What made Legend of Korra so bad compared to ATLA...

What made Legend of Korra so bad compared to ATLA? Like I can FEEL something's off in the writing and animation but I can't put it into words

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It's a lot more immature and I'm not just talking about Tenzin's kids.

chest lazers

>>115094764The writers through the entire series tried to live off the hype from the prior series. They continuously told the audience that things were good or bad and expected them to take it on faith instead of actually writing in scenes to demonstrate anything.

Is she this cute all the time in the show or should I stick to r34 for my Korra fix?

>>115094764The animation is a notch above ATLA in most cases but the writing suffers mostly from a lack of a solid story arc like ATLA had. It causes Korra to have rushed plotlines, endings and botched characters.

>>115094764Less world building. I can appreciate the metal utopia. We revisited Ba Sing Se, the Southern Air Temple, Northern Water tribe, and even that fucking Swamp. But we could've gotten a post-war Fire Nation which was a big miss if you ask me.

>>115094922She has an ugly haircut for the first 3 seasons. However they're a must watch if you have a "hot-head gets tamed" fetish

>>115094764They put story over character interactions, ATLA was great because it had a simple plot but great characters. They should have just made it a find the McGuffin or Lost Contenient plot line.

>>115094944Season 3 is really where the world starts to feel special again. "Breath of Fresh Air" is right.

>>115094867This is so fucking true. I remember Bryke said on Tumblr or Twitter or something how they were surprised people didn't really like Mako when book 1/2 were airing. They designed a "cool" character except he just did unlikeable stuff (like telling Bolin not to date Korra and kisses her later while in a relationship with Asami, and later cheating on Korra with Asami in book 2).They also had a habit of bringing ATLA characters back only to do nothing with them other than show "hey guys remember these people??". Iroh II or something was a literal non-character who had so much screen time just to show off Dante Basco's voice. Zuko was brought back only to have him and his dragon job.

>>115094764Lack of focus. Unwillingness to develop the protagonist. And in the first season, refute the Antagonist.

>>115094764Animation's fine apart from the first half of Book 2.

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>>115094811You notice the adults are all written the same way as the teens after a while. It's very annoying.

>>115094764adult cast.

>>115095111>they gave zuko a dragonwhat a load of fucking bullshit, what is zuko the fucking avatar?

>>115094764No long term problem

>>115094764They didn't rehire Aaron Ehasz, which exposed Bryke as Lucas-tier hacks. Ehasz at least attempted to make the characters in ATLA more complex, until Toph of course, but the main three cast members developed nicely and had interesting and compelling moments which only happened because they had more than one interesting trait.I don't remember any similar moment happening in Korra. It was a cast of Tophs - one-trick characters with a single character trait. Toph even reappeared in the series, boring as ever. And the antagonists, holy god. Bryke legitimately could not decide if they wanted Bender Sanders or not. Because Korra never had any interesting conflict to play off of, she never had the opportunity to have any interesting character-building moments."BUT SHE LOST HER BENDING" and she got it back and went right back to being same old Korra. She never changed, she was always the punch princess. The Spirit World thing was a cop-out, of course, but it was the single interesting direction the series could take. The stealth lesbian ending was pure pander and anyone who insists it was a built-up moment is a shill.

>>115095558This. Everything was resolved too quickly. There was nothing to look forward to each season

>>115094764Everyone is saying "rushed plot-lines" and "poor characterization" and that's 100% true. Another misstep was that every season was a condensed and existential threat to the order of things that often had very little bearing on any character other than Korra. Whereas ATLA was about a generations spanning world war that could be explored through every character, it was really hard to figure out what properly connects characters like Bolin and Mako to the threats of each season other than "we're the avatar's friends."Now imagine if Korra could've been about changing technology and how that relates to the cultural practice of bending. S1 attempted something like this with Amon, but the writers didn't have enough follow through with this idea to see what kind of effects a non-bender revolution would've had on the story. It evens sets up perfectly with Zaheer's anarchism. It's as if writer's wanted to tackle this premise of technology and the cultural status of bending but they did it in a piecemeal fashion that made the show less than the sum of its parts.

>>115094764Piss poor plot structure and weaker characters. One of the biggest reasons why Avatar was so good was that it planned out with a beginning, middle, and end. Meanwhile Korra was not planned out causing things like the clusterfuck that was season 2. Then when it comes to the main characters you got bland forgettable ones like Mako and Asami who I barely remember anything about them. The team is also split up all the time making it hard to develop the character's relationships.


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>>115094764The characters are flanderized versions of the Avatar cast. Everything that's wrong with Katara as a character is ten times worse with Korra, Bolin is like Sokka if instead of silly and creative he was just mentally challenged, and Mako was there to be a piece of meat with shitty relationship morals for Korra to try and fuck.Also the series was much less mature. That doesn't mean that it didn't have mature themes, but that it treated everything with less maturity, the main characters are basically manchildren.

>>115096016>Everything that's wrong with Katara as a character is ten times worse with Korra,damn, this is so true. you can tell Bryke were just trying to rewrite their waifu in an alternate universe where she is the main character and the avatar.

>>115094764The problem starts with Korra being an inversion of Aang. You see this in their appearances- tall brown older girl versus short pale younger boy- but beyond that, he's a flighty pacifist while she's a meathead for whom violence is almost a first resort.So putting her in Aang's story, where he has to toe the line between not being too violent on one side and not losing what's in fact at stake on the other, wouldn't work for her, because she doesn't have the qualms she does. So instead let's invert the story, too, where she has to learn when NOT to be violent! Put her in a more thoughtful, philosophical realm where there aren't easy answers that reduce to "here's the bad guy who needs a good thrashing; thrash him and all will be well!"But wait! This is still an action show! So there DO need to be easy answers that reduce to that in the end, otherwise it's a waste of a setting with all those awesome elemental powers, if they never get used!That's one swerve too many. Korra is right all along about violence being the answer because the antagonist is, despite all appearances, actually a maniac- but she can't solve things early on because there are still more episodes that need filling out, so she just flails about, losing fights and being no good at diplomacy, either, until the clock runs out. And if all that seems pointless, it is.


>>115094764Love triangle drama. Rushed pacing of season 1. Everything had to be a big plot reveal. Not adressing the good points raised by the equalist

>>115096508Also no fun adventure/ traveling sight seeing

>>115094764>someone finally designs the perfect woman ascetically>makes her retarded and gives her a terrible personality

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Im just going to drop a hot take, I love both shows and see the problems in each. atla was a 10/10 and korra was a 8.5/10

>>115096269This extends to everything about the concepts of the show. They tried to make everything about tLoK different or fresh from AtLA, but when you try to make everything fundamentally different from something that was good, you'll only create something bad.

>>115094764I mean there are so many things to mention, but I think the biggest one is that ATLA is a cohesive narrative and Korra is 4 different seasons all made on their own without relation to each other

>>115095639Toph has far more depth than any of the Krew.

>>115096269>she's a meathead for whom violence is almost a first resort.What's up with Water Tribe Avatars? Kuruk was a playboy who spent his time partying and hunting until he ended up dying young in a misadventure and leaving behind a political clusterfuck.

>>115096634>and see the problems in each>atla was a 10/10

I kinda liked pro-bending as emblematic of the cultural changes of Republic City. It had good storytelling potential but it was botched.Imagine a version of the show where Tenzin criticizes pro-bending as shallow and trite and he's right (the actual show has a fetish for him being wrong and apologizing) but overlooks that despite this Korra can find the sublime in moments during the structured effort of the competition (compare to structured meditation) regardless of the gaudy and venal aspects surrounding it.

>>115097113If something can't be a 10 because it has flaws then nothing can be a 10.

>>115095639>this Toph bashingma nigga

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>>115094764TLA was made for kids, but with adult themes so their parents could also watch. LOK was specifically made for edgy teenagers

>>115097183Duh. That's how reviews work.

>>115094764Lack of proper narrative structure. Meandering plot lines and progression. Superficial character design, and progression (then regression in some cases). Tonally all over the place. Korra relies on superficial, "just because it's cool and popular" fluff writing, and it shows.I think some of Korra's problems are incidental (like having to live in the shadow of Last Airbender), but a lot of it comes down to Bryke just being an incompetent duo. Airbender was successful in spite of them, not because of them, and Korra shows that perfectly.I really wanted to like Korra. She had a lot of potential, but it was all ultimately squandered. Korra ended up being a spectacularly terrible and disappointing character, and her "just because" entourage didn't help things.

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>>115094764Korra is to Avatar as the Prequels are to Star Wars

Does Korra suffer from being a show in a post-tumblr/AT era where social media and fan artists and really fucking weird fans start playing into the actual show itself? Can’t help but feel like that’s happened to a lot of shows in the 2010s.

>>115097184don't reply to your own garbage

>>115097340toph sped seethe

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>>115095639If Korra lost all of her bending except for airbending at the end of the series and Amon's actions had lasting consequences the show could have been semi unique Airbending (season 1) -> Spirit bending (Season 2) -> Lava/other bending (season 3/4). But nah, Bryke can't write his way out of a paper bag

>>115097169There's nothing wrong with using bending to play sports. The Air Nomads were the most spiritual group and they had Airball, so Tenzin having a problem with pro-bending is just another example of LoK's bad writing.Now I could see Tenzin having a problem with it was more like Earth Rumble but they went out of their way to make pro-bending look like a legit sport which I feel was a bit of misstep.

>>115094764What are nice R34 of Korra? Is there a thread on /aco/?

Retconning plot points of the original series made both shows feel worse.

>>115097206>TLA was made for kids, but with adult themes so their parents could also watch. LOK was specifically made for edgy teenagersTeen Titans vs Young Justice.

The amount of extremely high quality porn of Korra justifies its existence.

>>115097328Part of it was modern clueless writers and show runners having little to no ideas after a while, then giving into fan's bullshit or turning to them for help. Other times it was executives pushing for adoption of fan stuff, even if it didnt make sense.Really, one of the worst things you can do as a writer is run out of story to tell, or run into a writer's block, then go to fans for help. It's creatively bankrupt, and shows that the narrative has either runs its course, or that the writer never had a real plan for his/her story, and made shit up as they went along. Also, the truth is most fans dont know what they want (unless they're thinking with their sex, and those types should NEVER be listened to).

>>115097445>>115094764It should have only been 2 seasons. Cut all of seasons 2 and 4.The show is now 'ok'

>>115097467I think interacting with fans are okay, but pandering and listening to them? You need a better filter.

>>115097408I think it's the commercial and spectacle aspects of pro-bending that would digust Tenzin, plus them simply omitting one of the four elements that make up the universe just because there aren't any airbenders around.

>>115097421There's been a fucking korra porn thread up since /aco/ was created. You might say /aco/ was created because of this dark skinned goddess/dumb whore.

>>115094764It was missing writers that made AtLA work and Nickelodeon jerked them around.First it was just one season.Then at the last minute they decided they wanted another season which ended up a rushed mess.Then they ordered two more seasons that came together much better but cut the 4th season's budget so it had a clip show.

>>115094811Ironic, considering the gaang were literal children.

>>115094764Too much stupid teen relationship drama. MakorraBolin should've been more competent and not a complete manchild.Korrasami should've been built slowly from the start instead of tacked on at the end.Korra, Mako, and Bolin should've been "bros"Wan storyline shouldn't have existed.Korra shouldn't have lost her connection to the past Avatars but somehow manage to keep the Avatar state.Season 2 should've been about Korra's painstaking quest to get her bending back. Less Meelo overall.

>>115097617There was very little relationship drama after season 2, and they absolutely built up to Korrasami in 3/4.Maybe it wasn't all that overt, but this was before they could be.

Korra becomes a Kaiju Avatar to fight a literal Dark Avatar God for the fate of the world and it somehow has less weight than the Siege of the North in ATLA Season 1. That's pretty sad.

LOK was better than Airbender in a lot of respects

>>115097724Well, go on

>>115097724you need another drink

>>115097689>hey absolutely built up to Korrasami in 3/4BullFuckingShit

>>115097527It always surprises me how many people act like the second season was when Korra went downhill, Season 1 sucked and a lot of people didn't even bother with the later seasons. The first episode of Korra got 4.55 million viewers, the season 1 finale got 3.68 and the first episode of season 2 got 2.60. Season 1 killed the hype not Season 2.

>>115097749More mature subject matter, better use of antagonist than "See bad guy? Punch him" and Korra was anything but perfect, which led to a more believable character.

>>115094764Bad writing. Bad characters. Beautiful world design and fight choreography. The lead character was an unlikable bitch.

There are too many important side characters, who each need to be given something to do, and when that's all said and done there is very little left over for Korra herself to do.Each season is much shorter (13-14 episodes compared to 20 avg. for The Last Airbender) and there isn't enough time for one-off adventures where you can explore the characters and watch them grow through small accomplishments.Having a new villain with a new motivation each season undercut the sense of over-arching purpose and adventure that The Last Airbender had. Also, Vaatu should have been the the antagonist of the final season, not Kuvira. How does Korra have PTSD from fighting some random airbender like Zaheer when she has already physically and spiritually defeated the Avatar-equivalent of Satan?Korra's Team Avatar is not actually together most of the time, they have no chemistry with each other, and Asami brings absolutely nothing to the table except her money.Korra is a terrible Avatar who is constantly getting her ass beat by everyone from the main villain to nameless goons; they needed to show her kicking ass which they rarely do.

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>>115094764>was meant to be a mini series originally>wasted most episodes in the series>doesn't spend time fleshing out characters>throws more characters at you when you barely know the ones there already>characters just end up sitting on the sidelines because writers have no idea what to do with them>ruins characters from previous series>ruins lore of the series

>>115094969Seeing the taming of Korra made the show worth it for me. Zaheer made the avatar his total bitch

>>115097576Bryke wanted a miniseries, if they had their way then the first season of Airbender would've ended with The Blue Spirit. Nick forced them to double the season. By the time LoK rolled around Byke had enough pull to get their way but they fucked it up and Nick had to pull damage control.

>>115095111Kuvira was in the right and did nothing wrong but the writers expected us to hate her.

>>115094764I might be in the minority, but I think the worst sin Korra committed was removing the mysticism/wonder from the Avatar world. The spirit world, making the origin of the Avatar Spirit tied to two Judeo-Christian tapeworms instead of using some inspiration from the Tao or other east asian philosophies, the dumb spirit nuke/robot shit in the 4th season. I mean, I'm alright with the world advancing technologically, but they just shit on the mythos from the original series and made them bland and sterile. The main character are also just not very competent compared to the Gaang in AtLA, despite being older and better at bending than the AtLA characters were originally, and they often just make things worse and have to be saved by the writers.

>>115097822>More mature subject mattermeans nothing if it's handled badly.>better use of antagonist than "See bad guy? Punch him" that's actually every antagonist except maybe Kuvira, and Korra still ends up punching her before she talks her down with the power of forgiveness.>and Korra was anything but perfect, which led to a more believable character.lol "my main character is a fuckup and that's more believable so that means it's good"don't ever write anything

>>115097773Something I hated in season 1 was pro bending.Some of the least interesting action of the franchise because it's restricted by the rules of a sporting event, and IIRC it doesn't really contribute to the plot.


>>115097843>Each season is much shorter (13-14 episodes compared to 20 avg. for The Last Airbender) and there isn't enough time for one-off adventures where you can explore the characters and watch them grow through small accomplishments.Lots of anime manage to tell decent stories in 13 episodes. I think it was possible but they bungled it.

>>115097773What you're overlooking is that S1 had enough good moments to keep us hopeful for the next season, but S2 was just too much bullshit and real nosedive finale. Holla Forums loved a lot of the shit about Korra the gang in s1, even putting aside the really stupid plot elements.S2 needed to be great to save the show and instead it was awful.

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Well if you start with season 1 it was kinda weird for them to do the whole bender vs non bender thing and not have Sokka or one of his children play a major role in that plot line. The villains felt like wasted potential as well.

>>115097979Oh, and the introduction of fucking plastic surgery that effected the appearance of the guy's kids was an insanely weak plot twist.

>>115094764AtlA took a very simple and classic plot structure and built upon it, while Korra lacked focus, partially due to being unsure on how many seasons they would get but mostly due to bad writing. No overarching storyline, villains that are supposed to be more "mature" but gets cheaply discarded when the plot demands it, and worst of all, the writers had no idea on what to do with the main characters, so they just throw shit at the wall to see what sticks. Mako in particular was very flagrant in that regard.

>>115094764Lack of an overarching plot and established antagonist. Also, Korra never had a Zuko. Asami could have been that. She was the opposite to Korra, her father was a side villain who ran an evil robot corporation, and she could have been a formidable foe despite being a non-bender, which could have made the eventual relationship with Korra more interesting and developed rather than a boring triangle. I felt like she was the perfect Zuko to Korra's Aang. But then they went nowhere with her character.I felt like Amon being a water bender was such wasted potential. Non-benders standing up to benders could have been a very interesting plot, especially with the industrial revolution in swing, which de-emphasizes the importance of benders. If they could have weaved in a three way fight between Amon, the non-benders, and Asami in one corner, Tenzin, Korra, and the White Lotus in another corner, and finally, the spirits and maybe even throw in Zaheer on the spirit side for good measure. Kuvira, Su, and Northern Water tribe mafia, and a bunch of other pointless side characters should have been cut out for a more centralized plot that dealt with the ramifications of modernism and heavy industry. The series had great music, (mostly) great animation, and amazing character designs. They just didn't know what to do with the characters and compensated by adding more characters that they left underdeveloped.

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>>115097265Honestly? Korra wishes it could be the prequels.The prequels didnt make the universe feel fucking tiny and fundamentally rewrite the rules like 80 times.

>>115097576That's not true. After the success of ATLA Nick offered them a chance for them to make a sequel series on their own terms and they turned it down in favor of a more contained story structure Stop shitting on Nick and giving Bryke a pass

>>115097989yeah Judeo-Christians got their concept of good vs evil from Zoroastrians, doesn't make it not Judeo-Christian

>>115097689Yes, one blush in a far away shot in the second half of season 4 is "building up". You moron. You absolute buffoon.

>>115094764>Like I can FEEL something's off in the writing and animation but I can't put it into wordsMost of the writers and consultants that worked on ATLA weren't invited back so it was just the showrunners with nobody to tell them their ideas were bad,Basically the same thing that happened with George Lucas.

>>115097617>Wan storyline shouldn't have existed.Wan was the worst part of the entire series.The Avatar being retconned as a bridge between humans and the demon world --- complete with ending the series allowing demons to infest the world ---- was one of the stupidest choices for the show, and all of it can be traced back to Wan

>>115097989I mean, yeah that's a more similar dichotomy to Raava/Vaatu than the Abrahamic religions, but I think you're giving the writers too much credit in assuming they looked beyond "God good, Satan evil" when they created them. Unless they specifically said they were influenced by Zorastrianism or referenced it in the series, but it's been forever since I watched Korra so I don't remember.

>>115098044I feel like people get caught up the (very deserved) criticism of the show and completely ignore it's strengths.Often while doing the opposite for the first show.

>it's like the Tao, but with Good and Evil!Why do western writers keep doing this?

>>115094990>They put story over character interactionsThis. I forced myself to watch up the the 3rd season so far (which people said was an improvement over the 2nd which I agree) but still something always feels off.It's like the uncanny valley effect only with character writing instead of visuals. Like they're so close to acting human but never quiet make it so it just leaves me annoyed and bothered as fuck, to the point I can't even pay attention to the plot because it's distracting.A big part of it is I never feel like the mast cast interact with each other on a personal level.- Bolin makes a joke, nobody laughs, gets annoyed or acknowledges it, they just change the subject- Korra gets mad, runs off on her own, "Okay, we'll do our own thing"- Mako is framed as the straight man but doesn't really act as a foil to anyone, nobody bounces off for his archetype to make sense here - Asami exists, "..."Everyone has a personality (sort of) but they all exist in parallel. Each reacting to the situation in front of them in a vacuum instead of playing off each other. It wouldn't even be a problem if the story framed it in a way that these characters just aren't good at being friends but they literally proclaim themselves as "Team Avatar" like it's given that they're a cohesive unit.And I'm not just comparing it to avatar, it's just universally weird. Tenzin and his siblings are the only people who act like they have any rapport and was the sole reason I was ever able to make it past season 2 to begin with. Why can't they write the main cast like that?

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>>115097098Its the cycle of the Avatar>Diplomatic and spiritual Airbender work their ass off to create a peaceful world>Waterbender avatar got their work cut out for them and end up barely caring about their job and screws up minor stuff>Hardworking earthbender Avatar takes over a world used to an Avatar thats barerly there so they need to subjugate and pacify problems through decisive use off force>Firebender Avatar takes over a world used to a militaristic Avatar so when they cant be decisive things get screwed up again

>>115098347because literally all they understand is black and white good vs evil conflicts

>>115098347I blame Tolkien, because his work is foundational to most western understandings of the fantasy genre and he was big into good vs evil, although he actually did it wellbut since most people are unimaginative they think fantasy has to be about good vs evil when it really doesn't and worst most don't understand what can make a conflict between good and evil interesting.

>>115098513>he was big into good vs evilThis is a Christian concept that underlies most of Western Civilization.Trying to take good vs. evil out of adventure stories is a blunder. It's a big part of what ruined Star Wars where good and evil just became labels for side 1 and side 2 of a big flashy fight.

>>115098044>>115098338Let's do the math.S1E1: 4.55S1E12: 3.68, drop of 0.87S2E1: 2.60, drop of 1.08S2E14: 2.09, drop of 0.51S3E1: 1.50, drop of 0.59Now where was the biggest drop and which season was to blame?

>>115097421You are in for a treat my newfag friend

>>115097555Korra is the whore who built /aco

>>115098227>Judeo-Christians got their concept of good vs evil from Zoroastrians.Nope. God is all powerful, Satan is a being created by God. God runs the whole show, but lets his creatures act on their own every when they run amuck.LOK has some of the worst, most inconsistent world building wrapped up with new age BS.

>>115098758you're wrongits a matter of execution, good vs evil really doesn't fit Star Wars, since the Jedi and Sith are given actually philosophies, which would allow for good Sith or evil Jedi depending on how they carry out their ideas.forcing things into its just good vs evil is what made the last movie so terrible, because not even Palpatine was as comedically evil as kill everyone until JJ had something to say about it

>Unlikeable main cast with no chemistry between them>The main characters just kind of flail about while the plot happens to them and then resolves itself on its own>Complex societal problems are hinted at and then "resolved" by revealing that the antagonist was actually just evil for evil's sake all along>The show keeps telling us one thing and then showing us another, like how Korra is supposedly very strong, yet gets easily defeated by any and all, including actual faceless mooks.To name a few things.

>>115098948you really don't know what you are talking about, the idea that God gave people free will is the fucking foundation of Zoroastrianism and God being all powerful omni-being is all shit that comes way after the Babylonian Exile where the Jews first started picking up Zoroastrian ideas after Cyrus saved them and was declared a messiahjust because your modern reading of christianity makes it so a contest between good and evil isn't what is going on doesn't mean its somehow not a christian world view because christians literally thought about the world like that for thousands of years

>>115094764just go watch E;R's videos

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>>115095639Aaron became a incestfag by the end of the ATLA, It would have been revealed that Izumi be a child of Azula and Zuko and her child would be part of Korra's team.

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>>115099521I approve. Fund it.


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>>115098983>good vs evil really doesn't fit Star Wars>the Jedi and Sith are given actually philosophiesAll that shit is from the ruination phase of the property. Darth Vader and the emperor in the original movies don't have a philosophy. Luke appeals to "the good" in his father; he does not debate philosophy.

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>>115099700>only the original Star Wars is real Star Warsok boomer

>>115099554I always felt it was weird how Zuko just locked Azula away instead of trying to help her. I mean after all the shit Zuko has done and then being forgiven by Iroh you'd think he'd be more considerate about Azula, he could've easily went down the same path as her without Iroh's influence.

>>115099755I mean didn't they get around to this in some of the shitty comics?

>>115099755She became schizo, however he tried to help her in the Search comic, both had some "warm" moments even albeit it lived short.

>>115099587Goddammit, Aaron. You wanted them to fuck like rabbits, dontcha?

>>115099755>Zuko just locked Azula away instead of trying to help herI mean, there's no reason to think he couldn't have done both. Sometimes people need to be locked up not only because they're dangerous to others, but also to themselves..The writing on the comics feels out of character for many reasons. This being one of them.

>>115099745I said taking good vs. evil ruined Star Wars. It's clearly present in the original movies and is gone in the most recent.

>>115100033nah it was only present in the last of the most recent movies and it was worse for ityou're right that it wasn't in the prequels but not being simple good vs evil wasn't the problem with those,

KORRA'S *clap* STORY *clap* WAS *clap* IMPORTANT *clap*AANG'S *clap* STORY *clap* HAD *clap* BEEN *clap* TOLD *clap*

>>115097978Korra exists to be lewded

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>>115100105>nahGreat argument bro

>>115100033I've never understood why people think Jedi are bad, or what's worse, that they're as bad as the Sith. The Sith fucking made Alderaan into space dust and then people are like "oh but the jedi are evil because they kidnap children they don't and they force kids to not have feelings they don't, they teach them to have no attachments" as if that was equal to what the Sith do to:>Scarif>Alderaan>Taris>Those 5 unnamed new republic planetsand others that I can't remember.

>>115094764Bad writing

>>115100243Jedi kidnap kids and force them to become child soldiers in a sexually repressive religious order where they are told to shut off their emotions and feel nothing. It's literally the space government kidnapping kids and brainwashing them from young age to be MK Ultra spec ops agents.

>>115095639You're a fucking retard buddy.

>>115095480>that time when Tenzin didnt know how to handle a group of people like an adult even though he has been the head of the air nation for half his life

Attached: 1381199356978.png (586x489, 312.18K)

>>115099973I've been working on a fanfic based on that tweet chain, I'll post it on Holla Forums once I'm done. Ignores the comic canon because I've never read it. The goal is a realistic redemption arc for Azula that picks off almost immediately after the final ep

>>115099914how could he not?

>>115100325Tenzin was a fucking retard and always wrong about everything. He was also a shit airbender who jobbed out in every fight. No wonder Aang was so disappointed in his failure son. Katara must have coddled him too much.>I am disappointed Iroh II and Old Zuko were wasted like they were and also that Sokka died a childless loser when all the chicks in AtLA were after his D.

>>115096016they did Bolin dirty. When hes introduced hes portrayed as a smooth guy who knows how to handle himself in a fight. And by the end of the series hes borderline retarded and communicates through crayon drawings.

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>>115100349There is no way to redeem Azula. She is a psychopath with multiple cluster B personality disorders and a very high death count.

>>115099973I think they are referring to the fact that he doesn't visit her for a full year and when he does it is only because she has information he needs

>>115100379he kicked Zaheer's ass, guy needed to call his whole gang for help against Tenzin

>>115094764>What made Legend of Korra so badShe's dumb

>>115100379Tenzin was only retarded when the plot demanded it for drama to happen. Which is almost worse then him actually being retarded. At least he got one shining moment when he clowned the big bad 1v1 in season 3

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>>115100403> very high death count.1 is a high number?

Attached: love_amongst_the_dragons.jpg (540x540, 49.66K)

>>115100379I mean Sokka had a child with Toph, he just refuses to admit she's his because she's a dumb bitch

Korra is stunningly beautiful.

Attached: Korra.jpg (2154x2154, 2.38M)

>Korra herself was pretty good except for her frequent episodes of being a stupid unlikable cunt instead of just hotheaded>Asami was fucking boring>Mako was also boring but also an asshole>Bolin was cute but he was little more than comic relief by the end of the series>The villains are all supposed to be political allegories but Bryke don't actually understand the ideologies they're trying to represent>Kuvira is the most interesting and sympathetic villain but the writers forgot to show us how she's a fucking Nazi outside of a handful of little moments.>The entirety of season 2 was absolutely trash. Especially the Dark Avatar, Raava and Vaatu.>We see none of the so-called bender oppression that Amon supposedly based his revolution upon. But it's not like it mattered since he was just a power hungry liar anyways

Attached: zaheer_ohno_face.jpg (468x468, 76.36K)

>>115094764Are people not aware that Nickelodeon wouldn't tell the writers how many episodes they were getting and kept dangling the idea of cancellation and renewal at them at the start of every season? I really thought it was common knowledge that Korra's scripts are so bad because Nick was not communicating well with the team and letting them know how many episodes or seasons they'll get to work with when telling their story.

Attached: 1589162827621.jpg (480x360, 14.79K)

>>115100420her being dumb isnt whats wrong with the show. Having a dumb jock be the avatar is a good contrast to goody two shoes Aang and opens up a lot for character development. Where they failed is that she never grows or learns in any meaningful way and everyone always brushes off her dumb tantrums poor decisions.

>>115099745Do Zoomers actually think the prequels are unironically good? Can they not recognize that things they liked when their brains weren't fully developed are actually garbage?

>>115100310Go to sleep Alex Jones. The Jedi have no reason to kidnap children. The Republic is populated by billions and billions of people. If 19 years old Luke didn't develop skills without training then no one else will. Also they're not told to shut their emotions, they're told to not have attachments towards anything, since greed, grief and anger all lead to the dark side. Anakin himself says that the're expected to be compassionate.Also very naive of you to think Jedi don't smash. We know that they can fuck they just can't get attached to what they fuck. Simple.

>>115094764Well season one problems are Korra herself, too much focus on steam punk while pushing martial arts magic left things confusing, the villain’s goal was honestly understandable and was kinda rooting for him, even when said villain is defeated and shown to be a hypocrite his movement could’ve still been a threat and had no real reason to disband.

>>115100470I never understood this.If you have a story, and you know how many seasons you will need for each arc, then stick with that, even if you don't know how many season's youre actually going to get. if the first season is good enough that it merits another season, then you've done your job. if it's not good enough, then who cares that you didn't get your full 5 seasons guaranteed right away? you didn't deserve it. stop wasting everyones time.don't change your story depending on a variable you don't even know. That is fucking dumb.

>>115100403She's also 14 years old who has been abandoned by literally everyone she's ever knownShe just needs time to heal

>>115100493>if I don't like it it doesn't countnah, we just aren't in denial about reality cause it doesn't fit what we want it to besorry that Lucas ruined Star Wars for you but you can't put your head in the sand and say the rest of it doesn't count because it wasn't good

>>115100523But they didn't even know how many episodes they would be getting while they started writing. And then Nickelodeon kept fucking up by cutting season orders in half AFTER they already told the crew, "Okay, you'll get 20 episodes".Imagine if you were writing an essay at school and your teacher changed the requirements every three days. Your 200-word essay that you were almost done with was suddenly doubled to 500 or something, now you have to rewrite shit and stretch it out. I'm not saying it's the only flaw, but writers and artists can't just bounce back from any demand on a deadline. Shit is gonna suffer.

>>115100349If it's not incest I promise to read it.>>115100406That's out of character. I will NEVER believe that Zuko, after having Iroh not give up on him, and then forgive him after what happened on Ba Sing Se; would't try to make amends with Azula, or what's worse, give up on her.

>>115100470This is something a lot of shows have to deal with. It sucks but it's part of the industry and it's not an excuse for bad writing.

>>115094764While all of the faults of LoK are its own, LoK tackled a bunch of problems that AtLA wasn't prepared to answer. The design of the Avatar world is actually ethnonationalist without the writers wanting to promote that. There isn't a believable transition to that because writers want to setting to be somewhat segregated but can't give an in-universe reason why it should be. The politics in LoK aren't really complete political positions except for Kuriva which is reduced to mommy issues.

>>115100614A lot of shows do not suffer the same production troubles as LoK. Korra got an unusual amount.

Attached: LOK problems.png (676x318, 59.6K)

>>115100523>If you have a story, and you know how many seasons you will need for each arc, then stick with that, even if you don't know how many season's youre actually going to get. if the first season is good enough that it merits another season, then you've done your job.There's no guarantee the network will give you all the seasons you want. Your show could be a masterpiece, and any number of factors (ratings, budgets, internal drama and executive power struggles) could prevent it from being renewed. There are a number of shows that abruptly ended on a cliffhanger because the showrunners were expecting to get a next season that they'd never end up getting.

>>115100325Was it autism?

>>115100493A lot of people rate things on a sliding scale of Good, Meh, and Bad,Something can go from "Bad" to "meh" if worse garbage comes along to dethrone it.Really we should just throw out the scale and admit there's no end to how low the bar can be set, and lowering it doesn't automatically make things above that were bad before any better, it just means our standards are lowering.

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>>115100724And I'm sure those shows that ended on cliffhangers before their deserved time, are remembered far more fondly than shows that rush to a hackjob ending because they felt obligated to resolve their story on screen.

>>115094764It's missing the head writer who had final say on all writing (Aaron Ehasz) and about 12 other writers. That's why Korra failed. All because Nick wanted to save some money. (No, really, they're on record doing that with Bryke talking about it)

>>115100606Won't be incest but definitely Zuko is involved

>>115094764Here’s the list:>the retcons of the original lore>the writing>Korra being insufferable as hell>the characters being immature for their ages>the final scene

>>115094969>She has an ugly haircut for the first 3 seasonsCORONA VIRUS TAKE YOU

>>115100501Name one thing Alex Jones is wrong about.

>>115100553I'm a different user. I don't care about Star Wars and what counts and what doesn't. I care about people not being able to see that the prequels are bad.

>>115095340>IAHFY saving LOK with one pinup at a time

>>115100606>That's out of character. I will NEVER believe that Zuko, after having Iroh not give up on him, and then forgive him after what happened on Ba Sing Se; would't try to make amends with Azula, or what's worse, give up on her.well zuko hates her guts in the show. every line he says to her is resentful even in The Beach.


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>>115098355The complete lack of chemistry between any of the main cast is a really big problem that doesn't get mentioned enough. People complain about the character writing in a broader sense all the time, but it's specifically the characters' inability to play off each other and develop good rapport that really sinks them.

>>115094764What is the running conflict in LoK? ATLA made it clear Aang has to stop the fire nation from destroying the balance. What exactly was the main conflict with Korra? Equalists? Zaheer? The Dark Avatar? a fucking EVA unit with a portal gun?

>>115094764The lead regressed every season back to who she was at the start of season 1 rather than growing with any sort of measured introspection on how much of a moron she was.Can you imagine how fucked the next Avatar is with only Korra's ghost available for advice?

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>>115100415I don't even remember that, that's how little I remember of this shit series. I thought Janeera saved Korra from Zaheer with some asspull deus ex machina spirit realm no jutsu

>>115099554not *clap* important *clap* enough *clap*

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>>115100441the only thing she has going for her is her looks and body

>>115100501Why did the Jedi kidnap children if they had no reason to do it? Every jedi in the order was a kidnapped kid raised to be a child soldier and brainwashed from a young age by a militant religious order that tells kids to shut off and repress their emotions and sexuality.

>>115101432As if my dick needs anything else lol

>>115101191>Can you imagine how fucked the next Avatar is with only Korra's ghost available for advice?ANY AVATAR BORN AFTER AANG CAN'T BRING BALANCE... ALL THEY KNOW IS NOODLE SHOP, WATCH PRO BENDING, RUN AWAY FROM PROBLEMS, BE BISEXUAL, EAT FIRE FLAKE AND LIE

>>115101464Just read >>115100501 again. Maybe this time you'll get it and stop parroting mediocre internet fantheories.

>>115097843>Asami brings absolutely nothing to the table except her money.I still maintain that she is the dullest avatar character ever created, ergo the worst.


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>>115100724>There are a number of shows that abruptly ended on a cliffhanger because the showrunners were expecting to get a next season that they'd never end up getting.Then do not end on a cliffhanger. This is what bugs me about modern serialized shows; every season seems to end on some big cliffhanger except the definite season final. Write a contained show within each season, leave some things open for exploration if another season goes ahead but have a definitive end to each season (ie the main villain of the season is defeated, the central themes are resolved and character arcs are completed). To be fair Korra was much worse because of Nick basically going "you get 10 episodes...wait 15....no 12....wait we will give you 20" but the trend of just finishing on cliffhangers rather then offering a satisfying resolution to a season is a trend that needs ot stop as it has honestly made me stop watching certain shows because I know they end on cliff hangers and there is no guarantee of a second season and I do not want to dedicate my time to a story that has no real end, just a pause that has no promise of ever resuming.

>>115101419>*clap*lmao*clap* shitJFC

>>115101573Good, Avatar world needs more conflicts

>>115102555this>two tribes>two kingdoms>one republic>5 nation states totalwhere are the other republics, principalities, and free cities? The Earth Kingdom needs to break up.

>>115102651>The Earth Kingdom needs to break up.It should be broken in Korra finale once that Royal Earth fuckboy gives up the throne.Lots of factions will start fighting each other for control.You'll have Regentfags (basically monarchists) which will force royal fuckboy to copulate with some woman so they can claim that baby is new kingThen there would be republicfags, anarchistfags, commies, fashos, and opportunist governors and generals who would not!declare their independence etc.

>>115094764Part of it was because broke wanted to very much wanting to not just make a rehash of ATLA so they made it different. They, unfortunately, they failed to capitalize on some of the more interesting ideas they introduced.

>>115094764/pol/ would have said it's Korra's a nigger, w*man, and lesbo.

Its been fucking years and people are still asking a stupid question with an easy and obvious answer.ATLA was planned out with the intent of being about 60 episodes long (three seasons of 20). They had a general idea of where they wanted to start, what they wanted in the middle, and the major points of how they wanted it to end.TLOK was planned out with the intent of it being basically a miniseries, just about a dozen episodes long. They planned accordingly, trying to tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end, putting in all the neat ideas they had for how the Avatar world might change in the future. Then, while they were working on those ~12 eps, too late to change anything, Nick asked the crew to make a second season. Another 14 episodes. Well fuck, that's a bit tricky, they'd tried to wrap things up with a bow in the first season, and they'd used up their best ideas. So they had to throw something together, and come up with a new ending that was even bigger and more epic. Korra fought a god.Then while they were working on that Nick told them to do another 26 eps.ATLA was so good largely because they had a road map and stuck to it.Korra was much more inconsistent because they repeatedly had to tack on more story, with the nature of production preventing them from going back and changing shit to make it more smooth.Knowing how much space you've got is crucial to telling a good animated story.

>>115103137What about ATLA season 4 though?

>>115101639It's not a "fan theory" being parroted bozo. It's literally how new Jedi are recruited. They're stolen away from their parents and then brainwashed from youth in to becoming elite MK Ultra soldiers for the galactic government.

>>115103908It's literally the plot of the phantom menace and the prequels as a whole. Anakin goes bad mostly because he was kidnapped from his parents at too old an age so the Jedi weren't able to brainwash him properly

>>115094764Their fighting style isn't based off of kung fu but instead dbz battles

>>115098227>>115097929>Judeo-ChristiansFuck off, jew.

>>115103004Water Tribes are brown so Korra being brown makes perfect sense. The crown prince of the Earth Kingdom being as dark as Korra makes no sense. Tenzin being white and his siblings being dark skinned makes no sense.

>>115094764It ruined the mysticism of ATLA, completely changing out the lore. The writing never stuck to a central theme, giving the show an uncohesive feeling and message. Korra is generally poorly written and unlikable and her friends are boring and unfunny, especially compared to the cast from ATLA. Tenzin and Lin are actually pretty good characters but they don't get enough screentime compared to everyone else.

>>115094764It's missing key components that made Avatar work. It was lightning in a bottle, Ehasz is given too much credit as 'the real reason Avatar was good', but the truth is that he only succeeded when supplied with Bryke's ideas. With just Bryke they suffered from Lucas syndrome, nobody there to check their more retarded ideas. Nobody on their level or with enough balls who can step in and go>Hey, 1920s New York is kind of a lame setting for a universe deeply cribbed in asian mythology >Hey, Korra is kind of unlikable>Do we really need so much of the show to be dedicated to this romance subplot?Creative endeavors like Avatar really only shine when you have multiple people creating it together.

>>115100349She really doesn't need to be redeemed. She would work better as a high-power secondary villain who reappears years later when some other villain wants to use her to take down Aang and Zuko. Hell, you can even have her try to usurp the main villain's role.Azula works better as a villain.

>>115103004Those are all true though.

>>115097265The prequels actually gave more life to the EU.Korra effectively deadends any big journeys for future Avatars. The setting has changed too much. We have to do prequels now.

>>115097617Its a shame that Wan, the only genuinely interesting and creative thing Korra brings to the table, also happens to ruin the lore for the entire Avatar universe, making ATLA actually WORSE. I really hope if they do prequels they just fucking ignore Wan and Korra's spirit world and go with the darker, more grim spirit world from ATLA.

1. Protag is an insufferable cunt instead of an upbeat goofy kid. 2. Supporting cast is obnoxious and irrelevant unless it ties back to ATLA (Tenzin or Lin). Sometimes theyre sill both despite this (Suyin)3. No central antagonist. 4. Kills and wastes its good ones each season. 5. Reduced the mystic elements of the entire world with an episode from that Walking Dead reject.

Attached: 1223344122334.jpg (445x337, 23.57K)

>>115103254With the shit they've gotten up to in the comics? No thank you. >>115104498I think that she would work best as someone who tries for redemption but fails.

>>115104685Are they even really trying with the comics? They seem more comparable to how the Dragons: Riders of Berk series doesn't really matter compared to the HTTYD trilogy films.

>>115101090Its supposed to be Korra's ability to mature and connect with the spiritual side of herself lmao. It's so disappointing because she earns neither.

>>115094764It was actually better, just not aimed at children anymore.

>>115094764Pandering directly to shippers in the first two seasons was a critical mistake that the show never fully recovered from.

>>115094764why does this korra look fat and dead-eyed? there's no fire to her

>>115104742>Are they even really trying with the comics?Yeah, and they're a shithouse mess.

>>115104498idk, she's literally still a child at the end of AtLA, with plenty of room to grow. Ozai (her sole source of personhood) is now out of the picture and it's time for her to bust out of her shell. Don't worry, I'm not going to write her some bullshit fairy tale redemption arc where everything magically becomes betterOzai is basically a stock evil character with no redeeming qualities, but Azula... We were left without closure on her personal arc at the end of the last season

>This one thing is the best ever>This other similar thing is the worst everI will never understand fanboy logic.

Attached: 1436721393590.png (452x403, 146.31K)

>>115106060AtLA had good writingKorra is for porn and porn onlyWhat else is there to understand??

>>115106060It's really simple.>I liked thing and this lead to me overhyping and idealizing it as time went on.>I projected those unrealistic standards onto its follow up>When the follow up was bad, but its failure to live up to the standards of the original made it all the worse and I'd rather it just not exist.


>>115106279This. Korra herself can jump off a cliff as long as I get some solid R34 now and again I'm content. Of her solely pic unrelated.

Attached: 1069505059398.jpg (853x582, 304.97K)

>>115094811This.It's ironic that a show where the main chatacters are 11-16 years old handles itself more maturely than the show who's main characters are 16-24 years old.

>>115100873It's mostly Korrasami shit though, which is ruined LoK beyond repair.

>>115097617Instead of spending a fuck ton of time making Korrasami a thing, they should've just spent 2 sec pressing the delete button for the last 5 seconds of the show and the blush a few episodes earlier, shipping problem fixed.

>>115107392Or delete asami's character entirely

Korra felt fairly aimless. Aang worked because there was a clear end goal we were working towards. Korra was just "stuff happening".

There is a lot of videos on the subject. One of them says its because each season follows a single arc, which makes it very drawn out and tiring, unlike ATLA which is episodic, having a new story each episode while the cast progresses towards the main plot. This is mostly because the latter travel the globe, while the former is mostly bound to one place.

>>115100312only retard is you bryke faggot

>>115097689>absolutely built up to Korrasami in 3/4your brain when its smooth and worthless

>>115100470People are overly aware of this, even though bryke themselves have said they knew well ahead of time how many seasons/episodes they were getting.It's a very convenient excuse to shift blame on to Nick instead of holding Bryke accountable for their fuck up.

It lacked gravity. There wasn't an end goal for Korra to strive for, just seasonal villains. It's the same reason why One Punch Man fell of the face of the earth. What the fuck are we suppose to look forward too if Saitama will just end it in a second? The "joke" being the premise can run thin pretty fast. Korra had nothing to lose other than what made her special, Avatar, and she truly wasn't special when it was taken away. It kind of reminds me of Star Wars and how the writers wanted to kill the past to prop up their new characters. Also, it went back on a few essential lessons Avatar taught. Mostly how different cultures (elements) shine best when they are separated, but equal. You can tell the difference between Earth and Fire kingdom clothing and buildings, same with Water and Air. In Korra it's all just mid century buildings with colored light bulbs and paint.

>>115097555>>115098902You guys lied. I don't see any active Korra thread in /aco/.

>>115100692I know E;R isn't popular around here, but he posted an aprils fools video that is essentially just an interview with Bryke where they disprove what you posted in the pic.

>>115094764no Jim

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Attached: Flaws of Korra.png (1285x976, 138.03K)

>>115108284Every thread I feel more and more relieved that I decided not to watch this back when it aired

>SJW LGBT pandering to tumblr fans>Korra is significantly more immature than Aang.>Last Airbender is comfy adventure while korra is about edgy tomboy teenager doing selfish things

>love triangle stuff>slow start to season 2>killing the connection to the past avatars>that dumbass flashback episode they were forced to makeOnly real flaws. Korra is an 8/10 show while Avatar is 9/10. Korra S3 is just as good as Avatar, if not better.

>>115097436The first season of Young Justice>>>>>>>>>Teen Titans

Why did they kill the connections to all the previous avatars?

>>115110543My conspiracy theory says it's about them being tired of people comparing it to last air bender, so they wanted to underline a shift away from TLA by killing off the history of the setting and then have people look forward. I feel like they tried this in book 1 too with Katara stating that this is Korras story.

>>115110543Yes so the next Avatar will only have Korra to take advice from. That should be hilarious.>Look, if you can't learn an element, all you have to do is run away! Run away, from everyone you love, and then, you cry until the previous Avatar shows up and gives you full control!

>>115110801I am now imagining the next avatar as a young boy running away from Korra unsuccessfully.

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why is aaron ehasz so much better than bryke, even when he's shit? even his personally is sufferable, compared to them.

>>115097408>>115097546Tenzin even warms up to the sport, it's just never touched upon, as pro-bending practically ceases to exist after 3/4ths of S1

>>115095639>and anyone who insists it was a built-up moment is a shill.Literally all I remember from Korra threads was people saying they should dump Mako and be lesbians.I'm not saying the series did it well, but there was buildup.

>>115098355Never really noticed on my own, but now that you mention it, it comes flooding back

>>115100380Bolin actually being smooth was only alluded to in the very beginning, after that he was immediately downgraded to a bumbling fool and pushover when it came to girlsShame, because he was the only one of the Krew that had some actual personality

>>115112014>Literally all I remember from Korra threads was people saying they should dump Mako and be lesbians.That was because no one liked Mako and because Korra and Asami are hot.

>>115112072mental deterioration is a thing. Bolin saw a lot of war and violence and PTSD probably destroyed his memory and mind.

>>115112014No. It's true that a few shippers said go for the Lesbian route, but that was back in season 1 even and hardly evidence of build up.

>>115112224Fair enough, were it not that Bolin going from smooth to pushover in the early episodes of S1

>>115112266He was smooth in season 2 when he became the number one most famous actor in republic city

>>115112749no he wasnt, he was still a retard

>>115112198I remember Varrick-Asami domestic violence memes

>>115094764just by reading this thread:you can discuss every major character in atla at length without even mentioning another character in the cast.the only thing there is to talk about with korra characters is their ships.

Women are inherently shit protagonists.

>>115097843>and Asami brings absolutely nothing to the table except her money.And the car

>>115094764Its imature, even though it was touted as a more mature version of TLAfucks up the established lore of AvatarShitty MC that gets everything handed to her, no real struggle or character developmentCharacters that were interesting initialy, get even worse and one note as the series went onVillains that had potential, are ultimatly shit by writersRaibow people last minute panderingBiggest reason, the OG director on ATLA, that reigned in Bryke, fucked off to do other shit

>>115094764Kora mainly

>>115094764They built up Korra as a flawed character who needs to overcome her own failings to become the avatar the people need her to be. And then she never resolved any of her failings.>She was prideful and that made it difficult for her to truly learn bending as anything more than a battering ram.>She was stubborn which made it difficult for her to learn from her teachers or adapt to her situation.>She was selfish which made it difficult for her to maintain normal non-abusive/non- authority based relationships with the people around her.All of this is built up explicitly in the first few episodes as a set of internal conflicts Korra needs to overcome in order master air bending, to master the avatar state, to become the avatar. Korra could have been a much deeper and richer story than it was, all of the necessary components were present. Who can truly say why it didn't.My personal favorite theory(although i have no evidence supporting it) is that Bryke were given a set of notes on a then unnamed Avatar project which detailed the story of an avatar finding grace while exploring more of the world and lore. And then when it came time to make those notes into a show the original concept got lost in re wrights and focus testing and corporate intervention and of course Brykes own collective autism. A wonderful story was lost in translation that we will never experience. But at least the porn is top tier.

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You gotta hand it to Korra writers, they created a villain more boring and one-dimensional than Ozai (Unalaq). It's legitimately impressive.

>>115114467Ozai was never boring.

>>115114485Holy shit, that delusion. Ozai was UTTERLY boring. A generic evil overlord with no personality beyond being evil.

>>115114523....What the hell are you talking about. The guy was in the show for maybe 5 minutes total before his final fight scene. How the fuck was he boring, he was a nonentity. Is this what zoomie speedwatchers actually think now?

>>115114714>he was a nonentity>not boring

>>115095639>They didn't rehire Aaron EhaszDon't think it was just Ehasz who made ATLA great but also his wife. IIRC there was a third major writer named O'Bryan who was also absent from Korra.>until Toph of courseToph has a vulnerable feminine side that's ignored in everything outside the original cartoon for the tomboy meme.

>>115114802He wasn't. How can you be bored by something you don't even see.Ozai was unapologetically one note evil and the show never tried to make you believe he was anything else, and they never tried to make you care about him. He wasn't boring, he was just the vague ultimate threat looming in the background. They already had a good enough villain in Azula, what they did with Ozai was completely fine.

Oh look, it's this thread again.

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>>115114844>good enough villain in AzulaNope.

>>115114865good lord quit your kneejerk bitching katarafag.

For starters a lot of corporate fuckery. It went from mini series to full season to 2 seasons to 4 seasons, vs Avatar where they where gariented 3 seasons.Next the issues it delt with where way to adult and didn't translate well in to something you could easily explain to kids.

Attached: improved.jpg (550x217, 20.04K)

>>115094928>The animation is a notch above ATLA in most casesYes, but the choreography was worse.

>>115098355Mako made me learn what gays mean when they complain about someone being "too straight".

>>115114850Oh look it's that joke picture again.

>>115114850>giant line of metal being compaited to an out of genre fully functioning real robot>>inhumane koi monster using aang like a battery being compared to giant blue korra>>>that bottom image is so non comparable I question why you even added

>>115114872I hate Katara too.And Toph too for that matter.

>>115096269New avatars tend to be the direct opposite of their direct predecessor.

>>115100243>I've never understood why people think Jedi are badBecause George painted them in a shitty light in the prequels in a shitty attempt to add gray morality and make Annie look like more of a victim instead of a hard nosed bastard who betrayed his own like in the OT.

>>115095111To be fair bringing back Zuko just for him to job one last time is pretty fucking hilarious

>>115095524a gary stu writers pet

>>115107740>What the fuck are we suppose to look forward too if Saitama will just end it in a second?'God' is implied to be the reason behind everything involving monsters in OPM, a real threat to humanity and may be a match for Saitama given it's supposedly what set Limiters on people in the first place, and Blast may also be able to challenge Saitama. It's more about how Saitama develops the other heroes while growing out of NEETdom himself than an over-arcing threat, though there is one the series is framed around (the 'trouble' predicted by the dead Seer).

>>115107740>Also, it went back on a few essential lessons Avatar taught. Mostly how different cultures (elements) shine best when they are separated, but equal. You can tell the difference between Earth and Fire kingdom clothing and buildings, same with Water and Air. In Korra it's all just mid century buildings with colored light bulbs and paint.Avatar was based in this way. it made for so much better of a sandbox for the characters to play in.

>>115114523>Ozai was UTTERLY boring.He was Super Azula.>just as if not more manipulative than her>lacked her emotional vulnerabilities>stole his brother's throne and murdered his father>freak of nature firebending prodigy>engaging in literal scorched earth warfare

>>115114850>>115115101the worst think about the Platinum Robot was that it had the most boring designif it was an /m/ tier 'bot, it'd still feel out of place but might have at least been visually coolthe Schwerer Gustav that appeared mid-S4 was way cooler

>>115098386>>115098513How do you create a conflict that isn't good vs evil?

>>115107892Please post if true.

>>115114523>Villain has to have complex backstory and a sobstory on why he is doing thingsNah I actually liked Ozai even more in the comics when Zuko wanted fire lord advice and Ozai told him whatever he does is right just because.

>>115100441too masc tbqhwyf

>>115115618men vs women

>>115114467ozai is the most entertaining sperg in the world. whats wrong with this guy? what did he mean by any of it?

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>>115115618Remember when the episode after Toph's introduction where Toph can clean up after herself and not need help but Katara interprets this as selfish since she's not helping others unpack? Katara was being an asshole but turns out Toph was also a bit selfish and thought helping others out meant it'd be thinking of them as weak and dependent when Iroh gave her tea?Basically this kind of conflict is very relatable to most people on either side and the conflict serves a purpose for character development and not for the sake of drama.

>>115100551I legit forget just how young some of the characters are supposed to be. I always felt like Azula could be 17-18 and Sokka could be around that age too.

>>115094922>Is she this cute all the time in the showNo.>should I stick to r34 for my Korra fixGet better taste.

>>115094764It had promise but then it would shit the bed at some point, season one was good except for the end, season two started fine and then went off the rails shit the bed, season 3 should've just been about Zaheer and his group they were the best part of it, and season 4 was just garbage.

>>115094764To this day I have big cognitive dissonance over the fact that she was a shitass avatar in a shitass followup to AtLA yet is also hot as fuck being canonically both musclefit and stacked. If she was tall as hell on top of all that I'd actually have a hard time deciding if I liked or disliked her

Korra is to muscle girls(and maybe tomboys) what Sam Manson from Danny Phantom is to goth girls.

>>115115791So i couldn't find the E;R video, but i found the interview itself wich is shorter than his video.youtube.com/watch?v=ytauJfsyCE4

>>115115618>order vs chaos( before some idiot says this is pretty much good vs evil, to much order leads to fascism and to much chaos leads to anarchy)>dealing with man vs self and how they truly want to be/delf Discovery>a story about moral relativism and how they don't matter

>>115115973i wish i understood the appeal but i simply can't force myself to be gay.

>>115115791I looked through his vids and I think hes talking about this video, which isnt an april fool video but yeah. Starts at around 9:00youtu.be/EaGmgXR9iFM?t=524

>>115114929Is that art of MrPotatoParty?

>>115116252tl;dr they where ok with self contained and shorter seasons, and knew they got renewed before season 1 even aired.

>>115094764I personally feel they tried to recreate the Zutara ship with Korra and Mako in season 1, which is why it suffered so much.


>>115116547Thanks, user!

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Same old tricks, a little better animation, steampunk, and no whimsy despite the characters being no deeper. The childish antics of Bolin seemed like a pale immitation of Sokka but in the body of a manchild instead of an actual child. Mako varied between unlikable and boring. Asami varied between plot device and Appa replacement.All and all, I liked it and personally think a lot of the flak it receives is not deserved, but it certainly did not exceed the original. It perhaps would have benefited from an overarching plot across at least the last three books. ATLA had a BIG BAD BOSS that the Gaang was building up to the whole time. And like I said, the gang of TLoK was inferior in every way.

>>115099521>>115099554>>115099521>Aaron became a incestfag by the end of the ATLA, It would have been revealed that Izumi be a child of Azula and Zuko and her child would be part of Korra's teamI approve

>>115116309It's weird, unlike most videos of people making "X sucks and here's why". E;R's Korra vids are very entertaining to watch. His vids are honestly the only thing I'm looking forward to with the live action Netflix reboot of ATLA.

ATLA is a pat little adventure story about a journey to save the world from a 100-year war, told from the perspectives of the hero and his rival. You can do a lot with that.LOK started out like a bildungsroman but didn't (or couldn't) have a clear idea of how Korra was going to actually grow, or what kind of Avatar she was going to grow into. The overall story suffers because it can't decide if it wants her to be wiser after a conflict, or just better at winning them.

>>115094764>Korra is a brat who always gets her way>Side characters are pointless>The comedy is somehow worse than in AtlA>Avatar backstory gets retconned to shits>Authors are smug hacks who started the show with "I'm the Avatar. You gotta deal with it!">AtlA get shitted on constantly especially Aang>Season 2 as a whole

Attached: 1243554.png (1280x720, 264.94K)

>>115097265>as the new trilogy is to Star WarsFixed that for you

>>115097265If that were true, Korra would be way better than TloA

Four arcs with 3 distinct and interesting villain concepts that went nowhere

>>115099521>Azula loved ZukoLol nope.>Azula redemption arcEhhh, no thanks.>>115099554Wouldn't this all contradict Iroh's warning to Zuko that "she's crazy and she needs to be stopped"? Either way, Azula doesn't need a redemption arc.

>>115116137>Get better taste.

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>>115100459>Kuvira is the most interesting and sympathetic villain but the writers forgot to show us how she's a fucking Nazi outside of a handful of little moments.I forgot, what was Kuvira's backstory again? I barely remember her and Zaheer's backstory because it's been years since I've seen those seasons.

>>115117350sorry fella. Word of God.

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>>115117390Muscle girls are rad, but Korra is so shit that not even she can give me an erection. She might as well be the "Sam" of muscle girls cause Sam is considered the worst goth girl.

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>>115117350>arguing with show's hw povwhat a retard

>>115109300>Last Airbender is comfy adventure while korra is about edgy tomboy teenager doing selfish thingsI've never seen all my negative feelings about the show put more succinctly

>>115094764Lack of a strong, genuine quest. For all the touting of strong female characters, Korra had little agency. She was reacting to events for the most part, rather than a driving force.I'm not implying this had to be another The Last Airbender, but this was what the original excelled at, and I think a lot of people conscientiously or not come into this expecting that kind of story.If Avatars were American presidents, Korra would be Ulysses S. Grant or Jimmy Carter. Not a diss, but we want movies about Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, right?

>>115117464>"Uncle should have been able to see her humanity"He might as well say that about Ozai. Like I don't think Iroh would support murder or anything, but I do think that Iroh would see that some people are beyond the point of redemption.Also, remember when Azula:>attempted many times to kill Zuko>tried to play dirty by attempting to kill Katara during her Agni Kai with Zuko>manipulated Zuko throughout the series by persuading him how he can regain his honor>>115117513>what a retardSame to you. Didn't Ehasz also try to write that "airbenders actually survived all along, they were underground" for the 4th season?

>>115117593Why are you acting like any of those three things you listed are heinous crimes, because they're actually not. Ozai is beyond the point of redemption, not Azula. Argue with it all you want if you want to be autistic and ignore not only canon show scenes but also the head writer himself's own words.>Didn't Ehasz also try to write that "airbenders actually survived all along, they were underground" for the 4th season? that would literally be better than what Bryke did to magically undo the genocide.

>>115115156If that were the case then we'd have an endless cycle of aangs and korras

>>115117673>that would literally be better than what Bryke did to magically undo the genocide.No it literally won't. Not that Bryke's idea is any better, but that idea alone is terrible.

>>115117673>attempting to kill people or manipulate them is not a heinous crimeOk sociopath.>Ozai is beyond the point of redemption, not AzulaYes, she is.>Argue with it all you want if you want to be autistic and ignore not only canon show scenesThat's literally what you're fucking doing.>but also the head writer himself's own words.You can criticize his own words if you think something is off.

>>115117748Did you forget you were watching a show about war or something? Why are you so surprised that one of the leaders of the war effort on one side has a history of using manipulation and violence to win? I mean seriously, what is this fucking autism. You know Aang actually killed people right? So did Sokka, and Toph? Because it is a show about war?

>>115117748cough iroh

>>115117789>I mean seriously, what is this fucking autism.>You know Aang actually killed people right? So did Sokka, and Toph?>Because it is a show about war?

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>>115117705>it would be better than brykes idea>no it wouldn't, not that brykes idea is any betterbrykefags

>>115117966>killing in war is only bad if its the bad guys!child

>>115117979>brykefagsI never said I liked Bryke's idea. I said that both ideas of "magically undoing the genocide" and "airbenders were alive all along, lol" were awful.

>>115118003>Azula needed a redemption arc because Ehasz said so!>these characters "killed" in self defense, so it somehow makes Azula redeemableRetard.

>state that metal bending only works due to silicate impurities in the rock>proceed to claim that despite that established and never disputed fact that the only metal that metal benders can't bend is platinum and that purity has nothing to do with it

>>115117404Kuvira was adopted by Suyin because her own parents didn't want her anymore.I don't think Zaheer had a backstory.

>>115118046>self defenseoh no no no no no no no

>>115118046So Iroh must've been irredeemable too, right?

>>115118133No. After the events of his son's death, he realized the error of his ways and became a better person. Even then in his flashbacks before his son's death, Iroh isn't really shown to be much of a tyrant as Ozai is. Azula and Ozai were always shown to be sadistic, manipulative assholes. I think that writing an Azula redemption arc would have been really unnecessary.

>>115118046It's not that she "needed" anything, it's that she COULD have had a redemption arc if it fit into the show, but it didn't. she's fine without having one. but to get so flabbergasted at the idea that she could have had one at all is silly. >>115118257>After the events of his son's death, he realized the error of his ways and became a better person. .........because Azula didn't realize the error of her ways at the end of the series?

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>>115118281>It's not that she "needed" anything, it's that she COULD have had a redemption arc if it fit into the show, but it didn't. she's fine without having one. but to get so flabbergasted at the idea that she could have had one at all is silly.Ok, I guess you're right.But even if they were to do a final season with this and looking for Zuko's mom, what else could they have done in Season 4? Toph's life changing adventure with Zuko?

>>115114384Fuck you for reminding me how enamored I was with the first 3-4 episodes of this show. It had such a perfect setup and characters with obvious flaws to build on and overcome. Using the bending tournament for Korra to organically learn working with a team and to apply Tenzin's teachings at the same time was such a brilliant move that I'm convinced Bryke had nothing to do with it. Introducing Asami so early literally unraveled the entire dynamic as she added nothing to the theme trying to be built and the whole thing started going to shit immediately after.

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>>115118354I don't know.Personally if I were in charge of the series I would have drawn out the ending more and had Ozai get defeated in Book 4: Air. Maybe that's what they were thinking about doing.

>>115118356>Fuck you for reminding me how enamored I was with the first 3-4 episodes of this show.Yeah, I was like that too. Damn, it's been 8 years since LoK premiered.>Introducing Asami so early literally unraveled the entire dynamic as she added nothing to the theme trying to be built and the whole thing started going to shit immediately after.I still have the LoK Season 1 artbook and they stated how Asami was supposed to be the villain originally before they changed it to her being good. She's literally nothing after Season 1. It's like they never thought through what they wanted to do with her.

>>115118411>I would have drawn out the ending more and had Ozai get defeated in Book 4: Air.Maybe? Personally, despite the flaws that ATLA may have had, I'm perfectly content with the way the series is now. It's literally as close as perfect show as it can be.

>>115094764korra is for porn, ryona and humiliation. She is the house that built /aco. As a protagonist of a series, she is awful but she inspired a lot of hatefuck related porn fanart.

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>>115118498There's a lot of problems with Book 3. It's highly regarded because its highest points are the highest in the series but it also has a lot of low points. Most of it is just that it does too much in one season while somehow simultaneously doing too much of nothing.

>>115094764I'll you exactly what it is. Korra has no over arching plot. Every season is unconnected to the one before. This is a style of writting used to drag things out endlessly which they would have if it hadn't lost it's following.

Attached: 1589979926793m.jpg (832x1024, 101.53K)

>>115118562>There's a lot of problems with Book 3.Like outside of the Deux Ex Machina ending, what are other problems people had with it?

>>115118607The pacing was kinda wack. It's very slow until the last couple of episodes who are almost rushed out the door.

>>115118257>Iroh isn't really shown to be much of a tyrant as Ozai isCasually joking about burning the earth capital to the ground is definitely not a big deal.>Azula and Ozai were always shown to be sadistic, manipulative assholes.Well you know, that's the result of Ozai's parenting and constantly encouraging such traits.>he realized the error of his ways and became a better personShe didn't have a need to realize her error until the very end, just like Iroh didn't realize his until his own son died.

>>115115507All of which makes him dangerous and suitable symbol of evil for the heroes to stand firm against.You're describing accomplishments without any of the motivations or drive behind them that would make a character interesting besides "become more powerful and rule the world" which is about as generic villain as you can get. At least Azula was driven by very human flaws (jealousy, pride, greed, mommy issues, incestual lust, you name it) despite being a psychopath.It just makes Ozai a solid plot device, not an interesting character.

>>115118685>She didn't have a need to realize her error until the very end, just like Iroh didn't realize his until his own son died.why do people have such a hard time understanding this?the reason redemption is still an open ended question for azula is because at the very end of the series she finally realized the error of her ways. just like lu ten's death forced iroh to reevaluate himself. but for azula by the time she realizes how wrong she is about literally everything, its way too late to course correct. so it makes it an interesting question of whether or not any attempt by her to get "better" would be successful.

>>115118685>Casually joking about burning the earth capital to the ground is definitely not a big deal.

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>>115118821>at the very end of the series she finally realized the error of her waysI feel like it's less that and more she's sad/angry that she lost and realized that she's not as powerful as she thinks she is.

>>115118986.........the realization that she'd been wrong her entire life about using fear to control people drives her insane. theres a whole scene where she legit talks to herself about this topic.

>>115117350>Lol nopeSee >>115099587

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>>115100493The prequels are a weird case where the events themselves are actually pretty interesting if not necessarily written well into the overarching plot, and there are just enough cool bits within to make them worth it, but you have to suffer through a LOT of cringe to see them.Good setting, great setpieces, terrible execution and direction.

>>115119151so much drama could have been avoided if those two just fucked

>>115118751>"become more powerful and rule the world" which is about as generic villain as you can getYou name jealousy and pride as "very human flaws", but somehow, seeking power and conquest - something the whole of human history has been motivated by, across all times and cultures - is too generic for you? Why?I also don't hear you complaining about "save the world" as a generic hero motivation or that it made the Gaang any less interesting. Really, if you didn't like generic, what are you doing watching ATLA?I understand if Ozai didn't light your world on fire (hah) but you sound hopelessly married to the idea that there is only one way to make a villain and only one way to develop a character.

>>115119557but incest is wrong

>>115094764No girls with penises