Does having 2 lesbian moms kinda DE-CONFIRM Akila'll end up with Cleopatra?

Does having 2 lesbian moms kinda DE-CONFIRM Akila'll end up with Cleopatra?

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>>115085633Who cares about that, when are we getting more episodes?

>>115085997If or when CN picks it up.So never.

>>115085633Post more fish

>>115085633Having two lesbian mothers makes you a double lesbian


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>>115087083Thanks brother

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>>115085633they put feferi in a south korean cartoon

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>>115085633Not necessarily

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Akila can't keep her hands off Brian

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>>115087547Who's this semen demon


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>>115087138You wish


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>>115087819You mean Jizz Jockey.

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>>115085633>2 lesbian momsAs opposed to...?

>>115089695Full of omega fatty acids.

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>>115089749Two bisexual moms? A lesbian/bisexual combo?

>>115089907Sounds delicious

>>115085633More lesbians?Post them

>>115089296How would she not notice she was naked though.

>>115091117Since when do fish wear clothes?

Did anyone else get a boner when Akila's mom kept using her baby voice.

>>115085633We've never seen a male of her species as far as I can recall. It could be they're single gendered, only generate sex organs when necessary, lack sexual dimorphism to the point that both genders look identical, or any number of things. This is the show with tons of creative and bizarre aliens like the sentient planets and that hivemind swarm of insects, so sexual traits like those that we encounter all the time with earth species aren't off the table. The only thing that points to them having multiple genders as far as I remember is Akila saying that her species convergently evolved to look like humans, which says nothing about actual reproductive functions just outward appearance.tldr her people could easily be Asari

>>115085633>DE-CONFIRMthats was never a thing, she likes Brian

>>115091531>tl;drtheres a fish dude in episode 18

>>115085633I tought I wouldnt like mohawk mom but she was super cute, top tier milfs over here, redhead still the best thou.I want to pound redheads tuna while mohawk watches and cheers

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>>115089296This is edited right? No way that her tits are that big in the actual show.

>>115091772are you genuinely retarded?

>>115091772is an edit

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>>115091332That sounds hot, got a clip?

>>115091772but the thiccness is real

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>>115091865Post more thick fish

>>115091652Oh, nevermind then

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>>115091865She got little in the middle but she got so much back!


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>>115091824I love the space Zora

>>115088127>her ear flipper thingies turn red

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>>115087138she really does remind me of feferi if she was hot and an actual character

She's adorable

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>>115085633>>115087547>>115088127>>115089296>>115089483>>115089907>>115091865>>115093348>>115094880Akila makes my heart go Doki Doki

>>115085633They was never gonna end up together dum dum.Closest you get is they go the frozen route and leave no one happy.

>>115095302A man can dream

>>115094880she got it from her mommilf fish is best milf

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>>115085633Where do I torrent this shit?


>>115096049search the archive, you probably can find a mega

season 2 when?

>>115085633No but it makes her cuter

>>115097702>Although there has not been any official confirmation, storyboard artist Scooter Tidwell's resume lists the show as having two seasons in total.

>>115097702Probably after the first one airs on US

>>115088127>she gets earections

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>>115100366>earectionswhat the fuck, i love this term

>>115100366She's very kinky

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>>115095623That's her mom? wow, cutie.

>>115095623>Theoda TheorisI cant tell if thats a cool or a silly name, all I'm sure of is that I want her to give me a lenghty lecture

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>>115085633No Brian will end up with the pink haired bully or something like that off screen of course


I need moar Cleo/Akila stuff.

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>>115102396We'll get more when the show airs here

>>115102138Gay fish

>>115100765I wish there was a webm of this

>>115102396I wish this meant something beyond Cleo being completely shameless but the fish will clearly hook up with the robutt.My guess would be we never see Cleo get a love interest since the only other option is best girl and I doubt the writers are that based.

>>115085633Unless it has something to do with Akila's species biology (that being normal for two Vevisonian women being able to conceive a child), did Akila at one point have a dad?

>>115103104Probably but he must be dead

>>115085633Nigga, you bullshittin?!

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>>115102855a motherfucking gay fish

>>115103478Be patient he's special


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>>115102396Same, there's so few vids

>>115085633>lesbians momBut if there entire species is one sex, is it?


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>>115104669I need more akila with big tits

>>115085633I finally watched this show and I got to say, Holla Forums, I get it. I get why you like the show. I get why you do edits and lewd the fish.

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>>115102396>>115102138>>115100765I am confident they wanted to give her big boobies but didn't for censorship.

>>115104970Nah they wanted big butt but she looks good with big boobs too, so its a win win situation.

>>115104659Yeah, what if they're like those all female lizards.

>>115085633When's the MEGA? That's all I care about.

>>115104918Congrats brother

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>>115104918One of us.One of us.One of us.One of us.

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>more lesbiansCan we get onefuckinggood, noteworthy male couple in a modern cartoon? please?I am a gay man and shit like this has only made me hate women more

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>>115085633>two lesbian momscame here from the front pageabsolute state of western cucks lmao

>>115105323>this entire postfucking kek, w*stern dogs everyonecomedy gold really

>>115105323Then you better hope Benson is successful in Kipo.

>>115095623something that makes it seem less like when you have agenda driven gay inclusions:You can tell the red mom is her real mom and the blue mom is the step mom by how she acts with them and which one takes charge when parenting. Doing that isn't very "P.C." because it depicts that there is a minor level of artificiality to the relationship with the "partner". This is actually more realistic and leaves me not feeling like there's a problem with it because it's not being pushed as an "ideal", it's just characters that are gay and if you're paying attention you can actually notice some minor inherent negatives to that kind of relationship when dealing with a child.

>>115105365yeah but it's clear that the red one is the real mom which isn't something you'd see in an activist representation of this kind of thing.

whens more eps? Koreanon eps haven't finished season 1 yet...

>>115105595There were some Polish eps that went up to the the end of the first season.

>>115105323Deal with it.

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Post Cleotrap

>>115105323watch anime

>>115105323If you think about it, without women men would be forced to date other men.

Do you think she lays eggs?

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>>115107044After being fertilized inside her womb maybe.

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>>115107166>hot fish sexShe squirts them into a bath tub and the male has to hotglue them.

>>115107191Feels like a waste of a nice body.


>>115107614That's the problem with fish girls. But that doesn't mean you can't fuck her.

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>>115107166Damn she is really thick


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>>115087083No vagina bones?


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>>115109653Vagina bones.

>>115100765Okay you have my attention.

>>115107614Only if you want to reproduce, if you want to have fun every hole counts!

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>>115109755Do you mean, pelvic?

Why fish girl make my pp hard

>>115110824>omega 3 fatty acidsEating out fish is healthy

>>115089907>omega fatty acids

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>>115110824Because she is hyperactive and thicc

>>115100366Oh you.

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>>115087083Is there more fish!Cleopatra edits?

>>115089999Three lesbian moms?Five lesbian moms and a genetically male, genderfluid, elfgender dad?

>>115113075a few

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>>115113368who's the hot devil chick

>>115112056the animators know their audience

>>115110747I don't have time for your mumbo jumbo, mister scientist.


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>>115104918Thanks comrade, I hope you enjoyed them because we are still waiting for the second season.

Help. I don’t know how to use 4chan and I want to know what show this is. Please, you’re my only hope.

>>115115659Cleopatra in Space

Thank you so much. Speedy reply. That interaction was the most archaic internet energy I’ve had in a while. Thank you.

>>115115712PRO TIP: Click the triangle next to a post number to make a reverse image search on google which may help.

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>>115111665Jesus those are huge for a fish

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>>115114993Thanks user

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>>115117714There's never enough webms of her

>>115113368Please post the rest. I am considering draw her once I am back at home.

>>115114993Is she a demon or alien?

>>115118379Weenie Genie.

Is the second season available on kiss cartoon right now?

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>>115119261What a shame

>>115119182Sadly no. By the way, source of that Cleo?

I need more thicc fish lewds


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>>115119517Well that's one nice Cleo

>>115119371Same here. There's barely no lewds!

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