DT17's crew gets to do a season of TLOT3C and viceversa. What changes in both shows?

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>Daisy and her nieces get much more protagonism. >The Cabs are more contentious between each other>Xandra's role might actually be lessened or written out entirely because Frank and Co. dislike mixing humans with ducks>Donald gets much more involved in all the storylines, has warmer dynamics with José and Panchito>Slapstick is ramped up >Less episodes attempting a moral lesson or focusing much on emotional conflict

April, May and June might take on characteristics of Webby, Lena and Violet.If we're unlucky, Huey, Dewey and Louie.

>>115079288Just replying to this from the archive threadI think the only thing that leaked out at one point was that it was being made, as I remember seeing something about it before it dropped. It's like the Oswald show in that Disney is very strict about keeping things on the low so no one outside the company knows much

>>115087935If the DT2017 crew did The Legend of the Three Caballeros, they would turn Xandra and Roman gods into animals, anthro-humans, since they don't like humans in the Duckverse, and otherwise humans in the Duckverse canon, just look at the classic shorts and comics and all is clear. They would turn Daisy Duck into a superior woman, or Mary Sue character (as they turned Webby, Mrs. Beakley and Della Duck into Mary Sue characters in DT17), and April, May and June would have different personalities and they would be even more different and they would be mostly focused on them, not on Caballeros. The focus would be on the Caballeros. And Baron von Sheldgoose, along with Lord Feldrake and Leopold, would be even funnier and stupider clown villains. And it wouldn't be a nice style and animation in that series, if DT2017 did that. If the Caballeros crew did a Ducktales reboot, it would be similar to what Joe Pitt and Dave Alvarez had planned. The main focus would be on Donald and Scrooge, villains would be no clowns except Beagle Boys, there would be no awful style and animation, the stories would be even better and emotional and would have reasonable messages. A smaller focus on children, Huey, Dewey and Louie would be in the classic version, with their traits differing in the way April, May and June in Legends of the Three Caballeros (I think it would be similar), would have a childish voice, would play by women or by teenage boys. Or maybe they would use the Quack Pack version of triplets. As for Webby, they would make her a little more belligerent, but they wouldn’t turn her into a Mary Sue character. Magica de Spell would be a great villain, even without her enormous magical power, but she might attract Scrooge. There would be more references from the comics, but in the right way, not turning the character into OC and there wouldn’t be as much dimorphism. And that there would be more adventures around the world, in dangerous and more meaningful comic ways.

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>>115089113I recall this, but it was a ridiculously short time between that blog talking of its existence and then substantial evidence leaking out. Like I don't think it was more than a couple days before actual screenshots and titles popped up, and then shortly after the episodes themselves.That's how I first came here BTW. On account of those leaked episodes. Outside of petty battles with DT, of course not something the majority enrages in, I've found the Caballeros community in here to be pretty comfy. Duck one in general too.

>>115089261This sounds about right. In all fairness DT's crew involvement in Cabs might make Daisy and Donald have a sweeter thing going tho.

>>115089620It depends on situation. The DT2017 crew would not have had such a Daisy Duck in Ducktales, had it not been for Daisy in Caballeros. However, she was supposed to appear in the first season, as a girl who broke off her relationship with Donald, and that she is the secretary who works for Flintheart Glomgold. She was supposed to be a secretary in the third season as well, but instead she was a fashion designer, working for Emma Glamor, which is actually not a bad idea, considering that Daisy Duck has always been beautiful. So no matter, I love Daisy both in Caballeros (I don't think she's bad, there were bad scenes, but in the end Daisy and Donald reconciled) and in Ducktales reboot (there's a beautiful, sensitive woman there, and she had a lot understanding for Donald, and one of the best versions of Daisy Duck ever).

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>>115087935The big difference would be that I'd watch Nu-Ducktales instead of 3Cabs

So anons, will you be contributing to the Ducktales latino fanzine

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>>115090914Had no clue this was a thing. I'm Latino myself, interested too.

>>115087935>Donald only appears in 3 episodes of the season>April has the most focus episodes of the whole cast>May is paired with Jose and June is paired with Panchito on individual adventures.>Most of the show takes place in town, and is much more sitcom-ey with not much over the top adventure at all. >Typical episodes take place immediately after an adventure and they are coming back from some temple>The villains become a lot less threatening and most monsters are friendly and chummy>Ducktales becomes a lot more slapstick comedy with rocks and cars falling on Donald's and Scrooge's heads much more often>Huey, Dewey, and Louie are now their 40s'through 80s versions again and are mischievous, and fairly violent >Magica and Glomgold would be more evil and less funny>They would spend more time going to ancient temples and dungeons, less time in duckberg.

This is just bait for cabfags and dtfags to bitch at each other right.

They’d make Xandra fat

>>115090914Do you have a link? I want to see Fenton hang with the cabs so bad

>>115092501Probably made by the same guy who posts those Drake memes.

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>>115092501Yet no one is bitching at each otherWe coexist well lad

>>115092183>>Typical episodes take place immediately after an adventure and they are coming back from some templeThis is actually the one aspect of Ducktales that bugs me the most. not the Webby having a bigger role, or Scrooge not appearing in a lot of episodes, but the fact that majority of the episodes take place 5 minutes after the adventure ends.The whole show is hyped up as this amazing adventuring family that digs into ancient dungeons for artifacts and fights monsters, but 90% of the time the episode takes place in the house immediately after they return from one.>Just got back from finding a treasure in a temple then singing pirates>Just got back from a dungeon raid then Lena sleepover>Just got back from fighting a giant, then Lena sleepover again>In a temple for 2 minutes then game night in the mansion>Family goes on quest in magical world but Louie grounded at home>Dungeon raiding for magic lamp, but most of the episode is a 90s tween sitcom>Roam around casino for full episode then go to ancient temple offscreen before creditsOr they do go on an adventure and it's portrayed as not dangerous at all like the Cornelius Coot episode where they got bored, the Greek temple full of helpful monsters they chat with, or the pyramid full of helpful mummies they hang out with, and the lagoon of helpful mermaids they hang out with. Actual on screen adventures are treated like going to a themed suburban neighborhood where everyone is friendly.

DT17 would have more respect for the comic and DT87 source materialLOT3C would see the boys pushed to the side in favor of AMJ and some OC character

>all of Donald's previous arc gets thrown out the window and Daisy breaks up with him>Xandra is now the focus as she scours the globe with the Cabs helping her for a way to be unbound from the Atlas>April, May, and June now tag along directly for their adventures>Donald is now incoherent>the nephews become clones while having their distinct personalities>Scrooge and Donald travel the world in search of Della Duck>Each temple and artifact bring the nephew and uncle closer to their goal and as a family>Webby and Beakley are invaluable home support keeping thing running smoothly>Magica de Spell as the primary villain using magic, her cunning, and even technology challenges Scrooge and Donald every step of the way for the dime

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>>115092831That's because the thread is currently an echo chamber.

>>115092787>Drake memes

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>>115087935>>115089261 (me)Me again. I would also like to write that if the Caballeros crew were to make Nu-Ducktales, it would be what I wrote a little while ago, plus they would respect the materials from the comics and not turn the characters from the comics and other cartoons into OC. Not to mention, that there would not be so much LGBT propaganda or the influence of SJWs or the influence of Soros. Eventually they would put Daisy Duck along with April, May and June, but in a slightly better way, I think Daisy would be more enjoyable and they would probably add more characters from the comics. And there would be more adventure and danger, with comedy for sure, that is, comic scenes, but also dangerous scenes, than usual, and there would be more treasure hunting. And it wouldn't be boring and there would be more interesting and great episodes and they would probably make it to the fifth season. And maybe only Darkwing Duck would be included here, given that the worlds of Ducktales and Darkwing Duck are almost the same. So I think the Caballeros crew would do it and would do it 100 times better than the Nu-Ducktales crew.

>>115089261> it would be similar to what Joe Pitt and Dave Alvarez had plannedMaybe like this?

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>>115093924>Dewey memes

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>>115094385>Nu-Dewey is worst triplet>Real Drake memes

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>>115094436It really is amazing how unlikable Dewey is in that show.

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>>115092183>May is paired with Jose and June is paired with Panchito on individual adventures.If only.

>>115094652Realistically, that boy is bored. So far I never thought I would ever hate one of them, I’ve always had respect for HDL so far, but because of so much focus in the series, I’ve become hated about their version (I mean I don’t hate, I just don’t like), especially refers to Dewey, which has nowhere to appear. I think why did the writers decide to present him the most, what is the point of that? That Dewey's voice becomes Sonic? Is that? In addition, Dewey’s earlier incarnations were that he liked to crack jokes, but he was also a brain among the trio, that is, very smart, while Dewey in Nu-Ducktales was not. It is unfortunate that only Boyd is the only childish character who meets the criteria of a real child, given that he has a child's voice.

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>>115092501it's what you want it to be. I'm seeing folks posting good qualities from both sides.

>>115094097Shorten and reformat your sentences, so that it's not some shitty wall of text.

>>115095027You're kidding, right? All of the posts have been nothing but stabs at DuckTales 2017. It's just the same European bullshit, but under a different guise. The only time these threads become even the slightest bit rational, is when the Euros are sleeping.

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>>115095142Just call the yuropoorians out for being dull uncreative cowards who think waaaayyyy too highly of their comics.

>>115095142Mother dear, but this picture is ugly. This one is much better. Uncle Donald Duck is the best uncle. And stop insulting Europeans.

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>>115095142Of course there are posts just exposing what they perceive as flaws of the shows, but others paint a more balanced picture. It's a fun notion to think about how the folks in these shows would influence the other. If you see any you don't like, just ignore 'em and post your own vision of what this switcheroo would bring.For the record I'm the OP, I dig both shows and I'm not an Euro, albeit Latino.

>>115095142>reddit spacer always the one causing problems even when there are none to be found

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>>115095305>who think waaaayyyy too highly of their comicsIrony is that both shows' staffs definitely think quite highly of the comics

>>115095384Yeah. They think very highly of the American duck comics. Not yuropoorian anthology trash.

>>115095305I have. But when when duck comics is literally all your culture has -- in the case of Finns -- there's no hope in making any sort of compromise.>>115095348No.>>115095374Again, there's wasn't an issue before because the thread was literally an echo chamber. It was only when there was a dissenting opinion -- mine -- that "trouble" started. Otherwise, the dick-sucking would continue unhindered.

>>115095430Now, no need to out European comics down. It's true American Duck authors are highly beloved, but Europe has gifted us with many a memorable, high quality, imaginative story through the years. To the point where Barks was a fan of Scarpa, keeping constant touch with him, or Don Rosa openly considered Marco Rota the best Duck artist around.Let's all enjoy things together.

>>115095430>Not yuropoorian anthology trash.>Said the one who has not read nor knows that Italian and Dutch comic artists are among the best in illustrating ducks as well as writing stories>Not to mention, how Donald Duck is much better developed than in animation, as a secret agent or as a superhero who defends the world from dangerous villains and aliensPlease, shut up!

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>>115095500Not him, but the rampant elitism in these threads have all but turned me off from checking out your comics.

>>115095453>Again, there's wasn't an issue before because the thread was literally an echo chamber. It was only when there was a dissenting opinion -- mine -- that "trouble" started. Otherwise, the dick-sucking would continue unhindered.From a glance I see some posters thinking that, with the switch, Cabs would have a better Daisy and funnier still villains. I'd genuinely like to hear you participating in the thread, sounds like you could give a more balanced, objective opinion than what you've perceived the current ones to be. That way you'd be contributing instead of commenting from the sidelines, good user.

>>115095453Why not, comic book hater?! Do you love us Duck comic book fans to provoke us? Didn't you learn anything in the previous threat?! Shame on you! Run, we have smarter business, not to provoke ourselves. Go somewhere else to provoke.>>115095471I agree, unfortunately these people don't know anything, everyone should enjoy what they love. True, European artists learned the best from Americans and made good use of it.

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i don't get the need for all this strife; ducks are a wonderfully international phenomenon, each region brings its own soul and charm to it

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>>115090914I hate woke shit as much as the next Holla Forums user but I don’t see how this is so bad? Rather read this than the LGBT zine desu

Carl Barks painting archive from last thread if you missed it:0x0.st/i9PJ.zip

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>>115095566I know that comics are not the topic of these threats, but you should at least respect those creators of comics, and not insult them. I only see comic book insults here, just because they get angry when comic book fans say that Nu-Ducktales is not based on comics and has nothing to do with comics, although it should be, I think it turned out at first, and then hardly has anything to do with comics. I think you understand what I mean, don't you?

>>115095577My opinion is that Cabs is a bland, mediocre show with an utterly wretched color palette. The only ones who enjoy it are pedos, homosexuals and contrarian purists.>>115095613Have you learned anything from the previous thread? Nobody cares about the comics around here, save for a handful of people. The only time these threads produce content worth a damn, is when they revolve around DuckTales. Hence why I'm here.

>>115095737>The only ones who enjoy it are pedosTo be fair, you can say that about almost any cartoon that gets posted here

>>115095712Please don't type to me unless you have a firm grasp of the English language. Thanks.

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>>115095737Angones, is that you?

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>>115095834Why? Let me just tell you, my mother tongue is not English (I also have my problems) and don't just talk about discrimination, please.

>>115095834And I apologize for that, but even those who know English very well are quite wrong, right?

>>115095840I have a full head of hair, and I don't cry to Drakepad fan art, so no.

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How will the future of The Mouse affect Duck media in the future? I don't want to lose all these wonderful ducks!Though their treatment of people who worked on duck media and in influencing copyright law I find abhorrent. Barks, Rosa, etc. deserve better.

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>>115095737>The only ones who enjoy it are pedos, homosexuals and contrarian purists.Isn't Nu-Ducktales also gay, that is, to promote homosexual couples?!

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>>115095953Then I apologize, since Angones also hates Caballeros very much, I mean the Legend of the Three Caballeros.

>>115095737This is a fair opinion, no one expects any show to have every single person on Earth like it. It's pretty consistent that most people online love both, so not liking either is an rare opinion>The only ones who enjoy it are pedos, homosexuals and contrarian purists.This is objectively wrong and it comes off as trashing one series to defend another using bullshit analogies on why others like it like how some people would say DT is only liked for lgbt ships to defend another duck property

>>115096017Never claimed it wasn't. However, there's no doubt in my mind that some folks around here only watch Cabs to satisfy their weird homo fantasies.

>>115096067I sincerely hope that you're not pea-brained enough to actually believe that bullshit you wrote. Then again, you do sound like a smelly yuropoorian who also likes to make up bullshit like Anselmo openly hating DT2017.


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>>115096080>DT is only liked for lgbt ships to defend another duck propertyIn all fairness, that could be applicable to S3, should they decide to shit the bed with Dellumbra. And if this is the case, S2 will just be my "series finale."Nevertheless, everything I typed before still stands, bullshit or no.

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>>115096235Actual kek

>>115095711>no pinups>>115096235Fucking saved.

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>>115095737>My opinion is that Cabs is a bland, mediocre show with an utterly wretched color palette. The only ones who enjoy it are pedos, homosexuals and contrarian purists.See, I disagree with that statement (and the last part of it wouldn't do any favors to any arguments) but that's alright, you do you. It's okay if you dislike Caballeros. It's okay if some dislike DT17.What I think could enrich these threads is if we focused the energies usually reserved for complaining into speaking highly of Duck media we actually love. Maybe I'm an optimistic fool, but hey! Would make threads comfy times.

>>115095970Donald is iconic enough that we are guaranteed to have material with him for as long as the company lives. His expanded family, especially Scrooge, also has enough fame and adoration that I don't doubt we also never have to hear losing them.

>The only ones who enjoy [Lot3C] are pedos, homosexuals and contrarian purists.It makes the show great.

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>>115096105I certainly apologize. No, I usually already know that Angones hates the Legend of the Three Caballeros, because they have become very popular, but not because of gays as you think, but because they are best friends. They have their girlfriends (Jose has Rosinha Vaz, Donald has Daisy, and Panchito has Clara Cluck), so there’s no need to think that only gays love that series. Unfortunately, there are those who think so. I know I sound awful sometimes, but I don’t like those baseless attacks. Anselmo deliberately hates DT2017, because they do not respect him. They put Donald to be the only one talking with his duck voice, as if he was suffering from autism or whatever, I don't know, and the others were all normal and somehow accelerated. Not to mention that almost no one understands him, especially his family. Scrooge certainly understands Donald, but his sister doesn't understand him, which surprises me a lot or I watched the wrong video. Also, his nephews do not understand him, even though they have been with him for more than 10 years. Not to mention how they make jokes about his voice, even though it has long since been overcome. Those voice jokes are for me, the worst jokes in Nu-Ducktales and I really don’t understand why they do it. That's why Anselmo doesn't like Nu-Ducktales, because they make pumpkins out of Donald, and Anselmo can hardly go with his duck voice properly (everyone else is working fast). Otherwise there are others who don’t like Nu-Ducktales. Don Rosa also doesn't like Nu-Ducktales, and the reasons for that, I don't need to say. You know. And as for me, I have different opinions about Nu-Ducktales, I don't hate Nu-Ducktales, there are great things there, but there are also catastrophic things there. That's it.

>>115095684I never said it was bad

>>115096235Is it the one when Huey is in Hitler's Jugend?

>>115095613To date one of Rosa's comfiest drawings.

>>115096650Once the Europeans stop with their nonsense, then sure. It won't happen, though. Too much pride and delusion. I guarantee the next thread will have the usual: Drake memes, walls of texts in broken English, that one fella who posts random screenshots from his Mega player, and so forth.>>115096235Now this was actually funny.

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>>115096739Dude, you're doing that autistic rambling by writing a wall of text again. Shorten it down, or get ready to be ignored.

>>115096840All right, I'll just post this picture.

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>>115096918Can't wait for this fossil to finally be buried.

>>115096816Dude the thread was fine until you took people saying DT is more of a comedy show (which is true) as a negative instead of the neutral statement it is and started lashing out.Several others need to calm down too because definite autism replied to you. It's just ducks all my dudes

>>115096816>Once the Europeans stop with their nonsense, then sure.You can, once again, be a little silent about the attack between the Americans and the Europeans. They’re both great in terms of both comics and animation and there are a lot of things that are good and bad.I admit, I'm no better either and I apologize for that, but let's continue with the topic related to this threat.

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Behold. Autistic yuropoorian uncreativity and repetitiveness at full display. desuarchive.org/_/search/boards/co.desu.meta/filename/1571249661702.jpg/

>>115095613Hey sensitive euro-autist, I think you'd be doing god a favor if you got yourself a trip so people can filter out your mentally ill ramblings.


>>115096989Shame on you! Here's a chili for you and you'll pass like Magica de Spell.

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>>115096067>making up fake drama to try and perpetuate discussion of your showLol

>>115096105>>115097154>He doesn't know

>>115096739It's funny how literally everyone can distinguish you from every other poster just based on your poor english and autistic attitude.

>>115097063Don't you know that he likes to troll you and you fall for it?

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>>115097270Writing walls of texts ain't trolling, dude. That's pure autism. The genuine kind, not the 4chan-haha-you're-dumb meme insult.


>>115097199>Frank said cabs was an educational toddlers show>thus Frank is anti-cabsWhat a reach

>>115096739>they make pumpkins out of Donaldwhat

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>>115096802Yeah. The artist's style changed beak-wise.

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>>115097378I don’t get the “Frank hates DT” meme at all. I just figured he’s probably avoiding the show so he’s not influenced by it when writing his ownWho cares anyway, I don’t see Danner out there promoting DT17 either

>>115096739Jesus Christ

>>115095430Lol. The reason the European stuff is not popular in America is because Americans are so fucking stupid they can’t speak any other language besides English (the easiest language in the world), so they can only read European stories when some tumblr kiddo makes a scanlation for them and feeds it to them like a fucking retard. Go eat some more burgers you chubby monolingual peasant

>>115097687Jokes on you, user. I'm a European myself.

It's funny how you could see the thread being positive and good discussions like the threads before season 3 before >>115095142 and all the reddit summer children coming after that post

>>115097761Oh so you mean an echo chamber

>>115097687Why the hell would I want to speak gobbledegook like Finnish or Dutch? Also, I understand some Italian, though that still doesn't compel me to want to read their comics. And last I checked, Barks and Rosa's shit was in English.>>115097761>positive and good discussions>literally nothing but Cabs fellatio

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>>115097965If you mean some people liked Cabs, some people like DT, most people liked both and were casually talking about how each plot would be adapted if they swapped places then sure an "echo chamber"

>>115098092>wah wah you cant dislike something

>>115098068>Why the hell would I want to speak gobbledegook like Finnish or Dutch? Multilingualism increases cognitive reserve. Have fun getting alzheimer’s, fatty.>And last I checked, Barks and Rosa's shit was in English.Yeah, ‘cause that’s the only stuff you’re able to read. How can you judge European comics when your American school system brain can only read them through retarded scanlations?

>>115098301>How can you judge European comicsQuite simple! The artstyles are unappealing, and persons like you make me actively despise their existence. Why should I even be bothered to give something a chance, when its fanbase is so utterly insufferable?>MultilingualismDoes it make you feel high and mighty, that you're able to speak Arab in addition to your mother tongue? Congrats.

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I can't be totally honest for sure. You have to remember that LoT3C and DT17 are more than the product of their creatives. Company culture, budgets, and executives also have to do with how both shows have turned out. DT17 was a company darling (at least initially), being given a high budget and big-name creators who worked on other big-name shows. However, this also meant that the company higher-ups has seemingly gotten somewhat involved in the making of the show whether it comes in the form of casting celebrities into main roles or mandates like having at least one duckling in every episode. Meanwhile, LoT3C was an obvious low budget endeavor that the company barley seemed to care about until a fanbase began to grow.As to how each show would be altered by a writer swap (assuming nothing else changes), here is what I think might happen.LoT3C:>Snarkier, more character-based style of humor more reliant on witty comebacks, self-deprecation, and clashes of larger-than-life personalities.>Almost no musical numbers.>Plethora of episodes focused on a a single character or a small subset of characters.>Dramatic moments have heavier emotional weight.>Season-long arcs are generally rushed.>Many episodes that are soley set in the shack or New Quackmore>More liberties taken in terms of characterization of legacy characters.DT17:>Musical numbers every once in a while.>More time taken to flesh out season long arcs.>Almost every episode is a light-hearted adventure romp that features most of the ensemble cast.>Most episodes put a focus on Scrooge and the gang as a whole.>Slapstick comedy galore.>A more consistent tone (nothing too comedic or dramatic).

>>115098718>Dramatic moments have heavier emotional weight.What would this be normally for DT17? The only time I can see this being true for is when Scrooge chased off everyone from the mansion after the truth of the Spear came to light.

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>>115098718Honestly there is truth to that, I know the adult episodes get really constant praise and corporate forces the kids in most of them, and I don't blame DT's crew in the slightest for those kids being in there or even in many ways how they act. That's corporate's fault

>>115098435>Why should I even be bothered to give something a chance, when its fanbase is so utterly insufferableLol, what the fuck do I care whether you give it a chance or not? I’m just here to remind you and the other American retards in this thread that the reason why you’ve only read Barks and Rosa is not because “those are the only good comics and all European comics suck”, but because your monolingual brains literally lack the ability to read any of the European comics.

>>115098435Looney Tunes fanbase is insufferable, would you not watch them because of that?

>>115098984ok boomer

>>115098718>Musical numbers every once in a while.I wouldn’t be opposed to a musical episode of DT17 actually

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>>115099311Frank said he liked the idea and wouldn't mind incorporating it in a future episode

>>115099527This is perfect.

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>>115094436>>115094652All I see is you two faggots hating on him.Dewey is best triplet.

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>>115099536I would love this

>>115099311Dewey can sing so

>>115099913Huey's unironically the better singer. He has proper opera training while Dewey's more like an enthusiastic shower singer. Don't think we've even heard Louie sing because he's so shy.

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>>115099748>not Louieshit taste

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>>115100641Everyone hates Dewey's guts. Louie will always be best boy even though Huey has shown major strides this season.

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>>115095737>The show not focusing on kids is the pedos' oneGreat trolling sir, have an ice cream soda on the house, Rosa drawn and all

>>115100711>when robbers break in but you get all the money

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>>115098435>when its fanbase is so utterly insufferable?You ain't thinking ANY fanbase easy to stomach if you judge them from 4chan. Even then the Duck one is one of the most agreeable I've found, silly debates like this besides.

Is goofy secretly the forth caballero?

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>>115101004Not joking here, he might have been. Before Panchito was invented a cartoon with Donald, José and Goofy developed to the point of animating most of it. >>115101004

>>115098718Based, best and most objective in the thread so far. I think Scrooge and Don would be about equal in screentime in the latter scenario but other than that I agree entirely

>>115101044I remember that cartoonIt should have came out. Jose deserved to be a regular and him and Goofy would pair well

>>115099536I wonder if they’d get the budget to get LMM to write the songs

>>115101004It's basically Ari or Xandra depending how you look at it within Lot3C's canon. Xandra is much more present with the Cabs and even had a great relationship with the original version of the group for ages. However technically she's more a companion and guide on top of being a human goddess rather than a bird. On the other hand, Ari fits the bill of being a bird and has a more secretive nature that connects him as more than a mere housekeeper to the trio. They also technically met Ari first and became friends immediately upon meeting him.

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>>115098851To explain what I mean, compare what happens to Donald in the first 8 minutes of the first episode of LoT3C with Scrooge saying "family is nothing but trouble" and its aftermath in the first episode in DT17.In "Dope-A-Cabana" Donald loses his job, girlfriend, and house within, at most, a few hours yet his misfortunes are glossed over and treated in a somewhat comedic fashion (the firemen comment on Donald's predictiments in a "glad I'm not you" sort of manner, Daisy breaking up with Donald is played somewhat for laughs). Also, besides raging at a kettle, Donald mostly reacts to his situation with moderate sadness.In "Woo-oo", on the other hand, Scrooge's dismissal of his family is portrayed as a massive emotional gut-punch to Dewey and a major dick comment on the side of Scrooge. The comment causes Dewey to temporarily view Scrooge in a much more negative light, making him more willing to belive Scrooge adventures were all fiction. When Dewey turns the comment back on Scrooge again, it's shown to absolutely exasperate the old duck, causing his relationship with the ducklings to hit rock bottom (for a very short while).

>>115101657Can it be Five Caballeros?

>>115100711>my opinion is the consensusYeaaah no.

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>>115099748Louie takes the most of classic Donald's funner qualities, so yeah he's the best

>>115101970I can see where you're coming from but agree while disagreeing. In my eyes Donald's problems in Lot3C have a much longer lasting impact. To stick to the first few episodes, even though we see the damage done to Donald's life ripple throughout the show, they're not as glossed over as the younger show first implies. By the second episode, Donald has to confront the fact he is broke as fuck without a job, and starts selling off is inheritance for a quick buck, until friendship proves more valuable. Next Donald has to again face the problem of his girlfriend dumping him and tries to make amends through his first date. The consequence once again making him choose his newly gained friends over something he had lost. Then finally Donald has to confront his lack of living conditions when he ends up imprisoned and finally has to admit home is where the heart is and it's not in the ashes of his old house, but in his rundown cabana with family.The Ducktales moment you chose I'll admit was good. But many other such moments are undermined by the show's tone and ironic style. Which often cancels out whatever emotion they were going for and none of it really carries over as much despite meaning to be milestones for the characters.

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>>115090914>>115095684>>115096799Mexican here, are they going to say that Panchito is like Canelo Alvarez?

>>115096739>>115096840>>115096989But I heard Rosa hates Classic DT but loves NuTales.

>>115103225If only that was actually true!>>115103126Nothing in Lot3C can match the lullaby scene from Whatever Happened to Della Duck. There's absolutely nothing "ironic" about it.

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>>115103337Vete a dormir Angones.

>>115103337>Nothing in Lot3C can match the lullaby scene from Whatever Happened to Della Duck. There's absolutely nothing "ironic" about it.It was pointless nostalgia pandering to something not directly related to DuckTales.

>>115103457>implying Angones even understands SpanishDude's the Elizabeth Warren of Cubans.

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>>115103475>pointless nostalgia panderingOh? So just like Lot3C, then?

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>>115103337I'm going to agree mainly because there was no massively depressing theme in LOT3C outside the first episode and they didn't cut Della's moment with ironic bullshit

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>Q: What will Gosalyn's New Personality be based on?>A: Definitely original Gosalyn. We also talked a lot about the defiance, strength, and vulnerability of teen activists like Emma Gonzalez and Greta Thunberg, with fierce sense of justice/right and wrong. The inherent goofiness and cockiness of Kate McKinnon. A little Tessa Thompson. A LOT of my youngest kid. And, of course, a METRIC TON of the amazing actress we got to play her.Greta Thunberg influence? Oh noooooooo

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>>115103643Gosalyn going to trash her adopted dad for being a white male

>>115103575Where is the joke?

>>115103643>>115103706How dare you...!

>>115103724That's the aforementioned fellow who randomly posts screenshots from his Mega player. I guess to keep the thread alive... or something.

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>>115103747I mean there was quite a bit of posts made a few minutes before, I think he just posts them because he wants to. Nothing wrong with that

>>115103643>>115103747>>115103337>>115103494It is probably Seannicuck.

>>115103724That I love Gabby Mcstabberson and it took me this long to get a HQ download of the first season. It will always sting that she's in the intro, but has only shown up in a handful of episodes. There was also a joke that Gabby has some tragic past involving her mom that was rudely interrupted by Webby and she's not said a word to Donald even though he saved her ass back in Season 1.

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>>115103806Is this someone I should know, little fella?

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>>115103643can’t wait for the seething

>>115103935No, avoid more than the coronaplague.But in case you want to know; he felt lots of white guilt because that Mark Zuckerberg character was "racist" towards NuFenton that many hispanics and others called on his bullshit.

>>115104292The obsessive hatred for beaks because he called Fenton amigo is hilarious

>>115104292So he became dramatic over Mark Beaks calling Fenton an "amigo?" I would say I'm shocked, but these people cry over pretty much everything.

>>115101486I feel like he wouldnt charge them to heavily since he seems to like working on the series? Then again what do I know.

>>115104360>>115104379Where could Seanniccus be from? Is he really from commiefornia?Could it be that he is the racist one? He never bothered to reply back at the Puerto Rican and Mexican guys who were pointing at his virtual signaling and it seems he has been in contact with Angones.Plus it seems he hates 3 caballeros as he barely covered the series unlike NuTales.

>>115092501>>115092787>>115093924>>115094385>>115094436Is this some complex inside joke for this fandom?

>>115104770it’s just some autistic guy shitposting

>>115104770A littleThe last several months one of the drake images became noted as probably the second most common bait image after the Don Rosa image so it's pretty infamous in these threads

>>115103643now i have an excuse to post this

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>>115105052They should do more with these two.

>>115089261>they turned Webby, Mrs. Beakley and Della Duck into Mary Sue characters in DT17how many times it has to be explained to you incelfags, that every female character you don't like is not a Mary Sue?

>>115105639Kinda has a point with Webby and I say that as someone who likes that kid plenty.Saying freaking DELLA is a Mary Sue is just laughable though.

>>115104818>Fethry is communist

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>>115089261>Or maybe they would use the Quack Pack version of triplets>Teenage triplets slowly turning from douchebags to Anikis for WebbyI...actually kinda like that

>>115094097>that there would not be so much LGBT propaganda or the influence of SJWs or the influence of Sorosstop visiting Holla Forums will you? Holla Forums

A Xandra drawn in another thread

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>>115105593It'll never happen and the ship died ages ago. At least I know Steelbeak and Black Heron will get one for sure more episode between them.

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>>115097409I have an official jigsaw puzzle similar to this...amazon.co.uk/Clementoni-Creation-Donald-39082-3-1000-Pieces/dp/B001RB1VXG

>>115106412Got lucky the drawfag rnjesus was with you.

>>115105676Della is literally a moronic jackass who is arguably dumber than Dewey so I dont get why people think shes a mary-sue.

>>115107175They don't watch the show.

>>115103747absolutely based (on ducks)

Who Is Seaniccus?

>>115105676Violet is the one who strikes me as a Mary Sue. It’s not that she doesn’t have flaws, she does. It’s that she seems to be incredibly convenient for the plot with no set-up. She finds Magica’s pendant during the Shadow War because...she does. Her family is so accepting of Lena that they adopt her off-screen, even though we’ve never seen Lena bond with them the way we’ve seen her bond with McDucks. Then, she’s suddenly a Woodchuck, even though we’ve had Woodchuck episodes before and she’s never been present - and Huey, who has been established as a Junior Woodchuck enthusiast, had no idea that she was one. (Hilariously, we have another Woodchuck moment in AstroBOYD, where she is yet again absent.) Lastly, she is apparently Launchpad’s “close and personal friend,” even though she’s been at the manor twice and he never reacted to her. As a bonus, she’s ethnically diverse and has two dads. Which I truly think is the only reason anyone would care about her at all. Because otherwise? She’s just another Huey but Better.

i love louie

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>>115109173You present a strong argument there.

>>115109173I concur with everything you wrote. Also...>Which I truly think is the only reason anyone would care about her at allOur resident pedos like her simply for being young, or they ship her with Huey. Otherwise, I doubt they could make a strong case for her merits, of which she has none.

>>115109173In the Woodchuck episode they even Made her show her failures to show she is not a Mary Sue.

>>115109947Yeah, when she emphasized that she had tried and failed to win this before, I was like “When? When did this happen? How did Huey not know about this, nor did Violet mention this when Huey & Violet first met in the Killmotor Hill episode? If she’s an established Woodchuck, why would she never talk about this?”

>>115109947They tell us instead of showing though. It just feels cheap.

>>115109173Bad writing doesn't make Violet a mary sue. >pendantWhen she's the only bird not connected by blood or work, a citywide event is a good start to have them meet. If anything Webby should have been shown to have an interest in the public library when she can't leave the mansion and presumably got her info from Scrooge's personal books and Beakley. Finding the pendant gives her the legit reason to be studying supernatural and be somebody Webby connects to minus Lena's schemes. >lena adoptionAgain bad writing can't defend that, but it makes sense Lena would go with someone stationary that knew more than Webby on that branch of magic. I'll also say Violet and Lena bonded through their trial by fire and sharing same problems of their intentions being misunderstood. >WoodchuckWas last minute. They'd already shown she was good at magic, Lena compliments her on it, and like Huey provides people to ostracize her. Huey not noticing her could tenously be attributed that he's a bit self absorbed at times. Violet's also a counterpoint to Huey always having brothers to support his smarts while Violet had nobody her age resulting in a withdrawn nerd in contrast to Huey's outspokeness. Launchpad's friends with everyone and most people treat him like an idiot to be ignored. >only reasonOther than her dry humor, intellect, and outcast backstory?

>>115087935NuDuckTales should be known as CuckTales.

>>115110294Hi Seaniccus.

>>115110294Is there a reason we couldn’t have seen Violet in the S1 finale? She wouldn’t have had a big role, obviously. Just have her running away from some shadows, so when we see her again, we take notice that she was involved in that fight too. I’d argue that bad writing does make a character a Mary Sue. A well-written character wouldn’t have these issues. Mary Sues can have flaws. It’s how they suddenly become pivotal to the plot with no/extremely little explanation that is the issue.

>>115110294When you as the viewer have to rely on "presumably", "makes sense that she", "could tenuously be attributed..." and such, you know they wrote a Mary Sue, man, intentionally or not.

Man I miss Xandra.

>>115108905Ignorance is bliss

>>115110266biggest problem with this show

>>115112263We all do user, we all do.

>>115111886I know, right? I’d sooner buy the “Launchpad is the father of the triplets” crack theory before I’d assume that Huey is so oblivious that he’d be unable to recognize a fellow JW who did the Senior Woodchuck challenge three times (supposedly). Violet’s a Mary Sue who’s inserted into the plot when the writers accidentally write themselves into a corner.


>>115113931You know what would've been nice? If the S3 premiere was about Lena joining the Woodchucks. Maybe the gay dads got tired of her sitting around listening to punk all day, so they enrolled her against her wishes. Then it'd be up to Huey to show her the wonders of nature, or some shit like that. It'd be a cozy fish-out-of-water scenario. Perhaps a little boring, but no less than what we already got, and with far less plotholes. Just to give Lena SOMETHING to do.

Attached: 1588743196298.jpg (1346x1194, 875.23K)

>>115114248Oooh, that’s an idea! You could even reference the Terra-firmians episode and further build upon Huey and Lena’s relationship. Huey would have to teach Lena how to serve as a Woodchuck and Lena would have to teach Huey to use his imagination. It would be cute.

>>115114248They could even do that without sacrificing the violet plot if they wanted to. Have her come along as another JW and have her get competitive with Huey over who can better introduce Lena to the great outdoors

>>115114624Plus, they could've introduced F.O.W.L. in a more significant way, by making it so Phantom Blot was trying to trap the two of them. Maybe he succeeds, and Lena has to put her newfangled Woodchuck know-how to the test.

Got to keep the thread up due to Snyderfags eh?

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>>115115600I hate it when characters are used as mouthpieces.

Attached: 1587201837740.gif (436x359, 3.14M)

>>115114713I’m still “meh” about Violet being a Woodchuck, but if she was a new JW who joined along with Lena, I wouldn’t have minded. They could have Violet and Lena work better as a team, showing that the two are destined to be sisters, which may make Huey feel insecure about his lack of ability to connect with others (an issue that would later be addressed on AstroBOYD). Man, the more I think about it, there were just so many better opportunities to write Violet and the show did absolutely none of them.

>>115115600The fu k Is that?

>>115115813>They could have Violet and Lena work better as a team, showing that the two are destined to be sisters, which may make Huey feel insecure about his lack of ability to connect with others (an issue that would later be addressed on AstroBOYD).I like this a lot actually. touch on both huey’s insecurity and found family themesI like this show but they keep coming so close to knocking something out of the park and just keep passing up opportunities to actually do itfor all i know it could be exec meddling but it’s frustrating

>>115116085The last Duck thread introduced the idea that Double-O-Duck may have been better if it had been Della in Dewey’s place - and the more I think about it, the more I agree! Seeing Launchpad suddenly be insecure about his relationship with Dewey is odd, since he’s never doubted his friendship with Dewey before (mole monster being the exception). But it would make sense if LP felt insecure next to Della (he’d worry that he’s not good enough for the McDucks) - and we could finally address the whole “being replaced” issue when they first met. It’s fun to think of ways for DuckTales to improve. I often wonder if the large writing team may cause more problems than solutions or if execs force more changes which make it hard for the writers to work with. That said, there are times when I’m very glad execs have stepped in (thank GOD they didn’t make Storkules Donald’s new roommate). It may be a mix of both.

>>115116459>>115116085I don't think it's executive meddling. I just think Angones and company are incapable of tying anything together. For example, as fun as Moonvasion was, it was a gigantic rushed mess in the second half. And their weaknesses are made even more naked in S3, which feels jumbled at times. Characters are either cast aside, or feel as though they don't belong; not to mention, the "message" seems to have taken precedence over coherent writing this go around.Anyways, I think I'm going to take these ideas for revised episodes and fashion them into a story. Maybe an alternative to S3, if it turns out to be disastrous in the end. Both the ideas were mine, after all -- the very same guy who caused "trouble" earlier in the thread.

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>>115110592Violet being a mary sue would have had her studying shadow realm and friends in the flashback, had deduced an amulet of extreme power was responsible and planned to be at the beach where she calculated its fall, known Lena was tied to it, having her dads be part of the jwc board of directors, and running an adoption center, and the reason Launchpad was Scoutmaster allowing her to come and go to meetings at will. She would have chosen to remain a low ranking jwc giving Huey his "deservered" shot at being senior jwc material and all her other failings would have been likewise intentional.

>>115116815maybe not “executive meddling” per se but I’m curious about the fact that it seems like they’re going season to season unsure of renewal in a way that, say tangled didn’t. I know S2 was renewed right away but I’ve seen mentions that they wrote Moonvasion as a potential series finale.I don’t think they have an endgame for the show the way gravity falls or tangled did and I wonder if that’s why they seem to be winging it (pun not intended). it’s a shame because the show suffers for it.

>>115117156>but I’ve seen mentions that they wrote Moonvasion as a potential series finaleIt sure feels that way, doesn't it? Well, aside from the F.O.W.L. business tacked on at the end. Speaking of -- I still don't know what their motivation is. How are they going to "steal" the world, and how are these treasures like the harp, relevant? Are they all connected in some way? Thus far, it makes zero sense to me, and it feels like they're just winging it with the F.O.W.L. storyline.

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>>115117354to be fair we’re still pretty early in the season right? anyone know how many episodes we’re getting?

>>115117354Thank goodness it wasn't. Would have been a terrible sendoff for the likes of Donald or Darkwing.

>>115117381I'm going to surmise the usual 24.The problem isn't that it's too early; the problem is that they've already been established, yet their motivations have been vague, and their presence almost nonexistent.>>115117455I'd rather have that as a series finale, than one where DWD is getting it up the ass from Launchpad.

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>>115117530That's not gonna happen. You and I know Launchpad never sticks the landing.

>>115117730With these weirdos at the helm, anything is possible. And Angones and King are closer than ever to the cancer part of the fandom. It all depends on whether or not Disney considers DWD and LP "legacy characters."

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>>115117532Not the biggest Violet fan around these parts, but this is still a cute image.

>>115117897I think frank has referred to them as such so I’d say yes. Disney doesn’t seem to have an issue with them touting LP as bi, though so I wouldn’t rule anything out.

>>115119210I hope Della is considered a legacy character.

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>early birthday gift from friend arrivedFirst time reading these comics proper. Love the new book smell.

Attached: Rosa Volume 1.jpg (1932x2499, 2.72M)

>>115119323probably. we’ll probably get word of god shit that says she’s gay but I doubt they’ll be explicit about it in the show