adopted cats

>>115114729I don't understand how he's such an old ass men and quite possibly rich, is he rich?, and has such plane gf and no kids

>>115114492Because anom, if Hellstar has a low iq then it's just running of animal instinct and whatever triggers it's senses. This means we could potentially trick it away from us or to it's own death. The higher the IQ it has the harder it's going to be as potentiality, if it did have proper intelligence could also plan ahead, learn from us or even have it's own plans to stop us, vs if it's just stupid and pretty much just a jellyfish floating around space.

>>115113758Jim Starlin is such a hack.

>>115114635/a/ is the best board on 4chan though.

>>115114782only rich mangakas are possibly the people behind one piece, dragon ball, naruto, etc, shit that literally sells millions of copies.

>>115114635/a/ is filled with a buncha fags but at least they have mods that delete off-topic threads on there.

>>115114862But Ito also sells a lot of shit and he's several steps above another mangaka of the bunch so he has to be atleast well off no?

>>115114901>/a/>modsOh you naive fool. /a/ is 99% Holla Forums-tier shitposting and coomer faggots. Mods only delete threads that try to deviate from that hellish status quo.

>>115114514>>115114808It's at the very least intelligent enough to display visible sadism and redirect nukes.

>>115100331>Its basically a literal hellspawn.Beings like Mephisto don't want to tangle with Galactus. Luckily Marvel has it's own host of demon characters and, being a shared universe that puts Galactus near the top. most of the hellspawns say they would lose.

>>115097372The Dark Eldar would love hunting this thing across the galaxy.

>>115103589Thanks to the NEW star wars, the death star could set every tie fighter in its bays to Hyperspace into Remina. Thousands of hyperspace missiles

>>115113891He will outwit her and she will kill herself by accident out of anger.

>>115115160God, this retarded shit again

>>115114392I also think that the Justice League and or The avengers could take care of the Stench invasion before ir got to apocalyptic levels, now they will need some dudes that manage both science and magic to come up with a permanent solution

>>115115160Anon. TIE Fighters don’t have shields, hyperdrives, or even life support. They only get like a days worth of rations. The only TIE that aren’t screaming metal death traps are the prototype runs like Advanced, Defenders, Phantoms, and so on.

>>115116331Yeah they're pretty bad ships

>>115113891>Haddock throwing insults at ReminaWould read, definately.

>>115116331The first order TIEs apparently do according to Rise of Skywalker

>>115097372Send Röhrich to Remina and tell him to fix the heating there. Either Röhrich will meet a horrible demise, or Remina will.

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>>115116999Some do. I was playing X-Wing Miniatures Game at the time, and there was rage that the first FO TIE that came out were just slightly better TIE Fighters. Turns out that instead of shit like Interceptors and Bonbers, all First Order TIE Fighters use a standard TIE body. The ones with the little antenna, the reinforced wings, and bottom turret are TIE Special Forces or TIE/sf. Pic related. Ignore the red stripe which only indicates squadron decorations, same as Soontir Fel’s boys in the old EU. Ordinary First Order TIE have extremely weak shields and are otherwise no different aside from being even cheaper to field due to more efficient wing solar panels. Special Forces TIE are basically Rebel Alliance T-65 X-Wings with more maneuverability, but the Resistance T-70 X-Wings are still leagues better. Poe’s orange and black one was more of a fighter-sized corvette than a fighter, comparable to bounty hunter rigs. Honestly, the ship lore is far more interesting than the sequel trilogy plot.

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>>115114392Another scenario is that the giant head balloons with metal ropes would take the entirely of the Justice League Dark to take care off because of how bizarrely bad that apocalypse is.

>>115117429Lore is almost always more interesting to me

>>115117062Can someone tell me who the fuck this guys are?

>>115118467Why? How bad is it and where do they come from?

>>115097372You know you want to see what batshit plan Guy & Hal would come up with.

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>>115114411She ain't that tough, if regular old fire does the job so long as her flesh is completely carbonized.

>>115118686I'll say is pretty bad, giant ballons with real peoples faces all over Japan, maybe the world, start to appear that want to hang the person they look after. If you destroy the ballon that person dies.m.imgur.com/gallery/i2IJ6

>>115119074You're completely right, what she's going to do to all her molecules being vaporized at the speed of light only to then being moved around or converted to soap or something like that.

>>115119079Well, that’s really bad but doesn’t seem JLD material. Seems like something just Zatanna could take care of

>>115119120Ok then, to me it looks really bad given the scale and how nah fuck you they seem to be.

>>115119207I mean, it’s world threatening sure, but like, recently, the JLD had to deal with Lords of Order trying to destroy the Sphere of the Gods, this is just something that affects the world

>>115119238Holy shitty that's a big deal, but a very cool concept that I'll go ahead and read now.As shitty as JLD:AW was i do want to see Triggon vs Darkseid

>>115114145Good thing he has more than one horn, dumbass

>>115119587What do you mean by that?


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>>115119767Bruh he's just a big ish mecha, like unless the manga somehow made it a planets buster it's not even worth discussing

>>115119845On the one hand, I feel ya.On the other hand, Giant Robo!

>>115105554I'm scarred bros. W-what horrible fate awaits Remina?