>literally locked in his house>still hasn’t produced a single video in 3 months

>literally locked in his house>still hasn’t produced a single video in 3 months

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>>115096663Implying he'd ever leave his house before the quarintine

>>115096663Did you expect anything else?

>>115096663Granted he'd probably actually does a lot of research for the videos, still not an excuse when the content is literally stick figures and talking

>>115096723He admitted that he just reads the Wikipedia articles

>>115096663is this the ctrl-alt-del guy or arin hanson, they both have the same hair.

>>115096687Salmon Ellis


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>>115096663he forgot to activate windows and payed the price

on twitter he said it's because of being busy with college work

>>115096909>>115096687sam o'nella.his vids are literal stick figures but he manages to be genuinely funny

>>115097171So he'll make a video in a month, unless he's taken summer classess.

>>115096663Make your own stuff you consumerist sack of hogshit.

This isnt animation or anything close to Holla Forums

>>115096663Well coincidentally, look who's back.After like 3 years.youtube.com/watch?v=SzyZSMEkxvkIs all this even considered animation? Storytime animators use more frames than them.

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>>115097495Wasn't this guy cancelled?

>>115097495The difference here is that Sam o nella is actually good

>>115097543True. Grade should have kept his nose out of drama too. Made him look like a complete fucking idiot.

>>115097495>OoO why should a tip waiting staff?>and why do my dates keep acting like I'm fooking cheap?

>>115097495Thanks to Iddubz, without him he would have stayed dead.

>>115097495>Grade is back>Leafy is backtf is going on

>>115097991youtube is turning into the same hellhole it was in 2016

>>115097991Iddubz happened

>>115097495>Sr. Pelo and Meatcanyon>Charlie Broker Wipe back>GradeA back

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>>115097991>tf is going onMayhem

>>115098035I'd take 2016 over 2019 any day of the week.

>>115098041>Iddubz gets called a cuck because his gf no one liked is selling photo's of herself on onlyfans>Leafy comes back to shittalk Idubbz and everyone's cool with his return like he wasn't one of the most hated youtubers on the planet for making unfunny obnoxious video's and being all around a faggot>GradeA is coming back after a 3 year silence and seeing Idubbz's shield getting taken downThe only thing that didn't change was Keemstar acting like a grievous faggot and H3H3 makes an almost hour long video about him

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>>115098110I'm glad some of the channels and people I enjoy haven't changed. Ross remained the same since 2007

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>>115098110>he only thing that didn't change was Keemstar acting like a grievous faggot and H3H3 makes an almost hour long video about himoh, thats what this was about

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>>115098110>like he wasn't one of the most hated youtubers on the planet for making unfunny obnoxious video's and being all around a faggotBut that's the whole reason we want him back, he's the bad guy and he doesn't try and hide it. After youtube killed him the first time we got the Paul Brothers and then Youtube itself, and the community as a whole doesn't want this, we want to go back to simple times where we can all just make fun of a shitty teenager and not have to deal with an organization that both is the community and the biggest problem the community faces.

I really want to believe all that shit in the Tarrare video because that guy's very existence is a fascinating thought, but it all just seems too much. Guy ate a fucking toddler for god's sake.

>>115098328No, it’s all true, the toddler thing could just be a rumor as it’s unconfirmed, but pretty much everything else it

>>115098288Just because the Paul brothers are shit content creators that doesn't suddenly mean Leafy ever made anything good.

>>115098288Leafy being mean to autists doesn't automatically exempt him from being the biggest faggot on the platform at the time, and his channel dying had nothing to do with the Paul brothers

>>115098328>>115098353yeah sam doesn't include every detail in his vids. Like how Carl Tanzler was planning on bringing Elena's body into space where he believed cosmic radiation would reanimate her body.I don't know WHY you would leave that part out, cause that shit's bonkers.

>>115096687diseased chicken

>>115098220Metalhead Gordon Freeman

>>115097171What does he need an education for? He can life off of his youtube career.

>>115099650Not in 2020. YouTube hates creators now, especially animators

>>115099650>>115099681Would becoming a youtuber even be a viable choice for a job in the long-run? Not sure if living just off a youtube career is gonna be helpful in 20-30 years.

>>115099681Shit sucks bro.

>>115099739YouTube is a poor choice for a "job". Even worse if you're not from the states. If you want to start it just to make money, stop it cause you'll never succeed.

>>115099681>>115099650Couldn't he do a patreon?I mean, on top of the Raid:Squarehoney VPN shenanigans?

>>115098413He's not good, but poeple just want to hate someone that isn't as degen as the Pauls.

>>115099780I make a little less than $300 a month just reading the books i like, it's not a job but it's a nice source of alternative income by doing nothing

>>115099739You should see youtube as a hobby, if you are lucky and make money make as much as you can and when you start to tank make it a hoby agien.

>>115099780Then why do some youtubers just quit their jobs for youtube full time? I would think maybe they'd just invest their temporary cash flow into other things for the future (making it last) but I'm not too sure if that's the case for most of them.

>>115098101Its 2020 user.

>>115100727I know but 2020 is 2016 part 2

>>115098191Good for him, Freeman's Mind is still quality after all these years

>>115100752Saying that 2016 was a bad year is a retarded normalfag meme

>>115101187I'm not I'm just saying it the second coming of 2016

>>115098204>FA GGOT-FUELbased Pelo

>>115097543>read an wikipedia page loud>stick figure paint avatarfagging>goodAre you fucking joking? Anyone can do his videos. Here some videos that you couldn't make in 5 fucking minutesyoutube.com/watch?v=8aq_gRfmjgYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsxmyL7TUJghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvBiIvKUiOQ

>>115096663>Boy, I sure do love making money by rehashing wikipedia articles!

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>>115098191Ross's videos are so fucking underrated, Game Dungeon is fucking god-tier and I even love Freeman's Mind despite not really being a Half-Life fan

>>115100073elaborate? do you read books out loud? that's kinda cool really.

>>115101774>i hate comedy


>>115103082Alright, fine, I concede. He does rehash things, but he has given me a laugh.

>>115102199The Deus Ex game dungeon one was the greatest one. I am sad he doesn't do Civil Protection anymore. Now we have to wait for THE MOVIE

Yeah bro I’m an expert on history I watched 3 OverSimplified videos so I obviously know more than you do

>>115097495Man, Grade and Leafy are back? When's zaptie comin' back?


>>115096742And yet, he doesn't. He may take most of the info from Wikipedia, but he actually writes his script and often includes bits of info not included in the wikipedia articles.

>>115101187Its generally agreed upon by normalfags that 2014-2016 are peak human civilization.

>>115101581If he makes bad content, then why am I having so much fun watching it.

>2016Why are so many people fixated on that one particular year? Why is that year so special out of all the other years, especially in the 2010s?

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>>115096663I mean, come on, he's running an entire Academy. Must be a total clusterfuck at the moment with all the virus stuff.

>>115103909The elections, the rise of extremists on both side of the political spectrum, the tourist flooding on this site.

>that one pope he thought was ugly enough for him not to draw in his style

>>115103950Eh, I have a real strong feeling that 2021 is going to be really fucking crazy, man...

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>>115104006As long as altright and leftard losers seeth, I'll be happy.

>>115101581Yeah, well, those guys aren't as funny though. Don't get me wrong, I like them too, just not in the same way.

How many years has it been since he made a real video?

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>>115104123Remember when he wanted his fans to harass the Tonight Show to hire him so he could play shitty games on it?Good times.

>>115103950Don't forget the celebrity deaths, the rise in shootings, the exploding cell phones, the opioid epidemic, and-to tie it back into Holla Forums-all the shitty DC movies (batman v superman, suicide squad)

>>115103909that was the year harambe was killed, and that event had mass resonance, gigantic meme power. People associate harambe with the beginning of the current "meme" timeline.

>>115104402That was cringe but he at least had ambition back then, now he's just a sad lazy blob.

>>115097991They've lost their retail jobs due to pandemic lockdown

>>115097991Idubbz got called a cuck and revealed he couldn't handle the bantz so the only guys that actually got dismantled by Idubbz [spoiler[ which is all of 2 fucko's [/spoiler] came back because people realized Idubbz ain't shit and is a hypocrite

>>115097495He put out four videos within the past year or so.

>>115097495He's right about the erectile dysfunction. That shit scared me for good when I started taking my anti depressants.

>>115103432That’s a lie. I’ve google multiple topics of videos he’s done immediately after watching them and every time the info on Wikipedia is almost exactly identical to his videos from wording, to the order in which the information is presented. The only things he really does is the stick figures and shitty skits in between the info.

>>115096663>litterally locked in his houseWhat kind of dystopian shithole do you live in? Nobody around here is physically barricaded and locked into their home against their will. You can go out any tome you like, its a choice, you can choose to be a pussy and stay home out of fear, or you can go on about your business like a free human being.I know at least three people who have tested positive for corona-chan, and they are doing fine, its just like a mild flu or common cold.

>>115103950The site flood was 2014. Gamergate did that, not the election.

>>115096742It was extremely obvious to me when I first googled that French cannibal guy and then discovered that script for his video was almost word for word ripped from the wikipedia page. Good on him for admitting that shit though.

>>115106953I did the same thing after watching that vid and the Diogenes video. Both straight ripped from Wikipedia. Kind of makes me seethe desu. I could be doing what he’s doing.

>>115107006>I could be doing what he’s doing.So why aren't you then, homo?

>>115107024First mover advantage. Lazy as Sam's videos are, if you tried doing the same thing right now you'd just be called derivative.I'm waiting for voice AI to get good enough to start a bunch of waifu youtube channels.

>>115107024Dont have the voice for it. Always sound like shit when recorded.

>>115104123He's gonna move in with his brother soon.Year of the Spoony is coming.

>>115096723>Lots of research>Thins Koko actually killed that kitten

>another e-celebs threadwhy would i even care about some faggots that make stick figures videos

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>>115107418missing the point: the post

>>115098054>Charlie Brooker's Wipe back

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>>115107117We can only hope. Spoony is the kind of guy that needs someone to keep him on track.He either needs to move back in with his brother or hire someone to follow him around with a riding crop and wake him every day with a lashing if they haven't seen progress on content.Tweets and Livestreams don't count of course.

>>115107406We have death battle threads up every single hour

>>115104123He was in that one video where he moved into a house with Doug and Linkara

>>115097495Fucking based

>>115101581>OversimplifiedStrange how he is never discussed on this board. His work is great.

>>115096687Reddit incarnate

>>115104123This is a surprisingly good photograph.

>>115103909There was a big meta shift that year as a respounce to Leafy, not even joking youtube had a secret meeting about it.

>>115110002visually? eh sureinformation wise? no, literally in the name it's too simplified

>>115097171college is fucking closed

>>115110763online classes are still on.

>>115098110The difference is people are defending keem and calling H3H3 an out of touch c^nt.

>>115110074It looks like a oil painting from the 1800s of an Italian noble locked up in his keep.

>>115097495What fucking year is this?

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>>1151039092016 was the worst year for everything, is where it all went to shit and I genuinely don't know why people feel nostalgic about it>Inb4 "commie trump hater"Not even murrican, the year was shit in general, the beginning of the end.

>>1151122452007 was worse than 2016, in a lot of ways 2016 was just an aftershock of that year.

>>115103909not people, nerds. Besides those faggots, nobody cares.

>>1151121882016 part 2

>>115103950>the rise of extremists on both side of the political spectrumThat was already happening in 2014-2015 with the start of the Great Awokening. 2016 was when it peaked, but it didn't just come out of nowhere.

>>115112245I can tell you are too young to remember 2007 or even 2001.

>>115098191No he hasn't he's gotten moldier

it's weird but a lot of artists have completely slept on the coronavirus lockdown despite having plenty of free time and seclusionrule34 sites were slow as fuck for the first few weeks. I guess people need a job to be productive

>>115113846>I can tell you are too young to remember 2007 or even 2001.By that time I didn't speak English so the majority of the time I was just aware of my country's own political problems like guerrillas not letting anyone leave their goddamn city.

>>115098191Ross is pretty based, he's just doing his own thing

>>115101889Dios mio...


>>115096663Id rather wait for quality then for him to shit out a bunch of lower quality stuff.Jontron in 2019, looking at you pal.


>>115114375el plàtano cultivado....

>>115096663>Hey kids

>>115114525Jontron is in a weird state for me. It's clearly not as good as it was around 2015, but it's also not bad enough to get me to stop watching and that's more than I could say for plenty of other channels since then

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>>115115673Is it me or has he gotten fatter he looks like he's be at an irish pub.

>>115113986I don’t get it at all.After a couple weeks I finally accepted I had no excuse not to be working on my passion projects and trying to learn new skills and I’ve been putting a consistent 3-4 hours into them everyday. It’s not a lot but it adds up and it feels amazing to finally start seeing some progress.

>>115116126Well he's married, people usually get fat(ter) after that.

>>115116126His wife’s English so he’s been spending a lot of time in the UK. So pub’s are plausible.

>>115116404He mentioned in a video that he first saw a Flextape™ commercial in a pub.

>>115096663He commented on Reddit that he's busy with finals as an engineering major in college

>>115114525It's 2020

>>115104042You dont live in a magic safety bubble because you shitpost post ironic wojak all day on this turd of a website,retard.You'll feel the consequences of political turmoil all the same

>>115106928Anecdotal evidenceFuck off,brainwashed amerilard

>>115115673I missed the editing of text on the screen.The back and forth shots of him on the couch sometimes just do not work, for comical timing. Also he has just become an everything reviewer now, but his original passion was games. I wish he would go back to that but I understand finding it limiting.>>115116126He was getting skinner, dont know what happened.>>115116957I meant that he hardly put out anything in 2018, but what was there was okay. He released so much in 2019 but for me it was hit or miss. That new england fish episode thing was terrible and there was some other one with notre damn...I couldnt even get through that video.I miss the days of always loves yous.

>>115115673I've actually found myself enjoying his new videos about as much as the old ones. Him going a step further by interviewing the kid from Kidnation was very interesting.

>>115116953>engineering majorOddly makes sense for him

>>115116404It's all adding up.

>>115117713His videos have rebounded lately, but things were looking grim when he made the Pilgrim episode

>>115116953God help us, we're in the hands of engineers.

>>115099650Eventually the money stops

>>115103950The tourists came with the phoneposting

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>>115117713>>115119236>>115115673the Kidnation saga has been good so far. I think him trying to go high production value killed him for a while.