I love her

I love her

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Sorry, but she's a married woman.

>>115083377She can play patty cake with me anytime. If you know what I mean.

>>115083377I love her when she is expressive like a cutie

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>>115084925Why is the rope tied around her neck?

>>115085291Don't kink shame her.

>>115085291she is a big girl.

>>115084925the scene where she see the dip the first time was cool the only time she had a cartoon expression

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>>115085372there is also the follow up from the tied to a roller coaster scene where she puts angery faces

I still fap to Zimmerman's Jessica art once in a while.

>>115085398>I still fap to Zimmerman's Jessica art once in a while.let us know too and post it

>>115085372Because it was funny. That’s the catalyst for all toon actions


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>>115085329for you

>>115085398same here bro. RIP Zimmerman

>>115083377Ey bby, want som fck?

>>115085733>same here bro. RIP ZimmermanIs he gone?

>>115083506threesomes are more romantic

>>115087436yeah 2 years ago

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>>115085469Still better than Lena.

Probably the last time we'll ever see a cartoon character who could be considered a sex symbol.

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>>115083377where's her nose

>>115089081Fuck the Hays Code for ruining Betty.

>>115089426you can't ruin something that already looks like shit

>>115089426They ruined her by making her look like shit

>>115083506Sex would be meaningless to a toon.


>>115085469Thank you,. It's been a while since that got me.

I'd date a toon girl. Would take some getting used too.

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>>115090363Imagine having the power to turn normal women into toons.

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Today I will once more be a prophet: If the international Toon financiers in and outside Hollywood should succeed in plunging the studios once more into a Intellectual Property war, then the result will not be the Toonization of the Earth, and thus the victory of Toonery, but the annihilation of the Toon race in America!

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I mean the evacuation of the Toons, the extermination of the Toon race. It's one of those things it is easy to talk about, "the Toon race is being exterminated", says one party member, "that's quite clear, it's in our program, elimination of the Toons, and we're doing it, exterminating them". And then they come, 139 million worthy Americans, and each one has his decent Toon. Of course the others are vermin, but this one is an A-1 Toon. Not one of those who talk this way has watched it, not one of them has gone through it. Most of you know what it means when 100 corpses are lying side by side, or 500, or 1,000. To have stuck it out and at the same time - apart from exceptions caused by human weakness - to have remained decent fellows, that is what has made us hard. This is a page of glory in our history which has never been written and is never to be written.I ask of you that what I say in this circle you really only hear and never speak of. We come to the question: how is it with the women and the children? I have resolved even here on a completely clear solution. That is to say I do not consider myself justified in eradicating the men - so to speak killing or ordering them killed - and allowing the avengers in the shape of the children to grow up for our sons and grandsons. The difficult decision has to be taken, to cause this Volk to disappear from the earth.

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World Toonery will suffer a great catastrophe at the same time as Anime. The Fuhrer once more expressed his determination to clean up the Toons in America pitilessly. There must be no squeamish sentimentalism about it. The Toons have deserved the catastrophe that has now overtaken them. Their destruction will now go hand in hand with the destruction of our enemies. We must hasten this process with cold ruthlessness.One way or another -- I will tell you quite openly -- we must finish off the Toons. The Fuhrer put it into words once: should united Toonery again succeed in setting off a Intellectual Property war, then the blood sacrifice shall not be made only by the peoples driven into war, but then the Toon of America will have met his end....But what should be done with the Toons? Can you believe that they will be accommodated in settlements in the Burbank? In Hollywood we were told: why are you making all this trouble? We don't want them either, not in Burbank nor in the Reichskommissariat; liquidate them yourselves! Gentlemen, I must ask you to steel yourselves against all considerations of compassion. We must destroy the Toons wherever we find them, and wherever it is at all possible, in order to maintain the whole structure of the Reich...The Toons represent for us also extraordinary malignant gluttons. We have now approximately 2,500,000 of them in the General Government, perhaps with the Toon mixtures and everything that goes with it, 3,500,000 Toons. We cannot shoot or poison those 3,500,000 Toons, but we shall nevertheless be able to take measures which will lead somehow to their annihilation, and this in connection with the gigantic measures to be determined in discussions with the Reich.

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>>115090545Easy there, Ennis.

>>115091572>Easy there, Ennis.The rule34 Ennis?Didn't he just made vore comics?

>>115091038>the best of the woman cartoon: the tits>the best of the man: the loyaltyUnironically I would. It's the perfect specimen

Jesus this animation

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>>115095451How did these shorts get made anyway. I though Disney hated this movie.

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>>115095647Does Disney owns the characters or is Spielberg?

>>115095699Spielberg unless the own Droppy too.

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>>115095559Absolute maniacs.

>>115096052>He wasn't feeling her boobs, but her crotch

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>>115083377I've done lewd text-roleplays with "Jessica Rabbit" before.Am I a coomer?

>>115096154>I've done lewd text-roleplays with "Jessica Rabbit" before.No you're based and redpilled and you will now have to share those with us.I don't make the laws but this is the law

>>115096187>you will now have to share those with us.Why? It's easy to get some, just hop on Twitter. There's thots galore there

>>115095541Fuck, that's the stuff

>>115083377not me, i liked Holli's near-realistic design better.

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>>115096243>Why? It's easy to get some, just hop on Twitter. There's thots galore thereeither link it or give us a sneak peak

>>115095647Those shorts were made when Roger Rabbit was still popular in the early 90s and they were still entertaining the idea of doing a sequel. All three of the shorts were made at Disney MGM Studios and at the time, there was plans to do a full Roger Rabbit land inspired by the film and the shorts, but Disneyland Paris's failure killed the project along with a bunch of other expansion ideas across the world.>>115095699It's sort of a joint ownership deal and when Spielberg and Katzenberg established Dreamworks, it effectively killed any new Roger Rabbit projects.

>>115096461>Disneyland Paris's failure killed the project along with a bunch of other expansion ideas across the world.How? What did one have to do with the other?

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>>115085372this makes muh dick the hardest

>>115096426The human form ruined her>2d > 3d

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>>115096493Disneyland Paris was sort of a big "spared no expense" type of project and when it failed, Eisner came to a conclusion to try and save costs whenever possible. Tower of Terror and that Sunset Boulevard area was basically all we got out of a much larger expansion plan that included the Roger Rabbit stuff, a huge Dick Tracy shooter ride, a full Muppet Land including the Great Muppet Movie Ride, and a big B-Movie monster animatronics show framed as an awards show hosted by Eddie Murphy and Elvira that was to conclude on Godzilla destroying the theater when picking up a lifetime achievement award.

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>>115096885>Roger Rabbit stuff,> a huge Dick Tracy shooter ride,> a full Muppet Land including the Great Muppet Movie RideDisney bet on the wrong IP's here

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>>115096052Warner bros owns Droopy

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>>115097143wasn't there a myth that she wore no panties?>>115097164Even back then, but how did he make a cameo in the short?

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>>115097023Yeah, Dick Tracy was like the first thing to go, not just from the movie failing, but scaling troubles in trying to do "gangster car chase shoot out in a big city setting" indoors and with the ride system that ended up at Disneyland for Indiana Jones.

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>>115090363>"I packed lunch for today honey!">Open it at work later that day>She pops out out in a chef getup and ask for your order>Ends up cooking lunch for everyone at your workplace

>>115097493Why making me wish for things I will never have user?Are you cruel?Sadist?A kill-joy?

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Tfw no Jessica and Lola Bunny sensual cooming material

>>115097164Turner owned the rights back then, Warner got him with the Turner buyout>>115097275I thought Dick Tracy was a big success

>>115085388Jessica Rabbit is cute.CUTE!(or adorasexy)

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>>115097973That third still makes for a great reaction pic.

>>115083377Original cel from this scene>>115096052

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>>115097143i do not remember this, when is this in the movie?

>>115098503Deleted scene.

>>115098503>>115098812It’s on the laserdisc release and no other release.


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>>115099469Thanks friend.

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>>115098285Now that pantie, shot is it true?

Do you think in a world like who framed roger rabbit, Anime toons would exist? I've been wondering about this since I watched the movie.

>>115099502No problem JessiChad

>>115099721>Do you think in a world like who framed roger rabbit, Anime toons would exist?Luffy, Goku and Toriko had a crossovers in a videogame.And Akira Toriyama likes to self inserts in DB. So...something like that?

>>115099599You mean this?

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>>115089081>Betty Boop in a Jessica ThreadI love these gals too much

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>>115087436>>115085733>>115088272RIP one of my earliest faps

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>ywn have a sexy toon wifewe're already in Hell

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>>115099896It would be kino watching western toons talking with eastern toons though. Just imagine the interactions


>>115097493>Receive a call from toon gf >Disembodied lips sprout out from speaker and smooches you>Coworker stares in bewilderment

>>115083377yeah, wish we had more merchall i got is a kinda nice doll from the 00s

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>>115097220it wasn't a myth, there's a few frame when she swings on the chain in the warehouse were she flashes the audience.

>>115099923Damn I still can't tell

>>115097275DT did really damn good for 1990 and for a property that had mostly been dead for near 50 years

>>115096152man knows what he likes

>>115098847weirdi have to check my copy nowtime to hook up the laserdisc player motherfuckers

>>115100828scene please?

>>115096456Sophisticated smut roleplays (such as myself) keep our writings contained to direct messages.

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>>115101630*roleplayersCan't fucking type.

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>>115100628>toon gf gets jealous of the girls in your manga/comic collection

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>>115102029>toon gf a day later

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There are pics of superman smashing her.

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>>115098285anymore of these?

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>>115102060>saved not only the day, but toons everywhere>can tell jess is happy, probably expecting a kiss at the least>brushes eddy aside to see roger, who she has probably 100% of her everything on

>tfw she only dates funny men>nothing funnier than a fat neckbeard who wants romance>easy GFCHECKMATE ATHEISTS

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>>115085733F. *salutes.

>>115083377She made me wet before I even knew sex was a thing.I'm now a lesbian.

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Next gen toon

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>>115102606That's a pretty based way to awaken

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>>115102739that looks like the mid way point from this>>115102250and >>115100749There was one where she wore blue and was more bitchy

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>>115102676Hello Nurse also helped with that awakening.

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>>115099923me on the right

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>>115096461>>115096885Just...fuck the french man.

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>>115090363I would watch a show about a normal guy with a toon girlfriend/wife.

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>>115094391Never doubt that Richard Williams was the best.

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>>115096052Warner Bros. owns Droopy, Spielberg owns all of the OCs. This was the era when Amblin Animation was making all of those "Modern Loony tunes" shows (Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Bran, Freakazoid, and Histeria) in collaboration with WB so I guess that Amblin had permission to use him.

>>115085372>>115097220Huh, she does look hotter when she's more expressive. Normally she doesn't do much for me, I guess her usual stoic attitude was the reason.

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>>115102839I want to be that hand to fist her, if you know what I mean


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>no blu-rayIT'S NOT FAIR

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>>115096493Oh my god I love that tiny facial eaction when he bumps into her tits.

>>115096885>Godzilla destroying the theater when picking up a lifetime achievement award

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>>115097119Her tits are even bigger than usual here

>>115083377She IS pretty hot!

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>I'm not bad>I'm just drawn that wayWait, doesn't mean she's drawn badly?

>>115103675have you seen her fucking face

>>115103567It really is cute how much they love each other.

>>115103595Like between segments of monsters coming up to get their trophies, they'd have footage checking in on Godzilla's progress in getting to Disney World. The way the Imagineer that wrote this described it in his books, the concept kinda hovered between competing with Tower of Terror or co-existing with it to give the park a horror nook, but just doing Tower on its own won out because of the thrill factor and the budget concerns of basically building an even more complex version of American Adventure with licensed monsters.

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Not trying to downplay this thread or anything or act like an sjw, but I always thought it was kind of sad that most people don't think of jessica rabbit beyond her sex appeal, but if you actually watch WFRR?, her character was actually well written and handled very well even in spite of being walking fan service.People seem to be under the imrpession that writing characters is a zero sum operation where they must either be 100% fanservice, or 100% whatever is on the opposite spectrum, but I still maintain you can make a character fanservice but still well written.

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>>115103754Also Jeffrey Katzenberg was one of the concept's champions and was the one that suggested Eddie Murphy host, so I think him leaving might have also played a part in it falling to the wayside.

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>>115103768Her character, what there is of it at least, IS well written. She's a devoted, doting wife, and... that's about it. She's also a skilled singer, but that only comes up during the scene in which she's introduced, and doesn't have any impact on the movie afterward. But that's about it. She's pretty much a one-note character; the doting, devoted wife.

>>115103785I like loli but a thicc woman roleplaying as a loli is fine too

>>115103841Which is a gag or twist on the femme fatale of the Noir films the movie is affectionately parodying.

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>>115104202KH fag reporting in>ToonTown is destroyed by the Heartless>Jessica Rabbit ends up in Traverse Town but no sign of Roger>Months go past with no sign of him anywhere, and she begins to assume the worst>One day she catches familiar colors out of the corner of her eye>White on top, red pants, big feet>Her hopes are dashed when its just someone new in town that's lost and wandering around>That giant key does seem like something out of her old home though>He hasn't seen Roger anywhere either>He promises to keep his eyes out and look for him>He has an earnest smile and kind eyes she can't help but appreciate even in her haze of loss>Every so often she'd see him running around with two guys who also seem like they could be from ToonTown. He seemed busy, but always made time to find her and apprise her of his search though>She's surprised he was actually serious in looking, even more that he cares enough to keep her updated>Then one day... he just stops appearing in town>The worlds are restored! The word around town is that the refugees can go home now!>But would Roger be there? If he wasn't in Traverse Town after all this time then...>She chose not to, going back to her old home without him there would break her>Life goes on, she even forgets about the boy, only to suddenly remember him two years later out of the blue>No sooner than she wonders what became of him, he's back..>That helpful kid isn't a kid anymore>He apologizes profusely for never being able to find Roger, but that he'll keep looking even now>If only he knew she had given up looking, because she found someone to fill the void>"...You said you were looking for some other people besides my Roger, weren't you?">"Y-yeah but... that's taking awhile longer too">"...Do you want to talk about it? Over dinner?">She knew she found something special when his blush made her laugh

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>>115094857>>115094886>>115094997Fine, I'll jerk off to Jessica Rabbit. What's the next step in your master plan?

>>115096426Yeah she's alright

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Comfy Jessica

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>>115083377I moved on to Fujiko Mine because she has a nose.

>>115104500What DOES Sora see in Kairi anyway?

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Attached: Jessica Rabbit Modern NSFW optional by sakimichan.jpg (742x900, 551.31K)

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>>115102592I could see her trying out for the Wonder Woman movie if toons were alive in our world.

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>>115102513hey lookif you draw her with a nose, suddenly she's not a freaky monster from the hell dimension masquerading as a sexy woman


>>115099953I need more.

>>115103060Surprised no one has done anything with the idea yet.

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>>115100828I thought it was the scene related to the taxi crash where you see her neithers

>>115102767Pauline is so much better than Peach

>>115102958That's some power level right there


>>115102626>Holla Forums girl

>>115105582Got the clip where she's taking a hit off a bong?

>>115083377I always thought she was balding because her hairline is so far back, always turned me off

>>115096426>preferring the cunty whore who turns 3DPD over the loyal loving waifu

>>115083377She loves you too.

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>>115106027usually it manifests as guy + hot furry and people freak the fuck out

>>115096426Not even the best girl in her own movie

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>>115107102the tits there are if nothing else

>>115102934Post the Power Jessica fanart I know I saw

>>115102767>>115107394Why is the threesome the best answer?

>>115105701this seems just Vampirella

>>115104249>Tom PrestonI...I....I...why did you did this to me dick?

>>115105214>>115089115>>115105796>>115105582she has a nose when it's funny

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>>115105214>moving on to literal garbage

>>115103839this would have been interestingalso, elvira is still damn hot at near 70

Reminder that concept art Jessica is way hotter than canon.

Reminder that canon Jessica is way hotter than concept a.

anyone know where zimmerman's stuff is mostly archived these days?

>>115108968>anyone know where zimmerman's stuff is mostly archived these days?rule34

>>115106915A lot of models have big foreheads. I think it's related to all the gay men in fashion. A lot of gay men have large foreheads too.It's not as funny when you realize they are abnormally smart due to having a larger frontal lobe. (Does this mean megamind should have been gay?)

>>115107394>Bullet Bill lipstickIt's the little touches that get you.

>>115109235>(Does this mean megamind should have been gay?)he wasn't?Roxanne was just the third wheel of his relationship with Metroman

>>115105454Rule63 Jessica exists, huh

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>>115105454I would both of them

>>115083506She still plays patti-cake with her boss. Total THOT.

>>115110078She only did it to protect her husband

>>115100058 I’d prefer a silly, cute toon wife though...

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>>115110413>Do you like my ears up or down?

>>115105454Why would he be feminine? Jessica Rabbit is strongly feminine so her opposite would be a really masculine guy.

>>115105454JoJo if it was made in the west instead

>>115110894It's not the same.Jessica is what men wants in a woman.Jess is what women wants in a man.

>ywn be a toon with a loving toon gf in a wonderful century long relationship

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>>115103024Oh boy...

>>115090545Imagine normal human women transforming into toon versions of themselves with exaggerated proportions. Your gf's curves become impossible for humans to have as she flaunts them, the sound of a cowbell and pinball sfx playing as she does so.


>>115104500Write the full thing

>>115083377I wanna play patty-cake with her dick.

>>115105641Image gone, whatever it was.

>>115083377To hot for Disney standard now

Welcome to 2018>2020

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>>115113359Is it a disney property? I thought it was warner bros?

>>115113359>>115113792It was too hot back then too. Roger Rabbit had to be released under the Touchstone banner

>>115113792Yeah. I think the last time Disney acknowledged Roger in a meaningful way was at the Pop Century hotel, there's a giant statue of him in the pool of the 80's section.


>>115098285I’m pretty sure there’s a cel of her topless and tied up. Will post when I find it

>>115083377Would toon and human relationships be like interracial marriages in this setting?

>>115114354yeah, and toons would be like niggers

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>>115114429Or would it be the other way around?

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>>115114354>Would toon and human relationships be like interracial marriages in this setting?I suppose it depends from the worldbuilding.If toons were always presents and influenced history maybe there isn't even USA and maybe there have never been wars. In this case toon x human would be saw good since they should have the same rights.If toons compared with the inventions of cartoon....then yes, like interracial

>that one time roger rabbit cameo'd in TTA

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>>115113670>PG JessI knew I wasn't dreaming!

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>>115105618giant clams

>>115083377>>115084925>>115085372I f you like her you'll love Zatanna from DCSHG, she's like Jessica but in purple

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>>115115334What a chad(?)

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>>115116441>Asian JessicaAnf...anf....

>>115116103Aside from the tiny waist what makes you say that?

>>115116441those shoes are impossible.

>>115117637Jessica feet are little

>>115110413so is your scarf

>>115115081This art makes me moist

Am I the only one that she needs a little hair in the front? like she looks bald sometimes


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>>115118502>Am I the only one that she needs a little hair in the front? like she looks bald sometimesCovered eye is what makes her sexy."normal" hair and it's generic

>>115102781Jessica and Betty needs to be friends

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>>115118644Incredible that Mae Questel could still do the voice 50 years later.

>>115118644That's a fucking fantastic betty boop design

>>115119017Spoe makes some holy good designs

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Who even owns Betty boop?

>>115118439>moistpost titties

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>>115119727>what's toonworld logic

>>115119637>Who even owns Betty boop?Technically Paramount owns the character and name as you know her. But some of the movies are in public domain, and so the pre-real version Betty. The Betty Poodle is public domain

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