The superior ivy dyke ship

The superior ivy dyke ship

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>>115078882>winifred ivytrash

>>115078882Wasn't there a comic where they made out? It involved plant TF and mind-rape.

Helps that she and Harley never interacted in that cartoon, as far as I know. Too bad, since this Ivy is barely legal and I got the world's biggest age gap yuri fetish.

>>115079566They teamed-up in an issue of the spin-off comic.

>>115079511link anonLINK

>>115078882Ivy is the worst Batman rogue

>>115079511If you find it, please share the link.

>>115079511you fucking cocktease

>>115078882my favorite versions of them desu

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>>115079511Was it a porn comic?

>>115080390I kind of want to see more of bad Babs.

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>>115078882The epilogue of the finale in the 2004 animated version really should've ended with one of the scenes where Barbara visits Ivy in Arkham Asylum.


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>>115080531Instead, we got a lame Justice League special that caped off a bland final season.

>>115078882Barbra is for Bruce ONLY

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>>115080569Always gay, those two.

>>115080679That's a dick move on Bruce's part though.

The Batman was a fun show

>>115080569Don't forget the later issue where Ivy gets possessed by mutated marijuana and Harley gets Catwoman and Batgirl to save her.

>>115079511Sauce now or you die

>>115078882Why doesn't Ivy just impregnate all the girls?

>>115078882Barbara was a qt in that series, when I was a kid, I wrote fanfiction with a self insert who got both girls and had wacky adventures with them. Kinda miss that level of autism back then.

>>115080679Honestly I always imagined Batgirl with Harley in terms of lesbianism.

>>115086314>Ivy impregnating other womenApprove.

>>115086314Because seeds don't grow like that.Although they could probably just pull whatever comic book logic to make it happen.

Definitely the best version of Babsgirl.

>>115089050Ah, a man of taste and culture as well.

Stray Bat

>>115089297I've jerked it to that comic more times then I care to admit.

>tfw Barbara in this series is wife material.


>>115078882a predatory ivy seducing barbra is pretty good imo

>>115087885Because of DCSHG?

>>115089050Because aside from the cop's daughter backstory, it's basically Stephanie. My guess is the writer of her Batgirl book took some influence from TB.

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>>115091480Damn, you're right.

>>115091480>tfw redheaded Stephanie is best girlYou fucked my mind good sir.

>>115078882>>115090187Ivy seducing Babs is my headcanon for this cosplay.

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>>115091480So, Steph is sort of like Jason but without the anger issues?

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>>115091907She was pretty angry too for most of her character history. Becoming Batgirl is what eventually mellowed her out.

>>115091949>>115091970>>115091991I can see why I wrote the shit I did when I was a kid, both girls are solid. One is passionate about what she loves, and will do anything to make sure it is safe, has a very seductive teasing personality mixed with some smugness. The other is one who whats to do the right thing, yet can't stop herself from making jokes whenever she is scared or stressed. Will still do anything she can to make sure the things she cares about are safe and protected, plus she is great due to a lot of her humour hitting making it so she is a great time to be around. Goddamn DC had some great waifus in the animated verse.

>>115090187Why even attempt seduction? Have Lez Ivy rape Babs repeatedly until she accepts this is what her life is going to be like now.


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>>115091471B:TAS actually. They felt like a good pair.Harley is the wild chick. Batgirl is the curious, awakening lesbian.

>>115080569>Reminder that The Batman version of Ivy was in her late teens or early 20s, and their version of Harley was in her early 30s

>>115093781>late teensMaybe not even. I wanna say Babs was 15 in her introductory season, since she was still taking driving lessons. Ivy could be older, but probably not by much.

>>115093781Both Pam and Barbara were around 16 in the series, but aged up as time went on. I think they hit around 18 because Barbara did join collage at some point in the 5 season. Robin was like 11 when he joined or 13, so he ended up as more of a little brother then a love interest like usual for Barbara.

>>115093627Seriously, would it be implausible? Batgirl's got an open mind.

>>115080603Weren’t they trying to make a second DCAU with half the effort?

>>115093844By Season 5, they didn't need Batgirl anymore now that Robin was fully-established, so they put her on the bus to college and gave her only a very small handful of episodes.

>>115093941>introduce a successfully endearing sidekick>force her to share screentime with an annoying one>eventually phase her out entirely to prop up the annoying oneThanks I hate it.

>>115093941Which was a stupid idea, she was the best part of the show and fuelled my autism with my writefagging.

>>115093987They only used Batgirl first because the writers literally were not allowed to use Robin until Teen Titans ended its last season.

>>115094366Should have kept batgirl and let robin fade desu.

>>115094366That's just embarrassing. Maybe the women are right, maybe we are sexist.

>>115093346Nah. Corruption is much better. Ivy seducing Babs to come back to her and radical environmentalist terrorism is much hotter than fucking Babs brains out.

>>115094366Unfortunate that what should’ve been a shark-jump turned out to be pretty fucking good, and then they just discarded it to jump the shark again even higher.

>>115094420Blame WB. They thought it would be too confusing to the little kids if Robin was in two shows at once.

>>115095252>WB made it so we got Best girl as soon as possible.Based.

>>115094882Why not both? Seduction then fucking brains out to cement her corruption.

>>115086853I read some old fanfics long ago where Babs unmasked herself to Ivy in a desperate attempt to get her to stop being a villain, and it leads to the two of them being pals again in college (with Ivy disguising herself to look human in public). They were cute stories, but they've since been deleted by the author.

>>115096553Mine were just self insert Oc character doing wacky shit, it was pretty damn cringe looking back, but I did have fun doing it so there was that.

>>115078882Fuck that, this Ivy is the best. I don't care if I have shit taste, assertive seductive redhead is top fucking tier.

>>115096753Ivy was pretty gud, but Barbara was my personal Favs desu, mostly because she is a fun loving girl .

>>115079511Did we ever get the sauce?

>>115099971No, he didn't give us shit.

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>>115101298Same energy

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>>115093781It would be fun to see a Harley/Ivy due where Harley needs to be the mature one.


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>>115101609Far right is what a proper DCAU Power Girl would have likely been.


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>Thread seemed like it was dying>then out of nowhere it came backSweet.


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>>115101298>Poison Ivy offers you 1 (one) nut inside her if you surrender>Hottest sex of your life, despite her poison-green eyes and the tendrils crawling underneath your skin>Finish inside her as promised, she grins and kisses you, displaying your handiwork before drawing away>Essentially become the father to a bunch of plant people before being absorbed into the shared biomass of the Green>You will never experience thisWhy must we suffer in this way bros?


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>>115101775Eh, I might be too much of a normal fag for this, but I would prefer to go watch horrible movies with Barbara and cuddle.

>>115101824I respect your correct opinion but still have the desire to indulge in my degenerate fantasies.


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>>115101837That's fair too.


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>>115078882I think this gal's awesome but on the other hand I feel like I'll never forgive her for her introduction. Moment she got the greenlight to show up in the series they dropped Ellen Yin's story harder than a bag of bricks. Considering the target audience I'm sure they were confident no one would notice but that shit really hurt.


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>>115102053I don't even remember what Yin did beyond be a stand-in for Renee Montoya. All I know is that the faux-Jackie Chan crap was ditched in favor of turning the show to DCAU-lite.


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>>115101775I'd be more into becoming a plant hybrid henchman/boy toy, but hey, at least i'll die busting that good nut.


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>>115102149I never really saw her as Renee's stand-in but I guess I see what you mean by that given her story beats. It just sucks because you can tell they intended on actually having her stick around given how things ended with Season 2. They must not have known they would get access to Batgirl which is why Yin was immediately given back her job by the end of the episode. Otherwise, he leaving would have been the perfect sendoff.


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>>115102053This is what bothered me too. I actually would’ve liked Yin to stay in the show, but they jettisoned her.

>>115102332Season 3 was the writers admitting that if they can't beat the DCAU, the next best thing is to imitate it.>>115102411The nice thing about the tie-in comic is that it doesn't completely forget plot elements that the show itself ditched, like Babs and Ivy being friends or the fact that Yin exists.One of the better ongoing plots is Rupert Thorne, only briefly mentioned in the first episode, adapting his mob business to the new supervillain lifestyle by providing their equipment.

I want more pics of Barbara desu.

>>115102269If you do that, you might have a chance of becoming pic related

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>>115100330tempted to make it myself at this point

>>115104082Go nuts lad, the more lewds of this version of Barbara, the better.

>>115104291might look like shit but at least it'll be something.


>>115093844>Both Pam and Barbara were around 16 in the series,According to the designer, Ivy was 19. Probably another reason Jim didn't want Barbara to hang out with her.

>>115102639The Batman Strikes! was pretty good and sometimes I preferred it to the show itself. They did more with one-shot characters like Gearhead, Spellbinder, or even Black Mask. There's a particular story I like where Batman is chasing Catwoman, and she insists that she is being framed for a string of crimes. The reveal is that she is framed by Ethan Bennett Clayface, whose crimes are actually old cases he solved. He is committing those crime to destroy his old reputation as a hero, but Batman and Catwoman team up to stop him. Even the team-ups were more interesting than the show's final season team-ups, like Batman and Superman against Thorne and a squad of Metallos, or Batman and Etrigan against the Demons Three, who were freed by Riddler.

>>115095252I was talking about writing Batgirl out.

i know its shit but wanted to at least give you all something before this thread dies.

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>>115107525Still cute

>>115108307thanks user.

It was an interesting angle

>>115105462Oh, I could have sworn they were around the same age considering they were almost the same height as well, are you sure it's because she didn't turn 19 at the end of the series like Barbara?

>>115109282Pam started off a college student and Barbara was still in high school.

>>115109484Eh, that's fair. Because at some point in the series Barbara did end up in collage showing that a few years did pass.

>>115109484Are you sure? I recall a gag being Pam’s mom asking her to take out the garbage while she’s on the phone pretending to be an evil mastermind, which could still happen if she were 19+, but seems like an obvious way to communicate she’s younger. Then again, I don’t think there was any mention of Pam and Ivy going to school together, so maybe.

>>115107525Very cute. Thank you user.

>that feel when this was one of your fav things to watch when you were a kid, and thought it was forgotten only for some lads to bring it up again.Feels good.

>>115109625A college student living at home.>Barbara is a 16-year-old gymnast; she’s not too tall and has straight red hair. We would put drawings next to Gordon and see which would work as his daughter. With this in mind you just let go, do a bunch of sketches and sooner or later you will hit the right one.>For Batgirl I took a sketch that Jeff had done and put the costume on the Barbara model. We also created a homespun costume that she was to wear on her first night as a super hero, but it was taken out later on. One of the main things to keep in mind with her and Batman is the powerful silhouette. Batgirl had to be appealing at full detail and in shadow.>Same thing with Pam, but in her case we had a 19-year-old rebel that loves plants. In the first designs for her she was a bit of a hippie, but later on I made her more grunge style, with baggie, torn pants and a ragged sweater. She doesn’t really care about her looks.>With Ivy, we weren’t sure what direction we wanted. I had the idea to curl her hair up and form the shapes of flowers with the curls. I did some sketches with this in mind and everybody seemed pleased with it. The hair was the part that made the design unique, and it also created a nice silhouette. Her outfit is just a nice leafy dress. From that point we went back and forth until we got the designs you see on the show.

>>115110059>she’s not too tall You can say that again, if Batman is still at his 6ftodd height, then she has to be under 5ft. Barbara in this series is a womenlet, and that is fucking great.

>>115101562This pairing is so wrong.

>>115110955It really is, it makes Batman seem unprofessional as fuck, and Barbara as a typical girl with daddy issues. It is fucking dumb and an damages both characters.

>>115111003>>115110955Batman is a fucked up dude, plus he's her tall, dark, handsome, fit, rich, tragic, and so on, partner. He's supposed to be JUSTICE but he sleeps with villains. Why does this surprise anyone? The only time Batman ever shows any restraint is when it comes to Wonder Woman.

>>115111156Maybe it's because Batman, at least in the DCAU, was professional, he tried love a few times, but it always fell through. Hell he had a thing for catwoman, but he still arrested her because it was the right thing to do. Sure he had problems, but he grew stronger because of them, he wasn't a broken man in that series, but a man with a mission to help who he could, hell a man with a lot more compassion then most other heroes with how he handled Ace. The DCAU batman imo is the best version and ruined most other Batman versions for me.

>>115110955I can fuck with it under certain circumstances, like in something like The Batman where Babs is a young teen full of hero worship who wouldn’t know any better, or less darkly, something like the Arkhamverse where Babs is an equal who Bruce respects the most out of anyone.It’s that middle ground where Babs is an adult Batgirl but not yet on Bruce’s maturity level that falls flat, and unfortunately that’s always what canon goes for.

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>>115110108Barbara’s height has always been pretty unusual. Secret Origins established she was quite a bit taller than average in the Post-Crisis universe. Then Batgirl: Year One brought in the “too womanlet to be a cop” retcon. Nowadays it seems she’s about normal.

>>115112279Yeah, but in the series she was tiny, which was great.>No tiny Barbara to tease about her height, then give headpats to.

>>115111230I’m just saying, if not for the whole Wonder Woman thing in the cartoons, I don’t see the shock in him fucking her in them. He knew Superman liked Lois and tried to get her to come home with him, anyways.

>>115112580>He knew Superman liked Lois and tried to get her to come home with him, anyways.Now the problem here is I don't remember much about this, but weren't they very stand off against each other at that point, so Batman was doing that to purposely tick superman off, plus it wasn't like he was working with her or they were dating.

>>115101609Top right next to magnetos helmet, is that red wojak?

>>115101609Ok, so Star wars and Marvel exist as entertainment in this version of batman, hell so does aliens and predator. That is interesting, did wonder women ever appear in the comics based on the series?

>>115112685His attitude was "you had your chance."

>>115112697I guess it’s just a red version of a Michael Myers mask

>>115112996Yeah, that makes sense too.

Posting some of the better art out there.

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>>115113388And one for you. >>115080679

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>>115113411How about more of Barbara doing cute things.

>>115113388Ahh, she's gonna kill her!

>>115113662Luckily she stopped by Babs’ place first.

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>>115113780Ahh, she was trying to murder Babs, but accidentally saved her life!

>>115110059Yeah, so they could've gone with her being a seductress if they wanted to, but they were focused on her friendship with Barbara. A shame the show didn't use her more afterwards. It could've been a great contrast to Bruce and Ethan, where the latter eventually reformed.

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>>115078882uh oh...

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>>115114428Clayface and Poison Ivy's "arcs" suffered the same problem as Two-Face did in the original B:TAS: sympathetic traits completely forgotten after the origin story and they get reduced to one-note villains.At least they remembered Ethan enough to conclude his story before writing him out of the series for good.

>>115114722It would have been better if she turned good desu.

>>115114985Definitely. It helps that Ivy is less her usual eco-terrorist persona and more an angry kid who means well but has no self-control.

>>115115258Goddamn it, now I wanna go back to my cringy roots and writefag shit now.


Attached: ivy_and_barb_i__the_poison_kiss_by_chronorin_d2w26wr-fullview.jpg (1024x1433, 176.74K)

So lads, how good are the comics anyway?


Attached: ivy_and_barb_ii__the_stigma_by_chronorin_d2wd61o-fullview.jpg (1280x2115, 360.44K)


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>>115117311>tfw no Plant girl Barbara and Pam to gently hug youIt's unfair...

Reminder that they had Luthor running the pheromones in that 1 story instead of Mercy, ...for some reason.

>>115118169The only thing I can remember is him mixing that stuff with kryptonite dust to mind control superman.

>>115101609>>115101694Cool.>>115101775Who's on top?

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>>115119624Can’t say I’m a fan of the Poison Babs concept, but that hair is great. Matches Ivy’s perfectly while also being its own thing.

>>115119679I kinda wanna write something to play with the idea, like Barbara being the one who gets hit by that mutagene, and she starts freaking out as an result.

>>115119739That would be interesting. Some things you could play with:>Barbara walking the line between hero and villain. Wants to be a hero like her father or Batman, but since she's now connected to plant life, feels their pain and starts to lean into occasional acts of eco-terrorism.>Jealous Pamela, who feels like "It should have been me">Trying to keep her powers and clearly visible physical transformation a secret from her father.

>>115119872Those are the ideas I am playing with so far, I would have to throw in swamp thing at some point of course just to see how they interact. I could do some changes to the story I am working on right now for this to just fit in. Could work.

>>115119163If it's the only time I'm fuckin her then she's on top.