Oh, shit, Holla Forums! Zee is mad at you! What did you do to piss her off?

Oh, shit, Holla Forums! Zee is mad at you! What did you do to piss her off?

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>>115094614where the fuck are my episodes faust

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>>115094614I guess I came inside one too many times.

She's a cunt

>>115094614>"Zatanna, magic isn't mystical horseshit! It's a poorly-understood science that "magician" autists like you refuse to study or share with the rest of the world!"

>>115094660Is that an Adventure Time reference?

>>115094660in reality in the DCU magic is just a dimensional gate that give access to the 5th dimension logic and make you able to apply the reality manipulation of that dimension on the 3d world.Dr Manhattan explained it like that and the Book of Magic said something similiar

>>115094614Try and use her magic to get to Oa to free Parallax and cause Zero Hour.

>>115094614I hope it's enough that she's about to step on me

Sniffing her panties while rubbing her shoes on my cock.

>>115094614BITCH GOT A PENIS

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>>115094614I pissed in her oatmeal.

>>115094614I sabotaged her diet.

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>>115095014unironically it must be kino live in the DC universe and a person can change her gender just by giving to a magician money.Imagine all the useless injuries we would avoid.If comics were more inside their magic things the worldbuilding would be comfy

>>115094614I posted her dick pics on 4chan.

>>115095058It's starts out good at the top and just becomes "Oh God no" at the bottom.

>>115094614What is her problem?

>>115094614I keep trying to feed her to Kara, but she keeps teleporting out of Kara's belly

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>>115094614Nothing that she didn't agree on previously

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>>115097492What aa slutara

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>>115095058Zee deserves better fat art, this one's just disproportionate. She should be a pear but not THAT big of a pear.


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>>115094614TTG robin is the better magician. also less of a drama queen than her.

>>115094614Babs is speding to much time dating me and zee is super jealous because she is single and nobody loves her

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>>115098776I the slutara poster?

>>115097272>"user, you may have read about some... events... on some untrustworthy websites.">"Stories about other anons and villains... going missing...">"I know you're curious, but you have GOT to stop shoving me down Kara's throat!">"I am NOT going to just sit there and get digested by one of my friends, and I don't know why you think I would.">"In fact, now that you know it's possible, I don't know why you seem to WANT me to get eaten anyway.">"But let me tell you... if you push me down into Kara's stomach, one more time, the next spell I use to escape won't be a teleport spell.">"It'll be a 'swap places with user' spell. Understand?">"Now, go back to bed, leave me and Kara alone, and we can all forget about this in the morning, okay?"What do? Will you push Zee into Kara's snoring, open maw again?

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>>115094614>zeefags are just like karafags to this pointgive me new episode or GTFO

>>115099610i cum in zee's breakfast hot pockets and watch her eat 'em

>>115099808>"Mmmmm... looks like they started putting some kind of white cheese sauce in these now. It's really yummy, you girls gotta try this!">Zee lets all the girls take a bite of her hot pocket>glares at you for a second, probably not offering any to you because she's still mad after last night>all the DC superhero girls have now swallowed your cum unknowinglyDo you... do you reveal it to them now?

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>>115094614Quick someone get Karen!

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>>115100090revealing it would just give me a free ticket to the chaos dimension

>>115094614I accidentally rape her.

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>>115100090My diiick!

>>115094614threw a screaming autist on her

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>>115094614dumb zatanna

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>>115102365>no art spawned by this of Zee getting on that bat-ass

>>115102402today i will remind them

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>>115102447>"I thought sex was supposed to be FUN"

>>115102447>Magic sperm with 111% fertilization rate


>>115102393I love that episode.

>>115100090Nope.However, now you have to work double-time to keep up the facade by cumming in EVERYBODY'S breakfast Hot Pockets, worried that one of these mornings you're going to physically run out of jizz. Better read up on that God Tier Cum guide again. You know, the one with Bloo? Yeah, Bloo knows what's up.

>>115102447>"Zee, I thought your magic was protected, now what are we going to do?"

>>115102713>this makes you the super hero girls' cum hot pocket dealer

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>>115102760Nope. The scenario here implies that none of the girls must ever know, lest ye be sent into the chaos dimension, digested by a Kryptonian, or both.So, in secrecy, your work must continue. Don't forget to eat pineapples to make it taste better. Or is it celery? No, wait, celery makes it look whiter.

>>115102447She's prefers other brainiacs.

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>>115102833Babs is a fucking slut who takes dick regularly.

>>115099068>Babs is speding to much time dating meI started doing cardio recently because babs wouldn't date a mildly overweight dude, even in the cartoon world.

I haven't seen much SHG.Has Constantine been seen or mentioned?

>>115100090One of them, either Zee or Diana needs to know, and they can let the others know when they're ready.I'd imagine Kara and Babs would be ready right away, but they wouldn't be able to keep their mouths shut.Jess may or may not be fine with it, but so long as it's in a vegan Hot Pocket, she won't fling you into space.Karen is the wild card here. She'll either ask for a double dose and offer to help personally or have a mental breakdown.



>>115103867honestly? as a karenbro? she would collapse and have a mental breakdown and hide in the closet like in the livewire episodebut god damn that first scenario makes me feel like pic related

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>>115102805>>115103867>"Hey, user! I found out you've been putting... a little something... in our hot pockets, for quite a while now.">"Well? Do you have anything to say for yourself, or are you just happy to be a total sicko???"What do you say to her now? Knowing Kara, your life very well may depend on your response.

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Who is the best for thigh fucking? Of course its Zee, but who's second?

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>>115104253in a situation like that where kara is the one that finds out you're getting vored no matter your answer

>>115104369Jess. Right amount of firm and soft. She does plenty of marching around in circles at protests, and general walking because carbon footprint or something, but her ring and mind do the heavy lifting instead of her body.Kara and Diana are too muscly, and Karen and Babs are too twiggy.Plus Babs would never hold still long enough.


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>>115104514>karen is too twiggytrue. but it's the lips where it's at

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>Lauren Faust garbage that gives off MLP vibesIts so vomit inducing, but its also a clever workaround for the ban for that shitty fanbase.

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>>115104594She has her talents, and I'll bet those fingers can work some magic, but her thighs are nothing to write home about.

>>115104697have a (you) just out of my sheer benevolence

>>115104253>>115104384>"Well, I-">GULPNow you can only hope Kara runs into Zee before digestion really kicks in... and that she's willing to teleport you out, after all you've done to piss her off... What happens Holla Forums? Does Zee save you?

>>115095014this is fake

>>115104253>Do you have anything to say for yourself"You all seemed quite pleased with the flavor at the time."

>>115094614Why is this fine, but cartoon horse program isn't?

If only Zee could send away all the >new mlp tards to the chaos dimension

>>115104514>Plus Babs would never hold still long enough.Lil' jitterbug

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>>115105400We have regular threads for SHG, this is true.What you do not see, is it spreading like a cancer everywhere with several competing general threads at the same time, and on different boards.That you would even ask that question, shows that you were not here for the days between seasons 1 and 2.The character composition and writing are not why /mlp/ exists. That is because of a storm of fanaticism and autism that had never been seen before.

>>115105400>>115105626And I will reiterate that-A level of autism that had never been seen on 4chan.Can you wrap your mind around that?These days they're relegated to their own quarantine board, with colonies set up on Holla Forums and /trash/.


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>>115104697>say the guy posting furshit

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>>115094614Using magic on my dick to make it shoot a burst of confetti when I nut.How was I supposed to know she was gonna turn that handy into a blowy!?

>>115094614I discovered her darkest secret if her carpet matches the drapes

>>115106567>Over the next few days she's still coughing up confetti and glitter>Glares at you every time>All the girls know but none of them wanna be the one to bring it up>Kara asks you in secret if the confetti was in proportion to your usual load, seems oddly excited when you tell her yes

>>115094614Called Diana best girl.

>>115106650But why would she be mad about you telling the truth?

>>115106663She was assblasted when Diana slept at her and she realized the amazon princess looks better than her without any fancy make ups.

why is this show's audience so lewd?

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>>115107199lack of episodes make the horny skyrocket

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>>115107199we want to be in Kara's belly, but she's not real and never will be

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>>115105400Anon you do not understand, times are way different now, try to imagine a world where this guy didn't bump his own thread and it just died,it was an explosion of autism it could not be contained, it spread to other boards and then to other sites and in just a few months that shit was all over the internet back then there was no /trash/ to contain it the only solution was to give it it's own containment boardwhen it comes to this show it is just a very smalll group of people talking about it, hell i think it doesn't even have an active reddit, literally nobody cares except some anons and of course this show is way more Holla Forums related by being a dc universe, no one here is doing dcshg original characters or naming random background characters, no matter how many supergirl vore greentext an user can come up with it is only a tiny drop of autism compared to whatever is going on the horse show board, the people who watch horse show made that shit their lifestyle, here we are just some anons going "hero girls are cute"

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>>115107575>not wanting Kara to pound you into a fine red mist with her powerful kryptonian hips

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>>115094614>implying I have to do anything

Lois is da best.

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>>115109730she's gonna need that fat butt for clark's dick

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>>115110375don't blame meyou're the one banging barry hal and garthand i don't think slade used a condom when he raped you

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>>115109730Fuck for a few seconds I thought that's a screenshot from the show




>>115110375You meant Dick, right

>>115094614Let Kara go in dry

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>>115094632Didn't Faust leave the show?

>>115094614isn't Zee a tranny in this universe?

>>115112881>it's one of those videos where they show her a lot of money and end up fucking later

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>>115112972she's leaving as soon as season 1 endsit's gonna end on episode 52 and we're still on episode 43

How long until DCSHG threads get moved to /trash/

>>115113288I don't know Mr Enter, how long until DCSHG threads get moved to /trash/?


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>>115094614I guess I probably breathed or existed, and I must say, I'm so horribly HORRIBLY sorry Zatanna, I beg that you'll ever forgive me

>>115104253Seeing as I'm about to die, I firmly deny the accusations, claiming that I will be willing to assist with any investigation into the source of the Hot Pocket manipulation, including providing my own semen samples for examination and taste-testing.Then I head to the bathroom, rub one out, and come back out with my jizz in a spoon. "Here, Kara," I say. "Try this and see what you think."

>>115115539Upon sight of the spoon, it seems Kara has suddenly lost her appetite, and she quickly exits the room. Congratulations, user, you live to see another day!

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>>115115944Yay!But what am I gonna do with this spoon full of jizz? I can't just stick it in Hot Pockets anymore.Ooh, I know! I'll mix it in with the queso cheese dip. Nobody will ever know....Hey, wait. When did I even start living with the DC Super Hero Girls, anyways?

>>115114651Lick shoes in penance

Bump for gokkun

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>>115109811Hey Holla Forums

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>>115095014>18 may. 2011

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>>115102833Ah, Babs... personal space, please

Wtf, now Carol is mad too?

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>>115118729>gets cucked three timeshow do you expect her to not be mad?

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>>115113376You can't ignore the hitler dubs, or the fact that these threads are full of fatfags, brapfags, and other assorted degenerates

>>115118729I didn't know she wanted Hot Pockets.