>The fone made her phat1 like=1 prayerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sBIOpuPu0o

>The fone made her phat1 like=1 prayeryoutube.com/watch?v=6sBIOpuPu0o

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she obese

>>115096518She's not fat, she's king sized


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These character designs are horrendous

Why does this guy care so much about people using phones?

>>115097992Phone wreckers

>>115096488>no r34 of this characterFUCK.

>>115096488>2018>looks like 2005Anyway I’d fuck the fatty, because she’s one of the occasionally kind-of-cute shy ones and not obnoxious white trash

>>115099378There is porn (kinda)

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really pierces my brosnan

>>115099518Sometimes it feels like i'm the only person in the world that can appreciate a cute chubby girl and NOT buy into the weird force feeding/eating fetish shit.

>>115099518Not really porn just fetish material


If fone is responsible for this blessing, fone is not bad

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>>115100032I mean it's only natural that if you like a larger girl you'd get a certain amount of sexual satisfaction from seeing her eat food and, presumably, get even larger.


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>>115099518>>115100887Feeders and fattielovers need to hang.

>>115102859No u.

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If they wanted to make phones seem bad, they shouldn’t have upgraded her like this because of them.


>>115096488I never knew I wanted her


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>>115104094I think she got fat not because the fone made her lazy, but because the fone made her break up with her boyfriend which made her stresseat and get fat. I think the part of the trailer I dislike most is her "struggling" to get her charger (which phones have like six hours of battery she's more than capable of just getting them. Nearly no one has that issue)


>>115100887I want to fucking obliterate her massive body with my diabolical flesh cock.Post more fatties.

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>>115106641She clearly is much lazier though, or she’d actually stand up and get the charger.

Can we get some drawfags in on this?

>>115107698Might as well post this one comic I found.

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>>115109914And that's all I got.

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>>115109914You skipped a page tho

>>115102859I agree, we need to hang out and have fun.

>>115109386What do you want?

>>115112007 Not that user, but I’d really like to see this girl as a full-on fat lazy NEET, laying on the couch staring at her phone while eating ice cream straight from the carton.

>>115101255Different user but I’m the same way, I’m more attracted to the body shape than how it got that way.Plus I don’t want them to get larger, i have a limit (pretty much any girl over 300-350 depending on height) I like thin/petite girls too but I don’t like literal anorexics

>>115109929Based wizard


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>>115101255not neccesarily, it may just be an attraction to the body type

>>115110580I agree, we need to come together more often

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>>115112434I'll probably deliver it in the drawthread

>>115112434That user. I second this.

>>115112434>>115115183Do it mang

>>115110420Yeah, couldn't find it, sorry.

>>115112007Let's get Maple making this face as she's getting spanked like in >>115096684.

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