Discuss and create for one of Holla Forums's favourite crack ships!

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I'm working on it, I'm working on it!

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The more Babs I read, the more I feel a smutty/sweet villain ship would do her some good. She could use her own "Catwoman", but someone older, pragmatic, but not without a sense of ambition and pride. She should have someone she can butt heads with as often as she kisses him.

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>>115082376Isn't Avocado a little too on the nose for Barbara's safeword? Especially after Burnside.

>>115082376So, if Babs has a dad kink, Dru has a school girl kink?

These threads are getting annoying

>>115082663It's a callback to the panel that started it all. I thought it would be a fun roleplay for them.

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>>115082670They're even more annoying if you enter them.

>>115082706Considering Barbara's attire when dressing up, it's not that big a stretch, is it?

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Bumping before I turn in. I spent the night keying this up and birds are singing outside my window.

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>>115083273Made me think of this.

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>>115080641Who do you guys think for the voices?

>>115080641Nah, if one character has experienced interest in the other, it's not crack.Cheetah x Killer Moth is crack. Babs x Moth is not.

>>115080641Keep up the good work, fellas. Babs is a big fan!(Sorry for making you women, not enough of an artist to edit that part.)

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>>115084586It’s one of those terms that means ten different things depending on who you ask. Some people would call a fully canon ship delusional crack just because it’s not sealed with a kiss or something.

>>115083916Patrick Warburton for Killer Moth

>>115085530The dialogue's edited?

>>115084586Didn't Moth flirt with her in an issue that's decades old?

With how popular this ship is, I'm surprised that an user hasn't tried making something similar. A comic about a loving relationship between the secret identities of a superhero and a supervillain. Neither of them knows the others secret and they constantly have to come up with excuses for why they both need to leave suddenly from a date or seem to constantly be gaining new bruises. It could be cute.

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There's just something about this ship that makes me want to get much better at drawing, I love it!

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So, Moth better having a helmet or a peelable mask?

Babs getting a moth tattoo when?


I remember the headcanon of Moth being a really good cook being discussed a long time ago and I remember I had this snippet saved.>"Barbara, I can't help but notice your starting to become a bit on the... plush side." Batman told Batgirl as she struggled to get the pants of her costume up, a noticeable muffin top scrunching every time she did.>"Okay so I've been skipping out on my training regime but don't worry I'll get right-">"Barbara." Batman stared at Batgirl, causing her to become nervous. "You've been eating Killer Moth's food again haven't you?">Batgirl jumped with embarrassment at the World's Greatest Detective's deduction at her sudden weight gain.>"Okay okay you got me but I can't help it, he is an AMAZING cook! And he gets so excited when he has me try new recipes, I don't want to break his heart...">"Barbara, it's bad enough that you’re fraternizing with a dangerous criminal but now it's starting to... impede your work." Batman poked at Batgirl's muffin top to make his point.>"Alright fine, I'll lay off the moth food!">Barbara then got a text on her phone.>"Um...">"What?">"Killer Moth just made Black Forest Gateau and...">"Tell. Him. No."

>>115088707Has he ever had a peelable mask? Not counting edgy gas mask Moth.

>>115088613Damn, that's cute. Keep at it, I say!

>>115089225Thank you!>>115089003Babs would need willpower of steel to resist his gateau.

>>115088613Hot! You're pretty good already!

>>115088707I say helmet. It's a classic at this point.

>>115087806Yeah, can't believe the CCA let this be published.

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>>115087806She was flirty with him more recently. Even though he came close to killing her, I can see this Babs giving him a chance down the line if the spark is still there. She kissed Penguin's son, Moth would be an upgrade.

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>>115089003>>115083273I'm sensing a theme here.

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>>115090971It's not even the romantic angle that kills me but how perfect it would be for babs to have an iconic reoccurring villain to have bantz with.

>>115091116>Be Killer Moth sitting in jail. Again. >No big offer from Luthor>Maybe I'm going about this all wrong. Why kill the Batgirl when I can troll the fuck out of her. >For a price.

>>115091179> troll the fuck out of her.That's literally his whole schtick.

Even if they still think of him as a joke, I would be thrilled if they made him a crouching moron hidden badass type. It worked for Johnny.

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>>115091179>>115091212>Killer moth trolls Batman and the police>Batgirl trolls Killer Moth...sexually

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>>115091212DC seems to have largely forgotten that in favor of making him a joke. Sure, the big villains would laugh at him, but small time crooks and mid-level costumes who can't afford henchmen would probably see him as a godsend. Anyone that could draw the cops and bats away and keep them busy is an asset to those without such skills or firepower. And makes him prime recurring bad guy and even friendly enemy material.

>>115091321>Be on jewel heist duty>Batgirl actually knocked him the fuck out. >Wakes up and picks Batcuffs before cops arrive>Collect share of the loot. Thieves look at him funny, but whatever. >Arrives home, takes off helmet, sees bright red lipstick kiss where the mouth would be. >Looks in mirror, sees she kissed his lips and neck. >Takes off pants...

>>115088567Some Anons can draw. Others can write. Not many can do both. I'm trying to work it into an erotica piece.

>>115089003>>"Barbara, I can't help but notice your starting to become a bit on the... plush side." Batman told Batgirl as she struggled to get the pants of her costume up, a noticeable muffin top scrunching every time she did.Now I need to see Babs with a muffin top. She should be burning so many calories with crime fighting, this would be an accomplishment.

>>115088731>>115082556I liked the idea of a butt cheek tat or tramp stamp, but having it under her pantyline in front feels more intimate to me.

>>115085530>Someone quoted my fanfic!I'm truly touched, user.

>>115085530What's worse, reading hybristophiliac love letters to her own brother, or getting off to smutty fanfiction written about herself?

>>115083916I always hear her TNBA voice. And sometimes Molly Quinn. She's a hot redhead, it fits.

>>115093338It’s neck and neck, but the brother in question being a freaky siscon who’s probably getting off on knowing she’s reading them makes that take the cake.

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>>115093439She would make a perfect Babs for a BatMoth sitcom.

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>>115094056And I'm not just saying that because I have a major crush on her or anything, even though she has flawless skin, mesmerising eyes, gorgeous hair, and a heartstopping smile. She's also a great actress I'd like to see more of.

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>>115094373She even suits Barbara's fashion sense. (Last one. Promise)

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>>'m fond of Mae Whitman's Babs. Never really enjoyed Tara as her or Harley.

>>115094499>Mae WhitmanOh, she isn't bad at all!

>>115083916Jon Hamm for KM and >>115094499 for Babs.

>>115091324He's one of those characters who would never make A-list but could be a solid mid-card villain if they just leaned into him as a serious criminal.

>>115094725Seconding both of these, Jon Hamm's perfect

>>115095273>>115094725Hamm IS an inspired choice! Who would do for Kitten? I'm not up on younger actresses, but anyone that can sound bratty enough but still tug at the heartstrings should do I guess.

>>115096141I’d stick with Tara Strong. She played the character so shrill and bratty that it could still work as a child’s voice with barely any adjustments.

>>115093779Would he be the type to write Batgirl smut?

>>115088731Does she have any tattoos? She's such a basic white girl, I wouldn't be surprised if she had an ankle tatt or something.

>>115096501He'd commission Batgirl fanfiction based on extremely specific fantasies from Babs' teenage diary to fuck with her, but he does it anonymously so she can't prove anything.

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>>115096896>>115082706>Dear Diary, I just fought a supervillain tonight. He had this AMAZING deep voice, like he was the principal and you'd been bad. Killer Moth threads were his plan from the beginning. HE PLAYED US LIKE A GODDAMN FIDDLE!!!

>>115096759I think she's smart enough to not have any sort of identifying marks. Steph probably has 3 in highly visible locations.>>115096985Wouldn't that mean one of us is Jim Jr.?

>>115097418>Steph probably has 3 in highly visible locations.I haven't seen any yet, but I will keep a close eye on future depictions.

>>115097418>Wouldn't that mean one of us is Jim Jr.?Probably this guy. >>115082376 He went right for the schoolgirl roleplay.

>>115097869That's just what James Jr. would say.Also any writing prompts you'd like to see? I might be able to put out something quick depending on the idea.

>>115098296We covered Kitten pretty thoroughly in the last thread. I'm curious on how the Batfamily members would react to learning about the relationship. There's some speculation on how Cass and Steph would react, and a little on Bruce, but not so much Dick. I'm also wondering which of Walker's villain friends would twig onto it first.

>>115098375>I'm also wondering which of Walker's villain friends would twig onto it first.>Garfield: Dru, your girlfriend kicked me in the nads. >Dru: To be fair, you did try to flamethrow her in the face. >Garfield: You threw her at me. >Dru: So you could flamethrow her in the face, weren't you paying attention? >Garfield: ...I don't get it. We're on a job, you want me to try and kill her. But when we're off the job, she comes over to suck your face like nothing happened. >Dru: Dude, you read Fifty Shades cover to cover, how could you NOT get it? >Garfield: Oh. OH! Still. The next time I see her, she's going to burn. Costume or no. >Dru: No Gar, she's off limits when she's out of the costume, or no more teamups. We should be sporting about this. >Garfield: FINE! But if I start dating that Fire chick from the Justice League, no flame puns. >Dru: Deal (with fingers crossed behind his back).

>>115098375Outside of Steph and Cass the rest of the Batfamily's reactions don't really seem like interesting places to go. Bruce would be stern and kinda hypocritical and intrusive (I actually already wrote a piece about Bruce intruding on on of Bab and Dru's dates that was in an earlier thread that kinda sums up how I think he'd react), Dick I imagine would be low-key jealous and, for lack of a better term, start some dick-waving shit before mellowing out, Tim would be concerned but trust Babs, and Damian would be snide and dismissive but that's just how he reacts to most things. Luke would need a personality before he has an opinion. I imagine both of the them would play the relationship pretty close to the chest since they're aware enough to realize it's not going to work out, but Dru has an extra layer to shield them since he can always play "dating Gotham's top cop's daughter" as the reason he's hiding it from his villain friends. Plus I imagine that only a handful of villains could be trusted to not use Babs or Dru as a method to get at the other.

Me and a friend have been wanting to read a fic where Barb loses it, and after years of will they/wont they unfulfilled flirting/teasing, she just straight up incapacitates and rapes killer moth, and he's not sure how to feel about it. I'm not confident enough in my ability to write Batgirl, so I'm putting this out there in case it might inspire anyone.

>>115098756>Dick I imagine would be low-key jealous and, for lack of a better term, start some dick-waving shit before mellowing outThis isn't like Bruce and Catwoman. I'd imagine he'd be absurdly jealous. A clash between him and the Moth could be fun.

>>115098810I kinda have an idea along those lines, but I don't like doing outright smut.>>115099082>*Nightwing leans over the beaten and prone figure of Killer Moth and lifts his head with an escrima stick to stare look him in the eye*>Oh, and one last thing. I fucked your girlfriend.>No wonder...she dumped you....Little Boy Wonder.

>>115098810>>115099473I'm currently writing smut. >>115082376 I can tackle it later. >>115097869Bwahahahaha!

>>115099473...just out of curiosity, has Babs mentioned to whom/when she lost her virginity?

>>115099606No. I imagine it was to some high school boyfriend. DC would probably claim it was Dick, but that'd just be emblematic of the problems they have with Babs' as a character and relation to the Batfamily.

>>115099845Then again, popping a hot young redhead in the Batmobile would be a very tempting prospect.

>>115099845>DC would probably claim it was Dick, but that'd just be emblematic of the problems they have with Babs' as a characterShe's way too quick to use him as an emotional crutch and jump on his nightstick. And he's always eager to simp for her. It's pretty damn unhealthy.

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>>115101071Pretty him up with Hollywood Makeup, and he'll be a perfict fit.

>>115101071My first blush thought for KM in the Batgirl movie is Armie Hammer, but he's probably too handsome and too young yet.

fucking hate Holla Forums for making me ship this only to find out there's no content. How could you?

>>115101442Be the change, man. We got lucky with the last couple of threads with fanfiction and art. It really warmed my heart to see such support.

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>>115101442Copying a link to Ghostwriter's cocoon sex my own humble offering in case anyone is interested.

>>115101487>batmoth kabedonniice>>115101593thank you user

>>115096501>>115096896>>115096985Now this is the kind of prime degeneracy I can write

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>>115101738There was a funny short where they're interrupted by Condiment King, but I lost the link to that one. Hopefully someone will oblige.

>>115101071>>115101254Hamm's too old, Hammer is a little too pretty boy. I'd go with Charlie Hunnam.

>>115101841Is this the one?

>>115101915>"MY MY, WE'RE GETTING A BIT HOT AND SAUCY HERE, AREN'T WE!"That's the one! Thanks, user!

>>115101844>Hammer is a little too pretty boy.Yea. I almost want to see him in something alongside Ryan Reynolds just because you know there's going to be some Deadpool-esque homoerotic speedtalking. It'd be hilarious. > I'd go with Charlie Hunnam.Hm... Yea, I can see it.

>>115101844Too english for me, maybe as King Snake.

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>>115101839> love seeing Babs all flustered and frustrated. I can legitimately believe she'd get off on fanficiton of herself too. >>115085530


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>>115101442Here's a link to every bit of BatMoth (and just Batgirl and Killer Moth) stuff I've think I might have a problem.

>>115102207You genius! You madman! This is glorious! Thanks.

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Here's some fics I've collected tutors Kitten and fantasizes about and Dru drunkenly make out

I loved the artwork we had in a previous thread too. This ship sparks such creativity.

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>>115102373This makes me want to see them do a duet.

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>>115099473As much as I'm rooting for Moth... yea, Dick would probably kick his ass.

>>115102373How much art is there for the ship? I can’t get enough of it

>>115102819Not as much as I'd like, but I'll post what I've got and hopefully some artist anons wil lbe inspired.

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>>115091703looks like a barber pole down there

>>115103131Young Babs has probably done her fair share of rainbow parties in high school.

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>>115103182>Bullied by Gwen StacyKek!

Green texts have been fun too.

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I should add a moth to this shirt, just to get the point across better.

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>>115103264I do got some of that.

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>>115103484Fun Fact: Babs is canonically a slutty drunk.

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I know this is a BatMoth thread, but I love seeing the batgirls rib each other. Babs needs close friends to give her shit in addition to a proper nemesis to give her sexy bantz.

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>>115103574Babs is such an overachiever in all things, she works hard so she plays hard. Context given Babs must be a lot to handle, a genius with perfect recall and a natural born athlete? 11/10 sexy librarian redhead.

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>>115103907>a genius with perfect recallThat could be a nightmare. She'd never let you live down practically anything because she always, always, remembers. Then again, she'd also always remember the good stuff you've done for her too. And she is a kniky minx, so... yum.

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I just really like this cover. Makes her look beautiful. That is all.

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Babs just got back form an uneventful night on patrol and is looking to unwind with a little smut. What keywords is she looking up?

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>>115098756>Plus I imagine that only a handful of villains could be trusted to not use Babs or Dru as a method to get at the other.Would definitely be more fun if they knew of that hot little redhead he's been seeing and not that she's Batgirl. Would any of the villains he'd associate with know Barbara Gordon on sight? I'd imagine a couple would, but it wouldn't be like he'd take her over to the villain bar or anything. Although it could make for a fun "undercover" plot if Babs pressured him into letting her in so she can observe someone in the Gotham criminal underground.

>>115104833I've got an idea for a story rolling around in my head where he actually does introduce her to Cavalier and Captain Stingaree that has everyone in their civilian guises with Cavalier suspecting something fishy with her beyond being Gordon's daughter since he's fought her before. But I also don't see either of them actually doing anything if they found out she was Batgirl because they're not really those kind of villains and also they don't want the drama with Dru because I'd present them as his actual friends (and Kitten's "uncles").

>>115105227>Cavalier and Captain StingareeFirefly seems to be the most mentioned of Kitten's "uncles", but a pair of swashbucklers would make interesting role models for her. Especially if for some strange and contrived reason she finds herself having to fence against Damian.

>>115103040my reaction to the thread honestly

>>115105402I prefer Cavalier and Stingaree because of Cavalier's teamups with Moth and the fact that Batgirl Year One had Moth being freaked out by Firefly's insanity. Plus Cavalier and Stingaree are more in line with Holla Forums's version of Killer Moth than Firefly. Firefly can always be the crazy uncle. Also I'm a giant sucker for villains in healthy, loving relationships and they're the only Bat rogues I can think of that have that relationship.

>>115105548These classic teamups are fun as hell. It's a pity DC doesn't do more nods to them.

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>>115104676>bondage (of freaking course)>MF>anal>non-con>romance>age difference>Exhibitionism>+/- taboo, tentacle, gangbang, and maybe something exotic like ovipositor if she's in the right mood.

Alright, here's a new work. I wanted to try out a non-romantic dynamic rather than straight shipping

>>115105761>Babs, are you reading smut about yourself again?>No! I'm...critiquing smut about myself.>Why don't you just head over Dru's house?>It's late and also a school night.>I thought that'd make it more interesting for you.>And what is that supposed to mean, Frankie?>You know...older guy, younger girl...>Oh for, for the last time, it's not like that!>Says the woman with footie pajamas that have a buttflap.>You own the same pair of pajamas!>Yeah, but I've never worn them on a romantic weekend getaway.

>>115106181>Chin dimpleAlso called a "cleft chin", but that's a minor semantic thing. That was adorable! :) And not altogether "non-romantic".

>>115106599Damn. I had forgotten ddlg.

>this smileWhat's she going to do with this helmet?

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>>115106640All Bats keep trophies. She's going to hide it in her closet, and wear it at night so she can schlick herself to the memory of her first night out.

>>115106621I might do a paste about Babs' kinks, but I don't know if it should be a conversation between her and Dru or her friends.

>>115106754Do one then the other. Depending on whose reaction would be more entertaining for you.

And now we get to the really smutty part! Almost done with this one.

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>>115106770I don't know, might just skip it. It might have more to do with me wanting Batgirl to be more fleshed out as a comic with a solid supporting cast, love interests, and rogues gallery than shipping and smut-adjacent stuff.

>>115106829>wanting Batgirl to be more fleshed out as a comic with a solid supporting cast, love interests, and rogues galleryYou don't like Penguin Jr. and Evil Oracle? Nah, I get it. There's something of a dearth of development on her in several fundamental narrative and character points. And I'm not sure if that's by design, keep her empty enough to be a self-insert type like Rey, or if it's just laziness. Personally, I felt the identity politics stuff they saddled her with made her too much of a classic out of touch basic white girl. Which could have been a place to grow from, but they never went anywhere interesting with it, and now she's in a will-they-won't-they with Jason Bard. Who is mopey, but unrepentant. No character growth for him either, and it just keeps the both of them in a holding pattern. Probably for an upcoming event, but that's comics for you.

>>115106829Her friends then. She needs people to give her shit, and kinks is a fun place to start with that.

>>115106829>and rogues galleryI feel there's a lot of potential in taking older c-d list villains and revamping them for Babs to face. Even some of the sillier ones. Give some a genderswap, others a gritty reboot, newer costumes and upgrades. Seemed to have worked for Killer Moth, he was easily the best part of this latest run.

>>115106664>Barbara, what is this doing in your closet, young lady!?>Dad! Why were you snooping about in my things! >Answer the question. This should be in an evidence locker! >It's just for a costume, dad! I made it in shop class. >Why is it broken?>A little mishap with a table saw. > you have the rest of the costume?>Dad! Just give it back! >Alright fine. But we'll talk later, young lady.

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My latest bit of smut is finished! Save for some spelling errors I am too lazy to fix.

>>115085530I hope edited pages become a trend. This one was fun!

>>115106599>>No! I'm...critiquing smut about myself.Terrible liar. Perfectly in character for Babs..

>>115108157Thank you!

>>115108005Cute work. How old is Kitten supposed to be here?

>>115108157>cherry bombKek. Fitting.This was really good. I mostly lean into Babs’ kinks for the comedic effect, but you sold the hotness. Great action in the second half too.

>>115106181Love this, very comfy. Even if DC’s too afraid to commit to the implications of an age-gap heroine/villain romance, this still demonstrates they could make a pretty fun BROTP regardless.

>>115108157Great work!

>>115110229Teenager, I guess.

Wrote this. Might

>>115106940I'm not actually opposed to either Penguin Jr. or Evil Oracle, and I think Burnside gave her a couple of good one-shot villains that could be expanded upon. I even think Simone's run had a couple of good ones. It's just, as always, a matter of consistent use and character portrayal. I also don't think the identity politics stuff was particularly overbearing; it was a facet of the book but primarily focused on her supporting cast. Bard's problem isn't that he's unrepentant, it's that he's spineless. Bard could actually a pretty interesting character given the setup, but no one likes a whiner - especially about a girl.>>115108005>Dru doesn't have the heart to remind her that he only really works at night

>>115112872Cute, nice setup too. Really feels like it's the beginning of a series of connected pieces revolving around a single plot.

>>115110469Thanks! I felt the song fit the dialogue and situation well, all things considered. ;)

>>115112872>Lex staking a claim in Gotham >Dru turning hero (even if for hire)>Babs being cuteHas quite a few interesting elements! I'd like to see more.

>>115112912>but no one likes a whiner - especially about a girl.Yep. That part feels like filler to me. They had to have something planned on that front, but the lack of any real action on it suggests to me that they're building up to something. Or rather awaiting for something since there's no real buildup. But I find him annoying enough that I want them to kill him off.

>>115112872>The dreaded “Sad Babs” look.Oh, this poor sucker.

>>115113567If Jason had actually presented with some spine, and a little self-interest, it could have worked. If he had been "yeah, I did some pretty nasty stuff in the past but I'm trying to make the city better, legitimately, and if Barbara Gordon takes issue with the fact I don't feel like spending a decade or two of my life in a concrete box as punishment she can just learn to deal. Not after one of her dad's pet vigilantes threw me off a roof repeatedly until I was crippled," that would actually challenge Babs viewpoint and actions.

>>115114210There was some of that early on, but the second he caught feelings for her he became the simpiest of simps. I think Babs would respect him more if he did stand up for himself, however wrong he might have been.

>>115114321Some ambiguity if he was actually attracted to her, was simply making a power play, or a mix of both would have gone a long way with this "relationship."

>>115114350Indeed. Instead we get sad Jason, Babs brushing him off, and Batgirl coaching him to call "that girl he likes". Just put him out of his misery, girl!

I like the idea of Babs being a closet smut addict. I'm having a chuckle over how many wrong details she'd laugh over. And how many she might be curious about herself.

>>115114520It really does feel more like Babs is just fucking with a guy she's uninterested in and using her own mixed feelings about her ex to justify doing so. If Jason had some spine he could work as a love interest in a "terrible idea" sort of way, and if the narrative was willing to show Babs' behavior as a negative the current dynamic could work, albeit not as a romance. As is you kinda just want both of them pull their heads out of their asses.

>>115114675You'd also figure she would talk about him with her friends. Hell, she just had Frankie involved in some shit with evil robot, she could at least pick up a phone to check in on her.

>>115114994It's really fucking weird. When they transitioned to Burnside they made it seem like they were going to drop Alysia for Frankie and Dinah but instead simply lessened Alysia's prominence while keeping her around. Then once Burnside wraps she moves back in with Jim for a couple of issues then moves into a completely different apartment from the one she was living in just a couple of days prior and dumps all of her friends. I get that pre-Oracle Babs basically only had Jason Bard as a sorta supporting cast member and Oracle bounced from team book to team book, but it seems like current editorial direction for Barbara is to have her as a sad, angry, friendless loner. That or their only actual conceptualization of Barbara is as arm candy for Batfamily males; which kinda seems that way since her current "love interest" mostly just seems to be an excuse to think about how much she wants to bone Dick.

Who is Jason and what did he do that was so bad?

>>115115499Most recently? Bombed a political rally.

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>>115115499Jason Bard is a fairly old character, usually connected to the Bat-titles, that has been appearing sporadically since the late Silver Age. Pre-Flashpoint he was private investigator and one of Babs' love interests but was overall a very minor character. Post-Flashpoint he's a corrupt cop (now former cop) who was basically the villain of Batman Eternal.

>>115112872Nice, thanks for your contribution

>>115115363>but it seems like current editorial direction for Barbara is to have her as a sad, angry, friendless loner.Which is bizarre, because she all she really has to do is pick up the damn phone. And I'm honestly boggled at how she can just simply not care about her company being torn out from under her. She would be all up in investigating that shit if it was Bruce's company, and she's done deeper digs for others as Oracle. But when it comes to her own, she just really couldn't be arsed. It paints a really lazy and neglectful picture of her. She didn't even follow up on Killer Moth babbling on about a "deal", and she's supposed to have perfect recall.

>>115116503Everyone knows event tie-ins don't count.

>>115114568I’d love to see an “in-universe” fic, just absolutely riddled with false conclusions and weird headcanons. Batman has blonde hair. Babs is a twenty-something virgin. The Robins treat her like some kind of sexless Wendy Darling mother figure. None of them ever call each by name, for obvious reasons. Shit like that.

>>115116766>Hm...>Something on your mind, Barbara? >Just wondering how you'd look with frosted tips and a goatee. >...what?

Fuck Bard for killing Cormorant too. Babs desperately needs some recurring villains, of the stupid sexy moth variety or otherwise.

>>115117197It's harder to write villains for Barbra because she's not as damaged as Bruce is.

>>115117309Eh, I don’t think (obvious) damage is a qualifier for having interesting villains. Just look at Spider-Man.The key is you need enemies that say something about the hero. Moth’s perfect for this because he and Babs both start as Bat imitators trying to prove themselves. Barbara eventually succeeds, while Moth doesn’t, which makes him this kind of pathetic but fascinating reflection who we all wanna root for and see reach her level.But aside from James and OrAIcle, who both haven’t really been executed well, most of the villains that get thrown at Babs these days don’t really say anything unique or engaging about her as a hero or person, and are thus forgotten.

>>115117197>Just had an arc about being a mixed martial artist>Gets completely pwnd by a couple of punches and a lack of ground game. I know he's ex-military, but she really should be used to those types by now.

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>>115117687>Moth’s perfect for this because he and Babs both start as Bat imitators trying to prove themselves.There's also the daughter/dad thing.I'd also consider the Riddler to be this if only they pitted him against her more.

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>>115117963>>115083558...does Babs get strangled often in the comics? Pretty hot.

>>115117687>Just look at Spider-Man.Bad example. Peter's just damaged in a different way, and it informs his every decision as a hero. He just has a decent support group of friends and family, and especially MJ. And Babs herself is damaged, she has a psychopath for a brother, she never knows if her father is going to come home alive at the end of the day, and she's walking with the aid of some microchips thanks to a bullet in her spine. Yet it doesn't really seem to inform her character too much unless it matters to the plot of the weak. She lacks something of a moral core to her. Does she have any sort of defining ethos?

>>115118106> "Now, babs. i don;t know if this is-"> "Shut up and choke me, Dru!"

>>115118202True, that’s why I specified *obvious* damage. Peter and Babs have their issues and their trauma, but they’re both still on the quipper side, which it what matters when it comes to banter and the like.Babs’ moral core varies as much as her characterization does. In the 80s she just admired Batman so much that she wanted to be his partner. The heroics were secondary to the thrill, and eventually she just retired when she felt like she’d become redundant. Year One Babs has a kind of great power, great responsibility thing going on? She sees that Gotham’s going down a dark path, and because she has the skills to help salvage it and can’t put them to use as a cop, she decides to do her part as a cape.

>>115118202> and she's walking with the aid of some microchips thanks to a bullet in her spine.If you;re going to cripple her make it matter. Though she had a villain named Gretel who was also shot, but it empowered her rather than crippling her.

>>115118617It's an interesting plot device when the writers make use of it. That scene at the end of the Fugue arc where she re-cripples herself to fuck him over was god damn metal for a book so shoujo.

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>>115118235...damn. I might use this one later for a fic.

>>115118755Damn. That is metal af. Especially compared to... well, this.

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>>115117197>Fuck Bard for killing Cormorant too.He needed to cover his tracks. He's going to seal the deal with babs, and the following night he'll be standing over Batgirl crowing "IT WAS ME, BATGIRL! I'M THE ARCHITECT OF ALL YOUR PAIN!!!"

>>115119104Eo...bard. By god user, you’ve cracked the code.

>>115119377Turns out he needed to impregnate Barbara to fuck the timeline. Who would have guessed?