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Previous: >>115032280 >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one image/post.>Keep requests Holla Forums related and keep them concise.>General OC discussion belongs in "Work on your art" and the Donut Steel threads.>However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the booru to see if your request was filled.>Drawfriends, don't hold back.>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread.>No one is entitled to a request delivery.>Don't fight spam with spam.>No begging.>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 at bump limit.>Have fun!>Collection of Deliveries:the-collection.booru.org/>Drawfriends Gallery List:pastebin.com/kc7zwd8fNSFW deliveries and requests should be posted in>>>/aco/drawthread or >>>/i/611748

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Requesting Jetix-tan wearing the bottom outfit

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/r/ a Lana Vale version of the right pic. Just like the woman in the right pic, Lana is wearing a tiny crop top and a thong. She's either watching TV or being a camwhore on her computer.Optional:Have Arnold accidentally walking in on her in the background. She notices but doesn't care.

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Requesting Marceline giving Finn a noogie.

Attached: Marceline Finn.jpg (1065x800, 121.73K)

Requesting Queen La from The Legend of Tarzan playfully slapping or zapping her ass with her staff.

Attached: __queen_la_the_legend_of_tarzan_drawn_by_fumio_rsqkr__389e40fe2b4091275be32afedee9562d.jpg (1200x1600, 367.48K)

Requesting Pam like the right ref.

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Requesting Kelsey and Melissa (from Craig of the Creek) dress/outfit switch.

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Requesting Snagglepuss and Huckleberry doing something cute as a couple

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Requesting Fallout from the Black Torch getting a tan at the beach, and discovering the outline of a handprint on her ass.

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Requesting the Toybots version of Craig, Kelsey, and JP (main characters from Craig of the Creek)

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requesting Buffalo Wing getting her fat ass groped

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Requesting Eda meeting Steven

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Requesting fem!Kurt poledancing

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Requesting the Gender-swap version of Jessica Williams (from Craig of the Creek)

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Request. Hordak as She-Ra. I was thinking of a AU, where instead of Adora or as is popular, Shera finds the sword, a lost Hordak clone finds it. Like Wrong Hordak, but on his own. pic related is one of the Cat-Ra's but it doesn't have to be in that pose, or style.

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Requesting Lucia in Lucina's outfit.

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Requesting huge spider butt in yoga pants

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Requesting Summer Smith (Rick and Morty) just wearing a bikini like in the reference. Also, the pose can be whatever you like to be.

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Requesting Gogo in a slingshot bikini

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Requesting Frida wearing Maria Hill's uniform

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Requesting Luna Loud (from The Loud House) and Hildy Gloom (from The 7D) are having catfighting.

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can someone draw marcy in this pose, outfit can be of choiceoptionaly you can also add a snake tattoo in the background

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Requesting Harley Quinn-bat dressed like Rouge the bat.

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Requesting a fusion between Spongebob and Wire Sponge from Megaman X2.

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Requesting Amity as John Constantine

Attached: amity shows the cunts.png (1440x1620, 1.4M)

Requesting Aunt Grandma (from Uncle Grandpa) in her underwear, holding some balloons while, she’s looking back at the viewers.

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Requesting your waifu dressed like this

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Requesting Shannon smoking weed

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Requesting Moon stripping on a pole with Star looking embarrassed and Marco enjoying it. Optionally giving money.

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Requesting Raven as the Ms DC Universe winner

Attached: 24-249418_dc-comics-dc-universe-raven.png (860x1624, 335.16K)

>>115090046Requesting the rest of these characters fused.

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Requesting an older/adult Tanis based on Eldlich, the Golden Lord

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Requesting Lois and Harley making out.

Attached: lois and harley.png (1920x1080, 1.68M)

Requesting your waifu as a Megaman character

Requesting the blacked couch meme with the 6 corona-chan variants shown. Have Winnie the Pooh in the girl's place with the china stars on his red shirt.

Attached: sixcoronasonechinkbear.png (2188x1737, 2.39M)

Requesting a lewder version of this scenario

Attached: poison ivy wants to enslave wonder woman hd.jpg (1987x3056, 2.12M)

Requesting more of Bartina

Attached: Bartina.jpg (522x381, 15.64K)

Requesting Vampire Jubilee having her breasts grow bigger after drinking anons blood

Attached: 1589081954384.png (506x624, 166.02K)

Requesting Maria (from Craig of the Creek) wearing Sparkle Cadet's dress/outfit.

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Requesting her Digimon partner

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Requesting Male Jackie hitting on Marco

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Requesting Velma exercising all the power of the law against user for the illegal sale of her lewds.

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Requesting your waifu dressed like Alyx.

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>>115090498Seconding this. Give them monster tits.

Requesting Nergal having a wardrobe malfunction showing off that massive Eldritch cleavage.

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>>115090473Requesting a gender swap version of this image

>>115090046Requesting Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl in morning robes after a rough night. Extra points if Hawkgirl is unmasked and she's wearing the "I really wish I wasn't here right now button". And Wonder Woman wearing a shirt that says, "Gangsta's Paradise Island"

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>>115090046Requesting Karen (DCSHG) in her punk outfit dabbing

Attached: Punk Dab.png (1364x685, 560.98K)

Requesting Star Sapphire OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOing like the image on the right

Attached: Carol OHOHOHOHOHO.jpg (947x522, 94.11K)

Requesting Clover offering Alex a smoke, like the Miss Dynamite pic on the right.

Attached: AE26D964-4E2F-478F-A013-8D5D1DBB8375.png (1440x1000, 1.91M)

Requesting a pregnant Ms. Marvel smiling embarrassingly.

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Requesting Goth Velma turning into an amazonian succubus similarly to the image on the right

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Requesting Amelia Bedelia carrying user like a princess because he asked for a "pick-me-up".

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>>115091337Are you an old church lady that thinks sex is evil?

Requesting Emmy meeting the dinobots.

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>>115091337BasedFuck coomers they ruined these threads

>>115091389Why don't you cut your dick off and go back to Holla Forums?

Requesting Flamewar sunbathing

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>>115091389Anon that makes no sense

>>115091337>>115091396Telling people what they can and cannot request. I bet you'd be fun at parties, if y'know... you had friends.

>>115091389someone's mad

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>>115091201I believe her.

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>>115091396Not in /aco/, plus in a drawthread so put your reaction image up your ass

>>115091479People have always made lewd requests in drawthreads anyway.

Requesting a pinup of this race queen

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Requesting any waifu of your choice doing this

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>>115091664This is a job for LA and Enid

Requesting Donald Duck getting into a skirmish with Norakuro (a 1930s-1980s Japanese comic strip character, who was also used in Japanese wartime propaganda)

Attached: Donald vs Norakuro.jpg (948x640, 188.21K)

requesting the simpsons as dragons before popcross does it

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Requesting a full body look of Jessica Rabbit as Sailor Moon.And no, I am not that annoying Sailor Moon guy in these threads

Attached: EYRSMe5XsAUthdy.jpg (1280x911, 127.38K)

requesting idws ravenwood in a swimsuit with her heads singing as a choir

Attached: entry 6.jpg (1024x768, 172.84K)

Requesting Power Girl dressed as Bea (Pokemon)

Attached: sketch-1589808423417.png (1080x1080, 765.36K)

Requesting Korra rescuing Asami from Ganon.

Attached: 1344741955402.png (750x500, 583.44K)

Requesting you drawing anything you want with this cat in ityoutube.com/watch?v=uF6pbCMToqo

>>115091337People have been making lewd requests since these drawthreads started. Why you complaining now?

Requesting Benny from The Loud House to be in his early 20s and taking a picture of himself with a towel on.

Attached: Benny chest pic.png (1008x798, 1.1M)


>>115091934He's a newfag, probably.

Requesting this waitress from Dexter's Laboratory delivery anons order but inadvertently giving a nice look to her cleavage. Bonus if she does to get better tips.

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>>115092109That or he's some asshole from Holla Forums trying to shove his ideology down our throats.

>>115091934People have also been complaining about lewd requests since they started. None of it's new.

Requesting Glimmer sitting in Bow's lap.

Attached: lapsit.png (1900x1900, 3.11M)

Requesting Fox Kids-tan and PSP-tan hanging out together

Attached: 20200516_194818.png (1080x854, 867.1K)

Requesting a drawing of this image with a Holla Forums character of your choice.

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Requesting Amalia in a reverse playboy bunny outfit, but keep it plant based like the ref.

Attached: b2e63414acda08e6dfedb22ed2e7bdde506a0710.jpg (900x900, 814.44K)

Requesting older Mabel Pines, excited she got "the designer job," waving around a letter with the Bad Dragon logo.

Attached: MabelBadDragon.png (1288x1973, 2.02M)

Requesting Sam, Alex, Clove and Britney as CIA spies doing dirty CIA work. Either together or on four separate missions away from each other. Could be something like assassination, arming ruthless terror groups, blackmailing, framing, stealing secrets, etc.

Attached: TS.jpg (1024x768, 86.54K)

Requesting Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (DCSHG) wearing those Batman panties

Attached: sketch-1589287761775.png (1440x1080, 638.96K)

Requesting a double-wedding-proposal with Kyle, Rogelio, and Lonnie. Doesn't matter who is doing the proposing.

Attached: kyle rogelio lonnie double proposal.png (1846x1800, 3.11M)

Requesting Hank Hill to be drawn and colored as Jotaro Kujo (JJBA: Stone Ocean) on the right

Attached: 002665.jpg (800x600, 131.45K)

Requesting the top image but with Sorceress from Wreck It Ralph

Attached: 2D6B1099-E364-47C4-8434-5F7636A08CE9.jpg (953x1529, 262.26K)

Requesting Wasp dressed as Metabee (Medabots)

Attached: sketch-1588861001138.png (1440x1080, 1.01M)

Requesting ARC trooper armor (phase II) with a paintjob based on satsuki's uniform.References on hereimgur.com/a/m4dg0D6

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>>115091934>>115092109When it scared off all the drawfriends that's a major issue

Requesting the Supergirls acting out the positions memeTime to flex my autism, Preferably'>Blue SG (Kara) doing the position in the top left>Black Leatord SG (Cir-El) top right>White T-shirt (Linda AKA best) bottom left>Peej bottom right

Attached: supergirls.jpg (1122x901, 249.45K)

>>115093392Lewd deliveries still get made though, so it's not that bad.


>>115093392They probably saw how close those spam requests were to each other and wisely bailed out.General rule of thumb should be ignoring every request that appears a minute after another one. Or the first 50-100 requests

Requesting Zatanna ripping her sheer skin tone pantyhose. Then either swapping them for fishnets or fixing them with magic.

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feeling like drawing brown girls, any requests?

>>115093520Bonnie Rockwaller as a instagram thot.

Attached: 2ab37a96d472e8573e4b43c1227ffca19caa4178.jpg (2893x4092, 1.58M)

>>115093520if you're interested >>115090881

Requesting Talia (Lolirock) wearing that blue dress

Attached: sketch-1588855916065.png (1080x1080, 443.63K)

>>115093392>>115093477It hasn't scared off the drawfags even remotely. I've been browsing Holla Forums since it was a trial board. Many of the same drawfags have been here for ages and that goes for the colorfags as well. There's a whole bunch of us who just tend to lurk because most requests don't really catch our eye. That's really it. Hell, some like splooge only deal in lewd/semi-lewd requests.The spam requests are obnoxious though, yes. Not like they're a new phenomenon though. Take a look at other drawthreads and you'll see some requests put up each thread for weeks on end. I think there was a particularly dedicated requester in /tg/ who was asking for a character for like, 3 months.

>>115093520Valerie in sheer nude/white coloured lingerie and stockings.

Attached: Valerie.png (406x932, 283.7K)

Requesting fusion: Elemental Edition

Attached: Elemental Chaos 2.jpg (2024x1593, 246.05K)

I'm somewhat new to Holla Forums is there usually an anchor post on these drawthreads?

>>115093520Cree Lincoln being stealthy in a sheer zentai suit.

Attached: Cree.jpg (1505x1242, 228.61K)

Requesting a cute pin-up of Jessica Cruz>>115093566There's a guy on /aco/ asking for a Joss Possible thing for like 2-3 years or something? Same message too. Almost makes me wish I could draw

Attached: 1585967929746.png (1968x2146, 1.03M)

/r/ing olga pataki showing up to her student teaching job drunk and embarrassing helga

Attached: Student_Teacher.jpg (768x576, 254.58K)

>>115090046Requesting Mrs. Leading from Flapjack having a Keijo battle with The Tavernkeeper from Over The Garden Wall

Attached: 1589766822274.jpg (960x720, 110.23K)

>>115093551This was the only one from the last thread that caught my eye so I'm giving it a shot user.

Requesting Raven with a veil mask in black, blue, or dark purple so she can have more of a secret identity. Maybe a full head one for civilian clothes whenever she is sneaking around.

Attached: Veiled Raven.png (834x798, 1.15M)

>>115090046requesting She-ra like in the example

Attached: adora finds rule34.png (1410x989, 355.51K)

>>115093605Not really, we don't use anchors

Requesting Queen of the Shadowkhan Jade Chan in a workout outfit doing squats while lifting weights.

Attached: 1464297060571.png (878x573, 139.72K)

>>115093520requesting april doing the kinniku buster on the foot recruit

Attached: april kinniku busting the foot .jpg (1024x768, 127.99K)

Requesting Emmy the Nandroid drinking E-Tank

Attached: sketch-1589909164850.png (1080x1440, 1.05M)


>>115093605We've never used anchors really

Requesting White Diamond asking a random guy if he "is in need of personal training" while wearing something that shows off her hips and bust in a very suggestive and lewd way.

Attached: 1589756005590.jpg (1324x2048, 310.31K)

>>115093566I do like it whenever a drawfag chips in. It's usually some random fucks saying "artists have been leaving in droves"

>>115093520A redraw of this. It's Vixen with a Cyndiquil.

Attached: 2a25da282fdc67ff0681e4b6873ce279b7da8406.png (1200x900, 118.63K)

Requesting Turbo Enid smugly showing off her abs and saying something along the lines of "Touch 'em, I don't bite hard."

Attached: 1589755600085.jpg (2193x2359, 203.38K)

Requesting Spear and Fang doing something comfy with some Land before Time characters like stargazing or stories around the campfire.

Attached: the land before going primal.png (980x1070, 978.65K)

>>115090046Requesting Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl wearing their own Evangelion Plugsuits

Attached: 1589600614343.jpg (1600x1194, 181.73K)

>>115090046The only thing holding Peni up there was Miles' and Gwen's hips so requesting the image on the bottom with Miles, Peni, and Gwen.

Attached: 1589777332403.jpg (1784x1760, 483.46K)

>>115090046Requesting any of the two scenarios in the images on the bottom with Rise April and Jhonen Vazquez' April.

Attached: APRILS.jpg (2528x3272, 886.26K)

Requesting this couple's pose with Batgirl and Killer Moth.

Attached: Bat and Moth.png (686x1070, 987.13K)

Requesting the White Spider Rabbit!

Attached: The White Spider Rabbit.png (1324x841, 2.13M)

Requesting the Santo movie poster on the left with Mr. Gar as El-Bow plus Wilhamena and Sibella, as she appeared in OK KO, as the Vampire Women.

Attached: El Santo contra Las Mujeres Vampiro.jpg (2176x1324, 552.52K)

Requesting Peng Deilan, The Wonder-Woman of China, drawn in the DCAU/Timm style please. Action pose would be cool too I guess

Attached: Wonder-Woman Peng Deilan.jpg (1572x1474, 721.36K)

>>115093520Panda tied up with ribbons like this

Attached: panda tied up.jpg (2716x1587, 488.93K)

Requesting either of these two pics with Katie Killjoy. Maybe have the right one lead into the left if you're up to do both.

Attached: Killjoy.jpg (4224x1587, 906.33K)

>>115093520Karen Beecher/Bumblebee wearing that Yellow T-Shirt

Attached: sketch-1589894211957.png (1440x1080, 781.5K)

>>115093520Right pic with Brit

Attached: brit stockings.jpg (837x707, 95.13K)

>>115094480Seconding but the ribbons are police tape

Requesting the image on the right with Entrapta and the 3 fembots on the bottom-left.They are Mona Lethal from Robotboy, Drossel Von Flugel from Fireball, and Counselor Dish from Duck Dodgers.

Attached: MV5BYWMw.jpg (3488x2424, 1012.46K)

>>115094480There are like 3 'Panda in Ribbon' deliveries on the booru.the-collection.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=80030https://the-collection.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=5777https://the-collection.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=5790But you knew that

Requesting this android babe seducing a Jedi Padawan to get some secret intel for the Sith.

Attached: Keep_Our_Republic_Secure.png (1099x1465, 1.33M)

Requesting Wendy in ninja gear infiltrating a camp or fortress to rescue Dipper. He almost calls out when she finds him only to be quickly silenced by her.

Attached: Rescuer Wendy.png (1171x727, 1.01M)

Requesting Stephanie Brown in a proto/makeshift Spoiler outfit as if she just put it together with odds and ends from the closet or drawers. I suggest making the cloak a hooded sweatshirt. I'll leave the rest up to you.

Requesting Frankie Foster and Mrs. Tonitini posing together in their Little Green Dress and Little Black Dress, respectively, like in any of the images on the bottom.

Attached: LITTLE DRESSES.jpg (2104x3352, 844.61K)

>>115094677That's not really what he's asking for

>>115094754Forgot ref

Attached: Proto Spoiler.png (1342x836, 1.92M)

>>115094480Requesting nobody do this degeneracy

>>115094778That's another checkmark for the >requested by the same guy theory

Requesting a Holla Forums girl of your choice doing this expression

Attached: 7KEaUQS.png (885x803, 423.51K)

Requesting Kimmie McAdams, from Detentionaire, like in the image on the bottom.

Attached: Kimmie McAdams.jpg (2808x2412, 1.01M)

>>115090046Gwildor in New She-ra art style asking about the Cosmic Key.

Requesting Duo-styled Gigabyte

Attached: Gigaduo.jpg (2233x962, 709.52K)

Molly MacDonald is old and busted, requesting something with that new hype, Fletcher.Honestly, she will never be what that Bunny Waifu is, but still. It's a good design. The wikia says she was in that same bully group as Molly so there's that.

Attached: Fletcher.png (892x620, 663.34K)

>>115094987I'm not the guy who requested it. I'm merely pointing out that while similar, those are more holiday themed if anything else. Also he's not the only guy who likes Panda, she's a fairly common girl in these threads. It's best not to start pointing figures trying to figure out samefag. Well except for pedospammer and that Sailorfag, they're pretty obvious

>>115095050Had trouble posting the pic.

Attached: CB3DE85F-D395-448D-9E3B-D02AAE988FE3.jpg (1920x1080, 139.42K)

>>115095006>>115092427>>115091664>>115090662>>115090454>>115090317Requesting Jessica Cruz for these open requests and all following open requests in this thread

Attached: 7c08be67531859.5b3cf025cf199.jpg (1400x1949, 872.11K)

Requesting Nadia and Janet wearing the costumes at the bottom

Attached: Wasps.jpg (1087x1941, 709.89K)

Requesting Priyanka in Connie's outfit on the right, posing in front of Jeff, or just a solo image.But I don't mean like "cosplay" with that outfit, more like she took Connie's clothes, in Connie's size, and wore them. So nipples are showing and pussy lips are showing, too.

Attached: Connie Dolphin Shorts.jpg (1288x2092, 424.22K)

>>115095204I am okay with this.Besides her comicbook version is really hot.Good luck user.

Requesting Bellydancer Jetix-tan

Attached: 1589726345391.jpg (1947x1763, 670.39K)

>>115095308Source of that FF7 fanart, please?

>>115090046Requesting Red Feather, from Ducktales, wearing any of the other Little Black Dress styles on the bottom.

Attached: Red Feather.jpg (2792x4240, 1.59M)

>>115090046Miko & Ally in either one of these scenes on the left.

Attached: 1589740590088.png (1106x994, 1.28M)

Requesting a Mermista-Seahawk wedding

Attached: mermista seahawk wedding.png (2289x1500, 2.76M)

Requesting a busty demon version of the Raven/Sucy fusion (girl in middle-right) summoning an eldritch horror made of mushrooms

Attached: Suven the legendary demon.jpg (3057x1190, 308.39K)

Requesting a version of Beast Boy based on a cross between his Young Justice and Teen Titans look (basically a humanoid monkey). He in his 20's, has green skin, short spikey green hair with sideburns and a bit of facial hair on his chin, green eyes, a monkey tail, a little bit of hair on his arms, an average muscled body, and wears a purple t-shirt, black pants and no shoes.

Attached: Beast Boy Refference.png (2150x1344, 2.15M)

>>115096206Go to /aco/

Requesting a slime girl Wilhamena emerging from a cauldron, with Enid looking startled and confused

Attached: wilnid.png (952x1413, 446.75K)

>>115095473Here you gotwitter.com/Kukumomoart/status/1256717720894214154

Requesting Catra clinging to Adora, "damsel clinging to hero" style.

Attached: She-Ra Leg Cling.png (1846x1800, 2.74M)

>>115090231I hope you didn't mean the cat version of cock fighting.

Attached: emo fight!.png (4000x4000, 1.56M)

Requesting Green Eggs and Ham's E.B. demonstrating what "E.B." really stands for (up to the artist).

Attached: eb.png (1991x1770, 2.29M)


Requesting the bottom scenes done with Spider-Gwen and Mania

Attached: 1589837868727.jpg (1084x1425, 416.5K)

Requesting Raymond smiling and wearing a MILF Hunter cap

Attached: 2313B1B4-7D0B-49A2-89F0-68B8E20FF14A.png (1230x1611, 203.67K)

requesting idws sally pride in a swimsuit jumping trough a hoop on a scooter.

Attached: entry 7.jpg (1024x768, 121.45K)

Requesting Adora and Catra like the pic on the right, but with Horde Prime behind them with his hands on their shoulders

Attached: 58f608f6e95065d3cd1551a95edbd642a324441d.png (1870x910, 1.13M)

>>115090315Any preference on underwear or just same as pic related? Considering drawing this within the next few days if I get a drawing tablet.

Requesting the Mad Hatters fighting like this cdn.empoweringparents.com/aggressive-behavior-in-young-children1-200x200.jpg

Attached: 57E1BB41-B957-4657-ABAE-5F93B7264710.png (566x493, 474.28K)

Requesting fanart of these concept outfits for Miko

Attached: Miko.png (525x525, 370.87K)

>>115090046I want a picture of Elsa and Anna Giving prince ralphie a kiss on the cheek

Attached: A8DFA99D-DB42-48B8-AA2A-80D74B9C8232.png (2184x1202, 2.57M)

>>115096854Enormous BobsSorry user, I had to.

Requesting Maggie in a bikini, chest puffed out arms behind her back, stretching. Maybe with some sand on her butt and back like she just got up from the beach.

Attached: maggie.jpg (371x510, 29.14K)

>>115098593I am genuinely curious, won't they be grannies at that point? His movie is set at least 30-50 years after theirs.

Requesting Duo Damsel with her back facing the viewer, lifting up the back of her skirt to show off her underwear.

Attached: 1589737333550.jpg (1300x1200, 926.86K)

>>115098682It’s fan art user The time line dose not matter.

Requesting Miko with this same haircut at the beach, modeling a micro bikini.

Attached: 1589730872450.jpg (1920x1080, 755.08K)

Requesting Mr. Venom admiring himself in a full-length mirror.

Attached: 1584587697408.jpg (3315x2184, 3.38M)

>>115098722Wow. Who's the artist of that pic?

Requesting Lola Bunny (or Bugs) dressed in style of Usada Pekora

Attached: cosplay vtuber bunny.jpg (612x904, 157.38K)

I like drawing women with huge titties. Tell me who to draw and/or good poses or whatever.Bonus points if it's Black Cat or Peejspoilered my drawfaggotry because it's something I did for Holla Forums

Attached: Cornelia handbra.png (888x958, 329.58K)

>>115090046Requesting Numbuh 58 happily greeting user

Attached: numbuh58.png (241x198, 76.76K)

>>115099446Requesting Butt Witch in a cocktail dress focus on her cleavage

Attached: 1564911552425.jpg (960x570, 80.19K)

>>115090046Jebus Cripes, I'm away for a few hours and there's a new thread with 200 replies. Are draw threads always this quick?... wait, I was gone for 7 hours? Where does the time go.Anywho, reposting my repost2 requests1) Spot and Panda Mania doing the upside-down spider-man kiss. Except they're both standing on the ground. Spot is using portals to hang one of their upper bodies' in the air (either spot or panda can be upside down, dealer's choice)2) a 2-panel request. Spot and Panda in a movie theatre. Spot has a popcorn tub over his crotch. Panda is reach in with a mischevious look. 2nd panel: there's a portal in back of a popcorn machine. Panda's hand is reaching out and stealing popcorn

Attached: 1561504830159.jpg (1883x1033, 1.2M)


Attached: Dot_(4).jpg (740x1712, 239.6K)

>>115099446Requesting Lapis or Pink Diamond adjusting her top like she just had a wardrobe malfunction.

Attached: image.jpg (1188x799, 140.07K)

>>115099446Requesting tittymonster Buffalo Wing drinking a soda that is wedged between her massive cleavage.

Attached: 15e78d10b535dd33f7dc1eb8c603ef367002a096.png (930x884, 256.13K)

>>115099446Requesting Black Cat trying to climb out of a vent but getting stuck because her chest is too big

Attached: Black_Cat.jpg (850x958, 119.51K)

>>115098287Just the same as pic related. Also, thank for do my request.

>>115099598I forgot her skin is actually green and almost reported. Good shit.

>>115099446Requesting Spider-Gwen struggling to zip her costume up over her chest

Attached: gwen.jpg (640x909, 94.87K)

>>115099446Requesting Frida Mofette getting frustrated that no one is taking her seriously with her huge titties.

Attached: 1586642413954.jpg (2090x1176, 489.01K)


Attached: 1588982693360.jpg (1200x675, 484.06K)

Requesting miss quantum dressed in major kusanagi's dress uniform on the left looking annoyed and judgemental at the viewer

Attached: miss quantum.jpg (800x818, 156.85K)

Requesting this Green Latern comic cover re-enacted by Jessica Cruz from DC Superhero Girls

Attached: Jess is insane.png (1276x1056, 1.61M)

>>115099736seconding but its her ass


>>115099446Requesting katya stranitsa smugly resting her bare chest on user's head, visibly flustered but aroused.

Attached: e629358939dcb077aef21375deb9fcaac75451e2.png (1735x2455, 436.56K)

>>115099446Requesting Ikra accidentally making her breasts grow rapidly, making them bigger than her torso beachball sized, while she tries to stay standing, hugging her breasts to try to make them stop growing panicked.

Attached: ikra.jpg (1280x999, 176.75K)

>>115099446Requesting Wuya taking a post shower selfie, holding a towel with her hand so that it covers her breasts but shows her ass

Attached: wuya.png (743x962, 247.67K)

>>115099446Mim wearing the outfit on the left

Attached: Mim Syx.png (1280x1080, 1.36M)

>>115099328I have no idea. Someone posted it on the last LoSH thread a few months ago. Sorry.

just wanted to say thanks to h for doing this >>115089509

>>115090046Requesting Raphael and Mona Lisa from Ninja Turtles portraying as young romantic couple, just like Christopher Atkins and Kristy McNichol in The Pirate Movie on the top.

Attached: RaMona'87.png (750x1334, 1.97M)

Requesting Sheila bellydancing wearing Shantae's outit.

Attached: SheilaRef.png (1230x1570, 2.05M)

>>115099446Requesting a sweaty, tired Ben!Fire sitting in front of a fan with only a tank top and panties on, licking a popsicle.

Attached: tumblr_ohs8vzZUkI1rt1uvoo1_500.jpg (483x750, 84.69K)

>>115099446Requesting a pin up of Maleficent lying with her robes open, barely covering her naughty bits like the woman on the left

Attached: Mal robes.jpg (3286x1337, 555.47K)

Requesting femboy Double Trouble flashing one nipple while miming a blowjob with his hands and mouth.

Attached: DT.png (4260x1284, 3.39M)

Requesting Vambre kicking Witchy Simone like in the ref.The guy on the ground is not necessary but it could be either Prohyas or Danelda.

Attached: H05eP1W.jpg (500x525, 248.29K)


Requesting Black Jenny in a pink tank top and short shorts.

Attached: f76eced34f053e18f2d561f78ea6f2ad4f90912a.jpg (2244x3300, 1.43M)

Requesting fusion

Attached: Queen.png (1800x1800, 770.66K)

>>115099446Draw Cassanda Cain training with big tits

Attached: 4769d1f02aad682f646e565828bc41e8.jpg (844x1280, 246.55K)

>>115099446just draw some big titties template and then everyone adds the face they want to on them

Requesting Miko dressed as Misty, and posed like the lady on the photo

Attached: 4yesknfbhc000000.jpg (2004x1400, 502.94K)

Requesting either the Same Hat meme or the Spider-man Pointing meme with Miko Kubota and Rikka Takarada for pretty much being the same character based on their designs alone.

Attached: C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg (2952x3080, 920.34K)

Requesting something similar to the picture on the left, but with Elisa Maza daydreaming about gargoyles.

Attached: ElisaHasStoneFever.png (939x837, 1.06M)

>>115102276>for pretty much being the same character based on their designs alone.I will always remember the SSSS Gridman guy being very explicit and adamant of the crew not messing with Rikka's design saying like "I drew her with an absolute dumptruck of an ass, so stick to the fucking design." I'm paraphrasing, obviously.Glitch Techs boys? Not so forward with their design process, huh?

Requesting Catra, Entrapta, and Scorpia dressed as streetwalkers. Ladies of the night.

Attached: horde streetwalkers.png (1083x1221, 1.42M)

Requesting Evil Sorceress Turbo Enid

Attached: RCO001_1576084239.jpg (3728x3056, 2.03M)

>>115099453finished just before my tablet died>>115100401your welcome

Attached: numbuh58.jpg (548x578, 132.32K)

Requesting someone draw this cool image of Ken and Ryu being bros except with Ken and Nightcrawler (the two on the right) instead.

Attached: file.png (2192x887, 1.98M)


Attached: 1589946126315.png (1250x1750, 384.4K)

Requesting the Totally Spies girls (Clover, Sam, Alex) as sexy cavegirls in animal skins and loincloth in the style of Tartakovskys PRIMAL. They should be a little scarred and rough around the edges (unkempt hair etc.) from living in the prehistoric era.This is basically if the time travel episode of the show went to the prehistoric age rather than the middle ages.

Attached: totally spies clover sam alex for primal request wallpaper 2.jpg (2500x1188, 822.46K)

>>115090046/r/ting crystal from SD&TAI with the proportions, dress and posed like the reference in the right.

Attached: AlienHippie.jpg (2805x702, 1.13M)

Requesting Jenny Wakeman getting punchies by the Crust Cousins like this reference on the right (Brit Crust using Mordecai's pose and Jenny Wakeman using Rigby's pose).

Attached: makephotogallery.net_1589670450.jpg (685x430, 44.23K)

>>115102757u okay w/ muscle? might give it a shot

Requesting Luna and Benny from The Loud House playing out a scene from Sing as Ash and Buster.Benny asking " Now isn't this a pretty color for you?"And Luna saying "Can't tell. It's melting my eyes. You got anything in black?"

Attached: Benny Lune Sing.png (1662x836, 2.36M)

>>115091888you're the same user that asked for Babs as Sonia and Diana as Nessa right. you're gonna make me draw all the gang as pkmn trainersalso nice trips>>115102755also here's the final version that one doesn't have the kanjis that's why I deleted ir

Attached: KaraGymleader.png (1250x1750, 391.3K)

Requesting a buffer mutant Dakota similar looking to the Goblin Slayer Amazon

Attached: Amazoid.jpg (1583x1471, 294.4K)

>>115102496Kind of. It was the Director, Akira Amemiya, telling the show's artists that he wanted bomb-ass hips, thighs, and ass for the character.

Attached: DpuWtr9VAAA3KJZ.jpg (1302x1100, 229.82K)

>>115102866Sure, I guess a little muscle is fine. Just don't make them Rob-Liefeld drawings. I want them to look sexy.

>>115102935sounds fun. on it.

>>115102951Be sure to post your WIPs

Requesting here bare breasts painted two nuts

Attached: 1589750493542.png (900x868, 216.32K)

>>115102951And also thank you.

>>115102995>Be sure to post your WIPsHow about he does the amount of work he feels like, and no more?

>>115103020Sorry. I'm just excited is all.

>>115090046Hilda with a shaggy pageboy hair cut but please don't add a beanie cause it's screams patriarchy, no only her barrette or none at would work.

Attached: 1589566480089.png (1616x1272, 1.17M)

Giant Hilda as Lilith

Attached: 1588016330585.png (1138x1160, 1.37M)

>>115103046>>115103186Same requester.

Rrequesting a drawing of a pregnant Roxy Lalonde.

Attached: 1558888118680.png (3580x1532, 600.8K)

>>115103276>>115103239not the same requester

>>115103315why are you replying me.

Requesting Summer Smith drawn as Snake Plissken

Attached: The name is summer.jpg (2714x1288, 755.71K)

>>115102714You fucking rule user! thanks!

>>115103239No, I'm the one who ask for short hair Hilda.

>>115103334you know what you did

>>115102714Not OR, but great job mate.

Requesting this bit from Once In A Lifetime, but with Jamack from Kipo.

Attached: JamackOnceInALifetime.png (2000x1364, 1.76M)

Requesting Ko'Osh the troll policewoman from Price for Freedom inviting the viewer to "fuck the police."

Attached: Ko osh ref.png (1846x1800, 2.78M)

requesting tmnts zodi in a swimsuit using a dummy null to do a ventriloquism act .

Attached: entry 9.jpg (1024x768, 101.84K)

>>115092743I don't usually do lewd but I liked this one so here it is, with one of them, hope you like it user

Attached: Babstryingbatclothes.png (1250x1750, 342.96K)

Requesting Harley Quinn dressed as that Harley Quinn (DC Super Hero Girls 2015 version)

Attached: sketch-1589906017585.png (1080x1080, 655.45K)

>>115099736Delivery, hope you like it.

Attached: John McCat kinda sorta stuck but it's just an excuse to make a bad joke and draw tits.png (1862x1215, 541.2K)

>>115104666so simply put, you want a dcau version of dcshg2015 harley quinn?

Requesting Stephanie Brown/Spoiler, wearing a Bat version of a Playboy bunny suit.Cuffs, bowtie, & heels, but with "wings" and a bat-ear headband.

Attached: Stephanie Brown Playboy Batty.png (1644x1596, 2.74M)

>>115104726I do! Thanks my fellow drawfag, this is such a nice delivery.

>>115104759Yeah, i meant that

>>115090046Requesting Spawn making Queen Beryl his bitch, have him choke her with his chains.

Attached: 1589347875424.jpg (480x720, 106.09K)

>>115104726Nice sketch

Requesting Lapis sail boating.

Attached: sailboating.png (1468x748, 440.56K)

Requesting Clancy Gilroy from The Midnight Gospel (left) with his towel/skirt down, revealing his underwear (like in the right image).

Attached: 1589733408004.png (719x512, 255.58K)

Requesting Wart and Hazel fighting the Black Beast Of AAAAARRRGGGH from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Attached: Wart and Hazel vs the Grail Beast.png (1896x1320, 1.73M)

Requesting Kara/Supergirl wearing White Tuxedo Outfit

Attached: sketch-1589782965765.png (1080x1080, 422.49K)


Attached: glimmer.png (642x781, 285.09K)


Requesting Avengers Fairy Tales' version of Tigra/Cheshire Cat aggressively flirting with a nervous Alice/Stature.

Attached: CheshireTigraAndStature.png (1785x1800, 3.94M)

Requesting fusion of Witchblades Masane Amaha and Sara Pezzini.

Attached: Perfected Sara and Masane.jpg (3013x4388, 3.21M)

Requesting Charlie as a sexy bimbo clown girl

Attached: 510e72f14f2a64833d1257e07a1af4fa.png (370x1240, 176.57K)

Requesting literally anything with Piri Piri

Attached: images.jpeg-2.jpg (250x260, 12.02K)

>>115093994the only thing that makes me leave for a while is when not even the OR responds to it. It kills the enthusiasm a bit when you've worked hard on an image that only gets cricket noises in return

Requesting Eclipsa as a florist

Attached: request.png (1920x1080, 1.99M)

Is it me or have these threads been ending faster?


Attached: Untitled-1.png (484x909, 194.17K)

Requesting Toffee from SVFOE wearing the DDR uniform in the pic

Attached: 133CA3D4-AC00-4368-BCB0-A1EBB24DB3AF.jpg (314x972, 97.71K)

>>115107409Neat! Say, do you have like a Twitter or a site or a site or something for these

>>115099446>>115095204Requesting her for this too!

>>115090317Kamala Khan please

>>115091664Kamala Khan

>>115107456not yet, but going to make one soon

Requesting DCAU-Supergirl wearing Cir-El's costume. With DCAU-Supergirl retaining her color scheme.>>115099446Powergirl's blouse popping open showing her boob hole.

Attached: Morelikebestgirl.png (1316x1050, 1.21M)

Requesting Marinette/Ladybug (Miraculous Ladybug) dressed as Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon)

Attached: sketch-1589960686369.png (1080x1440, 570.33K)



Requesting April spilling beer over her tits.

Attached: april minikini.png (755x1300, 357.42K)

>>115107374>200 images in one day, less than 10 are deliveries

>>115109063Less than a hundred posters

Requesting more sexually suggestive innuendos with Bumblebee

Attached: 1589953206277.gif (500x600, 531.54K)

>>115107409That's fairly sexy. Well done, drawfag.

>>115107374>>115109063It's been like this for a few months now. Though wasn't there a short break were they were back to being longer for a couple of weeks?

>>115104726good shit user

>>115094480Panda sailor moon?

Requesting sunbathing Toa Takanuva.

Attached: _20200520_160503.jpg (1009x927, 225.74K)


Attached: Kingmon.png (800x800, 77.74K)

>>115104789>>115105287>>115109437Thanks, dudes. You might like the colored version as well.Still a WIP

Attached: Black Cat colors.png (1866x1125, 561.07K)

>>115109985Dope design>>115110046That's looking really good

>>115109985Nice.What's your favourite evolution?Metalkingmon?Skullkingmon?Warkingmon?Ancientkingmon?Victorykingmon?Rizekingmon?Geokingmon?Shinekingmon?Kingmon X?MetalKingmon X?Warkingmon X?Blackwarkingmon?Kingmon O?

Requesting Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and Peni Parker hanging out together

Attached: 20200520_142454.png (1440x980, 886.83K)

requesting a lapis lazuli with a bobcut while wearing a black satin dress and heels

Attached: Pinkanon LIZA.png (2768x2716, 2.49M)

>>115110046can't wait to see the final version! You have a blog?


>>115110179Everyone knows BurningKingmon is the best


Attached: metawasp.png (722x1050, 253.86K)

Requesting Rayla demonstrating elven flexibility to Callum, similar to this pose

Attached: Rayla flexible.png (2258x1243, 2.61M)

Requesting the "a cat is fine too" comic page with Catra and Adora.

Attached: A Catra is fine too.jpg (1886x857, 288.41K)

>>115110697Amazing, and me thinking that the poor bastard OR would never see it done. You did really good

>>115110697Nice work

Requesting Benson dressed as this

Attached: IsGay.png (790x481, 646.45K)

Requesting Melissa (from Craig of the Creek) wearing Spongebob's outfit.

Attached: SpongeLissa.png (1603x751, 257.31K)

Requesting Korra and Asami doing a bridal carry. Artist's choice which one is being carried.

Attached: koras.png (804x380, 365.01K)

>>115111199thanks!>>115111171thanks! sometimes these things just take the right time to get done

Requesting Akila eating fish and chips

Attached: 1578448300172.jpg (1053x1073, 590.84K)

Requesting Robotnik being a karaoke singer.

Attached: Robotnik_fat_fat_fat.png (266x364, 150.53K)

>>115111943I'll have to try this one when I get off of work. Might try doing the three cartoon versions singing together.

Requesting redraw of that Sailor Moon screenshot, but with Disney-tan

Attached: sketch-1589977974568.png (1080x1440, 994.48K)

Requesting Sailor Moon being depicted in the Harley Quinn show and being called a Cunt by Dr. Psycho.>>115111943>>115112389Snooping as usual I see?

Attached: MoonieCunt.jpg (3264x1632, 1.03M)

Requesting a cute drawing of teenage Lois

Attached: 2BC988E8-8252-45B5-BD9C-0EAF8E33A038.jpg (1095x1600, 426.57K)

>>115110046Amazing, thanks for coloring it!

Requesting a kid Catra as the stand in for the "hang in there" poster

Attached: catra hang in there.png (1080x740, 1.02M)

>>115090291This one was fun!

Attached: 0EDF079C-BAE4-4EB3-A104-11C892DFBC3A.jpg (2814x3496, 2.19M)

Requesting ENid and her mom wearing the dress on the right

Attached: mommadaughterdress.png (1920x1080, 1.16M)

>>115114695Awesome! Thank you!

Requesting Catra giving a lapdance to Adora.

Attached: lap1.png (1376x999, 1.25M)

Requesting Cassandra wearing an open shirt outfit

Attached: open shirt.png (1801x1396, 979.49K)

Requesting Lucy loud as Raven, same pose

Attached: Lucy as Raven.png (938x643, 158.24K)

>>115090046Requesting IDW Sonic meeting a stranger (or Ken Penders) showing him the sleeping cadavers of Fleetway Sonic and Archie Sonic, a cover parody of Action Comics volume 1 issue 399

Attached: Sonic, you are DEAD! DEAD! DEAD!.jpg (600x900, 172.55K)

Requesting Velma and Louise reenacting the car jump scene in Thelma and Louise.I've matched them up based on personality.

Attached: velma and louise.png (1600x1801, 1.75M)

Requesting Tricia Lange and Summer Smith wearing a reverse Playboy bunny outfit and regular Playboy bunny outfit. Summer in the normal one and Tricia in the reverse

Attached: Tricia Summer.jpg (5019x2607, 1.29M)

Requesting the cover on the upper left drawn with Wuya from xiaolin showdownORAny of the witches from the bottom(Yzma), (Witch Hazel), (Madam Mim)

Attached: A story request.jpg (2102x1656, 670.99K)

Requesting a DCAU artstyle version of this scene from the Silver Age. Where Lois lane is time travelled back to Ancient Rome and sold into slavery.

Attached: lois lane slave girl.jpg (1088x748, 399.53K)

Requesting this yoga raccoon from kipo showing off her tits

Attached: 7707BC38-3B53-4203-8D38-4C19F7DF71AB.jpg (267x331, 32.17K)

Requesting Catra's tail lifting up her skirt. Maybe she could say something like: "See, this why I always wear pants!"

Attached: untitled.png (638x1032, 510.56K)

>>115111943here's what I got so far, what song lyrics do you want in the speech box?

Attached: robotnik kareoke ink.jpg (1024x768, 106.51K)


>>115117136Not OR but lookin' cool. Keep up the good work.

Requesting Barbara Gordon from DC Super Hero Girls getting knocked out silly, with her arms and legs spread.

Attached: barbspreadeagle.png (632x672, 441.97K)

>>115117136Not OR but maybe leave it blank so other anons can edit it with the lyrics of their choice?

Requesting a sexy, toned version of the girl with the Juicy shirt taunting the little nerdy guy.

Attached: 1589597416342.jpg (900x675, 225.53K)

>>115117346good idea, might just get a meme outta this.

>>115110476Nope, I'm blogless, but I've been asked a bunch of times on various drawthreads so I was considering making one.>>115114126Thanks man. It's my first time coloring something and I'm pretty slow. Hair is kind of a pain, how do I make it look pretty?

>>115117480>how do I make it look pretty?Not him but I suggest to use the reference to base your coloring.

Requesting Star, with a hole in her chest, saying to Power Girl "Look we're twins."

Attached: star power girl.png (1320x998, 1.59M)

>>115117136>RobotnikOR here, I'd like the lyrics to be from this Long John Baldry song.youtube.com/watch?v=O7C9XLbw35o

>>115111943>>115117980not sure which ones you want so i'll let you put them in.

Attached: robotnik kareoke.jpg (1024x768, 111.28K)

Requesting the Baroness, in a black tank top, shorts and ankle length striped tube socks, skateboarding on a boardwalk in Venice Beach

Attached: 0fa7b417-b873-4d09-b70f-79e2313eccb0.jpg (368x298, 28.44K)

Requesting a pin up of the lifeguard from Lilo and Stitch based off the one on the left, but have her holding up a bikini instead of the lingerie. If you can give her tab lines from her one piece that'd be great

Attached: lifeguard bikini.jpg (1241x830, 133.87K)

>>115118268So amazing, this screams to be next OP.Wich program do you use for lineart?

Requesting the middle pic with Blue or White Diamond

Attached: lingerie diamonds.jpg (4646x1800, 669.69K)


Requesting This but replaces with Melissa, and Maney. (both from Craig of the Creek.)

Attached: what this could be funny.png (1612x1406, 887.06K)


Requesting the Queen of the Black Puddle coming out of the water nude with her long hair covering her breasts and the water coming up to her waist so you don't see anything too lewd

Attached: black puddle queen.jpg (3093x1200, 641.97K)

>>115118268OR here, sure thing. You did a great job.

Attached: 1590008728355.png (1024x768, 582.47K)

>>115118714I don't know shit about skateboarding. Or proportions. Yikes.

Attached: 20200520_181428.jpg (2161x3499, 3.36M)

Requesting Jenny the Mermaid from Modest Medusa, sexily sunning herself on some rocks. For MerMay.

Attached: Jenny the mermaid.png (1900x1881, 2.69M)

Requesting Extra Thicc Aquamarine wearing the "outfit" on the left

Attached: aqua pasties.jpg (1974x1350, 304.22K)