A bit more of behind the scenes content from Frozen 2...

A bit more of behind the scenes content from Frozen 2, in the vein of the upcoming making-of series and since we had a good time talking about the technical aspect of the movies last time.youtu.be/F-xvHqQA6s4Also, here's some stuff from Frozen 1youtu.be/OKeflE1nK7Y

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>>115085993Nice, sharing the artbooks for anyone interested. Obviously they're mostly centered around the art design, but they do talk about the tech in some chapters.The Art of Frozen:mega.nz/#!aE1A3aBZ!bQW39UxbBJAbMJ4w2Him7_otRIYK48VL9xvhnM_NLUw The Art of Frozen 2:mega.nz/#!VGQh0aJC!9XxDcqF6OEcpmCQQTeKaAQH9SRpPvznuv3YAbQZVBxM

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>>115086111Checked and based.Thanks user.

>another tech thread

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Here are some videos that were shared last time. Some are not Frozen related but are very interesting stuff:>Practical Guide to Snow Simulation:youtu.be/z4e9i0sCX7c>Practical Guide to Path Tracing:youtu.be/frLwRLS_ZR0>Splash video:youtu.be/aWqn1UujN1o>How Walt Disney Cartoons Are Madeyoutu.be/mhfp6Z8z1cI>Walt Disney's MultiPlane Camerayoutu.be/YdHTlUGN1zw>An Adventure In Color And Mathmagiclandyoutu.be/FvkgXrLXyIQ

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>>115086465Feel free to post other Frozen related content, user.I was enjoying the conversation we had, also we stayed surprisingly on-topic

>>115086474I didn't watch the last three, thanks.

Man, we really don't have any euroanons left. Do we?

>>115086821I really don't care about the tech or behind the scenes of Frozen 2.

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>>115086928Anon, since when does the OP dictate the whole thread?

>>115086928>>115086978threads are best when they move through multiple topics

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>>115086928We're getting a making-of soon, m8. I'd say it will be normal to have more tech-enthusiast anons posting this stuff from time to time. That doesn't mean you can't talk about other Frozen related things.

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Gonna repost the last couple of comics I translated last night, since it was pretty late.

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>>115086978You want me to purposely derail the thread?

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>>115087223as long as it's Frozen I don't care and I doubt anyone here does

>>115087121I have never been more jealous of a fictional character.

>>115087121Haru was undecided on how to split up the dress until now

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>>115087223Don't let your dreams be dreams.

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>>115085993>>115086111>>115086474Don't care much about Frozen but I love this sort of behind the scenes shit, so thanks.

>>115087149Wasn't up to see this one. Thank you very much as always, user.

>>115087223fuck. post more park QTs. somehow my park actor folder is one of the only ones I didn't transfer from my old computer.

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>>115087149Is it hypnosis?Reminds me of the Anna Enchanted fic

>>115086821I am here bro. But when do you want me to post? I don't understand what you want. Tell me in Pacific Time, EST or UTC I don't care.


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>>115087558Would you work as an Arendelle flag twirler if it meant being close to them irl?

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>>115087754Man those colors are ugly. It's like fucking Mardi Gras.

>>115087676We have very little activity in between 2:30 and 7:00 Eastern Time Which is why the last thread died . A little bump helps.

>>115087754thanks doc

>>115087750>ywn get a job as one of the sisters at a disney park>ywn slowly fall in love with each other>ywn be perhaps a little too touchy/lovey and give shipping fuel to the autists that stalk park actorswhy am I even alive?

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>>115087754yes. also, thanks doc.

>>115085993>technical aspectToo beep-boop for me.I hope we get looks at the music recording.

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>>115087754Bitch, I was in color guard for 5 years, hell yes I would.

>>115087233So was she a mute?

>>115087869I love the recording sessions. It's the most soulful part of the movie, and not ruined by "seeing how it's done"


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>>115087929>color guardwhy can't Canada have fun stuff like this? at best I was in choir and musical theatre every year it was an option in school. and an additional musical for high school alumni once I had graduated.

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>>115088044>too transfixed by her beauty>forget to lift your flag>she runs straight into it and falls down

>>115087808I have to work during this time frame. I can try to phonepost I guess.

>>115087929I had to look up what "color guard" was. I hope you're female.

>>115088010Awesome, thanks!

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>>115088044who is this mexicano? North females never walk this way.

>>115088092Why does it matter?>>115088068"Aw man, I am so fired."

>>115087869Frozen's soundtrack is incredible. youtube.com/watch?v=UwhhOR5r_GA


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>>115088084It would be greatly appreciated.

>>115088010>ywn be in the choir for disney soundtracksthis thread was made to make me suffer

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>>115088298>>115088044How do I marry this woman?

>>115088254>Elsa's superhero themeI know it's a babby-level trick but I love that her theme recurs throughout the movie

>>115087558>post more park QTs.

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>>115088321youtube.com/watch?v=4P1e9ZBaF2UGo to Disneyland of course.

>>115088254>when you battle an elemental demon that murdered your parents and fully intends on murdering you too, but you shoot snowflakes at him until he gives upyoutube.com/watch?v=NVzBDUCqxBg

>>115088461That Elsa is cute but I want sexy dancing Elsa from the webms, which park is she from?

>>115088361I'm afraid I already know the answer, but does Anna get her own theme? Any musicfags know?

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>>115088792Yes, its the Next right thing tune.It plays a couple of times during the movie.

>>115088792at best she just gets a sad version of Elsa's theme, which is fitting to represent her, since her only place in the story is for Elsa to treat her like shit

do we want more mermaid, vampire, or animator AU? or something else entirely?

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>>115088254Elsa doesn’t deserve this triumphant moment at the end. Selfish girl.

>>115087149Thanks user. Are you translating any more demonfencer?

>>115088938I don't think I've seen your draw vampire stuff. Could be nice.


>>115088969I haven't done any vamp stuff yet, but it seems relatively popular in the fandom

>>115088938Firefighter ElsaPostal worker ElsaFast food wageslave ElsaI think I just like seeing her in different outfits

>>115088949Then please do, I'll love to see it.

>>115089074Meant for>>115089009

>>115088361Elsa gets multiple themes. There were essays about her 4-note “fear theme” from F1

>>115088949Not right now but I'll try to do it later. Kind of busy at the moment to dedicate time to that.

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>>115088195>Why does it matter?My school’s color guard didn’t even allow dudes

>>115089043Does “fast food” really have a specific outfit...?

>>115089381An apron and visor? It just sounds like "barista" to me.

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>>115089438Similar idea but greasier and much less classy


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>>115089438>>115089838>>115089381McDonalds Elsa...

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best comfy coming through

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>>115085993>Another frozen threadNothing fucking wrong with that. I love seeing my waifu on a regular basis

>>115087671>Is it hypnosis?Seems like it.If you want, you could imagine this as the conclusion.

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Elsa should lose her ice power in Frozen 3.Finally the thing that plagued all her life is gone and she can be a normal girl.She can live in Arendelle without the fear of hurting anybody and without feeling like nobody understands her.Perfect ending.

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>>115090959To add to that,it's obviously not a perfect ending but I think I'd be a very good ending.If Elsa leaving Arendelle is supposed to be a sad, yet important lesson for kids, her becoming normal should be too.

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>>115091084Nah fuck that, keep magic alive in the world, don't take it away.

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>>115085993>standard definition video in 2020what the fuck is wrong with these people

>>115088949>>115089219A quickie.

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>>115090959I don't know if perfect but I'd like it. Especially if it's shown she's sad about losing her magic.

>>115090959Elsa should externalize her powers into a separate girl made from ice, and then she should kiss that girl.

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>>115089879HIPS WIDER

>>115092103Fitting for a narcissist like Elsa

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>>115086821Hung over from syttende mai.

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>>115092298Seems like a noble enough reason.

>>115091439RIP Anna?

>>115092431I'd vote for Onion.

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>>115092431interesting costume, looks like half Wonder Woman and half Roman senator


>>115092431This fits perfectly into something that's going to happen in WHGW.

>>115090597>>115091174>>115091225>>115091247>>115091271>>115091290>>115091312>>115091335ahhh loliduna is so cute brehs?

>>115092613It's one of her deleted outfits.A shame there isn't much fan art of it.

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>>115092708she's certainly flexible

>>115092738Rare AND semi-canon Onion is truly something special

>>115090959>>115091084>>115091930Or meet in the middle and say Elsa loses her powers at the beginning of Frozen III and gets them back at the end. The rest of the movie is her having to rely entirely on herself without any cheats.Though I suspect the writers would simply write her as an incompetent moron without her magic

Writefag here taking requests. Request a fic, get it fresh 10 minutes later

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>>115092874Elsa suffers.10,000 words.Must suffer at least every 150 words.

>>115086111Big thanks for the links user.

>>115092795The Northuldra seem to have some acrobatic skill.

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>>115092897How’s this: Elsa falls in love with Hans and feels intense guilt over loving the man who broke her sister’s heart and nearly killed her?

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>>115093034The more Helsa, the better

>>115093034If they'd known how gay Elsa would take off after 2013, they would've pulled an Importance of Being Earnest. Or did they plan to giggle and shush about gay Elsa all along?

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>>115093082>>115093087And then Queen Anna, in a fit of rage, sends executioners after them and the two flee across Europe, driving themselves to exhaustion before finally giving in to their feelings, prompting Hans to change his evil ways just before the killers reach them, where he dies defending her and Elsa kills herself soon after, and Anna arrives at the scene too late to stop the executions she now regrets, and falls weeping on her sister’s corpse?

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>>115093265>>115093034>>115092897>>115093087But for now, I’m taking requests for short stuff, something I can post so you can read it tonight. Any one-off pairings? Rare characters you want to see? Got a fetish? I’ll cater for anything

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>>115093381I enjoy angst and suffering greentexts, if you can incorporate that into whatever request you take, I'd be grateful.

>>115093381Annamaren is desperate for content

>>115093381Can I request for sickfic? With any character as long as there's Elsa suffering included.

>>115093381My fetish is Anna being a good queen. A scene of her running the kingdom competently post-F2 would be nice.


>>115093082oh shit, I didn't have this version saved for some reason. I'll have to do a redraw soon

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>>115093381Plz don't just be creating false hope.I'm into hypnosis/mind control.

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>>115085993not gonna lie, as someone who is generally not pro-3D, that snow effect is astonishing

>>115093798Extremely nice.

>>115092466Wouldn't be the first time


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>>115093287Requested fic incoming. >Elsa hummed and tapped a rhythm on the desk with her fingernails. She raised an eyebrow at herself in the dimness; she was rarely in the kind of mood that gets you singing a merry tune. Was some kind of a drug in the air? What was next, leaping and dancing on the tables? The state rooms would never feel the same. >But she did feel different. The Queen of Arendelle felt powerful. For the first time in her twenty years, Elsa felt as if she were the one in control. As if others were meant to give her what she wanted. What she wanted! She gave a guilty shiver. That was not queenly, she scolded herself. It was so unlike her. Elsa, always the responsible one, took no joy in being Queen. It was a heavy responsibility, and Elsa had never slept in the mornings, not even when she had had nothing to do with her days but stare at her walls and dine alone. She felt the need to work for others, not for herself. >Not now. After her initial recoiling she found the thoughts occurring again.

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>>115093287Just to be clear, I took ‘Elsacest’ to mean Elsa having sex with herself. >>Why shouldn’t I have a break? She thought. In fifteen years I have had no pleasure. I saw my sister torn from me, I sat in a cold room with no friend in the world after my parents died. Why shouldn’t I get something for myself? She shifted, cat-like, in the library chair. Her movements became slow and luxuriant. She revelled suddenly in her young body. Her hands trailed her slim waist, cupped her firm breasts. With a gasp at the naughtiness, she lifted her feet and placed plonked her boots squarely on the cherrywood table. >No one in Arendelle would have dared to disrespect the royal furniture. As a child, she would have been beaten. But tonight, Elsa the Queen was taking what she wanted. >>115094470

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>>115094749>elsa/chairperfectly compliments anna/doorknob. nice.

>>115094820You have pleased the Arendelle coven

>>115091673>>115092466Don't worry. They'll find each other again.>>115094820Thank you so much for taking the request, m8. Just as I finished another vampire one, kekShe's beautiful.

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>>115094470>>115094749IntriguingAnd yes, Elsacest = ElsaxElsa

>>115093381One sister saves the other from being raped. Not consciously aware of it at the time, but is aroused by the sights/sounds. After her anger at the assailant and the grief over how hurt her sister is have died down she feels another emotion.... jealousy of what the rapist got to touch and she didnt. Cue angst.

>>115094470>>115094749>>115093287>She continued to gaze down at her body. A truly evil thought occurred to her. She stood and marched over to the oldest part of the library. Through the cobwebs and the stone arch, the piles of papers and the dust, she discerned the most secret book in Arendelle. >She slid out the Rerum Delicia with quivering hands. No-one knew about this. She could never have trusted Anna with something so - seductive. So dangerous.

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>>115093287>>115094470>>115094749>>115095048>A compendium of the most forbidden, degenerate spells, the book had been created in a fiery month one hundred years before, in the reign of Johann, when that king of Arendelle had summoned three sorcerers to give him the most intense day off that magic could grant. He had died of a heart attack during the event. >She flipped to the start and began to search. Many temptations offered themselves to her hungry eye but - she realised with an outrageous grin - they were not forbidden enough for her, not in this mood. >Finally, she found it. Her jaw dropped that someone could even think of such a thing. But her body was telling her it was right. It was telling her most insistently. She stood straight and began the incantation.

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>>115093181Fuck gay Elsa. Do you think moms in the heartland are gonna buy Frozen merchandise for their sweetums when their favorite character turns out to be a sinful carpetmuncher?

>>115095190Disney will probably keep the princesses as gay as possible while still being canonically 'straight'.

>>115095190>they would have pulled an Importance of Being EarnestI mean they would have paired Elsa with Hans like everybody else was suspecting. Now we have to deal with alphabet people.

>>115095190Jokes on them. They already have.

>>115094820I want vampire Elsa to murder me after she fucks me

>>115095190They already crossed that line with that.

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>>115095048>plus Anna can't read very well anyway


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>>115095523>>115095463I believe it was at this moment aliens had attacked Earth with the gay ray.


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>>115095095>A tall, confident young blonde stood before her, a regal tilt to her chin belied by her mischievous grin. Her skin was the pearliest white, her eyes the deepest blue. Her makeup was perfect, her simple dress the most gorgeous deep scarlet. Elsa gasped involuntarily. >”Are you - really me? Or just like me?” >The Doppelgängerin smiled deeper. “Don’t be shy. You want to know if we are really this beautiful, or if it’s just a trick?” She shook her head gently. Lovely locks fell to her shoulder. >“Turn around and see.”

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>>115095648This is how normal, heterosexual sisters think about each other.

>>115095748>Elsa found her breath growing short as the figure glided up and took her by the wrist. Her warmth and her scent suddenly made it real. Elsa felt a shocking flush of arousal. >“Don’t be embarrassed,” the double murmured.>Elsa II looked her intently in the eyes from her side. “This is what I’m going to teach you to forget. For the next half hour or so, shame, regret, restriction... they will be nothing. There will be only pure pleasure here. The pleasure will all be yours.”>Elsa turned her head to gaze at her, their faces two inches apart. “And what about your pleasure?” She breathed, mouth suddenly dry.

Attached: 2EA0E0BC-9226-4C3D-A444-E0D4D458C272.png (500x3512, 3.33M)

>The other giggled. “I am you, silly. You will get all the pleasure here. Twice what you would normally feel. Isn’t that why you summoned me?”>She was decided. Elsa II knew it too. She smiled wider and gave Elsa a gentle kiss on the cheek. Then she turned and walked to a familiar bed. They were in Elsa’s room. Elsa charged after her and, lifting herself in her arms, threw her own delicious body onto the covers. If she was a narcissist, she would be the greatest narcissist the world had ever seen. She would have sex with herself.

Attached: 847F4A37-778E-4E47-A5EB-90BE76C6A769.jpg (1920x1415, 342.5K)

>>115095877>Elsa threw her own body on top of the other’s. Her lack of experience was forgotten. All there was was the enjoying of this sweet body of hers. She took the blonde head between her hands and kissed it. The red lips made a pretence of chasteness before opening to their twins. The warm mouth in its caressing hers seemed to heat every inch of her body. Elsa II reached up and pushed back a curling lock of hair, before suddenly ramming her hand down Elsa’s regal dress.

>Elsa had never thought nipples could harden. The cold never bothered her, after all. But hers were like the hard points of her arousal. >They stayed like that for a minute, and then Elsa II flipped Elsa on her back with a force Elsa hadn’t known she had. Before she knew what was happening, her twin’s head had disappeared up her dress.

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>>115095934Finale>“You’re not going to - OOHHH...”>The Queen gasped and bucked on the bed. The pleasure was already unlike anything she had experienced, but this was nothing compared to what was to come. She moaned and gripped the bedsheets in her fists. >After a minute, her twin popped her head out from under the skirt. >Reaching up to Elsa, she murmured, >“This will be mindblowing if you just give in return. Try it and see...”>Elsa reached without hesitation and found the spot between her twin’s legs. >Elsa II did the same thing to her identical self and they gasped out loud simultaneously. >“I-I feel your pleasure as well as mine, r-right?” Elsa gasped. >“W-what does it feel like?” Her twin breathed back. >“Unbelievable...” >“I feel it too...” >The identical women lay working each others’ bodies like this. Such ecstasy had not been felt in the palace in a century. >Within minutes, something was ready to blow. When it did, Elsa’s scream was so loud it sent everyone in the palace but Anna scrambling out of bed to see who had been attacked. >Elsa had taken what she wanted.

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>>115093034If Elsa ever gets a love interest I will be extremely jelaous. I'm really happy there was no prince for her in Frozen II. It could've been a lot worse.Only Anna can be with Elsa, anything else is unacceptable.

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>>115095976Very nice user, thank you.

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We talking Elsa having love interests? Fine, I nominate Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardian.

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>>115095976thanks user, that was pretty good

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>>115096048Well I nominate your opinion for the trash.

>>115088010>both women>John LeninDid fags forget Lenin was pretty fascists and would beat the shit out of females?

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>>115096048Elsa can do better than that little twink

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>>115095934"Elsa gets hard nipples for the first time in her life" is my favourite smut detail

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>>115093421>>115093446>>115093766>>115094952>>115093602 >>115092897>>115093563Requested fics coming as soon as I’ve slept. I’ll put them on my fanfiction account (Newlays)

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>>115096104Imagine the view from in front of her

>>115096188Thanks for following through user, you've warmed my cynical heart.

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>>115096305No Elsa. Stop it.

>>115096188Thanks user!Sleep well.Looking forward to some angst.

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Reposting this one because the next one is also set in the Demon Queen continuity.Currently working on the edit.

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>>115096484>that fucking mailbox helmet

Attached: f43213e0cea7479bad60020cb1ca8f52.jpg (984x911, 247.83K)

>>115096484So it's trapped in a forest or trapped in the dungeons huh?

>>115096597She doesn't look like a demon to me...

>>115096835She uses her beauty to lure sailors to their doom, like a mermaid with human legs

>>115096597Here it is.

Attached: C185.jpg (960x2096, 922.99K)

>>115095976Well done user

Attached: ERiJAReUUAATlcv.jpg (600x1158, 74.18K)


Attached: Anna dress back.png (843x1347, 1.48M)


Attached: lick.jpg (800x1000, 173.55K)

>>115097013That's kind of a BS answer, Elsa. Even in an alternate universe, she's selfish

Fun Zelda dungeon.

Attached: 60.png (1601x1568, 608.07K)

>>115097497More like a FFXIII corridor.

>>115097497open world disneyverse game when?

Attached: 1389415472600.png (900x607, 330.79K)

>>115097497>you can see the memory room anytime Anna, just walk down there yourself>watch out for The Precipice Chamber and Waterfall though>I guess I could have made better stairs too, haha, oops

Attached: cd.png (701x689, 305.89K)

>>115097497There was a waterfall?

>>115097572Yeah there should be side rooms and such.

Another HP one.

Attached: HP013.jpg (1050x1300, 441.21K)

>>115097608>and if the path is blocked by elemental crystals, just command them to move with your mind like I did

Attached: crystals.gif (540x300, 2.39M)


>>115097735So Elsa must be a prefect or just making empty threats

>>115097823Yes, she's a prefect.

>>115097735>Anna the entire courtyard can see you, you're giving a heart to dozens of students

>>115097631I'm sure Elsa will reshape her new domain to her liking

>>115097952She can steal all the books from Arendelle's library because Anna never reads them anyway.

>>115097823>>115097909In fact, here.I know another user told me last thread to not change it but I felt bad for failing to localize the term and going for a literal translation instead.

Attached: HP012.jpg (960x746, 287.9K)

>>115098094Thanks for enduring all our nitpicking

Attached: 97195c8775149eadae9274012ea2d3f1.jpg (842x768, 63.23K)

>>115098094Bless you, user.And don't feel bad. You're doing a great job with these translations.

>>115088727>>115088254This is why I still go to theaters

>>115098094>TrottingGuessing it's a Japanese thing but weird to see the word used not in the context of a horse

Attached: il_570xN.1118228966_i829.jpg (570x570, 33.54K)

God bless translatefag

>>115098094Anon, you're always either scanning shit for us, doing Blender/VR shit for us, or translating shit for us. It's like you're always finding shit to do to help the threads stay afoat. You're worth 10 anons.

>>115098816A hundred, even.

>>115098806>>115098816this. where would we be without them and their nicely organised file names?

Attached: 1387845361885.jpg (852x825, 178.7K)

>>115098643It's a good word for walking down a hallway but in a cutesy way

>>115098214>>115098245>>115098806>>115098816>>115098840>>115098856anons, thank you.

Attached: EA512.jpg (827x1024, 228.41K)

>>115097608>>115097753Mortal filth should not stain the hallowed halls of Ahtohallan

Attached: 1588126576099.png (595x900, 657.38K)

>>115099461Well, they're doing it for the frigging Lift-a-Flap book, so that's how sacred that place is.

>>115099461But Anna's touched the divine

Attached: sistine chapel.jpg (1280x674, 314.3K)

We /3/ now?

>>115098816Wait... this is all the same person?

Attached: giphy (1).gif (480x267, 2.03M)

>>115099631Is just what OP wanted to talk about and it's a very important part of making a modern CG animated movie or cartoon. It's fun to discuss this sort of stuff once in a while, you get to expose some anons to topics they might grow curious about.Should have seen the last thread. It was like a miracle, over 100 on-topic replies with anons gushing and discussing about tech stuff. I guess they are more quiet now because they said everything they wanted to say.

>>115099540I want to lift Elsa's flaps.

>>115100056We know Anna.

>>115091247>All those phalic images around her while smilingWhat did they meant by this?

>>115100619I think they're just leaves, user.

>>115099540Please don't remind me that I'm pinning all of my hopes for the future of this world on a Lift-the Flaps Interactive Learning Book for Kids

Attached: ESk4WVwVAAEIZFR.png (745x836, 258.79K)

>>115100650We're all going to be dead in like a year anyways.

>>115100687>tfw the last thing I'll ever consume from this franchise I adore so much is a fucking novel about how the world's worst parents fell in love.Could be worse, it could be about the trolls.

>>115100650Is this your first rodeo? Some of the cutest moments have come from babby learn-to-read Frozen books

>>115100831I know we're still a long way from November but still find it amusing just how quickly the mouse responded to the portion of the fanbase that was interested in Iduna and Agnarr's story. They announced the book in almost no time.

Resuming with the demonfencer translations.

Attached: C180.jpg (800x2600, 1.02M)

So, uh, Michigan just had two dams burst, affecting around 100k people and likely destroying some chemical plants. Is this going to adversely affect how Disney markets Frozen II given that the climax was all about Anna intentionally wrecking a dam knowing their homes would be destroyed?

>>115101309>comicWhat a bitch.user, how can I into moonrunes? And how good is google translate for this shit?

>>115101473I mean, it was based off a real dam to begin with. No.

>>115087121>>115087354and we've gone in reverse

>>115101473I don't recall them ever marketing the dam bursting scene, seeing as it's kind of the grand finale of the film and kept under wraps, so I don't see how it would affect them

>>115101473Is that where you live, user? Are you ok? Do you feel like nature and humans are in balance now?


Attached: EYWiRJjUYAQshMU.jpg (727x1080, 59.67K)

>>115101309>baiting a vampire and twisting her wordsseems unwise

>>115101688Why is Elsa such a tease?

Attached: EYZOf9AUcAE4Zis.jpg (2048x1638, 810.65K)

>>115101640Well, maybe marketing wasn't the right term. Remember back when 9/11 happened and a lot of studios edited scenes depicting aircraft crashes and the like? Lilo and Stitch was supposed to have Gantu fly through Honolulu and Fox wouldn't show Futurama's intro because the ship crashes into the monitor in the end. This could be like one of those times...>>115101677Kek no. Coronavirus has done a better job than a dam or two breaking.

>>115101732If she went any faster she'd turn beet red from from embarrassment and run away

Attached: Aj9Aq_maid.jpg (700x1200, 71.11K)

>>115101677kekJesus Christ, user.

>>115101855Sure, but Lilo and Stitch wasn’t released yet in that scenario (I think), while Frozen 2 has been out for months already. Maybe an user could volunteer to watch it on Disney+ every day and see if anything changes.

>>115101871Who wore it best?

Attached: Nepi97864971_maid.jpg (790x1200, 157.31K)

>>115101871>>115101981I think Elsa wins this one, Anna doesn’t seem like she has the right attitude, and that’s part of the uniform too

>>115101309Another one.

Attached: C186.jpg (1300x1050, 593.31K)

>>115097735>>115098094I know you said you weren't a HP fan but I love the wizard robe outfits

Attached: EYOGrx1U0AELeWl.jpg (905x905, 443.29K)

>>115102140Elsa's been at Ahtohallan so long she's forgotten she can make some new R-rated memories of Anna in Arendelle

Attached: 1579388047291.png (2080x1718, 1.99M)

>>115102140Based spirits preserving the sanctity of Ahtohallan.

>>115101516>how can I into moonrunes?I honestly can't give you any satisfactory answer, user. I learned most of this stuff out of necessity, and I would say my obsessive autism helped a ton.>And how good is google translate for this shit?Google translate isn't perfect. In my experience it always ruins something. Most of the time you can still get the gist of text but you have to fill in the gaps by yourself, and if you don't know the full context you run the risk of getting a completely wrong idea, just because the translator used a wrong pronoun, conjugation or something like that.I use google translate but not for translation specifically, I just use it as a quick way to find typos (so I don't have to open Google docs or Word). I copy the English text there, see if it highlights any typo and then copy the text into Photoshop , and still fail sometimes.

Attached: AU208.jpg (1200x781, 138.01K)

>>115102150Anna and Elsa look great in those outfits, that's the only reason I save these pics.

Attached: HP019.png (1253x2353, 486.64K)

Attached: HP030.jpg (1526x2048, 160.71K)

Someone must have been playing FF7R

Attached: ki_rellen_one_winged_angel.jpg (3187x1804, 553.44K)

>>115103039I never played any FF past 6, but damn if there aren't some great girls

>>115101309Learned an old Chinese euphemism for sex so I had to learn an old English euphemism for sex.

Attached: C187.jpg (1200x1100, 378.89K)

>>115103326learning outdated phrases is always fun

>>115103203and makes for great crossover material

Attached: FROZEN-FANTASY-3-T-Shirt-640x640.jpg (640x640, 23.22K)

>>115103370My favorite FFinb4 shit taste

Attached: EA300.jpg (868x763, 45.8K)

>>115103326>Anna learning new words for Elsa’s sakeCute

>>115102618Now I want a Honeymaren hp fic.

>>115103472Should have submitted your request before writefag went to sleep: >>115093381

>>115103394Higher resolution version directly from their DA

Attached: frozen_fantasy___anna_elsa__ff_frozen_mashup__by_stevegibson_d7w7ana-fullview.jpg (1024x1366, 139.79K)

>>115103472What house would she be?

>>115085993I demand they show the 3D butts!

>>115103524Thank you very much!

Attached: EA320.jpg (500x600, 212.22K)

>>115103526Like you even had to ask

Attached: honeybadger.jpg (877x972, 186.6K)

>>115103543It's weird how no one, in this or the last thread, posted the butt.

Picking away at another office update.Maybe I should call it Arendelle Inc. or something.

Attached: Anna_OL3_sketch.png (964x758, 128.04K)

>>115103526Well she’s Bold enough to invite a goddess to live with her, and it worked

>>115103583Arendelle Inc. sounds nice.Will this be a direct continuation of the last pic or are you planning on doing stand alone vignettes?

>Rewritten a new chapter three times now.I hope everyone's having a good night. >>115103583I like it, user.

>>115103576Hahahaha lmao like what the fuck kind of stupid name is HoneymarenMoar liek Honeybadger HoneyBooBoo

>>115103472Honey is for being taken advantage of due to her amnesia.


Attached: 2020 05 18 animator elsa.png (3191x2930, 3.34M)

>>115097594Never because Iger and the board has actively taken steps so the company barely makes any real video games anymore and seems to genuinely not understand how much money a full blown Disney RPG can make, you’d think in a world with Kingdom Hearts we could get more batshit Disney games that aren’t just Mobil games

>>115103716Why is this poor girl losing her memory?

Attached: EYaOpGuXsAA19is.png (654x686, 54.67K)

>>115103695A continuation. I'd like to establish Anna and Elsa's 'business' relationship before doing little vignettes.>>115103705Hey thanks!>>115103736Hopefully the hype remains! I'm juggling this and a certain other project on a different site.

>>115103795I wonder how much money they make from the mobile games. Probably a depressingly large amount.

Attached: 3849D45D-2CF9-4A19-A0CA-C7A7724F373D.png (1136x640, 1.01M)

so I've never actually been to a disney park or had dole whip, but I made the recently released recipe and just gave myself a stomach ache from drinking too much ice cream

Attached: 1397809015297.webm (720x405, 2.97M)

>>115103795Only smash hit AAA games turn a profit these days. Meanwhile, even mediocre mobile games provide a steady income. Disney will always choose the safer option.

>>115103837>certain other projectwhat could be more important than Elsanna?

Attached: 1390233155211.jpg (1280x1372, 419.44K)

>>115103823defense mechanism from sexual abuse

>>115103911Yeah but smash hit AAA can be lucrative for years if they don’t fuck it it up (EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft etc) big mobile games are a dime a dozen and die out fast if they’re not popular enough and then they just kill it with little fan fair. But AAA can create a boost in attention that really lasts

>>115103860Just imagine Anna suffering the same pain from too much chocolate and you’ll feel better


Attached: C188.jpg (972x1600, 537.92K)

>>115103860Dole Whip is a serious MVP in terms of park snacks. Grab one and duck into the Enchanted Tiki Room and you'll be refreshed right after.

assuming this thread survives the night; tomorrow should I draw Elsa and/or Anna playing video games, or as video game characters? and which characters would be preferred?

>>115103854A good but not insane amount of $$$, probably

>>115103795>>115103854>>115103911If they didn’t shut down their serious video game divisions they really could’ve had an alter source of revenue in the midst of Corona

>>115103854I think I saw charts that Frozen Adventures makes almost a million dollars monthly (iOS + Android combined). Their HP game makes way more though.

>>115103942It's a Quest. One of those former /tg/ things. I enjoy it.

>>115103983thanks user, it actually does help.>>115103998one day I'll get to the parks.... I really want to see as much of the classic rides and animatronics as I can. I'd ride it's a small world multiple times probably.

>>115103981They just need one breakout AAA hit to make the world sit up and notice “holy shit, they can make REAL games”

>>115104052>one of those former /tg/ thingsgod how many newfriends are on this site that it needs to be explained like that now...I'm in the middle of rereading ruby quest right now actually.

>>115104009Elsa/Anna getting pissed off at being unable to beat a Frozen Adventures level on their phone

>>115104009Elsa and Anna as Tetris blocks.

>>115104092heh, Ruby Quest is what got me into it.Anyways, I digress. Frozen content.

Attached: 11600540b6c2813f081fb8d2bbd434d6.png (1060x1279, 2.52M)

>>115104031I think they’re doing okay with increased D+ subscriptions. But yes, they’re hurting everywhere else.

>>115104055You'll get there user. It's great fun. I only had the chance to go back after 20 years this last summer.The Frozen Ride is just okay. Maelstrom was better. I didn't try to see Elsa and Anna either because I was shitfaced all day at Epcot.


Attached: C189.jpg (850x800, 235.47K)

>>115103989are all these from October or is demonfencer just in a Halloween mood all year?

>>115104118asking for self insert art, user?

Attached: let_what_go__by_lilacalosa-d71zos3.jpg (800x1067, 148.9K)

>>115104170so they were both in the church? then Anna became a vampire, died, and then Elsa became a vampire?? or are they not all connected?

>>115104009Red/Blue. You can ignore Green, just wanted a reference picture with their new looks

Attached: pokemon-lets-red-blue-green-c9a8b.jpg (1280x720, 108.64K)


Attached: 8BA034EF-6208-4CB5-8D6B-1036CB714B07.png (1136x640, 771.37K)

>>115085993>visible breastswere they working with a different model in the nightgown scenes or something?

>>115104265Some are not connected.Best read of the main vampire timeline seems to be:>Priest Elsa befriends Vampire Anna>Studies her.>Vampire Anna dies>Priest Elsa becomes a vampire.>Vampire Elsa meets Anna's reincarnation.


Attached: got my eyes on you.jpg (649x1225, 109.29K)

euroanon has abandoned us

Attached: 1389988532866.png (900x1831, 1.5M)

>>115105117Yes, seems like rising from the ashes each morning will be the new normal. Well, we can only expect the worst come morning.

inb4archivedGood night anons, see you on the other side.

Attached: 37.png (982x2135, 879.09K)

I am also going to bed. good night friends.

Attached: 1389963587447.jpg (1400x1000, 597.87K)

>>115101309Last one for the night.Deleted the other post because of a typo.

Attached: C190.jpg (600x1250, 424.89K)


Attached: EA140.jpg (800x600, 65.79K)

>>115104388Why is reincarnation so popular in fics and why do I love it so much? Am I a pleb?

Attached: 1577277864892.jpg (1242x553, 65.61K)

>>115105621soulmates finding each other/"destiny" always make for good shipping fics

trying to save the thread

Attached: by your powers combined.jpg (576x727, 73.44K)

>>115105334I don't sleep anymore.


Attached: 1386288407233.jpg (721x729, 175.07K)


Attached: tumblr_1300214e7aa7ddbd0bf6492981e9a6d7_e2ac5a13_1280.jpg (1280x858, 211.45K)


>>115088044Stacy stride

>>115105446>Anna has to be rushed to the trolls and memory wiped again





>>115107342what a lovely thing to wake up to

Attached: 1389930243662.png (585x585, 299.39K)

let's talk about Best Girl

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Attached: Elsa471.jpg (560x650, 233.48K)

Europe delivered.

>>115109165thanks euroanon(s?)

Attached: 1390391105878.jpg (1884x1456, 1.31M)

>>115103854>Elsa's expressionShe is completely done with Anna's shit


Attached: tumblr_4c2d7b3ef7e8cba9655560a8b53be9bb_9eef3467_1280.jpg (1280x1138, 271.4K)

>>115101473A great wrong has been righted in Michigan

Attached: Capture3.jpg (1920x1080, 221.45K)

>>115109529>>115101473TWO dams? Anna is working overtime.

>>115109131Anna is a beautiful and very cute girl. Shes also a good girl which is extra attractive.I can understand Kristoff.

>>115109477>her hands didn't get dirty>we didn't even get to see dirt under her nailswasted


Attached: 2020 05 20 mobile gamer anna.png (1237x1561, 923.48K)

>>115109477her hair looks so light here

Attached: 1397645105224.png (600x900, 796.61K)

>>115110228>mfw I fall one move short from beating a level for the millionth timeThanks very much user


Attached: A185.png (853x999, 185.02K)

>>115110228I can't believe Anna is a casual...

>>115110228based! really nice job on her facial expression.

Attached: AU209.jpg (1000x1200, 98.69K)

>>115110228I wonder if Anna would be a whale and spend all of their money on micro transactions.

>>115110494I can't believe Kristoff wants to marry a fake gamer girl>>115110540She has a monthly spending cap of $100 for it


Attached: action anna.png (1080x1049, 1.5M)

I desperately need a fic where all this new power goes to Anna's head and she becomes a fascist dictator

Attached: DEA005.jpg (1000x794, 162.13K)

>>115111221god, yes. controlling dom Anna is my fetish

Attached: 1392432962515.png (600x849, 345.17K)

>>115110415>>115110516Glad you like it!

Attached: 1390013371668.png (450x496, 147.85K)

Attached: DEA010.png (801x805, 614.58K)

Attached: DEA008.png (887x695, 496.29K)

>Anna keeps asking for more and more chocolate>Every other industry suffers as farming cocoa and sugar becomes the only way to earn a living in Arendelle

>>115111861how does she maintain her figure?

Attached: 1391733518792.jpg (1280x931, 181.01K)

>>115111900Sex burns calories.

>>115111900Running and jumping off exploding dams >>115110991

>>115111861I mean, it’s a smart investment. Other countries paid a shitton of money for chocolate in those days.

>>115111900A ton of exercise which might, or not, involve her sister.

>>115112187>selling chocolateI will not part with a single chocolate...not one piece of it...

Attached: coin.png (720x304, 175.01K)

>>115100644A sword could be a sword.An obelisc could be just an obelisk.But it could symbolize something else...

Attached: Her face when she sees the d-.jpg (183x213, 13.89K)

>>115111169Anna is only behaving evilly because Elsa is controlling her from afar! Wake up sheeple! The Queen is a puppet of the ice witch!

Attached: 1589990091000.jpg (630x960, 83.88K)


Attached: Sven died five years ago.png (836x419, 135.03K)

>>115112649What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

>>115112791Enough influence from her sister. Anna deserves to be a cruel dictator all by herself.


Attached: 1392418526028.jpg (1024x1772, 280.65K)


Attached: 1392418489096.jpg (1110x1920, 398.4K)


Attached: 1392418451312.jpg (1110x1920, 480.85K)


Attached: 1392418405837.jpg (1110x1920, 472.95K)


Attached: chocolate mama.png (554x771, 489.17K)

>>115113219Mm...brown sugar


Attached: A026.jpg (600x527, 189.74K)

Attached: A173.jpg (751x751, 89.68K)

Attached: EA002.jpg (900x513, 169.18K)

Attached: EA105.jpg (695x900, 184.67K)

Attached: EA663.jpg (827x591, 208.93K)

Have there been any on-screen cooking scenes? The only one I recall is in the comics

Attached: marohafuk_cooking.jpg (1536x2048, 426.58K)

>>115114306The flemmi-stew scene in OFA

Attached: A024.jpg (1200x893, 923.27K)

I'm not a big fan of chocolate...I think Anna would hate me

>>115114687Anna doesn't hate anyone, user.Unless you're Hans.


Attached: A269.jpg (677x859, 53.9K)


Attached: fireplace.gif (500x412, 155.88K)

>>115114721How much would it shake her up if it was proven to her beyond a shadow of doubt that Hans was under mind control when he told her he didn't love her and tried to kill Elsa?Let's go to a darker place: what would Kristoff do if HE found out the truth somehow, that the Trolls engineered his relationship with Ana? Would he tell her? How could he? But as a fundamentally good and honest person, how would he handle the guilt of living with a secret like that?

>>115115097It depends on the time frame, I guess.If we're talking F2 (three years after F1), I think Kristoff doesn't have anything to fear in telling Anna the truth because, in part, he was also a victim of the Trolls. They have gotten to know each other for three years, which beats the literally 1 evening Anna shared with Hans.If we're talking right after F1? I don't know, he seemed like an honest fellow and he was already ok with letting Anna go to be with her "true love".

>>115115233And to add to that. I think Anna would be very conflicted, which is interesting fic material.

>>115115097Anna wants to forgive everyone. She would leap at the chance to give Hans another chance.Kristoff would get it off his conscience by telling Sven.

>>115115233Okay, here's the setup:>It's 5 years after Frozen II>Ana and Kristoff are married, 1 kid, another on the way>Elsa stopped making contact three years ago, and had been becoming more and more distant before that>Ana has been deeply depressed, an existential feeling that something is wrong>Kristoff visits the Trolls to ask their advice, thinking they might know how to contact Elsa, assuming that was the problem>The trolls tell him the truth, that they "got the fiancee out of the way" and that Hans and Ana are soul mates, and Kristoff he was never supposed to be with her. But also that he shouldn't worry about that because he's happy and that's what should matter. Their alien, inhuman morality sees nothing wrong with what they've done>Kristoff is livid and asks if Ana would be happy if she were with Hans. They show him an alternate timeline where they never meddled, where Hans cured Ana of the ice magic with his kiss. The trolls show Kristoff his own life in this world, where he's a lonely, bitter wild man, but that's not what he cares about, he has them show him Ana.>She's happy with Hans.>Elsa is still gone in this timeline, that was always her fate, but in spite of that, the depression that has a grip on her in this timeline is nowhere to be found.>In other words, Kristoff learns without a doubt that the problem is HIM.What does he do?

>>115115527First of all, I loved your greentext>What does he do?Kristoff tells her truth. I'm 100% convinced of that.Under crappy writing Kristoff would stumble during a whole movie to tell Anna the truth but he'd eventually do it.But he seems like the kind of guy who would just straight up say it, and Anna at would not want to let him go because she still loves him, same as he loves her. It's good material.

>>115115527He jumps into the ravine to join his wrecked sled from F1

>>115115527On the one hand, the kid(s) throw a wrench into things. If it was just Ana's happiness weighed against his own he would make the sacrifice in a heartbeat.One also has to consider what Hans's situation is. It's implied he's being punished, imprisoned or exiled, for a crime he (in this scenario) isn't responsible for. Does he understand what happened? Did he black out during the possession? Was he a prisoner in his own mind, watching himself ruin his own life? If he learns the trolls did this to him, would he be able to forgive them? Would he tolerate their continued existence?Maybe he doesn't even want Ana back. She bought into the deception after all, married Kristoff Trollkin just like the Trolls wanted. Maybe when he's released he just starts planning his (much deserved) revenge.In this way he could STILL be the villain, but this time with legit motives that make perfect sense.

>>115115527Even if the trolls thought it was nothing wrong, I can't believe they would never mention it to him in all those years. He's basically their adopted son.

Attached: bks.jpg (1920x856, 252.06K)

>>115115843Bulda took them in as if they were her pets.

>>115115843why does Sven look so feminine

bell Anna

Attached: anna.jpg (657x625, 73.18K)

>>115115864>>115115843To the trolls, Kristoff and Sven are both just stray animals. The deep secrets of magic are none of their concern.

Attached: Sven_and_trolls.png (403x250, 138.79K)

>>115115997Anna needs a special bell to summon her sister

Attached: tumblr_5b34d0cdbbab85e763d2bf00c500bb15_e767d195_1280.jpg (1280x1061, 164.84K)

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>>115116342You wanna get banned or something?

>>115115527>>115115803>The year is 1914>Europe is on the brink of war. >Our hero is a young English girl of noble blood uncovering a conspiracy spanning the continent.>All the royal houses are involved, and it all stems from Kristoff Trollkin, prince consort of Queen Ana of Arendalle centuries ago. All of today's royal houses (and many noble houses, including her own) can trace their lineage back to Ana and Kristoff>She's hounded during her investigation by a secret society, one she thinks is behind covering up some terrible secret>But after several encounters, she discovers the truth: this secret society descends from an order of knights devoted to stopping the coming disaster, a society founded by Hans during his exile.>Hans had been desperate to discover what happened to him, and was able to have himself exiled to a monastery with a collection of literature about supernatural evil. It was there he was able to piece together what happened to him.>He rose through the ranks and transformed the order of monks into a militant order, devoted to thwarting supernatural evil wherever it seeks to steer the fate of mortals against the rocks.>He also pieced together the trolls' master plan: you see, it takes a great deal of power for a troll to control most humans, and they cannot do it for long. But Kristoff was unusually pliable, and so by manipulating the royal bloodlines of Europe, this trait was spread to every ruling family on the continent. Their end goal was to steer humanity into a war that brought nuclear winter, blotting out the sun.>Once a global winter was established, the Ice Spirit they created centuries ago would have total dominion over the world, and through it, so would they.>The young girl and the agent of this order she had befriended now have to work together, both to stop the coming war and to free the Ice Spirit from the trolls.

>>115116567That escalated quickly.


>>115116567the young noble girl is Anna reincarnated, finally set out to free her sister

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>>115116342Such an uncouth pose for a lady...and yet so enticing

>>115116646It was a joke because of the spoilered pic user posted.

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>>115116699Hahaha ok whooosh.I was gonna say.. how is that pic anything but what we want to encourage? :)

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>>115116567Nuclear winter Elsa sounds hot.

>>115115907Either Sven is Kristoff's third or fourth Sven or Sven could be a Svetlana. Does live longer than bucks.

>>115117579>Kristoff actually knows nothing about reindeer and Sven was actually female the whole time

>>115116342>shows no skin other than face.>still hotter than most porn.Woa

>>115105446Partially resuming. Will try to do another quick one and will fully resume at evening.Busy afternoon, sorry. Also the amount of demonfencer pics was getting out of hand so I finally made a folder just for them

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>>115118030Our hero has returned

why the fuck is there elsa malware Holla Forums?

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>>115118030That's funny, I have a DFC folder too and Frozen II Elsa features prominently in it...

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>>115118030demonfencer sure likes "covered up word bubble" gags, huh?>>115118443because she's the queen


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>>115118452>>115118515She shouldn't be in that folder. Where did they go?

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>>115118464"State Affairs" is a great fic title

>>115118190Been here all day, m8. But most I can do while working is dump pics.>>115118489Yes, and I always remember to fondly curse her name every time I tackle one of those.

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Bascially a canon design

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>>115118694Beautiful!She looks a bit mischievous, I don't know if that was the intention but it makes it a whole lot better.

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>>115118775Wow, and by Paul Briggs none the less.

>>115118694Fashionable, but hard to wear while biking through the halls

>>115118775Marshmallow sure loves to draw manga pics of her auntie.

>>115116567I’ve never played Assassin’s Creed games but this is the impression I get of their lore.

>>115118694Is this what the fancy ladies wore in those days?

>>115118943no worse than her canon attire.>>115119027more or less. it's a fairly casual outfit.

>>115118985Assassin's Creed lore is dumber, no offense to user, and they were stupid enough to kill off their character voiced by Kristten Bell.

>>115116660And the templar agent she befriends and falls in love with is a reincarnation of Hans.In this way history is righted without forcing an innocent dupe like Kristoff to suffer. And its pleasing that the trolls split them up to put their plan in motion, but their reunion is what would bring them to an end.

>>115085993I'm still really sad Anna still doesn't get the respect and recognition she deserves, it's like literally no one cares about ehr but keeps her around just because.

>>115119357She'll always be my #1.

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>>115119357we're literally talking about her right now?and we got two new arts of her this thread.

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>>115119401Same, I'll always love her over Elsa and nothing will change that. I wish she was better-written and better-designed so everyone will love her just as much as Elsa.It's not fair things had to be this way.

>>115119418Oh sorry, Other Anna fans always cheer me up. It's not fair Elsa gets all the fame.

>>115115997It's because Kristen Bell is her voice, ha ha.

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>>115119497Nokk looks like he has something to say about the shameful display he's witnessing.


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>>115119617I thought we agreed this is the only thing Nokk can say

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>>115119683>I would rather he just whinny like a normal horse...>No, I like hearing his voice.

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>>115119683I want to fuck Nokk's slutty face

>>115119683>I killed your parents for spawning this abomination.

>>115119677"Nokk silently judges the sisters" is just too good