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Ruby Rose Quits

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>>115094816>Thank you Peter Roth and Mark Pedowitz>PedowitzHmm..


>>115094816fake and gay


>>115094946it's real

>>115094893They can't keep getting away with it!

Hire me guys i won't bail on a 3 month movie shoot...maybe

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>>115094955Real and gay

>>115094816This is why I don't watch shows until they're over.

>>115094816i liked her better in rwby

>>115094816well I'm not saying she hated the show but I bet she hated making the show

>>115094816Does anyone like Batwoman? I know CW DC shows are bad by default but I don't think CW viewers even like Batwoman

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She was truly awful on this show. Can’t imagine anyone cares about her being replaced


>>115094816Iconic? Batwoman?Hahahahahahah! Also she is in a wheelchair.

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>>115094975I mean...yes?


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>>115094816Why's she quitting?

>>115094816Oh no. That sucks


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>>115095052From what I gather the ratings have been circling the drain since day one, I think it was going down faster then supergirl, but I can't be bothered to check.

>>115095052From what I've heard the series isn't that bad but the trailer did it no favors.

>>115095196She probably got sick of sucking producer dick.

>>115095156thisthe most iconic thing about batwoman is that she presumably stood in the same room as Batman once or twice.


>>115094816DrugsAlso I blew her back out when I was fucking her


>>115095183don't post my waifu here please i dont need to feel any feels right now

>>115094816I thought this would be a rwby thread

>yfw the quartering is going to jizz all over this news

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>>115094816Makes senseShe probably thought she was signing on for a movie role and didn't realize it was CW shit until the ink was dry

>>115095196Might've got a shit settlement from her injury earlier in the season.

>>115095196GET ____, GO _____

>>115094816Is Evan Rachel Wood too busy with Westworld?

>>115094816What? Why?

>>115094816I'm really interested in seeing how the show will handle the recast.

>>115095330He needed the pick-me-up after two of his cash cows ended this year.

>>115095242From what I've heard the series is laughably bad, but that's par for the course for CW shows honestly.

>>115095330>the quarteringCringe.

>>115095435I know pic related was one of them, but what’s the other one?

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>>115095479>network tv>good>ever

>>115095425Remember she got severely fucked up in a stunt during shooting? She either didn't fully recover and doesn't think she would be able to fulfill the role or just doesn't want that shit to happen again.

>>115095196She didnt. They fired her for harassing sexually other women.

>>115095233are these taken seriously? does anything ever come from them?

>>115095496She-Ra. No more consistent outrage fodder.

>>115095513Breaking BadFargoAlways Sunny pre-2014Seasons 2-4 (and partially 5) of ArcherFucking SeinfeldDon't try and push this shit, there are plenty of good/decent network TV shows, it's just that pretty much none of them air on CW.

>>115095427If they're fucking smart they just fucking ignore it. Fuck's sake recasting is a thing that audiences understand and have dealt with for millennia.

>>115095522No. She is a meth addict, sex addict and now a sex offender. But they cant metoo a woman much less a dyke so everyone is pretending she quit.

>>115095330Yeah it wouldn't be that surprising if altright dipshits like him and tim pool pretend this is the win they never got for Captain Marvel

>>115094816>iconicthere are youtubers that get better views than this pile of shit

>>115095531>>are these taken seriously?

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>>115094816She was a really bad casting choice. Good for them.

>>115095560The last time I checked Suzy is still alive and you can’t just focus on twitch thots and leave a job unfinished.

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>>115095556What did she do?

It seems building a TV show around a junkie is bad idea who knew

>>115095531blind items are 80% bullshit 18% common knowledge and 2% facts


>>115095710t. mack allison

>>115094816How did this get a second season?

She doesn't seem like that kind of person who wants to work 9 months in Vancouver doing 10-16 hour days. She's from the modeling world and does small parts.

>>115094816>Iconic lead

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>>115095531/tv/ takes them very seriously along with youtube videos that say that Star Trek is being sold to Seth MacFarlane

>>115095777The CW renews nearly everything.

>>115095777it got a second AND third season

How could heterosexual white men do this?

>>115095052>Does anyone like Batwoman?It's alright. Ruby Rose was ironically the weak link.

>>115095842They haven't renewed Black Lightning for a 5th season only a 4th season for now.


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>>115095897...Because season 4 hasn't happened yet.

>>115095427The IRON MAN 2 way>"You look different.">"Yeah, I changed my hair."A cheeky reference and then it's business as usual.

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>>115095946Well CW shouldn't have renewed every other show for two seasons then.

My only exposure to CW Batwoman is the Crisis crossover and I found her very unlikable, will a new actress change that?

>>115094816So... Who do we replace Kate with?Babs?Cassie?Steph?Sonia?Rocky?Betty?Helena?Carrie?Velma?

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>>115095995She's a futa, so most likely yes.

>>115096009They’ll just recast with some other lesbian actress

Great way to never get hired in the industry again. She's box office poison and has been an absolute cunt since she started on tv/ radio here in Australia

>>115096027>They’ll just recastBut that's incredibly lame.


>>115095414feed, seed

>>115095531the kevin spacey sex pest shit was on there for years before it became public

>>115096009>replace KateI know this is 4chan but you can't actually be this fucking retarded

>>115096009>StephCan she save the show?

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What's really gonna be interesting is how the gays react, if the replace her with someone who isn't "gay" enough, they are gonna scream she got replaced for being to open about it, let alone the Epic shitstorm that will happen if she is replaced by a straight woman who was chosen cause she can actually act. Either way they are gonna bitch on Twitter non-stop about something. It's a lose-lose either way

>>115096228Why is it retarded to want a terrible character replaced.

>>115096132Welcome to DC live action.

>>115096291>Cassie>Bring me the fattest most bland chink you can find, it must NOT overshadow Robbie

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>>115096304They already said they were going to get another lesbian

>>115095052Literally the best cw dc show atm. Rose is the worst part of it.

I love that most reactions are like "well, she was a shitty actress but she was okay as batwoman"

>>115095563Ppl are always linking these as if they pro that site right. I read about Mack and that cult on shitty blogs long before they were posted on there. 0pl also always mention that they knew about Weinstein as if that wasn't common knowledge.

>>115096428I think the whole thing was pretty shit, so it doesn't matter if she leaves or not.

>>115095330he better be careful, ruby might punch him

>>115096428They can't say anything more or their woke brains will hit a paradox and crash.

>>115095233Damn what a slut glad she's gone

>>115094816It was the worst DC CW show which is a feat in itself. You'll notice the only defenders of it are yurifags and tumblr trannies and even they don't like Ruby that much.

>>115096406What are you on? Batwoman is literally the worst CW capeshit show ever:1. bad writing2. unpopular DC character to begin with3. Ruby Rose.

how is she gonna get work after quitting like this?

>>115095813So not only are they false, they're a good indicator that whatever's in them has never been true?

>>115095958iron man 2 is based

>>115096341This uses pisses me off, they can hire good looking and distinctive looking asian girls only to get the blandest and most forgettable looking asian girl, it's like they do it on purpose...

>>115095563This is the only "scoop" that Blind Items have ever really gotten right, and that's just because Mistress Mack tried to bring everyone that ever worked into SMALLVILLE in front of or behind the camera into that cult.

>>115095357Cmon she can't be that retarded. She isn't even B list tier I'm sure she's getting whatever work she can get. Just because you get some buzz on Instagram doesn't make you popular

>>115096849*This always

>>115096132Randomly changing the main fucking character is lamer.

>>115096226It was an open secret in Hollywood, Seth MacFarlane was making jokes about it years ago.

>>115094816I'm fine with this. She was by far the worst actor on the show. It astounds me how bad her American accent was.The real question is what gay actress are they going to get to replace her. Because you know the actress has to be gay or there'll be backlash.

>>115095545The only show you listed there that was on network TV was Seinfeld

>>115095052The most interesting part is the backstory>Bruce gone>Joker heavily implied to be killed>Lucius Fox dead around the same time Bruce disappeared>Alfred MIA, could be dead>Commissioner Gordon nowhere to be seen, GCPD in general out of focus>Penguin was mayor in this continuityAll of the semi-interesting stuff about the setting happens off screen or through vague throwaway comments. Alice's actress carries the show every episode

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>>115096849>it's like they do it on purpose...They do it on purpose. Asian females are in weird place where they are needed for diversity because if not white women would get offended, but they also cant make them look too good because white women would feel threatened. > truly feel threatened. Also Margot Robbie was the producer and she is hitting the wall, no chance she would allow women prettier than she on the movie.

Just cancel it and do Batman Beyond instead


>>115094816Literally last night

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>>115097187Yes, Vice represents modern mainstream women mentality. They are literally seething that men prefer asians these days and try to equate it with misogyny, mens right, inceldom or whatever new fancy buzzword.


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>>115097144>Also Margot Robbie was the producer and she is hitting the wall>she is hitting the wallwhat?

So I don't really give a shit she left and who ever replaces her will probably be better but wouldn't it be hot to fuck a lesbian? Like you two get wasted one night and she wants to try dick once and she goes all out. Grabbing her short hair or rubbing your cock on her shaved head. She's butch so she's used to being on top but as things get going you make her bottom for a while. The two of you switch throughout the night before you nut deep inside her. Something about the idea of fucking a lesbian just gets me going

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>>115095196She went from Orange is the New Black to John Wick to a low-budget CW superhero show. A better question is why did she sign up in the first place?

if cass in birds of prey was named something else what would you bitches complain about then?

>>115097300Do you really think boy body Robbie looks good?>>115097343She was in the later seasons of OITNB after most people quit the show and she was a minor character in one John Wick movie and didn't even speak. She should've stuck with the steady CW check

>>115095414Get coffee, go poo.

>>115097177Seriously, why don't they make shows people will actually watch instead of this girl power shit they keep pumping out? People want to see Batman and Superman, not their off-gender clones.If they want to make a GURLPOWER supershow, make it about Wonder Woman... y'know, the one who represents girl power?

>>115097300>what?As approaching 30 yo (she looks like 38) her bombshell style is threatened by younger more beautiful actresses. So she hires average or bland looking co-stars in order not to be upstaged.>Oh no, a beautiful hollywood star with ego, unbelievable!

>that guy who pretends margot isnt attractive yikes dawg

>>115097407>Seriously, why don't they make shows people will actually watchTheir shows bring in a combined average profit of $1 billion per year. People are watching.

>>115097481based simp

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>>115097118They gambled extremely hard on using Crisis to let a throwaway alternate Bruce cement Kate as the REAL Bat-person, and that audiences shouldn't care about Batman or the mystery surrounding him because she's the real hero.They failed.

>>115097343>why did she sign up in the first place?The news was all about how Affleck was leaving and then her agent calls her out of the blue and says "WB is interested in casting you as Batman's successor Batwoman in their DC universe" she probably just immediately said yes without clearing up if it was for a film or a tv show

>>115094816>iconic lead

>>115095522I believe this... and all her kinky shit too


>>115097662Except they didn't. Old Man Bruce never "cemented" Kate as anything, and they kept adding to the mystery of what happened to Batman every episode.

>>115097663That's not how negotiations work, specially for TV shows.

>>115097481Nobody says she's ugly. Quite the opposite. People are saying that she was deliberately made ugly by BoP makers. And since she is a stunning woman, they had work really hard to make her look ugly. Now you understand?

>>115097343>>115097390Wait. This chick was the cute mute? I didn't notice.She sucks in Batwoman, but I guess it's easier to act if you don't have to talk.


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>> called it right

Why'd they even hire a movie star?How has this shown been anyways?

I looked up lesbian actresses, and so far the best fit I've come across would be Evan Rachel Wood, but she just starred in an HBO show and she keeps starting shit on twitter, so something tells me she wouldn't do it.

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>>115098341>she keeps starting shit on twitterHaha what's she saying?

>>115098331>Why'd they even hire a movie star?Ruby Rose isn't really a movie star, but they wanted a relatively big name who was also lesbian, and she checked out all the boxes.>How has this shown been anyways?Bland. Kate, her girlfriend and her father are boring. It's literally being carried by Batwoman's evil sister and her sidekicks (Lucius Fox's son and Batwoman's hapa stepsister).

>>115097732In fact they literally just added a bunch of shit with Lucius's death, saying Bruce might've killed the Joker and the Azrael shit in the diary.


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>>115096855Sounds hot honestly. Imagine a porno based on this cult with everyone of CW's hottest thots?

>>115097663lmao women are so stupid

>>115097019I'm guessing Bex Taylor or the other semi popular dyke chick from Grimm, High Maintenance etc.

>>115098341she has a kid and was married. she aint gay


>>115098468Yo, this chick is wild.Way to piss off a lot of people at once though

>>115098533She is now. Outspokenly so.

>>115098533>Rosie O'Donnell has 5 kids. She can't possibly be gayGod you're dumb

>>115096894Not if the main character sucks balls... Clit? Tits?

>>115098533Dude she literally fucked with Ruby Rose

>>115098468Jesus christ. She is done after Westworld. Is she autistic something because that's just fucked up.

>>115095427It's a superhero show. Kill her off screen and have someone else take the mantle.

>>115094816So, what, was she not getting enough starfucking in Vancouver?


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GoT went through three versions of he Mountain, two Darios...recasts nbd.

>>115099227?This is the main character. Those were side side characters

>>115099282SPARTACUS recast its main character. Different context (Andy Whitfield died), but still.

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>>115096132 Are you retarded? The show is named after her. It's not called "Luke, Alice, etc."

>>115094816>Ruby Rose Quits BatwomanWhy is that a big deal?

>>115099414I bet a lot of people couldn't tell

>>115094979>This is why I don't watch shows until they're over.This user gets it

>>115099434Because... Now they can't trick people into thinking it's related to RWBY?

>>115099427>It's not called "Luke, Alice, etc."It should be.TOP TIER>AliceGOOD TIER>Luke>Mary>Mary>TommyMEH TIER>Sophie>Julia>JacobBAD TIER>Kate

>>115094816Holy shit, just yesterday I was thinking "She's probably going to quit/get replaced soon".

>>115099591>Mary twice Based

>>115097731>Nick Cannon

Ironically, they just cast their

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>>115095357She had a guest spot before signing on to her own series.

>>115099704They should just retool it into a Batman series. Kill Kate off, have Bruce show up and be all "I'm back, bitches!"

>>115099891Execs probably won't let them. They're retarded when it comes to Batman.

>>115094816>Iconic lead role>iconic555-COME-ON-NOW

>>115097407Because they fucked up. A bunch of morons basically devalued women in current society as an attempt to make them "empowered" and now they're trying to contain the explosion. They don't know what to do so they're just throwing more and more stuff against the wall until something sticks.

>>115099282Bewitched is pretty famous for recasting its male lead and nobody noticing.

>>115099891this would be money

>>115097407They were ironically pretty fucked by the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton was supposed to win. Tv shows, movies, media corporations were all primed with girl power programming to capitalize off of that. But she lost. And all the girl power pandering that was supposed to be a celebration now just comes off as whiny. They massively misread the zeitgeist and it bit them in the ass. Corona is just the last push through their anal ring.

>>115095414GET >IN, GO >CEL

>>115099891This, have him come back because he can't sit back and watch that shitshow of a job Kate is doing. The city needs a true hero damn it, and he will have to do.

>>115095560>tim pool>alt rightTranny spotted

>>115096291It would be really interesting to have a show about her>What do you mean you have a baby!? You abandoned your baby to run on rooftop and punch people!?>I'm too young to be a mother! I can't handle the responsibility! Now give me the coordinates so I can stop this lunatic from setting off the 9 nukes in the city, only I can handle this!

>>115097407>>115099980Y'all are dumb.They're not going to put their heavy hitters on tv because these shows exist just to maintain some interest between movies, potentially attract a few new fans, and the comic book nerds.These shows don't make a ton of money. At least not movie money.If they make a Superman and Batman show, it'll devalue the characters. Especially once you're a few years down the road, the show is mildly ok, but now you have a big movie with a different actor and storyline and universe.But people are going to associate the big movie, with the show that they don't care about, and the movie will lose money.

>>115100192That's WB's mentality, not the audience's mentality. People can handle different continuities.

>>115100164>I can't handle the responsibility of raising a baby! It's also boring! Whoo punching people and getting innocent people killed is REALLY funSteph was the the weirdest take on batgirl.

>>115095427they have perfect face swapping tech in-universe.

>>115094816>don't do it girlfriend

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>>115094946real & straight user but keep eating crow cocks

Take a look at the synopsis for season 2 that The CW released earlier this week.>Season 2 kicks off with a major game-changer that will alter Gotham and The Bat-Team forever. As the dust settles, Batwoman has everything working against her – including the recently escaped rogues gallery – and everyone will come to see her in a whole new light. Alice meets her match when she becomes entangled with a dangerous foe from her past who knows exactly how to prey on her vulnerabilities. As Luke (Camrus Johnson) and Mary (Nicole Kang) find their footing as sidekicks, a romance will shake up their dynamic. Meanwhile, Sophie (Megan Tandy) and Julia's (guest star Christina Wolfe) budding relationship will face its first real test and make Sophie question everything she thought she knew to be>Ruby Rose not listed.>"Everyone will see her in a new light."They already knew.Incidentally, Rachel Skarsten isn't listed either, and Jacob Kane isn't even mentioned. I wonder what that means...

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>>115100402That'd be unfortunate to lose Skarsten.

>>115100534kill yourself Ladderfag

>>115100248It's not about understanding that it's multiple realities.It's that the general public wouldn't be as interested as much in the same characters.It simply devalues the character if they appear too often. Batman has had what a few games and a handful of movies. Superman has had less movies and a show a decade ago. And that's definitely on purpose. But now, they have an audience that kinda grew up, maybe not reading the comics, but watching Superman and Batman and their friends as cartoons when they were kids. And execs can keep their interest alive with all these side characters that they can use and say "Oh hey, watch this show, this is Batman's friend/ protege/ sidekick/ etc."There's also the whole money side. Having their biggest assets on tv won't garner much money. Whereas they can use these side characters and it kinda balances out. Maybe they want to test people's interest in this character or that or this kind of storyline. Maybe they can test out a consistent little universe, which nerds fucking love. Maybe they can test out a new platform (Titans and YJ with the DC thing).And for all these side-projects, they can use the side characters and keep the big ones for bigger projects.Of course, they can create a Batman or Superman show, but why would they when a slightly less people will watch a Green Arrow or a Flash show.

>>115100534>(you KNOW it's gonna happen).I wish it would, Ezra sucks.

>>115099414they look so similar damn

>>115100774get dunked on

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Someone please put the live action side of DC Comics out of its misery already.

>>115095777Covid hit during pilot season, so it isn't like they have prospective shows to replace it with.

>>115100402>I wonder what that means...Goodbye Kate, Hello Kathy.

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>>115100886Get John Constantine on the line.

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>>115095414GET GET, GOT GOT Blood rush to my head lit hot lockPoppin' off the fuckin' block knotClockin' wrist slit watch bent thought bot

>>115096801Prostitutes don't tend to have to look hard.

>>115095287Because your a 40yr old 300ib incel with 4 inch dick and retard strength?

Hopefully whoever replaces her is just as bad I love watching the reaction videos.

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>>115097407>People want to see Batman and Superman, not their off-gender clones.Those are for MOVIES. So sayeth the EXECUTIVES.Also Superman is getting a show again, in the fall or whenever new TV happens.

>>115100322Question: Has Eccleaton ever liked ANYTHING he's ever been in?

>>115097407>If they want to make a GURLPOWER supershow, make it about Wonder Woman... y'know, the one who represents girl power?There have been multiple attempts to get Wonder Woman on the small screen. They wanted to capitalize off the Smallville audience for the longest time. There were half a dozen pitches for Diana in high school that I've heard of, and there's also this garbage fire that actually had a pilot made. Nobody wants to put in real effort for Wonder Woman, so it's all gimmicky shit. And if they wanted to go gimmicky, they should have just rented out a plot in New Zealand and done a Xena-esque show about Themescyra.

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>>115100164>>115100297Steph giving birth was something like four or five in-universe years before becoming Batgirl. Plus the context at the time of her giving birth was that she was a poor, white trash kid from the wrong side of the tracks only doing superheroics to stop her dad.

>>115096766Worse than supergirl?

>>115095196If she's legitimately quitting then because she's a slacker in general and committing to anything so long term is simply not in her natureIf she was fired then because she can't read, she sexually harasses women regularly, and is drunk or high most the time and already suffered a massive injury so she's a financial liability and causing insurance rates to rise by her mere presence alone

>>115101247Does anyone on Batwoman have a neck as slutty as this?

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>>115100192CW's Superman is literally getting its own series. WB is a bit more autistic about Batman, so we'll see what happens with >>115099704


>>115100192If they actually cared about that, King and Bendis would have been shut down immediately, and Snyder would never have gotten a second film. The DC brand is about as well-guarded as Princess Peach.

>>115101190Yes, he's just also been in a lot of shitty stuff too. He's also very much a, "it's just a job," actor.

>>115098468Nah she's right, people didn't lay off Michael Jackson when he died, Kobe doesn't deserve special treatment

>>115101345>The DC brand is about as well-guarded as Princess Peach.Sensible chuckle.

>>115094816Whelp, it's against all the rules to #Metoo a gay woman so let's all pretend she decided to quit.

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>> he's one of those dipshits that Types In All Caps

>>115101348>He's also very much a, "it's just a job," actor.Which is a very classic British attitude. They go in with a workman's mindset, and relish chances to really ACT, so if you have something stupid but appropriately hammy, look to hire a limey.

my god this looks bad

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>>115095265Implying she wasn't eating producer cunt

>>115101102Simp limp cuck faggit, ugly lois, and unlikable crotch spawn.

>>115100659Not him but I wish they would keep this same energy with certain characters. Wonder Woman is the one gal who they constantly go back to. After all there was that failed pilot some years back with Adrianna Palincki or however you spell her name. Looked like it might've been nice. I also hate how Diana is the first gal to go to even though she's supposedly part of the "trinity" up there with Batman and Superman. Off-topic but this is my main gripe with shows like the DC Girls show. Why use Diana when you literally have Donna or Cassie to choose from for your "Wondy" rep? She belongs up there in the big leagues with the OG's.

>>115096304Well yea obviously people who never watch the show but love to comment and complain on twitter will bitch about it for a while.

>>115101313No one on Earth has a neck that slutty.Melissa Benoist Dracula movie when?

>>115101521>Why use Diana when you literally have Donna or Cassie to choose from for your "Wondy" rep? She belongs up there in the big leagues with the OG's.Normies have no idea who Donna or Cassie are. Titans might have helped that a bit, I didn't watch it but I"m sure someone did. But the girls need a proper, high profile introduction.

>>115100534>>115100936>thinking DChads care about shitty CW showsKek, you really are desperate aren't you Marvelfag

>>115100322Fucker won't even do Big Finnish

>>115098468Well she isn't wrong. Kobe literally got away with it because he was famous and rich. Just like how Bruce Jenner got away with killing a woman with his car just because he became a "woman" with a dick still attached.

>>115100659>And that's definitely on purposeNot so sure about this. I mean they're careful about the portrayal of these characters and they try not to involve them in what they think are shitty projects, but once they find a winning formula they'll milk it as much as they can. Smallville ran for ten years ffs. They offered Nolan a blank check to do a fourth movie. They're releasing animated movies every year. >Of course, they can create a Batman or Superman show, but why would they when a slightly less people will watch a Green Arrow or a Flash show.I think the reason behind that was their dumb logic of "we can only have one actor portraying X character"

>>115096428Not many people actually give a shit enough about Batwoman, either the character or the show, to be bothered by this. It's just sort of a >Meh....whateverThe whole show was just a stunt for WB to claim they have super inclusive diverse shows in the first place. It was meant to attract twitter likes and win awards then guilt advertisers into basically having to buy airtime so they can join in the progressiveness. Not be a decent show that draws in massive viewers.

Attached: EOYSLY1UwAAVutA.jpg (720x701, 112.99K)

>>115101375t. believe all woman

>>115101658Yeah, I know. I mean I get WHY they went with Diana but it still sucks how they always do it like Diana is the only rep they got for Wonder Woman. Dudes need to keep the same energy.

>>115101375>people didn't lay off Michael Jackson when he diedThey did, though.

>>115101704Nice proof

>>115101043>JLongboneHer channel is great desu

>>115096849>>115097144also the studios know they have to include a chubby girl or else they might see some problems from activist groups for unrealistic portrayals etc. So someone in the cast has to be the fat one, and it's a safer bet to just make the random included minority the fat one too, check all those boxes at the same time.

>>115101304>If she was fired then because she can't readHow do you become an actor if you are illiterate?

>>115095052CW DC shows are almost all unbelievably terrible butcherings of the source material and the fact that there are people who shill them on this board confirms that either this board doesn't actually read comics or has some of the lowest IQ posters on the entire website.

>>115097407Because studios and companies right now assume shit said on twitter by some influencer with 20-50K followers and a few thousand likes can be assumed what majority of US viewers ages 18-30 think and feel too. They see the numbers and think >THIS right here! THIS is what viewers want to see more of!!!Social media somehow became an unwilling focus test group for everyone in media.

Holla Forumsmblr is real and awful.

>>115101804For which? Its literally known that Bruce Jenner killed a woman with his car because he was on the phone. Gave himself breast implants and a horrible wig and called himself a woman. Won "Woman of the Year" over other legit woman.

>>115095233Phew! I was starting to think it was the cyber bullying!

>>115095777It's liked by the executives who favour ideology over profits because they're financially secure and corporations, like governments, are just vehicles for the managerial elite to move through funded by government-owned pension funds.

>>115101710And Gotham ran for 5 years, but they're not the actual larger-than-life heavy hitters. They're still young and not there yet.Didn't they specifically go out of their way to not say the word Superman in Smallville? And I don't remember Bruce ever getting called Batman in Gotham.It's all about the brand and money. They also release comics every week and games every once in a while. But those don't reach the same audience that tv does.And again, cartoons are for the kids primarily. To get them while they're young. Same as BTAS and JL were for some of us.And they offered Nolan a blank check because they knew whatever money they put in, they would get back that value several times over.

>>115101972>Didn't they specifically go out of their way to not say the word Superman in Smallville?Wasn't there lawsuit with Superman's creator's family at the time? I wonder if that might have anything to do with it.

>>115095233Kinda based

>>115101972Gotham was amazingIt's a shame the fifth and final season was rushed + that godforsaken epilogue episodePenguin deserved better, he essentially became the villain protagonist by season 3 onwards

>>115102016I dunno, but yeah, I think it was the lawsuit.

>>115102051I have mixed feelings on the last episode. But I think it was worth it to get a glimpse of Bruce and Jeremiah’s futures. Jim arresting Oswald after everything they’ve been through was off putting, and shaving his mustache was lame.

>>115096291Make her a combination of herself plus Batgirl of Burnside

>>115101933I think that user is talking about Kobe

>>115095427Lazarus pit, come out like an all new Doctor Who

>>115095052>CW DC shows are bad by defaultFlash S1 was good

>>115101931It is. They are even more prevalent on here than the Holla Forumstards

>>115102214Could be a time skip where shit went down and Alice had to give Kate a new face

>>115102214Roy destroyed them all

>>115101898Better than nothing.

>>115097343When she heard she'd be playing a lesbian DC character, probably thought she'd be getting pussy every episode.

>>115095813So that was actually a rumor? What a shame, he would've done great things with it.

>>115102262They aren't. They're worse than nothing because they cause people to conjure the CW's butcher jobs as the default versions of the characters in their heads. Stephen Amell's edgelord "Green Arrow almost in name only" is now what most people will think of when they hear Green Arrow. More people have experienced Crisis on Infinite Earths through that absolutely worthless special event than they have the actual comic series. Supergirl has stolen countless Superman storylines and universally failed to do them justice.If these CW shows were going parallel to other, better mainstream adaptations of the characters I would consider them harmless. But the sheer fact that they're all that's there is a travesty.

>>115094816They're still trying to make a second season, i suppose they might want to hire a more likeable actress

>>115097343You know what other Big Screen Actor showed up in a Cw Show?I'll give you a hint. He was one of the greatest Superman ever acted.

I hate watching DC fail over and over again. Why don't any of these actors want an easy paycheck? Sure the characters are shit, but so is paying a mortgage.

>>115096291Just found out what?!

>>115099891God I really wish they would. Especially with a Superman show coming. Too bad they never will.

>>115101214>They wanted to capitalize off the Smallville audience for the longest time.Well suck it CW because Fox did it first and now so is.. Apple TV with... Pennyworth. Seriously?

>>115101826I like that Thorias Unlimited guy. He can be really autistic sometimes though. In the linkara way.

>>115102397There's also the fact Brandon Routh is a nice guy who got screwed over by doing Superman Returns and managed to roll with the punches. Rose is a primadonna who got a few lucky breaks and clearly keeps squandering them. Landing a lead role in anything without actually being able to act was a blessing and she blew it.

>>115102501Pennyworth is a legitimately great show though.Doesn't even need the batman ties to hold itself up.

>>115097574Jesus christ time hit her like a Mac truck.

Hope AT&T commits sudoku (along with the mouse before anyone calls me a mouse cock sucker)

>>115099414Spartacus was actually a good show.

>>115099414Isn't that the same actor?

>>115102666AT&T can't really die unless you manage to kill their internet service.

>>115095196probably because she fucked herself

>>115095330>caring what quarter pounder thinks

>>115102666Fuck off, its the AT&T people the ones who stepped in, told WB execs to fuck themselves and are giving us ZSJL

>>115100008>and nobody noticing.EVERYBODY fucking noticed.

>>115101972>And they offered Nolan a blank check because they knew whatever money they put in, they would get back that value several times overThe thing is that they didn't stop making those movies to "rest" the character. They would have continued as long as they keep making money.>>115102258in a post-crisis world it'd fair game

>>115095563>NXIVMKind of weird how many cast members from Battlestar lined up to join Baltar's sex cult.

>>115102929Jesus. Yeah, she probably didn't heal up right.

Attached: 1589803717228.jpg (285x354, 36.23K)

>>115099591I keep seeing people shit on Batwoman but I've never seen anyone that shits on Alice.

>>115099454i noticed immediately. the new guy was shit too imo.

>>115103816Alice and to a lesser extent Mouse are entertaining, and as long as they remain villains and don't suffer a forced redemption arc they'll remain soKate and her father are blocks of wood

>Doing a network drama is one of the hardest acting jobs, and not everyone is well equipped to handle the intensity and long hours involved. I hear Rose, whose most extensive previous TV gig was a nine-episode arc on Orange Is the New Black, was not happy, and the show’s team was not happy to a point where noone could see this going for another season. It was not a good fit, and the studio and the star opted to part ways.She wasn’t cut out for it.

>>115094816They honestly should've made a Batwing show with Luke Fox instead. Hey I'm not even a big fan of Luke but I'd rather watch that than a Kate Kane show.

We’re getting the Snyder cut and we got rid of Batwoman! Get in here DChadsWe never fucking LOSE!!!!

>>115097563Source: ass

>>115104076If true, they must have an immediate recast in the wing, because they wouldn't renew for two more seasons with no lead.

>>115102212Kobe settled with the accuser and brought his wife several expensive gifts because he got exposed. Only reason she didn't leave him is because she is a gold digger.

Just cancel Batwoman outright and do this. Have a line in Supergirl, if you decide to keep it, that Kate has also disappeared, but Batman has returned.

Attached: bb.jpg (1536x2048, 511.22K)

>>115102355But Amell's Green Arrow was pretty close to the ACTUAL Green Arrow from the comics, sans the van dyke and classic liberal attitude.

>>115104076The multiple on-set accidents, one that happened to her personally, probably also had a part in the decision.

>>115095330>used to like that guy>find him insufferable now thanks to his clickbait titles.

>>115103816I do. Alice is boring as hell and not even remotely intimidating.

>>115105493Alice is one of the best things about the show. A giant improvement on the comic version.

>>115105493she cute

>>115105549Best part of shit is still shit.>>115105552Fuck off, coomer.

>>115094816Poor DC just can’t catch a damn break

>>115105580no u


>>115095156Nigga that’s Batgirl,Batgirl and Batwoman are two completely different people.

>>115100008>nobody noticingThe Other Darrin is a reference 4 generations of tv watchers would get, even if they haven't necessarily seen Bewitched.

>>115105659You're thinking of Oracle.

>>115094816Meh, one of the reasons why tv shows are the absolute bottom of the entertainment.

>>115094816A gay rat jumping off a sinking gay ship.

>>115104596Cheating is not a crime

It's party time, boys and girls.

Attached: Jack_Nicholson_As_The_Joker.jpg (951x1200, 121.88K)

>>115095233>>115095563Any of these for Brie Larson, Deborah Ann Woll or Elizabeth Olsen.I could never figure out how to search on that site.

>>115094816>iconicWhy do liberals lie all the time?

>>115095052I don’t like “diverse” copycat characters period. It’s the height of sjws lacyness

>>115095531To be completely honest, the VERY last one which talks about her being addicted on pain killers is very likely real because earlier during the filming of Batwoman, she had apparently got into an accident and had to have surgery. She probably hasn't been 100% since then and has been on the meds since then.So most likely she's probably out of Batwoman due to the injury she got earlier. Pain pills addiction is no joke, and if she was already addicted to other drugs, that'd be even worse on top of that with all of the pain she has to deal with. Either that or the MeToo shit is also real.

>>115095531Read through this and its comments section and then you can decide how you feel about these blinds and their

>>115095052No one wanted bat woman They hired the edgiest stock figure lesbian to play her a poem parody had better casting and costume design It was doomed to fail

Attached: A6788E07-5792-4E0C-8CB7-62B1CC737136.jpg (940x1280, 360.18K)

>>115095801Why every show is shot in Vancouver? honestly curious.

>>115095958Legit didn’t even recognize the swap for him until it was pointed out to me two months ago because my friend pointed out some “racist” leak that they could replace the original actor because no one would notice since he was black. They are right

>>115097118>Alice's actressnothing that blob does is acting its just mugging and be a retarded sperg

>>115105552Bruh. She looks like a generic TikTok thot. She's one of those "we made a low quality costume so every mother that goes to comic con can cosplay like her" Gwenpool and Ms Marvel for reference

>>115101247Yes. Absolutely. Melissa Benoist is a cutie for starters.

>>115100955Gib sexy bi-daddy an hbo special with s1 GoT level debauchery

>>115098531Bex Taylor is my dream Mayday Parker/Spider Girl.Also I want a movie or tv show about Cass Casin Batgirl, get a hot Chinese or Napa girl that know martial arts or gymnastics. She doesn’t need to talk too much.

Attached: 5900EB20-BFD1-4082-9432-E0B409E9FC3A.jpg (452x679, 51.37K)

>>115101247Nope. Supergirl is a special kind of bad.

>>115104235LOL no, Cass Cain batgirl is the right spin off.

Attached: C2553C74-4B54-4DB4-8830-44342077C95F.jpg (394x779, 32.42K)

>>11509553199% misinfo and bullshit1% truth

>>115095427>Kate you look different did you do something with your hair?>-dramatic pause- Yeslike so >>115095958

>>115106338LA and NYC are too expensive, I think.

>>115098533haha tell that to my mom

What was with the cheap costume store wig? What is the point of having a hero suit that looks awful.

Attached: Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Episode 2 - Akagi is Going to be Super Deluded.png (450x253, 139.02K)

>>115106276>parody had better casting and costume designIt's getting weird how often that's true.

>>115095233>girl gets diddled by a relative at a very young age>comes out as a lesbo/genderfluid>fucks everything that moves and has drug addiction issues>b-b-but there's no link between sexual abuse and being gay/trans, it's perfectly normal!Every time.>>115095531Sometimes they're full of shit but I 100% believe these. The chick looks and acts exactly like these blind items would have you think and she's not the sort of person you would expect people to make shit up about (she's not THAT famous, and she has LGBT protection).

>>115094816Ruby Rose was injured last year doing a stunt for Batwoman. Undergo an operation to fix 2 hernia discs, otherwise, she risks getting paralyzed.I suppose that's the main reason she quit the show. She needs to take a break and going for some therapies.

>>115094816The injury is a cover. Fact is she hated the crap she got online (from "bigots" and militant lesbos) and she sees she's going nowhere with the role. The studio wanted her gone because she can't act and has to deal with her crippled/addict ass. I'm sure they came to an agreement.

>>115106588They were stuck with three bad options.1. Make the suit look as accurate as they can with their budget even though there is NO WAY to make the hair look good like it does in the comics.2. Make the costume realistic, and give her more realistically colored red hair.3. Ignore the flowing red hair entirely even though that's like 75% of the aesthetic appeal of Batwoman.The moment they chose to do a Batwoman tv show, they were doomed.

>>115106338Canadian government gives generous tax breaks for filming there.

>>115106797These backroom deals cut for the sake of appearances are fascinating.

>>115106815I know how cheap CW is but getting a decent wig isnt that hard.

>>115095545Out of that list only Seinfeld is a network show. all the others are cable shows.

>>115106797Nice sources

>>115094974>""Just"" haircutxD

>>115102284now she's getting pussy behind the scenes of every episode

>>115095545None of those are network tv shows except Seinfeld and that ended 22 years ago

>>115095530but only men can do that

>>115106797>The injury is a cover>But she's still crippled??????

>>115094816>DC series to recast lead role for season 2. What the fuck is wrong with them. Can it or reboot it.

>>115107195This. They should just cancel it

Easily fixed.>Timeskip to (x) amount of months after Batwoman.>Meet Tim Drake, a young detective and former ward to Bruce Wayne.>He's in Europe; being trained by a woman named Shiva.>He gets word from Luke Fox about how not only Bruce has disappeared, but his cousin Kate has as well. >Series go!

Attached: external-content.duckduckgo.png (376x1007, 884.68K)

>>115096226A broken clock being right twice a day doesn't make it very accurate.

>>115107247Also, since Supernatural is ending, just have Ackles come in and reprise Red Hood for easy DOSH.

>>115106344Are you fucking blind dude? Howard was light skinned and a bit stockier while Cheadle is dark skinned and pretty thin.

>>115107195>Can it or reboot it.Why would you do that, you just recast one actor.

I wanted to make another antibatwoman thread today but now history just writes itself.Fuck you, batdyke! To hell with you!

Attached: pobrane (2).jpg (307x164, 9.6K)

>>115107348Keep seething, incel boy. The show will stay be on air and most likely have a lesbian actress in the lead.

>>115107171She's not actually crippled but she's definitely more at risk to fuck herself up again, exacerbated by her painkiller abuse.The injury isn't the main reason though, it's mostly everything else.I'm sure they'd have kept her otherwise, that's what makes it a cover.

So... does Batwoman have any original villains? Granted I am a newbie in the whole DC universe but so far it all just seems like they are grabbing a bunch of already established rogues and throwing them into the show. I guess the only original characters are “totally-not Mad HatterxJoker and lol also the twin sister”, Bane-light.. Maybe also the not-vampire chick. Am I wrong?

>>115107510You are not. Batwoman is literally a batman's parasite.

>>115107528Geez... So what good shows are there?CW is really making some crappy shows

>>115107372They have already announced that the next Batwoman is going to be a lesbian. Which is great, because it makes it clear that the intention was never to tell a story, but rather to send a message: "Munch more carpet."

>>115107546Capeshit CW? There are none. There are some episodes that are good/decent tho'. Especially Arrow, Flash, even first Supergirl x Flash crossover (Supergirl 1x18). But most of the time it's sjw bullshit and really bad writing.

>>115107567>because it makes it clear that the intention was never to tell a story, but rather to send a message: "Munch more carpet."Because a straight actor playing a lesbian wouldn't get the message through? They want a gay actor because Batwoman is considered a gay icon by CW so they want the representation to be done by an actual LGBTQ member, because young people appreciate that sort of thing.

>>115107592Yeah that is sorta what I am getting tooStargirl seemed decent though.. sorta

Can we get a good villain for next season instead of that unthreatening bitch Alice?

>>115107247He gets raped by Bane and dies

>>115107630spacing and defending CW easy faggot spotting

>>115107630What? Even new generations can't be that retarded. If anything - it's a a pressure from ABCD community to hire actual fags to play fags under threat of starting a massive shitstorm over social media if they don't.

>>115107747Young kids today aren't as bigoted as the circle jerk hate threads on 4chan would lead you to believe, bubble boy.

>>115107706Stargirl is good but it's a DC Universe show, it just airs on CW the following day

>>115107730Strength vs dex meme.mp3

>>115107706Just wait. CW sooner or later will fall to it's usual shit. Seeds are already planted - I'm sure there will be whole subplot about oppression of mid-nite girl for being black. Mark my words.

>>115107712Alice is unironically the only good thing in this shitshow.

>>115107812>girlUmm EXCUSE ME but ze is a transgendered omniblob who is also a polyreligious rainbow

>>115107773Stop projecting. Young people have internet nowadays so they have unlimited access to information and opinions. They aren't as retarded you faggots think they are. I bet today preeteens will pogrom fags one day. History will repeat itself.

>>115107829Just because she's the best thing about the shitty show doesn't make her not shit.

>>115107901YeahA pretty poop is still a poop

>>115095427>Barry fucked up the timeline again

>>115107881>Young people have internet nowadays so they have unlimited access to information and opinionsExactly, so they actually see and encounter different people and think it's normal instead of vilifying them for being different

>>115107957>”Kate did you change your hair? You look totally different”


>>115108043The difference is that straight men and women find lgbt disturbing and sexual acts they commit disgustig. It's only natural. Now, before internet age, media were shoving down out throats that our natural responses and feelings are bad and wrong. Today we can read that no, it's only natural to be disgusted. Now they can learn their basic feelings are ok. If you bend a stick, sooner or later it will swing back at you and smack you in the face.

>>115095233Damn Ruby's a real hollywood casanova.

>>115107247I really wish we'd get a Robin TV show and/or movie.

>>115095560Didn't Disney buy 100 million dollars worth of tickets for the movie?

>>115095233So many lesbians.

>>115100843It looks like she's laughing when she's getting choked.

>>115095233What's the source for these?I'm always fascinated when I find out a woman's been Metooing other women.

>>115108255So much for being overrepresented in children's cartoons.

>>115094816Oh no! Not Batwoman....

Attached: 1579209293059.jpg (660x574, 30.86K)

>>115095414Broke, Woke

Attached: 1539863255266.jpg (1242x1394, 155.86K)


>>115095233The hell is this?

GET *clap* WOKE *clap* GO *clap* BROKE *clap*

>>115095958Will always be a terrible Rhodey. Michael Jai White was the absolute perfect pick for look and comedic timing.

>>115108464Did you stop to consider how faggy that would look before you posted? Jesus.


>>115108512Funny you say that because the clap thing is done by people on the left on twitter and I absolutely agree they look faggy and are all around terrible people.

>>115108464That doesn't even make sense, do you people even understand your own buzzwords anymore?

>>115095052Yes, even the most devoted shills seems to agree that the show is indeed garbage.I would say Ruby Rose jumped the sinking ship, but she is part of the problem and the ship was never afloat to begin with.

>>115095233Which website is this

>>115095233What site is this? I always see it brought up but I have no idea what it actually is

>>115108252yeah, they were crazy skeeby with that, basically so that they could pay for buying Fox studios with stock instead of moneyBut end of the day, ms Marvel was still a huge hit, mostly bc of endgame carry-over


Attached: 2b3c223a1803e5dced3c3b370e201c7e.jpg (1015x1064, 104K)

>>115095052it's an overwhelmingly mediocre show

>>115100659> a few you even game


>>115101430Honestly it's better than a lot of thumbnails. At least you can tell what the video's about.

>>115101430>TheQuarteringHow often does his wife cuck him?

>>115095236batwoman ratings started off at 1/6th of what supergirl started with, then slowly stabilized at a 0.3 rating until the crossoverafter the crossover it pulled, like, 0-17 to 0.2it started at 0.4 then slowly fell to 0.2it actually did about as badly as black lightning season3 and supergirl s5, it seems that flash is the only cw capeshit show that doesnt rate horribly.supergirl s1 started with 3.1, went to 1.7 after two episodes, then ended up at 1.28bonus meme: iirc blackwoman got about as many imdb reviews in its first week as supergirl did in its first season, while also being watched by a 6th of people

>>115095233What site is this?


>>115101043Based Jbone

>>115108464Based fuck liberals

>>115094816i didnt know Justin Bieber was in batwoman

>>115101214what the fuck is this suitis this porn?

>>115108769look, i like attractive people too. the thing is, you can look at attractive people in even greater states of undress without having to sit through hours of mediocre television. i've heard rumors that some internet sites cater to this sort of thing

>>115097732yes it did , they clearly had he kill old man bruce , he was even played by kevin conroy, who everyone knows is the voice of tas batman, and to complete the shit sandwich they made old man batman evil

>>115098468Based Dolores.

>>115098468Back before the internet people used to not say certain things if it wasn't nice and served no purpose. I actually agree 100% with her but she has done nothing to help here and basically got the people who agree with her to cheer and anger the ones who don't like all blue check marks do

>>115109488Basically she's not being poilitically correct.

>>115109509you know what would not be PC? Saying this when he was alive


>>115109562Thanks, buddy!

Attached: 5d2c352bf5fa835de63db9d4d0455244600x_zpsc1e72562.gif (500x276, 475.11K)

>>115101797Actually the accusations toned down if anything.

>>115109884Sorry, meant >>115101375

>>115094974what's with the padawan braid


>>115094816A real shame. Her acting was getting better.

>>115095556Didn’t they metoo Melanie Martinez?

>>115095556>they cant metoo a womanthey kinda metoo'd mera's actress from the much more successfull aquaman moviealso you're probably just making shit up like a gossip hungry 40 years old woman

>>115111527Most folks bent over backwards to downplay and excuse Amber Heard's bullshit, but she just wouldn't stop shooting herself in the foot. If you want to sweep your bad behavior under the rug you've got to at least stop doing crazy, horrible shit for five minutes.

>>115094816Get woke, go broke

>>115094816Oh no no no no no no no no no no no no ah hahahahahahahahahahahaha

>>115096291What a fucking terrible design for Steph, holy shit.'m all for this but won't this impact her role on B99.

>>115094816As long as my wife Alice is still there, Wokewoman will be fine bros.

>>115103816IMHO, she's very underwhelming after such cool villains like Merlyn (don't argue with me, he may have been shit past season 1 but in season 1 he was amazing), Deathstroke, Thawne, Zoom before the reveal, Damien Darhk on LoT and Prometheus. She just doesn't have presence those guys have.

>>115097407>girl power is stupid and no one wants it>unless they use this one specific character and then it's okay

>>115094816There's a Batwoman show? Any good?

>>115113164Nope, it's honestly very boring but better than Supergirl.

>“It wasn’t 100-percent her decision,” concedes a source close to the show. “It was a breakup. She wasn’t happy working on the show, and did that make her fun to work with? No. So everyone decided it would be in the best interests of the show, and for all concerned, if they parted ways. It just wasn’t a good fit.”>According to an insider, Rose — coming off the features John Wick: Chapter 2 and The Meg — was distressed by the long hours demanded of a lead TV role and did not acclimate well to life in Vancouver (where the show shoots).confirmed for being a cunt to work with

Not surprising. It sounds like she wanted out, and they were only too happy to let her go. In fact I suspect CW never wanted her in the first place. The producer mentioned wanting a Ruby Rose type actress for the lead, never expecting the actual deal to show interest and when she did they had to take her, even though she's far more famous than their usual actors and harder to work with.And the actual show came out and ratings were shit despite them banking on it being their big thing, because Arrow is over and Flash and Supergirl only have a few more years left, so they were really hoping Batwoman would be a pillar that could hold the Arrowverse up. Rose is clearly the weakest link of the actors given how everyone praised every actor but her for the most part, and she's not very popular with the LGBTQ crowd who are the ones they were hoping would be watching the show (and giving them free press because they're the loudest on twitter)The upcoming Covid filming restrictions probably scared her, and they were only too happy to let her go.

>>115100192That might have been their opinion 5 years ago, but between their failure to get a big universe going in the movies and Flash tv's unexpected popularity they're slowly changing their tune.

>>115113226to be fair working on a show like that is a fucking nightmare. 9 months of working up to 15 hours, especially during the winter, is hell.

>>115113398For the leads anyway. The supporting characters, who only get a few scenes per ep and sometimes miss out on episodes entirely seem to have a great time filming for the most part.

>>115111527That's just on how big Johnny Depp still is. If she had assaulted some random guy nothing would have happened.

>>115112838synopsis from season 2 seems to imply she might get recasted too


>>115105659You don't get the joke.Rose was almost paralyzed on set a few months ago.

>>115095233maximum overchad

>>115113465Legends of tomorrow cast probably has the beast deal


>>115095420Nope I think she is done with it. But she aint doing no CW show ever

>>115106024>> Insert Celeb NameI think some user must have simply screenshotted and copypasta'd all that together.


>>115094816And it apparently is because she's too lazy.

>>115115098it is user

>>115094946Like Ruby

>>115113164Barely anyone watches irlt.

>>115094946Feel smart now faggot?

>>115116168It's definitely more nefarious than that. This bitch has almost a dozen blind items highlighting her promiscuity over the past 5 years alone. And by promiscuity I mean legit sexual harassment. She likely got caught with her hand down some girl's pants again, but it was the last straw for the producers.Notice how no one is definitively saying why she left? Not even ruby herself? It's like when a CEO "chooses" to step down after the company takes a financial hit. Ruby says she parted ways amicably with CW. Fat fucking chance.

>>115119353>Notice how no one is definitively saying why she left?She couldn't handle the workload and was abrasive on set because of it, so when she wanted to call it quits WB was happy to let her go.

how is this thread still up.

Haven't watched this show at all. What has Kate actually managed to accomplish so far? Has she "surpassed" Bruce as is what normally tends to happen in stories like this?

>>115119667>What has Kate actually managed to accomplish so far?She's still alive despite constantly fucking up.>Has she "surpassed" Bruce as is what normally tends to happen in stories like this?Not even close, and she knows it.

>>115119667it is actually a pretty decent series; some episodes are *actually* literally good, and some scenes (like the underwater one in episode 2) are really beautiful, and others quite nasty (refrigerator.) Almost every member on the cast is doing a fantastic job, and the main villain (Alice) is phenomenal. If they could keep this growth to the second season we could had a real classic, but man...

>>115095052The trailer fucked it up

>>115119691That's surprising. The early trailers made it look like it was gonna be a huge "girl power" thing. Also, isn't she some kinda "Paragon" of whatever?

>>115119941She's the Paragon of Courage, yes. Which makes sense given she has the courage to keep fighting despite a lot of things stacking up against her.